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Bailey Z

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Horney girl ;) lets get fun BB Kiss :
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Force of the look - to be continued 6

Nov 7th @ 7:46am EST

As if the very my crash barrier was last, which you now with one move of the hand you removed.

You are touching my face with the hand, you are smoothing after a slap across the cheek, with thumb over and over again you stroke the mouth. I am returning this caress with delicate movement of lips, then also of tongue. You are putting the thumb into the interior of my mouth, roll for them gently circles, but I are caressing him with lips and the tongue, looking up at you. You are turning away from me. I know that it is not an end, so I am blinking and I am waiting on more...

Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me

Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me

Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me

I love it
I love it
I love it
I love it

Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me

Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me
Fuck me, suck me

Fuck me, suck me
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Fuck me, suck me
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Fuck me, suck me

Force of the look - to be continued 5

Nov 7th @ 7:45am EST

- Enough. Fondle oneself. I want to see how you are doing it. I want to see how you are leading yourself to orgasm.
Here you are - I thought.
My hands most probably are massaging surroundings of the slit now, definitely I am parting wings and I am stretching the entry, biting the lower lip. After a moment at once I am pushing two fingers into the interior, pressing really there at the end, the way I like. I am climaxing quickly and violently, breathing deeply, even loud I probably groaned something out, I don't know and to be honest little it concerns me. I am closing my eyes.
Your touch is a surprise, because I couldn't hear how you came up to me. I am opening my eyes and you are right by me. You are passing the hand over my shoulder and the neck, and I have a willingness entire to nestle into this your hand. You are taking the hairpin out of my hair - are falling in accommodations tangled up on the back. You are coming to my face and you are taking glasses. Somehow or other now I am still more feeling bared, with one's hair loose and without glasses.

Force of the look - to be continued 4

Nov 7th @ 7:43am EST

I can hear how with a sigh you are sucking air, encouraged I am caressing more quickly, a bit more firmly, I am dipping fingers a bit deeper in the damp interior.
- Stop and sit down, I ask...
Then again I am sitting on the edge of the chair in the same position as earlier. Widely I am deploying feet, I am leaning hands against the seat right behind my buttocks.
There are few things in this moment really which for you I wouldn't do. One word will be enough, but ciiiii, I am lifting the right-hand man to the mouth and I am starting licking my 2 fingers, so that you can see movements of the tongue clearly, simultaneously trying to leave salivas on them like the most. I am dropping my hands to the right breast and I am moistening the entire pinkness with saliva around prominent nipples, and after a moment I am stuffing the same fingers for myself into the face looking you in the eyes. You know well that I would like so that it you is you there now he squeezed and I am not upset, that the stream of saliva practically for me already wetted almost an entire hand, chin... Oh well, the norm.

Force of the look - to be continued 3

Nov 7th @ 7:42am EST

This puckish smile on your face...
- Leave and stand up back to me. More widely legs. Yes, it is this way well. Tilt, lean hands against the support. More low. I want to see your buttocks stuck out.
I am tilting so low as soon as I can keeping straightened legs and the back.

- Move little panties. I want to see her.
I am taking the left hand away from the back of a chair, and I am putting for myself between legs. Gently I am rubbing with humid material after swollen lips, I am teasing you, not showing what you ask for. And rather than that - what you are demanding.
- Demonstrate. - your voice sounds somehow differently... deeper.
So I am demonstrating. Gently I am moving a thin strip of cloth quite aside, showing the pinkness, with two fingers I am parting wings demonstrating an interior is damp.
Very much I am already excited, it is hard for me to have control of breath, legs are starting lightly shivering. I am starting caressing, I am passing the finger into the hole and the mountain over the slit, sometimes only lightly plunging very finger tips in the interior, sometimes rubbing also and clitoris. I am swinging gently to sides myself, kind of to the rhythm of the music - audible only in my head.

Force of the look - to be continued

Nov 7th @ 7:36am EST

I am deploying feet, so widely to what extent a dress allows. With quiet echo a knock of heels is being reflected. With delicate movement of the hand I am pulling it higher on thighs so that can part the knee still a whit more widely and provide the clear view for you. You are looking.
- You got damp.
I am thinking, how you managed to notice it from so distant. Perhaps even you didn't see it at all, perhaps this way you are telling to underline mood which is surrounding us. And he can the ones does air already smell of me?
But that's true. I smell the warmth in the underbelly, thrill of the excitement. From the very first, at first glance, it grew that's all in me in order now to manifest with fishy damp settling on the black lace of pants.
- You look beautiful in black. Show me breasts.
With one move I am slipping the dress off from them, yes to the navel as far as. In the first reflex at once I want them of occultations, but one hand instead of to hide some of them, simply feels like the moment of caresses but... at once I awoke and I remembered that you were looking. And very well you detected this moment when the light embarrassment turned into the need of the caress.

Force of the look

Nov 7th @ 7:32am EST

We are sitting opposite ourselves distant at a few metres. I feel intensity of your look. You are cornering me for them...
Both we look smart nonsensically. I am having the jacket on, cotton dress without straps, shoes on the heel. Everything black. Hair pinned up into the modest bun, on the nose - glasses. You too you are dressed in black - but I am not keeping an eye on details, too much I am focusing my attention on your face.
- Take the jacket off - I can hear and slowly I am getting up, this movement lets me for a moment free itself of your look. Lightly turning away one\'s head I am sliding him down from shoulders, and then I let him slide down hands to the ground. I am raising my head, and then again I am in a trap of your look.
- Something still? - I am trying my voice to sound calmly, almost nonchalantly.
You are smiling widely.
- Everything once. Sit down.
Obediently I am sitting down on the chair, straightened, altogether feet and calves, elbows close the body, hands lightly leaned against thighs. I am looking at you hesitantly.
- Part legs. I want to see your pants.

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

Oct 30th @ 8:42pm EDT

I let it fall, my heart
And as it fell, you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me
My hands, they were strong but my knees were far too weak
To stand in your arms without falling to your feet

'Cause there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true
And the games you'd play, you would always win, always win

But I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

When laying with you I could stay there
Close my eyes, feel you here forever
You and me together, nothing is better

'Cause there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true
And the games you'd play, you would always win, always win

But I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Well, I felt something die
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time

Sometimes I wake up by the door
That heart you caught must be waiting for you
Even now when we're already over
I can't help myself from looking for you

I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touch your face
Well, it burned while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Well, I felt something die
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time, oh
Oh no
Let it burn, oh
Let it burn
Let it burn

Saturday evening part 2

Oct 17th @ 6:27am EDT

With hands, hands, mouth caressed my body. He went down more and more low, reaching my intimate places which the touch took for me to the redness and led to the fulfilment. Suddenly unexpectedly I felt his breath in regions of the neck. Our breaths started fretting over the passion which every now and then more has started dripping with the sex. I already wanted him to enter me but wasn't in a hurry.

He parted my thighs and started caressing with hands my naked buttocks, time more firmly, once more slowly. In the end his moist tongue hit on a sore point of the erogenous zone. I groaned with the excitement and I caught the beloved from hair, signalling for him simultaneously, that yes for me well. When he already finished, entered me gently, feeling him/her precipitating my breath started increasing the pace. We reached together at one pace. Then again he started caressing my body, this time from the ground floor up, we finished with a passionate kiss, we fell asleep in our assumptions.

We woke up at dawn. He is performing fulfilments after the hot and passionate night. However our passion hung still in air. He got up, went to the kitchen and prepared the outstanding breakfast for me. We ate altogether them. We cuddled longer moments. When unexpectedly the willingness of desire overcame us. He started gently the way I like. After the sensitive foreplay he entered me and a tide of delight and fulfilments invaded us. We reached once again together in one time....

Saturday evening

Oct 17th @ 6:18am EDT

After week's separation I dreamt of his sensory touch. Fortunately the approaching Saturday evening with punitive damages fulfilled my erotic hopes...

Better late than never. Saturday, evening, after the week of the lack of the physical contact in the end we saw ourselves. He greeted me in the way which did it on the first meeting..

He let feel for me as the in love teenager... He included me in his shoulders, hugged close and whispered "now no longer I will let you walk away even for a moment". He carried me home like a bride. I unpacked, I had a refreshing shower and waited on nice surprise. Romantic supper. The wine, the music and the two longing behind oneself of people.

After the eaten supper he carried to the bedroom me like his princess. I nestled into it, more and more firmly pressing my knees to his thighs. He slowly unbuttoned for me small black, I looked like the sex goddess in it - recommended. He started gently kissing me, in the moment when I started caressing his naked torso, kisses became more and more strong, full of desire.
I went down with hands more low, I caressed his penis and nuclei alternately. After a moment he caught my hands and laid on the soft bed.

Night of Kupala part 5

Oct 9th @ 3:54am EDT

I didn't stay far back - after his ultimate palming off my body arched and I also went crazy with delight.

Rafał fell on me with the entire weight, but it didn't disturb me - just the opposite, his weight caused that the peace I felt which by him, had returned with redoubled strength. Gently he stroked my hair, nestled into my neck behind the ear. We said nothing through the long, long moment. And then he then again pulled me to himself and started slowly, very much slowly caressing my body.

- After all it is a Night of Kupala - laughed for me to the ear. - one time won't be enough...

I didn't lean of him another with caress, just the opposite. However I decided to imply for him that more we can try times in the flat. As for now it was free, since my friend Dagmara still played in the company of her acquaintances. Using this situation Rafał also gave consent to my idea. I didn't have to fortunately hold keys to Dagmara since had the other set of keys. When we reached in place... desiring Rafał had no resistance already after shutting up door behind us... He embraced me firmly, being kissing passionately.. He lifted me up and on hands carried to the bedroom... There he started again caressing me and I of him... This night for us of this evening she didn't end, and took so long in pleasures, delight and desire...

Night of Kupala part 4

Oct 9th @ 3:52am EDT

I raised a little bit of hip so that he could from me slide figs down, and he did it immediately and with one fast move squeezed into me with such power, that as far as I moaned. He started moving in me slowly, with long pushes, just as if checked, what type of moves would provide the greatest delight for both of us. His hands included my hips pulling them to themselves more and more firmly, and I was dazed with smell of herbs which I mashed back, touch of Rafał's hands on my hips and with growing delight which swam from his hands, his penis and the touch of his body.

Delight grew in me with tremendous wave, for which no longer I was able to stop. Rafał, completely he smelt kind of it, I was overcome with him more firmly by hips and started entering me more and more firmly and faster and faster.I felt, as if a pneumatic drill drilled me, every his blow caused that more and more I had swum away into great orgasm - as far as suddenly Rafał started banging with my hips with the insane abandon and with all his might, until at last exploded in me with the groan of delight.

Night of Kupala part 3

Oct 9th @ 3:49am EDT

Drums let out a growl strongly, and I felt that their rhythm was speaking with distant echo in my head, in my nerves. I felt, him pulsing in my blood which suddenly started swimming more quickly and more quickly. It turned hot for me...

And suddenly I felt delicate touching the male hand on my shoulder. Strong, but delicate fingers started stroking my neck, to caress my skin gently behind ears. The rhythm of drums started speeding up literally magnetically both of us, and the rhythm of Rafał\'s caresses exactly agreed with every blow.

Now he tlited me gently to himself and raising my chin long and affectionately kissed me on the lips. Literally I melted under his touch... I sank to the soft grass invitingly dragging shoulders out to him, but he with toss hugged me with all his might. we started kissing insanely, passionately, until our ready to drop, but very much quickly for us it stopped being enough. Rafał\'s hands got lost up to my blouse, and my - into his trousers. I unbuttoned them in a flash and I started is caressing his penis - but very gently. He was already including standing, that it could end not quite as if I wished myself. And I all the way to the frenzy wanted him to enter me...!

Night of Kupala part 2

Oct 9th @ 3:31am EDT

- Can I join you? - I heard all of a sudden from behind the back. Devils took my moment of the peace.

I looked at myself. Behind me a tall blonde man stood about onieśmielająco wide bars and the very beautiful smile in blue eyes. In hands he kept an additional can of beer.

- I am Rafał, but it instead of the bribe - explained. - I could see that you were searching for the place to the sitting in solitude, but you are sitting in the best point, with the view on fire and water. And I could not be based...

- If you are keeping quiet somehow I will carry you - I burst out laughing. He didn't disturb me: just the opposite, in his presence I felt the so nice peace. And when sitting down, he touched my shoulder, I didn't turn away.

We sipped the moment in silence filling the beer oneself with view of bonfire and water. Somewhere in the background a few friends for Dagmara started playing drums. The rest started dancing, in the end it is after all a Night of Kupala... The shortest night in the year, magic night of the fertility, joie de vivres, sensualities...

Night of Kupala part 1

Oct 9th @ 3:28am EDT

It all started with Dagmara's mad idea, of my friend.

- There is a Night of Kupala tomorrow - announced. - we are going to the river, we are lighting a bonfire and we are searching for the fern flower!

- Yes in two? A bit little frivolously - I said mordantly. But as it turned out Dagmara already worked everything out including fuel to the bonfire and with supply of the beer and sausages. She took care also of the company and invited all cool friends and friends knew which and which liked such climates. It looked as though he will come from two hundred persons...

I don't like crowds and I didn't feel like going, but after all Dagmara decided that I was going, so I went. And it is necessary to admit that the party came off admirably, as ever as a matter of fact, when Dagmara is setting to work: the bonfire roared properly, sausages were delicious, the cold beer, but giggly pairs every now and then have separated themselves from the crowd imprezowiczˇw and disappeared in the forest. Of course searching for the fern flower.

I next searched just enough for the calm place so that drink one's beer and stare at the river. I found, as well completely great from there one could also see the bonfire. Finally moment of the peace!

Time for handcuffs! part 4

Oct 4th @ 7:38am EDT

For a moment I froze on the bed, even though Artur just in miraculously the perverted way caressed my breasts with pens. Amazed he looked at me, and I smiled mysteriously.

- Darling, stand up at the foot of the bed, for a moment, well? - I asked sweet. And when he agreed, I started slowly parting legs in order what treasure to show him is hiding between them. And what's more treasure well already ready for somebody to cut it up, glistening with drops of my juice of delight, pink, shivering, warm, soft and resilient...

For this view Artur wasn't able to be based. In no time at all he took off trousers and the underwear, so that slide in me and start penetrating all sweet corners of my pussy, to hit more and more firmly and more firmly, as many as both we went crazy with delight. I screamed slithering more and more firmly, Artur in the abandon bit my teats which I drew up closest his mouth how I could... How I lacked hands which I could exploit in this play...!

But for my man she was it is an additional advantage heightening delight. He played with my body, it is he dictate termed, gave the rhythm, and I was had - and it caused me delight like never before. At least... He can still bigger it caused me thinking, what I will be doing, when it is he is strapped with handcuffs...

Time for handcuffs! part 3

Oct 4th @ 7:36am EDT

As far as I trembled with desire taking off thongs, bra and lying down on the bed on one's back. But Artur didn't attack me at once the way I expected it. At first he came and with the unexpected practice attached my hands with handcuffs to the headboard. And later he started entire to whip my body with pink pens. To whip - it is perhaps too much said, pliable and delicate feathers than annoyed, they tickled and caressed my body causing that after a moment I already writhed like crazy after the entire bed inasmuch as handcuffs let me. And Artur from time to time stopped the one entertain in order literally to devour with eyesight my slithering body - and I could not do nothing in order to force him for the participation in the party! Everything was held on his conditions and delighted in it...

But my nudity, feathers and handcuffs - everything bought it, that had needed no efforts to be ready for the mad sex. Even if didn\'t want to admit, the growing swell on his trousers told me everything... I could not already withstand, lighted me to border possibilities, now I wanted to pepper myself, to pepper and one more time to pepper. As, being attached with handcuffs, to force this bastard so that he makes love to me...?

Time for handcuffs! part 2

Oct 4th @ 7:32am EDT

And at once it was known, what target are supposed to serve at, because this their part which included wrists, was inlaid with the pink plush. To the set my crazy man bought the pink boa from an ostrich plumes. He established them for me to the neck, pulled to himself and in such a way that kissed legs under me yielded from delight.

- Undress - recommended me with hoarse voice from desire sitting down in an armchair and playing casually with handcuffs. I was not be able to take my eyes off from them. - no music, no dance shows. Undress. I want to see it.

Striptease at the music for what no, but without the music, from being on fire with desire with eyes of my man - it was completely something else. Something... of stranger. Really I felt uncomfortable and enough clumsily, at least at the beginning, I threw clothes down from myself. But it probably excited him still more and to my surprise - for me also! I threw everything down already from myself apart from the underwear and here I hesitated, because I didn't know, whether underwear also.

- Everything - Artur whispered, pulling the boa considerably through his hand. - and lie down on the bed.

Time for handcuffs! part 1

Oct 4th @ 7:26am EDT

Pink down tickled my wrists and was an only thing I had which on myself. And Artur literally devoured with eyesight my naked body.

Artur decided that in our sex he was sorting the pepper. And decided to implement changes. Since very much I like changes in of the one for just a field, I could not wait until...

We are going out together a few pretty years and both we like the sex. We like also experiments and every now and then for our games we innovate. There were dressing ups, we loved ourselves also on the roof and in the lift between floors, but really last half a year passed for us rather calmly. And Artur felt a desire for changes. No problem.

I came back from the work earlier than he and I waited interested what also invented. Just in case I prepared candles, the high-calorie salad and the good wine - because you never know what can be useful. Artur came when I just finished covering the table. He had this facial expression which the most I liked: devilish sneer of lecherous desire...

- Candles will be useful - he said mysteriously and started lighting them. He extinguished also other lights and took the little box out which unpacked taking out out of it... handcuffs.

Hi guys ;**

Oct 3rd @ 4:21am EDT

I add new photos ;) check this photos BB :**

Have a nice day :) I will be online today :) u can check what time on my Schedule :))

See u soon :*** Sweet Kiss

Photographic session part 4

Sep 19th @ 9:35am EDT

I felt escalating damp in my slit, for the first time I became so sweaty, I was surprised. It started me to feel embarrassed, I reached with hand in order to cover oneself, but he held my hand and laid on it one's. Looking straight into my eyes started caressing my abdomen.

For moments I stiffened, but right away my fingers submitted themselves to the rhythm of his hand and joined caresses. I wouldn't give world back for gems to this moment. Studio, lights, music, armchair, backgrounds stopped existing - only I, my hot femininity and he, the observer and the teacher were.
Pulsing grew, a body embraced belly, breasts, head, inches, delight hid from view of all experiences, walked off a stiffness from this one point and - caused pain. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I was afraid, around will stop really. He already crossed the crash barrier, for which alone I was never able to cross, delight became too intense, so that I can consciously participate in it, in it even it melted, even my body..
This moment from for the minute started the minute to deepen... He started more and more boldly touching my body upon, and I gave in to this delight from more and more with least resistance

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