A private show on Flirt4Free can be incredibly sexy to behold. But they are not just about satisfying a physical desire. They’re also about forming a connection with another human being who seeks companionship and realizing your fantasies together. That’s why we’ve always emphasized immersion, both in and out of the chatroom. Whether your favorite flirt is online or off, there are a myriad of ways to expand upon your relationship, from an intimate phone call or steamy text via Flirt Phone or FlirtSMS, to expressing yourself physically with our revolutionary 2-way interactive technology.

These features aside, one of the absolute best ways to spice up your relationship and really cement your connection with your special someone is through the Cam2Cam feature. Going Cam2Cam allows a model to see and hear you, just as you can see and hear them, through your personal webcam. She will be able to see the lust and conviction in your eyes and hear the desire in your voice. You become more to her than characters on a screen, and can achieve a closeness unreachable through typing alone. Conversations become more heartfelt, roleplay scenarios flow more naturally, and your friendship becomes more organic with just the simple click of a button.

Not only does Cam2Cam heighten your own Flirt4Free experience, but it also heightens the experience for your model of choice. All models offer—and many prefer—Cam2Cam. They love to see and hear the effect they have on you. It serves to make an already intimate experience all the more real, and adds familiarity and understanding not present without this feature. They will get to know the real you, and the time you spend together becomes that much more meaningful.

All of the benefits of Cam2Cam are available to any Flirt4Free member with a webcam and the desire to been seen and heard. There is no additional charge to use this feature. For some really stellar results, we recommend combining a Cam2Cam show with a 2-way interactive toy. You and your special someone will then be able to share in moments that are physical, visual, and emotional too!

You’ll find all the information you need on going Cam2Cam here. Be sure to use our tester as well, so you can be sure everything is in working order before entering your next private! A successful test will display your feed in the box circled below. Once you’ve entered a private show, all you have to do to get your camera rolling is click on the Start Your Webcam icon in your chat window.

A few common performance issues can come up during a Cam2Cam session. Occasionally, a model may be unable to see your feed, or one party may encounter a distracting echo. We have a few recommendations to correct these. First, we suggest the Firefox or Edge browsers for an optimal experience. Make sure your Flash Player is up to date and active. You should also delete your cookies and cache.  If you still encounter an issue after following these steps, our customer service staff is available to assist you 24/7.