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a cheaper price

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12/24/08, 10:03am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #1
Posted: 12/24/08, 10:03am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #1
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Forum Regular

Location: Terra Australis

Posts: 70

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my fantasy is for f4f to be cheaper

12/25/08, 8:20am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #2
Posted: 12/25/08, 8:20am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #2
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Forum Rookie

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yes please, this is one of the most expensive sites i know

12/25/08, 8:37am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #3
Posted: 12/25/08, 8:37am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #3
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Forum Rookie

Location: somewhere

Posts: 33

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flirt might be expensive but from a model who works for the site and has worked on other sites i think that the price is really fair no site can compare to flirt at all and alot of other sites might be cheaper but is not top notch quality like flirt maybe they can do days where minutes are half off i think if they did that alot of guys would get tons of shows like every now and then just put up a 30 or 50 percent off minutes

12/25/08, 9:20am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #4
Posted: 12/25/08, 9:20am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #4
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Forum Rookie

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The quality of the girls on here- in personality, conversation, looks, and sexiness - is well worth the price. For the girls I frequent, they are more than just an "online fantasy girlfriend", they have become my friends. Friendship has no price tag, therefore Flirt girls are well worth the price of admission.

12/25/08, 9:26am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #5
Posted: 12/25/08, 9:26am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #5
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Forum Rookie

Location: my living room

Posts: 16

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I agree, Keandra , that Flirt4free is the best of the webcam sites. It is expensive, though. But, I suppose for the business, you get what you pay for. Flirt is the easiest site to navigate, and does have this forum. I enjoy coming here. You can't get this on other sites, that I know of. In today's economy however, I can't really afford to spend what it costs for five minutes, never mind a half hour. And there's a few girls here I like enough, that I want to give them business, but as it is for me, I can only give business to one every once in a while. If the cost was perhaps, two dollars less per minute than the going rate, I'm sure business would increase for all the models, five to one. This site is merely an addiction, just like any drug. No one needs to come here. And when we get our credit card bill the next month, we realize that we need to stop coming here, and I don't want to. There's some really cool people to talk to here.

What is there to show for, if I spent 500 dollars in a month? We can jerk off to porn for free. Should it cost that much for friendship? :(

12/26/08, 11:59pm (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #6
Posted: 12/26/08, 11:59pm (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #6
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you do get what u pay for im telling you all not just becasue i work here but this site is by far the best for what you pay for

12/27/08, 9:28am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #7
Posted: 12/27/08, 9:28am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #7
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Forum Rookie

Location: the south pole

Posts: 5

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the price they charge is fine if you live in the US, but does anyone consider the exchange rate for internationals, in excess of 10dollars a minute!

Camy Angel
12/30/08, 4:12pm (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #8
Posted: 12/30/08, 4:12pm (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #8
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Camy Angel
Even if the price is high costumers always have and will have promotions and free minutes. As in sport wear, do u prefer a cheper china made ones or a trademark, known all over the world and of course 5 times more expensive?

12/30/08, 11:18pm (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #9
Posted: 12/30/08, 11:18pm (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #9
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Forum Veteran

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Posts: 21,146

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assslammer, it doesn't matter where in the world you live, everyone pays exactly the same rate - 6 US Dollars per minute. Flirt4Free has no control over fluctuating exchange rates

1/3/09, 3:37am (EST)
UTC -5:00  |  Post #10
Posted: 1/3/09, 3:37am (EST) UTC -5:00  |  Post #10
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Forum Veteran

Location: Moving slowly but surely somewhere sometime

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I have been a member here for several years - the price has ALWAYS been the same at $6/minute .
New technologies and programs had been added at no additional costs .

I think the premium models work here because this place keeps many things constant :thumbsup
Price , new features , great models , and a fan base all remain great here

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