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Jun 8th @ 4:21am EDT

my first gay experience was with a friend 1 year older than me
i was tooo young.. before 18s... and i was so coconouthead about gay relationships or gay sex but my imagination was in some cocks and asses...only when i was masturbating but afer finished i felt bad
one time my friend and i played deals we did stupid things but he put a challenge very different...he told me...dare you to suck my cock? and i was like no never!!!
and he insist and say ooh..are you a chicken boy? and i was like fuck you!! i will do it but never say about it ! then those days he stay in home playing video games but we were the players and the goal was sucking dick each other for minutes without let out each mouth example 5 minutes dont put it out! now your tunn 7 minutes!
hope u have enjoyed my personal experience

What are you doing next weekend?

Jun 7th @ 10:02pm EDT

maybe party-relax and after some nature walking if i have money those days
if i dont then watch some tv show on my computer eating milk and some chocolate cake i dont know

If you could be someone famous for 24 hours, who would you be and what would be a few things you would do?

Jun 7th @ 9:59pm EDT

would be polemic, i mean what is the point of being famous if u dont have some schandals?
help people
do some comercial
sign asses,chest,dicks,balls.boobs lol
probably will send a big message for the discrimination wrath of some countries and religion
and my schandal would be like he fucked with the famous artist...u choose of course mutual decision to make it and dont mind about it (my style is not crash career of someone)

What would you chose as your last meal? There are no budget restrictions.

Jun 7th @ 9:54pm EDT

I think i love meat,and sweetsalty sauces
maybe 3 meats chicken,fish and
some rizzoto with lot of cheese
carbonara one of my favorites
pig(love pigs...
many kind of juss-sodas-creamy liquids and ice cream then dessert
and a man to fuck me or to fuck when i finished so clean cause after eat heavy i feel full my balls

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

Jun 7th @ 9:51pm EDT

sometimes when i think i said something wrong i repeat it on my mind and i say it without know it on the street

Describe your ultimate dream honeymoon with an unlimited budget.

Jun 7th @ 9:50pm EDT

i imagine confortable places
big bed
someone i see and make me smile every time
use a pool when we feel heat and use covers and fire when we feel cold
have lot of sex,kiss hard like the beast we have inside but dont forget the part to look his eyes when we finish and feel the strange moment when the time is frozen

What is your favorite thing about yourself and how do you use it to your advantage?

Jun 7th @ 9:47pm EDT

im kind on persistent
i have feel bad things in my life
strong punchies if you know what i mean
but im like whatever now i can do it i will try if i dont win in the future
fuck it i dont mind at least i tried

If you could go on a $10,000 shopping spree where would you shop and what are some of the things you would buy?

Jun 7th @ 9:46pm EDT

OH i dont know...
necesary things and stupid things
most of things i love are things like tecnology,some clothes,crazy for the underwwear,maybe some things to make my space more confortable

What is something you do exceptionally well and explain why you think you're so good at it.

Jun 7th @ 9:43pm EDT

i think english all my life i have been a smart cookie in school and the course i made i was very good
and a good gamer but more middle old school
oh sex maybe cause when i have a boyfriend we fuck a lot

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Jun 7th @ 9:39pm EDT

i was on skies and i went down to the mountain
my nose was big and full of red paint i can not write the other word haha
but that was fucking awesome

Describe your favorite day of the week and what your typical day entails.

Jun 7th @ 9:38pm EDT

its not cause i do something especial its something more esoteric lol
i love tuesday i believe is a lucky day do not why

What TV show would you love to be a guest star on and why?

Jun 7th @ 9:37pm EDT

i think i love judges in every tv show but to be honest first i want to have a porn movie lol
i love like short tv shows about gay life and i love too the superheroes tv shows
i think those are my favorite options

If you won the lottery, how would you spend it?

Jun 7th @ 9:35pm EDT

ok this is a big question
because i can help some animals
i am a pet lover then i would help animals who dont have place to live
and the selfish part would be like
buy some place for bussines and new clothes,toys,a travel,take care of myself and why notan expensive camera?


Jun 22nd @ 6:48am EDT

i want to share you more about me
i am 23 years old
i am single
i love ice cream and like some movies like horror movies like conjuring 2 and comedy
like some video games too (anime and gay movies too)
i like to be fucked and fuck i enjoy a man foot to head

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