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Female Performer Blog

Welcome to the blogs section. Here you can read up on your favorite models, get the latest news or just browse and stumble on something new. You can even subscribe and get instant updates through your favorite sites!

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Russian Models at Play in Private Lives

Posted in Female Performers  European Girls 

Some of our sexiest Russian models have fun off cam too in their private lives! Check out these recent photos of them!

Go-Cart Racing! One of the model had this to say about the event: "we were driving race cars. Carting is a risky sport - that's why few "surprises" happened. But thank God everyone is alive and feeling good. :) It was really fun."

Donald X, Denny X, Corban X

Leonid X, Luny Sexy, David Blow

Damic, Vaterloo, Bius X

These Russian boys and girls love to party!We present to you pictures of them at play by boat on the Neva River!


Johnny N, David Blow, Roman X

Mikki Sweet

Some of our Russian models celebrated New Years Eve 2012 bowling! The New Year is the most important holiday in Russia. Some of the photos were so naughty you'll just have to use your imagination

Ania X, Akim X, Katty Kiss

Jared Sky, Melissa Sexy

Group Chat by Ubud

Posted in Fans Speak Out 

Ubud shares his thoughts on how group chat is a cost effective way to test out a new performer and how it is also wonderful if you prefer to sit back and relax rather than fully direct every action.

Group chat...mmmm...a welcome addition to f4f. At first, I wasn't really sure what the gig was, but after checking it out, I think it is awesome! Let me explain, in my opinion, why group chat should be in every stroker's arsenal.

From a customer stand point, group chat is a bargain way to check out a model, new or favorite. For a model that I haven't had a private with, I can check her out in all her glory, and save a lot of credits, before going cam 2 cam with her. It's also a great way to see a live show when I am feeling a little more passive and not wanting the full two way interaction. You can throw in requests and comments to help keep the show going or just kick back and enjoy. It's similar to multi user, but you can't throw in your cam, nor do you get the vod for later viewing. Minor drawbacks, considering the advantages of price and quality of experience. It's been my experience that models give just as much to the group, as in a one on one private, for a fraction of the cost. You can get a 10-15 minute show, that in a private would be a 1000 credits, for 50 credits, a no brainer!

Not all models are comfortable with group chat, and this is where customers need to empathize a bit. When a model thinks there are enough people in her room who are horny, she can set a price and length of time for the group. I have seen models who have become very horny in open chat, use the group as a way to satisfy herself. Bonus! I think we all agree that there is nothing better than a model with blue balls who needs to get off for her enjoyment, thus our enjoyment. The other day, a top model ran a 10 minute group and would not take any requests until she had her orgasm. Well, she used all 10 for herself and didn't have time for any requests, but trust me, nobody was complaining, because she went to town!

The model needs to be comfortable with herself to work the room, and the esteem shot when there aren't enough pledges to make it happen. So, for them there a couple of things going on and customers need to empathize with them. For them, it's a great advantage to get a set amount of credits and makes them feel good that all these guys want to get off with them.

Group chat is a great addition for models and customers alike. - by Ubud

The Cam to Cam Experience by Observer123

Posted in Fans Speak Out 

In this article, Observer123 discusses how using our Cam to Cam functionally can greatly improve the overall experience of a private with a model, for example, how talking to the model is better than typing. Observer123 provides tips for having a better conversation, addresses privacy concerns, suggested webcams, and how to set up Cam to Cam.

Using a cam can greatly improve the enjoyment of privates. Models generally love it when a fan uses a cam, as it means they don't have to use their imagination. I'm sure others can further elaborate on the virtues of cam to cam. The following is more of a technical guide from the point-of-view of a non-US fan of the site.

One advantage in that you can talk, so there is no need to type! However, you may get feedback or echoing if the cam is on, so it might be better to use headphones, which is not quite as convenient, or have the model call you. Note that when using phones, most such models are based in the US, and so most are only able to call within the US and maybe Canada. However, it is possible to acquire a (US) phone number through Skype, and have the model call that phone number; naturally, you have to have Skype on. You can also set up the number so that it calls your phone directly, although this costs you as the phone call is transferred from Skype to your phone, so remember to purchase Skype credit. Another tip to beating feedback is to mute the sound in the bottom right of the screen when you are in private, if the model calls you.

Something to remember is that if your voice is recorded in a private, then you may want to ensure that the private is not shared, especially if you are concerned about privacy and/or mention personal information. You can change whether a private is shared in your "Shows" section; this is in the top right hand corner of the page.

As to which webcams are best, you do not have to use a Sony EVI. These are the top of the range cameras, and obviously very expensive. Webcams that typically come with laptops aren't very good, and it is not worth buying an ultra-cheap webcam, either, as the images will be grainy. A good webcam to use is the Logitech Pro 9000, which is of reasonable cost and some models even use that one! If you shop around, you should be able to find a good price. For instance, the webcam I mentioned currently sells for around 33 (roughly US $50) on the UK Amazon website.

To set up the webcam, follow the instructions provided with the webcam. It is quite easy to do so. You can test the camera image using the "Cam to Cam Chat" option at the bottom of the main F4F page, but remember to switch it off before you actually take someone private.

I hope this has been helpful, and have fun! - by Observer123

Nadya Doll by FrankenStrat

Posted in Fans Speak Out 

Check out FrankenStrat's glowing review of Nadya Doll, a hard working performer with a glowing personality. FrankenStrat reveals some things everyone might not know, such as how personable Nadya is, how you might get to see a costume change while in her room, and how intelligent she is.

Over the course of many years there have been an incredible amount of "Feature Shows" on Flirt 4 Free, but none of them holds a candle to the show done by Feature Model, Nadya Doll. Seeing Nadya Doll perform is like being attending one of the hottest shows on The Las Vegas Strip. Cher, Celine Dion, and Elton John have nothing on Nadya Doll There are costume changes after costume changes. There is interaction with the audience that makes you feel like you are there and that Nadya is speaking directly to you. No one goes home disappointed after a show (or private) with Nadya Doll.

There are a lot of "Feature Shows" that are available to view on Flirt 4 Free, but, 99% of them feel like the model is just going through the motions. Nadya Doll draws you in with her personality and her ability to engage you and your senses. She captivates you with her charm and beauty in ways that are almost incomprehensible.

Again, while there are many, many models to choose from on this site I would have to say that hands down the most underrated and most talented model is Miss Nadya Doll. Nadya can speak Russian, Polish, and English. She can converse on any topic from current events to popular culture. She truly possesses both beauty and brains.

Group Chat by Carousel

Posted in Fans Speak Out 

In this note, Carousel takes the time to let everyone know about the benefits of Group Chat.

A model can initiate a Group Chat by setting the length of time the chat/show will last and their desired (pledged credit) goal. Once the desired credit total is pledged by members (usually in a time limit chosen by the model), the chat begins for those members that have pledged the model credits. (Should the model not reach their desired pledge total, all credits are immediately returned to the members who pledged them.) Pledging members are free to come and go from the chat at any time.

Other members may join-in once the chat/show has started (even though the goal has already been reached), if they pledge before half the chat/show length has expired.

The benefit of the Group Chat feature allows multiple members, each pledging a nominal amount of credits, to be in a private room simultaneously with a model. Models are free to do anything in Group Chat that is otherwise allowed in a one-on-one private chat.

- by Carousel

Cam 2 Cam by Ubud

Posted in Fans Speak Out 

Ubud tells us about his experience with Cam to Cam and how it can give you a safe way to make your ultimate fantasies into a discreet reality. The models love Cam to Cam, and it helps create a unique chemistry between the two of you. If you are looking for a little spice in your life, perhaps Cam to Cam can help satisfy your need for, as Ubud puts it, variety!

Let me tell you how much I love this site, especially cam 2 cam. I have been on the site for a few years now, and for the first couple, I didn't have a cam. Then about a year ago, I got a 21 inch screen imac that has a cam. Needless to say, it changed my life.

Being married, like most visitors to f4f, and also being a relatively normal warm blooded man, I have a primal need for variety. Hey, I love my wife to death, but after a decade, you know, sex has a married tone to it. Good for sure, but same shoe every time. Cam 2 cam is as close to the real thing as you can get, and in a way more exciting, and way cheaper than divorce! Throw in the phone during the session and you are off to the races! The intoxicating aspect is you can experience a different model for a new experience, or interlude with a favorite. There is nothing like it, safe and discreet.

The cam brings true intimacy to the experience and the models love it too. I often think of models that I have chemistry with as a mistress. I won't cam with a model unless there is chemistry, so it's important to chat in open before pulling the trigger. I believe, that models appreciate this too. They want and have just much as fun as we do, and they get paid! Sometimes, I get jealous that they have the ultimate job. One of my new favorites, was telling me that it just gets better and better every time as we get to know each other more, and she gets off! My rule is that the model has to have fun and she gets to do whatever she wants.

The cam brings reality to the fantasy..... - by Ubud

Model of the Week - Suzie Schatzi

Posted in Model of the Week  Female Performers 

Suzie Schatzi is the Model of the Week for the Week of May 23rd to May 29th. Suzie Schatzi is a bisexual Asian babe with squirting talents! Be sure to tune into her one hour feature show, scheduled for Monday, May 23rd from 6:00 -7:00 pm Eastern Time (ET).

Suzie is a playful college girl who loves to use her big sex toys to accompany you on your journey into paradise. Her oh-so intimate private shows are delicacy, so be sure to arrange a play date with this Asian hottie in order to turn up the heat on your virtual sex life! Enjoy this week's oriental flavor boys!

Model of the Week- Briana Starr

Posted in Model of the Week  Female Performers  Big Tits  Blonde Babes 

Briana Starr is the Model of the Week for the week of May 16th to May 22nd. Briana Starr is a blonde babe with D cup size breasts and an athletic body. Briana describes herself as a sweet, classy lady who wants to be very naughty. Briana Starr's fetishes include foreplay, sex toys, and oil!

Be sure to tune in for her one hour feature show Monday, May 16th form 6:00 - 7:00 pm ET to experience a little taste of Briana. She will be spending plenty of time online this week in order to cater to all of your special requests. Enjoy boys, it's time for sweet strawberry shortcake!

Model of the Week -Karlyn

Posted in Model of the Week  Female Performers  Big Tits  Blonde Babes  European Girls 

Karlyn is the Model of the Week for the week of May 9th to May 15th. Karlyn is a blue-eyed blonde European bombshell with newly added D cup breasts and a tight little figure. This is Karlyn's second MOW win, as she continues to extend her fan base.

Karlyn is a five-star rated performer. She describes herself as an exhibitionist of nature who loves to try new things. Be sure to be the new thing she tries. If you haven't had the chance to see this hottie LIVE, be sure to tune in for her one hour feature show, Monday, May 9th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm ET. Enjoy!

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