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Genesis Rodriguezz

Customers rated Genesis Rodriguezz 5.0 out of 5 based on 40 reviews
I am your lover Your friend, Your secret, Your G ---Xtwitter@Genesisf4f. Hit follow, that way we'l
Nov 24th @ 3:16pm EST
I don't know if I've told you before.
I'm not to waste my life pretending, without something real or not enjoying, I don't know if I told you before, but I enjoy every vibration, I enjoy every smile you bring on me alone in our pv,I enjoy the amazing things that come out of your mind and how simple or complex our encounters can be. I enjoy everything alive with authenticity every moment together.GRzz xTwitter@Genesisf4f Give it to follow, so we'll be closer.
Nov 23rd @ 9:48pm EST
Happy Thanksgiving day of action
23 Noviembre 2023 I thank you for Your moments day by day by my side, for creating Memories forever and giving a color of passion to Our Days. Thank you today and Diary for you by my side..Xtwitter@Genesisf 4f Give it to follow, so we'll be closer.
Nov 23rd @ 9:46pm EST
Feliz día de acción y Gracias
23 De Noviembre 2023Agradezco por Tus momentos dia a dia a mi lado, por crear Recuerdos para siempre y Darle un color de pasion a Nuestros Dias. Agradezco hoy y a Diario por ti a mi lado.Xtwitter@Genesisf4f Dale seguir, asi estaremos mas cerca.
Nov 3rd @ 9:56pm EDT
Xtwitter - @Genesisf4f
They cover their pecs with a strip, they use lycra by squeezing their balls, they go almost without clothes, they wear skirts for sports, ... Not understanding Lol, the impracticality baffles me. I don't want to look pretty in the gym to begin with, I want to be comfortable. I decided not to join.
Oct 23rd @ 2:48pm EDT
Important announcement
We meet in two weeks 95 Hours of transmission. We aim to stay over 100 hours every two weeks. Come with me during the day or just spend a few minutes will be just as important to me. "Be ther for you"fondly Genesis @Flirt4free@Flirt4freeGirlsfollow me on Twitter I want you to be more aware of me @Genesisf4f
Oct 14th @ 5:44pm EDT
att - G
I will leave my humility for another time. Having a moment with me on Flirt4free is Incredible.It's not if I'm Good, I'm Genesis.
Oct 1st @ 12:15pm EDT
Will we do something on your birthday Genesis?
Yesss You have a date with me Tienes una Cita conmigo este Domingo 8 de octubre en un 12 horas de trasmision celebrando mi cumpleanos.Trae tu pene presentable ,tus mejores energias para divertirnos y sumar esos momentos a nuestra memoria.Con Amor, Genesis" "I have a date with you this Sunday, October 8th, for a 12-hour livestream celebrating my birthday.Your presentable penis, your best vibes for a good time, and let's add those moments to our memory.With love,Genesis"
Aug 22nd @ 4:58pm EDT
What do you think ?
there is a possibility not yet decided to leave twitter only for text and image content and more on snapchat do you like that tw is only text? what do you thitexto
Aug 22nd @ 4:57pm EDT
Saved in memories of amazing pv moments
One of the most interesting things that I am going to add to my memory of moments in pv was that you arrived and asked me to read you the book that I was currently reading while I caressed my bare breasts, I only managed to read a couple of pages...
Aug 20th @ 12:39am EDT
had a great saturday night guys
what a great Saturday night Mik... pleasure in public, if you were there you know what I'm talking about The best part apart from what happened with mik..., was when they all pleased me and when they came they wrote "this is for you Genesis" oh I almost had a heart ...
Jul 21st @ 12:24am EDT
And don't die without your good doses of Genesis
"As you already know, I'm passionate about these kinds of things because we are who we are, and if I'm going to become a psychologist, I definitely need to build my essence real, conscious, and firm. Besides, I can't stand parody examples, like when you go to a nutritionist and they give you an intensive "eat hamburgers" plan with horrifying habits, telling you to take care of yourself. And let me tell you, it really gets on my nerves! You got me, right? I disconnected because I went to therapy. Apart from all the things I could write, there's only one thing I will write about, and that is: when you learn to build your being, your essence, you live a real and fulfilling life. Don't die without knowing yourself; reconstruct what society, family, and other aspects have predetermined for you. Die as a being built by you, based on your decisions about who you are and what you want to do. And don't die without your good doses of Genesis. "
Jul 18th @ 4:09pm EDT
GENBLOG - me crazy when you come for me
You enter, greet me, we exchange a few introductory words, and then you tell me that you want to masturbate while watching me in doggy style because it drives you crazy how Genesis's curves align perfectly to make your penis go wild, and how my sweet face asks you to give me your cum. And no, don't resist, just give it to me because it drives me crazy when you come for me.
Jun 29th @ 2:57pm EDT
Les contaré la realidad de este proceso
"Les contare la realidad de este proceso: madrugo a las cinco de la manana, llego y el entrenador me brinda sus conocimientos para mi meta. Comienza el entrenamiento y despues de unos minutos, el cuerpo no me responde; ese ardor tan verraco en la parte que estoy trabajando es una locura. Se me va la respiracion y se me doblega la voluntad. Ay, dias que entreno mas voluntad que otra cosa, lol, y por la parte de los alimentos, lo mas retador: cambiar anos de malos habitos alimenticios y desconocimiento para dejar el arroz con huevo en las tres comidas, jaja. Por una gasolina mas premium, jaja. El fin del cuento es que soy una mujer muy consciente y eso que le escuchamos a las abuelas de 'mija, ojala me hubiera cuidado a su edad', yo ya lo estoy haciendo con todo lo que conlleva la decision de vivir el tiempo que vaya a vivir con la mejor calidad posible. En unos dias les doy mas anuncios."
May 24th @ 7:11am EDT
"I know, my absence was awful. I got sick, but I didn't die, lol. I missed you a lot too. To make up for it and to reward you, I'll give you 10 credits per minute for the next 10 days. So go ahead and enjoy yourself, and I hope to make you feel how important you are to me."
May 24th @ 7:08am EDT
Con esto quiero recordarte lo importante que eres TU para mi
"Lo se, fue un asco mi ausencia. Me enferme, pero no mori, lol. Yo tambien te extrane un monton. Para desquitarnos y para recompensarte, dejare solo por los proximos 10 dias 10 creditos por minuto. Asi que desquitate y espero hacerte sentir lo importante que eres para mi."
May 17th @ 10:54am EDT
Lo que te quiero decir
Hello, I know that you are someone really interesting and I would like to get to know you better, to know what makes you you and I would love to spend time with you. Would you like to talk or do something fun together?
Apr 27th @ 12:19pm EDT
Fantaseo contigo
No prendas tu camara, solo hazlo cuando te sientas comodo, dejate llevar por mi voz, dejame contarte lo que te quiero hacer, callate acaso no entiendes que me desborda de placer que me desees, que en cada show privado haces que me envicie mas de ti ?acaso no lo entiendes? Disfruta el aqui y el ahora en el que estamos no tengo que saber quien eres para desearte, acaso yo no tengo el derecho de fantasear contigo, asi como tu lo haces conmigo. Te deseo y cuento el tiempo para ver tu nombre de usuario en mi sala.
Mar 23rd @ 11:34am EDT
it's sexy when you're selfish
Be selfish when you are alone with me online, think about your pleasure, what you want, what you imagine, what you fantasize about, free yourself from the absurd feeling of doing good for another. Without the pressure of mechanized movements or cause good impressions, trample on the routine, monotony and physical sex without new emotions, I am Genesis with me you can be safe, free, carnal. Please be selfish and tell me what you want and please allow yourself to live whenever you want those intense and new emotions that you feel when you are online next to me if I allow it and how sexy you are when you think of you, you turn me on, I turn on see your username in my room I see you doing what you want to do and Willing to feel. Yummy!
Feb 28th @ 10:49am EST
how rich you
Yes, treat me badly in show pv, uff Yummy, in the end that makes me more wet. That private show moment when you treat me like a bitch because of your impotence, having such a good time, making you come in minutes, biting my breasts hard, spitting on them, squeezing them, smiling at the camera and telling you to grab your penis For me it is where I realize that in those minutes of show pv you are mine then we don't know each other, but right at that moment you are mine and I make you mine. I know that's what you want, to feel what you don't know what it is, but that I know how to provoke it.
Feb 28th @ 10:48am EST
Que rico tu
Si, tratame mal en show pv , uff Que rico, al final eso me moja mas. Ese momento de show privado cuando me tratas como una maldita debido a tu impotencia, de pasarla tan bien, de hacerte venir en minutos, de morder mis senos con fuerza, escupirlos, apretarlos, de sonreirte a la camara y de decirte que agarres tu pene para mi es donde me doy cuenta de que en esos minutos de show pv eres mio luego no nos conocemos, pero justo en ese momento eres mio y te hago mio. Se que eso es lo que quieres, Sentir eso que no sabes que es, pero que yo se como provocartelo.
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Oct. 11
Siamese Cat: hello
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