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Jhon Bianco

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the most shredded body you can see
Oct 27th @ 1:14pm EDT
Where I have been ?
Hello to all my fans, I know you miss me a lot here, but my priorities in life have made me move away a little, it doesn't mean that I don't continue being a model, of course I am, it's just that time is valuable, and I want to invest it very good, please look for me on my social networks, I will have a lot to tell you and I will be happy to hear from you too, we can be in close contact, since I am active on my social networks. Let's go and continue delighting you with my great personality. I'll wait for you, to say goodbye with a big hug and kiss.Att: Jhon Bianco
Dec 4th @ 8:29am EST
I have an ankle injury
Hi everyone!!!!!! I hope you are well a week ago I sprained my ankle so I have not been able to be constant here, please wish me to recover and support me a lot to continue being a good flirt4free model very healthy and with increasingly clean muscles I love you and always think of me in your shower. naughty
Aug 17th @ 1:27pm EDT
I have been sick with flu
Sorry guys, I've been far from the line. I haven't had the same strength. I've had the flu, fever. I hope to recover soon in everything. I know I'll go back to the gym and give my best show after this bump in life. Greetings, my dear fans, never stop loving me and supporting me. Always make
Jul 22nd @ 12:34pm EDT
I need ur support to my projects of life
being a web model is a little common job for most, they will say that it is something that is not good or that I must hide, but I do not say it I am a flirt4free web model very proud to provide entertainment to people, I always respond the world revolves around entertainment, you work as a lawyer, engineer, administrator, etc, etc, so that you finally reach an area of entertainment and more sexual, so I have an interesting job because every guild always comes here and I love to be part of many things in a single current that is sex and fetishes, well after explaining this when they ask me in a bank or store where I must say what I dedicate myself to I say proud I am mnodelo web cam, but well this issue has had controversy I do not know if, I will be web cam model for a long time and I must diversify my ideas so here I want your help to help me invest in my own business, please write me to tell you more about my projects and if you want to help me meet my life goals, it would be so great because life is the pleasure in giving and receiving I would love to be able to help young people when I am older, it is a great satisfaction to help as much as an orgamos with a lot of milk and contractions.
Apr 30th @ 6:26pm EDT
dreaming of a sugar daddy
Last night I dreamed that a good sugar daddy came into my life and he made all my fantasies come true mmm I think that if he were here I would let him suck my penis every night and give him his milk good night, wowI also dreamed that the next day my dad gave me what I wanted most and that was to be able to spend a day wherever I wanted and to be able to enjoy without fear,in that place I sent a video to my daddy of how I felt happy and then I ate a delicious chocolate and vanilla ice cream my life is happy with a good daddy...
Apr 2nd @ 5:30pm EDT
I've been a bit lost from my usual schedule
hello dears I hope you are very well, I have had a couple of complicated situations in my life that have made me move away a little from the schedules established by me in flirt4free so sometimes I am not there long enough please excuse me I will do everything possible to get back with a lot of discipline as well as very muscles, thank you all for your support if I'm alive and well I'm here so I just need to solve some family problems other economic problems, because my cell phone was damaged and I'm in Colombia here they are very expensive I should have asked for one of USA and that way it wouldn't be so expensive for me, good money came out that destabilized other expenses in my department and I need to have a cool head to be able to organize this and come back with the best shows and continue receiving your support and of course we all have pleasure together
Mar 1st @ 10:58am EST
I feel good
For a couple of days I have installed my own location to broadcast here on flirt4free and I am very happy that I am in my own room. I will be able to connect more often and longer and be able to meet schedules that were impossible for me before, also because some clients are on the other side. side of the world and their schedules are different now I will be able to connect here in my country very late so that they can see me at a reasonable hour in their country,I also feel happy because I will be able to make more videos for my fan club and upload more photos mmm I hope that you who read me subscribe to my club and can enjoy my content, I also hope that you visit my room and we go to many shows, well I'm so turned on by everything that I want to cum mmm lol I'm serious, but clearly I don't want to do it alone I always like when they look at me they motivate me they tell me things while I'm doing it so that I can achieve full arousal and be able to have a great cum please don't fail, I hope you make me very happy please I do a great job I try so hard to be here correctly don't forget that please I hope you have a nice day and that you enjoy life a lot also have a lot of pleasure greetings !!!!!!
Feb 1st @ 7:10am EST
A new month
good thank God first because we are here we can write this and we are with health thanks,I update this post why I love to tell experience, thoughts, wishes and dreams of mine,lately I have felt ambivalent here in flirt a few days it seems that I am very fallen but other times I feel so great, this February we start today, I feel super because I have had great customers that besides being generous, I liked to do what they asked me is interesting when they challenge me and we both enjoyed the pleasure, I love when they do ass worship, because I get excited to know that they look at me mmmm, and also when they put me flexing and doing a routine of poses with me very oiled body wow is a more than orgasmic feeling, I hope that the next few months continue to feel at the top, and enjoying everything that can be done, I also want to fulfill my dreams, now one in the short term is to be able to become independent and convey in flirt from my own home, thus be able to provide better schedules for customers, and have more comfort, in addition to having more tools to entertain, I hope faithfully that I can fulfill my goals and dreams all C On Help of the beautiful Flirt4Free customers Thanks to all are great make the model feel very committed.
Jan 6th @ 7:37pm EST
I have been sick 😷
Hello everyone, I have been sick fever, cough, flu, general malaise, I have not been able to sleep very well, the fever did not leave me I think I have lost some weight but in water and glycogen, my muscle is int Intact, nothing that I can not recover in a week of hard training, I hope to recover soon, I am strong but you have the flu if they have hit me hard I hope it is not covid and if it is, I also hope to beat it, I'm a little low on grade, why does being offline for so long makes me unable to earn credits, and you know this is my job. Every month is important, I hope to recover in every aspect so I am strong and I know that you who read me will help me to be at the top to always get ahead. Thank you all for your support and I hope we can see each other again and talk about a speedy recovery pa For me, and if any of you are going through the same, please hope you recover soon and are in good health. Blessings. ??
Dec 19th @ 10:15pm EST
Well a while ago I did not update my blog but here I go I write this today when I am almost going to sleep, I can not help it before I sleep I like to masturbate it is not different from what happens in the day because it is slow and very relaxed, I I like it that way to be able to sleep properly and rest, sometimes I feel very exhausted and I fall asleep without doing it before but it's good that today is not the case, I like to think about beautiful things, rich things, maybe to imagine a good couple by my side, well things you think, before going to sleep I think about my goals and achievements, how long it will take me the main goal that I have here in flirt I don't know, the only thing I know is that I like to enjoy the process.
Dec 12th @ 1:50pm EST
thoughts on a sunday
Well this morning I was thinking that I started flirting with great enthusiasm and thanks to everyone who has helped me, I also want to say in this blog that many users have fallen in love with me, they are all very charismatic with me, I thank everyone for their great love for me and admiration, I hope to meet you some day and make friends, I don't know if love is there but I don't want to close myself to anything I just want to be open to any possibility I am a faithful man when he proposes it so whoever conquers my heart, I will only be from That man, well things that I think and that I would like to fulfill, I like stability, a good life as a couple, and spend beautiful moments eating a lot of chocolate ice creams, cooking, going for a walk. learning new things ho I'm so anxious if this will ever happen well maybe one day someday...
Dec 1st @ 1:18pm EST
today December the first
I feel happy today because I left my house and many people looked at me as if they had not seen a handsome and muscular boy like me, well I was on my way to work and a guy approached me and complimented me that makes me blush but at the same time I like it because I know I'm good, but hey, I didn't look at him, I continued and ignored him, I'm rather shy on the street so I continued on my way to work but I admit that I can't stop thinking about that situation as others see me on the street, wow, I'm really so privileged, thank you For this.because I know there are people who like to admire and I love to be admired so I would love to show myself more: Dyhank you so much for read please always support me. I feel so good
Nov 27th @ 7:39pm EST
third day of flirting
Well really on this third day I have felt much better than in the previous ones I feel that I can make very good friends here and that many people enjoy me it is not only an entertainment page it is also something of a lot of contact to touch the soul of playing too the likes of knowing to please I really like this Thank you all I hope I can fulfill my goals and dreams I hope someone can help me enough to be very significant I hope everything goes very well and well what can I say this has changed me life thank you all...
Nov 26th @ 7:25pm EST
second day in flirt
Well I want to start this blog with this word happy, because I felt much better the second day with much more confidence, the users are kind to me, I also like to create a friendly relationship with them, I really like that we can talk about many things, Well, some users just come into my room to see and do not speak at all and it is something strange but I understand that not all are the same with their personality, every time I feel better I want to implement new things too, I want sex toys, and special outfits for Your enjoyment, I also want you to continue supporting me to be a top model in flirting and to fulfill my deepest dreams. I know it sounds rushed, but I love to think that my goals will come true.I know that lovers in flirting can fulfill dreams to make someone like this really happy, thousands of kilometers away, it seems incredible to me that a smile comes instantly as a kind of telepathy. I love this I love talking to you I love doing my show and always trying to improve. I love you please don't change with me.
Nov 25th @ 7:47pm EST
my first day in flirt4free
Well today I started flirting as a new model, I had very high expectations with the page and I was not disappointed, I thank everyone who helped make that first day very enjoyable, I sincerely hope that I can continue to be like that I always want to stay here. because I really love talking with people from another country, sharing tastes, about many things, I started at 6 o'clock in my country, Colombia, I took a one-hour break to have breakfast at around 10 am then I came back and that's it I stayed there until 1 pm and well it was a pleasant experience because during the broadcast, I talked to many users, some just watched and I don't know why maybe they were shy, well I did a very good show to be my debut it was very good what I liked the most was flexing my muscles, doing push ups and singing and flexing at the same time great to interact with everyone. I hope I can continue to provide something good for everyone and make really close friends who support each other.
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Oct. 11
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