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Chesty Flex

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Im More Magic Than Magic Mike ;-)
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been on break

Jul 4th @ 10:42pm EDT

sorry havent been on due to life events and fourth of july. so expect me back and ready for some action tomorrow! or the day after depends on the night haha

Stream in 2-3 Hours

Jun 30th @ 3:12am EDT

Still havent gotten all the way around to it.Still working on youtube, thrift shop flipping and a few other things.

Thats right I have hobbies. Thrift Shop Flipping or to keep it simple Flipping is the act of buying something then reselling it at a higher price. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Spent a little over 100$ but its looking to pay off, a good amount of Records, Books but some more interesting things. Never tried selling Lots of books and records before so this is a first.

Asides from that I'm looking to profit pretty easily on some good golf picks I found. an entirely new set of High Performance gold balls, good amount of putts, some single boxes of new golf balls and a bunch of decently kept used ones.

Getting on Today

Jun 29th @ 8:38pm EDT

Gonna make an active request for everybody to start whispering less and talking more! we need talkers up in the chat!

Had to clean myself off after the show

Jun 28th @ 9:08am EDT

Will be back on later however!

MIA for the day

Jun 28th @ 5:26am EDT

sorry guys had a long conversation that had to happen. Making big steps on the new apartment and high speed internet connection!

FanClub Promo

Jun 27th @ 6:18am EDT

For the time being here is the new system I've set up for the CHesty-Flex fan club!

10 Credits = 1 week of membership

This stacks

so 40 is 4 weeks

100 is 10 weeks

and so forth.

Why join? Just take a look it's easy to see why!

show at 12 AZ time

Jun 27th @ 12:45am EDT

getting on around 12 pm Arizona time! Be ready ill be ready and sexy!

Come and have some fun with me!

Jun 26th @ 6:56pm EDT

Hey Hercules Reborn also known as chesty-flex
another blog today, love making these things! Didnt get on yesterday because of a terrible swollen shoulder- couldnt even move it. But like the legend I am, its ready for action again! Missed you guys but I had to give my shoulder rest, and give a good show! Now Im back at it full throttle, videos, photos, lives shows, etc~ Will I be online tonight or today? HELL YEAH! I will be on so expect me!

let's plan for some epic fan club deals some special offers (Offers will be open take advantage of them!)

Excited to see you guys again and have some good talks and have a fun time!

Side note, Tip Goal? We got one - I want to get a better webcam, either the next version of this of a crazy good 4k webcam! Lets do this! It's not only a gift for me but a gift for all of you guys!

Twitter - @HerculesReborn

Thanks for reading and stopping by at my shows or watching my VOD's!

You Guys are the best!

-Hercules Reborn also known as Chesty-Flex Checking out

Small Injury

Jun 26th @ 12:28pm EDT

Due to bad shoulder injury on my left delt ive been made to take a small break, wish i could get on yesterday.

Hopefully I'll be back soon it's not terrible, just hinders my performance and I dont want that kind of show!

Morning Flirts and Horny People!

Jun 25th @ 12:38pm EDT

Did a nice stream last night, didnt get time to do one the night before and i wasnt going to do one today either, but I did. Why?

Because it felt like it would be something fun and it was.

Really learned to enjoy my time online and utilize the group show feature better and better!




Also guys having a sale

Gift me 21 Credits yes 21 for two weeks in the fanclub

this goes up and up, so

42 = 2 x 21 = 4 weeks

See you guys later today! hopefully my internet is on point!

Show Time!

Jun 25th @ 1:34am EDT

Was going to take the day off, but nah. Feeling like i wanna do something even though i have already.

Time to lift. Workout on my other self employed jobs,go live and have a hell of a time

Also funny story

Went on omegle - everyone though i was so good looking i was a fake prerecorded webcam!


Jun 23rd @ 10:25pm EDT

Whats up my fellow flirt4free fellows. Chesty-Flex here again with another blog post. Nothing fancy just wanted to put it out there.

Thank you guys so much.

You are a big part of my life and good reason as to why I am relocating to a place with no roommates, just me. Better internet better shows!


Jun 22nd @ 4:47am EDT

20- 1 week
40 -2 week
60 -3 week

100 - 1,5Months

300 - 5 months


Lets make this fanclub epic!

Love You Guys Awesome Fans, Worshippers and Servants

Jun 21st @ 5:38pm EDT

This site is made by you guys. It's nothing like others. Chaturbate? Meh, its full of leechers with no money just wanted to see what the entertainers do for the people that payed their money for it!

Here we get much better things. Better fanclubs, awesome clients, Vod's, Competitions and way way way more!

So much structure and so much drive to be my best at this!

Sorry I havent been online recently, internet work was being done in my living area. SUCKED

But im back and loving it, never had so much fun as this than any other camsite!



Jun 20th @ 10:17pm EDT



internet provides have been working on my entire regions connections hence my inability to stream, but *DrumRoll* It looks like they got it fixed up and hopefully even better!

So lets celebrate with an online stream, because my internets back and my check from my first 3 days back has came in!

You guys are the best!

Twitter me @Hercules_Reborn
Follow me on here
Message me on here anytime! I love answering questions for you guys


Jun 19th @ 7:48am EDT

Energy Drinks on deck, feeling the certain kind of way. Like I just want to get shit done so im getting shit done. Why not just do it in the morning? More of a night person I guess lol

Why My Stream Went Down

Jun 19th @ 1:28am EDT

Internet...... Again......
Might have to get a new provider or something I'll figure it out. Thank you guys for stopping by tonight though!

Tonight might be the night!

Jun 19th @ 12:31am EDT

Last 48 or so hours I've been cursed with the god awful internet service aka COX

Internet gets on, choppy, then drops. Kept me off here for the longest time! BUT it looks like its working, its not too late and I really have been looking forward do getting on again!

Lets get partying boys and sexy ladies ;-)

Chip n Dale Costume tonight- Just a little fun, because thats what this is all about right?

Enjoy myself while you guys enjoy yourselves!


Jun 18th @ 9:31pm EDT

Internet might be good again!

Message me any questions

Follow my Twitter @Hercules_Reborn

Lets have a fun ass show if this internet keeps up the solid connection

-HerculesReborn2017 aka Chesty-Flex

Missed you guys!

Late Show?

Jun 18th @ 5:00am EDT

It's late here now on the west coast. 2 A.M in the morning, but I'm thinking of getting on. Why? Because my internets been acting up all day and it's finally looking okay now.

Was incredibly disappointing to not be able to get online and stream all day but regardless I remained productive #Flex

Got some mad work done (A++ Quality Stuff) and had a really meditative workout. Most people would find a workout a pain but for me it's enjoyable something I look forward to. I wrecked chest, focusing on really slow movements all around. Did the same for Shoulders and Triceps!

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