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How does live chat work?

Our site is the most advanced and most established free live video chat service on the Internet. We combine state of the art technology with beautiful female and male performers from around the world in order to provide our users with the most diverse, realistic and intimate interactive live video chat online.

Participation, for users who enter Flirt4Free's Free Video Chat area via membership sites, requires no additional cost.

Once in the Free Video (320 x 240 pixels) Chat area, all users are able to view and chat with the live performers of their choice as long as the performers are not currently engaged in a Private Show. Private Shows are either a one-user (1on1) show or a multi-user show. If your performer of choice is engaged in a Private Show (the video for all users in the group chat, who are not in a Private Show with that specific performer, will be reduced to a thumbnail-sized window, 90 x 60 pixels), you must wait until their Private Show is finished or you may Voyeur in on another user's Private Show via a Voyeur Show mode* (see below).

When your performer of choice is available in the Free Video Chat area again, you may then initiate your own Private Show with her or him. If you choose to initiate a Private Show, that performer will then be unavailable for a Private Show to everyone else other than you (and once again, the video for all users in the Free Chat, who are not in a Private Show with that specific performer, will be reduced to a thumbnail-sized window, 90 x 60 pixels).

If you have purchased credits, you may use your credits intermittently (like a pre-paid calling card). This means that you can use any portion of your credits in any increments you wish. For example, you may buy credits today and wish to use a couple of them later on today, tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. You may use a portion of your credits with a certain performer and use other portions of your credits with other performers later until your total time elapses. You may also use it all at once. It is your choice.

To experience a Private Show or Voyeur Show, you will need to purchase a time block by clicking on the BUY CREDITS image or link. This will take you to a secure billing page that gives you the option to purchase credits with your Visa, MasterCard, JCB cards or with an online check. Choose a unique username and password and type it into the appropriate fields on the billing page, select a time block and click submit. Once your transaction is approved, you may enter a Private or Voyeur Show by entering your Username and Password in the Private or Voyeur Show login page inside of Flirt4Free.

The performers will chat with you and take reasonable requests to show you, along with fellow Free Video Chat users, that they are in fact live when they are not engaged in a Private Show. Please be courteous and do not make unreasonable demands. Understand that the performers earn their pay only when customers are in a Private Show with them and when customers are peeping in on the performers' Private Shows via a Voyeur Show.

If performers are in a Private Show, they are doing whatever the Private customer is asking them to do. REGISTERED USERS in the Free Video Chat area can still watch the reduced-size video (90 x 60) while performers are engaged in a Private Show, but can not interact with the performer as long as she or he is engaged in a Private Show with a customer. Whenever the performers are not in a Private Show they will be chatting, flirting, enticing and taking softcore requests from the users in the Free Video Chat area in hopes that they will be engaged in a Private Show by a customer.

*Voyeur Show is available to any customer who has available credits. A customer may be infatuated with a certain performer but is too shy to take that performer into a Private Show or perhaps the customer's performer of choice is constantly engaged in a Private Show with another customer. The Voyeur Show gives a customer (or multiple customers simultaneously) the ability choose to Voyeur in on another customer's Private Show by entering their Username and Password into the Voyeur Show page.

Voyeur Show customers do not have the ability to type to the performer, to type to one another or hear the performer. Nor will the performer type to the Voyeur Show customers. Voyeur Show mode keeps the video window in its standard size (320 x 240 pixels) with no advertisements and allows the Voyeur customer(s) to simply watch the action unfold. Credits are used up at 1/3 the rate in a Voyeur Show compared to a Private Show. Voyeur Show customers can enlarge the video window up to 480 x360 pixels.

Private Show customers get the full experience. They can type requests to the performers, enlarge the video window to 480x368 pixels and hear the performers's talk, laugh and moan via their computer's speakers.

We realize that is a lot of information. If you have any additional questions or problems we provide help by phone and email 24 hours a day, please contact our support staff.

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