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Tj Shock

Customers rated Tj Shock 4.9 out of 5 based on 80 reviews
I'm back with a grown up and matured personality and updated sex appeal. Come explore the new me.
Oct 31st @ 7:06pm EDT
Im fixed the main tech issue and am Live for a Halloween Cam show and Event.
Got bugs worked out and am confident that I am setup and will be performing for you Live at about 8pmET tonight for a Special Halloween Cam Event. Expect to have a few surprises in store. Also I have twitter setup and able to recieve tips now and hope you visit and show some support and help with new toys, fetish gear,!and other cam essentials to hell me succeed and stay fresh for ya'll.
Oct 22nd @ 7:20am EDT
Im back and ready to fulfill your inner desires and fantasies once again.
After a sudden unexpected hiatus from my live cam shows and private chats that lasted 10+ years. I am horny and ready to let my old fans and new ones once again be turned on and encaptivated by my charming demeaner and my now matured and experienced sex appeal.. I am back for a limited and undetermined amount of time but am confident you wiill once again be wanting to let me turn you on and let you take control and help me become the stud you always dreamed of.
Nov 25th @ 8:44am EST
Always Something
Well if you are a fan of mine you are probably very familiar with my constant relocating. I once again do no disappoint and have indeed relocated to a new studio. This one hopefully will be a bit more long term and convenient for broadcasting and staying active consistently. That being said I have also increased my internet speeds so I will no long be as delayed and choppy as we had been experiencing this past month when I did actually get to log in. So hopefully you all will notice that quality improvement as well as the new environment. I am going to post a tentative schedule today or tomorrow on here to let you guys have a set idea of when I will be logged in so you can always catch me at some point. For the longest time I had been just logging in with no schedule and have realized its not fair for my loyal customers to never know when I'll be avail to get a hold of me and ends up making it hard to stay in contact occasionally. So gonna work on communicating with ya'll a bit better. Lastly I just wanted to say thanks for sticking with me and know I love our time together and am only here for you guys... you make this adventure a worthwhile one for me.
Aug 8th @ 3:16am EDT
Helping a Friend
So this past weekend I am sure you all noticed I wasn't on my normal schedule. I do apologize for not letting you know what was going on but it was a spur of the moment thing. Basically my Best Friend had to have emergency knee surgery due to a caught cartilage or something. So I opted to help her out with her 2 boys and basically play nurse for her all weekend. I don\'t think I slept from Thurs night till Sat Night... so even though I was done caring for her I was too exhausted to log in to say hi that night as well. To make it up to you guys though I am logging in every day or evening this week from Today till Sunday. So hopefully if we missed each other this past weekend you can stop in one of these days this week and visit. I miss you guys. Hope you keep up!Also I hope you all stop back and check out the results of my workout and dieting. I have toned up quite a bit and hopefully you all like the changes! Lots of hard work but its paying off so make sure to check out the new look soon.
Jul 25th @ 2:18am EDT
New Pics
Well I spent some time today working on taking a few new and updated pics because from what I was seeing I apparently had not done this in a long while. Not only have I toned up substantially from what my old pics were showing... I also got a new haircut and my pics just weren't doing me justice anymore. I think I managed to get a couple decent ones and posted them on the site so lmk what you think. Friday is coming up sooner then I anticipated and I will be glad to get back to modeling this weekend and chatting with all you guys that stop by every weekend and say hi or take me pvt for a good time. On a side note I have a puppy that I may be adopting and bringing home in the next few weeks. Cute little yorky I think. The neighbor of mine doesn't seem to have enough time to take care of her so I offered in the future to take her .. cause well she is a sweetie! So it will be nice to have another little friend around to keep me company when i can't get on and have ya'll take over. Miss ya'll see you guys on Friday Sat and Sun!
Jul 20th @ 8:08pm EDT
Weekends on Flirt
So I am officially back in the swing of things with a set schedule and a new place. I swear everytime I come back I have relocated but this time I am in love with my new place... hopefully ya'll will enjoy it too. If you have ever been pvt with me you probably remember my kitty pepper and my two ferrets. The ferrets I had to get rid of when I moved home temporarily with my family after a big breakup. My kitty passed away two weeks before that. It has been a rough time without her but I know that she was in pain so I am glad she is in a better place now. Other then that I have been working on toning up myself and been laying out which you can tell by my ridiculous tan lines....but besides the lines the tan does look good. My new schedule is basically every Friday night, Saturday for most the day and same with every Sunday. Occasionally I will be logged in during the week but my schedule for my other job is soo screwy I can't really guarantee that so I am just gonna stick to weekends. Don't forget you can always add me on Twitter @ShockTJ for XXXclusive pics and updates. I always make sure to tweet when I am logging in live. Missed you guys... soooo glad to be back. I am not gonna lie I love webcaming and talking with ya'll ... if I didn't love what i do I wouldn't be here. So ty for the continued support mostly to those who have stuck with me even after I disappeared and returned multiple times. You guys are amazing so Thanks!
Mar 29th @ 12:32am EDT
Big News I'm back!
So I have been on hiatus since November when I had hoped to originally return. Unfortunately I had to take on 3 jobs and just didn't have the time to commit. Now fortunately I once again have a more normal work schedule and can finally dedicate some quality time into getting to know you all again. I just recently chopped off a beard I was sporting lol.. it turned a bit red and was too itchy for me to handle. I wish I could have gotten ya'll a chance to see me all bear like :P quite a change. Otherwise look about the same.. maybe gained a bit of weight.. not sure. I am still of course single... not as if that ever is much of a surprise... but someday I'm sure my guy will come along. What have you guys been up to? Did you miss me? Make sure to send me an email and let me know whats up and your availability I can always try to setup a time to get on for you personally if it works with my schedule. I missed you guys... you always made my day better and much more fun :P. My cock says hi... and hopes you'll be cumming to visit him in pvt soon as well. Check me out tonight live... its my big return.
Nov 5th @ 11:23pm EST
So I'm returning.
I recently took a break from performing to take care of myself and my family but I am back and in a new studio once again. I need all the support I can get to help me get caught back up in the ranking so please make sure to do your part with powerboosts, chatting, pvts, tips, and just checking me out and saying hi. I missed you all but due to a death in my immediate family I had to focus on myself for awhile. Now that I am back I will try to be around more consistently then before and may even set up a set schedule so you can plan on times to stop in and check me out. TY to all those that missed me and sent me message asking where I was and how I was doing... I really appreciate the love and concern but no worries I am still around. Hope to see you all very soon and catch up!
Jul 18th @ 1:53am EDT
New and Improved
I have been working hard on toning up and it is finally starting to show.. come check out my new bod. See if you like the new look! TJ 2.0... and continueing
Jul 10th @ 6:13am EDT
New Job
It has been quite a long time since my last blog entry so today I figured I would update you guys of why I haven't been online and what my new hours are going to be. First off if you have been a fan of mine in the past you have probably noticed I have jumped studios at least 3 times within the past 7 months... thats a lot of moving around! That being said it has been very stressful and it is nice to finally be able to say I have a permanent place! Another bit of exciting news is I recently got hired at an upscale restaurant as a server in my town. This is great news for me but also interferes with my old schedule. I will still be on almost nightly but probably around 1am Central time and only till 5am central. I do have a couple days possibly during the week where I will be able to log in a bit earlier to accomodate those that can't be up so late at night. otherwise plz make sure to check in and say hi... I have been sooo busy but I want to catch back up with all my fans and get back to having fun with ya'll. Lastly I wanted to let you know that I will for the time being no longer be doing duos with Ken Dunn. He will still be performing from time to time solo still if you would like to catch him but our time together for duos is no longer avail so I appologize for that. If something is to change I will make sure to let you all know. Hope to see you soon!
Jun 16th @ 3:27am EDT
My amazing Birthday.
Well as some of you came to find out I did indeed jump up another year in age and am now 23. My Birthday may have been quiet at first but thanks to my fans this week turned out to be a birthday party in and of itself. I had the fans and friends that logged in online the day of... some even a week early since they were going to be out of town, to give me my birthday wishes and sometimes gifts. Then the day after a few more that had missed my birthday helped me celebrate by singing, making age jokes, and just making me feel good to be alive... which is how it should be on your bday right? So for everyone that did already get to share a bit of the birthday fun with me and helped me make it a special one I send out my deepest thanks.... its been rough moving and losing friends in the process... but some of you have been a friend of mine for almost a year now. So thanks for your dedication and support... couldnt do it without ya'll. You really did make this years birthday a very special and fun one .. unexpectedly perfect really. Don't worry if you missed the birthday fun... you can still send a late tip or gift to make up for it... I dont mind .. just make sure to tell me Happy Bday first so I know why your tipping or sending stuff randomly... lol. Lastly I had no wish for my bday this year... but dont fret is was by choice. I decided that now that I have a set place to live... a great roommate that supports my lifestyle and has become the closest and best friend I have ever had. I am truly blessed... so wasting a wish would seem pety. If someone needs a wish your more than welcome to use mine... if it even works that way lol. Anyways time to have some fun online. Cum check me out! Ill post more blog posts later.
Jun 11th @ 9:54am EDT
Oh god I am just turning 23 and I already feel so old! Lol well a little anyways. I am spending the big day with ya'll for quite a bit of it so ihope you stop in and say hi! Pepper has already gotten her birthday snack since she found it a bit earlier than anticipated... and frankly..I just didnt want to deal her and just gave in to her puss in boots glare. As for the Kids (ferrets) they are both in throuble for getting into a plant I had just recently gotten. I MIGHT let them out just cause yall love them so much. Anyways... I gotta get to showing off for yall on cam so have to end this! CUM CELEBRATE WITH ME! IM 23!
Apr 15th @ 6:05pm EDT
Sunday Funday.
Well just got back into town from Church with the family and now I figured since I wiped my slate clean its time to get them dirty again lol. Hopeing people see humor and not disgust in that :P.Had a nice walk in the woods today by my house which I haven't done in awhile. Was pretty relaxing actually. I so badly wanted to get naked and jump in the creek nearby but unfortunately its daylight and too many people around. Thats what I think I will do though soon is go skinny dipping in a pool nearby this summer.... who wants to come? Other then that though I am just sitting here dressed.... getting ready to log in and get naked. I do tend to like to plz the masses so I can see it happening fairly quick.. and the conclusion I hear is worth it :) You all can be the judge of that.One last side note though dont forget to add my twitter account and also check out my schedule posting tomorrow. I have a set schedule I will share with you all vio the website tomorrow. I can't believe it was only a week since I was gone... it has seemed like eternity. SOO glad to be back.
Apr 13th @ 8:34am EDT
Back from Vacation.
Well I am finally back from my dreaded vacation to hell. I won't get into the boring details of it all but lets just say its nice to be back home at my studio and back to work finally full time again. I am going over a schedule for the week today so shoot me some suggestions if you have a preference to when I log in and Ill try to accomodate. Currently I am planning 3 hours a nite most nites around 1am Central USA time -4am and then possibly 11a-6pm central during the day. All up in the air though till I get a more rested sleep :P So we will see. I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend and have great subsequent plan for this weekend! If not just remember me I will be live a lot of.Also its one of my favorite fetishes today ... so hopefully I will get some good pvts and some nice chat time. So get your Freaky Feet loving selves into my room and lets enjoy this Friday the 13th the way it should be celebrated.Thanks for the support guys. I really did miss yall. See you soon!PS I am running on very little sleep so sorry if this post is a bit scrambled. GL deciphering it if it is lol
Mar 24th @ 11:54pm EDT
Well I haven't updated ya'll on my new schedule only for the fact it hasn't come out yet. I expect to be starting the new job hopefully within the next week or two and will update my schedule then. I also wanted to point out that I will be gone also for almost a week here coming up shortly on a semi sorta vacation. I will know the exact date in the next few days. So yah.. overall this is going to be a very sketchy on and off month for me but hopefully it will settle soon and I can get more normal working hours soon. I will attempt to twitter more if you are currently a follower so you are aware of when I will be loggin in. I hope everyone had a great winter and is enjoying the beginning of spring. Spring is my favorite time of year besides fall... you can fuck inside or outside with a nice breeze on your back. ANyone else into outdoor sex? I think it would be hot to go canoeing down a river and get mounted half way down. Just start fucking and hope the canoe takes you home lol.. sounds like fun to me.
Mar 1st @ 4:04am EST
New job.. and new hours!
It has finally happened... I have found a job near where I relocated to and will be starting up full-time within the next few weeks. The only thing this means is that I will be finally able to make a realistic Schedule here. So even if my hours online do get cut because of working ft again.. I at least will be able to provide you with a set schedule a week in advance of when I will be logging. SO even if I am on less I will be on more regularly.. so hopefully it will all work itself out. Otherwise I have finally gotten most of my place unpacked and and currently and rebuilding my pc since the mb has shorted... so even if you don't care expect pc updates.. and status's letting you know of its condition. Keeping it in your prayers would be very appreciated as well :). I am very concerned for its well being. Last thing I guess I wanted to let you all know about is my requests I am taking. I have had some odd hours... off and on moving.. and have lost contact with some of you that I have been talking to for a long time. So if you read this... and you have some time and wanna catch up... send me an email with times you can be around and I will try to accomodate. See you guys soon...!
Feb 21st @ 2:15am EST
FT Schedule is Posted.
I know I have been off and on recently due to moving and other drama going on within my life... but I am back and wanted to come up with a schedule for you guys thats consistent and actually possible. So for the first time I have posted a FT schedule I plan to follow so that you know when you can expect me to be around. That being said.. I don't want you to think that if you can't make the schedule I have that you can't see me anymore... just send me an email of your availability and we can work something out something that will work. You guys all keep me coming back and I dont want any of my fans to miss out on the fun. I also wanted to remind you all of my duo account with Ken Dunn. I will be posting an updated temporary schedule for when we will be logging on so that you don't miss out on hot live fun we will be providing from time to time. Expect a Duo to appear on the Calendar for this Upcoming Wed Feb, 22nd. I expect the duo will begin around 9pm Eastern Time .. but check out our duo page tomorrow afternoon for a schedule update! So thanks for checking in and reading my blog... hope you can make the new hours I will be broadcasting or you let me know if you can't... missed you guys since I've moved... mostly those that haven't caught up with me since. To those that have...thanks again for the support! See you guys soon!
Feb 7th @ 3:55am EST
NEW Full Speed HD VIDEO, New Studio, AND I'm BACK!!!
As you have probably noticed if you are a regular fan or even a flirt regular, that I have been missing from the picture for awhile. I again had to relocate and finally have finished transitioning into my new studio. Along with the move came some headaches but now that I am setup I have some great news to share! The first bit of good news is I will now for the first time be broadcasting in full speed hd. I have increased my internet speeds to help keep me broadcasting clearer and more smoothly during pvts and open chat. So let me know if you notice the difference. 2ndly I have as I mentioned moved into a new place. This opened up a lot of options since its more pvt and bigger... so look for my different setups and I hope you find enjoyment from some of variety I try to offer. Lastly I now will be adding a regular weekly schedule that will last till I start up my other job. When that occurs I will re-adjust my hours to correlate with the new jobs schedule as well. I hope you all come and help me catch back up in the ranking or say hi... I missed you and hope you didnt forget about me! XOXOXO MUAH -TJ Shock
Feb 7th @ 3:43am EST
Want Exclusive Content/Updates? Follow me Now!
Hey guys.. i'm back at the computer and wanted to make sure to remind you of my new Twitter Account linked on my Full Bio. I use this account to update you of whats going on in my life as well as provide you with another outlet to keep up to date.One thing that Twitter will be providing will be updates of when I will be going live, as well as special show dates (duo/feature chats).Another thing I have been doing is posting exclusive content for my twitter followers a day before I post it on Flirt. For example I have a few HD pics of just me and then a few XXX pics as well I have added exclusively to twitter. Don't fret if you can't follow me though... all my content gets loaded here too... least the fun stuff :P. I also have a few random pics of Pepper for anyone that knows who she is.. so there is something I guess would be twitter only.So I guess just make sure to check it out and follow me if you like and I hope you enjoy the fun content and info it provides! Glad to be back to flirt.. I have relocated and am heading back live today! Have a great week ya'll and hope to see you again in my room soon cause I missed you guys!
Jan 19th @ 2:34pm EST
Yet Again Relocating
Well it seems I just got settled into my new studio when again I will have to be relocating. This time around however I am unsure of how long I will be without internet. I expect no longer than two weeks but again I am just unsure. I will be ending my broadcasting on Flirt on January 29th. Ty for everyone who has stuck by me through the last few month during my last move and I hope you continue to stick around during this one. THe stress of trying to find a place has been hindering my time on here already so I appologize if you haven't caught me recently.. It's just been a tough transition. Don't fret though I now have a TWITTER link up on my bio for ya'll to keep in touch and find out when I will return as well as my blog on here I will try to keep posted to. Again thanks for all the compliments, follows, tweets, reviews, pvts, tips, and everything else ya'll have done to make my time on this site worth while. I can't wait for the next 9 days on here and I am hoping I can catch up with all my favorite fans and watchers before I jet. I will miss you guys while I am gone... ya'll mean the world to me!-TJ
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