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Alan Backer

Customers rated Alan Backer 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews

I love the dicks
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Oct 31st @ 3:20pm EDT

I've been thinking, and I'm really addicted, I'm addicted to pleasures, I realize that every day I discover a new pleasure in my body and in my mind, I love people who teach me something new, something totally pleasant! MMM


Oct 31st @ 3:18pm EDT

This October I decided to go back to the gym, so I have been training hard I want to be more healthy and sexy for all of you, I love you, so thank you for visiting me in my room! they are very important to me! ;)


Oct 15th @ 10:27am EDT

I love the weekends, to go out for a walk, to go to a new place, to buy clothes, to buy things that you need, to see people with their families in the moll, to eat ice cream and fries. hahahaha it is the sin of the weekend, since the rest of the week you have to train hard, I love the weekends.

gym ;)

Oct 13th @ 9:40am EDT

I went back to the gym, I lost training, now I want to have a more athletic body, I believe that training is essential in life, for order and progress of the mind, I wanted to share this, since soon they will see me. love!


Oct 10th @ 10:46am EDT

remember the story I told about the older man who drives me crazy, yesterday we talked all night, is someone super intenligenmte, has too much knowledge, I think it is admiration that leads to the feeling of pleasure, I do not know what I will do when I return to see him!


Oct 9th @ 10:34am EDT

today is Monday 9 and I am very happy that a great week begins, I hope that the week of all of you is great too, I love you and I will always be grateful for so much love, they are very important in my life, because they always make me feel perfect , Thank you!

the love

Oct 8th @ 10:01am EDT

it is supposed that everyone should love each other but every day people are far from it, there is much hatred, much anger among everyone in the world, I love to love, I think and I feel that love is everything, it is the only way, so I love everything I see, because I am just like all of it, love more please!

i love my work!

Oct 7th @ 10:09am EDT

is really impressive as we get to connect with people by this means, I love to know how special they have each of my members, the admiration they feel for me is what motivates me to be here every day for them, I love them, so that please never change, I love the people who will be as they are, without facings or facades, the transparent people I love.


Oct 5th @ 9:00am EDT

Yesterday I went to the cinema, to see me a pleicula of superheroes, I felt that I was someone with superpowers, it would be spectacular to fly or to have super force. lol I know I look crazy, but the truth is that who does not want to be a superhero!

dam crazy!

Oct 5th @ 8:52am EDT

I finally like to eat those fruits that remind me of the penis, like the bananas, or suck a delicious mango, maybe I have my mind plagued with sexual things, I do not know why, sometimes I feel it wrong, hahaha but I remember how delicious that sucks a penis, or that I suck it and that makes me feel better, hahaha I'm a fucking crazy jerk!


Oct 5th @ 8:50am EDT

ohhhh I have to tell you my loves, I'm having such wet dreams, I think I'm addicted to masturbation, I love masturbating, even when I sleep I think about it and I wake up wet, it's so exciting ... I must accept that I'm a pervert, I wish I could masturbate all the time I love it!

Older than me

Oct 4th @ 10:20am EDT

is incredible, I never believed that an older man could seduce me that way, has that profile of strong and straight, old man, those who write letters and leave a postdata at the end .. I like the way to walk, the chest for a life successful, is 50 years old, but his energy is young, I must admit that when he holds his gaze with mine can make me lubricate, it's a pity that nothing ever happens between the two.


Sep 29th @ 10:32am EDT

!. I had sex with a friend's boyfriend a while ago, I know it's wrong and I should not have done it, but I must accept that the man is so erotic, so sensual, he has a gesture of submission in his face, as if he were asking me to I penetrate all day and every day, the truth is that it was inevitable for me not to fuck him.
2.I had a girlfriend, and I loved to fuck her, and right after fucking her out looking for a very suseable boy, who needed me, I loved to fuck him right after having fucked my girlfriend, the fact that she never heard of that situation I was too excited, sometimes I did it in the opposite way, I fucked him and then I was going to visit my girlfriend to fuck her too, my cock was hurting, but that feeling I love.

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