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Mathias Ford

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please is the biggest pleasure of the world
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I watch with the words

Jan 12th @ 11:02pm EST

I thought in a day like this that the people who come to my room are as different and special as they want to be. The passion and the company that they share with me gives us such a closeness that intimacy itself gives it meaning with only a look with just words have people so really close without knowing the face really gives you the perfect image of what they really are since people are not an image only there also more important and really big things behind a face or an appearance

so many things

Jan 12th @ 2:06am EST

I would like to ask you so many things that I do not understand so much about you as I know you want to know from me a very clear and simple is that it would be the first thing they would find me on the street what would be their reaction because they really would not have that expectation on my part because I know them but you and me and they would say I would ask them what it would be like for them to stay by my side and that they would like to change what they would do with me to become that perfect man for you in that prospect that they would never change for nothing in the world when they want to answer some of my doubts I invite them to be with me and that they really let me fill all their expectations.

with right foot

Jan 5th @ 10:52pm EST

tonight happy to return to my work and with all the desire to know how well your year of projects big and small have and I know it would give me great satisfaction to know that I am inside your mind and that you have me to tell you how good it is I have gone and every day will improve your life I hope to be part of delo that will make happy and satisfying this new and full of expectations and new goals to fulfill I wish you a magnificent new year and prosperity at the hands of

a new Start

Jan 3rd @ 9:36am EST

after a year full of disappointments of good and bad things like life itself I am with all the positive energy to please them and fill me with new satisfactions of things as good as the word itself says with the joy that characterizes me and wishing that this new This year full of blessings and really great things for all of us beginning with the right foot and with all the will of the world to enjoy my work and fill me with good things to learn even more from you and have them even closer to me ... wish you an excellent year and a big hug for each day of this year happy new year and a thousand blessings come for your hug each one deserves

un gran año

Dec 30th @ 3:32am EST

almost new year and accompanied by a bit of weather cold and great friends today mostly looking forward to feel its heat a hug that you a little heat day and already this time ami term this year in which I met too many people who leave an excellent souvenir in my and I hope to have left mark on them know that as well as a my them are happy knowing that can see me and who know where they are going because they find what they want with me I want to wish you the best of the years and hopefully this full of blessings and happiness hope to make part of this dich It will bring the new year welcome is this new year and you welcome always to my room of great experiences

a great walk

Dec 27th @ 12:26am EST

in my country we celebrate Christmas in many ways but one of the most interesting is the Christmas lighting becomes where people from all over the world enjoy the ingenuity of paisas as its diversity of colors, lights and shapes made of my city and my country one of the destinations by excellence today went to a tour and saw of true genius of my city and inviting you all to come and meet interesting and great is my country only I have one word to describe it magical here where not only the forests are interesting and not only there culinary delight also people welcome that you receive with open hands and extended heart

hey a small hi

Dec 24th @ 12:18am EST

connect to the expectation of being with a very pleasant and special conversation is not only to find who you also who know and who have ideas to have fun I am not an open person I am and I like to meet happy people living here and to make part of their i deas and thought a greeting a share in private a word of admiration or constructive criticism vast to make me feel appreciated and I love knowing that come to greet me makes me really happy and I hope is to your liking and every thing that can be done for you and your satisfaction fills me with pleasure

near special day

Dec 21st @ 1:08am EST

prom dress and put on our active organizing the way of celebrating the arrival of Christmas in my country full of great expectations they cheer us this Christmas and give us great hope that came the opportunity to make new things with foot d erecho in a year that promises to be better than the last, and that from the beginning will have very recharged batteries to make things that are on their way in the best way that our acts are prosperous and our projects are carried out with great pleasure and safety pleased eciendo God the great opportunities and great goals ahead with the expectation that we will be even with more friends and more people on our side to wish you the best this holiday season

a feeling

Dec 15th @ 1:20am EST

I love knowing that and found friends so large that they can not see but with his words rejoice and give meaning to a great friendship people who know maybe never but that fill my life in the sense that I like to know that I am part of your thinking regardless of the place of the world where they are and those others who respect my work and which are there with me I appreciate them and sent them thousand kisses and always hope fondly

something more in mind

Dec 14th @ 1:53am EST

Today spend my day to do several things but a small pause at noon I thought that they would be grabbing all absolutely each and every one of those people who are sincere and has confidence to tell me do you feel all those things that one way or another I was wondering about what was already in question if they will be able to tell me having me face to face is a little confusing, but I'd like to know what they think about having me face to face I really would be happy to look at the face of all those who visit me and that they are glad they do laugh or accompany my days online


Dec 11th @ 12:09am EST

hoy un día maravilloso acompañado de buena música y gran tranquilidad con una navidad llena de grandes sueños y proyector para el siguiente año que se que con ustedes de la mano los podremos cumplir y llevar al momento en que se los muestre y vean como todo puede ser realidad con su ayuda si alguna vez tuvieron la oportunidad de cambiar la vida de alguien y sentirse satisfechos con las felicidades de alguien los invito a que estén a mi lado para que me ayuden a hacer mi vida cada día mas feliz siempre son bienvenidos los recuerdo con cariño

a great blessing

Dec 7th @ 1:40pm EST

I hope your day is filled with blessings as the mine I am glad very much awakening on a beautiful day and know that I have friends and people that I want to see and also share things and agrados with me today is a wonderful day full of big goals to accomplish goals trasadas and I rmosas expectations in addition to a large company such as you who delivered my new things and great joys and experiences I am pleased to know they are here with me and that every feeling that genre in you is great and increasingly see me more comfortable with GIS or same generate them nice taste to come to see me took them in my mind daily

a busy day

Dec 4th @ 11:03pm EST

today was a day of many things to do and all that hauling my day inside was coming to see them that it is good to be here with me always a taste receive them because today was a rough day and be here to enjoy I love spending time with you and know who enjoy living with me that I am happy and I really love being in the company of people who share the same feeling and to seek new experiences and what I want to let a great time

a great day

Nov 27th @ 10:05pm EST

today was a wonderful day start again my exercise routines which makes me really happy and I am pleased to once again feel active never should stop activities it is healthy and leaves you full of energy, and also gives me the best of attitudes when it comes to c hared with you and expect a positive part of you view pleased a lot and am comforted I am days on those who are with me to support me and I feel their appreciation in all his shining I love your company and have days so wonderful as the today kisses and knows n I hope them always

a great experience

Nov 17th @ 1:31am EST

things occurring events that mark a day one hour a climate and up to people as I delighted with everything new that exists both managed to convey too many emotions together to make our invisible and impalpable mark in the mind of those who stunned or eager to be one or another reason that called or captivates your attention does not have any description describe it would be to offend so extremely special sensations which are saved after a greeting from people that never in life believed to find much of that here that I love and full of satisfaction in another person that you remove from a smile up to a surprising and a want to be or have increasingly more closely because it is not taking the step is to leave the really important footprint and each time to take it to its maximum expression as if it was RA really that last and inexhaustible when expected

a happy return

Nov 12th @ 10:51pm EST

then you have a small and pleasant stay I'm back to fill them with great desire and great satisfactions Tin company who like me I am glad too see and be the architect of his imagination flying the actor of your dreams completed the engine of their more low feelings happy to return and with all the desire to dedicate myself back to give them the best of mi and filled not only with the best power if not all the imagination that leads us to spend incredible on your side moments always are welcome and fel izmente tinned here I am again to feel them every day closer

great memories

Oct 31st @ 2:51am EDT

It may not be much time meet many of my friends but took them heart in those little moments that were important and that in one way or another have changed the way of seeing them greet them even feel that I know them a little more with each place of where I talk about I think a trip plan and I would love to be in every one of those cities where I have spoken, and greet them give them the surprise and knock on his door would be great meeting you and know more and more of them but now the good times without knowing their faces fills me with of joy because when they come to my room greet me with open arms and that more than anything makes me happy thanks for being with me and I hope to have them by my side a lot time more and continue living those moments so special that so far remain engraved in my Memory Thank you for ever have come into my life and give me to know every part of if and receive as well every thing that I want to give myself to you

big days

Oct 24th @ 1:36pm EDT

Giants or special as you want them to call are days on which the best company you that don't get him to play with me also give it me come greet me and we talked a little bit of everything I love to hear from you month a model a person who enjoys at all recreating the senses have the closeness that I offer on his part and that I take with the satisfaction of the world I dream and leaving me to be the protagonist of his desires and being more than a model rather than a man his attractive seems to be someone who wants to learn c UAL is his opinion about himself and then know who think happy I feel when they come to greet me and know like this and tell me that are very well thank you follow my hand growing every day more as a person and as a protagonist of your most deep desires

to describe

Oct 18th @ 12:58am EDT

you to past that you go to bed thinking of something very exciting and that while you miss oblivion dawns and you wake up thinking about what that strange sensation that you feel in the stomach to take you up to a smile that takes you to a State of lawlessness and a million of gestures with I still same given to the task of analyzing in some omenta neither places nor moments even or who there to your around you only want something and all generate some Picardy and you feel more sensitive and more vulnerable and remember that proposal or special to not change time IAS ever and you will want to repeat again and again that for very few times in your life but when you manage to happen filled completely your life and there then this crazy life brings you a smile and again.. .vuelve to begin

invitation for my friends

Oct 10th @ 12:49am EDT

guys hope all this good and improving now that are reading this thousand blessings I want to invite you next October 15 that are with me to celebrate my birthday I want to provide with me and join me to make my day very fun and you have fun at my side is taria happy and pleased that were with me this day to celebrate my birthday number 31 and thank God for giving me the opportunity to share it with me with you my hand mil besos and hope with arms open and happy with their presence is a pleasure for my extending my invitation to them and know that I will accompany hope is to your liking and I wish you the best month of their lives

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