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Dimitri Caruso

Customers rated Dimitri Caruso 4.7 out of 5 based on 31 reviews
My name is Dimitri Caruso and welcome to my world, Don't be shy with me!
Nov 8th @ 10:22am EST
El dinero puede usarse para el bien o para el mal pero si uno carece de dinero carece en consecuencia de la capacidad de hacer el bien con el
Oct 11th @ 3:01pm EDT
“Todo lo que escuchamos es una opinión, no un hecho. Todo lo que vemos es una perspectiva, no la verdad”.
(Marco Aurelio)
Sep 29th @ 11:35am EDT
“Aquellos que están lo suficientemente locos para creer que pueden cambiar el mundo terminan siendo quienes lo cambian”
(Steve Jobs)
Sep 28th @ 8:47am EDT
«Dale un pescado a un hombre y lo alimentarás por un día; enséñale a pescar y lo alimentarás toda la vida», se le añade: «Forma maestros de pescadores y beneficiarás a toda la sociedad». Po
(Los 7 habitos de la gente altamente efectiva)
Sep 27th @ 1:56pm EDT
Si no decides tu vida alguien más lo hará por ti
Sep 25th @ 4:29pm EDT
John D. Rockefeller
"Prefiero ganar un 1% del esfuerzo de 100 personas que el 100% de mi propio esfuerzo"
Sep 19th @ 9:13pm EDT
Los 7 habitos de la gente altamente efectiva
“Mientras uno siente que está sirviendo a los otros, es que la tarea está bien hecha. Cuando a uno solo le preocupa ayudarse a sí mismo, el trabajo es menos bueno: una ley tan inexorable como la
Apr 22nd @ 6:37pm EDT
beautiful poem by victor hugo!! have a woderful weekend
" I wish you first that you love,And that as you love, you'll also be loved.And if it's not that way, you'll be brief to forgetAnd after you forget, you don't bear any grudges.I wish then, that it won't be like that, but if it is,You'll know how to be, without despair.I also wish you to have friends,And that, even bad and inconsistantThey should be brave and loyal, and, that at leastthere's one of them in who you can trust without a doubt.And because life is like it is,I also wish you have enemies.Not too many nor too few, in the exact amount,So that sometimes, you'll question yourOwn certainties. And that among them,There's one who's just and fair, so that you won't feel too sure.I wish you also that you're useful,But not indispensable.And that at bad times,When there's nothing else left,That sense of usefulness will be enoughto keep you on you feet.As well, I wish you to be tolerant,Not with the ones that make few mistakes,Because that's easy, but with the ones that makea lot of mistakes, and inevitably do so,and that by making good use of that tolerance,you'll be an example to others.I wish you that being young you don't mature too fast,And that once grown up, you don't insist in returning to youth,And that being old you don't dedicate yourself to despair.Because every age has it's pleasureAnd it's pain,and it's necessary to let them flow among us.By the way, I wish you to be sad.Not the entire year, but a day.But that in that day you'll figure out thatDaily laughter is good, usual laughter is lame,and constant laughter is unhealthy.I wish you to find outWith maxium urgency, above everythingand despite all, that there existand surround you, opressed beingstreated unjustly, and unhappy persons.I wish you to (flirt censorship)Feed a bird, and hear a goldfinchrise triumphantly its early song,because this way,you'll feel good about nothing.I wish you also to plant a seed,Even if it's a tiny one, and that,You may accompany it in it's growth,So that you discoverOf how many lives is made a tree.I wish you also to have money,because it's necessary to be practical,and that even once a yearyou place some of that money in front of youand you say "this is mine"just to make clearwho owns who.The same I wish you that none of your dear ones die,But if someone dies, you may cry without regretsAnd suffer without feeling guilty.Finally I wish you that, being a man,You'll have a good woman, and that being a woman,You'll have a good man,Tomorrow and the day after, and that whenYou're exhausted and similing,You'll talk about love to start over.If all of these things come to be,Then I have nothing else to wish you."
Mar 19th @ 5:24pm EDT
How to tell you…
How to tell you there is always enough time?That we only need look for it and take it for ourselves,That no one sets rules but lifeThat life without certain rules loses shapeThat our shape is not lost by allowing ourselves to open upThat opening up does not mean to love indiscriminatelyThat to love is not forbiddenThat we are also allowed hateThat hatred and love are emotionsThat aggression for its own sake hurts a lotThat wounds healThat doors should not be shutThat the most important of all doors is our affectionThat our affections are what define usThat to define ourselves we need not paddle against the currentThat just because we use a stronger stroke does not imply we are drawing moreThat looking for balance does not imply we are lukewarmThat to deny spoken words, implies creating distanceThat finding oneself is so beautifulThat sex is part of the beauty of lifeThat life departs from sexThat wanting to know about someone is not mere curiosityThat to want to know everything about everyone is unhealthy curiosityThat it never hurts to be thankfulThat self-determination does not mean things are to be done aloneThat nobody wants to be aloneThat to not be alone we must first giveThat in order to give we must have first receivedThat in order to receive, we must first know how to askThat knowing how to ask is not the same as giving ourselves awayThat giving ourselves away is definitely not loving ourselvesThat to be loved we must show who we areThat in order for someone to be, this person must first be helpedThat to help someone is to encourage and to support themThat support is not flatteryThat flattery is as pernicious as slapping someone across the faceThat things are honest when done face-to-faceThat no one is honest just because they do not stealThat the thief does not steal out of a desire to be a thiefThat when there is no pleasure in doing things, we are not livingThat to feel alive we must not forget that death existsThat we may be dead whilst being aliveThat we feel with our mind and with our bodyThat we listen with our earsThat it is hard to be sensitive and not get hurtThat to not get hurt we build wallsThat those who sow walls harvest nothingThat most of us are wall-building masonsThat it would be much better to build bridges insteadThat on them we are able to reach the other side and also returnThat to return does not imply we are moving backwardsThat going backwards may also be a means of moving forwardThat by moving forward a long distance does not imply we wake up any closer to the SunHow to tell you that no one set rules but life?(Mario Benedetti)
Feb 8th @ 11:54am EST
"Expecting life to treat you well because you're a good person is like expecting a tiger not to Eat you because you are vegetarian."
(Bruce Lee)
Jun 28th @ 10:23am EDT
A little idea
You must take advantage of every moment that you have left in the world, until the second one you consider more insignificant, you can use everything that is left of the rest of your life, always choose what makes you happy and believe in yourself, Happy Pride"Dream as if you were to live forever, live as if you were dying today"
Jun 22nd @ 9:59am EDT
I always want with all my will, reaching and fulfilling my goals, as with love, it is something who must choose thinking about welfare and personal growth, the will is the only one that will allow you to get what you want.
Jun 9th @ 12:09am EDT
interesting info
if u want to conquest a person u must go for his heart, every person have a heart inside, the soul and his little soul inside his eyes, go for that guy and want to smile and be happy
Mar 21st @ 2:45am EDT
every road u take in ur life, make sure ur taking with all ur love
Nov 30th @ 11:18am EST
something i want to share
Something that I have realized my young age is the importance of being and feeling good person, I have gone through many things to get to feel with this tranquility I am now, I do not say that sometimes have worries, or that sometimes have my gray days but what I always try to do with all my intention is to have a good smile on the rostro and want the best to people, if you are able to rejoice for the good of someone else, it means that you also know that yourself You can go well, without egoism, without envy, without resentments, there is nothing better than having a full and abundant heart, there is the truth.I do not say that you have to go astray all your life for others, because you must first love you and help yourself before others, and if you deliver love from your heart to another person you do it for yourself, because it fills you with happiness and of self-love, not because the other is victimized and wants to need something from you, nobody needs anything from anyone, everyone is totally able to deal with their own teachings, because those experiences and teaching are the ones that will make you grow and mature for the future.Happy Tuesday!!
Oct 11th @ 10:26pm EDT
dont forget to smile
guys life is very beautiful, very amazing, it is full of beautiful people, incredible experiences, thousands of adventures for living, exciting opportunities touch the door always, always remember to smile, can change the day to someone, good energy is transmitted, and Before more smile, more people trust you, the more positive you will see life, but you will feel relieved and you will have a good energy to transmit to others, the world is depends on the perspective of where you see it, always look at the glass half full and not half empty, focus on the beautiful life and you will see how those things will increase, happy Monday friends
Sep 29th @ 12:54pm EDT
I am too creative a person, I really like to imagine thousands of scenes and possible hot adventures that give me a lot of pleasure, in sex I am an edonist of pleasure, it gives me a lot of pleasure to dominate my partner and make her completely mine
Sep 17th @ 11:17am EDT
Hi, how are you guys? I stop by to say happy Friday to you, be very grateful for the life you lead, your health, the sun every day, the flowers that are outside and for being able to breathe, thanks each day more of life because each day is an opportunity to return to start, greetings send dimitri, kisses
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