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Chris Logan

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I can turn your dreams into reality
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in the gym

Oct 5th @ 4:07pm EDT

Hi, I would like to share my story, to receive your advice. I am a normal guy physically, I am 24 years old and I love going to the gym together with my best friend.

At first everybody in the gym believed that she was my girlfriend as we hold hands and even discussed as boyfriends, but little by little things were happening that made it clear that we were not.

One day, performing our routine, we saw Andrés a coach and physical trainer about my age with a body (although his face is not very graceful) that we were both (my friend and I) astonished, I more dripping slime.

The point is that she, seeing that she loved me, proposed to go to her classes. I acceded with a little illusion but was aware that he was the typical hetero boy and that is in a somewhat macho environment. We went to his class and from the first moment with me expressed more kindness, was more attentive to me, and in the mirrors looked at me, I did not pay much attention to this.

Days later we started a conversation he, my friend and I and apparently gave more importance to what I said, and so one after another, I always pay more attention to what I can say. The guy realized that I was a bit nervous and became more obvious.

In his classes he would approach me, fix the strings, look me in the eye and even double-minded comments. I asked my friend and her boyfriend for advice and we began to suspect Andres's intentions, but always with many questions. I understand that one person can be kind to another, but here I can not tell all the little details that have made me think that maybe he likes me, on the other hand I think he has a girlfriend.
A week ago when I was in the showers, I knew that he was there talking to his friends, took my things and tried to leave quickly without seeing me (but not why I did that), but before leaving my flame for the diminutive of my name and he says "hasta luego" I turn and was naked with his towel. Look, I am sincere, I excito but from that you feel all over the face, I replied "farewell". The tone of his voice was like wanting to have privacy in a place where there are enough people. Nor did anyone realize that we said goodbye ...

Yesterday I met him in the park, I was with my friend holding hands (he knows he is not my girlfriend because she told me that she met her boyfriend when she lived in Berlin). I was embarrassed because I just met him along with others from the gym jogging and I thought I was going to follow but what made the last one stay and appear on my shoulder touch me saying "what's up?" Already after asking if we had gone to the sports center I do not know, son things that makes me fuck, I wish he did not do it if he does not want a friendship or something else.

What I have clear is that I do not want you to feel anything inside the closet. I think I like it more and I think it, which is the most worrisome, and it's because of those silly details with me. What do I do?


Aug 19th @ 12:25pm EDT

I would love a loving boyfriend an hot , with a pretty face and he likes to please me

uknown sex

Aug 8th @ 4:31am EDT

I was on the bus on my way home when next to me was an older man looking at me a lot, and I liked his eyes shining blue. I wonder time and take in talking to is very nice I liked how he talked. I asked where he was going and it turned out that we were going to the same side, then told him to go to a park to talk. and many verses were born between kisses. and end follandomelo in a park in the light of day. It was the best thing I could experience

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