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Alin Cox

Customers rated Alin Cox 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

Im growing because of you sir.
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Practice makes perfect

May 31st @ 10:49pm EDT

So I want to develop my writing. This will serve me until I get enough experience and confidence to maybe start my own graphic novel. Kind of a memoire to my life and some of the things that I deal with there in or have been through for that matter. So please any suggestions or inputs will be appreciated. Thanks so much.


Growing #1

May 31st @ 4:54pm EDT

Just this past week my self and my partner took a mini vacation to the coast with some friends. Clouds lingered in the sky high and grey looming over the passing land scape. Regardless excitement and anticipation colored our scene of the trees flying by and hill sides that had crumbled and slid away exposing raw earth to the spring rain falling from the blanket of clouds. We could smell the damp aroma of soil in the air, luring on our most primal cores, adventure was the bait.
After we arrived at our location the hunger inside of us had grown to become almost too much. We stopped in at a pizza place on the river front, and what I encountered there was a sweet drizzle of attention from an adorably sexy guy. With a smile as sweet as the sun after a week long rain in the pacific north west. As he shuffled around the back of the store working like a bee, he glanced up as i finished placeing our order. His eyes had a sparkle that caught my attention and his face began to blush as I smiled back. We shared a moment of attraction, sparking my inner desire and impulse. Causing my body to react in a physically aroused manner. I resisted any want to flirt but knowing how i feel and am drivin by emotion from deep within myself. This began my first fantasy of the trip.
What you must understand is i am loyal to my partners. Yet still have feeling and impulses i have had to learn to maintain. I deeply enjoy sharing my love and my bare naked, raw, undeniable humanity. This has gotten me really close to getting into some really close calls with the law, the men and woman in blue. Preferably only the men, that is the most adrenaline pumping heart racing experiences i have ever gone through.
As we finish our meal, I needed to use the restroom. Apon entering the restroom which was unisex flashes of desire lingered in my thoughts. I begin to invision the sexy thing behind the counter follows me to the toilet and behind me he closes and locks to door. This alone causes my member to rise a bit slitely bouncing as i pull down my underwear revealing my already half swollen meat. He stepped in closer and stripping away his tight t-shirt. His body was amazing and toned, and his nipples stood at attention to my exposed self. Next he removed my hoody and yanked my shirt up over my head and around the back of my neck, creating a sort of long sleeved harness. He ran his finger tips down from my chest brushing across my pecs and nipples down my Ripley rib cage and past my treasure trail.
Rough and worked over where the textures of his tips the chill from his touch ran down my spine and my prick grew larger annitiating response from his free hand to wrap around my cock and balls like a human hand cock ring causing my waist to lunge backwards bringing out the bottom boi in side of me. Quickly and with no hesitations he spun me round as he fell to his knees and came to level with my now swollen hungery hole, pulsing and slightly pushing out to open my rose. His first hand still around my meat package pulling down, his second hand started to tug on my waist band pulling my pants to my shins. I could feel his hot breath running across my petite rear cheeks and flowing down my inner thighs. His second hand came back up and i could hear him sucking on his own fingers breathing deeper and heavier, the sound turned me on so much I moaned lightly. He returned my response with and uncontrolled grunt of desire and began to tickle my hole with his wet finger tips that where laced with his saliva, putting only little pressure at first and becomeing more of a deep tissue massage and more vigorous with motion. Unable to resist no more he stuck his tongue into my rear and swirling motions caused an instant thrust from my hips pushing my cheeks against his rough facial hair, the sensation make me weak as i gave in more fully accepting my most inner need to be loved.
I let out a low pitch groan followed by a sigh, he knows now at this moment im his thing and there is no need to hold back longer. Standing to his feet he pulls down his jeans and peeling away his under pants his beautiful hard tool springs out in my behinds direction like a compass leading the way. He grabs his hose and slapped my cheeks with it, first the right then the left and the right again. The sound of this echoed in the single toilet restroom. I started to beg for him to enter me and thrust his sword deep into my guts, pushing to my depths till his balls slapped against my taint. While hanging over the closed camode, gripping the handy bars behind and along the side. The cold steal and the empty echos thrilled me with anticipation of his gratifyingley large cock. He spit on my exposed hole and thrust his pipe deep down inside my line, drilling slow at first then quicker as it grew harder inside of me. I could feel him swelling deeper as i moaned a bit louder than i meant to. Grabbing my mouth with one hand ti silence me and grabbing around my waist and pulling me in close. His sweat began to drip from his brow, and fall onto my back side and shoulders. Leaning in even closer with his hand still on my mouth, he wispers in my ear with a deep tone while grunting, be quiet boi or i won't give you what you want. I shake my head in agreement and push back into his waist rearing my ass to him, as though to say yes sir. Pumping me hard and fast he starts to jerking slightly and twitching uncontrollable saying im gonna cum, i instantly dropped to the floor crouching and jerking my eight inch monster under neath his matched meat. I feel the want to be drenched in his juices to be left to finish masterbation with his white lightning. While he watches and tickles my balls and taint with the toe of his work boot. His warm sperm shoots from the tip, splashing and running down my face shoulder and chest on my right side. Pulling my dick harder and faster i feel it building inside as i push out a massive explosion one righr after another trying to resist moaning to loud. I finish as he tells me how hot and sexy our encounter was, we kiss and he slaps my ass with his first hand and grabs my salami one more time the last of my glaze dripping to the cold hard floor. We say good by, and he walks out with a grin on his face. The same smile he wore when we made first glance.

To be continued

Role playing

May 25th @ 10:08am EDT

First off i want to thank Mr Hobbs for treating me well. You made the experience a learning one. Being made to dress up and to be "tied" up and undressed, was very exciting for me. Got me so hot i couldnt help but to take on the role of guy being robbed and humiliated in a sexual way. Maybe we can go a bit further next time sir. Until then i wait with anticipation.

Nude beach

May 10th @ 7:24pm EDT

I love coming to the nude beach and showing off my body. Getting to see all the naked men walking by as large half swollen cock sways in the ope air. Having my self bared before them, hoping.

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