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Dreams come true :)
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when I woke up part 1

Sep 8th @ 4:07pm EDT

I woke up to a nock on my door. I turned my head to look at the bedside clock. It was 1 in the morning. I wondered who would be knocking on my door this late at night. I was a freshman in college and I was living in a all girls dorm. I was about 59" and weighed about 110lbs, with long black hair and pale blue eyes. I got out of bed and opened went to the door.
I opened it to see jenny standing in the hall. Jenny was the beautiful blonde that lived in the room across the hall from me. she looked cold, wearing only a thin t-shirt over her underwear.
"josie can I stay with you tonight? Its cold and the heats off in my room." She said, nervously. I smiled and told her that would be fine. she hurried into the room, and went straight to my bed. I paused, why hadnt she gotten into the other bed. she asked me if I was going to get in bed, or just spend the whole night staring at her. I asked her why she didnt get in the other bed and she told me she was cold and shivered. She told me that it would be warmer if we slept in the same bed.
I shrugged and unsuspectingly got into bed. I felt her slim body press up against mine and she rested her head on the same pillow as mine. I tried to ignore this and get to sleep. I was just drifting off to sleep when I felt her lightly stroking my cheek with her hand. I glanced over to her and shivered. She was looking at me with a look I recognized. It was the look that I always saw on guys faces when they looked at me. the look of pure lust.

Office story part 1

Sep 8th @ 4:06pm EDT

As chat up lines go it was certainly different.
At least give us your knickers to sniff then. My colleague suggested with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
Stevie Taylor was the IT King at Owen Martins and was known as the Office Bull because he had a reputation for bedding a lot of women including several female members of staff but he was also the sleaziest man in the world. He made my flesh creep and turned me on in equal measures.
Nooooooooo I will not! I sighed as I dismissed his request.
This was the Monday of the second week Stevie and I had worked long hours re-programming and updating the company data base and as usual, he was taking every opportunity to introduce sex into the conversation. Although Id worked for the Company for over 3 years this was the first time Id ever had to work closely with him and it was a little bit unnerving.
I bet you wear really sexy knickers, the pervert continued, a thong? A tiny G-string? Open crotch? Yesthats it! Stevie chuckled when I glared at him, I bet youre wearing cheap, red tacky open-crotch knickers!
I am not! I maintained, Now lets get back to work. I knew I should ignore him but he just kept going on and on like yappy terrier.
Stevie was incorrigible; all he seemed to do whenever I saw him at lunch or whatever was talk about sex; his conquests at the weekend, his potential conquests, magazines that hed seen, porn on the internet and girls he wanted to have sex with detailing exactly what he wanted to do to and with them.
I look back now and it was probably sexual harassment in the workplace, but Stevie was one of those people that oozed charm and charisma meaning that everyone just laughed along with him.

A First Time for Everything

Sep 7th @ 12:18pm EDT

It was a stressful evening, to say the least. I was studying for the college final for the next day. The test would begin at noon time, and I did not feel at all prepared for it. I sighed with frustration as I stared at my notes. How am I going to pass this damned thing, I thought. I bit my lip and glanced over to my phone. Maybe I should call my boyfriend. Hell know what to do! A smile formed on my face as I thought about calling him. I picked up the phone, dialed his number, and waited.

Hello? He sounded as if he had just waken up, the poor thing!

Hey, its melook, Ive been stressing lately, about this fucking test and I feel that I just need to have a chat with you, you know, to ease my mind and all that. I was hoping that he would give me some kind of encouragement, or at least some advice!

Babe, I know what will ease your mind. There was a light, knowing tone in his voice. What was he up to? I was curious to know. Go into your dresser. I believe there is something in there that will be useful, for now.

Hmm ok I walked over to my dresser, opened it, and fumbled around in it, until I caught hold of a rectangular object. I took it out and looked to see what it was. When I realized exactly what the object was, I gasped and shook my head. How did you get this?! It was a packaged rabbit toy. The shaft looked about six inches long. There were buttons at the base for the vibrating portion and the rotating portion of the toy. How exactly is this going to help me? I sighed. I was not in the mood for such things!

All my boyfriend did was laugh. Patience, hun! Justdo as I say. Now his voice was somewhat comforting to me. Trust me on this, it will help you relaxnow, firstI want you to take off your pants.

I shook my head, although he could not see this. YeahI think you are just being a pervert. How is thi-

Come on, just do itfor me, he coaxed.

I rolled my eyes. Ok.. I set the phone down for a minute, and took off my pants in one swift motion. My legs were shaven, and I felt the coolness of the air on them. I shivered slightly and picked up the phone. Theyre off. Now what?

Your knickers, hunoh, and while youre at it, take off your shirt and bra. You will not be needing those. He sounded gentle, yet somewhat a little commanding. I liked this.

A First Time for Everything Part 1

Sep 7th @ 12:18pm EDT

Ok. Once again, I set the phone down on the bed. I threw my shirt to the ground, and unhooked my bra. There I stood, naked in my room. I glanced down to look at my breasts and saw that my nipples were already starting to get hard. I felt cold, and wrapped my hands around my naked body for a minute before once again, picking up the phone. That task is done, hun. Now what do you want me to do? To my surprise, I found myself getting a little turned on by him talking to me like this. I was looking forward to what he had in store for me!

Take the toy out of the package. When you are done with that, lay on the bed with your legs spread apartare you liking this hun? Oh damn, his voice sounded husky and sexy.

Yes, I answered softly. I did as he told me, and took the toy out of the package. I laid on the bed with my legs spread apart. I could feel the air teasing my pussy lips. I was getting a little wet by the strange sensation, and took a slow, deep breath. H-hun now what?

Start playing with yourself, a little. Get your fingers on your clit and start rubbing.

A First Time for Everything Part 2

Sep 7th @ 12:18pm EDT

My left hand slowly slid down toward my sex. I place an index finger on my clit and started to rub. I squirmed a bit and let out a light gasp of pleasure as I felt myself tingle. I bit my lip and arched my back a little. These feelings were wonderful and somewhat new to me. I never did anything like this before. So far, I was loving it! M-moretell me more, I breathed.

Oh baby, you sound so sexy, my boyfriend commented huskily. Was he stroking his dick? Keeping rubbing that clit of yours, hun.

I continued playing with my pleasure button and let out a moan. I felt a great sensation building inside me, almost as if as I was going to burst into a heap of ecstasy. B-babe, I gasped.

Cum for me, he hissed.

I could feel excitement building up all over my body. I rubbed harder and closed my eyes tightly. I felt my body shake and writhe with pure pleasure. I let out a moan as I let the amazing feelings take control of me. Oh yes, I breathed. I sighed and laid in silence for at least a minute or two, enjoying the feeling of happiness and peace wash over me. Hun did I just..? My voice was a mere whisper.

Yesyes, you did, he said quietly. We are not done with you yet though. There is one more thing I would like for you to trydo you have your toy?

A First Time for Everything Part 3

Sep 7th @ 12:17pm EDT

My toy..,? Oh, yes I do! I grabbed the funny looking contraption with my hand. What do you want me to do with it? I was looking forward to what he was going to command me to do next. I wanted to feel more of thispleasure!

Put the toy between your legs. It was a simple command, although somewhat stern.

I marveled at how turned on I was getting just at the mere sound and tone of his voice. I did as he directed me too and almost shivered in anticipation. What now? I sounded almost too excited.

Stick it in you now.

Without hesitation, I shoved the rabbit toy inside me. To my suprise, I felt a slight pain, and winced a little. T-That hurt, I hissed, and bit my lip. I could feel my pussy clenching on the shaft. The toy felt almost perfect, and full in there. Now what? Can I turn it on? I wanted to see what new and strange sensations the toy would give me!

No, not yet! I want you to fuck yourself with it first, baby. Do it now hunfor me. I could have sworn he was stroking himself, and it was turning me on.

A First Time for Everything Part 4

Sep 7th @ 12:17pm EDT

I started to fuck myself with the toy, going slow at first. I quickly started to get used to the feeling of the motions. I wanted more. I wanted to turn the toy on. I could feel my cunt getting wetter, and felt myself getting aroused. I want to turn it on

Keep fucking yourself baby, he cooed.

I moaned in response and kept on with the in and out motions. The toy was getting slick with my juices. I gasped and arched my back. M-m-more hunplease, I begged.

Turn on the vibrating feature first.

I fumbled around with the toy, trying to find the button for it. I accidentally pressed the wrong one, and felt the shaft rotating inside me. To my delight, I gasped and groaned, enjoying the feeling. I fumbled with it some more until I found the button that makes the prong on the toy vibrate. The vibrations were directly on my clit, tickling it, and teasing it. Oh g-g-god, I managed to say with excitement. My voice sounded almost dark, and husky sounding. Th-this feels so.good! I moaned once again and writhed on the bed with pleasure.

Thats it baby, my boyfriend hissed. I could almost hear him stroking his dick! God, I wanted that dick inside me now!

A First Time for Everything Part 5

Sep 7th @ 12:16pm EDT

I want you, I whispered and gasped. I arched my back once more. The sensations were all so much! The vibrations on my clit was great, and the rotation of the shaft in my pussy felt amazing to me. I needed some release! I could feel the pleasure building up inside of me. I almost felt my heart beating out of my chest. My body felt as if it was tingling all over the place. It was all too great. I was going to burst! In a fit of orgasm, I came once again, and gasped with excitement. At the same time, I could hear my boyfriends own gasp of release.

Once I was done, I sighed and closed my eyes. I did not want this feeling to end. I feltcompletely relaxed, and at ease. I feltstress free! That wasamazing, I managed to say, after five minutes of silence.

You did good baby, my boyfriend whispered over the phone. He then chuckled. You see, I told you that the toy would help you relax. You see, there is nothing to worry aboutnow get to sleep..

I smiled at his voice and sighed. Mmm yes you were rightnot stressed at all. I could sleep like a baby I frowned slightly. Hey hun?

Yes baby? He sounded very tired now, and almost drained.

I love you, and I miss you

I love and miss you too, babygoodnight, hun.

Goodnight, babe. And with that, I hung up the phone and fell into a deep slumber.

Zoe's story part 3

Sep 6th @ 2:12pm EDT

Her teasing tongue was so effective that she was finding hard to maintain contact with his twitching erection, so she did the only sensible thing and took him deep into her mouth. Maintaining a firm but gentle pressure she bobbed her head up and down, taking almost all of him inside. As his breathing got more and more laboured she stopped sucking and got to her feet.
Perching herself on the edge of the desk she pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and looked into his eyes. He needed no second invitation and placed the tip of his cock against her moist opening. Very slowly he eased inside her, savouring the sensation as she gripped him. With long, slow rhythmical movements of his hips he eased in and out of her, teasing the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock each time. As he responses became more urgent he struggled to maintain this self control and his thrusting became harder, faster and deeper.
For the third time she started to climax, and the increased pressure on his cock as it continued to pound in and out of her was too much, and with a groan he tensed as his first spurt of cum shot into her. He continued to jerk his hips forwards as he shot more and more inside her welcoming pussy.

Zoe's story part 2

Sep 6th @ 2:12pm EDT

Dont forget your other hand he whispered in her ear. Still not catching his eye, she slowly eased her hand back inside her panties and started to stroke herself again. When Adam removed his hand she kept teasing her nipple, enjoying the dual stimulation she was giving herself. At first she kept her eyes closed as she pleasured herself, but when she did open them for a moment she saw that Adam had unzipped himself and was now slowly stroking up and down his hard shaft as he watched her.
The sight was enough to tip her over the edge, and she tensed in her chair as her orgasm started to take over her body. Just as she was starting to come down from her climax she felt Adam kneel down between her legs and, easing aside her panties, begin licking at her pussy. At first his tongue ran up and down between her lips, tasting the juices from her orgasm, then it began to concentrate on her clit. He alternated small quick flicks, with longer slower strokes. The sensation on her already over stimulated clit was amazing and soon she was coming again. He kept on licking, and eventually she had to force his head away, as the sensations became simply too much for her to bear.
On her suggestion they now swapped places and she took her turn to kneel between his legs. They were both still fully dressed, and there was something about the sight of his hard cock pointing straight up out of his trousers that she found hugely erotic. She started by planting small delicate kisses all over the tip of his cock before using her tongue to concentrate on the underside.

Zoe's story part 1

Sep 6th @ 2:11pm EDT

It had been a long hard day at the office, and Zoe still had paperwork to catch up on. At least with everyone else long gone she would have no interruptions. In fact it took even less time than she had expected. Sitting back in her chair she took a deep sigh of relief and let her mind wander to her plans for later that evening.
She was going out for dinner with Adam, a guy she had know from her local gym for a while now, and she was hoping that it might develop into something more. As she thought about it she pictured him in his gym gear, working out. The effect was immediate and her nipples began to harden. Zoe unfastened a couple of buttons on her blouse and slipped her hand inside, tweaking and teasing her nipples to even greater hardness. This inevitably had an effect elsewhere, and she could feel her pussy getting more and more moist.
Hitching her short skirt up around her waist Zoe eased her other hand down inside her panties, running one finger up and down between her lips, feeling the wetness. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as her finger settled on her clit, gently massaging it as the excitement began to mount within her.
Need a hand with that?
She almost fell off her chair she jumped so badly. Looking up she saw Adam standing in the doorway, nonchalantly watching her. Blushing hugely she tried to cover herself up, avoiding all eye contact with him.
Dont stop on my behalf, I was enjoying the show. She couldnt believe how relaxed he seemed about it all. While she waited for the ground to open up and swallow her, he walked across the office to her desk, and bent down to kiss her. Her response was tentative at first but soon became more passionate as the feelings of arousal surfaced once more. Feeling her response to his kiss, Adam took her hand and guided it inside her blouse, placing it over her breast with his on top of it. The feeling of her hand squeezing her breast and then her thumb and forefinger teasing her nipple was hugely exciting, and Adam could feel his cock swelling and hardening.

Club part 3

Sep 6th @ 2:04pm EDT

"Get up slave." I stand up as ordered, and the blond sits down your lap to see what you make me do. "I think you are enjoying this too much slave. You need to be punished yet. Show me your underwear slave." I lift up my skirt and show you the front of my thong, Of course the few other people in the bar are now watching the show, and my eyes drop to the floor in embarrassment. "Nice choice slave, turn around I want to see the back." I slowly turn and show you the back of my panties, which of course expose most of my ass also. "Very nice, take them off and hand them to me." I pass them over to you and let my skirt fall back to cover my now naked pussy. "I didn't tell you to drop your skirt." I quickly hoist it back up and can feel the room all staring at my freshly shaven pussy.
You smell my wet panties and look at me. "Lean over the back of the chair, I think you need to be spanked." I do as I am ordered making sure my skirt stays nice and high. You hand my panties over to the blond, and stand behind me and give me 10 hard smacks across the ass. I start to cry, and that makes you smile. "Maybe this time you have learned your lesson"
"Yes sir" I say through choked sobs.
"Sit your ass down on the chair" I turn around and keeping my skirt hoisted up, I gasp as my sore red ass hits the chair. "You are a good slave Nicole. Put that underwear in her mouth."
The blond leans over and put the underwear in my mouth. She trails her hand down my cheek wiping a few tears out of the way, and then turns her attention to you.
"What do you want sweetie?"
"Give her a little more dance, and then we must call it a night."

Club part 2

Sep 6th @ 2:04pm EDT

You interject. "Why are you wearing a bra? Did I tell you, you could wear a bra?" You shift your attention to the blond. "I have told this dumb slut so many times that she is not allowed to wear a bra around me. I can't decide if she is that stupid, or if she just enjoys the punishment."
The blond's eyes perk up a little bit. "What kind of punishment do you give her?"
You give her a look and simply say. "Depends."
She gets up from your lap and walks over to me, "Lets fix this honey." and with one quick motion she puts her hands down the back of my dress and un hooks my bra. Then she just sits and looks at me for a second, before putting her hands into my sleeves and takes the straps down and off my arms. The bra is just sitting there between my boobs and the fabric of my dress. She looks over at you "Can I play with her a bit?"
You smile, "Of course." She straddles my legs and sits down on my lap, and pulls the fabric of my dress towards my sides. Looking down she bends over and takes the bra in her teeth and pulls it away from my body. Her hands quickly move to my boobs and she gently kneads them between her hands.
"No she needs to be punished... be rough with her." She looks down at me, and i shake my head yes. Her hands dig into my chest hard and I start moaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain. She handles them roughly especially my nipples which she starts pulling away from my chest.
I look over at you, and between yelps say, "I am so wet Master. Thank you... Awwwww... Thank you so much Master."

Club part 1

Sep 6th @ 2:03pm EDT

You ordered me to come to the strip club with you, and I was allowed to pick out my own outfit. I decided on my black and white wrap dress, white thong, and black bra, red heels. We get to the strip club and you lead me down front right by the stage. I am nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time as we take seats front and center. The place is slow, hardly anyone else there, and a topless busty blond comes over to us, and starts dancing in front of me. You just watch me - uncomfortable with that smile that you get.
The girl asks "what's wrong sugar you look nervous."
You laugh a little and explain to her that it is my first time to a club.
"Oh then we will have to show her a good time wont we." The girl starts to give me a dance, her large C breast are in my face, but I am so stiff and don't know what to do. You tell me to just relax and enjoy, because you are enjoying the show a lot. Her smooth legs are on either side of me rubbing up against my legs, pushing my skirt higher and higher. You get out your wallet and take out some money. The blond gives her boobs a final shake in my face, and she backs up and moves over to you.
I watch as she starts to give you a dance, and then I reach my hand over and start to rub your leg. She picks my hand up and moves it so it is on your cock, and I rub it through your shorts. It is already hard and throbbing. She is getting closer to you, and you know my hand is going to be in the way. You remove your eyes from her chest and look straight at me. "Nicole remove your hand and rub your small tits" She looks surprised at the way that you command me, and your focus quickly goes back to her large, hard nipples. I am rubbing my chest and watching your dance.
She looks over "Does it feel good honey?"
"Honestly I can't feel much through my bra."

hot hot part 4

Sep 5th @ 2:25pm EDT

He was coming over every day after he finished cutting the lawns and I would wash him in the shower, suck his cock in the shower and then he would carry me to bed and fuck my brains out. The second weekend his parents had gone to the shore and he stayed over and that was a weekend to remember as he woke up with a hard on and I loved going to sleep pressed against him with his cock in my pussy. That first Saturday morning he woke me at seven thirty with his hard on and we never got out of bed until almost ten thirty and my legs were wobbly from the fucking I had just undergone, it was awesome. He told me that he was going to move in with me until he had to leave for school and his mom came down to see me to tell me what his favorite foods are and to tell me that her son was sixteen when he started fucking two of her friends and they used to have threesomes . When she said that the light went off and it came to me I could eat pussy while he fucked me so I talked to a friend and she agreed to do a threesome with us and when he came home that afternoon there she and I were, naked with wet pussies as we did stroke each other. He took a good look at her and said, for me and I said yes but we shower you first and in the shower she couldnt resist his cock either and she sucked it while I ate her and she finger fucked me, best shower ever.
I told him how much I love to eat a pussy while being fucked so I got between her legs and he fucked me and I was so turned on the only thing I can remember is I didnt want it to end. After he fucked me he spread her legs and she moaned like a porn star when he buried his cock in her pussy and even louder every time she came. He loved having two hot cunts at his disposal so my friend moved in for the duration and she let her pussy hair grow and when we went out no matter shopping or dinner she and I were only allowed to wear a tee dress with nothing else except sandals as he loved to touch our pussies. He also loved to watch her and I get it on, he would sit on the bed touching us as we fucked each other and after a while he would put one of us on top of the other and go back and forth fucking us both while she and I kissed. The with a week left before he had to leave this girl from his college showed up to drive back with him and we quickly put robes on and let her in to wait for him. When he came in she kissed him, told him he needed a shower and asked if he was fucking the two cougars and when he said yes she said, stand up whores and take your robes off and we did. Then she had us undress her and while I was eating her pussy my friend was working on the bitches tits and I have to say her pussy was very tasty and I made her cum for me a few times.

hot hot part 3

Sep 5th @ 2:24pm EDT

I called to him and told him to come into the kitchen to get a drink and cook off and he did and I couldnt take my eyes off the bulge in his shorts and I walked over to him and grabbed his cock. I looked him in the eyes and said, is this for me and he got hard as a rock. I just couldnt help myself and I pulled his shorts down and was in awe, his cock I found out measured eleven inches and I took hold of it in both hands and kissed it. Now the silky smooth feeling of his big hard cock was making my pussy juice run like a river and I had to take that monster in my mouth and was sucking while using my hands to jerk it off and he grabbed my head and said, Im gonna cum baby. With that I started swallowing so when he came I would already be swallowing and when he came there was so much cum, like a big dog cumming that I was barely able to swallow it all. When I stood up I started to ask if he liked it and he told me to get naked and that was the last time I wore clothes in the house with him here, I would greet him naked or get spanked. One sucked cock later there was no question I was now this nineteen year olds as he puts it, fuck meat, he and his big cock own me. He had me pose for him naked of course and then he carried me up to what is now our bed and when he spread my legs and told me to put his cock in my cunt I was shaking from the excitement and when he buried that monster in my pussy I moaned so loud I think I was heard outside and I came.
That sweet cock filled my pussy so much I thought it would split me open but at the same time it felt so fucking good and he pinned my legs back and pounded me and I had never experienced a fuck as good as he was giving me and he has staying power. When he was finished fucking me I had cum seven or eight times and I had my legs wrapped around him so he couldnt get off of me and we kissed and talked while he got soft. That was when he told me I was never to wear clothes in the house again and to let my pussy hair grow as he likes a hairy cunt and his wish is my command. After a short break he put me doggy at the end of the bed while he stood on the floor and he slowly pushed his cock into my pussy and I couldnt wait and pushed back onto that beast and he smacked my ass and said, so you want to fuck. He pounded me so hard when we were finished my ass was cherry red but I had lost count of how many times he made me cum but I never so satisfied. I made us lunch but he said he always wanted a blow job while eating so I got under that table and sucked his cock while listening to him and playing with myself and I came and there was a puddle of my cum and he made me lick it up. I knew for sure I was now owned by this hot teenager with the big big cock and I was a happy whore.

hot hot part 2

Sep 5th @ 2:24pm EDT

I asked him to please fuck me and said I will do anything if he fucks me and with that he rammed it home and I came while eating her pussy and making animal noises. She ran the show and I sucked his cock while she played with me, she had him fuck my tits and cum on my face and she licked the cum off my face. I did a 69 with her and she stood on the bed with me on my knees eating her while she told me I was a dirty little whore only good for fucking which makes my blood boil and when she asked if my husband knows I am dirty cock sucking cunt I came . She put me over her knee and spanked me, I had love bites on both tits and both ass cheeks and she had pissed on me not that I am complaining and when we left I had to walk to the car naked. They drove me home and she took my number and then I blew him and ate her and again had to walk naked into the house but it was late and my husband was sleeping as were the neighbors. She told me I would get my clothes back the next time we met which was to in three days at the same motel in the morning and they kept me there all day fucking me and it was heaven. I was meeting the very third day at the motel and after a few weeks there was another couple with them and they all fucked me and I loved having a cock in my ass and pussy or mouth and pussy at the same time.
After a few more weeks the wife told she had a big surprise for me the next time we would meet and when I showed up at the motel the other couple was there plus a black guy and all were naked. It took about ten seconds for them to take my clothes off and I had a cock in my ass, pussy and mouth all at once and I was in heaven sucking my first black cock. A few weeks after that my husband had to be away for what was supposed to be four days and instead of going to the motel I had my fuck buddies come stay at the house. The third day I had the black cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass and pussy and my tits being sucked on by the girls and my husband walked in on us and I kept sucking and fucking as I knew it was over anyway. Now me being with a black man was a huge embarrassment to the family, especially since there were pictures of me sucking and fucking that cock so to get the pictures I got the house and an eight thousand dollar a month alimony payment. I fucked those people a few more times and then met a bull dyke who kept me prisoner for about a month in my house and the sex was awesome and since I have had a run of dykes but seeing this youn..g man had my juices flowing. He was busy cutting the grass and had taken his shirt off and was sweating so the cotton shorts were wet and plastered to his cock and I knew I was going to fuck him or die trying.

hot hot part 1

Sep 5th @ 2:23pm EDT

A neighbor with a son in college on an athletic scholarship was passing out flyers advertizing a lawn service her son was going to run when he came home for summer break because he could not find a full time summer job. I hired him and he showed the first day wearing grey cotton shorts and a black sleeveless tee top and he was built like the proverbial shit house, six feet three and two hundred and forty five pounds, nineteen years old and I couldnt take my eyes off of him. I guess this is a good time to tell you about me, Im 31 years old, five nine tall, 36C chest and a 24 inch waist with long red hair and green eyes and I love sex with either sex. I met my husband in college and he is from a very wealthy family and we married after I graduated and he was working in the family business. He was not a real sexual person and I used to try everything to get him in bed but it just didnt happen nearly often enough for me so he and I had a deal, I could fuck all the females I wanted but not any males. It worked out quite well for me as I was and am into butch dykes and they would stay for a few days at a time and it didnt bother my husband to walk in and see them fucking me, actually he enjoyed seeing them spank me and use me.
It went on for six years and then one night I was on the prowl for a new dyke and met a couple and she asked if my tits were real and wanted to see them so her and I went into the ladies into a booth and I showed her my tits. She loved my tits, she held them, squeezed them and sucked them and told me her husband had a nine inch dick and would I be interested in a threesome and not having a real cock for a while I said yes. She lifted my skirt and saw my panties and told me to bend over which I did and she pulled the panties down over my ass and spanked me for wear them, she said she didnt like her pussy wearing panties and had me take them off. We walked back to her husband with her hand up my skirt holding my ass and she said to her husband, shes our cunt now so lets go to the motel and fuck her and we went to the closest motel. Her husband did indeed have a nine inch dick and after they had me strip for them she made me get on my knees and suck his big cock and I was in heaven and then the wife was naked on the bed and she said come here cunt. I got on the bed between her legs and started eating her when he got behind me and put the head of his cock in my pussy. I was so turned on by having not only a real cock but one this big but he stopped with just the head in me and I started to move back to get more and she said, ask him nice to fuck you cunt.

What a Day

Sep 4th @ 4:29pm EDT

It turned horrible that day. Almost everyone knew it would. People turned out and most stayed outdoors anyways but Shepherd and Anise found their way inside. Both stopped sweating once they did while relaxing in the comfort of the hosts cool home.

She was only 36. She was as pretty as they came too. She knew it but never let on that she did either. Her hair glistened. Her eyes, magnetic, and that smileit made everyone take another glance at her. Wow, how could she be so pretty they thought? No way could that woman, Anise, be as attractive, as pretty, and as well built as she was. But yes, she was gorgeous and she never ever hardly ever worked at her body. It came naturally.

He was only 25. He was in great shape too but this humidity, it was way too much for him and sitting in the backroom, watching everyone, his perspiring began to slow down and eventually stop too. Nice hairdo and great eyes as well, he was well spoken, and also college educated. He snuck looks at her. Nice boobs, he told himself, and hed seen her standing upshe had a nice figure too. He smiled inside. He sure wouldnt mind seeing her in a bikini he thought earlier. Nope, not at all.

They didnt know each other. Theyd never met. She looked at him but didnt stare like he had at her. Still, she found himokayattractive in some ways. She liked that but still hadnt conversed with him. Not that afternoonnot for a while at least.

Their eyes met. Each smiled then looked away at the people outside trying to bare the suppressing heat of the day. Finally she spoke up. Hot out isnt it? He smiled and nodded. Then he spoke up and said it was too hotway too hot. Yes, you are right about that. Silence ensued for a few minutes. She looked at him again. ImAnise andyou are? she went on to say.

Oh, sorryIm Shepherd. Everyone calls me Shep but you can call me whatever youd like Shep, Shepherd he told her as he felt his blood overheating. He liked this older woman. He liked her looks a lot. If only he couldlook and stare and be exceptionally rude and gaze upon her highly attractive figure. Yes, I knowI know, thats rude as hell, he told himself. She smiled at what hed told her about being called either Shep or Shepherd and told him that was rather nice seeing as the two didnt know one another. Nonoooothats fine I really dont mindAnise.

She smiled some more. He fell instantly in love with her smile. Silence ensued again. Looking around, neither stared at the other, but he knewyes, he knewgod it would be so cool if the two of them couldnaw that is preposterous.

You have agirlfriend, Shepherd? he heard her say out of no where.

Her eyes looked right into his soul. Damn, he could feel her eyes reaming it. Wow, it was incredible how he felther eyes leached in on him like they werealmost attached to his body how they were Jesus, man oh manwowit is incredible how sheslooks at me like she does, he thought.

What a Day Part 1

Sep 4th @ 4:29pm EDT

Um nono I dont. Uhwe broke upI dont knowabout three months back. No, it was four months now that I think of it. And then as quickly as he answered her he asked And youyou married, dating, or anything like that? Wow, now that was a dumb question, he told himself.

No, not married she said but I wasfor a very short five months she said, smiling into his eyes. Tell me about yourself she went on to say. What are yourplans later ontoday?

His body tempit went sky high. He felt a trembling, a riveting he hadnt felt in ages. The question made his body feel allwild. Whatin thehelldid she mean by that? What are my planslater on today? Hell, I dont know. Probably go on out with some friendsyou know, watch some games, partyI dont know, yet.

She waited, patiently.

He finally looked at herall of heras she smiled at himand his physique, but she waited. I dont know actually he told her. Usuallywell usually Ill go out with friends and watch football or basketball and drinkthe usual thing to do.

Silence again.

A small grin rested on her lips. She was nodding too. He wondered why she was nodding. So weve established, more or less, youre going out tonight. Isnt that right? He nodded along, with a smile, and a question on his mind as well. Weve also established you do likewomen Is thatcorrect? she said quietly. There was silence in the room again, but this time these two lone strangers stared at each other as he wondered what was truly going on. Meanwhile, her eyes did not leave his making him both a little uncomfortable, but also a little aroused as she gazed deeply into his eyes. Now, could I ask you something else? He said sure as something caught his throat. What is it, about women, in general, you like most of all...say for instance your ex-girlfriend?

He didnt know how to answer her. Was ither personality? Was it and she lowered her voice to a sultry tone her body possibly? He wasnt stunned but he feltpressured to answer her. She didnt smile any more then she had. Her voice didnt change too much but he could feel a presence about her that made himwant her Yes, that was ithe felt he wanted hermadly almost terribly for some reason. Is that it, maybe? You liked her for herfigure, her physique? Did she have a great figure? Anise asked.

He gulped, again, and he even felt himself blushing. He didnt know how to answer her at all and then she stood up. Anise happened to be wearing a dark sleeveless blouse. It was conservative but it did define her breasts somewhat, he thought. Due to the heat of course she had on a nice pair of shorts too. She looked spectacular in it but not too showy or sexy for that matter.

Okayso maybe that was not a good question? she said.

She knew it. No, no its fine he came back. In fact, to be honest with you and he again gulped she sort of lookeda little likeyou.

Me, really Youre teasing? she said, a grand smile forming on her face. Not me. Reallyyou mean that?

Actuallyyes I do to be honest he said as his eyes floated from her face, over her full breasted upper body, and on down past her tummy and then the rest of her body. Back to her face, he smiled, and then he said. Honestly, she does.

Anise had no idea what to say. She was touched. She was excited too. She liked that she was viewed as a good looking woman, or so she thought. So what youre telling me is thatImalso agood looking woman in your eyes? He nodded. She shook her head in disbelief. She waved her hands over her figure. She looked down at it as if she couldnt believe his words. Soooodoes this meanyou also like my figure?

Holy shit, he thought. Are you like kidding me? Hell yes. Hell yes I do, he thought. If only you knew. If only you knew, he told himself. He didnt let on that he felt that way but she could tell. She wanted him, badly too, and she was more then ready to let on she felt that way.

Silence befell the room. Still no one from outside had come in. They sat quietly.

What a Day Part 2

Sep 4th @ 4:28pm EDT

I have aan invitation she said all of a sudden. Id love to invite you to the house. I have a pool. You, mewe could go swimming. Thats alljust swim, get to know each other a little. Nothing more, she told him.

OHHHHH MY GODME, YOU, ANDAND YOU IN A BATHING SUIT, A BIKINI EVEN, he thought. FUCKYESLET ME INLET MEOHHH GOD, YES OH YESYESFUCK YES. He confirmed it a little too loudly. He said yes. A smile settled in on his face. He wanted to know her address before he even said yes, but he caught himself and said yes and then asked where she lived.

He got it, he said his goodbyes to everyone, and he was gone to his place to get his bathing suit. She was barely home. She was setting up the bar and heading to her room to get on her Hmmm, bathing suit or bikini, she wondered? Which one will heoh come on Aniseyou know that answer. She put it on. She turned around in the mirror. Mmmmm, he is going to like me in this she told her image. Yes he is.

The doorbell rang. Swiftly, she put on a gown to hide her well toned figure. She opened up the gown. She looked at her figure. First her legs, especially her thighs, and then the rest of her- Her toned flat tummy and of course her boobs. She hefted them in the palms of her hands. The bikini had made her look fit and trim or maybe she made the bikini look great on her. She didnt know which way to decide but either way she knew one thing.

This will be a fun afternoon with him. I know hes up to it. Im hungry and he is too.

She opened the door. Hiiiiiiii Shepherd she said. He was already in his trunks. She got a very, very good look at his legs, and of his chest as well. A little bit of hair on it, plus his pecs, but overall his upper body wasohhh yesit was everything a woman wants in a man, she thought. Come on in. I see youre alreadyready. Good, greatyes she said. Me too and she took his hand in hers so lets go swimming.

Damn, he thought. He was following her out to the pool, his eyes only on her hips, and then on that ass. Uhohhhhhhhher assohmy godJesus I haveneverwhoa her ass is Fuckwhat a great ass she

So what do you think of my pool? she asked merrily.

He was all ready to dive in, but waited. It was her pool. He wasnt going in unless she told him too. He told her it was magnificent. He loved it. She was happy. Looking at him, in that bathing suit, and looking at his pyramid shaped physique made her think dirty thoughts as she stood taking off her gown to unload her own body for him to see too. But something appeared wrong to her too. She couldnt place her finger on it but there was something wrong as she gazed upon his bare upper body. What was it, she asked herself. What washmmm, what waswrong with him? She couldnt figure it out at all.

She told him to dive in. He heard her voice. He heard her words. He turned around and they smiled at one another. She said to dive in and so he did, but when he swam back around to the shallow end of the pool her eyeswent wide.

Ohmylord, she thought. Doeshe know it? Oh mygod, he doesnt even know it yet. He cant know it. She stared at him. No it was more like she stared atit.

Umwhatwhats and he had turned his head as he asked wrong Anise?

What a Day Part 3

Sep 4th @ 4:28pm EDT

Nope, he didnt know. UhShepherd and she also pointed your trunksthey slipped down she told him as her eyes remained glued to his business down below. He realized it and swung around, allowing her to see his nice firm ass while he quickly pulled his swimming trunks back up. Then he tightened them up a little more. He apologized. She smiled again as she said, heartwarmingly Um nono...don't worry, honey. But when she added I will say this... You arein great shape, if you want my opinion she held one heck of a smile on her face. But Shepherd, although knowing he was in great shape blushed a tone of hard red. It isokay. Honestlyits alright.

They stared at each other. She wished she could and almost did it too but said Care if I...uhhh...take off my top?" She winked and added "It might make you more comfortable. He wished he could say yes a million times over after seeing her cleavage and boobs, but said no out of respect for her. They both swam around and talked while she held most of the discussion, but Anise knew exactly where this day was headed. Care to go insideget something to drink?

He agreed as he pulled up his bathing suit while getting out of the pool. Inside, they sat in the kitchen. She hadnt put on a gown and walked around, as is, so he could view her great looking boobs from where he sat. Uh whatis there something wrong, honey? she said. He didnt expect her to call him honey. He told her no. She smiled as she turned to face him. Her boobs looked incredibly appetizing, he thought. She walked towards him as the boobs seemed to growlarger. Shepoh Shepherd? she said. Are youare you staring at these? she asked, her head looking down upon her full sized tits.

He shook his head realizing she caught him in the act. She smiled but he didnt see that she was, yet. He looked away and then looked into her eyes. He felt embarrassed. It is alright you know. I love that some men, like you, look at me like that.

Wha-what did yousay? he asked.

I like that some menlike youlook at these I mean it too. Silence again befell them. Then she abruptly said Shepherd Would you care to feel these?" But what she told herself was I really really wouldnt mind it at all. Ohhh, pleaseoh please say yes. Please touch them, she thought as she almost closed her eyes on the idea. She waited. Nope, he hasn't touched them, yet. She waited some more. Nope he still hasnt touched them. Come on, Shepherd, she thought... Okay then Ill have to do this all by myself, she told herself. She smiled as she did it. Her hand rose, slowly. She brought it close against the upper portion of her breast. Closercloser as she watched his eyes and then she put her hand against her tit. She watched him as she slid it back and forth on the boob. She smiled while doing it.

What a Day Part 4

Sep 4th @ 4:28pm EDT

All of a sudden her hand went further, deeper inside the bikinis top. His eyes were magnetized by it all. It had gone down inside her bikini top, he told himself. As he watched her do it, her eyes closed. He finally feltweird. Shepherd noticed that Anise closed her eyes and here she was feeling her own tit and right in front of him!

Ohhh god, he thought. I wish that was me doing that Oh shit! If only she knew what I felt inside. Abruptly...out of no where...his cock started to tingle. He blinked once that happened All of a sudden he felt...horney. He felt...aroused as hell He took a subtle and quiet deep breath of air as he watched her slowly caress her own tit. She looked at her boob while doing it too. She wasnt watching him at all. As she felt it, in front of him, he became hornier and hornier as he watched it all unfold.

His eyes were glazing over as she did it and out of nowhere she asked Would you like to do this? Her voice sounded soft. Would youfeel my boobhere? She looked right into his eyes. She looked at him, deeply. You do. I can tell she added. I can see it in your eyes. Go ondo it she persisted affectionately. Feel my tits. Its okay Really it is, honey. Go onId love to feel your hands on mehere.

And out of no where he felt her hand on his. Out of no where his hand rose. Out of no where his cock tingled wildly and prickled madly. He felt her hand, on his, and he felt it pulling his hand, upwards. He saw it but he didnt. All he knew was his hand was about to feel her boob, her...tit. He was going crazy withdesire all over. He couldnt wait. He wanted this woman naked as ever. God, did he ever. His eyes felt like they were going out of control. All of him did. All of a sudden he saw his hand. He felt it on something too. All of a sudden he was on heron her boob? Was he hard? Was he nuts? Was this all real? It did make him close his eyes.

Here he was...he was feeling this sexy woman's...tit.

Ohohhhohhhhhhhgod Oh wowwow he heard himself say. Thats awesome. You, your boobstheyre awesome he told her. She smiled and moved his hand around as she watched him react to it. His hand started holding it, carefully, but before long she felt his hand squeezing it, wanting her boob a lot more. Uhohhh yes he told her. With his yes closed and unable to believe he was doing this, feeling her tit, with his hand he stood frozen and felt her up in the kitchen nonetheless.

It feels nicegreat to feel a real womans breast again? she asked.

He nodded and without her request his other hand came up and started feeling the other one. She loved it and watched as he fondled them both. Before he knew it, her bikini top was loose. She reached back and undid it, smiling to let him know she wanted them both felt a lot more. She let it down easily. He hadnt realized it and when it loosened he saw how great her tits really were.

Self supportive, almost, they did not drop much at all. Full, very round too, the two boobs had suggestively large nipples, and he noticed that right away. Like them do you? she asked. He said, and nodded, a yes. Then go onfeel them she told him as she closed her eyes. He reached for them and felt their strength.

What a Day Part 5

Sep 4th @ 4:27pm EDT

The nipples had substance he had never felt in his entire life. Hers were powerful. Her nipples, as he felt each one, fattened, and stiffened to unnatural size. He knew what he wanted at that moment. He wanted to put his mouth, and his tongue all over them. He wanted to play with these nipples, these hard fattened nipples, all day long. She loved it too. It made her feel tingly all over as he played and he played with the hard and still soft nipples. She moaned as he felt them up. She squeezed her body towards his. She felt aroused even as he fingered the nipples like he had.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh he heard her utter. Letsoh letsohmyuh ooooooohhlets go andand lie down. Lets go to myto my bedroom and do all this.

Toher bedroom, he thought. To your bedroom, he told himself. God, yesthat would be socool as she led him to it. Her bedroom. It was immaculate or so he thought. Her bed was huge. Holding his hand as they came into it, he didnt know what to expect but when he saw it and how large and ornate it was he couldnt believe it.

She turned around. Her naked breasts staring him in the eyes. Still smiling, she took hold of his body. He went along not knowing what to expect. Her body came closer. Her smile too. Before he knew it, her lips were on his. Before he knew it, she was kissing him, madly, and he loved every last second of it. Her boobs pressed against his chest and he felt how hard they were pressing. His cock, boning for her body, wanted her badly too.

Mmmmmm, now thats a kissisnt it? she told him as she pulled away. Do that some more? She didnt wait for an answer. She simply went at his lips, kissing them crazily, and stirring up his hormones to a height she wanted and hoped she could reach.

His eyes were ablaze with desire. It was evident too. She asked if he wanted to feel her tits some more and he nodded anxiously that hed love to. Finally, she sat down, and then laid down so he could play and even suck on those two hard, sexy nipples of hers. He kissed and he sucked and he even licked them wildly. Anise loved how it felt and told him too making him go at her nipples even more.

But she wanted something he hadnt expected. Fuck my tits she said.

She looked for his answer. Fuckyour boobs was the look she saw in his eyes and she said yes, gently as if to confirm what shed said. He looked down knowing he was hard and nothing was needed to get him that way. Butbut Imbut Im already hard, erect he told himself. Dont youdont you want toto suck me off, first?

Its okay if youre hard you know. I like a cock thats already hard and horny. Is yours?

He nodded. As soon as he did she reached for it. She felt its strength. She felt how thick and hard and long it was as her palm formed around it on the bathing suit. I guess thats going to have to come off now, isnt it? He blushed but nodded.

He slowly pulled it downdown passed his knees. She watched as it arousestraight up and stiff as it stood to attention for her. She loved its demeanor. She loved how it seemed to behave, for her. Her eyes drooled as if it wanted, needed, and had to have her all over her loveliness, her bodyher figure only. Yes, his cock was hard as ever. Yes, it was erect and probably raging, wanting her a lot. Yes, his cock was hard and it was long. Yes, his cock was as fat as they came too. And yesyesshe hungered for it. Her mouth started to water for it more then he ever expected it too.

What a Day Part 6

Sep 4th @ 4:27pm EDT

He looked at her boobs. He hungered for them in his mouth but nonoshe wanted his manhood. She wanted it inside her booming tits. She wanted himhim and his cock shoved up inside themover and over and over as she held them and pressed them together and felt that immense manhood thrusting its way up, inside her two titsthrilling her more then she could have expected earlier that day.

He mounted her. He watched her eyes and expressions as he did. He held his cock as he did but it didnt need holding. He leaned over and placed it inside those two large treats. They glistened, like her eyes and smile, and he pushed, hard, up inside them. She pulled her head back as he did it. Her eyes closed too. More, she thought, moredo that again. Do it again, she told herself, and in her expression. Yesohhhhhhh yesjust like that. Yesthats itdo it againmoremoremore, she felt herself saying as she pushed up and into that long hard cock.

This is crazy, he told himself. She really likes this that much? He pushed some more. Up, downup, downup, downhe repeated it several more times, for her. Her bosoms pushed upwards. Her boobs lifted up off her bed. She was holding and pushing them together. Moremore, her expression kept saying. Really, you want more he kept telling himself. You wantmore? Thats right so he did it. He fucked those two wild tits.

WowI loved how you did that Shepherd. Thatit felt great. It did. It really did.

He smiled and thanked her but she probably didnt hear him say thanks. She reached up and took hold of it in her hands. Once she did she swirled it around and around as she toyed with it and also looked at him while she did. Finally, she grabbed its solidity, holding it firmly, and smiling at the pleasure of holding his aroused cock.

Mmmmmm, I am so gladso happy we got togetherarent you too? she asked.

She then saw something. She peered at it a little closer. Was thatpre-cum? What was that? He knew what it was. He came, a little. He pushed it down inside him. No, I cant cum, yetcan I? Hell nouh uhhhI cant cum yet. Dontdo not cum.

Are you alright honey? she asked.

Oh uh yeah he said. You uhyou turn me on so much and his eyes enveloped her beautiful mature boobs that Ive become soyou knowhorny?

What a Day Part 7

Sep 4th @ 4:27pm EDT

Reallyyoure that horny? You want me to get on with it alllike a blow job or just play with itor should we ummyou knowjustyou knowlets do it?

Uhhh and he took a deep breath. He felt himself sweating as he thought about the possibility of his body, his flesh against hers. YeahId love to do that I mean if thats what you want. Then he looked down on her naked figure, except for the bikini bottoms that is. She was waiting for him to pull them off. Oh god Oh god...she wants meme toto pull them off, or something. I just want to lick her out No, I want to fuck her too.

She pushed them down. Yes, she shaved too. Her pussy looked awesome. Clean shaven she looked tight and y0ungreal, real y0ung down there he thought. He pushed his all the way off and knelt above her surveying her figure. She smiled, still, and asked how he liked her body. He told her he loved it but acted nervous too.

Dont be nervous she said. Here, lets spread out my legs. You place that inside and up against me here and she patted her pussys lips. Yesthats rightright Uh ooohh mmmmmthats it. Now go in mego inside memake me and she closed her eyes as he eased and pinched himself inside her pussy horny. Make me feel more aroused. Uh ohhhhhhhyeahyeahShepherdoh yeahlike that Deeper, further she had said to him as her body enveloped his frame.

His cock. It felt incredible inside her. To feel a mans cock, once again, after so long a timethis felt great. No, it felt incredibly wonderful she told herself. The wholesome and natural feel of his hard and long cylinderup inside her gratuitous hole She couldnt stop it. She didnt want to stop it either as she breathed hard while it went in further down inside the glorious soggy hole. Swollen and already soaked inside, she yearned for him more and more. She couldnt get enough of it.

What a Day Part 8

Sep 4th @ 4:25pm EDT

Feeling his cock filling her up so magnificently like it was doing No, there wasnt anything better then what was happening at that moment on this day. She knew it too and breathed hard, almost letting him know how great that moment, that day was. And as it all happened, she moaned aloud. She moaned a long, loud moment too. She craved this. She felt him inside her body. She started clawing at him all the while he filled her hole with his cock. With both horny and aroused as they were, he went deeper and further into her great cunt.

Do you like this? he said looking at her.

Ohyesyes of course I do, my love she said barely getting her words out. More, dont stoppleasecome out and then go back inside me! Repeat it all over again she added Over and over Dont stopdont stopdoing that.

So that was what he did. He plucked her. He did what she told him to do. He pulled out. He went back in. He pulled out and went back in, repeatedly. She felt it filling her up and loved it. Hed pulled out and then go back inover and over and over. Filling her hole up repeatedly, she told him to do it more. She told him to do it faster, so he did. More and faster and more which only made both of them hornier then ever.

She swelled up all over inside and wrapped her legs around him, wanting it nonstop. Her fingers grabbed at sheets. Her fingers clawed at his body. He was gettingbetterno really good at this as he laid into her pussy, pleasurably. Breathing hard, both immensely loved being at one anothers body, and it was a moment for the cameras to remember, he told himself.

God, this woman, and medoing it todaythis wasohhh wow Oh nono, he thought and out of no where he said I think Imgonna cum.

What a Day Part 9

Sep 4th @ 4:24pm EDT

Then do itcum inside me, all over me she said. She sounded happy to know it. Id love to feel that she said as if expecting it to happen. Cumcum inside me I want to feel you cum inside me.

Not onyou? he asked.

Whatever way you wish to do it she huffed. Do itgo for it.

He couldnt hold it. He exploded inside Anises pussy. She loved it either way as she pulled him down on top of her. Before he knew it, she held him firmly, and she kissed him lovinglyfor quite a while.

Want to lie with me for a while. Thats what makes loving like thisspecial she said.

They lay together while he thought about how he got to this point. Wow, he told himself What a day! Whata woman, too. He looked at her while they held one another in their arms. Her boobsthey still looked delicious and he knew he could suck on them some more. As he looked at her tits, he wondered what he should next. But she held him, closely, and Shepherd liked how she felt in his arms. Her body was warm. Her body was more then anything hed ever had, although hed had a few women in his time, this woman was incredibly wonderful. The day had been awesome and he thought about it at that moment How could I be so luckyhowwow, how could I ever, ever get this lucky in life? He watched her as she lay looking at him. Again, she was smiling.

This was one heck of a daywasnt it Shepherd? She smiled, leaned in, and she kissed him on his lips. Mmmmmm, I think so, at least. She nodded and smiled, which she always seemed to be doing, and said yes to her own question. She pulled herself close so she could snuggle against him.

Before long, he felt somethingsomething odd. Whatwhat the hell was that? Nooh mygod, he told himself Somehow she was kneeling at his groin, his cock. Was she actually trying to get him hard, again? Wowwhat a day this had been already. He smiled and took her body. He kissed her hard and then took her hand and placed it on his limp cock. Heremake me hard again. Lets see what happens this time and she said it would be her pleasure.


Sep 3rd @ 12:48am EDT

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First day of college 4

Sep 1st @ 2:12pm EDT

I sat down at the desk and scribbled out a note. I placed it on her pillow got undressed, picked out my sexiest nighty and donned it, then got into bed, I pretended to have gone to sleep. But instead I was waiting, I few minutes later, she nudged the door opened slightly and when she saw that I was asleep she crept inside and across to her bed. I had it all planned out, she saw the note and opened it.
I never said I was straight

Alex, your roommate

As she read the letter, I slipped out of bed and up behind her. I saw her shudder slightly and shake her head. She pulled her shirt over her head and while doing that she was turning around. She ended up turning right into my embrace. I gently wrapped my arms around her and began kissing the tops of her breasts. She jumped and whimpered her head and arms tangled in the shirt. I smiled and reached around unclipping the bra that she was wearing. I heard her moan, and she began to struggle when she realized what was actually happening. I bent down and sucked one of her perfect tits into my mouth. She whimpered and then suddenly pushed me away.

She grabbed her shirt and ran out of the room throwing it on in the process. I blinked, and looked after her confused as to why she had just stopped. I shrugged to myself, knowing that if she didnt want to be found she wouldnt be. I got back into bed and went to sleep. Heck, maybe she was straight, just open-minded. All I knew is that from that point on she never talked about it and did her best to ignore my advances. I got the hint after a little while that she wasnt attracted to me in that way. In fact it took a long time just to get her to speak to me.

First day of college 3

Sep 1st @ 2:11pm EDT

When I had finally finished unpacking I collapsed onto my bed and closed my eyes. Running a hand through my hair. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and that was what I fully intended to do, until I heard a noise at the door.

I heard a key inserted into the lock, and then the door opened. I sat up to meet my roommate. I blinked for a second and wondered if this was what I was actually seeing. Standing in the doorway was the girl who had knocked me over earlier. She was looking at me with the same shock and disbelief in her face as I was feeling. I blinked, not knowing why I was tongue tied at the moment. She inched across the room trying to stay as far away from me as possible and grabbing her laptop she hurried out of the room. I blinked and found her terrified look comical and funny.

`Shes kinda cute I thought, then mentally hit myself, had I really just thought that? I realized now that I was developing a crush on someone whom I hadnt even said two words to. I got up, and walked over to the door, I found myself thinking of how her ass moved when she walked. I pushed the thoughts aside and peeked into the hallway.

She was sitting a few feet away her arms wrapped around her beautiful legs and she was staring at seemingly nothing.

"Why must you do this, goddess, did you purposely give me a straight room mate just to tease me? Why?" she said quietly, she didnt even know I was there. I stood there watching her for another minute. She thought I was straight? Oh how wrong she was. Me straight? That was a laugh, I was the one person who during high school had gotten more pussy then any of the guys.

First day of college 2

Sep 1st @ 2:11pm EDT

I suddenly realized that I was still laying on the ground in the middle of the walkway staring off into space. People were beginning to stare. I got up, grabbed my bags and hurried onwards. I spent the next half-hour trying to find my room. Knowing only the number and not which building it was in.

I finally found the room and pulled the key out of my pocket. It didnt fit, I sighed and dragged myself to the administrations building, where they got me the right key, then I went back to the room and finally managed to get through the door and into my room. I looked around, I could tell that my roommate must have already gotten there.

One of the two beds in the room was messed up, and there were bags piled at the base of the bed. One of the bags was open and lying on the bed, it looked like it was packed to bursting with books. The blinds were drawn tight and there was a laptop sitting on the desk. Upon closer inspection I concluded that I was going to be living with a pagan bookworm instead of an evangelical cheerleader. Good, because I hated cheerleaders, and doomsayers.

The laptop had a large sticker on it that read: want a taste of religion? Lick a witch" and there seemed to be other stickers on all her stuff. From the book covers that I could see I acknowledged `a pagan book of days, `teen witch, and `casting the circle. I blinked and stopped looking at her stuff, it was best if I kept my eyes to myself, I knew that pagans tended to place a great deal of emphasis on privacy. I sat down on my bed and began to unpack my stuff.

First day of college

Sep 1st @ 2:10pm EDT

It was my first day of college. I had just arrived and after spending what seemed like hours trying to find a parking spot, I dragged myself to the dorms that I would be staying in for the next four years. I hoped that I didnt end up with a straight homophobe as a roommate.

As I was walking across the campus lawn I was knocked over by a pretty girl who had been hurrying by, her nose buried in a book. She seemed just as shocked as I was. Neither of us had realized that the other was on a collision course with them. It must have seemed quite comical to whoever was watching.

"Sorry" I said, totally embarrassed as I picked myself up and picked up the book that she had dropped. There was no title on the cover or spine of the book and curious I opened it.
"Dont" she started to say shyly and lunged snatching the book from me. I blinked the movement had been so fast that I hadnt even registered it and I had taken six years of Aikido and was the fastest girl on the track team at my previous school. She was up off me a second later and ran across the courtyard and out of sight clutching the small black book to her chest. I blinked again, confused, I had seen just enough of the page to realize why she wouldnt want anyone to see it. I had registered the words spell, magic, and protection, along with a large pentagram that had been drawn in the middle of the page. The book was hand written. I realized that it was probably the girls Book Of Shadows. (Like a witchs spell book/diary) it was about the most private thing one could have and was deeply personal.

Kate's drunk story part 2

Sep 1st @ 2:03pm EDT

'Arr that's it, shove that finger up my pussy!' She was moaning as he he slid the second finger in her sticky tunnel, 'you married?'
'Does it matter?' He grunted, shoving the third one up, making her legs tremble.
'Maybe your wife would want to join in,' she winked and stuck her tongue inside his mouth.
His tongue slowly encircled hers as he pulled down her black lace thong.
Her pussy jiuce dripped off his finger as he pulled them out.
'Let's see how you smell,' he held the thong in front of his nose, taking in her sweet scent.
'Mmm I wonder how I taste. Let me see,' she opened her mouth and he put his three sticky fingers into her throat!
She tasted sweet.
'Mmm make me come!' She moaned, 'I wanna scream your name. What's your fucking name?'
'Mm malcom, its malcom. Mmm baby let me make you come in my mouth. I want you to squirt your sweet pussy juice on me!'
Kate was more than happy to oblige.
He spread her ass cheeks and she sat on his face.

His tongue teased her clit. She was grinding on the spot, letting him really get a feel for her pussy.
'Malcom, arr malcom, come on baby, fuck me like a fucking pornstar. I want your cock inside me,' she yelled as her legs spasmed.
Malcom shoved his cock into her pussy. He spent the next twenty minutes out of breath, pumping her pussy as hard as he could.
She was bouncing on top of him, screaming for it harder. She wanted to be his fucking slut. She
Wanted him to use her like a little whore! And he was willing.
He spirted a line of warm cum in to her pussy. She screamed with all of her might.
'Yes, yesssssssssss ohhhh yess malcom fuck me you horny fuckinh basterd cum up me again!'
She felt his cock go soft. There was only one thing for it.
'Let me suck all of that pussy juice off your dick babyy!'
She bent her head and lowered her lips. She could taste his precum on her lips. She
Gagged as he pulled her hair and fucked her mouth. She swallowed his load, letting it dribble down her chin as she moaned for another pussy pounding.

Kate's drunk story part 1

Sep 1st @ 2:03pm EDT

Kate had been out all night with sophia. They had been clubbing. Visited all pubs within the area. But now sophia was tired. She had been bitching about her ex all night. If kate was perfectly honest, she could have done without it.
'I'll drop you back in a taxi,' she told sophia.
And that's what she did. The taxi driver started the journey back from sophias to kates.
Kate was thinking about sex. She hadn't been fucked properly in months. She hadn't tasted a cock in nearly a year.
She thought about it, she could feel her pussy getting wet.
She glanced at the taxi driver. He was in his forties. His hair was graying but she could see a fine bulge in his trousers.
She licked her lips, wanting to get him hard; be seductive.
She was eighteen. She didn't care how old the cock was, she just wanted it to fuck her wet pussy.
'Mmmm, I hate having no boyfriend when I'm this horny,' she licked her lips again and slowly spread her legs.
She could see the bulge getting bigger.
Kate slid her hand over the handbrake and onto the old mans cock.
'You wanna fuck this pussy?' She purred.
He wasted no time in stopping the car.
Without words he began to rub her clit, she noticed the ring on his finger.

Crazy World

Aug 31st @ 2:26pm EDT

Song about crazy world that is all around us :)

Selah Sue - The World

I fear real danger
This world ain't simple
But I'm strong, I know how to get out
And I'll find my way cause
Cause its love, real simple
And thats how it works


So wont you just give it up cause you dont understand
Big it up, but you dont understand

This world, this time
I feel, explode

And its really nice, but you dont understand
So big it down, cause you don't understand

This world, this time
I go for less

Cause you don't understand baby

I feel its fallin' down, I know Ill catch it
You crazy world, crazy world, yeah
I feel real passionate
You feel the sun comes down
I'll make it shine, yeah
You crazy world, crazy world yeah

I can see your fear cause
This world aint simple
But Im strong, I know how to stay out
And Ill find my way cause
Cause its love, its love, its love, its love, its loving yeah


So wont you just give it up cause you dont understand
Big it up, but you dont understand

This world, this time
I feel, explode

And its really nice, but you dont understand
So big it down, cause you don't understand

This world, this time
I go for less


Cause you don't understand baby

I feel its fallin down, I know Ill catch it
You crazy world, crazy world, yeah.
I feel real passionate
You feel the sun comes down,
I'll make it shine, yeah
You crazy world, crazy world yeah

I know
I know
Yeah, yeah, ye-eeah

I feel its fallin down, I know Ill catch it
You crazy world, crazy world, yeah.
I feel real passionate
You feel the sun comes down,
I'll make it shine, yeah
You crazy world, crazy world yeah

Crazy world, crazy world yeah
Crazy world, crazy world yeah

Lesbian Hot Story part 5

Aug 31st @ 2:23pm EDT

By now she was totally caught up in the moment, and after an initial tentative peck of a kiss she started to suck greedily first at one breast then, as it was presented to her, the other. Growing bolder she reached out and played with the breast that she wasnt sucking on, squeezing it between her hands before concentrating more on the nipple, trying to make it harder than the one in her mouth.
She was getting so carried away that she actually felt a pang of disappointment when her boss pulled away. It was only a temporary separation though as she moved to sit next to Zoe on the sofa. As her boss leaned towards her Zoe followed her natural impulse to reach out and touch her stocking clad leg. It felt wonderful and she started to squeeze and rub the thigh through the sheer material. At the same time their lips made their first delicate contact, only just brushing against each other.
It felt so soft and gentle yet full of promise, and this promise was soon fulfilled as their kissing quickly became more passionate. Her boss lips felt wonderfully soft to Zoe as they pressed insistently against hers. Without any breaking off from the kissing her boss fingers once more found their way to Zoes clit. As the sensations started to build in her she let her hand wander further up the thigh she was still stroking until it got to the small black panties. Zoe was by now overwhelmed by sexual excitement and passion and eagerly slid her fingers inside the leg of the panties, where she quickly located her bosss clit.
The two women continued kissing as the stroked each other towards climax. It was Zoe who started to come first, but her boss wasnt far behind and started her orgasm while Zoes was still rushing through her system. Finally they collapsed in a tangled heap on the sofa. Zoe was just enjoying the sensation of all that naked female flesh pressing against hers when her phone started to ring.
Oh my god, Adam! Im late
Oops. You can always blame the boss. And maybe next time you work late you should avoid making arrangements for later.

Lesbian Hot Story part 4

Aug 31st @ 2:23pm EDT

Zoe stepped out of her panties as her bosses lips got to the round swelling of her small but shapely buttocks, planting kisses all over them before running her wet tongue down the crack between, at the same time as her fingers made connection with her clit. Zoes legs almost buckled under the onslaught, and as she felt the tongue probing at the opening of her backside she started to come. She actually had to lean back against her boss to remain upright, and this just had the effect of increasing the pressure from her tongue.
Springing to her feet her boss helped her across to one of the sofas and sat her down. It was only when she looked up that Zoe appreciated that she was still fully dressed, and she became suddenly aware of her own nakedness. She started to try and protect her modesty with her hands, then realised with a wry grin that it was a little late for that. In any case her boss was now removing her jacket, to reveal a very tight blouse that did nothing to hide the shape of her breasts. They were larger than Zoes but looked very firm with nipples that were already poking out through the material of her bra and blouse. In a moment they were just pointing through the material of the bra, as her blouse joined the discarded jacket on the other sofa.
Looking Zoe directly in the eye she unfastened her skirt and wiggled seductively out of it, leaving her standing there in matching black lingerie, including suspender belt and stockings. Leaning forwards she whispered softly in Zoes ear Be a darling and help me with the clasp on my bra, it can be a little awkward. If it could really be a little awkward in normal circumstances it was doubly so to Zoes shaking hands, but eventually she felt it unfasten, and pulled it away to reveal large firm breasts. She barely had time to take in the sight of them before one of them was being presented up to her mouth.

Lesbian Hot Story part 3

Aug 31st @ 2:23pm EDT

Not only had she not looked at her boss in any sort of sexual way, but she had not looked at any woman like that. Nonetheless when her boss took her by the hand and explained that they would be much more comfortable in her office she followed compliantly. And she had to agree her boss was right. It was a real executives office, with a nice carpet and even a couple of comfy looking sofas either side of a low coffee table.
After closing the office door her boss guided her to the middle of the room, and with no further ado started to undo Zoes blouse. As she pulled it open she let out a low gasp of admiration as Zoes pert breasts came into view, covered only by a very small lacy bra. Pulling the blouse down over her back Zoes boss removed it completely, casually throwing it over the back of a chair. She now turned her attention to Zoes skirt, and soon had the zip unfastened and was tugging it gently but insistently down over her hips to reveal small lacy panties.
Moving round behind Zoe she started to kiss her neck and shoulders as her fingers made short work of the clasp on her bra, and soon it was hanging over the back of the chair on top of the blouse. Without breaking off from planting small delicate kisses on Sophies neck and ears, she moved her hands round to run her fingertips slowly, gently up between the newly exposed breasts, before circling them with the faintest of touches. The circles gradually got smaller until her fingers were actually caressing Zoes nipples. With a sudden change of pressure she grabbed both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and started to pinch them firmly. Zoe gasped at the sensation, as her nipples were tweaked to a pulsating erection.
The teasing tips of her bosses fingers abandoned her nipples and started to slowly work their way down over her taught abs in little zigzag motions. When she finally reached the top of the panties she ran her fingernails along the flesh directly above them, before hooking a thumb inside over each hip and tugging them downwards. While she slowly pulled them down over Zoes firm legs she kissed her way down her back, with the very faintest of pressure, so that at times Zoe wasnt sure whether it was the soft flesh of her lips or just the warm breath that was causing the sensations she was experiencing.

Lesbian Hot Story part 2

Aug 31st @ 2:22pm EDT

She almost fell off her chair she jumped so badly. She looked up aghast. It was her boss. Seems she wasnt the only one working late that night after all. She felt a cold dread in the pit of her stomach she simply couldnt afford to lose her job, and all the kudos she had earned from working late had just gone clean out the window. Then some part of her brain realised what her boss had said, and thought it a strange reaction.
Im always eager to help my staff out however I can
Zoe looked up startled to see her boss smiling kindly down at her. Surprise and uncertainty replaced the feelings of dread and panic. With a start she realised that she still had one hand down the front of her panties, and she quickly pulled it away.
Sorry, I didnt mean to stop your fun. Let me help
Before Zoe had time to react one way or another her boss had one hand easing its way under the waistband of her panties. She felt herself unable to react or speak. In the first place she couldnt believe the sheer audacity of the move, and secondly she had never had any indication that her boss felt any sort of sexual attraction towards her. She had certainly never looked at her boss that way.
Now she did look more carefully, and realised how attractive, and indeed sexy her boss looked. The business suit did not completely hide the athletic physique beneath, and the smile and naughty glint in the eye suggested sexual experience beyond Zoes. This all came as much more of a revelation to Zoe in light of the fact that her boss was a woman.

Lesbian Hot Story part 1

Aug 31st @ 2:21pm EDT

It had been a long hard day at the office, and Zoe still had paperwork to catch up on. At least with everyone else long gone she would have no interruptions. In fact it took even less time than she had expected. Sitting back in her chair she took a deep sigh of relief and let her mind wander to her plans for later that evening.
She was going out for dinner with Adam, a guy she had know from her local gym for a while now, and she was hoping that it might develop into something more. As she thought about it she pictured him in his gym gear, working out. The effect was immediate and her nipples began to harden. Zoe unfastened a couple of buttons on her blouse and slipped her hand inside, tweaking and teasing her nipples to even greater hardness. This inevitably had an effect elsewhere, and she could feel her pussy getting more and more moist.
Hitching her short skirt up around her waist Zoe eased her other hand down inside her panties, running one finger up and down between her lips, feeling the wetness. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as her finger settled on her clit, gently massaging it as the excitement began to mount within her.
Need a hand with that?

WIld World

Aug 28th @ 7:10am EDT

I love this song cause my best friend dedicated it to me when I was moving from my familiar city. I hope u like it too :):):)

1. Now that I've lost everything to you
You say you want to start something new
And it's breaking my heart you're leaving, baby I'm grieving.
But if you wanna leave take good care.
Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there.

Ref.: Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile,
Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl .

2.You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do
And it's breaking my heart in two
'Cos I never want to see you sad girl.
Don't be a bad girl,
But if you wana leave take good care
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware.

Ref.: Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl.

Baby, I love you.
But if you wana leave take good care
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware.

Remind of my 18th B-Day part 4

Aug 28th @ 7:08am EDT

Aaaahh! Stop it! I screamed No baby. I wont stop. Even if your parents come knocking on the door, I wont stop.He was fucking ridiculously fast. I could see some blood, but my tears had almost completely covered my vision. Slowly the pain decreased, and the pleasure increased. My stop! cries turned into dont stop! cries, and in a couple of minutes I was moaning loudly. Okay, Im going to cum, he said, and attempted to take his cock out. I stopped him. Cum inside me!, I heard myself say. Waste my body. Make me your bitch!
But it may be dangerous, Birth control is my problem, not yours, remember? In the next moment he cum. I forgot everything in the world. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the hot liquid inside my body. Then he took out his cock. Everyone standing there started to clap. I just lost my virginity. I looked at the clock, it was 7:00am, the sun had just risen. Normally, a person is clean and fresh at this time. I was fucked up (literally) and covered in a mixture of sticky pee, stickier sperm and even stickier blood.
The day hasnt even started yet, how about some more? I said. Yeah! all the boys shouted. As far as i can remember, I was fucked, beaten up(playfully, of course :]) and cum into till lunch time. Everybody went out for lunch, then they came back with some more friends and I was introduced to ass fucking. Everybody took turns till late night and by 10:00 pm, almost the whole +2 batch of our college had fucked and cum inside me!

Remind of my 18th B-Day part 3

Aug 28th @ 7:08am EDT

They were on me like animals, sucking and biting every body part. My nipples were now red in color. But still, I was scared that I may pee at the moment. My fears came true. Like a jet of water, a continuous stream of yellow liquid burst out of my pussy. I closed my eyes, fearing the boys will run away from me. But instead, all 4 cocks inside me cum, one after the other. I got half choked. I told them to take out the cocks, but they refused.
Drink it, bitch! Varun, a classmate of mine shouted. Drink all of it! Its good for your health. I swallowed all the cum from the four red cocks. A sudden burst of white liquid fell all over my body. Rahul just cum all over me. Now all of them went back for a while and took a break, discussing how hot i was. They were right, I was hot, I was slutty, I was horny. I was covered in a pool of yellow pee and white sperm, a sticky mess. Now, who wants to take her virginity? Deepak asked.
That would be me. Rahul said. In the resting time, he had again grown his cock again. It looked like an angry untamed beast, Ready to go inside me and fill me. You have a condom? I asked. No, baby. Birth control is your problem. Take a pill or something. He remarked, rather casually. Ok. But will this hurt? I asked. Lets see With this he knelt down, put me in position, and inserted his cock. It went a few centimeters in. He smirked This may hurt, he said. Then with a strong push, he inserted his cock with all his strength. My hero was right. It hurt like hell. Ive never experienced so much pain before. I let out a huge scream.

Remind of my 18th B-Day part 2

Aug 28th @ 7:08am EDT

Uh"Its okay, I know the feeling of turning 18″ he assured me.He then proceeded to open his clothes. Everyone in the party cheered him on. Ananya was clearly getting turned on by all this and she started to rub her boyfriend Deepaks pants. Deepak noticed all of this and said, Aw, hell! We all want to have sex. We all are over 18. Lets do it! Everyone else nodded. I just sat there, bewildered, with my lower body already wet. I still had to pee some more but I just couldnt get up and go, I dont know why. Maybe it was the thought of ten people having sex in the same room that didnt let me go.
All of us are virgins arent we I thought out loud. Rahul said, Yeah, I guess. The strange feeling suddenly passed away and I felt horny. I started to undress. Few moments later, we were all standing naked. My pussy and my legs were drenched with pee. The guys were stroking their erect cocks while i was looking at them. It was the first time I had seen a cock in my life. Lets start with the birthday girl!! someone from the back shouted. This was a green signal for all guys. All 5 guys rushed towards me. Holding their cocks like their swords.
I just gave in and slept on the cold floor. Rahul stared by inserting his cock inside my mouth. He told me to lick it and suck it. Pleasure went through whole of my body. Deepak, who was busy kissing Ananya, threw her aside and ran towards me. A few seconds later, there were 4 huge, red cocks in my mouth, Rahul was busy biting and sucking my nipples. Hey even we deserve something, Neha said. Nobody heard her. Irritated, she and Ananya dressed up and left the room, banging the door while exiting. The boys did not care.

Remind of my 18th B-Day part 1

Aug 28th @ 7:07am EDT

Next year I will be 28 .. Funny :) I was thinking about passing time recently .. and I decided to tell you a story about My sweet 18th B-Day :)

7th November 2010 I woke up to the sound of the alarm. I had set it too early (it was 4:00am) out of excitement for my birthday. My parents were away for two days so I decided to host an early morning party for the day. Within few hours the place was filled with boys and girls. I was hanging out with all my close friends Neha, Ananya, Rahul and Deepak. Slowly the crowd trickled out. Only 10-11 were left.
Lets open the gifts Rahul said. No. I said. Ill open them after the party.Ok. Then what will we do? Lets play spin the bottle! Neha suggested. Everyone became excited. I brought dads old beer bottle. We all sat in a circle. I spun the bottle. It pointed towards RahulDare he said.Kiss the birthday girl! the girls shouted in chorus. I had a crush on him so they said so. He came forward to kiss me. I was nervous. It would be my first kiss. I had to pee but I couldnt get up and go because he was already near me. I couldnt control my bladder, nor could I control the nervousness.
He locked his lips with mine. Everyone cheered. I just couldnt hold it anymore. busted out of my genitals at a insanely fast rate. My tight jeans felt wet. Neha noticed this and gave a loud gasp. Deepu, youre getting wet!. She had an odd smile in her face. I just didnt know what to say. Rahul, who stopped kissing me, looked down to my jeans. A large, wet spot greeted him. Control Deepu! Deepak teased. As soon as you turned 18, you want to do it?, Suddenly, Rahul kissed me again. Lets have it if you want. he said. I was shocked. It was not like I didnt like him, but sex? All of a sudden?

Alex Surprises Darren Part 2

Aug 26th @ 5:27pm EDT

A surprise? Alex grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bedroom.

I see you brought the crop.

I almost dropped it when youholy shit Alex.

You remember my best friend Denise.

Yeah from the club the night we met. Hi!

Darren gave her a slow long look. Denise was spread eagle, her head propped up on two pillows, her teats standing at full mast, nipples wet and erect, her black thong soaking wet.

Hi Darren, nice to see you. I heard a lot about you. I know this is a little awkward, it was Alexs idea.

Alex hit the remote, Denises legs quivered as the hum sound vibrated through the air. The candles flickered.

Surprised? Alex asked, I told Denise your my master and I wanted her to watch us and then I wanted you to watch me and her. I also wanted to show her your big cock.

Gee Alex, you are full of surprises, you have caught me off guard here, I am not quite ready, if you know what I mean.

That is no problem, Alex moved in and unbuckled his pants, unzipped and pulled them down. She grabbed his meat in her hands and kissed the head. She lowered her mouth on his cock, it began to grow. When she started to choke she released her mouth, stood up and turned him so Denise could get an eye full.

Alex, you little bitch, you are going to tease me with that monster? Can I at least feel it? She moved Darren close enough for Denise to wrap her fingers around Darrens cock. Alex hit the pulse button on the remote, sending vibrations inside her body strong enough to gently wiggle the beads attached to the clit clip, her clit now nearly twice its regular size.

Undress me Alex and get ready for a beating, you have been so devilish.

Yes master, Alex replied as she removed her clothes. Her small 30C breast and pink nipples looked hungry. Her pussy lips wet and ready to be parted.

Now take my clothes off.

Alex unbuttoned his shirt pulling it off and sucking his nipple. She removed his shoes, he stepped out from his pants. She then grabbed the band of his underwear, she had to push his cock back through the fly to pull them down.

Oh master, you have such a nice cock, can you fill my pussy with it, please.

Not now, you tied Denise to the bed, now you have to take care of her while I beat you. You are to suck her clit and finger her until she cums. NOW!

Alex handed Denise the remote and crept on the bed. She forgot about the thong, she had to remove the leg cuffs and pull down the thong, and cuff her legs again. Denises swollen clit looked enticing, the silver clit clip glimmering in the candle light. Alex placed her face over Denises clit, her ass facing the foot end of the bed.

She stared at the beautiful tiny penis that faced her, so swollen and such a deep pink. She lowered her mouth over it and began to suck it, the metal clip was warm now, her lips hot and passionate. She felt Darren brushing her ass with the crop, in nice tender soft movements.

Holiday Story Part 3

Aug 25th @ 4:37pm EDT

The other white lad went first while we kissed an licked lisa all over her body, i decided i would go next as we knew that them black dicks were gona stretch it to much on us. Lisa had never had a black person before an now she was about to get 2. She knew what she was in for cos she said they were huge. As the first one started to squeeze inside her, her noise level started to get louder an her suckin got stronger, you could tell she was loving this, she was so wet an the loud moaning said it all. She had it all to come again now as the second black lad squeezed inside her. Lisa had now been getting none stop sex for almost 3 hours, she was still loving it as you could hear her moaning out loud an begging to be given it deeper and harder. We stopped for a break so we could re-position. Lisa got into her favourite position, her on top.
Lisa is amazing on top an top an immediately started showing her skills as she circled her hips an bounced up an down. Aswell as doin this she had me stood in front of her so she could suck me an was wanking the other 2 at the same time. I swapped with one of the lads so lisa could wank me, then i decided i wanted to try her nice tight bum. I stood behind her as she was already fucking an sucking an wanking, an i decided i would get the lube out an put my finger into her arse, i heard her moan straight away an she was lovin it. After about 5 mins i got brave an climbed onto the bed lubed my dick up an eased it in really slowly, lisa stopped suckin for a split second so she could moan out really loud an say mmmm deeper. lisa went back to suckin an wankin the two lads dicks that were shoved right in front of her face, while takin me an the other black lad in her holes.

Holiday Story Part 2

Aug 25th @ 4:37pm EDT

By now us 4 lads were really excited watchin lisas little show. So we decided to call it a nite an head to the hotel. We asked the lads if they fancied comin back for a drink with us. The fresh air on the walk home really hit lisa an she was quite drunk and really horny as she knew the four of us had been staring at her all night. When we got back to the room it wasnt long before lisa decided to lie down. She went into the room an took everythin off an lay on top of the covers. I gave her 5 mins to relax, when i went to check on her she was lay on the bed rubbing herself. I whispered to the lads to come and have a look.
Lisa was completely oblivious to us watching her, so we decided we would suprise her another way. We went back to the living room an took all of our clothes off, then we sneaked back to the room to suprise her. We walked into the room an stood there in a line, when she looked up all she could see was 4 huges dicks that were definitely all for her. We walked over to the bed i went straight for her holes, I couldnt wait to have my tongue down there. Lisa had the first black lads dick in her mouth an then was using her hands to look after the other 2 dicks. After about 10 mins we swapped around, lisa had another lads head between her legs an with her hands an mouth she was looking after the rest of us. Lisas blow jobs are unreal, an it wasn't just me who was enjoying them so much. After everybody had tasted lisa an had experienced how well she sucks dick, it was time for to finally stretch one of her holes.

Holiday Story Part 1

Aug 25th @ 4:36pm EDT

Its july 12th 2011 an me an lisa are away on our first holiday. We have decided on all inclusive week in turkey. The place is gorgeous an the weather is so hot, i couldnt have asked to be in a better place with a better person. So far we have been here for 3 days an we are having an amazing time. Tonight were gona go out an have a drink in a couple of the bars. All day I have been keeping a sexy suprise for lisa. I have arranged for 3 lads to join us in the last bar we will be going to that night. so there will be 2 black lads an 2 white lads and lisa. The time comes for me and lisa to go out an we head off for the first bar. cocktails it is an with the hot weather, they dont last very long.
We have 3 in there before leaving for the next bar. when we arrive at the next bar we decide to have a game of pool just for a laugh, with knocking the cocktails back so fast the game was gettin quite difficult, we were half way through our second game and onto our sixth cocktail. We decided to leave it there an go onto what was gona be the last bar we could make it to for the nite. we went into the last bar an ordered another round of cocktails. this bar also had a pool table but it was occupied by people already, little did lisa know it was the people i had arranged to meet. We went over to the table an put our money down so we could play the next game.
Our turn was up an we set the balls up on the table, i broke first an it was lisas shot. The 3 lads decided to stay an watch us play. lisa has the most amazing body you have ever seen and with having quite a few drinks she had no idea that everytime she bent over to take her shot she was showing everything that was under her little dress. After a while lisa realised that the 3 lads where watching her bent over an decided she would really give them something to look at. She went to the toilet an while she was in there she took her thing off. Coming back to the table she picked the cue up to take her shot, bending over we could all see her nice tight shaven holes.

In his place part 5

Aug 24th @ 3:39pm EDT

I closed my eyes again and told him to continue with it. He started stoking me again, his hands on my boobs and his lips on my lips...He started sucking my tongue. I loved it more than anything. Then the pleasure form strokes started showing up. I was moaning again! His pace was increasing slowly but surely.
My body felt the tension building again. For almost 10 minutes he kept on moving his penis inside-out of my body. I could not hold myself anymore and I asked him to do it faster! That was all he needed from me. He placed his hands on my thighs and started pounding me hard and fast. In next 5 minutes, I was almost on the verge of climax, when he said that is is about to cum!
I could not hear what he was saying and I just felt every thrust he was making. 5-7 strokes more and I released my juices! I had hit the orgasm. After 3-4 more stokes, he orgasmed as well! He simply fell on me and wrapped his arms around me. He did not take his penis out of my hole because he knew it would hurt. After a few minutes, he slowly took his penis out and rolled off the condom. It was smeared with blood!
I could not take my eyes off it. Fear? Yes. Pain? Yes. Tension? Yes I had so many feelings building inside me but I kept my mouth shut.
He held me in his arms and said; "Don't worry about the blood. It happens for the first time". He explained it all to me and then he slowly massaged my pussy for relieving the pain.
An hour or so later, I told him I wanted to take a shower. He took me in his arms and then proceeded towards bathroom. He carefully made me enter the bath tub and then he gave me a nice bath. But even though I could not say anything to him, the pain and blood had left some kind of a negative impact on me.
We left after half an hour and he stayed at my place overnight. He left early in the morning and sent me a text message that he loves me a lot and he can never forget his birthday and night. He thanked me for making it the most special birthday till date.

In his place part 4

Aug 24th @ 3:39pm EDT

His finger moved faster and my moaning got louder! I kept on saying it....please.....aahhh....and he was going crazy about me!
All of a sudden, he stopped! I could not sense what was wrong. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was looking at me. His eyes, ever so innocent and his smile, ever so cute; he was putting a condom. My eyes were pleading and my lips were trembling. My body needed something so dearly. I could not wait for it any longer. Before I could say something, he leaned over me and started kissing me.
I closed my eyes and he moved his hand down. Holding his penis, he placed it on the mouth of my hole. I wanted it badly. I needed it. He never broke his kiss. Instead, he parted my legs a little more and placed his hands on my boobs. He started massaging them rigorously.
Right at that moment, I felt something piercing me between my legs! My eyes flew open and my breathing became short! He never broke the kiss and kept on massaging my boobs! He did not hit me all this while again. I lost myself into him again and this time, his thrust was harder. I screamed loudly because of the pain! All that was audible was a muffled voice; thanks to his lip-lock! Again the wait of a few minutes till I get accustomed to the pain. Then came the final blow. Entire penis inside me. I felt as if my pussy was torn apart! I was shivering now. My body was trembling. Tears started flowing and I was crying. He broke the kiss and held me in his arms. At that moment, all the pleasure ended for me.
Slowly, he started moving his lower body and his penis started getting in-out of my body. I could not feel anything but pain. almost 15 minutes passed and I was still in pain. He did not paced up his strokes. He was going very slowly for all this time. Then he started kissing my neck again and my ears. He sucked my nipples and licked them for long time. All this gave me a rhythm again and now i was sensing a wave of pleasure in my body again.

In his place part 3

Aug 24th @ 3:38pm EDT

He removed the shirt as my eyes went shut again. With that, he kissed me again and worked down towards the neck. He kissed me right at the borders of bra i wore. His hands were at the back and kept on going up and down. Then, he undid my bra. I clutched his shirt and held him closer to me. He steadied his pace and kept on kissing me and licking me. As I got comfortable, he removed the bra too. Now I was half naked. He asked me if I wanted to remove his shirt for him.
I kept my eyes closed and started undoing his shirt's button. I could not resist the temptation of kissing his neck and I did it. I kissed his neck and worked all the way down towards his bare chest, as I removed the shirt. My fingers ran on his chest and back and I could just not put a stop on myself. Yes, I was hot, wild and ready to go.
He moved his finger on the outline of my skirt. I felt the shiver again. This time, he did not miss the beat. He removed the skirt in one go and did the same to his pants. Then he took me to the bed. He asked me to lay down and he was right next to me. His arms were around me and I was lost in the other world again. He kept on kissing me over my body..fingers, toes, arms, tummy, cleavage, neck, thighs..everywhere.
I could feel the moisture between my legs and I was going crazy. It was at that time when I went from warm to supernova hot! He took my breasts in his hands and put the right nipple in his mouth. God! The warmth of his moist mouth, soft lips, made me want more and more. My fingers in his hair, I started pulling his closer and closer to me. He got so wild that he started biting, sucking and nibbling my nipples. I was hot like fire!
Then he moved his one hand down and inside my panty. I could just feel the pleasure and nothing else. I was moaning, begging him for more. His finger started moving on my clit. Oh what a pleasure! I almost screamed. My head went back and I was not on this earth. I felt as if I was getting light and flowing in the air. He never stopped sucking my breasts. His finger continued to work on the clit.
Using his fingers, he removed my panty slowly and then his stepped out of his boxer too. For the first time, I was seeing a penis. The size again? That time i did not think, but now I can guess that it was at least 8 inches and quite thick too! He moved between my legs and now I was so shy. Yet, his look got me going again. The first touch of his tongue on my clit was sheer pleasure from the other world! His movements and licking made me moan louder and even louder. I was going OOOhhh...aaahhhh..yeah..yeah...oh mmmm....aahhhh....He moved his hands on the inner thighs and alternated kissed there too!
The sounds were making him rock hard and he turned to a bit vigorous moves. His finger started moving downwards and entered inside my body slowly. It almost jumped because of sudden pang of pain. He calmed me down and worked on my pussy again with his tongue. I was getting hot and excited. Then he slowly placed his finger inside me again. This time, he did it with care and kept on licking my clit. I felt a mixture of pain and some pleasure. Then he put his entire finger inside and kept on moving it in and out of me. The moments were so sweet. I could feel him close to me. His warmth was what I sensed around me.

In his place part 2

Aug 24th @ 3:36pm EDT

We both returned home in a few minutes and he apologized to my mom about the delay. Following days were all about text messages. He said he cannot resist another close encounter with me. I was in similar situation but could not say it aloud.
So came his birthday after 18 days. I prepared a nice surprise for him; my place, a cozy room with flowing curtains, lots of balloons, red roses, his favorite fragrance, heart-shaped cake and a bottle of champagne. My family, his family and his friends were all invited. He went crazy at the sight of it all! I never saw him happier than this! Everything went on a full blast! As the night ended, I asked him what present he would want and he said immediately; "A long drive tonight"!
I could not ask my mom so he did the favor and asked my mom to give permission for the drive. Off we went. He was in a cheerful mood and I could not take my eyes off his face. That smile was definitely wonderful! Within half an hour, he stopped. As I could see, it was a nice and cozy hotel downtown. We had nothing in our mind; we just wanted to spend sometime alone. So, I did not worry about it at all.
He got the room and we went upstairs. The moment I entered the room, he closed the door quickly and hugged me from behind. It was still dark and the passion I felt was immense. He started kissing my neck and ears. That nibbling and licking was making me pull my hair! My breathing went out of control and automatically, my hands went up; my fingers in his hair! I wanted him to get closer than he was.
He came in front of me and hugged me again. This time, his tongue was on the job again and his hands were exploring my body. That is when he whispered into my ears; "I wana see you naked". I was taken aback by this. Of course he knew I cannot do any such thing. Yet, he said to me that he will not force anything on me. He just wants to see me, feel me and touch me. He wanted to be closer than we were. I agreed.
He began kissing my face for the approval. His fingers reached in my hair and he pulled the band, making my hair fall down the shoulders. His eyes held so much love in them. His fingers moved towards the buttons of my shirt. Slowly, he undid all of them. My eyes were closed. He started removing the shirt, when I held it together, feeling so shy. He held my face in his hands, told me that he love me a lot and that if I do not want to do it, then we can stop. The warmth of his words made me melt right then and there.

In his place ...

Aug 24th @ 3:35pm EDT

It was the first time I went to his place. We were in the kitchen and he brought me a glass of water. I was holding it when he grabbed me and pulled me towards himself. The warmth of his arms around me was amazing. I felt as if I am at the place where I always want to be.
After a few moments, he held my face in his hands, looked at me with all the love in his eyes! I still remember the look and it sends chills down my spine. His face only two or three inches away, I could feel his warm breath on my face. It was ecstasy. Slowly, he got closer and closer and my eyes felt heavy. I could not keep them open. As his lips touched my lips, I was lost in some abyss. I was lost in those precious moments. It was so sweet; his lips so soft and my face in his hands. The feeling was wonderful.
He left it at that. However, it became an everyday story after this. He would kiss me every now and then and sometimes, in front of his friends too. I would just look at him and feel flushed. a few weeks later, we planned to go for a small ride up the hills. It was nothing fancy and nothing wild. Just a small drive. Halfway down the road, he slowed the car, pulled me towards himself and planted a passionate kiss. Breath-taking. For the first time, I returned the favor with even more passionate kiss. He was surprised and then he smiled.
He stopped the car on the side and hugged me right there. We kissed each other for almost ten minutes. It turned into tongue play and before I knew it, we were exploring each other's mouth. His hands started moving. He was holding my waist, or he would move his hand towards my back. Steady as he was, his fingers touched the outer line of my breast. My size? 36 C. I felt the chill; a little shiver. Then his fingers were moving over my breasts, on the cleavage and the neck.
He moved towards my right ear, licked it slowly, whispering "I love you" and biting the tip of ear lightly. I was on fire. I could just not understand what was happening in my body. My breathing was getting heavy and I felt sweat in the palms of my hands.I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards myself. I again got engaged in a wild french kiss. His hands were now cupping my boobs and I was in heavens. We both lost track of time and before I could think about it, my mother called on my cell and reminded me that I need to get back home immediately.

Hot Lesbian Story part 3

Aug 24th @ 3:31pm EDT

"I see..." she whispered. Suddenly more sure of herself, she slid the dress off my shoulders and down my legs, leaving me naked before her. She kissed my butt, then kissed her way up my back until finding my neck, while her shoulders caressed me from hips and up to my breasts, which she caressed firmly. She turned me around, looked deep into my eyes, and kissed me deeply, lovingly.
I hesitated just a little, then I held her and pressed myself against her body, shaking from arousal. Her hands slid down my back, grabbed my butt, and began exploring inward, forward, towards my pussy. I spread my legs, and I felt her finger reach my cunt, gently probing and then pushing in just a little. I couldn't take anymore, my knees buckled and I almost collapsed on the sofa.
Kate didn't let me lie to collect my wits, she pulled the dress off me and then sank down on her knees, her mouth seeking my breasts, biting and licking my nipples before kissing her way down, down, down over my belly and as I tensed in anticipation, her tongue touched my clit, and slowly she started licking my pussy.

That is not story about me :):) But I would love to have such hot actions sometimes :) heheh :) Kiss you guys :):)

Hot Lesbian Story part 2

Aug 24th @ 3:27pm EDT

I went back to the bathroom, changed and came back in. This dress was knee-length, tight-fitting and one bare shoulder. Kate looked at me again, critically while I was emptying the glass again. "Well, it fits better but it isn't really you... try this one." She handed me a white one, short and tight with a deep cleavage and elbow-long arms, and obediently I walked into the bathroom again, a bit unsteady this time, and put on the white dress.
Back into the living room again, Kate had filled my glass and handed it too me. "Not bad, not bad at all, dearie," she said and lifted her glass and we drank, "but you can't wear black thongs under a white dress!" I blushed, and started towards the bathroom.
"Why do you bother going to the bathroom?" she asked. "I'll turn my back if you're worried." She turned around, and I slipped out of the dress.
"Like this?" I said. Kate turned, and looked me up and down. I blushed a little.
"No... not quite the right dress... I think blue would suit you better. Try this one, and I'll turn my back again - no need to run back and forth all the time."
I hesitated a little, then slid out of the white and into the blue one. It was a little longer, and needed to be zipped up the back. I tried myself, but I needed help. "Kate," I said, "could you give me a hand? The zipper seem to be stuck."
"Sure!" came her reply. She came up behind me, and I could feel her fingers struggling with the zipper. The zipper started just above my butt, and her fingers were occasionally touching me. Then suddenly I felt her hand slide under my dress, over my butt and lifting the dress up. "Maybe if I get at it from this side..." I heard her mumble as she was struggling with the zipper, but all I was aware of was that my butt was naked and that the dress had had slid up in front too. The wine and the nakedness and the touch of her hands had its effect on me, and I could feel my cunt getting wet. Kate was struggling back there, or so I thought, but it struck me that she wasn't working on the zipper anymore, her hands were caressing my back and butt. Without wanting to, I pushed against her, and a low moan escaped my lips.

Hot Lesbian Story part 1

Aug 24th @ 3:26pm EDT

This happened while I was living in London some years back. 27 years old, I was working as an office clerk during the day, while the evenings were spent on my favourite hobby; dancing. And it was at a dancing course I met Kate.
Kate was the best dancer in the group, and the instructor often used her as an example of how we should do the various steps. She was 30 years old, and a very nice person who everybody got along with.
This particular evening we were learning some jumps, and Kate with her lithe body were as always mastering the steps at first or second try. Now, I'm not a bad dancer, this evening and I wasn't enjoying myself very much, so when Kate came over to me and asked if I wanted to go out for a drink afterwards, I was very willing to go. The only trouble was, I had nothing to wear and my flat was a half hour busride away.
"That's OK," Kate said, "we're about the same size and I live close by - I'm sure I can find something to fit you." After that, there was no reason not to go, and we walked to her flat, picking up a bottle of wine on the way.
Well there at her flat, she showered first and I poured the wine and drank a glass. Good wine, Chateau Neuf du Pap if i remember correctly. Kate came back, and disappeared into the bedroom. I went into the bathroom where she had laid out a towel, a robe and a pair of black thongs for me to wear. I showered, then dried myself, and put on the thong and robe before going into the living room.
Kate had changed into a short, sleeveless black dress. She was busy decorating the living room with dresses and skirts and blouses. There were long and short dresses, black and white, red and blue, of various forms and shapes (at least, that how it seemed at the time), and I was looking at them, marveling.
"You choose first!" she said, and gestured with her hand. I took a sip of wine, and chose a black dress, took it into the bathroom with me and put it on. It was a little tight over my breasts, but nothing I couldn't handle.
"How does this fit?" I asked as I came back to the living room. "It's a bit tight in the chest area, but not too bad I think." I drank some wine, feeling relaxation coming to me finally.
Kate looked at me, told me to turn around. "It is a bit tight, and not only over your breasts, dear!" she said and giggled, and handed me another dress - a red one, this time.

Crazy song for you, guys

Aug 24th @ 3:22pm EDT

Hello guys :) I haven't been here for a while :)
I discovered a very very NICE song hahha it makes me laugh a lot all the time I listen to it :):)

Akon - I just had sex

Sometimes (ohhhh)
Something beautiful happens
in this world (Akon...)
You don't know how
to express yourself so...
(and Lonely Island)

You just gotta sing...

I just had sex
And it felt so good!
(That's so good)
A woman let me put
my penis inside of her!

I just had sex
And I'll never go back
To the not-havin'-sex
ways of the past

Have you ever had sex?
I have - it felt great!
It felt so good
When I did it with my penis.
A girl let me do it -
It literally just happened.
Havin' sex can make
A nice man out the meanest!
Never guess where
I just came from -
I had sex!
If I had to describe
the feeling -
It was the best!
When I had the sex,
Man my penis felt great!
And I called my parents
Right after I was done.

Oh hey, didn't see
You there - guess
What I just did!
Had sex, undressed -
Saw her boobies
And the rest.
Was sure nive of her
To let you do that thing.
Nice of any girl ever -
Now sing!

I just had sex
And it felt so good!
(That's so good)
A woman let me put
my penis inside of her!

I wanna tell the world!

To be honest
I'm surprised she even
Wanted me to do it
Doesn't really make sense -
But man, screw it!
I ain't one to argue
With a good thing.
She could be my wife -
That good?
The best 30 seconds
Of my life! (My life!)
I'm so humbled by
A girl's ability to
Let me do her.
'Cuz honestly I'd have
Sex with a pile of manure.
With that in mind,
The soft, nice
Smellin' girl's better.
'Cuz she let me wear
My chain and my turtle
Neck sweater.

So this one's dedicated
To them girls
That let us flop
around on top of them!
If you're near or far,
Whether short or tall
We wanna thank you
All for lettin'
Us fuck you!

She kept lookin' at her watch -
(Doesn't matter, have sex!)
But I cried the whole time -
(Doesn't matter, have sex!)
I think she might've been a racist -
(Doesn't matter, have sex!)
She put a bag on my head -
(Still counts!)

I just had sex
And my dreams came true!
(Dreams came true!)
So if you had sex in the last
30 minutes then you're
Qualified to sing with me!

I just had sex
(Everybody sing!)
And it felt so good!
(We all had sex!)
A woman let me put
my penis inside of her,
(I wanna tell the whole world!)

I just had sex
And I'll never go back
(Never go back!)
To the not-having-sex
days of the past.

My Office Masturbation Part 1

Aug 21st @ 10:51am EDT

Best Masturbation Ever
God what happened last night. I never thought I could ever get that drunk."Oh my god im gonna be late.I took a shower and was out the door. In the office I said hey to every one and I kept getting laughs and giggles from everyone. I went into my office and closed the door. That is when i noticed that i still had on my night gown. I had a mirror in my office so i looked in it. I looked so sexy in it. The silkyness swurved nice around my ass and up my soft flat stomach up to my nipples. I didn't have a bra on so i could see my all ready erect nipples screaming to be punished. I thought to my self it is not the time.

I went to a meeting and i saw this guy, he was new, walked in and he stared at me till he got to his seat and sat down. He had nice blond hair cute lips and when he stood up he had a nice ass. I could feel my nipples become erect and I think he saw them beneath my gown. He smiled.
The meeting was over and i went back to my office. I dropped my coat to the floor in which i was using to hide my gown.I went back to the mirror and looked in it again. I couldn't help looking at my nice ass and i closed my eyes and reached my hand into my bra and rubbed and pinched my nipples.

My Office Masturbation Part 2

Aug 21st @ 10:50am EDT

I leaned my head back and let out a low moan.I kept rubbing until they were fully erect. Still rubbing i looked back into the mirror. I slowly pulled my gown down until both of my tits were visible. I took both of my hands and grabbed them and started to squeeze and pinch them. I moaned louder. The pleasure was so incredible that the gown dropped and i was standing there, naked and really horny.

I stepped out of my gown on the floor and went to my desk and pulled out an 9 in. vibrator.
I rubbed it all over my tits. I brought it up to my mouth and begin to kiss it then i started to lick the head then i put it in my mouth as far as i could. Sitting in my chair i leaned my head back so it could go even further. I gagged but i could stop i began to move it in and out. I closed my eyes and began to think it was that guy dipping his cock in my mouth and fucking my face to the limit.
It was ready. I slowly took it out my mouth, trail of spit followed, i moved it down to my belly button and lower to my swollen clit. Since no one was here i turned it on and held it to my clit and i let out a really loud moan. With my free hand i rubbed my throbbing nipples. I began to push the vibrator in deeper and deeper. All i could hear were my sweet smelling juices squishing in my pussy. I began to increase my speed and moaned louder and louder AHHHHH I'm cuming!!!
"that was great" i heared I was think no one was still here but i guess i was wrong
I opened my eyes from an amazing orgasm and it was the new guy.Standing inches away from my desk."Can I Join" I quickly thought and said"sure"

Nice shower Part 1

Aug 21st @ 10:48am EDT

Its been a long day at work. The runs keep coming in, the radio keeps talking and the miles add up. For a few short minutes, you get a chance to check your email. The clock on the computer reads six-forty five, and seems to go backwards. You scroll down the email list and notice an email from an old co-worker. You open it up and read every word. You smile and squirm in your seat. It sends your mind into frenzy. You read it again and focus in on its content. Some parts almost make you blush. All of the sudden, the tones drop on the radio. You are sent down the street to an unknown problem. You close out your email and get up only to see your relief standing there. He offers to take the call and asks for the keys. You throw them at him and grab your stuff from the ambulance. You clock out as you watch them drive off in a blaze of glory. You then walk out to your car and get in.

The drive home seems long, but your mind wonders back to the email you just read. Your body gets warm and flushed. At a stoplight, you stretch your legs. Your skin becomes sensitive, with every thought of that risqu email. You breathe deeply and slowly as the light changes to green. You can feel your nipples becoming erect with every breath. You shake your head and smile. No matter how hard you try, you are not able to get that situation out of your head. You run your hand down the inside of your left thigh. The sensation sends quivers between your legs. You breathe deeper, causing your stiff nipples to rub up against your bra. You want to close your eyes and dream about the fantasy, but you know you cant. You move around in your seat as you pull into the driveway. You get out of the car and walk into your house. Finding no one home, you remember that your husband and son were going out tonight. You strip off your clothes and walk into the bathroom.

You turn the shower on and let it warm up. You climb into the shower and feel the warmth hit your body. You run your hands over your shoulders as the water massages your back. You feel instant relief of the stressful day. Water trickles down your chest and across your breast. It then drips along your stomach and between your legs. You close your eyes and sigh. You grab your sponge and lather it up. You slide it over your shoulders and across your neck. Instantly you fantasize about the email. You turn the sponge into his hands.

You imagine him standing behind you, pressing up against you. You can feel his arms wrap around your body, as he kisses your neck. You can feel the warm water run across your body, as he gently breathes by your left ear. He grabs your lathered sponge and rubs it against your breast. You slowly slide it around the bottom of your breast and back up to the top. The sponge catches your hard nipples, which sends shivers through your body. Lowering his hands onto your stomach, you feel the warm water release and run between your legs. The water makes you softly moan.

Nice shower Part 2

Aug 21st @ 10:47am EDT

You imagine his hand touching yours and placing it just above your hot pussy. He guides your hand over your clit as you raise your leg up to the edge of the tube. The warm water runs across your body, coating your wet pussy and down your leg. His hand is on top of yours as her rubs you clit back and forth. You moan with every stroke of his hand. The water massages your back as you imagine him kissing you. You can feel his tongue touching yours as you lick your lips.

He guides a few of your fingers inside you. It makes your knees shake so much, you grab on to the shower curtain. He presses his palm down onto your clit as he strokes your fingers in and out of you. Surges of energy rolls through your body as his fingers move faster and faster. Your hips rock back and forth slowly as you are close to cumming. His fingers move back up to your clit as you begin to shake. You turn around and water hits against your chest. You imagine his mouth sucking your nipples as the water hits you. You finger tips press against your clit, as you start to cum. His hands guide yours faster and faster. You grab onto the shower curtain as your body shakes. Your toes curl in as you scream out in ecstasy. Your sensitive body shakes as the water drips across it.

You instantly feel relieved as you open your eyes. You turn the water off and get out of the shower. As you dry off, you can hear your phone ringing. You walk over to it and notice its a text message. It says Cant stop thinking about you, I want you too.

My first time with another female part 2

Aug 19th @ 12:32am EDT

She started to describe the sex when a window pop up on my screen she was try to establish a video link. Without really think I click to help her. And wham we were looking at each other. She was very pretty. She had a white T shirt on. Definitely no bra her nips were dark and poking thru the shirt. It was very sexy I could feel my nips swelling. She told me she was just wearing the T shirt and panties. She stood up to show me her light blue panties and then sat down. I thought she was sexy and brave for showing a stranger that much. As I looked at her panties I felt my nips swelling even more. She asked me what I had on. I said T shirt, bra. She asked if I had panties on I said no. She smiled asked if she could see, if I would stand up for her. I nervously laughed said no. She asked if I would at least take off my bra. I hesitated she pointed out that I could do it without taking my T shirt off. Somehow I felt that being she was braless it was the least I could do and I took it off for her. I sat there staring at her nips and I knew that mine showed almost as much. She began to asking me if I liked having my nips played with, pulled twisted, pinched. As she kept asking about what I like sexually I felt myself getting so aroused. My left hand drifted down between my legs and I started to finger myself.
When i did it Karen could see where my hand was. She told that she too was masturbating. Knowing she was doing it too made me feel ok with doing it and her knowing. I watched her as she talked to me. I could see her large dark nips she told me that she was 36DD her hand was down between her legs. I felt almost obligated to tell her that I was 34D. She very graphically described the sex between her and her first female. It sounded so good I just could not stop working my pussy. It slowly built up to a fabulous orgasm in which I squirted all over. I was so consume with lust. Karen stood up showed me her light blue panties were now dark blue from the crotch up to her waist band.
She asked if she could see how wet I was. Without thinking I stood up showed her my wet pussy. When she commented on how wet and pretty my pussy was I quickly sat back. I was embarrassed about standing up showing my wet pussy to a stranger. But I was so consume with lust I just did it. I thought of signing off, but Karen started talking to me. Saying what a pretty pussy I had. How sexy it looked all wet. That it was ok for us to do this online. To share, to be so intimate with her online was safe. It was just us no one to see no one to know. We said good night and I took a quick shower before Dave came home.
Even after four orgasms I would gladly have fucked Dave but when he got home he reeked of beer and just wanted to sleep. A few nights during the next week when Dave was not home or too busy to notice, I went online hoping Karen would be there but she wasnt. Thanks to what had become the usual lack of sex from Dave I was so horny. I looked for Karen hoping for another hour or so online looking, talking touching.

My first time with another female

Aug 19th @ 12:30am EDT

This is the story of my first sexual experience with another female. I was 26. I had a boyfriend. We had a great sex life at first. We had sex several times a week. As time went by our sex life diminished in quality and quantity. My husband Dave began spending more time with the guys than me. He went out with the .
One Friday night Out of a combination of being bored, horny and curious I went into a chat room labeled F4F. When word got out in the room that was a straight and maybe curious, several of the woman offered to do me a favor and give me my first lesbian experience. They were very aggressive in wanting to do all kinds of things with me to me. I was relieved when none of them lived with 500 miles of me. Several of them of them regaled me with either the story of their first time with a female or what they would do with me if I came to visit them.
I was horny, I was bored as they gave me graphic stories I just couldnt help but unzip my jeans slip my hand down inside my panties and work my hungry pussy. Each additional orgasm came easier, faster, and stronger. I didnt realize how starved I was for sex. How curious I really was about doing it with another female. After three orgasms my panties were soaked. I took off my jeans wiped myself and put the panties in the hamper. I generally did not walk around the house half naked but the computer was my new found sex toy.
I sat down at the computer eager for more. In another chat room I found Karen. She lived and worked in the town next to me. She was different than the others she did not push to meet and have sex. She just wanted to talk to me. We talked about me and my feelings; we talked about my sex life with Dave, how good it was at first. Slowly we came around to how not so good it was now. She told me that her first sex with another female was with someone she met online and then met a bar. They hit it off then went to a motel and made love.

Up Against the Wall Part 1

Aug 17th @ 5:05am EDT

OH MY GOD...That feels soooo good, baby.

You must want me bad, the way you pushed me up against the wall and pinned me there with your hand while you slid down onto your knees and started unfastening my belt. More than the way you're man-handling me (can I say that, since you're a woman?!), it's the way your eyes are locked on mine and never look away through your every move. That's so sexy, so intense, to see you look at me that way, totally possessive and powerfully controlling. I see the glint of a smirk, a hint of a smile: you know you're being naughty.

You love what you're doing to me, and the way you can see and feel that it's making me react. We were supposed to wait til later, when we got back to our room, but the parking garage was vacant at this late hour, and our teasing and laughing during dinner had apparently caused the same can't-wait-any-longer wanting in you that it created in me.

For never looking at my belt, button and zipper, it sure didn't take you long to undo them and drop them down around my knees. Exposed, with nothing but my cotton boxers between me and you, the cool night air in the garage mixes with the heat of me and your nearby mouth in a crazily invigorating and stimulating way, making me even harder. You say something about noticing me tense, but it's not a bad tensing, trust me on that.

Goosebumps arise as your fingers float up my upper inner thigh and then disappear behind the boxers and brush against my balls. Already in a heightened state of awareness, they jump and twitch at the feel of you. God, I want you NOW. You know I do, but you're having way too much fun teasing me. You reach further up inside my boxers, from the legs, and let your fingers peek up through the waistband and travel every so lightly, sexily, around the sensitive part of my stomach to my hips, where the fingers turn, curl, grab the waistband, and pulling down slowly, fully expose me.

Your eyes leave mine now, for the first time, as you sit back slightly on your legs and admire what you've revealed. In the shadows cast by the array of metal halide lights peppering the ceiling in the garage stands this statue, this rigid shaft you've created, this pulsing and hot masterpiece that waits hungrily for you. I shiver, partly in response to the cold air, but mostly in response to you.

You see me shaking, and bring your hands and eyes back to me. "Now, darling, now..."

Up Against the Wall Part 2

Aug 17th @ 5:05am EDT

As you smile again, your lips purse into a soft O of wet flesh, and your tongue draws a circle of moisture on your lips. You approach the tip of me slowly and kiss it. I gasp and relax against the wall, my legs threatening to let loose and deposit me on the floor, but your firm palm on my abdomen keeps me there.

You lick the length of me, the hard tip of your tongue starting at my sac and traversing the length of my cock, and avoiding the tip in a maddening way, you follow instead the gap below the tip, all the way around, back to where you started. How do you DO that? God, it's driving me crazy. I feel you exhale a breath of warm air against the head of this throbbing shaft, quickly followed by a pursed lip blast of cold air. The contrast is delectable. Your eyes never leaving mine, you tilt your head sideways, wrap your wonderfully soft and wet lips around the side of my cock and wet me up and start with short slow motions, just an inch or so of movement down by my balls, your tongue popping out to touch the sac your other hand is supporting. Slowly, you increase the distance you're covering with those luscious lips, an inch, then an inch and a half, then two...I feel myself growing even larger. Will you ever reach the tip of me if I keep growing this way?!

Time stands still and I forget where I am. I hear nothing but our breathing, my heart, the wet sound of your lips on me, and your moans. Somewhere in the back of my mind, yes, I heard the stairwell door clang shut, and the rhythmic clicking of heels crossing the far end of the garage, the beep of a car alarm being disarmed, a door opened and closed, then an engine started and drove away. Bless you for not stopping, for keeping focus, for never diverting your eyes from me. The lady never saw us, and we kept on. Damn, I like it when you're this bad.

Up Against the Wall Part 3

Aug 17th @ 5:04am EDT

Sliding past six inches, then seven and eight, you finally reach the tip of me, and with one more motion, you tilt your head 90 degrees, vertically, and slide over the top of me, your lips tight, your way of reminding me of how your pussy would feel to me, if I were so lucky to be plunging this hard hot shaft into that part of you right now. That'll happen, later... right now, you're fully delighting me.

Still pinned to the wall by the flat of your left hand on my abdomen, your right hand leaves my balls and grabs the bottom half of my penis in a wonderfully tight grip as you vigorously work me with your mouth now. Faster, harder, wetter and more intensely, you suck and lick and take me. Your right hand loosens its grip and falls away, so you can take me even deeper, feel more of me and my heat inside your.

You're wanting me now, too, somewhere else, and your desires show. I hear the noises you're making, and finally my control wanes, and my whole body and core shakes and heaves as I release myself to you, our eyes locked on each other, your lips still sucking and swallowing all of me, and my hands leave the concrete wall, running through your hair and grasping the side of your face.

As I finish the powerful convulsions, still hard, wet and throbby, you slide your lips back off the tip, kiss it and circle it with your tongue once more. Then you pull up my boxers, my trousers, zip, button, buckle, and finally stand. You press me up against the wall again, this time with your breasts, and I feel your hard nipples just as you feel the remnants of my steel. We kiss, deeply, and you smile. Looking me straight in the eye, you say, "Take me home, big boy. NOW!"

Together, we run to the car.

My Naughty Surprise Part 1

Aug 16th @ 6:22am EDT

I spent ages getting ready that evening. I took an hour long bath making sure my legs, underarms and pussy were completely smooth, my hair perfectly clean and soft, and that I smelled wonderful. When I was dried off, made up and moisturised, I put on all my best underwear- a black lacy push-up bra and a matching thong. I dressed relatively casually though, a coffee coloured a-line dress and a soft creamy coloured cardigan. They wouldnt be staying on for long anyway, I thought.

So now Im ready, I grab my purse, keys, phone, and makeup bag and shove them all into my leather handbag. Locking the door I run out to my car and drive the fifteen miles to your house. Just thinking about what will happen when I get there is making my pussy wet... You promised to take me out for dinner, but I know that before that happens youre going to fuck me- and I seriously cannot wait.

I pull up outside your door and check myself out in my rear-view mirror. I adjust my eyeliner and my bra, and then step out. I think of the last time we had sex, the way you didnt say a word, the way you flipped me onto my front and grabbed my hips, the way you were pulling me back onto your cock harder and harder, the way you kept stopping only to ram it into me hard... I feel a tingling sensation run through my pussy and quickly run up the steps to your door. Before I get a chance to knock you pull it open and welcome me with a kiss.

Youve obviously been expecting me- I feel the hardened bulge in your jeans pressed against me as your tongue explores my mouth. Of its own accord, my hand slides down to grab your cock through your jeans, rubbing it through the material. I feel it grow even more at my touch.

Ive got a surprise for you, you whisper in my ear, and you turn me around so Im facing the door. For a split second I think youre going to push my dress up, bend me over and fuck me right there against the door, but instead you tie a blindfold around my head and gently kiss my neck before taking my hand and leading me down the corridor.

From the left hand turn, I know we are in your bedroom and instantly feel my pussy throb for attention. You push me down onto your bed, which has a silky quilt on it that strokes my legs as I lay back. I feel your strong hands pulling mine up above my head. Then before I realise whats happening, youve tied one of my wrists to the headboard.

I think I like this surprise, I say, a grin spreading on my face. You quickly turn me over, push my dress up and spank me three times really hard.

Dont speak unless I tell you to! Say sorry. You almost growl at me, rather sexily.

My Naughty Surprise Part 2

Aug 16th @ 6:21am EDT

Dismissing my shock, I manage to whisper out a Sorry, Tom... and bite my lip. The left side of my face is pressed against the silky bed cover, and my left wrist is now twisted in an awkward position against the headboard. You fix the ties to make it more comfortable and then tie my other wrist as well. Your hands slide all the way down my back, pushing up my cardigan and then my dress to expose as much of me as you can. I feel a slight breeze over my ass and my lower back. Unfortunately, in this position you cant feel my tits, and I cant take off my clothes now Im tied up.

My pussy is so wet, and Im so horny that I begin moving my hips slowly up and down without realising it, so you grab my ass cheeks and hold them down so I cant move at all. Then you kiss all the way from my back, across my ass, down my legs and remove my shoes. Then, less gently, you pull my thong down, almost ripping it, and leave it round my ankles.

You bad girl, you say, Your panties are soaked! Your hands start stroking my ass cheeks, squeezing them, holding them apart slightly. I feel a kiss on my hip turn into a little bite. I try to raise my hips, silently begging for you to enter me with your big, beautiful cock, but youre weight is pressing down on me.

Still lying on my front, I feel a hand push my legs apart slightly and a finger start to make circles on my inner thigh, right next to my dripping pussy. Then suddenly, I feel it pushed deep inside me, making me gasp. You start to rub it against my g-spot, and I let out a few little moans. Just as suddenly as it was inside me, you pull it out. Then you are pushing your finger into my mouth and telling me to lick it clean. I do as Im told, enjoying the naughtiness of tasting my own juices on your finger.

You pull my hips up so Im balancing on my knees with my chest on the bed. I think that now you will satisfy me, now you will finally put your dick in me and let me have it all. But you dont. I feel your tongue licking the juices which have dripped down my legs, and your fingers tracing patterns around my wet hole, but not quite entering it. Then you are spreading my legs further apart and holding my ass cheeks apart too, exposing every bare, shaven inch of me. I would feel embarrassed, but its just you and I love you, so its fine.

My Naughty Surprise Part 3

Aug 16th @ 6:21am EDT

I feel two fingers finally pushing into me, and as they do I can also feel more of my wetness trickle out and down my legs. I push back onto your fingers, trying to make you go deeper, but you just draw them away. Instead I feel your huge cock sliding along my pussy and rubbing against my clit, adding your own pre-cum to my juices. I feel your cock head pushing against my hole, stretching my pussy to fit all of you in. Your shaft is all the way in now, pressing on my g-spot, and I moan loudly. I know youre going to fuck me hard, but I cant wait for you to stop teasing me, so I move my hips forward and push myself back onto your cock. I do this a few times before I hear you laugh and hold me still.

Do you want to see how good my cock looks inside of you? you ask me, and I nod frantically before whispering a Yes, I do. I hear you take a picture, and I desperately want to see it, to look at your huge dick stretching me, covered in my juices. You lean around and lift my blindfold to show me the picture, I moan at how amazing it looks and beg you to fuck me, please. You lower the blindfold again.

Then you pull your cock out of me. Disappointed, I moan and bury my face into the quilt. But I feel your hands lifting my shoulders, putting a gentle finger under my chin to lift my face. Then your cock is on my lips, and I am enthusiastically taking it into my mouth as deep as I can take it, massaging it with my tongue, sucking off all my wetness from your rock hard shaft. I can hear another picture being taken, and I want to see this one as well.

Do you want your surprise now? Youve done a brilliant job so far, I think you deserve it... you whisper. You dont wait for a reply; you just rip off the blindfold, which I see is one of your work ties. I look up at you, wondering what it could be, as you untie my wrists and lay me on my back, tying them up again. You move out of the way, and I see him stood there

His muscled arms, red hair, chiselled features, his perfect lips forming a smile- not a cocky one, but a genuinely happy smile. Lucas. Your older brother.

I have always found him attractive, always made jokes about leaving you for him, having sex with him, but they were only jokes. I never would. You even made some jokes yourself!

Do you want Lucas to fuck you? I know you like him, its okay, you can have him if you want him, you say sincerely, and I understand that this is my surprise. My brain is still trying to make sense of the situation, but my horny cunt knows what it wants; Lucas cock, all the way in.

You kiss my neck as I stare at him open mouthed. I cant even register how weird this is... Whose idea was it? But suddenly I dont care- I only know that I want him to fuck me. I need him to fuck me, hard and fast. I want him to pound me, make me feel it, make me scream his name.

My Naughty Surprise Part 4

Aug 16th @ 6:21am EDT

Yes, I whisper, I really fucking do! Now hes moving on top of me, leaning over me, and kissing me. And I kiss him back. My hands are still tied, so I just spread my bare legs beneath him. Youve left the bed now, and stand there with the camera, asking if I want to be able to see it later, I manage to whisper a yes through Lucas kisses- I want you to film every goddamn second of it. Although Im not in love with your brother, Ive always wanted to fuck him, and I now Im getting it, I never want to forget.

Im kissing your brother, eyes closed, teeth nibbling his lip. He unties me so he can undress me. He drags the cardigan down my shoulders and I pull my arms out, throwing it to the side. His strong arms reach around me holding my waist and unzipping my dress. He removes it and I raise my hips so that he can pull it down my legs. I kick it away from us. He undoes my bra with one hand and pulls my tits free with the other. I love having my tits played with, and he does it well. Better than you.

I moan and throw my head back as he sucks my left nipple and pinches the right, sending a delicious shiver down my spine. He moves back up to decorate my neck and chest with kisses, tie my wrists back up, and then down my stomach, my ribs, my thighs, until I feel his lips and tongue on my clit, applying exactly the right amount of pressure. As he licks me, he puts a finger in my pussy and one in my ass too. I instantly feel an orgasm building. I moan loudly, and see you bring the camera closer to my pussy just before I close my eyes.

Lucas pushes hard onto my clit with his tongue and moves it in circles. It takes seconds for me to cum, but the intense pleasure lasts at least two minutes. My hips buck, pushing my pussy into his face, and I feel myself squirt slightly. He licks it up, tasting me. I realise Im moaning and saying his name over and over. As I come down from the orgasm, he is on top of me again, and I find my arms, still with my wrists tied, being brought around his neck. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him in, kissing him hard. I dont even register you any more, with the camera capturing every moment.

My Naughty Surprise Part 5

Aug 16th @ 6:20am EDT

Then Lucas pushes his cock into me, looking right into my eyes, and then kisses me again. I wonder how long he has wanted this too, he seems really into it... I moan again, breathing heavily, only wanting him. He rams into me over and over, hitting my g-spot repeatedly. I cant believe how amazing he is making me feel, its so different to how you fuck me, its naughtier, dirtier, sexier. Its almost as if he knows exactly what I want and need, like he can read my expression, hear instructions in my moans and gasps of pleasure. I say his name and he opens his eyes and tells me that Im beautiful.

He pulls out, and lies back, pulling me on top of him. Im not ashamed to ride him in front of you. I sit down on his cock, taking every inch of him into my throbbing pussy. I roll my hips, forward, backward, around, tightening my muscles around his solid cock. I feel him tense his cock too, and it pushes onto my g-spot. I begin to orgasm again, so I speed up my thrusts, and hear him let out little noises beneath me. His hands reach up to hold my swaying tits and I let go. Im like a wild tiger, taking what I need. I fuck him senseless as my pussy spasms around his shaft. Im cumming on his cock, and at the same time I feel him cumming inside me as well. I moan, and rake my fingernails down his chest.

When its over, I collapse onto him, burying my face into his neck. I kiss him there. Were both panting, out of breath and spent. His cock is still hard inside me. His hand reaches up to my face, stroking my cheek. He pulls me in to kiss me, and I dont resist. I raise my hips and feel his cock slip out of me, along with a bit of our mixed juices. I roll onto my back, and he holds my right breast and kisses the left one.

So much for dinner, I think, and smile to myself. I turn to Lucas and kiss him deeply, allowing our tongues to meet briefly before I look your way.

Youve turned off the camera, set it on the chair by the window, and youre coming over. You hold my face and you kiss me too. You smother my neck in kisses, and whisper in my ear.

You look so beautiful. And then, I know that all of this was about me, letting me fulfil my fantasy, and I love you for it.

History of Emily part 2

Aug 14th @ 5:23am EDT

After putting a small top a dress her socks and shoes on she walked to the mall. Of course without bra and knickers. She had one of her small vibrators with her. Emily wasted no time she found the nearest store and started to look for clothes to try on. While she was looking she felt the urge and checked to see if anyone was about. There were but she knew they couldnt see her. Emily put her hand under her skirt and started to rub her pussy. Emily knew she had to do more so she grabbed some clothes and ran to the changing room. Within a minute Emily had her top skirt and shoes off. All she had on were her white ankle socks.
There wasnt a lock on the door as it was just a curtain to pull across. Emily was to hot to care she pulled out her little vibrator and started on her pussy. Within a few minutes she couldnt help let out a massive "OH YES" Emily didnt care she was in her own world the vibration through her you pussy was out of her control now. She now started to finger her pussy will letting the vibrator stay on her clit. Then because of all the banging and moaning the curtain opened. At 1st she didnt realise but then opened her eyes and in the mirror saw 3 woman standing looking at her lying on the floor naked with just her white ankle socks on with 2 fingers in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit.
Emily jumped up and didnt know what to do. The woman grabbed her and told her to get out. Emily didnt have time to get changed they shouted for her to move. Emily picked up her clothes and shoes and ran out of the store naked with just her socks on with the vibrator in her hand still going. As she ran through people were looking at her she didnt know what to do or where to go but people looking at her really turned her on. The soles of her socks were getting a bit dirty now because of all the dust on the floor. She got to the doors and ran round the back of the mall. She knew she should get dressed but she had to finish off. In a minute she was squirting everywhere. Then she finally got dressed and ran home.

History of Emily

Aug 14th @ 5:22am EDT

Emily is a young 18yo girl. She is very horny and loves a good fingering. This is Emilys 1st story of many more to come.

It was Thursday morning and Emily had just woke up. The night before had been very hot as it had been a heatwave so Emily had took all of her clothes off. All Emily had on was her white ankle socks. Emily got out of bed and put on her dressing-gown. She walked round the house to make sure she was alone. Sure enough she was. She dropped her dressing-gown on the floor and lay down on her the living room settee. Her young pussy began to tingle so she started to rub it. As she became wetter and wetter she slid a finger in her tight young pussy. Then the doorbell rang. Emily jumped she quickly ran across to peek out the window to see who it was.
There stood a beautiful blonde with a parcel in her arms. Emily was expecting a parcel so figured it was the post lady. Emily was so horny she didnt want to go and put her dressing gown on she wanted to go and answer the door naked with just her white ankle socks. Emily walked to the door and opened it. The womans face dropped and just starred at Emilys dripping pussy. Emily saw "Ann Summer" writen on the side of the box. She grabbed the box of the woman and ripped it open. Sure enough inside were her toys she had ordered. She pulled out one of the dildos and rammmed it up her dripping pussy. The woman could not beleive she was stood deleivering a parcel to a young girl who was now ramming a dildo in and out of her at the door. The post lady just turned round and ran she didnt know what to do. Emily finaly cummed with the door still open. She went upstaris and got dressed.

Masturbation story part 3

Aug 14th @ 5:21am EDT

I repeatd the different horn sessions on my stomech several times till I cannot control my self and taking complete horn vibrations without taking off the stomech from horn insted i just move my stomech rapidely up and down left and right with continuos honking of horn in small pauses and feeling of shivers with each honkkk---Pannnnnn......Pannnn...starting from deep insde the stomech to whole body again and again ultimately with several repeated session of horn pannnn--Pannnnn i end up with exteemely intense orgasm colapsing on horn. Another one i love train horn session in which when i honkk the train horn (single matelec long tube Air horn) the extreemely intense hummmm of Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnn----Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn---Ponnnnnnnnnnnnnn with slowly decreasing reverbration hummmm vibrates and buzzzzz whole body and i vigrously move my stomech up and down with pleasure screems some time touches the storming horn mouth where matelec vibrations enormous then again upward where the sound intensity is maximum with enormous hummmm of solid ponnnnnnn...nnnnn..nnnn.nn in the space between horn mouth and my stomech center i cannot set escape my stomech from intense horn sound vibrations ponnnnnnnn..nnnnn....nnn Ponnnnnnnnnn....nnnnn...nnnn..nn and reverbration of horn is extreemely effective that one reverbration is about to end the other new solid sound vibrations ponnnnnnnn....ponnnnnnnn comes and a complete cycle of up and down horn vibrations compleately saturate and rock my stomech deepely again and again with every switch press finaly only a single long honkkkkk of intense buzzing horn sound ponnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...nnnnnn..nnnnnn...nnnnn.nnn with long reverbration slowly decreacing vibrations stretches my whole body vibrating stomech with horn sound could not guess the end of buzzzzz with continuos feeleing of enormous buzzzzzz of ponnnnnnnnn....nnnnnn...nnnnn..nnnnnn.nnn ultimately leads me to intense orgasm. Even after orgasm i feel the repeated cycles of ponnnn ponnnnnn inside my stomech without horn blow as my stomech enriched with horn vibrations and i feel it vibrate even after orgasm the whole next day.

Masturbation story part 2

Aug 14th @ 5:21am EDT

then i lay over it as my stomach touches the horn mouth which is ready to rock my stomech and the other hand on push on button taking controle of rocking session in a rythmic way. After that i hold the power supply button and start honking the horn continuously again and again. The enormous buzzzz of intense sound vibrations directly enters into the stomach and a storm of humming and buzzing vibrations produces in side the stomach with enormous horn sound !!!!--pannnnnn--pannnnnn...Pannnnnnn---PannnnnnnnnnPannnnnnnn. the whole stomach deep
inside vibrate with the intense sound vibrations that is too penetrating and intense that I cannot hold my stomach against the horn through a complete honkkkkk of buzzing horn because of intense intolerable tingling and erotic sensation with pleasure deep inside so I honk the horn in small pulses and in between long honking like pompnpnpnpnpn-- pompompompompommmm----pommmm--Panpanpanpanpannnnnnn---Pannnnnnnnn---Pannnnnnn--Pann-PannPannn Repeatedly continuously again and again. Each time when i honkkkk the horn in a continuos rythm that will rock my stomech deep inside and take me to higher level of pleasure and near to orgasm but then i just taking a small pause in the honking horn session and take breath (during the pause i still feel my stomech vibrate like the horn is inside me) then again start repeat the same procedure with different different type and intensities of horns such as truck Air horn, Train horn, big vibra horn the extreemely intense one whose flat diapharam directely touches to the stomech and send whole enormous intense vibrations right into the stomech with rocking sensation but the train horn is mind blowingg!!!!! very very loud and extreemely intense with enormous vibrations rocking whole body with solid sound and reverbrations of Pommmmmm---mmmmm--mmmm--mm-mm-m---Pommmmmmmmmm--mmmmm--mm-mm-m only one session of this horn end up with colapsing body orgasm.

Masturbation story part1

Aug 14th @ 5:21am EDT

Since was young once i came accrose the speaker diapharam vibrations and i foud it very pleasureable when getting those vibrations on my stomech and i quickely feel a great orgasum. After that i usualy whenever get a chanse use the speaker for masturbation and play music of high basss. Once i play a music in which the sound of truck horn played as i got those sound like (Pannnnn..Pannnnnn..panpanpanpanpan..pannnn.nn) on to my stomech the vibrations were extreemely deep and pleasurable. After that i like that horn sound through speaker vibration on my stomech. I use the speaker vibrations on my stomech for masturbation quite a long time. Then one day i came accrose horn sound vibrations while reparing my jeep that was extreemely powerful and intense. I decided to try horn sound vibration on my stomech.Since then i like to performe the horn sound masturbation. First i wear the black one piece body hugging swimming costume then i took out my loud set of horn (the integrated set of cmplete horn kit)realy enormous one
and place the horn with mouth upward on my bed mattress surrounded by pillows so that little sound and vibrations comes out of my house.

Got to love

Aug 11th @ 5:01pm EDT

Girl dont steal .. report you dont the ground ..pick a .. only ..self alone telling me own.. alone make you start a star.

Alexis Jordan Chorus:
I, I'll do anything I could for ya
Boy you're my only
I, I'm gonna flip these beats on ya
You don't even know me
Cause I am, I...I don't even want to fight, fight, fight
Said I am, I...I ain't even gonna fight it

4 x
Got to love you!
Got to love you!
Got to love you!
Got to love you!

Girl Ill be alone .. insecurity
Ima start remind you .. set you free some ..
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thats why me .. girl not ready for .. check in ..
Make you lose ..

I, I'll do anything I could for ya
Boy you're my only
I, I'm gonna flip these beats on ya
You don't even know me
Cause I am, I...I don't even want to fight, fight, fight
Said I am, I...I ain't even gonna fight it
2 x
Got to love you!
Got to love you!
Got to love you!
Got to love you!

It was fine .. in your own ..
but know it around
boy you got me, you cant ignore it.

Summer Camp taboo part3

Aug 11th @ 4:57pm EDT

We all moved into the showers. I layed Gemma down on the floor and positioned my self between her legs. I pounced on her and trusted my raging prick into her deeply. In and out I went. Harder with every stroke getting as deep as I possibly could. Then Max got behind me and placed his dick between my bum cheeks. With a few attempts his huge dick now rock hard again fell into my arse. He was strong and was fucking me hard. This made Gemma cum even more knowing the strength was coming from two men in each other rather then one. Jacob was at the other end with his dick in her mouth. She was sucking him as hard as she had sucked me. I watched as his penis deep throated her, vanishing into her perfect throat. She had to take his dick out of her mouth as her body started to shake as she violently cum!

We swapped places and I lay on the floor. Gemma mounted and started to fuck me senseless. Her hot wet warm pussy in tune with my cock, and then it was me who was begging to scream. She starched my chest as she lent down from her bliss. The two blokes positioned themselves near my head on either side. I took one dick in each hand and started to wank each dick hard and fast. The boy started to quiver so I took turns on sucking each one while the other was still content with just a hand job. This multi tasking on being fucked and sucking was getting too much for me. I started to shake and scream as I violently exploded my cum inside Gemma. Just at that point the boys sprayed their cum all over my face. Gemma came down to join us as the cum dripping from her pussy flowed into my mouth. We all sat there cuddling for an hour exhausted from the orgy.

Summer Camp taboo part2

Aug 11th @ 4:56pm EDT

Then it dawned on me what was going to happen next. Max turned to me and says well bitch boy I think we could have some fun. He dropped his pants to reveal a huge 10 member, wide as my fist. Go on bitch, suck my cock. I was so turned on. Yeh then you can please me screamed Gemma I got to my knees and positioned my self in front of max. I took his gigantic knob in one hand and his balls in the other and placed my tongue on his knob. I licked the large drop of precum off of his knob, and ran my tongue up and down his member a few times. Gemma now naked positioned herself behind me a grabbed my head. I took his prick in my mouth and swallowed as much as I could. She threw me down on his knob as deep as I could. I drew it in and out of my mouth as fast as I could, getting as deep as I could get each time. I gagged a few times which only made him hornier. Jacob I caught out of the back of my eye sitting on a bench naked with his slim but long dick in his hand jacking off at the sight of my sucking his friend with the other one behind me. I got faster and faster and ten he tensed up and shot his cum right down my throat. I tired to swallow it all as fast as I could but it over flowed out of my mouth.

Gemma turns to me and says my turn. She positioned herself on a bench with my face in between her legs. With the taste of hot cum still on my tongue I tried for a cocktail licking up her pussy juices. I encircled her clit, doing figures of 8s down to her arse and then back up again. I got my tongue in her hole trying to suck her dry with the luscious taste of her wet juices. She started to scream and more let flow. Behind me I was laying flat, when I felt the strangest but nicest feeling. I turned back for a second, to see Jacob with his tongue to my ass crack giving me a rim job. He licked my manhole and I almost cum. Behind him was max now semi hard again with his finger up Jacobs ass, fingering him senseless. With this Gemma got up and pounced on my penis. She took it in her mouth and sucked my prick like a vacuum. She took it all the way down her throat and then licked my balls with her tongue. Jacob came down to join her. They both took it in turns to lick my juicy knob. Just if this couldnt get any better, ma got underneath me and licked my balls. This triple oral pleasure was almost too much for me and I was getting on to Cumming soon. The two working my knob sensed it and said, youre not getting away with it that easily.

Summer Camp taboo part1

Aug 11th @ 4:56pm EDT

There were always three bullies in my summer camp who made my life a living hell. My name is Jason and I am 18. It was my senior year and I had a few friends in places and abit of an everybodys man. There were these 3 bullies Max, Jacob and Gemma, the 3 hottest people in the senior year, and ironically the coolest. They had formed their lil band since kindgardetn and were always walking around thinking they were better than everybody else. They always picked on me though and I never knew why. I was a good looking guy, 6 ft, broad shoulders, tanned skin and a toned body as I lived at the gym but never had the balls to stand up for myself. They used to tease me and throw my lunch in the bin, kids stuff. I never knew or dreamed this would happen.

I am happily bi, and although only been with 1 guy and 6 girls still didnt deter me from my ultimate fantasy both together! We all shared gym together, the only class besides history. Last Friday nite, I stayed behind to do laps to work off sum lunch. I was all hot and sweaty and my long black curtains all drapped across my face. I went to my locker and got my towel and decided to have a shower. I stripped off naked and got in the shower. I hadnt had sex in a year, kinda dried up since I became obsessed with my fantasy. I stared down at my cock; limp begging for sum action, a flaccid 6. Then I heard sum people come thorough the door to the gym. I thought it was just the coach, so I continued on with my gorgeous shower. Then I heard to more voices; two blokes and a girl. Gemma yelled out to the others man that guy is gonna be picking that wedge outta his ass for a week. They walked towards the showers. I hoped they hadnt had noticed me, so I tried to rub the lather off of me as fast as I could. No luck they spotted me.

Oi Jason shouted Max, the biggest of the boys. He was nearly 7 ft and had shoulders to die for, properly why I never picked a fight. Jacob on the other and was my height yet smaller than me yet still had sum muscle on him, a blond compared to the brown haired Max. Well, Well, Well what do we have here, a naked little geek! Jacob and Gemma laughed, staring at me. I could not hide my naked body. I turned around to try and hide my dick. Woah geek you got a cute little ass on you havent you she said. She was gorgeous 5,5 and a huge pair of tits. I turned around to grab my towel, but they just grabbed it away. Give it back, I cried trying to cup my dick in one hand. Then it started. No said Jacob. Why should we? Coach will be back soon I tired to let out dont give a shit, laughed Max. Now I was getting worried standing their naked being laughed at. I sercretly wanted those 3 so bad. And this was going to be my chance. I was hoping this would take a turn in my favour so I played along.

Ill tell u what max looked at me with glee in his eyes. I knew this wasnt gonna be good. You let us see you properly naked and well let you go This was shock! I thought they were all straight but still this was humiliation so they properly loved it. I slowly let my dick fall out of my hands and put my arms above my head. They stared for a moment all smiling. Now can I have my towel back! In a moment said Jacob. I looked down and both boys were bulging in their pants and Gemma obviously was going weak at the knees. I wanna see you hard, wank your self off abit I didnt know whether to be turned on or cry but I was kinda cared so I let my hand fall to me knob and I started to rub myself to and fro. The 3 seemed to be enjoying themselves even more than I was.

Taken by My High School Gym Teacher part2

Aug 10th @ 5:15pm EDT

He said in a low, cold voice as he grabbed me by one arm and dragged me around the other side of his desk. He picked me up and sat me on top of his desk and then he sat in his chair in front of me. "Mr. O if I tell my dad what you just did to me he will KILL you!" I said in shock. "You won't tell anyone anything, you are going to shut up and do exactly as I tell you from this moment on." He said with a very cocky smile. He pushed my short skirt up and pulled my panties down and off. Now I was scared, he was bigger than me and no one else would be coming back to his office at this time of the day. I thought I better just keep my mouth shut, he was just trying to scare me and if I was quiet he would let me go. Mr. O started running his hands up from calves to my thighs and down again, it really felt good how soft he was doing it, my boyfriend never did that to me and I was getting wet. Then he reached between my legs and started touching my pussy lips and tracing my juice up onto my clit and giving it quick rubs. I was starting to squirm on his desk noticeably and I could see he had quite a hard-on straining through his pants. "What are you going to do to me Mr. O?" I asked still pretty afraid. "First I am going to start licking your pussy and then I will decide after that." And he spread my legs and started to finger me while teasing my clit with his tongue. GOD he was good!!

I knew I was going to cum quickly! My boyfriend was nowhere near this good and he usually had to use a vibrator on me to make me cum. I was really pushing my pussy against his fingers and tongue and then it happened I came SOOOOOO hard!! He looked up at me and smiled "Now will you promise to be a good girl for me in class?" He stood up and pulled out his cock, he was about to shove it in me, then decided to get me off the desk and have me bend over it instead. He started to pump me hard when we both heard someone trying to open the door.....

Taken by My High School Gym Teacher part1

Aug 10th @ 5:14pm EDT

I was 15, a sophomore in high school and yes I had a very bad attitude! I easily earned A's without even trying but I gave every one of my teachers such a terrible time that they probably all turned into drunks to deal with the extra stress! All except my gym teacher, he dealt with me in a different way. While my other teachers would send me to the counselor's office when I acted up, he would make me run laps or do sit-ups or push-ups, until one day he came up with a better punishment for me. I had gym last period of the day and today I was in an exceptionally bad mood, I had had a fight with my boyfriend at lunch and I was going to take it all out on poor Mr. O.

Mr. O was definitely the youngest teacher in the building, probably no more than 28 at the time and yes he was HOT, we all talked about his great bod and some of us lucky ones had caught occasional glimpses of his cock and balls through his shorts. At the end of class Mr. O told me to meet him in his office, my friends patted me on the back and said they would see me later, the boys made disgusting noises as if Mr. O was going to pump me in his office. After I showered and changed I walked as slowly as possible down the quiet hallway leading to his door, I could hear him on the phone, it sounded like to his wife he was talking in a very low sexy tone and I thought I heard him say "I love you".

I stomped on in and he motioned for me to sit down. He ended his call and went over and shut and I thought lock his door. "T all year you have been riding my ass doing everything possible to be disruptive and just a real pain, it has GOT to stop! You are such a bright, beautiful girl, why are you such a smart ass?" He continued on with his lecture while sitting on the front of his desk right in front of me. I stared at the floor, the ceiling, my shoes, my new nail polish, basically anywhere but at him which was further pissing him off. "Okay come over here NOW!"

I like it

Aug 10th @ 5:11pm EDT

I'm in a party mood :) So I give you a best party song :) Enjoy :)

Rihanna - S&M

Feels so good beeing bad (Oh oh oh oh oh)
There's no way I'm turning back (Oh oh oh oh oh)
And now the pain is my pleasure cause nothing could measure (Oh oh oh oh oh oh)
Love is great, love is fine (Oh oh oh oh oh)
Outta box, out of line (Oh oh oh oh oh)
The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more (Oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

Na na na
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, (Na na na come on) like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it

Love is great, love is fine (Oh oh oh oh oh)
Outta box, out of line (Oh oh oh oh oh)
The affliction of the feeling leaves me wanting more (Oh oh oh oh oh oh)

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care,I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

Na na na
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, (Na na na come on) like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it

S-S-S & M-M-M
S-S-S & M-M-M

Oh, I love the feeling you bring to me, oh, you turn me on
It's exactly what I've been yearning for, give it to me strong
And meet me in my boudoir, make my body say: Ah, ah, ah!

I like it, like it

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me...

Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me

Na na na
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, (Na na na come on)like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it
Come on, come on, come on
I like it, like it

My friend left me with 2 guys to satisfy part2

Aug 10th @ 5:08pm EDT

I senced Karl had been watching for a time then I felt his hands easing down my already damp panties while I sucked Jon's cock. He pushed them down to the floor and as he lifted each foot out of my panties he replaced them so my legs were slightly apart. His hands tenderly slid up the insides of my legs and I was finding it hard to keep sucking Jon as I began to breath heavy. Karls fingers reached my shaven pussy, running back and forth over my clit then gently parting them to feel the folds of wet skin. A finger pushed into me, then 2 fingers and I could no longer suck Jon's cock as I moaned at the feel of his fingers working in and out causing my juices to flood his hand. I glanced behind just enough to see his naked leg and hip moving closer to me realising he must have stripped off himself while I was sucking Jon's cock.

He took his fingers out of me and other fingers joined in to part my wet pussy lips and I felt his hot bulbous head start to ease its way in. I was gasping and moaning as at first it teased me then it began to slide deeper in. A final thrust brought a muffled scream to my lips as Karl grasping my hips started to move with long deep strokes. Jon sat up and held my shoulders to steady me, raining kisses over my face as I gasped and shuddered as Karl increased his speed, pumping harder and deeper. It didn't take long befor I felt Karl's body stiffen as he exploded deep in me, feeling him spasm as shot after shot of his hot cum flooded into me. We stayed together for a few minutes catching our breath befor he pulled out leaving Jon holding my shoulders.

I was about to stand up when Jon said that I should kneel on the bed over him as it was his turn and he wanted me to ride him, Although I was still catching my breath I was in the mood for more so I positioned myself over Jon's erect 8" and he guided it in as I lowered my hips for his cock to enter my very wet pussy. I began moving my hips forward and back, up and down as Jon thrust his hips up to meet me. Karl stood watching as sometimes I lost my balance, putting my hands down onto the bed beside him, he would reach up and grasp my tits squeezing them, giving me a quick kiss befor pushing me back up for me to ride him more. He was gasping 'yes, yes, yes' as I soon felt him shoot his load of cum into me, as I lifted off him I could feel his cum running down my legs, I lay beside him breathing heavy, our bodies wet with swet in the heat of the room.

Karl left the room and I heard him start to take a shower, after a while Jon and I jaoined him. The water felt so refreshing as we all mover round in the shower, soaping each others bodies and rinsing it off. Out of the shower we started to towel each other down which brought a feeling of lust on again. Each of them fucked me again standing in the bathroom, Karl first, while Jon stood next to me holding and kissing me, Karl lifted one of my legs up nearly onto his shoulder until I was almost doing the splits stood on one leg. My pussy spread wide, he entered me with long slow strokes making it last for a long time until finally he cum again. Jon also took his time as I sat on his hips, my legs wrapped round him and my back against the cool tiled wall, thrusting into me hard but slow until he could hold back no longer.

I showered again while the made cool refreshing drinks in the lounge. We all made love again later befor I fell asleep exhausted, waking up next morning to find them gone. I didn't explain to Claire what she had missed as not to dissapoint her but the way I was walking next day she must have gussed that I got up to something.

My friend left me with 2 guys to satisfy part1

Aug 10th @ 5:07pm EDT

I have just come back from a holiday in Spain with my friend Claire, we are both 19 and had gone together in an appartment for a week of sun, sea, sand and sex. One night we decided to go to a nightclub we had heard was very good, so I wore a short red dress which was backless, the front coming up and tied behind my neck. I had brief red panties on but couldn't wear a bra with it, Clair wore short hotpants and a brief top.

We arrived at the club about 9pm and mingled into the crowds of people of all nationalities, around 10pm 2 German guys asked if they could dance with us and buy us wine. As the night went on, we danced and drank and chatted and they introduced themselves as Karl and Jon, guess in their mid 20's and both fit with a athletic build. Sometimes I danced with Karl, othertimes with Jon as we both fancied both guys we decided to leave it up to them to choose who partnered who later.

About 2am we said we were going to leave and to our delight they offered to walk us back to our appartment. The air was cool outside after the heat of the club and as we all walked down the street linked arm in arm, Claire quickly became unsteady on her feet having drunk a bit too much wine. By the time we reached our appartment we were carrying her, manoeuvreing her up the stairs into the appartment and onto the nearest bed where she lay totally smashed out.

I appologised for the state she was in and thanked then for helping me to get her back here and moved forward to Karl to thank him with a kiss. Instead of a quick kiss, Karl held me tight kissing me long and hard on the lips, then moving to Jon, he did the same to my suprise, as Jon and I broke the kiss Karl was saying that he thought they should stay a while to see Claire was ok. I had barely time to agree with him befor he pulled me against him tightly kissing me with more passion, his hands running down my bare back and cupping my ass through the thin fabric.

By the time I was kissing Jon for the second time, thoughts were racing through my mind that this is what we had planned, but not Claire out on the bed and me with the 2 guys, not that I was going to miss such an oppertunity, so I quickly responded to Karls next kiss, our tongues meeting and our bodies pressed together. Moving onto Jon to show my affection to him, I felt Karl close in behind me kissing my neck and his hands working round my body and feeling my breasts through the fabric.

I knew what was happening, where it would lead and was enjoying every second. Breaking off the kiss with Jon Ifound them stood either side of me, with my arms round each of their necks, their hands were free to feel my body through my dress, my breasts being squeezed and massaged and hands under my dress, carressing my ass. I was able to turn my head from side to side to kiss each guy, then Karl moved round infront of me as Jon moved behind, I was sandwiched between them and I could feel erections bulging in their pants pressing against me. Both Karl's hands were on the front of my dress as we kissed, then I could feel Jon undo the fastner of my dress behind my neck, letting it fall onto Karl's hands as Jon began to kiss my neck. Karl broke off the kiss as he felt the front of my dress fall onto his hands, he lowered the material until it was hanging from my waist, exposing my 32" firm pointed tits sticking out. The feel of his hands carressing them, his fingers running over my hardening nipples sent a tingle through my whole body. I threw back my head, pushing my tits forward and a long moan escaped my lips as his tongue and lips teased my nipples.

Jon moved close again behind me kissing my neck and throat, I could feel his bare chest on my back, I realised he must have stripped off his shirt as his hands slid down my sides and began easing my dress down over my hips until it dropped to the floor. He must have taken his pants off too because I could feel his hard shaft restrained only by his boxer shorts pushing against the brief panties covering my ass.

After a short time I was lead through to our second bedroom, glancing in at Claire who was asleep in the other bedroom oblivious to the extacy I was about to endure. Jon lay on the bed telling me to stand at the side and get out his cock, I bent over and lifted his waistband over it, as I pushed his shorts down his legs I couldn't take my eyes off it, at least 8" of hard thick throbbing shaft sticking up with a bulbous purple head glistening. Placing one hand on the bed to steady myself, my other hand wrapped round his shaft, I leaned forward so my tongue could run over its head and around the top of his shaft while my hand slowly moved up and down. Jon was groaning how wonderful it felt as my lips circled the purple head gradually taking it deeper into my mouth until it was touching the back of my throat, repeatedly drawing it out and sucking it like a lolly.

Lunches but More Part 1

Aug 9th @ 6:22am EDT

She felt great! In fact she felt alive again. No more school. No more homework for a while. No more teachers handing out what the school called Justice Under God notification, not that she received many throughout high school, but regardless, high school was over. Shed graduated last night and if she didnt want to go to college, she was finished altogether. However college was another thing. She told herself she wasnt going to worry or even think about that, about college until next week though shed been thinking about it all year long.

Yeah, she knew what her parents wanted. Right now though she didnt care and she knew she didnt about their thoughts at all. The feelings she was having were too good to be true. Free as a bird flies right now the light hearted young lady said to herself while stepping out of the bathtub.

At first, she started to grab for the towel. She stopped a second. She didnt grab it. She didnt care at all as she turned to look at her naked body as it shined brightly in front of the bathroom mirror. She stood frozen looking at her facilities. Melissa smiled at her image. She wanted it to be wanted by many a young man. Her amenities, her bodily parts were very likeable in her opinion as she smiled at herself in the mirror.

Only two months ago she was 17, but now she is 18. She felt great about that as well. Again, she grabbed for the towel, yet stopped short of taking into her hand. There she stood naked and looked at herself in the mirror noticing that her left boobs was just a hair higher then her right one. Hmmm, she thought, I never noticed that. She touched them. She smiled too. Small yet firm she liked their size regardless and continued standing there looking at all of her naked body in front of the mirror. She smiled some more as she gazed upon her body which in fact soon developed a grand smile for the ages.

This girl, this young lady, stood at five foot nothing. Yes, she is adorable and that is for sure. Having turned 18 only two months back, she stared at her petite figure and kept on staring at all of her small bodied partitions as well.

Yep, shed just graduated last night and knowing everyone was gone that day she knew she was going to do nothing but play and goof around at home. Melissa was all alone today. Melissa was in a very good mood while hosting an adorable smile to boot.

Still she hadnt grabbed that towel yet. She didnt need to wrap herself up in it today. Instead she stood naked and fully comfortable with the door fully open and simply looked at her small bodied figure in the bathrooms large mirror. She stared at herself for a bit longer while she kept on looking at all her attributes too.

Yes, she stood there, peering at everything about her short diminutive body and thought about life as well but before she knew it she found herself humming some silly little tune she knew and smiling more and more. She didnt care about college. She wasnt going to work this summer either.

However out of nowhere and for some very odd reason he popped up into her thoughts.

Huh, what she told herself as the smile suddenly vanished. Of all people, her former teacher cropped up into her thoughts, and she had no idea. This perplexed her as she saw his face and his short bodied frame and also that smile of his she so liked also. She thought about him some more. Still she didnt know why. She could hear his voice. She could hear it as if he was there talking to her right then. Still she didnt know why of all people hed come to mind.

Huh? she said aloud. Uhhh now thats weird isnt it. Why would I think about him of all people? She shook her head. Yes, she did like him. She liked him a lot.

Now seeing as she stands only five foot tall this petite young lady kept looking at herself in the mirror. As she did she kept on thinking about him of all people. Melissa still didnt know why. He kept on cropping into her thoughts and as she did visions of him came nearer and nearer as if he was just outside the front door. Nooooo, she knew better. She knew he wasnt there. Once she rid herself of him, she again looked at her own body, but out of nowhere he again popped back into her thoughts. That smile was gone. She kept on trying to look and studying her small assets but visions of him in her head had ruined that. She knew she liked him. Yeah, she knew she liked him a lot as people go that is.

Still naked she again looked at her tits. Okay so what if they were small. She knew they were. She never was bothered by that too much taking into consideration all her friends had always had bigger ones. She looked at the rest of her body for instance her tummy. Yep, it was relatively flat. She liked her hips. They gave her a bit of nice curvature to her figure she thought. She smiled and went on to gaze at the remainder of her figure. Her hips appeared sizable enough or so she told herself they were and then of course, she turned around as best she could, and she peered over her shoulder. She looked at it finally. She looked into the mirror and checked out her ass. The smiled finally came back. Mmmmmm, I do like my ass she thought.

The smile finally grew immensely. Yep, she really liked her ass. However, she truly liked all of her tiny figure. Yep, although Melissa had one short body, it had all the makings of a classic figure she had told herself. She had come to the opinion hers was a hot and shapely looking body, especially her ass. She knew that because all her girlfriends had told her so. She had swiftly learned to love her ass. So she was proud of it.

Plus, its the only one shes ever going to have right? Thats why she was smiling.

Everyone in the house was gone that day. Her parents were at work and her brothers were doing something else. So, Melissa had the house all to her lonesome self. It was a good time to goof off and that is what she was about to do. She resolved to do nothing but mess around that day. Seeing as she wasnt working this summer and she had no plans to either this was a summer of enjoying herself, if she could, and to the very end.

She knew she still had a little time to decide on a college if she wanted to go that is. She had maybe a month to do it. But today all she was going to do was mess around.

However, she was still naked and standing in front of that mirror. She was still staring at herself when she finally perched her eyes on those smallish tits of hers. Once she did, she began wondering when her man would come along. Doesnt almost every young wish this she wondered? Okay well not all women but she went on to think you get my drift right and then she smirked at her image.

She had learned to appreciate every minute aspect of her petite frame. She had come to know it quite too well also. Yep, some guys liked it shed been told while others liked her for her. Right then and there, none of it mattered for today was her first free day of her life, maybe, and seeing as it was a day to play she knew what she was going to do. She knew how she was going to spend part of it that day.

First off, maybe Ill go and spend it in bed. Maybe Ill go and and she smiled some more as she went on to say please myself and with that she rubbed her shaven pussy and smiled all the way back to her bedroom.

She hadnt even pulled out the hair dryer. She didnt even allow herself to properly address that short placid hair of hers. She brushed it out but that was it. She walked back to her room and took her time, putting on a bra and underwear and sat down on the bed.

Seeing as she was in no hurry she initially went online and looking up some dubious information. Having spent a few minutes doing so, before she knew it her hand found her pussy. Melissa closed her eyes and reached in and around it and felt the soft silkiness of it as she fingered herself more and more.

Before too long, her fingers were up inside herself and she went in further. She went in with one but another followed. With two fingers inside herself, she leaned backward so that playtime had formally become official. Soon the breathing slowly became more intense. She seemed to finger herself more intensely as it all went on. Smiles came and went as those fingers moved about the soft but growing wetness surrounding the innards of her pussy. Her breathing increased. It all appeared to sound louder too. Her body moved about the bed as her ass came up and ascended into a momentary stage of remaining off the bed as she masturbated. Spending that time playing around some, she enjoyed herself more then she thought she ever could that day.

The orgasm felt great.

She dropped to the bed and lay in her panties and bra. Her breathing gradually slowed down as she laid on the bed. She felt soooo muchg better now she told herself as she suddenly started to think about him of all people.

She shook her head. She thought about him at the head of the class, teaching, and speaking and that adorable face and smile. Now that she had stopped fingering herself she soon felt relaxed. She thought about his face and body some more. She knew she liked it. She simply wondered what if?

She thought about his voice as well. She thought about that smile of his too. She knew she loved that smile. She even thought about his short frame too. Yeah but why of all people would she be thinking about him? Why of all people was she thinking about Fr. Dennis? It didnt make any sense at all. Why Fr. Dennis, she asked herself again. Why him of all people she wanted to know.

She did not know why as she shook her head.

As she lay contented in her bed her thoughts continually returned to him. Okay, so what if he is short? He is sweet. She knew that of course. He is one the nicest and even the youngest priest shed ever known. Shed heard he was like only 24 years old. Shed never known a priest to be that young she told herself.

Still why is it, she asked herself, that she had been thinking thought about this guy? She shook her head. She shrugged her shoulders. She tried to understand why she was thinking about him. She had no idea. And then she heard his voice ring out in her head. As well his smile, his laugh, and his cute short frame stuck out too.

She smiled but still didnt know why.

However she had to agree Okay, he is the sweetest guy around. He is the nicest guy I know too, and then she smiled too.

Overall, Melissa is known to most as a sweet young lady. Many people that know her generally liked her too. In an odd way she always felt this weird attraction to Fr. Dennis but never in a sexual way. No, never in that way at all, and she knew that for sure.

Why, she really didnt know but she didnt. It was also a worthless thing to speak about anyway. Hes a priest. Priests of course dont ever get involved with women; this is of course except on committees and stuff. No, they dont shed reminded herself. Still he remained in her thoughts.

Finally, she got dressed. Finally she sat down with her laptop on the bed. She decided what the hell. Look him up online. So she started to try and pull up his name, researching anything she could about the guy.

Yeah, priests are humans too, she said aloud and with that she tried looking up his name. She found a few things but nothing out of the ordinary. For the most part it was pretty uninteresting. Heck, she had nothing else to do she finally told herself.

Regardless, later on that night, with three months left before college started, she and her parents talked. What, you want me to work? Heck, I mean I would have gone and put in applications a long time ago. She tried arguing but it was losing a lost battle. What if its only part time work? she exclaimed.

They told her that would be at least something. So within a week or so she had found a job working part time as a clerk at a large drugstore. Working afternoons, shed see a number of people come in.

Some people she knew but out of nowhere one hot and hazy Thursday afternoon of all people, he came in. Oddly, she felt way too excited for words. She didnt know what to say. But she was the one to call out to him saying Hey good afternoon, Fr. Dennis.

He turned and saw her, smiling one of his perfect smiles or so she thought. He walked over and they talked. It made her feel special. He was without his usual vestments. She on the other hand wore a short sleeved, button down collared work shirt. She kind of liked what he had on. Also wearing a collared short sleeve button down shirt, it made him seem so normal, so natural too.

He was wearing that smile of his, the one she so liked too. Stretching from ear to ear had her especially adoring his features. She found that his smile seemed to allow his eyes to shine. They spoke a while and she found he came there often. Seeing as she worked there, she kind of found it to be cool. He went and got his stuff and came back. They talked a little more. He finally cashed out and said goodbye.

Before she knew it, he was back in at the end of the week.

Turns out, she found out, he was the gopher of all the priests who taught at the school.

Before too long theyd seen one another six times and all within three weeks too. She found she loved seeing him come in. She didnt know about what he felt but maybe he liked coming in too. She wasnt sure but it seemed theyd always talk. Hed always stop, say hi, and spend an unusual amount of time gossiping.

It didnt matter. They talked about everything, almost. Thats what led her to thinking about him more and more. He was soooo easy nice, so easy going too. He is soooo sweet she told herself. This guy she thought was the nicest and most pleasant guy she knew.

Lunches but More Part 2

Aug 9th @ 6:21am EDT

She started thinking about him a lot. One night, before she knew it, she was alone in her room. It was late, around 11:30. She was online, again. She didnt realize it at first but she started thinking about him. She thought about him when he came into the drug store. She liked that he came in and they talked. It was cute. Shed began thinking about him much more then she ever realized.

She smiled. This, seeing him often, had become a pure pleasure for her. Seeing the adorable 24 year old Fr. Dennis, she started telling herself, on the days hed come to the store was fun. It was neat. She liked him. She found she liked him much more then she let on. Before she knew it she went and closed her door. Heck, everyone was in bed anyway, werent they?

She sat down on her bed again and tried to relax. Melissa closed her eyes and thought about Fr. Dennis. She wished he wasnt a priest she said to herself. She smiled. She touched her boobs, although her shirt was still on. From there, while still thinking of Fr. Dennis, she wished and wanted it to be him doing that and so she rubbed them a little more. Melissa squeezed them but needed a little help.

She undid her shorts and pushed them down a little, feeling the sensations she was starting to have. She continued to smile as it all happened and let her fingers and her hand run down into and over the lips of her clitoris. She leaned back more and more, falling to the bed and relaxing as she did it. The hand ran itself over the lips. Mmmmm, she thought as she pictured him in there, in her bedroom, and feeling her pussys lips.

Quietly as she could she said, Ohhhhhh Father, feel me down here.

With that, she fingered herself again. Her fingers ran slowly but they ran deeply creating a wet sink hole of sorts. The luscious tight layers of her pussy surrounded her fingers. She moved them in and out as her ass, once again, moved up off the mattress. She smiled, again. She knew for sure she was feeling him in her and wished he was but knew it was all a fantasy but also knew she was enjoying it nonetheless.

She came. She came quickly. It felt great. She wished he knew about it too. Ohhh I soooo love to masturbate, she said. If only he knew it too.

She couldnt wait to talk with him again. She couldnt wait to see those eyes of his, that adorably cute short frame. She couldnt wait to see his invariably sweet, outgoing, and personable mannerisms shine the way they do. He always was warm as ever as well. She even found herself going home at night, more often the not, and go into her room and start to play around with her pussy and her tits and with him on her mind.

One day, out of nowhere he came in. It wasnt anything special she thought. They said hi. They talked. Both were happy, and she was eager, to see on another. When he checked out he was in a rather great mood. He was more cheerful then ever or so she thought he was. He appeared to be in this celebratory kind of mood.

So it surprised her when he asked Hey Melissa I have a question for you. She listened of course. How would you feel if you and I had lunch one day? He went on and said only lunch and nothing else. In his mind he had told himself something else. Okay, I know it. I shouldnt be asking you but you are a darling cute girl. I sure wish I could tell you that too.

She was flabbergasted by the invitation. She jumped at it too. Ohhhhhh Fr. Dennis, Fr. Dennis, she thought. Oh heck lets do more then that Fr. Dennis. Let me do lots more then that, she told herself as she stood there behind the counter, smiling away. Id do anything with you she thought as her heart rate beat faster and faster, suddenly.

Okay she wished she could say, while thinking a bit longer then usual. You, a priest, a man of god, asking me out she told herself. Of course Ill go out with you, Dennis she said, instead of calling him Fr. Dennis.

Wait a minutes Father, she finally said. Uhhh is that even allowed, and then added, a priest having lunch or whatever with a woman? Is that uhhh permissible?

And he told her sure it is. That its only lunch and nothing else.

She smiled right into his eyes and looked at him too. Well, why not? She was over exuberant about it all. I guess so. Sure, Id love to. So uh where would you like to go anyway? she added as her body filled with an emotional heat of an extraordinary kind.

Before she knew it, she was aroused by the offer of lunch. She jokingly asked herself if they could go to a hotel or something like that. She soon became even hornier. She couldnt wait until night time fell so that she could be alone, so that she could be in her bed for that matter, and so that she could masturbate once again with that knowledge following her around. Heck yes, Ill go to lunch with you. And so, she was horny for the next two hours, until she got off of work, and then home. Yes go home, she thought where she wished she could take a bath, and where she knew she could masturbate, freely. Yes, she knew that, but then again there was family to deal with and sometimes they were a pain in the ass. She knew she was being a naughty as she thought about it.

They agreed. Hed take her to a small restaurant. It was outside of town. She hadnt heard of the place but shed find it she told him. He told her how to get there. When she got home, fantasies galore exploded inside her head. That night was another night of delirious and improper thoughts about Fr. Dennis and her. Those thoughts soon led to ideas of erotic impropriety and before she knew it, late that night she again successfully masturbated. Doing her pussy, with her vibrator, brought on two orgasms that night and total delight danced all around her head as Melissa enjoyed her body more then she ever had with knowledge she was soon going out with Fr. Dennis.

That was a fun night. She woke up, refreshed. She woke up happy as ever. A smile adorned her cheeks almost the whole next day. Life was good. She was going to lunch with Fr. Dennis. Her and Fr. Dennis, she kept telling herself.

They went to lunch. She was thrilled about it too. They talked about everything. She was enthusiastic too. She soon fell in love with this guy, a priest, and her former teacher also. Shed asked herself why did he have to become a priest. She didnt know why. To Melissa she felt it had to be a bad career decision. She could easily think of many, many other things this young man of god could be doing.

Like laying with me, in bed, and stroking me and talking to me while he did many, many different sexual things with me. As he talked on, she thought mmmmmm, take me to bed. Yeah, take me to bed and well you know do all sorts of manly loveable things to my body Fr. Dennis. Just take me to bed, will you?

Lunches but More Part 3

Aug 9th @ 6:20am EDT

She got home and from lunch and soooo wanted to pull off the singlet shed worn. She thought about it. Was this too slutty looking she wondered? She then felt a little guilty about how she looked to him, knowing shed worn it, and seeing as it announced the size of her boobs maybe a little too much. She wasnt sure but she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. Okay yes, they did seem more noticeable then usual.

Seeing as he is a priest, a man of god would he even pay that close attention she asked herself? As she stood there looking at them, her breasts she still smiled happy about their size nonetheless. Yes, she liked her breasts well enough. She liked their size too. No, they werent marvelous looking, but she liked them. They did look cuter then cute in the singlet she had on too and she wished hed thought so as well.

Ohhhhhh Dennis oh Dennis, she whispered I wish youd touch these," and she reached up to feel their size once again, smiling as she did so.

However, she knew better. Hes still a priest. She knew that well enough and priest just dont pay that close attention to woman like that nor will they pay that close attention to her clothing or her body for that matter.

Well I wish he did, she went on to say, quietly. Yes, I wish he did, and from there Melissa wanted to play some more, but didnt at this point

It was almost midnight. Yep, everyone was in their rooms and her parents were sleeping of course so she laid down and removed almost all of her clothing. She soon relaxed. As she did she listened to the sounds of the house. Nobody was rustling around in it. The night soon became later and soon enough she took off her bra. She reached in and soon enough had hold of her vibrator. With her bedroom door closed and locked, she pulled aside her panties. A smile came to her lips and she turned it on. Mmmmmm, she thought as she rested it down on her pussys lips. Before too much longer, Melissa was masturbating relentlessly. There he was. Right in front of her. Smiling, undoing his shirt, taking off his shirt, whipping off a t-shirt next, and finally his trousers too.

Thats it Dennis. Take them off too, will you? she asked aloud as the vibrator snaked over the lips of her pussy.

A few days later, he was in again. A typical return to the store or so she thought, he came in wearing his classical smile and she seemed to think his eyes were all lit up as well. Hiiiii Melissa, he called out and she said hello to him in an unusual almost too immature manner too but it was all good. I had a great time the other day at lunch, he went on to say. Hey care to do that again some time?

Todays as good as any, she quickly replied.

Uhhh today wont work but tomorrow will. I have things going on today, but he asked if she had an email address which he eagerly wrote down and gave to him.

He pocketed it. She was happy about that. He told her he could go to lunch, if she was open to it, on any number of days excluding any prior convictions. That evening, he sent her a list of days he was available to go out to lunch. She saved that email, happy to go out anytime he wanted to.

Hi, he said at the diner theyd met at. She was all smiles and said hello back to him.

She wished they could hug but knew better, knowing it probably was inappropriate. She wished they could sit closer together but knew better too. They had a two hour lunch and then she asked, Wanna take a walk?

He looked at his watch and said yes. They started to walk at the nearby park. As they walked and talked, he came out with it by saying You know Melissa. I have to tell you something. It floored her what he said, I think these lunches have to stop.

She stopped walking and turned to face him. She was becoming too attached and too attracted to him and so she said, What, why Fr. Dennis why?

Well because Im concerned about, how should I put this? Im concerned about certain uhhh feelings I believe Im beginning to have for you or towards you. I can not have these he went no to say.

Like what are you talking about Father? she said, wanting to know. She hoped they were similar to hers because hers, she knew, were of a very erotic nature.

Well Melissa its just that, I dont know how to put this, but I feel I am having somewhat personal feelings for you.

Lunches but More Part 4

Aug 9th @ 6:19am EDT

He stopped walking this time and she did too of course. They looked at each other. She looked right into his eyes. Hers accidentally began welling up with tears a little. She wasnt able to control it. Yes, she did feel something towards him. She felt a lot towards him too. She knew that but it wasnt ever clear to her that someday all that would end. All those nights shed masturbated while he was in her visions as she did only created a greater need, a greater desire within her to have him, physically with her. That was clear to her of course but as far as he was concerned he couldnt have her and didnt know about her feelings at all.

I was thinking about our last date, about last night even when I emailed you. He closed his eyes and then opened them, I thought, well I thought I felt certain feelings towards you and I know, for a fact Melissa, I can not have those. I just cant. They frighten me Melissa. I just can not have these emotions I am feeling.

What feelings, Father? she said, astounded at what he said, but knowing well of what he was really talking about. Father, can I ask you another question? and he said yes. Do your uhhh feelings you say youre having involve you and me uhhh being together?

She paused a moment and looked right at him. He looked right back at her. She then said as she tried to smile Do your feelings involve you and me in some kind of uhhh, I dont know, but an intimate moment together? Do they huh, do they? she went on to ask.

She could tell she hit the nail on the head. He knew better but still he nodded his head. With some tears in her eyes, she found a way to smile a little more as she went on to say Yes Father, me too. I also have uhhh some feelings uh some emotions like that I think. Yes Father, sometimes I do too. He was shaking his head and trying to deny his feelings as she said it all. But Father, personally, I like the feelings I get. In fact Father, I love them. Uhhh, the feelings I get, the feelings Ill have, well umm theyll get me all turned on Father. They do and I dont care either. I get all and she stopped a second and then said I get all aroused. I become almost and as she told him he stood listening to her explain herself as he also became a tad emotional about his feelings too.

Nooooo he cried out. Ohhh nooooo no Melissa he went on to tell her as he closed his eyes and shook his head, We mustnt, I cant. I cant do this with you.

Why not Father? These are natural emotions between a man and a woman. They are Father she tried saying. To become romantically involved with a woman, and I am a woman, arent I? and with that Melissa did something unexpectedly.

Melissa lunged at him, putting her arms around his neck. She tried as best she could to kiss Fr. Dennis on his lips but he didnt kiss her back. He actually tried fighting her off him as he pushed her away. Still she wanted to kiss him on his lips but he wouldnt allow it and fought her off. Finally, she let go of him and he looked at her as if he was offended.

Didnt you want to kiss me, Father? she asked.

Ohhhhhhh yes, I wanted to kiss you. Yes, I wanted to kiss you for a number of days now Melissa but as you know Im a man of god. Im already married and and she cut him off.

I dont care, Father. I do not care. Why didnt you kiss me? Its a great, a really great experience, Father she said. I want to kiss you. I do want that more then anything in this world. Kissing is awesome, Dennis. It really is she went on to say, calling him Dennis for the very first time. I soooo want to kiss you. She raised her voice and went on to say Ohhhhhh Dennis, kiss me. Kiss me. I want that, and other stuff, more then anything in the whole wide world Dennis. I do and wish you did too. You have nooooo idea how much I want to be with you, physically, and emotionally too. I want us to be naked together, Dennis. I want to tell you all my deepest darkest secrets in bed where you and I can be naked with each other.

Stop this, Melissa he cried out as he shook his head. Just stop it.

Lunches but More Part 5

Aug 9th @ 6:19am EDT

However she didnt stop. I want to do all kinds of things with you, physically Dennis. I do, I do ohhh god Dennis I soooo want to do all kinds of dirty playful things with you. With that he saw her start to cry. He never saw a women ever cry like that before in his life. The two of them stood alone in the park as he watched and listened to her cry some more.

Finally she stopped her crying but went no to tell him I so want you. I want your naked body. I want you against me in bed. I really do Dennis. I so want to see it without clothes on. I want to play with it Dennis. You have no idea of the things we could do if we were naked. You have no idea how much fun that could be she added. I think about you a lot too. Guess what? I even masturbate and Im thinking about you when I do it too.

Stop that Melissa, he said sternly.

However she didnt stop and went on to add Do you do ever do that? Dont you ever think about doing that, Dennis? Have you ever, in your life, masturbated huh? she asked. I do. Ill see you naked. Ill watch you undress and right in front of me too Dennis. Masturbating is a wonderful thing to do. But if you didnt, Id help you. I would you know she went on to add as he stood listening to her for some ungodly reason. Dennis, I want us to lie down naked. I want you and me to do all sorts of naughty naked things together and things of an unspeakable manner, Dennis. Would you like to do these playful and naughty things with me sometime?

Ohhhhhh Melissa, no nooooo oh my lord above, no! With that he started to turn but before he did he added I must go. I have to leave Melissa. I must go and I must go now. I, I can not do this any more. I can not be with or around you whatsoever. I cant, I cant ohhh Melissa I just cant and with that he walked away.

She watched him walk away.

She stood there watching him. She watched him walk away swiftly. Suddenly she started walking towards him. She walked swiftly as she did. Father, hey Father she called out. Stop Father please stop she cried out, but he didnt stop. Stop she called out again, but he kept on walking on. She started to break down into tears once again but then yelled out This isnt the end of it Father. I want you and I know you want me too. she said.

Back home she so wanted to masturbate but didnt. Not that night she didnt for she wasnt in the mood at all but she knew she wanted him or at least some kind of communication with him at least. So she got on line, while alone in bed, and she sent him an email and apologized saying she was sorry. When she thought about him she knew she wanted him, terribly. She knew that for sure. She really wanted to start masturbating too but still she wasnt feeling it at all.

Still she hoped for an answer by tomorrow from him and with that she said before going to sleep Ill have him. I dont know but hell want me. I just dont now how soon hell want me but well be together. I know we will.

Debbie The Cumslut Part 1

Aug 7th @ 5:38am EDT

Debby was 19. She was a sophomore at the local state university. She was a brunette, five feet six inches tall, and weighed 119 pounds. She had size 35C breasts, long slim legs and a face that boys and men had dreams about. She was also a groupie.


Debbie made a habit of attending as many rock concerts as she could afford and doing whatever was necessary to get into the group's dressing room backstage after the show and hopefully spend the night with one or more of the lucky guys.

Tonight Debbie was going to a concert featuring a group known as Death Warmed Over - not the kind of guys you'd bring home to mother, unless of course your mother was Morticia Addams.

As she dressed for the evening, she went over in her mind the usual plan of events. She always bought one of the 'cheap seats' tickets, because she usually managed to trade sexual favors for a spot down front. Most of the security guards and roadies who frequented the large arena in town had enjoyed a quick but very satisfying blow job from her. This way, she nearly always got to the front row. She wore a loose fitting blouse that hung over the waistband of her short denim skirt.

Tonight, seeing as how the crowd would be more sleazy than usual, she went overboard - she wore stockings and the highest pair of high heels she had, killer shoes with four-inch heels. The skirt she had chosen was a tight, short affair. It stopped at just about the tops of her stockings, so the garter-straps and clips showed. This new style was especially erotic and on Debby's long legs the nylons were even more appealing.

She slid the tight dress up over her garter belt and pulled the blouse down over her bare breasts. No panties, no bra. She was sure to get the attention she wanted tonight. Applying more than the usual amount of makeup, eyeshadow and lipstick, she certainly looked the part of a woman in search of sex. And sex she was sure to get.

Standing in line outside the arena as the crowd of kids jostled around, the excitement in the air was evident. Debby could sense the stares and leers of the males in the crowd and enjoyed the attention. She always went to these concerts alone. She calmly waited as the line she was in slowly made its way past the ticket taker and went through the usual search inside the arena - the city was pretty thorough about getting most of the booze and firecrackers off the kids as they came in.

The big black security guard at the door eyed her up and down and said in a voice loud enough for everyone 10 feet around to hear, "I can see this little girl ain't got nothin' hidden on her!"

Debby just smiled at him and licked her lips with her tongue, teasing the man. Nonetheless, he made sure his hands brushed across her breasts and down her hips. The touch of his hand made Debby's nipples begins to peak and stiffen. She wandered the halls a while the opening act played. She didn't want to get there too early and have a latecomer push her back, the way she usually did to the legitimate front-row patrons.

Debbie wandered down to the ladies room and had a few cigarettes, shooting the breeze with some other girls and in general just enjoying the atmosphere. Most of the girls expressed amazement at her outfit, but several said they had seen the style and were just waiting for someone else to wear it first.

Finally the opening act finished to the obvious delight of most of the crowd. The house lights came up and the local radio station came on over the huge speakers and started blaring old Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith tunes. A haze of tobacco and hash smoke hung in the air.

After killing some more time standing around the entrance to the lower level area, Debby could sense when there was about 15 minutes until "DWA" as they were called, would take the stage. She fluffed her hair, straightened her skirt and inspected the picture. Everything was fine.

This would be a piece of cake.

She strolled down the short flight of stairs and out onto the floor of the arena. Folding chairs had been set up over a thick plywood floor laid over the basketball court and ice-hockey area. Several security guards stood around the front of the stage, which was raised about 8 feet above the floor level.

An iron railing had been raised that was set back from the stage about 10 feet. This area was reserved for roadies, tour photographers and others with official business. No paying customers where allowed here. Most of the front row seats were occupied. In all the clatter and noise of the time, Debby never noticed the security guard come up behind her and lightly touch her arm.

"Excuse me, I'll have to see your ticket for this area." Debby turned quickly. He was new. A tall, fresh looking guy about 25 or so, with thick brown hair and a nice smile. Obviously he hadn't been doing this very long. Debby just let him wander up and down her body with his eyes. He grinned at her.

"I don't have one." she said nonchalantly.

"Well, I'm afraid you'll have to leave then, this area is for ticket holders only. There's no standing room."

Debby looked him right in the eye. "Can I suck your cock for it?"

"W-what!" the guy stammered, blushing furiously.

"I said can I suck your cock for it - let's go somewhere and I'll blow you real good and then you let me stay up front here!" Debby almost shouted at him.

The guy looked at her a second, debating the obvious choices in his mind. Finally he looked around at the crowd and then down at Debby.

"OK, babe, I think we can work it out. Come with me."

So saying, he took her arm and they walked around back behind the stage and off to the side. A small passageway led out to one of the corridors normally closed to public traffic. He led her to a small closet just down the hallway and the two of them went in. He flipped the light on and pushed her in ahead of him.

"No funny stuff. All you get is a blow job, man," Debby said.

"No problem. You look like the type who loves to eat cock."

"Yeah, well I might. How's yours?" she shot back.

"You tell me." he said as he simply unzipped his trousers and fished his rapidly hardening cock out. Average in length and girth, Debby was pleased, but not overly impressed. "Now how about that head?" he said, putting his hand over her head and pressing down.

Debby let him push her to her knees. She grabbed a bunch of towels and cloths to put under her knees, not wanting to get a run in her stockings just yet. She leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, but then pulled back.

"Just a sec - I don't want to get cum all over this blouse." she said as she shucked the light garment over her head. Clad now in just the stockings and skirt, she reached around the man's ass and pulled his cock into her mouth. "Ok, big boy, get ready for a blowjob you'll never forget."

Whatever else you might say about Debby, you'd have to admit that she knew her craft. She pulled the man's entire shaft into her mouth and worked over it with her tongue, teasing and pulling on it. She wasn't here to make it last or have a good time - she wanted to have this guy blow his wad and get back to the concert. She let him reach down and tug on her nipples, growing them into tiny peaks of ruby red flesh.

"Yeah baby, suck that cock, make it good. That's right," he said, one hand on her tit and the other behind her head, pulling her onto his shaft. Debby reached up with one hand and fondled his balls through his pants, twisting and turning them, churning up the load of cum she hoped would soon be arriving on the inside of her mouth.

"Shit, honey, that's real good, you're gonna get me cumming in no time," he panted. "Yes, yes, yes, take it all, take it all!!" He thrust roughly into her lipsticked mouth, looking down at the girl on her knees before him. The older security guards had said this would happen occasionally, and that is was one of the unpaid fringe benefits of the job. They were right.

Debbie The Cumslut Part 2

Aug 7th @ 5:37am EDT

Debby pulled roughly off his cock just as she felt the tremors of his orgasm begin. Grabbing his cock tightly just behind the head she looked up at him and swallowed roughly.

"You can cum in my mouth, but don't take it out and whip it all over, OK? Cum in my mouth, I'll swallow it."

The guy could only nod his head. She bent to re-envelop his cock with her wet mouth and released her grip on the shaft. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed his hips forwards, sinking his cock all the way into Debby's mouth and let go a wad of jizz that slimed over her tongue and down her throat. Debby took over, sucking and drawing the load of semen from his balls.

Several strong jets of cum struck the back of Debby's mouth and she dutifully swallowed as the amount grew. Again the guy pulsed and again she swallowed his creamy spunk. Tightening her lips over his cock shaft, she slowly pulled up and off him, drawing the last few beads of cum from his cock.

Popping her tightly drawn lips off the shiny head of his cock, Debby looked up at him from her kneeling position. The guy was swaying back and forth on his feet, still enjoying the marvelous feel of the orgasm he'd just had. He popped his eyes opened and looked down at her.

"That was pretty good. You must have had a lot of practice."

Debby cleared her throat of the last dribbles of his sperm and said "Yeah, I've been sucking cock since I was fourteen. Most guys say I'm pretty good at it." Wiping her lips with the back of her hand, she smiled up at him and, reaching for her blouse, got to her feet and slipped the blouse on back over her naked chest.

"OK, I fulfilled my part of the bargain, let's go," she said quickly, grabbing his hand and walking swiftly out of the small room and back up the corridor towards the stage area. He let her walk in front of him, eying the sway of her tight ass in the short skirt.

Once out into the crowd again, Debby walked up to the middle of the seating area just off the front of the stage, and turned to the guard.

"Here, take this - in case anybody else hassles you," he said quickly, handing her a small slip of paper from his jacket pocket. Debby glanced at it. It was a small ticket stub with 'Front Stage Pass' stamped on it, with the date and time added in longhand. "It's a pass we use in case someone legitimately looses their ticket or we need to issue another one for a VIP or something - it's good all evening."

She thanked him and watched as he turned and walked away.

Debby could still taste him in her mouth, and her breasts were aroused and tingly with desire. She usually loved giving head and eating cum, it made her feel slutty and sexy. She ran her tongue around her lips and made sure that her makeup and hair were still presentable.

Soon enough the house lights dimmed, the kids started cheering and raising the usual ruckus and smoke and lights filled the air. Death Warmed Over hit the stage with their current hit, 'Teenaged Honey' and Debby found herself scanning the guys in the band for an obvious target. Like most rock and heavy metal bands, the guys were skeletal thin and had very long hair.

The bass guitarist had tattoos all over his chest and a wildly frizzy hair-do. He seemed more interested in watching his shoes than anyone in the crowd, so Debby looked past him at the singer. He seemed a likely target, with his wildly flowing blond hair and requisite skin tight leather pants.

Debby noticed with satisfaction the large tube of flesh shoved down the inside of his right pants leg. He seemed to seek out and sing to the females in the front rows, and when he looked Debby's way during one song, she tried to make real eye contact with him and send some signals.

But the singer just looked at her for a few seconds, then moved on to the next person in the crowd. Debby wasn't even sure that he noticed her at all. "Shithead" she thought to herself over the din, "time for plan B." Plan B was calculated to get one of the guy's attention, for sure. She waited until the guitarist was screaming through one of his patented gymnastic solos, his guitar held down between his legs, hands flying up and down the neck and over the body of the instrument. He fell to his knees near the front of the stage, near Debby.

He looked straight at her while coaxing the agonized notes from his guitar, bending the strings and gyrating to the music. Debby locked on his eyes and quickly grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up to her neck, exposing her large and shapely breasts for all around to see. The others near her in the front rows were occupied with watching the group on stage, not her, but the guitarist certainly saw her charms.

Debby could tell he noticed and liked what he saw, because his face broke into a huge grin. She dropped the blouse to cover up and smiled back up at him. He nodded in recognition and, as if suddenly remembering where he was, ended his solo and went on with the song the rest of the group was performing. Later during the show he managed to work his way over to where Debby was several times, hoping for another shot of her tits.

Debby knew that if she showed them again, she took a chance of either causing a riot down among the front rows or getting booted out by the management. Each time, though, she made some little movement that let the guy know she wanted him - she swayed her hips to his music or rubbed her tits through the blouse.

Debbie The Cumslut Part 3

Aug 7th @ 5:37am EDT

During one especially close moment, she took her index finger and pointed to her open mouth with it - the universal sign among groupies and rock stars that she wanted to suck his cock. He noticed it immediately and Debby could tell he got it - his cock swelled the front of his Spandex pants out in a noticeable bulge.

The show went on without incident, and the group did the usual encore and crowd-pleasing pyrotechnic finale of smoke bombs, Roman candles and laser lights. As the show came to a close, Debby quickly hurried out and down past the back of the stage into the subterranean corridors she knew so well. She made her way around to the lower-level dressing rooms.

Several people were wandering around in the area, mostly either members of the road crews of the two bands, arena employees, or other hangers-on. Debby noticed several other girls who she knew were here after the same thing she was - rock musician dick.

Quickly circling around the corridor Debby came to the door to the main dressing room. She'd been here many times before. This time, as usual, the door was blocked by a huge, burly roadie, a black man easily six foot eight in height and 270 pounds. He looked at her and sniffed, "Ok, girlie, just keep on going, nothing here for you tonight."

"I wouldn't be so sure, man," she snapped back with the confidence gained from dozens of these confrontations. "What's it take to get inside?" nodding her head towards the dressing room door.

"Well, above all a backstage pass, which I see you ain't got, or you bein' a member of the band, which you ain't, or you bein' someone invited in there by someone, which you ain't, cause there ain't anyone in there."

Debby looked up at him seductively. She was sure he had been in this situation hundreds of times around the country, always guarding the group from the swarm of fans anxious to get near to them. But she was equally sure that she could get to him - she had always been successful in the past.

"Aw, c'mon, let me go in. Promise I won't make a scene."

"Nope. Just move along," was the grunted reply. Debby thrust her chest out just a little more and licked her lips.

"Is there anything I can do to get in there, you know, fuck you or something?" This question usually got one of two responses - either the roadie laughed in her face, or he took her up on it. When they laughed in her face, which was seldom, to be sure, Debby usually figured some other way into the dressing room. But this guy just looked at her for long seconds. His eyes bored into hers. Finally Debby blinked and looked down.

The roadie chuckled from deep within his chest. "Ok, girlie, tell you what. You're better lookin' than most of the pussy that comes sniffin' round down here. If you can suck me off, and get me off before the guys get down here, you can stay. I'm sure that they'll know what to do with you too." Debby thought to herself that she already had one load of sperm in her belly, another one wouldn't make that much difference.

While he spoke, he turned and unlocked the door and motioned her inside. Debby flushed and ducked under his arms and into the dressing room. Like the usual backstage areas she had seen, this one was strewn with clothes, food, paper, a couple of acoustic guitars and other miscellaneous junk. The aroma of grass hung in the air. Debby walked a few feet into the room and turned to the roadie.

"What's your name, stud?"

"Roger." The black roadie wasted no time. He unzipped his pants and walked up to Debby, pushing her to her knees in the middle of the room.

She nearly knelt in an old pizza carton with two greasy slabs of pizza in it, but brushed it away before her knees hit the floor.

"You want pads?" he asked.

"What?" Debby answered, mystified.

"Knee pads - standard equipment for the band. I seen them get half a dozen or so girls here each night and the chicks get sore knees from all the cocksucking."

Debby answered with a snort. "No, I don't need 'em. I've been doing this long enough so I get by OK." So saying, she reached into the man's pants and fished around for his cock.

Now, Debby had seen quite a few cocks in her short life; white ones, black ones, short ones, fat ones, long ones, thin ones and thick ones.

But as she wormed the tube of flesh out from behind its' confining cloth, her eyes widened.

"Now this is a COCK!" she thought to herself. In proportion to the rest of his body, it really wasn't all that large, but to Debby's small white hand, the black log seemed huge. It was too big around for her fingers to fully encircle it, and not even erect seemed nine or ten inches long.

"Jeessus man how big's this thing get?" she laughed up at him. "I'm not so sure I can take this whopper in my mouth."

"Suck it, or get going, bitch, we ain't got all night." She felt his strong hands at the back of her head, pulling her face towards his cock. Debby shifted on her knees and moved her jaw around, loosening up her facial muscles. The cock hardened under her pumping hands. The plum-shaped head gleamed in the light and a tiny drop of wetness appeared at the tip.

Debby leaned forward and licked the spot off, enjoying the thrill and appreciating the throb of desire that she felt move through the cock. She opened her lips and kissed the head of the cock, swabbing it with her tongue and spreading her saliva over the already wet tip of the cock. Her hands circled the shaft poking out of the man's pants and started jerking the cock, the smooth dark skin sliding over the blood-filled shaft with ease.

Roger had his hands firmly around her head, fingers entwined in her hair. He moved his hips forward to shove more of his hard cock into her mouth, and Debby accepted the movement, spreading saliva over the rigid tube of flesh. Her tongue swirled over and around the shaft and about 5 inches of the shaft invaded her mouth. She swallowed roughly and tasted a few drops of salty pre-cum.

"Oh yeah, baby, keep doin' it, that's real good" Roger spoke gruffly. He increased the length of his strokes, feeding his hot cock into the woman's mouth with ease. He was kind of surprised that she could take so much, but he wasn't aware of Debby's past experience.

Literally hundreds of feet of cock had traveled the slippery route over her lips and tongue and into the top of her throat, inches after inches adding up to feet and multiplying many hundreds of times. So Debby was no amateur at the cocksucking business. In fact, she prided herself on the ease and delight with which she could swallow almost any cock presented to her.

As she sucked the shaft, Debby continued to stroke and jerk the cock that was gripped by her hands. She knelt on the floor and applied both hands to the shaft outside of her face, pulling up to her lips and pushing back down until her hands touched Roger's wiry pubic hair.

She occasionally let one hand drop down and caress and fondle his balls, which hung loosely in their confining sack of skin. The amount of saliva she generated soon began to overflow her lips, and drooled down over her bottom lip and chin.

Debbie The Cumslut Part 4

Aug 7th @ 5:37am EDT

Debby had to pull off his cock for a second to get a deep breath, and while she did, she kept the tip of his cock at her tongue, stroking and pumping all the while. She looked up at Roger with smoldering eyes, noticing that he was also fascinated by the sight of her down there, worshipping his cock.

"You like to suck dick, eh, girlie?" he asked, watching the slim white woman jerk his coal-black cock at her face.

"Yeah, I guess so. My boyfriend seems to like it," she answered noncommittally, taking the time to swallow some of the accumulated juices that had gathered in her mouth.

"Well, you just keep it up, 'cause I've got some nice hot black cum for you to eat. You swallow?"

"If you want. 'sall the same to me," she responded. "Or if you want you can cum on my face, that's cool too."

Roger couldn't believe his ears. Here was this cute little college girl, on her knees before him, sucking his cock and telling him it was fine with her if he ejaculated on her pretty face. He'd always wanted to try that, but had never met a woman who seemed agreeable. But now his chance had come.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's what I'll do, I'll blow my wad all over you if you want. Just keep that stroking, I'm getting close now...." he breathed roughly. Debby did so, stroking his cock more and more rapidly, licking the head and kissing it with her pursed lips, sucking the drops of rapidly increasing pre-cum off and swallowing them. Then she felt Roger begin to shudder.

"Yeah, baby, that's it, cum for me, cum for Debby, blow that jizz on me now, I want it," she whispered, knowing the words would excite Roger even more. Her hands sped back and forth on the black cock, the tip just inches from her mouth. Suddenly Roger jerked and a long stream of white cum flew from the head of his cock, diving right into her open lips.

Caught slightly by surprise, Debby coughed lightly, spitting the cum back out over her lips, where it started to drool down. She kept on jerking the cock. Another shot flew out, landing across her nose and cheek. She aimed the cock higher and the third jet spun across her forehead and into her hair.

The force of the semen began to lessen, and the next spurt dripped weakly out onto her cheeks. Debby rubbed the spitting cockhead over her face, feeling the sperm leak out and drool over her skin. As the eruption slowed, she popped the head of Roger's cock back into her mouth and sucked with all her might, drawing even more hot salty cum up through his tube and into her swallowing mouth.

Finally Roger stepped away from the girl on her knees. His cock hung down, drained. Debby looked at him, the streamers of cum lining her face beginning to slide downwards over her lips and chin. She swallowed, gulping the three or four jets of cum that had found their way into her mouth. Drawing in a huge breath of air, she shivered and whispered, "God! That was something else! All that cum on my face."

Just then the door burst open with a rush of air and noise and the five group members entered their dressing area. The sight stopped them in their tracks. Roger, one of their road crew members, was standing there, his shrinking cock hanging out of his pants, dripping saliva and cum. A cute girl in a mini-skirt and blouse knelt on the floor just feet away, her face lined with cum. Debby gasped in astonishment and flushed red, embarrassed at being seen like this by the entire group. Roger was silent.

"Jesus Christ, what the fuck is going on here!" yelled the singer.

"Holy shit!"

A cacophony of voices suddenly filled the air, the jeers and taunts of the group directed at Roger and the girl. Debby got shakily to her feet, wiping the cum from her face as best she could. She stammered "Ah.. hey g-guys, good show you just put on..." She hesitated, but no one spoke. "Now it's my turn, OK? My name's Debby, and I'll fuck and suck you all."

(It might be wise now to introduce the group members, for those of you unfamiliar with them. The guitarist who seemed so intent on Debby's tits was Ed. He had long black hair and wore tight black jeans and a short fringed vest. The singer was Larry, and his long wavy blond hair flowed down over his shoulders.

He was tall and beefy and, to most women, the most attractive member of the group. The bass player had kind of stringy long brown hair and was named Ted. The drummer wore his hair in a ponytail and had a brown beard and mustache to match. His name was Bob. He had a maniacal look on his face.)

The guys wasted no time. Quickly they locked the dressing room door and spread pillows and cushions on the floor, spreading away all the collected trash, sheet music, amplifier parts and other miscellaneous junk that had collected there. Ed stepped up to Debby and said "I want to see those tits again, they were fantastic!"

Debby colored, but nodded to him and, crossing her arms, lifted the hem of her blouse up over her head. The other guys in the band whistled appreciatively when her breasts came into view. Large, very round mammaries sported full nipples that were stone hard already, poking out almost a half-inch in erection.

"Yes, in-DEED, very nice," said Bob, stepping up next to them and bending down to suck one nipple into his mouth. Debby pulled his head to her chest and closed her eyes, moaning softly. Ted stepped over and ran his hands over her hips and down her skirt. He knelt and slid one hand up her leg underneath the skirt.

"Jeesus, she ain't wearin' any panties!" he exclaimed, when his wandering fingers touched damp pubic hair. He moistened the tip of one finger in his mouth and slid it back under Debby's skirt, insinuating it up into her slit. Debby moaned again and threw her head back.

"Yes, yes, finger my clit, do it now," she whispered. Ted was only too happy to oblige, as he insinuated his forefinger into the warm, moist area at the top of her slit where he found the exciting little nubbin.

Debbie The Cumslut Part 5

Aug 7th @ 5:36am EDT

Meanwhile, Bob and Ed continued to suckle at her breasts, and Debby held both their heads to her chest like an earth mother. The two men slowly lowered her to the floor, resting her head on a large sofa cushion and pulling her legs out straight. Ted unfastened the hooks of her skirt, and raising her hips, Debby allowed him to pull it down over her long, slim, stocking-enclosed legs. Again the guys whistled as her lower body came into view.

"DAMN, that's one fine cunt we got here" grunted Ed as he began loosening his pants. The other three men followed his lead, and soon all four were naked. They knelt down around the woman offering herself to them, and for the next few minutes, Debby was in heaven as four sets of strong hands stroked, pulled, tweaked, rubbed and caressed her sweating body.

"C'mon guys, I need a fuck badly, let's get it on," she said, pulling Ed's face to hers and kissing him deeply. He maneuvered around and grabbed her stockinged legs, hoisting them up over his shoulders. Her hips rose up off the floor as she pointed her pussy at him. Ed held his cock and rubbed the head of it over her slit, wetting it with the juices she was producing.

Finally he could wait no longer, and with a tremendous grunt, slid the entire length of his cock right up her pussy. It hit bottom and Debby squealed, "OH GOD YES, DO IT, FUCK ME!" And she began moving her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Not to be left out, Larry and Bob moved up, kneeling on either side of her head. Debby looked up and saw the two glistening cockheads poised over her face. She reached up and fisted each of the shafts, opening her mouth to rub her tongue around each of the flared heads. They began leaking pre-cum, which set her taste buds on fire and pushed her further on down the road to the sexual heights.

"FUCK YES, call me names, I'm a SLUT, I'm a COCKSUCKING WHORE!" Debby yelled, surrendering herself to the feelings of delight coursing through her body.

The men groaned and began taunting her.

"Yeah, you bitch, suck that cock, I'm gonna pump a load down your throat."

"Wow, look at this bitch suck, she loves that shit, look at 'er go!"

"C'mon baby, suck me off, you want that cum, don't you?"

"Yes, I'm a cock-sucking, cum-loving slut!" she responded enthusiastically, slurping on the cocks. Ed continued fucking into her slit with vigor, sliding the length of his cock in and out with sure strokes.

"Yea baby, suck those cocks, make 'em cum down your fucking throat, eat some cum for dinner!" he joined in.

The four of them continued on for several minutes, Debby sucking and stroking the shafts in her face alternately, slurping down the leaking juices when she could. Suddenly Ted, who had been watching and stroking his cock silently, chimed in.

"Hey, I bet this bitch'd love to get ass-fucked at the same time. Let's go!" The others agreed, over the minor protests of Debby, who normally didn't like her rectum invaded by anything larger than a tongue or finger. But she was too far gone to put up any real protest.

Ed straightened up, popping his glistening cock from her snatch momentarily. Ted lay on his back, holding up his rock solid shaft. The guys picked up Debby under her arms and bodily moved her over the grinning bass player.

"NO,NO, I'm dry, get it wet, get it wet!" she mouthed almost incoherently, but the guys were in no position to stop and get her ass channel lubed up. They positioned her over Ted, who grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. He could see the tiny dimple of her anus and slowly they moved the woman over the target until his cock was resting just below her asshole.

Debbie The Cumslut Part 6

Aug 7th @ 5:35am EDT

"READY, SET GO!" they yelled almost in unison, and virtually dropped the girl's body. Debby shrieked in pain as the shaft invaded her dry hole. "OH FUCK!" she yelled as the guys began screwing her every which way but loose. Ted leaned her back over him and Ed moved down to slide his hard cock up into her pussy. Now she had both shafts wholly in her body, and she quickly orgasmed from the full feeling. Larry moved up and straddled her chest, his cock pointing straight at her mouth.

"You know what I want, girlie, suck this cock!" he grunted and pulled Debby's head towards his stomach. She opened her mouth involuntarily and felt his shaft slide over her lips and bulge into her mouth. She was fucking and sucking with three guys! She'd never believed she'd ever do this, and here she was, getting cock thrown at her from every angle.

The cock in her ass was finally lubricating that dry channel enough so that the pain went away, to be replaced by a slight discomfort and a very nice feeling. The cock in her pussy savaged her womb, sliding back and forth. Ed reached down and began sliding his fingers over her clit, setting the rockets in Debby's head off once again. She quaked through a couple of orgasms as the guys continued to pound their cocks into her. They were slightly rough, but Debby enjoyed it nonetheless.

Bob moved up and grabbed one of her arms, placing her hand around his cock. "Jerk on it, honey, just jerk on it for me." he commanded. Debby began sliding her fist up and down his shaft, occasionally pausing to angle her head over to it and spit out Larry's cock and suck mightily on Bob's. The quartet went on for several minutes, the guys grunting with the exertion and Debby squealing through the meat in her mouth in ecstasy.

Finally Ed spoke up. "Ok, bitch, it's time for your bath now. Hope you can swim, cus we're gonna drown you in cum. Let's go guys, let's give it to her. "

So saying, he uncunted his cock. Larry pushed her up off his ass, the POP of his cock echoing around the room as her bruised asshole was finally shed of its fleshy invader. Bob and Larry stepped away, and the four men lowered her to the floor. Debby pulled the cushion up behind her head and looked at them expectantly. All four were standing over her, stroking their cocks with frenzied speed. She could see they were close to coming.

"W-What're you gonna do?" she asked somewhat timidly, worn out from the dozens of climaxes she'd enjoyed.

Without saying a word, the four men gathered around her head. The four pricks were all within a foot or so of her face.

"Whaddaya think?" rasped Bob, "we're gonna shoot all over your FACE, slut, and you're gonna enjoy it too!"

"OHGOD YES! YES!" was all she could reply.

Suddenly the men started cumming. Larry groaned and arched his back and pointed his cock directly at Debby. A stream of cum shot out and landed across her cheek and nose. The next jet hit her square in the left eye, blinding her momentarily. Debby squealed and opened her mouth. Larry shot again, and a white line of cum flew out and disappeared into her dark oral cavern.

Then Bob started cumming, and he directed his spasming cock, spraying Debby's face with his hot load. Larry dribbled the last of his cum onto the top of her head, then rubbed his cock in her hair.

Meanwhile, Bob was still shooting, watching ropes of cum land in strings across the pretty girl's face. Her right cheek and jawbone had several strings of cum dripping down. One line neatly bisected her nose and up between her eyes. Then Ed started. It seemed as if the guys timed it so just as one finished, another started. More cum flew out towards the target face, and Debby opened her mouth again to capture the milky fluid. Several strong jets streaked across her tongue and coated her teeth.

Finally Ted grunted and groaned, and his cock erupted, bathing her face with his sprays of jizz. Ropes of semen flew out, criss-crossing her waiting cheeks and lips, painting her forehead and nose. Her eyelids now had several drops of cum on them, and the eyeshadow began to run and turn a milky blue.

Debby laughed and giggled and groaned as the guys pumped out their cum on her.

My Project with the Teacher part 1

Aug 6th @ 5:38am EDT

My plaid school skirt rolled up a bit higher, my blouse open at the top three buttons, a pink bra that matches my baby pink g string...the one i had mom take me buy specially for my History teacher after yesterdays events in this very class room on that very desk. I stepped in the room with a wider than usual smile that day as i saw Mr. Love sitting there with his feet proped up on his desk as he skimmed thru some papers. Today i took in more of his features, noticing his unshaven and scruffy chin, his tosseled hair that looks like he just ran his hands thru em and headed out the door, his collared button shirt seeing the top two buttons undone...he peered out over from his papers and winked at me, the blush that painted my face was probably red enough to been viewed from mars.

Seeing that i'm the first to enter the class i head to my desk and notice's that Mr. Love's gaze following me, watching me with a new smile on his face. Taking out my books a pencil falls to the floor and i stand with feet planted shoulder length apart, and bends down with my ass in the air allowing him to view my new g string. Slowly rising picking up my pencil behind me i hear papers scatter, turning i see that the papers he'd been reading we're all on the floor. Grinning and being the good student, i went and helped him pick them up.

"I see you went and got my favorite color, after school you'll be leaving them behind" his voice softly whispered as his fingers gently grazed over mine. Quickly glancing around the room making sure it was still empty, i leaned in and kissed those precious lips of his. His fingers glided from my hand up to my new g string under my skirt and i moaned into his mouth. Smiling wide at me and grinning as his fingers discovered how wet i was already. Gathering his papers and standing in time as the bell rang and the rest of my classmates started to take their seats as they poured into the room.

Throughout the day i couldnt sit still, i had a hard time focusing on my books and eyes kept glancing up at Mr. Love while everyone was working...our gazes meeting and holding for a second and then breaking away. I noticed that Mr. Love kept looking at his watch and to the clock on the wall, then to me and a slight smile curling around his lips. My thighs kept rubing together all day sitting there...squeezing them feeling my pussy wet all day, i was sure that by the time i left this chair the seat would be soaked. Somehow i made it thru the day, and the last five minutes of school all i did was watch the clock. The ring of the bell letting out school today was the most wonderful sound of the i got to be alone again for a second session with my History teacher.

I sat at my desk as everyone left, Mr. Love stood at the door way seeing everyone out then shut and locked the door. Soon as i hear the lock clicked i jumped out of my seat and sat on his desk, my legs crossed with my skirt showing up my thighs. I watched as he walked to me, looking at his crotch and seeing that he's now excited for me seeing me sitting here waiting for him. Without saying a word he stepped infront of me, his hands on either side of my face, cupping it in his big soft hands, and his lips pressing hard to mine, our tounges eagerly seeking out the others, our kiss hungry and hard, my leggs parts open wide allowing him to step in closer to me, my hands working the belt on his pants, and the button then the hands clumsy taking a lil longer than i wanted to open him and expose him once more to me.

His hands leaving my face and trailing down my neck and over my shoulders, finding their way to my breast, squeezing them firmly in his hands. Down from my breast they trail and strokes my sides thru my shirt, down to my thighs and under my skirt back to my new baby pink g string. His fingers stroking over my mound thru the g string, then down to the wet spot that my pussy has left behind from the days excitement. My hips instinctively rocks to his fingers, wanting and needing them to penetrate me. Our lips still locked in a hard hungry kiss. His thumbs slide under the strings at my waist and pulls down the g string as i lift my ass up allowing him to pull them down over my ass and watches him as he bends and slides it over my knees and down my legs. Standing infront of me with my wet g string in his hands, raising it to his nose and takes a long inhale taking my scent and moaning.
"Get down and get your things, i got a lil surprise for my favorite student"
"may i ask what that would be Mr. Love?" i grinned as i slide down from his desk

My Project with the Teacher part 2

Aug 6th @ 5:38am EDT

"If i told you it wouldnt be a surprise now would it... hurry Ashely i cant bring you home too late now." he said as he gathered his things and unlocked the door. We both hurried to his car and i sat in the passenger seat. Once we were away from the school, i spread open my legs and started to play with myself rocking in his chair. Moaning as he drove, his eyes watching me then the road then back to me...his right hand slide down over my wet pussy and he slide two fingers in there slowly rocking them in and out letting me rock and grind on his fingers. His thumb stroked over my clit which made me push back in the chair as i grinded to his hand. My head rolling side to side my eyes unable to remain open, the only sound emmitting was my moans. As if he could read my body knowing how close i was to cumming he pulled his fingers out and removed his thumb from my clit and i groaned.
"not yet, plus we're almost here" he said as i opened my eyes and looked as we pulled into a motel. " go and head up to room 224 and sit on the bed and wait for me"

"mmm yes Mr. Love, please dont make lil ole me wait too long for you" grinning i grabed the key from his hand and ran my lil ass up to room 224. Rushing into the bathroom and freshened up a lil, making sure my hair was presentable and that looked sexy for my next lesson from the best teacher i've ever had. Hurrying then heading back in the room and flopping down on my front, leggs up kicking as i find the remote and flip thru the channels as i await Mr. Love.

The door opens and Mr. Love comes in with a bag and a grin on his face. Stepping infront the t.v and turns it off. I smile up at him as he leans down and kisses me. " mmm stand and strip for me" with his words said he sits on a chair in the corner of the room, sliding off the bed i stand infront of him, my hips swaying as i start to unbutton my shirt, sliding it off my shoulders and letting it fall...with my fingers i slowly unfasten the front of my bra and lets it fall around my feet, turning my back to him my hips swaying, my hands sliding down over my breast, pinching my nipples and pulling on them. Eager Mr. Love pulls me to him and lifts my skirt, exposing my ass to him, startled as i feel his tounge trail between my ass cheeks. As he licks up and down my ass his hands pulls down my skirt feeling his tounge rise off my ass just long enough to let the skirt pass and he replaces his tounge to my ass. One of my hands squeeze and pinch my nipples while the other slides down to my pussy and starts to rub my clit.

My Project with the Teacher part 3

Aug 6th @ 5:37am EDT

I feel his finger stroke over my pussy lips, gently pushing in between them and sliding into my wet cunt, never taking his tounge off my ass. I feel now both his hands firm on both sides of my ass and starts to spread them open, i moan out as i feel his tounge lick and probe about at my ass hole. "oohhh fuck" i moan enjoying this new feel of his tounge.
Rising up behind me i turn and face him and starts to frantically undress him, my fingers unable to do anything right in such a desperate hurry, fumbling as i work off his buttons on his shirt and pulling and tuging it off his chest, my hands drawn now to his pants and i struggle trying to work his belt open, seeming like forever to open it, it gives way and now my hands pull at his pants and the button flies off and he laughs watching me in such need of the prize that lies locked behind all these buckles buttons and zipper. Tugging his zipper down and pulling down his pants and underwear at once, my mouth immediately over his cock as it springs out. My tounge licking up and down his shaft and licking over his balls, the tip of my tounge licking up his shaft and back over and around the head, sliding it into his slit at the top of his cock.

Hearing his moan i know that i'm doing it right. I wrap my lips around the head and sucks softly on this beautiful head, my tounge swirling around the tip. My hands stroking up and down his cock and my fingers caressing his balls. Gently his hips rock, guiding himself into my mouth. My spit glistening his cock. The taste of precum coating my mouth, causing me to moan and bob my head faster over his cock, taking him in as far as i can without gaging. I feel his hands in my hair, and lifts my head off his cock. Licking my lips i look up at him, hunger in my eyes.

"mmm such a lil vixen you are, but you wont be having my cum in your mouth today"

"please Mr. Love i want to taste you and feel you fill my mouth.." i groan and beg, but instead is brought to my feet and guided to the bed. Lifting my light body you place me in the middle of the bed and grabs your bag. Digging into your bag you pull out a dildo, and starts to rub the tip over my wet pussy, slowly working in the tip into my soaked cunt, my hips rise and arch up off the bed to it. I start to moan and beg, unable to keep quiet, you reach back into your back and pulls out a big blue ball with straps attached to it on either side. You tell me to open my mouth and i open wide as you place the gag in and strap it behind my head. Now my moans muffled you start to work the dildo deeper into me, my body squirming and arching up off the bed to meet each stroke of the dildo.

My Project with the Teacher part 4

Aug 6th @ 5:37am EDT

Smiling you leave it in my cunt and turns me on the bed and puts two pillows under my pelvis, proping my ass up to you. You spread my thighs open and strokes the dildo a few more times into my pussy and takes one of my hands and has me work the dildo slowly in and out of me, you reach for the lube in your bag and dribbles it over my ass and between my cheeks, feeling your hands at my ass and spreading them open, you reach for my free hand and has me hold one side of my ass open to free your own hand. Now your cock in your hand i feel you rub the tip over my now lubed ass and back and forth over my lil hole. I whimper as i feel the head probe in and out of my tight hole. I cry out, but its muffled with the gag. My body shakes as i feel his cock slowly taking my ass, letting the tip stretch me a lil at first then sliding a lil further in each time. I cry loud into the gag, as his cock stretches my tight hole, taking his width and now finally his full length in me...sweat beading our bodies, afraid to move for the pain of my ass being stretched.

"ohhh sweetie, i bet you didnt think my cock would be up in your ass today did you?"

I shake my head, tears slowly sliding down my cheeks from the pain of being stretched so wide. My ass opened for him now, I feel him ever so slowly start to rock in my tight ass, my hand back to working the dildo in and out of my pussy. Hearing his moans of how tight my ass is over his cock and how he loves it drives something in me wild and the pleasure of the dildo working on me i start to rock riding the pain learning the pleasure of both together. I feel his big hands grip my shoulders and starts to thrust harder into my ass, my hands now stretched out above me on the bed, abandoning the dildo as i enjoy each thrust into my ass, feeling his balls slap against my wet pussy. His thrusts become faster and harder, he reaches and unties the gag and tosses it aside and leans down over me, his chest pushing me into the bed, my head turned looking back to him, his mouth seeking mine as he grinds deep into my ass. My fingers gripping tight to the bed as we moan into anothers mouths. The feel of his balls slapping against my pussy bringing me close to cumming, he grunts into my ear that he's about to fill my ass with his cum. His words in my ear is like a trigger to my pussy and i start to moan and my body shakes as his balls continue to slap against my bare pussy, cumming hard. A few hard thrusts and one last thrust and he burries deep in my ass and we both cry out as he pumps cum into my pussy, feeling him cum hard himself, his cum deep in me, feeling each stroke of his cum fill my ass.

My Project with the Teacher part 5

Aug 6th @ 5:36am EDT

His body flops down onto mine, his lips softly kissing my shoulders my neck then my soft lips. Our bodies breathing hard and fast, our sweat mixing together. We just lay there, exhausted. Slowly he slides out of my ass and i wince feeling his head slip out. He lays next to me and smiles, pulling me close to his body, my head nestled between his shoulder and neck. " did you enjoy that Ashley?"

"I fucking loved feeling your cum in my ass Mr.Love, and i am very happy with my surprise... " my fingers strokes his chest as i talk.

"I have more toys in that bag to use on you, but you'll get to play with them one at a time each time we meet you'll discover a new toy until you've discovered the whole bag. Now lets get you cleaned up in that shower..."

Rising off the bed, me following my History teacher into the shower, steam filling the bathroom, he washes my body lathering it in soap and paying extra attention to my pussy, his fingers sliping between my folds and cleaning me my hips rocking to his hands as he does, my fingers holding to his shoulders while he cleans my pussy. As i rinse off he quickly showers himself and dries us off and leads me back to the room. Getting dressed i search for my g string and remembers i didnt come up to the room or on the drive over with them, seeing what i was looking for his voice softly comes over the room, "if you dont mind i'll be keeping that wet g string of yours" and winks at me. with a smile i finish dressing and we gather the toys that he'd brought and he drove me back home.

Mom meets us again out side and talks with Mr. Love, listening while i gather my bag to their conversation. " thank you for driving her home afIter the school project your working on, I greatly appreciate it" my mom says. "its a pleasure, Ashley is a wonderful and attentive girl. I dont know what I would do without Ashleys help." winking at me. I feel a light breeze brush up under my skirt and over my naked pussy and ass, seeing my skirt sway in the wind i see him bite his lip and adjust in his car while my mom walks back to the house. As he puts the car into reverse, he smiles at me " hows about a thong tomorrow Ashley, i would love to have a wet thong of yours to add to my new collection" I feel my face grin wide and nods, waving bye as he pulls away.

Triple Fantasies part 1

Aug 5th @ 6:57am EDT

I hope u join to read it ...
Kristy home? she asked. The girl was smiling after saying hi to Kristys mom and after being told yes telling she said thanks. She headed up the stairs and down the hallway.

Kristy was in her room. After a long day at work she was alone and her door was locked. But she was on her bed and the pants she wore to work were down. She was on her bed filling her head with the use of one of her dildos. As she did, she slid it in herself and moved it all around, hoping to fulfill another fantasy she began to dream up while at work earlier in the day.

She noticed it again. She saw his eyes looking her way. Yes, she noticed it a lot lately. Not that she ever minded it. She loved her boobs a lot too. Plump, sumptuous, and open to any guy to admire, he did the best job admiring of them all. She saw him watching them when he thinks she wasnt looking at all and she definitely enjoyed it all the same. She loves seeing his head turn and follow them when she walks by. She loves it when he not only looks at them but at the rest of her too. She likes her body, except for her belly. She often tells herself she must get rid of it, but lives and relives her new fantasy about the two of them intimately.

She gets those tingling thrills inside. Each is a thrill of a lifetime and she gets them even while shes at work too. Smiling, she thinks he thinks she may be noticing, ohhh but she does and thats the reason for the mutually smiles they share between each other. Yes, she loves her boobs- so plump, so deliciously juicy, and so soft and inviting, she regularly tells herself. And the idea he is polite and courteous and smiles at her all the time and for no apparent reason but to only reassure her shes a sexy young babette. Chubby, pretty, wholesome, and curvaceous she cant wait for him to see her in another new low slung top shes purchased. She cant wait for him to see her cleavage, her hips, and her nice fluffy pear shaped ass too.

So what does Kristy do when this happens at work? She will slip into her companys bathroom taking her purse with her and sits down behind the stalls closed doors and she stuffs her rabbit, she carries hidden in her purse, up inside herself. Ooooohh, she says as she smiles. Shes going to leave them in there over half the day. Ohhh god is that good she whispers to herself as she stands up. Theyre rubbing and mixing it up while scrambling and being pushed around as she walks over to wash her hands. Having them in makes her more excited and tingly all over, makes her wetter, makes her want that all out orgasmic flush and it makes her want it to go on uncontrolled. She knows isnt happening, but shes going to enjoy the day as best she can.

It makes her feel wonderful between her thighs as the she walks around as she feels the fluttery sensations inside her cunt as it makes it swell and she becomes hornier and hornier and she can not wait to clock out and get home, where she can do it for real, and where she knows she can feel safe doing it because she knows her mom knows why she ran up those stairs so quickly to take care of her business that seemed so urgent without having to tell mom what the problem was.

Its the cleavage. Its like she walks around flaunting it. It has to be a way of flirting with us when she wears those tops. And nobody ever tells her not to he told one of the guys he works with. The other guy shakes his head. Hes unable to believe what the other guy told him. Well it isI mean dont you notice? The guy listening shakes his head. Well I dobutbut I knowIm probably way too old.

He is, but he isnt. Hes 34. Hes not married. He has no kids at all. Hes not fit. Hes not tall. Hes got somewhat of a guy, but in no way is it big, huge. Hes got thinning hair. But he has a couple things going for him. He is handsome. He has a nice face. He appears like he could be a loveable and cuddly man. Is he? She does not know, but he always seems to be wearing a smile on his face.

But one thing she doesnt know, doesnt get is does he like her? Truth is he likes almost all women and he likes them too, too much. Older or younger or skinny or even chubby and plump, he likes them. And he likes women who like him. Hes got an upbeat personality. She really likes that about him. What else is there to say?

Ahhhohhheeehhooooohh she murmurs quietly and repeatedly.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. She stops. She looks up. Its deep up inside her. Her breathing was sharp, stuttered, and she felt the swelling until that moment. She pulled it out. She placed it beneath her pillows. She pulled up her pants. She hopped off the bed. She pulled up the covers. She walked to the bathroom. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.

Kristy? Kristy, hey Kristy its Laura. Kristy knew. Laura would be the only one to come at a crucial moment like this. Kristy Laura said again. She told Laura to hold on. Laura knew and Laura smiled. But Kristys mom knew too so she did whatever she was doing and left it alone. She smiled. A girls gotta do what a girl has to doright? Laura slipped inside, closed the door behind her. Laura and Kristy sat down on Kristys bed. Whats his name? Whats he like? Come ontell metell me? she said.

Kristy zipped her lip, mockingly.

He was at home. Changing into shorts and slipping a shirt over his head he headed for the mall. Zipping through the streets he got there in no time flat. He felt good. He looked pretty good too, but knew what he wanted and headed for that store. In and out of isles he couldnt find it so he headed to the other side of the mall. Same thing; he couldnt find the slacks he wanted so he headed north, to the expensive place- didnt want their stuff, but he ran out of places to look. He paid the extra money because they fit perfectly. They made him look better then his actual body suggested he looked. The slacks made him feel skinnier and fitter and even a little taller and he smiled even though he didnt give anyone the gratitude they sought. He walked out and headed for his car, but stopped. In the middle of the mall was a temporary stand. They sold shirts. He tried on one and bought five shirts. Then he walked to the car.

She saw him first. Hi, Danny she said as he passed them up. He looked up.

God she looks freakingsexy, he said to himself. He told himself in that hungry like manner hed love to lay down with her and cuddle next to her, holding her for hours on end. He even thought about having sexual intercourse with her. That sped everything up. Her soft twirling curves and his loveable plush frame as each heaved and plundered each others endearing enticements.

I wouldnt even want sex, he thought to himself. At least not right away I wouldnt, but once he looked at her, at them that all changed in his head. Hey, Kristy, hi he said, his mouth full on smile. Whats going on? he asked. He did it, instinctively, and she loved it when he did. He looked right at her body. He ogled her cleavage. He took in the extraordinary her fluffy, wide hips. And as he did, he drooled in euphoric reflection. Both of them saw his stares. And both smiled. Thats when he noticed Kristys friend Laura. Instinctively, he did the same thing with her as he said hi to her. She said hi back. They all stopped. But he knew what he felt. He was feeling great all of a sudden. They stopped and wanted to talk about something, anything he figured. Cool, way cool he told himself.

He asked them what they were up to. They answered like school girls who were not school girls, but growing mature women. And even though they were over 18, neither could behave in that mature fashion, but neither had he. He figured she was probably about 21. She was and still is to this day cuter then cute and so much so that he easily could have stared at every last feature on her. She has the nicest and warmest eyes ever. Her body, it is expressive as hell with the curves and sweet yummy trivial lumpiness. But it bends and it twists and it turns like many younger womens physiques can. Its a rolly figure, but not in any way large. She has an endearing, pudgy tummy hes always told himself he would love to pet, love to kiss, love to lick a little, but loved to suck on if ever given a chance. Hed love that if she ever allowed him that pleasure. Her eyes are happy. Everything and everywhere throughout her there is something inviting him to tell her what and how he feels about her.

He would love to tell her all that he feels and adores about her. But no, he works with the girl. He sees her every day. And no, he figures shed want more after that and he would love to give her more, but he wasnt sure either was in to a relationship like that with a guy over 10 years older then her. He would only be there to let her know how sexy and how pretty her young little curvy boob laden body is. Thats all, thats it, and her boobs as nice as they are, are perfectly proportioned in his mind. Not small, but not too large filled out her shirts exceptionally well he told himself how many times in a day.

You two look like youre up to no good he told them playing the diplomatic part and a smile lying on his face. The two smiled and looked at each other then looked back at him. I see it now. I have to be right he added, teasing them and hoping for a rise out of them. They giggled but quickly composed themselves. They had to be mature about this as they handled a situation where they were speaking with an older and decent looking guy like Danny. Well... am I right? he asked.

Nooooo she said while Kristy remained silent with a smile on her face. Youre the one who is up to no good Danny she told him.

Laura spoke for Kristy, but thought along the same lines as Kristy. He looked at her, looked at Kristy, and then winked at them both.

Seesee what I mean? Laura said. Youre being how do you say it? she asked.

Triple Fantasies part 2

Aug 5th @ 6:56am EDT

He winked again at both. Looking at them, at their boobs, and at their bodies he filled in the blank. Mischievous? he asked. Suddenly he felt tingling, excitement rocking him from between his thighs. Damn Cut through the crap, Danny. Say somethingsay something now, he thought.

He told them both while looking at them he could be up to no good. And he told them he wouldnt mind being up to no good with them especially if that opportunity arose. Yes, he was flirting at that point. He was pouring it on full of smiles and charm and words. And better yet- they caught on quickly. They stood in their spots not moving an inch and both wondered what came next. But he did too.

Oddly though, he reeled back. He told them he shouldnt have said what he did. Why on gods green earth did I say that? Hell, they wanted me to say it. Jesus, youre an idiot, he told himself. But all they did was smile. All they did was stand there. All they did was tell him he didnt insult them. All they did was tell him it was alright and what he had said didnt bother them. Not a bit both said. So what he had said bother him either.

Well then since thats the case, may I say something else and as a compliment?

They stared at him in mindless way waiting for his next mixture of flirtatious words.

You two look fine and extremely nice at this momentwell just in general actually he told them. And he waited and he smiled and finally they did too. All was well in fantasy land that early evening. Yesitwas.

He got in his car. He didnt pull out. He didnt leave. He simply stared at them, at their auspicious figures his mind was drooling over. He watched and he watched as the shapes and soft fluffy curvy shapes got smaller while getting closer to the malls entrance.

Go back in. Catch up with them. Talk to them. Tell them what you feel, Danny. Go on, tell themtell them how you feel and what you want. God, go on Danny, go on he said aloud as he watched those hips and tender plump frames walk away from them. He opened the car door and slid one leg out to get out. Nono way. You know better. This isnt the smart thing to dois it?

And he pulled his leg back inside. He started up the car. And he backed out. And Danny drove away. Danny drove towards his place. He thought about her and he thought about her. He thought about them. He thought about Laura. He thought about how she looked at him versus how Kristy looked at him.

He thought about things. He smiled. He thought how maybe shed want him to slip off her top. Then he saw himself sliding it back down over her head. Not yet, he thought. She wasnt ready even though she was. He thought about how Laura seemed more forward about it all then Kristy, but he didnt work with Laura even though he adored Kristys body more then Lauras. All he felt like doing in his short lived fantasy was lying down and let her stand up so he could gaze upon the depths of her abundant young cleavage which was similar in design to Kristys.

Ohhhhhhh now wouldnt that be cool he said.

All he wanted was for her to stand alone and allow him to stare at her juicy boobs planted flawlessly between her lovely soft shoulders and beneath her incredibly adorable chin. And all he felt was the thunder down below. His hands would be resting underneath his head. Hed be looking up at her and seeing her tasty scrumptious breasts staring him back and doing nothing at all but teasing him more and more and more.

He is cute, Kristy. Id lie down with him. Id let himId make love to the guy Laura said. She stopped. She looked at Kristy. She saw what was in Kristys eyes. She smiled, but couldnt believe it.

Triple Fantasies part 3

Aug 5th @ 6:55am EDT

Kristy felt the fluttering she felt at work almost every day. She knew what it was and agreed with Laura. She wanted it. She wanted it badly. She was sure of it too. She knew how she felt and what she felt deep down inside her. She thought about it more. She thought about it as if in a trance. She looked straight ahead as if at nothing. I want to go home now she said to Laura.

And while he headed home he thought about everything. He drove further and further away from the mall and became more aroused as he did. The very thought of it all. He wished, he hoped she fantasized about him too. He wondered if it was a possibility. No, not Kristen, he thought, but the other one, Laura. She was into him. He could tell. It was easy enough. She wasnt too young. Shed love it. He would too even though he adored Kristy a lot more then her. He wouldnt care about someone whose shape wasnt perfect like his. Laura was pretty. He was good looking enough. He wished and he hoped and he envisioned her loveliness bedded down beside him. He grew harder. He felt the stiffness growing. He liked the sensations. But he knew better. And regardless if it tingled madly, like Kristy she also turned him on. But just like Kristy, he figured, it was a lost cause.

Damn, he is so, so cute Maybe a little pudgy, but he is soooo cute and soooo adorable Kristy Laura told her and Kristy had to agree with Laura. So thats who it was? Laura asked, referring to Kristy doing herself when she got home and went upstairs. The whole time Laura was smiling. The whole time Laura was excited. She knew exactly what Kristy had been doing. Kristy completed fantasies which grew with her imagination. Kristy nodded. Damn I think I couldwell you knowI couldI could do that too.

Kristy finally made noise. She finally snickered. She finally acknowledged it. She let Laura know all about Danny and how she thought about her and him in bed somewhere after work. She told Laura about how she felt, what she thought as she plunged the dildo deep inside her horny swollen wet cunt. And Laurawell Laura was seeing herself doing those exact same things. She and Danny and her dildos naked on her bed and playing and petting and touching and illustrating all the joys of sexual relationships there could be on the face of the earth, and topping it all off neither of them had even kissed the other yet.

Triple Fantasies part 4

Aug 5th @ 6:55am EDT

She told Kristy what she pictured. She could see herself and Danny finally all over one another. Theyd be kissing and pulling and cuddling and tugging at the others clothes until they came off and then kissing and cuddling and rolling back and forth with one another as her boobs banged against his body or face and frolicking was part of the hearty agenda. Hed kiss her and suck and swallow her tits whole. Hed lick and tantalize her nipples. Hed take hold of her tits, squeezing them lovingly, but passionately too. And she told Kristy how she could feel it. She could feel his hardened aching cock pressing and punching her soft rolls as the two wanted but wouldnt give in to mounting one another so the only thing they got out of their first time together was complete exhaustion from all out maddening sex. No, not their first time and maybe not their second time, but the third time with each other shed for sure beg for it, ask to do it with him. And it would be ecstasy in the then.

Damn, whewI mean what are we doing here? Laura asked after telling Kristy all that.

Kristy didnt respond. Her mind, her thoughts were miles away. They were on Danny. They were on Dannys body. They were on her body mounted over his body and she saw her beautifully blossomed breasts swaying across his face and chest. Her mind envisioned what she hoped hed be willing to do with her. His nakedness and her nakedness loving and playing and discovering all the pureness and beauty of love and lust between two souls filled her mind endlessly while walking with Laura.

Laura tapped Kristys arm. Laura saw Kristys eyes. Laura knew. Laura knew what Kristy was thinking and feeling and she knew exactly what it was Kristy needed.

Wanna go to my place? Laura asked. Huh, why Kristy thought. You know why Laura said without having to be asked. Kristy shook her head. Come on! Come on you know it would be fun. Lets go. Lets do it. Lets just go, see what happens Laura said. And Laura stopped, but Kristy took a couple more steps then stopped and turned. She looked at Laura and Laura saw that look, the look she knew very well

Kristy was horny. No Kristy was freaking hornier then shed been in a long time. And Laura knew that look well. She seen it before, shed seen it on herself in her bedroom mirror, and all Laura did was smile an impish smiled which led her to turn around and walk to her car.

Triple Fantasies part 5

Aug 5th @ 6:55am EDT

He was circling the place, repeatedly. It had been his fifth trip around the mall. Danny, for reasons he was unable to explain himself, had turned around. And he drove back to find them, wait for them. What was he thinking? What was he hoping would happen. Was he in his right mind? Was he thinking she or they would say yes?

Okay, Danny, lets go on and do it You, me or maybe all three of us, he imagined. Okay, Im game, I give inIm willing to put outa little. Im willing to have a little fun doing something somewhere with you. Sure, forget we work together or forget that Kristy is my best friend in the whole wide world.

Were they willing to have fun? Was he thinking they were just going to say sure, lets go to your place? Okay, well go wherever and well get naked with you and well play around and see what happens. Is that what he figured theyd be willing to say?

He stopped. Up against the curb he watched as they walked out. He grew hornier. They were so sexy, so beautiful to him as they walked briskly to her car. It was Laura who drove. He knew Kristys car. He watched them, studied them, and as he did, he felt weird, weird feelings quivering and quaking intensely in his lap.

Ohhhhhh god, I wish this was them he said as he placed his hand down on his erection.

He watched Kristys body. He stared at Lauras. He gazed at their faces. They were so pretty, so alluring, and almost too off limits for some reason, but why? Why were they he wondered? They were over 18. They were almost 21 he figured. He watched their expressions. They were in a huge hurry. Why were they in such a rush? He watched them hop in their car and as they backed out and slowly, gradually he followed them out of the malls parking lot.

Now I am a stalker he said. This is nuts he added. But he continued to follow behind them. He kept his distance. 5 or 6 or 7 cars behind and slowly and carefully he followed. Ohhh shit he said again. He squeezed it this time. It ached. It thundered with massive power. It was thick and it was hard and it felt as if it was long as long could be. And Danny was horny. And he wanted the 2 cute beauties badly.

Triple Fantasies part 6

Aug 5th @ 6:54am EDT

He drove on but they slowed and turned and then turned again. He slowed down too as they turned one last time. Ohhh cool, she has her own place. Not the greatest, but it seems to be her own. He saw where she turned in and he began to feel even more excited. He pressed and pinched his legs together. His body tensed up. He felt sudden rushes he hadnt felt in ages. He was tingling now. He felt the awful aching pangs. He was excited about possibilities that existed, if he stopped and said hi. Lauras place was a duplex. And before he knew it, the two had run into her place. And they disappeared for the night. And he looked down. He looked at his crotch. He looked at the imaginary erection hidden inside his slacks. He turned around and drove home at a fast rate of speed.

Danny knew he was horny. But Danny figured Kristy and Laura were equally as horny. Danny didnt need any help. Kristy and Laura did it for him. All the flirting and all the talk and all the looks did all that for him and them too. And now Laura and Kristy were tucked away in her duplex doing things girls do when they are horny and Danny was speeding home to quickly fulfill those same familiar fantasies that the other two are doing right now in Lauras bedroom.

Laura and Kristy slid underneath the covers of Lauras bed. Both of them had taken off their pants. After Laura came out with two nice long but large vibrating assistants, both of them brought him into view. He was there, smiling, and undressing for them. He was there crawling towards them. There heads were back. They rested against the back of the bed. Ohhh DannyDanny, yes Danny yes they said as they plunged the stocky vibrating buddies deep into their swelling pussies.

Oh my god LauraOhhh my god Kristyyes, yesyes he called out.

His hand was where it wasnt supposed to be. His hand was on it. His hand was wrapped around his erection, pulling and jerking and helping him fulfill his dreams and hopes. No they werent there, but he wished they were just as they wished he was naked with them right now. Fuck yes, yesohhhhhhh yes KristyI want you. I want Laura.

And he came, they came, and life was tentatively gooduntil Kristy saw him again the following morning. Then theyd want one another all over again. A nasty lust filled cycle following him and her and even Laura too.

Jordan and His Wanton Cougar part 1

Aug 4th @ 6:44am EDT

Later after they had made love, after they had some of the greatest sex he ever experienced out of a woman, he lay there, on his back, and he gazed up at her ceiling as he thought about how everything had come to this point. He wasnt feeling guilty. He wasnt feeling bad about it. He didnt hate himself for doing it. And his woman, Sam, was out of town on another business trip for three days.

Could it get any better then this he wondered? He loved Sam. She was great. There was no doubt about that. But this woman, a woman he only knew in a capacity completely different from his usual world of events made him feel things he never felt with Sam his longtime girlfriend. For this woman who was lovelier then he ever expected her to be did things to him and with him that Sam never had him feeling.

He lay with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. It was serene. It was gratifying to be there with her. He could feel the warmth of her body, the warmth of her breath. Her head and soft hair lay spread out over his chest. Alone it had him feeling warm and replenished after performing an act with such greatness that even she felt comforted enough to drape her leg over his. Her soft and curvy splendored figure was snuggled against his and it was then that he lay recalling how they first met. He had recalled all the events which had culminated to this point and he smiled as he sighed loudly by accident and waking her up.

Mmmmmm, he heard her say as she moved her hands around him. Reaching around him she pressed herself closely against his firm body. Thank you she added, mmmmm that wasit was wonderful sweetheart.

He told her she was welcome and thanked her as well and it was then she turned her head upwards to face him. The look he saw was an angelic one just as her voice was the first night out. Hed never seen it like that before. Oh hed seen her around. Mainly where hed seen her working at the library but after making love the way they just had for the very first time, she looked entirely different. She looked complete. She looked whole. And she seemed more womanly then hed ever seen her before that day.

Something sparkled in her eyes. Something said to him she felt complete again because he had done something no man had done for her or to her in a long, long while. He had provided her with what shed been missing for many years now. He didnt know it but that was how it felt to him so he pulled her closer, he felt as if it was right to do so. He pulled himself down towards her so he could see her face to face and looking her in the eyes he shook his head as he smiled.

Making love like we did a little while ago he began it wasit was amazing Shelli. Youre amazing he told her.

Her eyes were full of warmth. Just saying what hed said had him feeling loopy, tingly, and he felt slight pangs of desire jumping throughout him momentarily. She had to agree and leaned forward to kiss his lips. When their lips touched a new spark felt as if it was erupting. I think, because of you, I may get horny again.

Thats nice she replied. She paused before saying Me too she added, me too honey.

She looked into his eyes and he gazed back. Unable to believe all this was happening he thought back to when he first came in contact with her. Mam, can you help me with any of this? he asked some woman. She said no she couldnt but that another woman could instruct him with the periodicals of the library he was at. He was unfamiliar with their location. She told him the other woman could help him out. Seeing as she was much older and more experienced at it all, but never saying it to him, she could help him find his way through all the stacks. She left him to go and speak to the other librarian. That librarian looked up. He watched as they spoke. The other librarian nodded as she looked his way. She smiled. The two of them smiled. Then the other librarian, the one who was to help him walked his way.

It was then that this attractive, stately looking lady who was several years older with her grand looking figure in the long traditional looking dress strolled elegantly towards him. The woman seemed to know her stuff. She knew exactly what it was he had been looking for and practically took his hand in hers and led him to the exact place he was researching and it turned out to be exactly what he needed.

Thank you he told her.

She had turned and looked him in the eyes. She had calmly replied. She had told him in no uncertain terms It isnt a problem. I dont mind. Anythinganything you need she said as her eyes bored holes through his as if searching for something he had but hadnt realized she wanted and needed, please and I repeat, please do not hesitate to ask me. It was then for the very first time that he smelled it on her. An aroma, a scent so pleasing he wanted to bury his had against her. The aroma was so delectable, so enticing he didnt know what to say, what to tell her, but he felt as if he should say something like it was a great aroma on a great looking woman too.

And she was great looking. No, she wasnt a 25 year old lingerie model from one of the top companies youd read splashed all over in some fashion or gossip magazines, but she was a close second. In his eyes, she held a wider girth with plush velvety curves swirling throughout her and one which he quickly found himself surveying as a charming and endearing physique. Somehow hers was one in which he found to his liking and her demeanor was swiftly one which he wished shed share with him on an intimate basis. But why he had no idea at all, at first. Soon and surprisingly he would.

As they lay facing one another, she looked down at his tranquil and slender chest. She could see its definition. She was able to see its strength. She could feel its power as the two had made love earlier. And her hand moved over and moved about it as if she was ice skating on it. He closed his eyes. He loved how it felt. How she moved across his pectorals and how she unnervingly moved about his nipples, she played or toyed with each one as if to tell him each one was adorable.

You have a beautiful body Jordan.

So do you, Shelli.

He hungered for it. He hungered for all of her again. It was hard to believe he said so, but it was true. Then he told her how he hungered for it as he thought back to how they came to know each other on a personal level.

Sweetheart, do you care to take a walk tonight? He asked Sam?

Earlier it had been raining, then it quickly turned to snow, and the snow blanketed the area covering up any and all icy patches. He ignored the early rains however light theyd been. She, Sam, his longtime girlfriend, had declined the invitation. Knowing he loved walking while it snowed on quiet evenings like this one, he went it alone. He slipped but didnt fall a couple times and knowing it was slippery he mainly walked on the grassy areas like he was seeing from others who were out momentarily. But then he realized it. He and only one other person were out, or so it seemed. He became braver and braver and walked the streets, slipping every so often, but holding his tongue.

Then it happened. OHHHH SHIIIIT he cried out. DAAAAMN IT ALL he shouted as he lost it and began his first header backwards into the pavement on his ass.

She heard him and immediately headed his way. She was across the street. Somehow she had no problem walking across the icy pavement. She called out asking if he was okay. He loved the womans angelic gentle tone of voice. Harmonic and soft in nature she sounded introverted but genuine and self-assured in nature. He looked around while still on his ass, his feet and legs still unable to get a grip on the pavement below him. He felt like he looked as if he was a klutz.

Are you alright? she said and put a hand and an arm underneath him. It instantly felt protective, safe, and comforting. Here, let me help you she added.

That voice, he thought, but then he smelled it. That aroma, that smellwhere do I know it from, he thought. He knew it from somewhere. Was it Katrina? Was it from Sam? Was it Lynn? All people he knew well from work or of course Sam his girlfriend. It couldnt be Sam. She rarely wore that stuff. But he loved it. That smell always had his heart dreaming.

There you go she said, the same safe and comforting voice said.

He couldnt see her face. It was too dark. He wished he could. She sounded beautiful, angelic, and she seemed like she could have been his long lost lover from another period in time.

Are you sure you are alright?

Jordan and His Wanton Cougar part 2

Aug 4th @ 6:44am EDT

He nodded, said yes, and he thanked her. He wanted to offer her a hug because she came to help him out. He didnt. She didnt seem to reciprocate one anyway. Finally on his own feet, he tried walking away. She was across the street again, looking back his way, and he was standing there right over the ice, and watching this mysterious lady wondering how he thought he knew her.

SHIIIITOHHHHH DAMN he said again and he fell once more on his ass.

She smiled as she made a u-turn and headed back his way. She knew. She knew who he was now. She didnt know his name, but she would and hed know hers too soon enough. You are a lout but arent we all sir?

He didnt know what a lout was but agreed. He thanked her trying to discern who the wonderful smelling, sweet sounding lady was. He still hadnt recognized her face. He couldnt pin it down yet. They arrived with her help at his house via neighbors lawns instead of the slippery streets. Outside, they stood and chatted. He was already mesmerized by her gentle attractive features as he smelled her scent. It was tranquil like she was. It was hypnotizing almost like her gentle features were as well. And it was at that point that he wished he could thank her appropriately by offering his new friend a long and energizing hug, but didnt.

Thank you again he told her not taking his eyes off hers. By the way, Im Jordan Jordan Conklin he added as he stuck out his hand to shake hers.

She told him her name was Shelli Parker and again offered that anytime he needed her assistance to call on her. And he remembered her offer from the other day at the library as he recalled her perfume, recalled her strangely attractive looks. He wanted to ask her out. He wanted to take her to lunch or dinner or both or whatever. Suddenly hed forgotten about his beautiful and wonderful girlfriend who was just inside his house 20 feet away. His only affections stood five feet away for the moment. Our Jordan Conklin was more then taken by his new friend Shelli Parker. He wanted things he shouldnt be wanting.

She said goodbye and started walking away. Uhhhh Shelli? he called out and then wondered if it was the right thing to do. She asked what but he blew it off and said never mind. A smile came to settle on her face and she began to head back towards him. No, never mindits ridiculous, silly. She told him nothings ever silly or ridiculous. Then will you give me the honor, the pleasure of having lunch with me some time?

Like tomorrow? she came back. That was quick, real quick. It was so quick it turned him on, sort of. He was jazzed up by her telling him that. Tomorrow, if youre not busy, if you arent working, which he wasnt would beperfect. Lets say 11:30. You could even come earlier if you wanted to she added as her hand touched his arm almost lovingly. Is it a date?

Oh god, ohhh shit he thought. He was heating up all over. He could feel the energy of whatever existed between the two of them mounting. He couldnt believe he was being invited or having lunch with this woman, a woman so eternally attractive in his eyes that he hungered for her every second. She finally said goodbye. He watched her walk away until he was unable to see her any longer. Pangs and quivering rung throughout his frame like nervous energy unleashed. He felt tingling so severe he was unable to control the physical outbreak within himself. He had to channel it all. He stood outside too long. She came to the door and saw him. She called out his name. He didnt even hear her. She said his name again and he abruptly turned towards her.

WHAT? he said to Sam.

Honey, are you alright dear?

OhyesImIm finesure he told her and apologized to her. She thought something was upsetting him. Can I do anything to make it better? she said as if offering to sex him up.

He declined. He was holding on to false hopes, but a false hope is better then no hope at all he figured. He was restless. She knew it too but had no idea why. Finally he fell asleep two hours later and she readied herself for the airport at 6 in the morning. He took her, got home right away and got ready for his date at 8 in the morning. Slowly he pressed her out of his thoughts while picturing himself and Shelli together and maybe, hopefully intimately? He did not know, but he cared and he wished and he hoped he was right and seeing as he knew where she lived sort of, he was ready, and headed her way careful to stay off all streets seeing as he had a habit of falling lately.

He knocked. Slow to answer, she was nervous. She wasnt the same calm, cool, and relaxed person she was the night before. She was dressed but what she had on wasnt attractive nor was it appropriate for a meal at any nice restaurant. She said she had to change and offered him a chair after the two hugged. He loved it. He didnt know how she felt about it, but he loved holding the beautiful longer haired woman. She felt soft, full, and wondered how shed look in a tighter looking outfit, her curves upholding the laws of gravity flawlessly as hes seen her numerous times before.

In her room she was dressing. Something crashed and he immediately wanted to jump up and head towards her room, but only called out. Is everything okay? She said she thought so but wasnt sure. He asked what happened. She told him a shelf fell. Uhhhh do you want me to take a look? Silence. Not sure if she should say yes or not, she hesitated. Shelli is everything okay? he asked again. She told him to hold up that she had to put something on. His head filled quickly with ideas. He smiled, but became nervous about what he could see with an answer like that.

Ummm okay, alrightyou canuhh come on back I guess she said.

He did but when he arrived at her doorway she was looking down. Embarrassed how she appeared she wished she would have put on clothes. Why hadnt she put on clothes? She wasnt sure or wasnt sure what she wanted to wear she said much later.

Its okayI think I know how you feel. Ill wait he told her as he felt flush. He turned and started to walk away.

NOWAITPLEASE she said. Her voice was emphatic. It was louder, but insistent he remain in the room. Much quieter she added please stay. She looked and acted nervously. She twitched. She fiddled with parts of her long cotton robe. He felt uncomfortable, aroused too, but remained at a safe distance. He wanted her, but didnt want to overstep his boundaries. Ummm, all I have to do is ummm get ummm dressed. That is ummm unless ummm youd like to ummm stay here for a little ummm while? she tried saying with very little confidence in her tone. He noticed.

Jordan and His Wanton Cougar part 3

Aug 4th @ 6:43am EDT

Shrugging his shoulders and seeing as she was in the long cotton robe has his mind wandering everywhere. Yes, everywhere and his eyes did too. She blushed sharply noticing that they were doing just that.

I was unsure what to where to be honest she told him.

Anything you where is fine with me he replied, anything at all he reassured her.

She looked down. He wasnt sure what to make of it, but he knew how he felt. He felt strange and queasy and he felt unexpected explosions within him. He felt pangs. He felt serious tingling which ended in his dick swelling a little as a result. Ohhhhhh he thought as his eyes almost closed as a reaction to her appearance. He watched and studied her closely. Tied tightly that he could easily view the silhouette of her figure and its winding curves anchored only by the precious set of her bulbous tits he viewed the woman as a sculpture of beauty. Neither had spoken a word for full few minutes it seemed. He wanted to tell her things she probably didnt know he thought about her, but didnt.

He only said Do you know how beautiful I think you are?

She looked up. She tried to smile. What was surging through her he had no idea. It was coursing through her veins. Desire, temptations she hadnt imagined ever in a long while throughout her lifetime, and here he was, a younger virile man standing how many feet away from her? She had opportunity knocking and she was afraid of the opportunities. She was afraid of where they may lead to.

I mean it he said again.

You meanwhatJordan? she said disbelieving his words.

That you are a very beautiful ladya gorgeous woman I think he reassured her.

I am not that beautiful.

His heart jumped, skipped a beat as he thought about her, about her body and its contours. Ohhhhhh and he nodded. Yes you are. He closed his eyes. His body surged with desire like hers was only neither knew it.

Do you mean it? she said, her voice lacking confidence.

I mean everything I sayeverything.

Her face filled with great enthusiasm. He saw her eyes brighten and begin to sparkle. She even smiled and that smile aroused him so much that she wanted him to see it for what it was. Jordan, if I show you something, will you tell me how beautiful and sexy I really am then? He said yes.

And she untied it. She did not pull it open. It fell open by itself, slowly, and by doing so it exposed him to dreams hed had for many weeks and nights alone without anyone around him. He saw something black. Tied up the front was what he thought was a corset, but it draped down past her cute little tummy. He knew she had one, but couldnt see it clearly enough. Her innie was hidden from his eyesight. Who cares? She looked exhilarating. She looked ohhh soooo delicious. He was unable to keep His eyes off what he could see of her outfit. Dark with slivers of white ruffles gathering at the edges, her body looked like it was calling out his name. He hoped it was at least. She managed a small but uncomfortable smile as he took it all in. Suddenly he felt it happen.

Jordan felt the tingling erupting. Oh god no, not yet he thought. Then he heard something strange. Grrrrr she said quietly. Whatwhere did that come from he wondered. He looked away from her body then looked back over at it. Jordan began to take it all in again. The hips, wide and inviting as they were, were surrounded just beneath the robe by a perfectly sized g-string to fit her wide girth. Hers she had on was made only for woman of her beauty. No, this woman wasnt large but she was solid and curvaceous in many other ways. She was a mature and physically fit beast and shapely and perfectly molded in ways he never imagined her to be. With thick and velvety thighs he could see about her he imagined the remainder of her to be inviting and riveting to the touch. Running his hands across her brought on tremendous feelings within him. Smooth rolling lines like quiet running brooks throughout her as her figure ran and ran up and around to her full bodied breasts. He knew he wanted to be with her for a very long while.

God, you are gorgeous he told Shelli. Simply and absolutely gorgeous he added.

Thank you she said quietly, almost impishly. Jordan, she went on to say, her voice soft spoken. Will you do me a favor? Her eyes looked towards the ground now. Gradually they lifted to meet his. Will you and she looked back down, but he knew by then what the older, quieter, and beautiful most sexy looking woman was about to ask anyway. Will you havewill you havewill you make love with me, please? Finally her eyes lifted and met his.

She was determined now seeing as she said it. Her robe, hanging open, was no longer. Having taken the edges around her shoulders through the use of her fingertips she began to remove from her shoulders. Once again he heard it.

GrrrrrI want you she tried to say more assuredly. Her shoulders seemed to square off as she uttered it. Her bosoms took on that sense of confidence and the cougar of his looked as if she was ready to pounce on him.

Looking at her in her sexy God you make me horny he told her.

And you turn me on toogrrrrr she said again.

The robe dropped to the floor and he could see her velvety, fleshy thighs. Ohhh they were sweet. Her hips were grand and stately. Wide but simple, he could picture himself riding her like a Trojan horse but being sensuous and loving and totally full of passion through the course of making love with this older woman he adored. And in a piece such as she wore, she only looked more delectable then he ever imagined her to look. What now, he wondered. Do I undress? Does she undress me? He didnt know so he began undoing his own shirt.

No, dontlet me do thatplease?

Jordan and His Wanton Cougar part 4

Aug 4th @ 6:43am EDT

He let her. He felt her presence. It was an exhilarating, arousing moment. All of it was to him. He was heightened by her sexuality, her looks, and her scent he always adored. He finally told her too. It was the right time for it. She smiled and thanked him and for some reason did that grrrrr sound again. She never had to do it but she did. Then she leaned in and she kissed his lips tenderly.

It was then these two were all over one another. He grabbed hold of her first. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his body. Their lips, their tongues were in full throttle, kissing and molding passion and defining passion as it was meant to be. She felt herself being pushed backward. Further and further she stepped back. But their bodies found a way to push together as they pulled and walked backward towards something to brace them and form a unity with one another.

They fell. Falling backward they didnt know where they were headed, but they hit a soft, bouncy patch. Landing safely the two continued on- Kissing and holding but pushing at an intense rate against one another as his dick pressed firmly into her warm wanton flesh.

OHHHH LORD she cried out as a break ensued between connections of a kissing binge. He dove right back in, kissing while throwing his tongue deep within the womans mouth. She adored it reciprocating his action. His cock reacted violently. He thrust himself, or more to the point, he thrust his cock against her body letting her know he was hard and he was hornier then ever at this point.

His shirt finally came off and she flipped him. Now on his back, she went after his chest. Kissing it, their hands were spread apart as her lips attacked his chest and stomach. The moment, to her, was magnificent. She tingled wildly. She wanted him horribly. She dropped and pressed her body feverishly against his.

I want you so much she whispered. I cant tell you how much I need this.

Me neither he whispered back. I wanna I wanna Ohhhhhh I wanna but was unable to express his feelings.

Finally for the time being both stopped kissing. On top of him, her bosoms contained by the sexually taunting piece she wore, she knelt over him looking him in the eyes. She told him she was crazy about him, but her words seemed so apprehensive as if she wasnt sure of herself. I want us to make love she told him for some reason. Were we already doing this he wondered?

Kneeling up right and looking down over him she began to undo her corset. Slowly exposing her luscious round boobs, he couldnt contain himself. His cock throbbed madly. He found himself pushing up in between her legs, her thighs. Her head cocked backward and as she felt his power, her back arched. Her bosoms fell out from beneath the lovely piece she wore. He was beside himself. They were extraordinary. Their size was overwhelming. Her nipples were fatter then strawberries he thought. Succulent, majestic, and crying out for him he wanted to flip her and take her tits in his hands and focus on each tit, each nipple suckling them for long periods of time.

What is it? she asked unsure of it all.

He said nothing, but she persisted to ask unsure of putting herself out there like she was. She knew she wanted this. She knew she wanted to make love with this younger man. She just wasnt sure of her actions. He told her to relax. He told her to lie down. He told her to let him make love to her. He would do it lovingly. She still wasnt sure but she lay down like she was instructed.

He mounted her, but removed his pants first. She saw his thick throbbing erection within. She was fascinated by its size. She never imagined a mans cock so big like his appeared to be. Her eyes were all over it. What did it look like? What did it feel like? What do I do to make him happy? Do I lick it? Do I taste it everywhere? Do I swallow it like Ive read or seen in those dirty and then her felt bad? She never wanted others to know her naughty side. Never, ever wanted others to know.

She was almost completely naked. She was ashamed of her body, kind of. Whats wrong Shelli? he asked. She told him nothing was wrong. He knew something wasnt right. She wanted to cover herself up. She wanted to cover up her bosoms, but being with him she wanted him to make her feel sexy, make her feel alive and she wanted to feel more confident that she was a sexy beautiful lady. Somethings bothering you, isnt it? he said again.

She nodded. I cant do this she said, her voice quaking. I just cant.

Yes we can. Yes you can. I know its what you want isnt it? he said.

Jordan and His Wanton Cougar part 5

Aug 4th @ 6:42am EDT

She lay there. Her breasts and her eyes facing him, she laid gazing and awaiting him and what he may have planned. Anxious, she wasnt sure of herself any longer. She wanted to do something, but it was clear now to him she wasnt confident any longer. No more of the grrrrr sounds and no more confident swaggers, she lay trepid beneath him, her rolling flesh exposed to his desires. His eyes and soul hungered for her. He wanted to climb all over her. But he did the chivalrous thing and moved about her slowly as he kissed her lips and kissed around her bosoms and kissed the soft zones of desires surrounding her tits as well. Downward his body crawled, Shelli murmuring sweet nothings along the way. Her body squirmed all over while feeling his lips and hands moving about her. Inching his way further around her hips, he moved inward between her velvety thighs.

He spread them apart. Mmmmmm, oooooooohh he heard her say quietly and anxiously. Her body and more apparently her ass rose off the mattress. As he kissed her thighs, they came together. OHH GOD she cried out louder. OHHH OHHHHH GOD she cried out again, her thighs closing firmly around his head. He loved it. He loved how she pressed them decisively against his head. He continued on. Kissing and kissing and moving in closer to her majestic fountain. Instead if licking it, he simply kissed it, but he kissed it passionately, sucking her inside his lips.

OHHHH FUCK she squealed surprisingly. FUCK YESSSSSSYESSSSS she squealed again and again. Her ass and body rose again and again and again, pushing inward as he and his lips kissed and kissed her pussys lips. No tonguing and no sucking, he only kissed her pussys lips.

God she was wonderful he thought. She was that and more, but he persisted in making her feel wanted and beautiful and sexier then ever and he did nothing more then kiss her pussy and then he slowly slid off her g-string undies. Now she was entirely naked. He knelt upright. Wow, what a beautiful looking woman and he told her so too. He ran his hands and fingers up and around her lines. Her hips and he told her so were sexy and gorgeous as ever. It drew out the ferocious woman she could be.

I want you in me Jordan. Put it in me she practically demanded.

Jordan and His Wanton Cougar part 6

Aug 4th @ 6:42am EDT

Closing her eyes, arching her back, and almost screaming, she felt it enter her. Her bosoms filled with desire as her backed arched and her tits thrust forward. OHHHHH GOD YESYESYES she called out and before she realized it, she found herself turning and grinding her beautifully blessed figure left to right over his thick horny erection. OH UHH OHH UHH OHH UHHHYEAHHH JORDANYEAH OHHH YEAH she continued saying as she turned on it left to right.

He pushed himself upwards into her. She wailed out. She wanted this more then she ever wanted anything in her life. She lifted and dropped but nothing became of it, yet. Finally he did something about it all. He slammed it inside her, deep inside her swelling needy pussy. OHHH GOD YESYES JORDAN YES she cried out, squealing. DO IT DO THAT AGAINAND AGAIN AND AGAIN she screamed as he plunged inside her. OH EEEHH OHHH EEHH OOOOHH EEHH YEAH EEEHH and she pushed and he pumped and she thrust and he made everlasting love to the older sexy woman.

Finally yes finally she screamed and caught hold of his body and held on for dear life as she tightened down on him. Shelli began to orgasm madly. And thankfully he came, but not in her, but outside and on her. He came as she did too and his sprayed all over her mountainous boobs. She smiled a smile hed only seen once before, but he exhausted the woman like she never had felt in her life.

Ohhh uhh my lordohhh uhh my uhh god she tried saying as she tried to catch her breath. Uhh youyou uhh wereuhh amazingJordanohhh uhh godso amazing.

He pulled her against him and kissed her cheek. Thank you he told her.

Why? she said looking at him.

Because Ive had this secret little fantasy to make love with you for a long time he said.

You have? she came back. I guess I have too. I like you. Can we do this more often?

He turned and looked at her. If youd have me I will.

She nodded her head and confidently slipped her hand over his spent cock. Yes I will.

Soon after she fell asleep with her head splayed out over his bare chest. She smelled beautiful and in more ways then one.


Aug 3rd @ 2:27pm EDT

the way I spent my last few days reminded me about that song :)

Alphabeat - Fascination

kill'd the young dudes,
in the high boots
in the pace age,
that's when love burns,
now it's your turn.

It's just the way we feel.

It's just the way we feel. (yeah)

We love this exaltation (a-woh oh, o-o-oh)
We want the new temptations (a-woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
It's like a revelation (a-woh oh, o-o-oh)
We live on fascination.

is our fashion,
in the moonlight,
on a joyride
Easy living,
killed the young dudes,
in the high boots. (oh yeah)

It's just the way we feel (come on).

We love this exaltation (woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
We want the new temptations (woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
It's like a revelation (woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
We live on fascination.

The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word
The word is on your lips - say the word

We love this exaltation (woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
We want the new temptations (woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
It's like a revelation (woh oh, o-o-o-oh)
We live on fascination (o-oh).

Say the word now (fa-sci-nation)
Say the word
Come on say the word now (fa-sci-nation)
Come on (fa-sci-nation).


Aug 3rd @ 2:18pm EDT

I had 3 days off :) I was sunbathing, meeting friends, havin g fun :) Yeeeees Life is WONDERFUL :):)

On a bridge across the Severn on a Saturday night,
Susie meets the man of her dreams.
He says that he got in trouble and if she doesn't mind,
he doesn't want the company.
But there's something in the air,
They share a look in silence, and everything is understood.
And Susie grabs her man and puts a grip on his hand
as the rain puts a tear in his eye.

She says
"Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life
Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life"

Driving through the city to the Temple Station,
He cries into the leather seat
And Susie knows her baby was a family man,
But the world has got him down on his knees
So she throws him at the wall, her kisses burn like fire,
And suddenly he starts to believe.
And he takes her in his arms and he doesn't know why,
But it thinks that he begins to see.

She says
"Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life
Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life
Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life
Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life"

She says
"Don't let go
Never give up,
Don't let go
Never give up,
It's such a wonderful life"

Wonderful life,
Wonderful life,
Wonderful life
Wonderful life,
Wonderful life,
Wonderful life

Hot story part 2

Aug 3rd @ 2:12pm EDT

She kept pushing back and forth wildly fucking the dildo as if it were my cock she was fucking! She screamed out..."Oh yeah, fuck me, yes, yes, oh fuck that feels so fucking good, yeah fuck me, ya keep fucking me, oh my god that feels so fucking good, FUCK! FUCK Meeee! Oh god FUCK MEEEE!".
The toes on her feet curled up tightly and she exploded with a huge orgasm, her hips, her ass and her legs quivered and shuttered and as she fell down to the bed flat on her stomach, she left me standing there with a huge wet glistening dildo in my hand that had just been buried deep inside of her pussy that surely reached up into her tummy.

I wanted to crawl up on her ass and fuck her so bad...but I just couldn't fuck my buddy's hot whore for a wife as much as she begged for it and as much as I wanted to fuck her.
I told her she was fucking amazing, fucking amazing...I asked if I could use her bathroom. She said yes, and got up from the bed and walked me over to the bathroom and turned on the light for me.
I walked into the bathroom and she followed closely behind and she instructed me to sit down upon the closed lid of the toilet seat.

As she forced me to sit down she dropped to her knees right in front of me and began to unbutton my she was unbuttoning my pants she said I want suck that big cock of yours...and as she pulled my cock out from my underwear revealing my 8-inch cut hard cock she smiled in surprise like a child opening the perfect present...and she said..."Oh my god, your cock is huge". And with that she began to lick the sticky pre-cum with the tip of her long tongue as she starred up at me with her innocent big brown doe like eyes...."Yummy" she purred as she licked up all the stickiness that had leaked out from the tip of my cock.

She began to suck it slowly at first, never taking her eyes away from eyes, she began to suck it a little faster, then she pulled my cock from out of her warm wet mouth and began jerking the top of my cock as she said to me..."I want your cum! I want to taste your fucking cum! I want you to give me your cum! I want you to come in my mouth!"

And as quickly as she said that, she shoved my big cock back into her mouth and began sucking it wildly, I felt my cum begin to leak into her mouth with each one of her wildly rhythmic cock sucking strokes of her mouth...and as I was leaking cum in her mouth she would muffle out loud to me..."Uh huh, uh huh" and each time she muffled to me "Uh huh, uh huh" I gave her some more cum and then she started sucking my cock so fast and furious like no other cock sucking slut has ever done...she was so determined to drain me of all of my cum, that I fucking exploded several big loads into her mouth...she swallowed the first two loads and on the third, she opened her mouth, stuck out her long tongue and jacked the cum all over her tongue, face, lips and chin while saying..."Yeah, fuck yeah!" She put my cock back in her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum I had within me...and when she was done eating the last drops of cum from my cock, she looked up at me with her beautiful white smile and licked her lips and wiped the cum from her chin and from the corner of her lips and licked the cum from her fingers and said to me..."Fuck you taste good!'

I left my buddy's house that night with the typed research paper after having received the best cum eating blow job of my life! And when I got home she called me to check on me...she told me that I had made her so fucking horny for cock, and because I didn't fuck her, she just called another one of her husband's friend over to her house to fuck her!

She said that if I changed my mind later on that night and want to come back over and fuck her to get seconds after the guy leaves; she would love to fuck me next!
I told her she was a bad girl...and I asked her if her hubby knew how much of a cock whore she was...she just laughed and said..."Call me..."

Hot story part 1

Aug 3rd @ 2:11pm EDT

Chhaya had married a senior of mine and that's how I first really got to know her when my buddy boss" introduced Chhaya to me while I joined with him at my new office.
I had known about Chhaya from high school and college, as I was paying her to type my college research papers as she needed the extra cash at the time.

This true story happened just sometime back. One night I stopped by her house to pick up a paper her hubby had left for me to be picked up from his house. Her husband (my buddy) was out of town for a fortnight now and she was obviously lonely and seemed horny for some cock when I arrived. One cud describe her as endowed with very sharp features, very fair, big eyes roughly 5'10", 36 years of age, nice pair of full breast and a firm thighs and very beautiful legs.

Chhaya and I began talking and flirting around until she decided that she wanted to go change into something a little more comfortable. I was sitting at her dining room table waiting for her , A little later, she came out wearing a nice knee length skirt with a cream color tight T ' C shirt.
I was clearly able to see the bra lining of nice oozing and inviting boobs and very amazing long legs. First thought that came to my mind was just press her boobs hard and run my palm over her beautiful legs, then whatever may happen will be seen afterwards but destiny had something else in store for me.
There she stood perched high upon a pair of four inch high fuck me pumps with her hand outstretched as she wanted me to arise from the chair in which I sat.

My cock began to swell instantly. I stood up. I grabbed her hand and I went to her. I embraced her grabbing and squeezing her amazingly sun tanned bubble butt buns within each of my hands. We passionately kissed one another...her mouth was warm and wet with her hot oil like saliva and her long tongue (that can easily tie a cherry stem into a knot) she explored my tongue and mouth like only a cock hungry whore could.
As we kissed she reached down and began rubbing my now fully hard cock through my jeans and then she stopped and grabbed my hand and she said..."Come on, come with me" and she grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway and into her bedroom.
I was nervous as she was married to my buddy and I had never messed around with a married woman before.

Upon arriving into her bedroom we stood facing each other at the edge of her and her husband's bed... she began to kiss me again and she continued to rub on my hard cock through my pants.
Then she stopped kissing me. She then turned around and faced the bed...she crawled up onto the edge of the bed on all fours...there I stood beside her bed with her bubble butt ass sticking out near the edge of the bed with her ass stuck up high in the air.
She turned and looked back at me and asked..."Do you like my ass?".

She must have known she had an amazing ass, because she did and she still does to this very day.
I replied "yes" to her question, my voice quivering with nervous excitement with my reply.
As she sat there on the bed perched up on all fours looking back at me, she said..."You can touch it if you want to". And I wanted to.

So I reached out and I began squeezing and rubbing on her ass. I rubbed all over it and as I did I began to rub her wet pussy thru her lingerie until her pussy juices began to soak the crotch of her lingerie...I unsnapped the two small snaps that were now wet and sinking tightly into her wet slit...her pussy was beautiful and glistening with her juices...

I continued to rub her ass and pussy all the while thinking how incredibly lucky her husband (my buddy) was to have such a gorgeous wife with a perfect ass and pretty pussy...I couldn't believe how lucky I was to even touch and rub his wife's ass!
Then she told me to grab the bottle of baby oil out of the night stand drawer (next to the oil in the drawer was a big 10 inch dildo, she must love big cock I thought to myself)...and I immediately grabbed the baby oil from the drawer...she said to me "squirt some oil all over my ass"...
I began to let drops of baby oil slowly drip from the bottle and as the drops of oil splashed onto her sun tanned ass I began to rub the oil in with my other I was coating her perfectly round ass with slippery baby oil, I could feel a drop of pre-cum leak out of my rock hard 10-inch cock into my underwear...

I began to squirt the baby oil all over her ass and it began to run down over her tiny tight little asshole and down onto her pussy until it finally began to run down her legs like hot cum.
She moaned loudly as I continued to rub the oil all over her...she began gyrating and grinding her hips and pussy as if she was begging to have her hot box filled with hard cock!
She looked back at me and said..."Take that big cock out and fuck me with it, fuck me, fuck me right now, I'm so fucking horny I want some cock in me now!"
As I was rubbing her clit from behind I said to her "Chhaya I wanna fuck you so damn bad, but I can't you're married to my buddy and I just can't do it".

She replied gyrating her hips even faster..."I don't give a fuck about my husband, he won't know, come on fuck me, I'm so fucking horny right now, I want your fucking cock in me right now, come on, please fuck me, please, he'll never find out, please fuck me!".
I didn't know what to do, I couldn't fuck my friend's wife but I wanted to so bad...quickly I reached for and grabbed the big dildo from the nightstand drawer and I stuck the tip of the dildo slightly inside the sticky wet folds of her glistening pussy lips...I began to gently push it inside of her, it was such a big dildo and her pussy was so small and tight like that of a young girl, I didn't want to hurt her with it.

I shouldn't of worried about hurting her, because all of a sudden she pushed her hips and ass towards me hard that the entire dildo disappeared deep into her tight pussy...her pussy was spread wide as if it would tear her, her pussy lips stretched so fucking thin and wrapped tightly around the dildo that I leaked more pre-cum in my pants at the sight of her pussy!

for new friends

Jul 31st @ 5:23am EDT

Last evening I had a barbecue with my new friends from the area I live now . It was brilliant even though it was raining a bit ;) I will tell you about it a bit later, now I want to dedicate something to the people I got to know. Its for you ! :):)

No clouds in my stones
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
We fly higher than weather
In G5's are better, You know me,
In anticipation, for precipitation. Stack chips for the rainy day
Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?

You have my heart
And we'll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

These fancy things, will never come in between
You're part of my entity, here for Infinity
When the war has took it's part
When the world has dealt it's cards
If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

You can run into my arms
It's OK don't be alarmed
Come here to me
There's no distance in between our love
So go on and let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more

When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

It's raining
Ooh baby it's raining
Baby come here to me
Come here to me
It's raining
Oh baby it's raining

Professor part 2

Jul 31st @ 5:02am EDT

Their voices dropped to whispers and a minute later she left and Mr Wilkins walked over to me. In a low voice he told me that it turns out I had left my book in the study hall and to take better care of my belongings. "Yes Sir" I said as I casually flicked through the pages. I hit the sectionon which we had been working and saw a very small piece of paper that had four simple words printed upon it. 'Same time, same place.'

My classes were over at five and as always I went to the library to study. I walked to my usual desk amidst the stacks and began to write a paper on economics and infrastructure of the third world. I purposely fell asleep and was woken up by Mr Garrety. "I hope your grades reflect your effort Melissa. You should really take a night off and sleep at home for a change." I was told as he escorted me out of the library and locked the door once again.

My feet carried me back along the corridor to the door of Margaret's class. I contemplated whether or not to go inside when the door opened before me and I stalked over the threshold. The door lock clicked and my heart began to pound as I turned around and saw her with her white blouse open exposing a midnight blue bra. "So Melissa, you have heard and you have seen everything wtih your own eyes. There is only one thing left that I can think of for you to endure."

I shook all over as she approached me, I leaned back over the desk and I asked what that could possibly be. She grabbed my hand making my book bag slip to the floor. "You are missing out on the sense of touch" and she thrust my hand down the front of her pants and guided it to her wet pulsating vagina. I le tout a low whine as I felt myself squirt soaking through my black silk undies and dampening my denim jeans. "Do you like that? Even a little?" Her voice was torturous but I ripped at her pants sliding them down to the floor and without another thought I began to suck and lick at her pussy and clitoris like there wa snothing that I'd rather do.

Her hand braced her entire body against her desk as her juices flowed over my tongue and down my chin. I glanced down into her bag and with a jolt of excitement I plunged my right hand into her bag and then stood up. As I regained my feet I thrust the glittery blue dildo deep between her thighs with all of my strength forcing her to scream with pleasure. As her arm trembled I thrust her back onto her desk withdrew the dildo to half and then thrust it back in again. Her hands fumbled with my jeans and I felt them part with my skin and slide to the floor but I didn't stop.

I unhooked her bra with my free hand and then bit down moderately hard on her left nipple causing her to moan with pleasure once more. Her hands slid between my thighs and I felt her fingers skate deeply into my vagina as my cum suirted over her hands. We were both moaning and breathing deep with every syllable as she whispered "I have something I want you to try with me, if you're game? Reach back into the bag."

My hand dove into her bag with a will of its own until it extracted a long double-ended dildo. She snatched it out of my hand and thrust it into my pussy and I jolted forward so as to lie directly on top of her. The liquid was streaming from me all over her as she removed the glittery dildo and placed the other end inside her.

She helped me clamber on top of her. My knees were either side of her waist and my hands squeezed her breasts simultaneously as I began to slowly rise and fall. I could feel her hand underneath me as she ran the dildo back and forth between us as our cum intertwined over its entirety. I lay down upon her grasping at the sides of the desk as I slid back and forth along her.

I felt like I was going to explode with pleasure when she flipped me over and began ramming the dildo farther and farther into my pussy and I moaned with the heightened excitement and could feel her cum squirting onto my vagina. My moans turned into screams as I grabed for her jacked. I bit down hard as my temperature sky rocketed and I trembled all over. One final deep thrust and I felt the tension release.

She thrust the dildo for several minutes and I could see her hand completely covered with both of our cum. She pulled the pleasure aid out and began to lick pussy as if to clean it and I felt myself begin to ge tturned on again. "Oh so the little one wants another good fuck? I think we can manage that." She then thrust three fingers into my pussy simultaneously until she had me forcing myself back on to her hand.

She sporadically licked my pussy and sucked on my clitoris before she pulled out a plain, skin coloured strap on which she fitted to herself. "I want to fuck you like you hav enever been fucked before" and that she did. my legs were spread with my knees nearly flat against the desk and up near my head as she rammed me into the desk. "Scream you sexy little thing. Beg for this giant cock between your white glossy thighs. Tell me what you want, say my name."

"Margaret. Oh Margaret Lucien please fuck me harder!" I screamed and moaned so loudly I thought that surely someone must have heard. No one else entered the room. I felt the vigour and intensity of her thrusts increase exponentially until finally I succumbed.

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We lay together on her desk for a little while before we both regained enough composure to go about redressing ourselves. A million questions were running through my head but I dared not ask them. I retreived my book bag and froze for a split second with my hand on the door handle. As I turned to take one last look at her I felt her lips close on mine. I drove home that night and went straight to sleep without contemplating anything.

Professor part 1

Jul 31st @ 5:01am EDT

I have always been good at making up stories. When I was really young, adults would write it off as having an over-active imagination.Maybe someone should have told my college English professor. Maggie was a single thirty-year-old whom, as far as I oculd tell, was always at work. Not bad seeing as how I too was always around campus.

I had been researching my thesis paper so long that it was already dark when the janitor woke me up. "Studying late again Melissa?" He said as he gave me a hand up causing my books to topple to the floor. "You know me Mr Garrety. Therer is always something to learn." He walked me out to the corridor and locked the library door. Wandering alone in the corridor I fumbled wtih my keys dropping them to the floor. As I crouched down to pick them up I heard a slight moan coming from the nearest classroom. A momentary inner debate of morals ensued and I decided to take a peak. The desk light was on.

She was lying back on her black leather chair with her blouse open. She had one leg on the desk pushing back and the other over the arm of her chair. I watched as she slowly massaged her milky white breasts with one hand, tweaking the nipples as she moved from one to the other. I started feeling moist and more than a tough awkward but I couldn't bear to look away.

I glanced around quickly and then slowly I reached down and began touching myself. Using my free hand I braced myself against the door frame and peered back through the window. Her body slowly shifted up and down, side to side. My eyes traced the line of her arm and saw the end of a glittery blue vibrator. Seeing this made me shiver all over. She began to thrust more vigorously increasing the volume and frequency of her moans. I could see her cum seeping ove rthe pleasure-aid and hand until it began to pool on her chair. There was so much to watch all at once and then another more forceful jolt made my arm slip and thud against the door.

The sound seemed to reverberate as I ran for my car. My books had spilled but I didn't have time to check whether I had retrieved them all. As I drove back to my apartment I kept wondering whether she had seen me or not and what she was going to do if she had. I dropped my book bag by the door as I walked over the threshold and my keys in the candy dish before falling asleep fully clothed above the sheets.

Morning broke and it turned out I had dropped my history book and unfortunately I had history first up. In the middle of class, as we watched a documentary about the Second World War, there was a knock and she entered. "Good morning Miss Lucien. How may I help you?" My history teacher said as he strode across the room.

to be continued..

Fetish :) MMM :)

Jul 30th @ 3:54am EDT

It was her birthday, this new girl who was apparently interested in my best friend. I had been with them in almost all their 'dates', before they had probably started pseudo dating.

Sammy was 5'4, just had the right amount of flesh on her body, making her look neither very slim, nor plumpy. She was fair, straight black hair, big eyes, juicy lips, a hypnotising cleavage that would be visible in almost everything she wore. Her assets were very shapely and practically impossible to be sucked in one go. She had her navel pierced, and her legs were hairless, soft lickable thighs, and if you would believe me-the most elegant, beautiful, soft, shapely and neat feet ever.

She was so perfect! Her feet were size 8, super smooth and fair, with long toes and slightly grown nails, which were always painted. Her feet were angelic, beautifully curved, and not the slightest of dirt on them.
Everytime my best friend Ash was out with her, and i was along, i just kept gazing at her feet.

I have always had a foot fetish, ever since i remember. I have masturbated infinitely dreaming of footjobs or foot slavery.

On Sammy's birthday, we were there at her place. It was a crazy party, with all the make outs, grinding and bisexuality. I was only trying to feel some drunk girl's thighs or touch their feet all the time.
It was four now. The animals had gone back home, and Ash had accompanied some other guys to get some weed and stuff.

I was eventually sitting with Sammy alone on the terrace, with the shining moonlight reflecting on her pretty face and her black nailpaint shining softly, making the princess' feet look all the more heavenly.
We were talking about random issues, then love, and finally about sex.

Sammy told me about her experiences in bed, the positions she loved and how she hated blowjobs. My penis had begin to harden, and i did not hesitate anymore to keep my hand on her feet. She did not notice it, or she might have been too drunk t realise that i was massaging her left foot slowly by now. She was probably enjoying that too, because soon, i gathered the guts to take her leg in my lap, and i was feeling every inch of her foot. From the ankle to the shaft to the fingers, i was doing it all.

"Are you doing that intentionally?"she asked. As if a kid scolded or warned, i removed my hand and said ''no, i'm. . umm. . sorry''.
I never knew she was a little bitch, unless she stretched her leg again, and this time placed her toe on my chest, above the two open buttons. She moved her soft foot and the long fingers down to my belt and said ''i'm not too drunk to notice that you have been feeling my feet ever since we are having our talk''.

This time, i did not resist. ''yes, you have the most amazing feet i've ever seen, and i want to do so much more'' i said.
The most delicious woman now lied on her back, and gave herself to me!

Without wasting a minute, i held her left foot close to my lips, and slowly started eating it like an ice cream, using my lips and a little toungue every time. I sucked her ankle, then the shaft, licked it, holding it like a pecious gift, i took her toe in my mouth and sucked it, in and out if my craving mouth. I slowly took all her fingers one by one and then opened my mouth wide enough to stuff more than half her foot in my mouth.

The same was done with the other foot, and then both together. She was fully supportive and played with my face with her other foot whenever it was free. She made me sniff it, and placed it on my neck, shoulders, and chest.

I was so hard by now that i wanted to shag off like a wild beast. As i took my hand down to unbutton my jeans, she shook her head and said ''let me do that for you''. To my surprise, she unbuttoned my jeans as she lied down on the terrace, with her feet alone. I just kneeled down, near her legs, as she slid her foot inside my boxers, and grabbed it with her right foot toe and finger. My throbbing warm thick penis' top was now between her soft toe and first finger. She spread the precum around the top of my penis, and now brought the other foot into play, and started moving her feet around my penis. My penis was still just semi erect, and was slowly gaining erection.

My dick was now between the space made by her feet arches. She gained momentum and soon my fully erect thick black cock was making splashing sounds as the precum added some lurication. The sight of pure soft beautiful curved feet around a black cummy dick was heavenly. She must have given me the footjob for a good 2-3 minutes before i was ready to cum.

The slut had not had enough, she got hold of her glass kept on one side and asked me to make a drink for her. I know what she meant, and i held tha glass under my penis, as my hand took control for the final cumshot, and there it was-thick warm load of cum in her glass.
She got up now, i held her by one hand for her support. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, as i poured my sperm in her mouth. She kept her mouth open as imsaw the cum move inside her mouth down to her throat.

A few minutes later, we were french-kissing, as i heard my best friend Ash coming with some others who had gone to get weed.

We separated apart, and all the time when we were smoking weed, we were lookin at each other, and the slut continued teasing me with her foot movements while everyone else were totally unaware!

home sweet home

Jul 30th @ 3:50am EDT

Hello Hello again babies ;)

I wanted to tell you something ;) I moved from an average block of flats into a WONDERFUL house :) Finally :):) Now I live in very peaceful area, full of green places, away from the centre of the city. I love it !

The house needs some changes and Im going to do it soon in my spare time ;) I wanna have my own wonderland ;) ;)

What is your dream house?
My would have a fireplace for a winter ... a big comfortable bed :D for a good sex and good sleep. Big bathroom in which I would be able to relax after a hard and long dat at work. Of course big garden with a swimming pool ;)

And of course I d love to have handsome neighbour ... or many naigbours :D

Tonight I'm doing a party to meet new people from the area. Nothing special, just a small barbecue ;) And we will see who will be my potential 'victim' :D hehhe

Kisses guys, remember about your Tola ;)

You know I'm a dreamer
But my heart's of gold
I had to run away high
So I wouldn't come home low

Just when things went right
Doesn't mean they were always wrong
Just take this song and you'll never feel
Left all alone

Take me to your heart
Feel me in your bones
Just one more night
And I'm comin' off this
Long & winding road

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home
Tonight, tonight
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home

You know that I've seen
Too many romantic dreams
Up in lights, fallin' off the silver screen

My heart's like an open book
For the whole world to read
Sometimes nothing keeps me together at the seams

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home
Tonight, tonight
I'm on my way
Just set me free
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home Sweet Home
I'm on my way
Just set me free
Home Sweet Home

Chick :)

Jul 30th @ 3:43am EDT

Hello chicks ;) How are you ?;)
I'm very very good, I had a day off and I really missed you :D

I hope you have very good time ?;)
A holiday song for you ;)

Rihanna and David Guetta - Who's that chick?

Feel the adrenaline moving under the my skin
It's an addiction such an eruption
Sound is my remedy feeding me energy
Music is all I need.

Baby, I just want to dance
I don't really care, I just wanna dance
I don't really care... care... care (you can feel it in the air... yeah)

She's been a crazy dita, disco diva and you wonder:
"Who's that chick? who's that chick?"
Too cold for you to keep her
Too hot for you to leave her
Who's that chick? who's that chick?
Who's that chick? who's that chick?
Who's that chick? who's that chick?

Back on the dance floor better not to take me home
Bass kicking so hard blazing through my beating heart
French kissing on the floor, heart is beating hard core
Heard everybody is getting a little sexy off the crazy juice
This will end up on the news

Baby, I just wanna dance
I don't really care I just want dance
I don't really care... care... care (feel it in the air... yeah

She's been a crazy dita, disco diva and you wonder:
"Who's that chick? who's that chick?"
Too cold for you to keep her
Too hot for you to leave her
Who's that chick? who's that chick?

I'll try to sex you up the night was got me love sprung
I won't stop until the sun is up, oh yeah
My heart is a dancer beating like a disco drum oh oh uh oh

I'll try to sex you up the night has got me love sprung
I won't stop until the sun is up oh yeah
My heart is a dancer beating like a disco drum
Beating like a disco drum... beating like a disco drum...

She's been a crazy dita, disco diva and you wonder:
"Who's that chick? who's that chick?"
Too cold for you to keep her
Too hot for you to leave her
Who's that chick? who's that chick?
Who's that chick? who's that chick?
Who's that chick? who's that chick?

my own spa & wellness

Jul 28th @ 5:41pm EDT

Last week I decided to go to the swimming pool, spa & wellness with my friend cause it was her birthday. We were standing in a laaaaarge , extremely huge group of people .. mostly fmilies with small noisy kids. After waiting there for over an hour I lost my patience. My friend was also very upset.

Then I felt that someone touches my arm. "Hi beauty, why are you so sad? You are too beautiful for this." I smiled and explained that me and Ama wanted to enter the beauty saloon, but there are too many people waiting. He smiled.

'I know my beauties. I have an offer for you'. It turned out that he lives close to the swimming pool, has his own big house with jacuzzi and big bathroom. He wanted us to join him and his friend. We agreed.

20 minutes later we entered his house. He mixed us a drink and said 'take off your clothes and take the towels'.
We took off our clothes but decided to stay nacked.
'wooooow' he said and touched my back. "My back need a good massage. And Ama's too!'
'No problem ladies' guys said. Thy asked us to lay on a bamboo desk. I saw nothing but I felt a wonderful smell.
'Rose hot oil and peeling' said the guy.

The started a massage. He was touching my back hard and made me completely relaxed. I felt the hot oil and a delicate cream. It was excellent.

He was touching my neck, my back and then my ass and legs. 'WONDERFUL' I said. Ama was delighted too.

"Happy Birthday Ama. and all the best Tola. We love you girls' They said when we were about to go home.

'Guys you are the best ! see you soon !' We said .

That was a very very relaxing day. And we didnt spend our money on spa & wellness so we went to the cinema.


Jul 28th @ 5:14pm EDT

Sometimes after waking up we aren't sure if that atually happened or not... sometimes we are upset that for example a wonderful passionate sex finished suddently and now we are alone in our bed. Sometimes we are angry, cause a beginning of a flirt ends up ... with n alarm clock.
But anyway ... our imagination often makes us more horny and playful in the morning.
I wake up thinking only about sex. Eat breakfast thinking about a blowjob. Having shower touching myself. All becaue of my sweet dreams ... :)

Every night I rush to my bed
with hopes that maybe I`ll get a chance to see you when
I close my eyes, i'm goin` out of my head
Lost in a fairytale
Can you hold my hand and be my guide
Clouds filled with stars cover your skies
And I hope it rains
You`re the perfect lullaby
What kind of dream is this?

It Can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
either way I
Don`t wanna wake up from you
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me
Your love's too good to be true.

My guilty pleasure I ain`t goin` nowhere
Baby,long as you're here
I`ll be floating on air
Cause you`re my ( sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare )
either way I
Don`t wanna wake up from you

I mention you when I say my prayers
I wrap you around all of my thoughts
Boy you are my temporary high
I wish when I wake up you're there
So wrap your arms around me for real
And tell me you'll stay by my side
Clouds filled with stars cover your skies
And I hope it rains
You`re the perfect lullaby
What kind of dream is this?
It Can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
either way I
Don`t wanna wake up from you.
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.
Somebody pinch me.
You`re love's too good to be true.

My guilty pleasure I ain`t goin` nowhere
Baby,long as you're here
I`ll be floating on air
Cause you`re my ( sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare )
either way I
Don`t wanna wake up from you

Tattoo your name across my heart
So it will remain
Not even death can make us part
What kind of dream is this?

It Can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
either way I
Don`t wanna wake up from you
Sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me
Your love's too good to be true.

It Can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare


Jul 28th @ 5:06pm EDT

I like boys who takes control over my body. I like feeling their strong arms over me and feel like a small and flamable person. But sometimes ... I also feel the beast sometimes wakes up inside me. And then ... I like to dominate a guy.

Eva Simons and Afrojack - Take over control

[Eva Simons]
Let's go take a ride in your car
I will take the passenger seat
Baby we don't have to go far
Unless you wanna show
Me at a lovely place out of town
Where you feel most at ease
Well you are the one that i like

Always will be time to let you know
No way I feel when you take hold
One single touch from you I'm gone
Still got the rush when I'm alone

I think it is time I let you know
Take over me I will default
You set me free my body's your
It feels the best when you're involved

I want you to
Take over control
Take over control
Take over control

Oooh I want you to
Take over controlllll

Plug it in and turn me on

I want you to
Take over control
Take over control
Take over control

Oooh I want you to
Take over controlllll

Plug it in and turn me on

Baby, baby can't you see
That i'm giving all of me
So it's up to you now
We could let time pass away
I'll make an excuse to play
But it's up to you now
Just wanna fulfill your needs
That's why you taking over me
So what do you want now?
Take a picture, make a show
'Cause nobody has to know
All the ways that we get down

I want you to
Take over control
Take over control
Take over control

Oooh I want you to
Take over controlllll

Plug it in and turn me on
Plug it in and turn me on
Plug it in and turn me on
Plug it in and turn me on
Plug it in and turn me on
On, on, on, on...


Jul 28th @ 2:19pm EDT

Tola is gonna save your world tonight ;) Save you from boredom and give you pleasure :)

Swedish House Mafia - Who's gonna save the world tonight

Into the streets, we're coming down
We never sleep, Never get tired
Through urban fields, and suburban life

Turn the crowd up now, We'll never back down
Shoot down a skyline, watch it in primetime
Turn up the love now, listen up now, turn up the love

Who's gonna save the world tonight?
Who's gonna bring you back to life?
We're gonna make it, you and I
We're gonna Save The World tonight

Ohoh oh oh, oh oh ohoh oh (x4)

We're far from home, it's for the better
What we dream, it's all that matters
We're on our way, united

Turn the crowd up now, We'll never back down
Shoot down a skyline, watch it in primetime
Turn up the love now, listen up now, turn up the love

Who's gonna save the world tonight?
Who's gonna bring you back to life?
We're gonna make it, you and I
We're gonna Save The World tonight

Ohoh oh oh, oh oh ohoh oh (powtarzane do końca)
Who's gonna save?
Who's gonna bring?
We're gonna make it, you and I
Who's gonna save?
Who's gonna bring?
We're gonna Save The World Tonight.


Jul 27th @ 4:20am EDT

When I first met Barry, I immediately noticed that his smile was gorgeous. The second thing I noticed about him was how great his ass looked in tight jeans. He was flirtatious and playful. Barry and I had been dating just a month when we made a bet on a basketball game. I won the bet and jokingly said that I wanted Barry to wear a pair of my panties. Barry blushed but agreed. I did not think he would really go through with it but he went into the bathroom with a pair of my lace string-bikini panties and came out wearing them. I laughed so hard and told him that he did not have to follow-through with it anymore. Barry insisted stated, I lost the bet so I should do it. I had to admit, he looked damn good in those tiny pantieswhat a great ass. It was only two days later when I discovered he was wearing those panties again. He asked me to go panty-shopping with him. I thought it was a little weird but he sure looked sexy in those panties. We bought 18 pair of panties for him and he started wearing panties daily.

About four months into the relationship, I was approached by my friend Jenna with a rumor that she had heard. Jenna had heard that Barry might have cheated on me after a weekend sorority party. I did not attend that party but I had to find out if the rumor was true. Jenna and I traced the source of the rumor and it led to a guy by the name of Dominic. When we met Dominic, both Jenna and I were impressed with his good looks. I figured that he knew who Barry might have cheated with. He didand WOWwhat a surprise. Barry had cheated on me with Dominic. Dominic seemed to feel badly that Barry had cheated but insisted that the only thing that happened was that Barry had performed a headjob on him. When we left Dominic, I was in shock and Jenna could not stop laughing. How was I going to ask Barry about this? It is not everyday that a girl confronts her boyfriend about giving other guys head. What should I say to Barry? Jenna and I talked about it and decided that we would devise a plan for some kind of revenge. Maybe I should cheat on Barry and even the score? I told Jenna, why should I compromise my standards, Barry is the cock-gobbling slut! When I said this to her, Jenna came up with the perfect plan.

Jenna and I both remained very cool around Barry and never let him know that we knew anything, although Jenna would occasionally let out a giggle whenever she was around Barry. Jenna and I knew what she was giggling about, Barry was totally clueless. I began to use my feminine power to influence Barry. I would drop hints about oral fixations being a turn-on for me. I would get Barry to suck on my fingers and tell him how horny that made me. Barry came over to my apartment one day and I took out a magazine that contained some gay porn. Jenna had a friend of hers get the magazine for me. I flipped through the magazine while sitting next to Barry and found a picture of a guy sucking off another guy. I showed Barry and told him that it made me hot to see a guy do that. Barry did not say anything. So, I took a much more directive approach. I said, Barry, would you suck another guy off for me? He looked at me for a second and then smiled and asked if I would really like that. Absolutely, I think it is hot, I replied. It was then that Barry said, If you wanted me toI would do it. I responded by telling him that maybe I would set up a scene like that sometime. The plan was set in motion.

I invited Barry to come over to my apartment and told him that we would be doing something fun so he should wear a cute pair of panties. When I opened the door and saw Barry standing there with a big smile on his face, I knew he was ready for some action. We began to make-out and I stripped his jeans and shirt off of him. Barry was wearing nothing but a purple silk thong panty. It was then that used two pair of handcuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back and his ankles together. I had him hop to the middle of the room and get down on all fours. I began to spank him firmly with my hand. Each spank would produce a loud SMACK sound on his thong-clad tushie. Barry wiggled his ass back and forth and lifted it slightlyinviting more spanking. He moaned, Oooohhhspank me baby! I responded with a series of firm swats that must of stung good. Then I took out a blind-fold and put it on Barry, who was still on all fours. It was time to put the plan fully in play.

Jenna quietly led five guys into the room. I continued to spank Barrys ass to keep him clueless of what was about to happen. I noticed that every time I delivered a firm SMACK to Barrys ass, he would drop open his mouth. The first guy walked up in front of Barry and hung his huge cock directly in front of Barrys face. At the exact moment that Barry opened his mouth; the guy shoved his cock in. Barry was initially shocked but quickly started sucking the cock. After a couple of minutes, the guy just grabbed Barrys head and began thrusting on Barrys face. Barry could not do much about it except to take it all in. It did not take long before the guy was rock hard and powerfully pumping Barrys lips. While all of this was happening, Jenna and I kept spanking his ass. It was a panty-pounding and a face-fucking! The first guy finished down Barrys throat. And within seconds, the second guy started up and began force-feeding Barry huge black cock. That guy thrust his huge cock down Barrys throat like a jack-hammer. He was repeatedly slamming Barrys tonsils over and over for 20 non-stop minutes. Jenna and I tried to keep from laughing but just couldnt. The second guy shot his load down Barrys throat; it must have been about a gallon of cum because Barry had to swallow several times. The third guy took over and did the same thinggagging Barry numerous times with deep throat action. The fourth guy jumped in and set his balls in Barrys mouth. Barry sucked his sack clean. The fifth guy then stepped up to Barry and inserted his throbbing cock in Barrys cum-gulping mouth. I spanked Barrys ass hard, each smack shoving his lips further onto the cock. Jenna took off Barrys blindfold so that he could see that the fifth cock that he was servicing was Dominic. The look of shock and total embarrassment on Barrys face was really funny. But it was the way that Dominic repeatedly gagged Barrys throat that was hilarious. After Dominic finished in Barrys mouth, he pulled out and repeatedly smacked Barry across the face with his cock. It was a wonderful sight.

With Barry still on his knees, I walked in front of him and glared. He knew that he had been caught cheating and he knew that he had been sissified by Girl Power. Barry blushed and looked away. I could not contain myself any longerI started laughing loudly and Jenna joined in. As the five guys left the room, Jenna walked up behind Barry and shoved him from his knees to down on all fours. Jenna and I took turns whacking Barrys ass for a couple of minutes. His face was red and his ass was red. I could hear Barry whimpering in complete utter humiliation. We helped him to his feet and walked him out of my apartment. We left him handcuffed and ankle-cuffed in front of my apartment buildinghe was wearing only the thong panty. I reached out and grabbed his purple thong panty and gave it a quick yankdelivering a farewell wedgie to cock-gobbling Barry.

I love it when a plan comes together!


Jul 27th @ 4:19am EDT

After leaving Barry out in front of my apartment complex for 5 minutes, Jenna and I went to check on him. Actually, we went to laugh at him. What we saw was Barry trying to hop (handcuffed and anklecuffed) towards some bushes for cover. If you remember, Barry was wearing only a pink thong panty. We watched through the glass in the apartment stairwell and laughed until we cried. Barry hopped towards some trees as a car approached him. Barry quickly jumped into the bushes and straight into a large tree. Of course, his hands were cuffed behind his back so he hit the tree with his head. Jenna and I watched as he briefly stumbled dazed and then passed out cold -- landing hard on his ass. He laid on the lawn of my apartment building -- out cold. Jenna and I ran down to see if he was okay. He was unconscious when we got to him but appeared to be fine. Jenna and I saw a wonderful opportunity to humiliate Barry a little more -- and we took the opportunity.

Jenna and I carried Barry to her car and shoved him in. We quickly drove up to campus and went to a Sorority house. Barry was still out but had begun to stir a little. We carried him into the front foyer of the sorority. When inside, we uncuffed his hands and cuffed him to the banister of a large stairwell. He was bent over so he was in prime spanking position. Jenna took out some of her lipstick and wrote on Barry's back the words "SPANK ME - I'M A CUM SLUT!"

Jenna and I went back to my apartment and the phone rang about one hour later. It was a girl from the Sorority that Barry was at. She told us that she and 3 of her Sorority sisters had found Barry and spanked him very hard. As a matter of fact, she said, Barry had cried as they were spanking him. They somehow knew that Barry needed intense humiliation. Reportedly, they also took an entire role of film of Barry in his cute tiny thong panty. The Sorority girls also wanted Jenna and I to come over and pick him up. When we arrived, Barry was still whimpering -- his ass was bright red from spanking. I'm not sure that he was glad to see us because he just rolled his eyes. At that, Jenna delivered a very firm SMACK to his ass that jolted his entire body. Barry winced in pain and we just laughed.

At this point, Barry had just encountered four of the girls. I informed Barry that at least 15 more girls would be coming home later and would probably want to spank him silly. Barry began to beg us to un-cuff him. I told Barry that he would be set free just as soon as he sucked off a few cocks for the Sorority girls. Barry, of course, agreed to it. The Sorority girls were excited about it and started making phone calls to see if they could get a few guys to come over for a headjob. As the phone calls were being made, five more girls came in to participate. When three guys arrived, they immediately walked over to Barry. By this time, ten Sorority girls were watching. Barry began to suck the first guy off with passion. As before, it did not take that long until the guy was rock hard and Barry was getting his face pounded with deep and powerful hip-thrusts. Barry gagged on a few occasions but never vomited. All of us girls were just giggling like crazy. It was sooooo satisfying to see Barry forced into being a total cock-whore. Each guy slammed Barry's throat like it was a face-fuck competition. I never knew that a throat could take such abuse. It was sooooo hilarious!

After about 40 minutes of non-stop lip-pounding cock-gobbling fun -- Barry finally was finished. He was humiliated and exhausted. Barry was begging Jenna and I to take him home. One of the Sorority girls stepped up to Barry and began to spank his thong-pantied ass. Loud smacks echoed in the foyer area. The girl told Barry that she would stop spanking him if he would loudly declare his immense love for sucking multiple cocks. Barry began to yell, through tears, "I love sucking cocks - I want to suck more cocks!" Of course, all of us already knew that. Just then, another guy walked through the door. He was a black guy that looked to be about 6'4" tall and maybe 250 lbs. The guy had a cock that was about 9 inches long -- 8 inches of it was shoved into Barry's mouth. Everyone was laughing loudly at Barry but he just kept servicing that cock. I could tell that Barry was mortified with total embarrassment but I could also see that flirty squint of his eyes that told me that he was starting to really enjoy this cock in his mouth. Suddenly, the guy pulled out and shot an incredible load onto Barry's face. That guy must of had 10 ounces of cum because he completely covered Barry's face. A lot of pictures were being taken. Barry was in utter shock at the large volume of cum that was all over his face.

I was about to unlock the handcuffs on Barry when one of the Sorority girls stopped me. She reached out and gave a little snap to the string on Barry's thong and told him that he would only be released if he agreed to be her personal French maid the following weekend. Barry immediately agreed and so I un-cuffed him. Barry said he could barely walk because his ass hurt so much from all the spanking. So, Jenna and I helped him out.

We told Barry that we would take him home, but Jenna pulled over about one mile from Barry's place and kicked him out. It was dark outside, but still -- Barry had to walk aways wearing only a pink thong panty and with dried cum all over his face. As Jenna and I watched him walk down the street, we gave each other a high-five. Our revenge on Barry had turned out even better than we thought.

Jenna and I just could not go home, we had to drive past Barry a few more times. So we turned around and drove back towards Barry. Then we saw the flashing of police lights on the side of the road. As we approached, we saw a female police officer standing in front of her car talking to Barry. We pulled over and approached them. We heard the officer ask him what was all over his face. Jenna began laughing out loud and the officer told us not to come any closer. We told her that we knew Barry. She had him stand in front of her car in the lights while she spoke with Jenna and I at the back of her car. We told her that he had been giving multiple headjobs and had been yelling, "I love sucking cock" just a few minutes ago. She told us that she was going to arrest him for indecent exposure for walking down the road in panties. The officer actually smiled when she told us this - which was funny. She approached Barry and asked him about his cock-sucking - which he admitted. She then told him to put his hands behind his back and hand-cuffed him. As she led him back to sit in her car, Jenna said, "Well Barry, at least you are accustomed to wearing hand-cuffs." Barry glared at us and said, "HA HA HA - very funny!" As the officer put Barry into her car, I yelled out, "who knows Barry, maybe you'll meet some guys in jail that want headjobs." The officer actually giggled at that and said, "nice panties" as she shut the car door. The officer told us that we could come down and bail him out if we wanted. Jenna and I looked at each other and in unison said, "I don't think so." She said we probably should bring him some clothing though because he would only be wearing the panties. I told her that I didn't have any of his clothes. The officer said, "well, even if you have a pair of your sweat-pants or something - he'll have to wear whatever you bring him. Jenna and I went back to my place and got a pink cropped t-shirt and a short pleated-skirt with an elastic waist. We took those down to the jail and dropped them off for Barry. We heard that he actually went before the judge wearing the skirt and the judge ordered Barry to go to counseling.

Too funny!!!


Jul 27th @ 4:19am EDT

A few days after the extreme humiliation revenge that we put on Barry, both Jenna and I were still thinking about it. The story was spreading wildly and tons of people were asking us all about it. Jenna and I would be riding in her car and one of us would just start giggling and the other would join in. We both knew that we had pulled off the biggest revenge scene in the history of Girl Power. The satisfaction was incredible.

I was called by Sara, an acquaintance of mine who had heard all about what happened to Barry. She said that she knew that Barry was required to attend counseling by the judge. She also said that her cousin was finishing her graduate degree in psychology and was working as an intern at a counseling center. Sara had found out that her cousin was going to see Barry. I asked Sara if her cousin would have a little fun with Barry. Sara was unsure so Jenna and I decided to talk to the cousin. Sara's cousin, Becca, was willing to talk with us over the phone. She could not tell us anything but we could tell her everything. When I told Becca how Barry had cheated on me, she was disgusted. Becca stated, "I am completely a feminist and I cannot stand guys who cheat." We filled Becca in on the whole story and she thought it was hilarious. She said that she was not sure that she could help us out but would see what she could do.

Meanwhile, I contacted Barry to see if he intended on following through with his promise to be a French Maid for a sorority girl. He was rather snotty on the phone and said that he was not going to be someone's French Maid. I asked him about wearing a short skirt to court and he yelled, " brat!" and hung up on me. It was sooo funny. Jenna had the idea to lure Barry over to our place and get him dressed as a French Maid. I told her that there was no way he would do it. Jenna, ingenius as ever, thought of a plan. I called Barry again, but this time I did not mock him. Instead, I told him that I was sorry and wanted to talk to him. I have to admit that I was a little surprised that Barry agreed to it. Then again, Barry is certainly not known as being very smart. In fact, he is completely an air-head.

When Barry arrived at my place, Jenna and I tried our best to not laugh. However, we could not help grinning with satisfaction once in awhile. Barry would stand with his hands on his hips...glaring at us and running his tongue back and forth over his upper teeth. I told Barry that I was sorry and that I wanted to talk to him. I must admit, he looked great in his tight jeans. But I kept seeing him sucking cocks in my mind. We all sat down and Jenna brought him a glass of lemonade. But Jenna had put crushed sleeping pills into the lemonade. Barry drank the lemonade and began telling us how incredibly embarrassed he was over everything that had happened. He kept saying, "I am soooo embarrassed!" - over and over. Jenna and I were trying hard not to laugh at Barry. After about 20 minutes, Barry began to repeat himself and then he started to get drowsy. He said he felt tired and wanted to go home. I told him to lay down on our couch to nap. He did not even have time to agree before he collapsed into a deep sleep. We figured that he would be out for about 4 hours...which gave us plenty of time to work our plan.

Our plan started with Jenna getting a red French Maid dress from a girlfriend of hers. It came with some assessories and Jenna picked up some additional items. Meanwhile, I stripped Barry down to his panties. He was, of course, wearing a thong - a red lace thong. Jenna returned with the clothing materials and we put black thigh-hi lace stockings on him. His outfit also had a black taffeta petticoat and a red French Maid dress. Jenna had gotten black lace gloves, a black lace choker, a black and red leg garter, a small black and white lace hat, and black pumps. We dressed Barry and carefully applied full make-up. His lips were bright red with Covergirl Eternal Flame lipstick. Barry looked so sexy as a French Maid...lying there fast asleep. Since we had gotten our handcuffs back before Barry was arrested...we used those to cuff his hands behind his back and his ankles togther. Then we carried him to Jenna's car and took him over to the Sorority house.

By the time Barry woke up, he was tied over a bench and Jenna, Sara and I were joined by 5 Sorority girls to spank Barry silly. His tiny red lace thong was just begging to be swatted. He was dis-oriented, but still cute in his make-up. We used a large Sorority paddle and pounded his cute little ass into oblivion. Each two-handed swing of that paddle took an up-ward angle and delivered a firm and powerful WHACK on his ass. Each swat would lift both of his feet about an inch off of the ground. It only took about 100 swats and Barry was blubering like a incoherent baby with Maybelline Intense XXL very black mascara running down his face. It was then that all the Fraternity boys showed up. The girls provided the beer and every guy got a headjob from Barry. A total of 22 guys came and face-fucked French Maid Barry. Each guy went one after the other, without much of a break between each guy. Barry slurped on 22 cocks for about 4 hours non-stop. Every once in awhile, I would freshen up his lipstick for him. Even though his lipstick would rub off on each cock and Barry had lipstick around his lips and on his teeth. Most of the guys just slammed Barry's tonsils hard, a couple of guys focused on the teeth-brushing technique...moving back and forth in Barry's mouth. Barry cooperated 100%. The slobber was running off of his chin and the mascara ran off of his face as he sobbed uncontrollably...but never took a cock out of his mouth once. Barry gobbled down loads of cum...he actually threw up twice but kept gulping cum like the cumslut that he is. While Barry was getting deep-throated by all those guys...all of us Sorority girls kept spanking his ass. His tushie was very red and very warm to the touch...I knew it must be throbbing but Barry did not say anything. His mouth was too full to speak. As a matter of fact, after all the headjobs, Barry just stared with a stupified look on his face. Coming from Barry's chin and mouth was the potent aroma of cum. His mouth was half-open and he looked like he was in shock. Jenna and I both tried talking to him but he did not respond. We gave him about 30 minutes to "snap out of it" and tried talking to him again. He was still unresponsive. Sara called her cousin Becca to see what we should do. Becca came out to the Sorority house to see Barry and she tried to talk to him. Barry would just stare with a blank look on his face. Becca said Barry needed to go to the hospital, so we took him to the E.R. Once there, they wondered why he was dressed as a French Maid. We told the hospital staff that he loved being a French Maid. They stripped him down to his panties and wondered why he was wearing panties. They then ran some blood work on him. They said that they were looking to see if Barry had gotten any drugs in his system. All of the tests came back negative. The diagnosis was that Barry had "snapped" and would be kept in the psych ward for a few days. Jenna, Sara, Becca and I spoke with the nurse...her name was Laura. We told Laura why Barry "snapped" and she thought it was funny. She told us that we needed to bring some clothing for Barry up to the hospital unit. We were able to find a key in Barry's car to his apartment. So Jenna, Sara, and I went over to his place and picked up some thong panties for him. Then we went back to my place and selected some clothing for Barry. Of course, we selected effeminate tops and short skirts. We took the clothing up to Laura...who found it quite humorous. It took Barry five days before he even spoke a word. Reportedly, Barry would just sit in his skirt and top and stare. When he tried to speak, he would mumble incoherent words, like "hum-muna, hum-muna, bo-bo-ma". They put him on a heavy dose of anti-psychotic medication. When he finally did speak, he would only say, "cock...yum!" That was the only phrase he would speak for 3 whole days...sharing that repeatedly in group therapy. After 2 weeks, Barry was released from the hospital and he went to a counseling session with Becca. Becca reported that he came to the session wearing one of the mini-skirts and spent the entire time talking about his insatiable love for performing fellatio. Barry, of course, was obedient to take all of his medications. Becca, of course, complimented him on his skirt and encouraged him to embrace his desire for fellatio.

Whenever a girl seeks revenge on a guy and the guy ends up going psychotic, taking major medication, wearing skirts, wearing thong panties, and believing that he was born to suck long lines of cock...that is symbolic of extreme Girl Power. All of us still smile about it.

I would say that my revenge on Barry has been satisfied...for now...

Want to watch?

Jul 25th @ 4:03am EDT

Theres a window in my bathroom. I know youre outside. Make yourself comfortable. Watch me release the tension of a long day. And dont worry, I wont mind if you rub yourself while you watch. The thought only makes me hotter.

It has been a long day. Rushing to get ready to go to a job I hate. Rushing to get the kids off to school. Of course, MaryJane forgot her backpack again so I had to rush to get her to school since she missed the bus. Then hurry up and wait behind the never ending procession of other parents dropping their kids off. Obviously they have no where to be in any particular hurry.

Naturally, I was late to work. I had to listen to Mark gripe and complain like the little bitch he is. I wanted to stab him in the eye with my fork at lunch. I really should quit. Its not like Im really all that important at work. Then had to rush home through traffic that moves like January molasses. Why cant I just teleport?

If that wasnt bad enough, Jimmy got in another fight at school today. Then all the fighting at home. I swear the boys will never learn to get along. MaryJane cant seem to put her cell phone down long enough to acknowledge I exist unless she needs something, much less notice that I could use some help around the house. Especially since their dad is out of town on business.

Well, to hell with it all. I dont get time alone very often and Im damn well going to take advantage of it. The kids are asleep. The dishes are done. Roscoe and Bacon wont need to go out again tonight. Oh, I know exactly what I want. There it is. My old purse. Maybe its in here. Yep. Cool. Just enough for a joint.

I roll a joint and prepare to relax. I smoke the pungent herb within the confines of my large master bathroom. Letting the day melt away as I shed uncomfortable high heels and restrictive clothing allowing my skin to breathe. The room fills with smoke. As I begin to relax, I turn the hot water on. There are various different candles placed throughout the room. Slowly, methodically, I light each one. The smell of vanilla, lavender and sandalwood mix with the earthy smell of weed. Steam billows from the hot water now cascading from the showerhead. The sudden clash of hot steam and cooled air wrestles against my flesh, causing a chill to rise.

A quick flip of the switch and all light is gone except for the gentle flicker of flames burning on candle wicks. I slide my white, no nonsense bikini panties to the floor, step out. The clasps on my bra are easy work and the white lace slips down my arms landing in a lazy heap on the floor.

As if in slow motion now, I pull the shower curtain back. My skin is assaulted by steam causing my cold nipples to pucker. I step into the shower, drawing the curtain closed behind me. Surrounded by nearly complete darkness, the world disappears.

I can literally feel the stress wash down the drain as the water scorches my bare flesh. Stepping deeper into the cascade of steaming hot water, my blond hair is saturated and begins clinging to my body. I sweep my hands through it, letting it fall straight down my back. A stray lock is pushed over my shoulder by the rushing water. With the delicate tips of my fingers, I brush it from my breast and back behind my neck.

The water flows across my shoulders, streaming down my breasts. Its beautiful how it streams between them and washes over the mounds to fall to the shower floor. Using only my hands, I spread the hot water over my skin. My arms. My chest. I pay close attention to my breasts. Massaging the wetness into the delicate skin. My dark pink nipples perk up again as my fingers circle them. I drop my head back and sigh at the sensation that ripples though my body as I begin to roll my excited buds between my thumb and forefinger. Oh, how long has it been since I pleasured myself? Too long.

I turn into the water, letting it pour over my face. Ribbons of hot water begin to trace the outside lines of my cleanly shaven pussy. My pussy. I love the way that sounds. Its dirty and sexy all at once. My pussy.

I arch my back slightly so the water has a more direct path to my pussy. My hands gravitate to the center of my body, pressing against my erect nipples and reveling in the smooth skin of my tummy on their way down. Expert fingers find the satiny smooth skin of my shaved erogenous zone. I lift my leg, placing my foot on the tubs edge. Gently, my fingers spread open my slit and the hot water batters my throbbing clit.

Ah. I drop my head back as shudders pass through my body. My clit grows larger. Begging for attention. Sweet nectar perfumes the air as my pussy begins to drip with want. I take my swollen nub in between my fingers and stroke it. Slowly.Gentle at first. But as my stomach tightens and my desire grows, my fingers move quicker.

The hot water beats down on my hand and my exposed clit. The sensation causes my legs to tremble, making it hard to stand. I dont care. The delicious feel of my slick lips pressed against the palm of my hand consumes my mind. Wonder if I can reach that spot Tommy always hits that makes me squirt on the bed? My eyelids drop shut.

I imagine the top of Tommys head, my fingers tangled in his short brown hair, as his wonderfully soft, yet incredibly strong, tongue licks and laps the honey that flows freely to feed his desire and heighten mine. Though I cant see his face, I know hes smiling as he drives two long, thick fingers into my beckoning cock hole. I stretch my fingers, reaching deep inside my sheath. There. Oh! I tickle the sensitive spot deep inside, still imagining Tommys head fixed firmly between my thighs. My lips part. Air rushes in and out of my lungs. A moan of pleasure escapes with each breath.

I rub my pulsing nub in manic circles with my thumb as my fingers twitch and probe within the depths of my hot desire.

Steaming water continues to pulsate against my skin. As one hand abuses my pussy, the other finds my stiff aching nipples. My fingers pinch and pull the protruding buds. My pussy responds by tightening around my fingers. I push them deeper. Waves of ecstasy roll through my body. My knees tremble. I cant stand anymore.

Near mad with desire to have Tommys cock slamming into my cunt, I step from the shower leaving the water running. With water dripping from my naked body, sweet nectar saturating the satin lips between my legs, I withdraw an old friend from inside an old purse, in the top of the closet. I lick my lips. The fake cock is rigid and cold. Luckily for me, it has a suction cup behind the hard plastic sac.

Back in the shower, hot water warming my skin again, I wet the toy cock and secure it to the back wall of the shower. The tender box between my thighs pulsates, wanting to be filled.

I tilt the shower head to spray water to the back of the tub. Sitting at just the perfect height, the dildo beckons. Bending at the waist, I slowly slide my sheath down the length of the protruding rubber cock. I take it all in. All the way to the sac that caresses my quivering clit. My back bows down, trying to push it deeper still.

The water is cooling now but still beating down against my back. My long blond hair is saturated by the stream and falls on either side of my face. I tilt forward, drawing my pussy up the length of the shaft, slowly removing it. Not all the way.

An instant before the bulbous head pops out, I push my hungry lips against it once more.Pounding it deep inside of me. The hard, round tip probes the depths of my pussy, slamming hard against that erogenous spot that makes juice flow in gushes from my trembling twat. My hands go wild. Fondling my dangling tits, rubbing by tight belly. I rake my manicured nails across my ass, scratching the tender skin. My body trembles.

I slap my ass and push harder and faster, fucking the rubber cock on the wall. That tight sensation grips my stomach. My toes curl against the porcelain tub. I grab the soap dish with one hand to support my weight as my knees become weak. With the other, I find my clit protruding from my swollen lips. I cry out as I vigorously rub the pulsating nub and slam harder still against the never wilting cock. My stomach tightens, My pussy clenches around the girth of the dildo.

Sweet release. Cum bathes the dildo, squirts the wall and runs down my legs. The intensity of the orgasm quakes my entire body making me shudder. I continue slowly stroking the rubber cock with my dripping pussy as the orgasm subsides.

My fingers still holding my engorged clit. Damn. I laugh to myself as I realize the water is on the verge of being ice cold. I rinse off quickly and turn the water off. As I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my shivering body I realizeIve got the bed to myself tonight.

Strawberry Lips

Jul 25th @ 4:02am EDT

Carley and Beth lived together in a small town house in North London. Theyd met whilst travelling around Australia a few years ago. Beth was a diving instructor from Sydney and Carley and her boyfriend Tom were a young couple experiencing everything the beautiful country had to offer. Carley and Beth stayed good friends and when Beth said she wanted to come over to Britain, Carley and Tom were happy for her to use the spare bedroom in their house.

It was a sunny bank holiday and Tom had left early that morning to drive back to his parents house in Wales. Carley slept in and let the warm glow of the sun gently wake her. She began to get out bed, her long black hair flowing over her skin tight top.

You up yet babe? Beth called for outside her door.

Yeah, come in. Ive just woken up now she replied, stretching satisfied after a long sleep.

Beth walked in, already in her bikini. Her beach tan and surfer blonde hair made her look like the archetypal Aussie girl, and she loved to play up to the stereotype. Beth was petite, her body was small and curvy. Her D cup breasts looked perfect in her red bikini top, and Carley knew Beth loved the attention.

Coming out for a sun bathe? Beth asked.

The top of the house had a flat roof on one side, where it looked out over a small park. On hot days, the girls would sometimes sneak up without the caretaker knowing, and use the flat roofs to keep their young, trim bodies tanned.

Ill meet you up there in a bit. Let me just have a shower and some breakfast first.

Ok babe, Ill see you later. Beth turned and left Carleys, her peachy little behind seemed to wink at her as she walked away.

Carley felt a little tingle as the image of her friends body stayed in her head. She walked down stairs and into the kitchen, still in her thong and tight little top. She felt sexy walking round in her underwear. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and compared her body with Beths beach body lying in her red bikini on the roof. Carley was a little taller, her boobs were smaller, but firm and perky. She wasnt wearing a bra under her top, but the shape and lift of her breast, with her dark nipples showing through, made her look wildly sexy. She took a bowl of strawberries from the fridge and took them back upstairs. She lay on the bed, looking at her body in the mirror. She touched her nipples through her top and felt them harden. She felt incredible turned on, and out of nowhere, wanted to be touched by her frisky friend.

Carley sucked a strawberry and allowed the juice to run down her chin and drip onto her white top. She cupped her breasts and rubbed them softly through the thin material. The top was so tight you could see every inch of her body underneath. She slipped off her thong, closed her eyes, and began to slowly touch herself. Small circular stokes over her sensual clit. She picked another strawberry, drew it to her lips and mouth and ran her tongue around it, as if teasing herself. Her warm pussy invited her back and her fingers ran down her inner lips and she collected the nectar with her index finger, brought it back to her mouth, tasting herself. She felt so horny, slowly building up her lust with little moans of delight. She took the fruit and ran it over her cunt. Rubbing the berry against her clit, dipping it into the vagina and biting into its sweet, soft flesh. She took another, and another, scooping up her sticky cream with the juicy red strawberry, mixing the flavours in her mouth.

Carley felt shots of excitement fire around her body. She began to massage herself with two fingers, working her fingers back and forth, increasing the speed and the pressure. She gasped as a wave of pleasure swept over her body. She flung her hips in the air, still masturbating like a machine, her pelvis thrusting in time with her pussy pounding fingers. Faster and faster, her arse banging back on the bed, her tits pushing through her top. Carley screwed shut her eyes and screamed out as he came all over her hand. The orgasm blew her away, and she lay silent on the bed, out of breath, touching her inner thighs. Images of Beth dominated her thoughts, and she wanted to see her sunbathing friend in her hot bikini.


Carley was in luck. She opened her eyes to find Beth staring at her. Carley jumped with shock. She felt horribly embarrassed until she noticed the look on Beths face. The Aussie babe gave her half naked housemate a dirty look, licked her teeth and took off her red bikini. Carley instantly felt relieved and smiled.

What do you think youre doing? Carley asked.

Just close you eyes Beth instructed, and Carley complied. With her pussy still moist, Carley lay back down and let Beth have her fiendish way.

Strawberries! Beth said with glee, Lets see how good you taste then!

She kneeled down next to the bed, Carleys legs ajar, her sweet smelling love box anticipating more fun. Beth slowly moved both her hands up Carleys legs until her thumbs touched the outer lips. Beth pulled them apart and stuck her tongue deep inside. Carley let out a satisfied sigh and opened her legs wider. She ran her foot down Beths brown back, and felt her soft warm body begin to gyrate with her enthusiasm. Beths expert tongue pleasured Carleys cunt and with every lick came louder moaning until Carley was climaxing again. Beth jumped on top of her Carleys orgasmic body and kissed her passionately, grabbing the back of her head and grinding herself against the English sweeties swollen pussy.

Beths big tits pushed up against Carleys pert round breasts as they rubbed against each other, their hearts racing. Sitting up, Carley reached around and began to finger Beths beaver from behind, allowing Beth to bite her earlobes and suck her tits.

You want something big and hard inside you? Carley asked Beth, and to Beths surprise, her friend opened up the bedside draw and pulled put a huge black vibrating dildo.

You dirty slut! Beth gasped, I had no idea!

Carley turned the giant cock on, and pushed into Beths tight hole. Inch by inch she pushed in more and more until Beth had taken the full 9 inches and screamed out to be fucked. Beth wanked her friend hard, pulling the dildo up and down, stimulating her clit and pounding her throbbing pussy with the thick black stick. Carley had never been with a girl, but had never ad so much fun. She loved thinking about her sexy friend eating her out and she loved the thrill of giving so much pleasure.

Yes, YES, YES. Aaaaaaagghhh, FUCK! Beth shouted! FUCK MU PUSSY

She black vibrator was covered and jizz and thrusted one last time before Beths hand pushed it away, her clit so sensitive she could take no more.

The lovers lay on the bed, silent, legs entangled, breasts together, sharing delicate little caresses. Eventually they got up, put their bikinis on, and left the bedroom for the hot roof, to warm their seductive skins and let their beautiful bodies recover. Great fuck Carley! the Aussie said smiling, putting on her sunglasses, and lying down opposite her new fuck friend so they could both secretly stare at each others barley clad bodies.

My account of masturbating

Jul 25th @ 3:51am EDT

I'm a big fan of dirty talk, IM wise or phone sex and sexting. I love it when a guy tells me what he wants to do to me, and I can hear his breath quickening with the thoughts of my body in his head. I think breathing is one of the most erotic parts of phone sex, just because it means you can say a lot with out words. I'm also quite loud, I make a hell of a lot of noise when i'm masturbating and even more when I cum.

As I lie with my phone in my hand, my other hand stroking the outside of my lace thong I listen to your voice as you describe how you want our bodies to be together, naked and moving against each other as you push your thick cock into my tight little pussy. My hand pushes into the lace, which is suddenly engulfed by the wetness and warmth of my pussy. I slowly begin to rub my clit while listening to your voice gruffly describing how you'd take me from behind, pounding my soaked pussy with your big cock. The circles i'm rubbing my clit in getting bigger, feeling more of my sensitive cunt with my fingers.

I start to think of your body against mine, your weight pushing down against me as you hold me beneath you. Your pelvis pushing against mine as you pound your cock into me. I start to moan as I feel my tight pussy clenching against your cock as you fuck me into an orgasm. My whole body shakes and I let out a scream as you bring me to orgasm.

I pump my fingers into my pussy as you groan loudly. This makes me weak at the knees and only spurs me on as I feel my orgasm building. I tell you how much I want to suck my juices off your cock, and how much I need you to pin me down to my bed and have your way with me. I want you to grab my tits roughly and pull my hair, I need you to fuck me with that cock of yours. My hole is craving cock, I trace the outside of my hole with my finger while still hanging on to every dirty little word you say to me. My finger finds its way to my hard nipples, and I rub my juices into it, rolling my finger round it.

I climb onto all fours while still holding on my phone, I put you on loud speaker and rub my clit through my legs. My juices start to drip down my thighs as I listen to you tell me how you'd eat me out. I moan loudly as I slide two fingers into my pussy. You hold the phone close to your cock so I can hear you rubbing it hard. This makes me moan louder and my legs shake. I finger fuck myself to your rhythm. I slowly get onto my stomach, the phone next to my face and my ass still stuck up in the air. I imagine you licking my pussy from behind and slowly entering me. I rock forward as I imagine you fucking my senseless.

I tell you that i'm close, and you instruct my to fuck my fingers and hump against them. You tell me to go fast as I rub my clit at the same time. I start to feel more juices running down my fingers. I take the hand rubbing my clit and taste my juices. I tell you it tastes good and you begin to cum too. My body starts to shake as I go faster and harder.

My breathing gets louder and louder and I start to scream. My chest gets tight as I feel myself beginning to cum, it's so intense my screaming disappears and my pussy starts to quiver. My legs collapse as you shout you're cumming. My hand is covered in my cum, my lips are soaked and i've left a huge wet patch on the bed. I'm a complete mess. My hair is all over the place.

I shiver still as my orgasm subsides. I say your name softly as I try to recover. You chuckle down the phone and ask me how my orgasm felt, I tell you it's never been so intense.

I lie there, no energy left. Completely worn out. I listen to your voice as I slowly fall asleep, feeling completely satisfied, as if you were with me the whole time.

Red Panties

Jul 24th @ 1:05am EDT

It was a hot sultry afternoon, I was jazzed because I got off work early. I got home and started peeling off my clothes. The hot ride home had made me feel sticky. Jumped into the shower and let the cool water run over my hot body... mmm, felt sooo good. I got out of the shower and dried off, went to my drawer and looked for a pair of clean panties. I glanced up and saw myself in the mirror, my nipples were hard and standing out, it was like I was still feeling hot. I picked up a pair of red satin bikinis and pulled them on... looking once again in the mirror. My nipples were so hard they were starting to ache.... I had to touch them. I watched myself as I rubbed and pulled on my nipples... this just made me even hotter. I dropped one hand down to my satin covered crotch and rubbed my fingers over my panty covered clit. My whole body started to tingle and I could feel myself getting damp... my pussy tingling inside. I watched myself in the mirror as one hand played with my hard nipples, gently pinching them, pulling them.... and my other hand rubbed hard in my panty covered crotch. Rubbing my clit thru the satin... oohh, it was feeling good. I reached into the drawer again and felt under the other panties... there it was. I pulled out my battery operated friend.... my vibrator. It was big and hard and looked just like a hard cock. Hmmmm, I was ready for some fun.

I watched in the mirror as I rubbed it over my nipples, letting the vibrations set my whole body to quivering. I moved it down to my crotch and laid it against my clit. I could feel the vibrations right thru my panties. It felt so good it made my knees weak. I moved and lay down on my bed. Spreading my legs apart I put the vibe against my clit again and rubbed it up and down as it vibrated against me.... I could feel myself getting all wet. I played with my tits, rubbing my nipples, pulling on them as I rubbed that vibrator over my red satin covered slit. Oooohhh, I was getting so hot, softly moaning, getting hotter by the second. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side and slid the vibe into my slit... I was slick already, hot and slick, the vibe slid easily up and down my slit, over my clit and back down, barely pushing into my pussy.... rubbing it over and over, up and down... pulling on my nipples. Ohmygod, I was soooo hot and horney. I looked down and watched as I pushed that cock looking vibe in and out of my pussy, pushing my panties to the side as I slid it in and out of me. My whole body was shaking and I was starting to moan....

Just then I heard someone clear their throat....... Ohmygod, I looked up and there you stood, a box of hot pizza in your hand. I had totally forgotten I'd ordered delivery. And there I lay, with nothing on but those red satin panties, my nipples hard as rocks, and the vibrator still under the edge of my panties and halfway into my pussy.

You just said "Honey, I've got something even hotter and harder than that rubber cock you're playin with". And I just smiled and said "You can put the pizza down right over there" and beckoned you to the bed with my fingers.

You were pulling off your shirt and undoing your pants as you walked over to the bed. You knelt down at the foot of my bed and pulled me, spread still, closer to you. You took the vibe out of my hand but kept it in my pussy as you bend down and started to nibble on my clit, right thru those red satin panties. I was smiling even wider as I felt you blow hot breath thru those panties onto my clit and started to nibble and chew on me. In your other hand you started working that vibe in and out of my pussy, fucking me while you munched on my panty covered clit. My hips started rockin and I started moaning as you shoved that rubber cock in and out of me and worked my clit. I started bucking and moaning, I was ready to cum. Moaning "Yesss baby, soo good, make me cum baby, make me cum" . You pulled the panties aside from my clit and started sucking it, licking it, sucking it while you fucked my pussy with that rubber cock and I started shaking and moaning and cummmming, cummming hard, panting as you worked me over. While I was still panting and shaking you pulled the vibe out of me, stood up and pulled those red panties right off of me. You pulled me up and turned me around on the end of the bed, putting me on my hands and knees with my bare ass and pussy facing you. I could feel you rubbing your cock along my slit... wetting it with my hot sweet juices. You put it at the entrance to my pussy and pushed inside. Even hot and slick with cum it was tight as your big hard cock pushed into me. Your hands on my hips, pulling me onto your cock. Then you started fucking me, pumping in and out of me. I was moaning all over again and you just kept on fucking me.... deeper each time, deep in me. I could barely breathe I was so hot.... your cock pumping deep and hard into me.

"Ohmygod baby, you're fucking me sooo good, yessss baby, that's it, hard, ooohhhyessss, hard and deep, do it baby, do it to me, fuck me."

You were slammin into me as I started screamin and cummmin again. You just kept fucking me while I came all over your hot hard cock. While I was still shaking and cumming you pulled your cock out of my pussy and put it right at my ass. Slick with my juices you slipped right into my tight hot little ass and started to pump me again. Your cock tight in my ass, fucking in and out, and you took that rubber cock and stuck it back into my pussy as you kept fucking my ass. OOooohh baby, when I felt that I went over the edge.... I could feel you in my ass and that vibe in my pussy at the same time... when you reached around me and started rubbing my clit as you double fucked me I just lost my mind.... I couldn't stop cummming, shaking, rocking as you pumped into me with both your cock and the vibe and you kept rubbing my clit as I came and came and came. All I could do was moan and gasp for breath.

I'd never been fucked so good in all my life and I was cumming like a freight train. I heard you moan and felt you pull your cock out of me, you pushed that vibe deep into my cunt and stroking yourself you shot your hot cum all over my ass. I was just quivering with pleasure all over.

When I could finally catch my breath I said, "Damn baby, when you deliver you really deliver."

The Game

Jul 24th @ 1:05am EDT

As my friend Beth and I stood at the rack of dirty cards chuckling over them in the local porn shop, we were not aware that we were both being watched by a man two aisles over. We had frequented this shop many times and were never once approached by anyone, despite it being our ongoing game to lure someone to the back to play with. Tonight would be different.

Feeling a bit horny, Beth and I headed to the local porn shop to play our favorite game. Beths brother Stan ran the place in the evenings, so we had freedom to come and go as we pleased without feeling as if we should be there to purchase something . We both loved going through the racks of toys, and developing fantasies along the way. We often talked a loud making people believe were into all kinds of sexual activities, in hopes of making a conquest. Beth and I had been friends for many years and shared only a casual sex for fun only relationship.

We headed first for the card racks, and then would head over to the toys and see what story we could make up.

Oh Beth, Look at this dildo honey, I bet you could take this up your pretty little ass. I know you could handle its size, I said in my louder than normal voice.

Girl, you know it. The bigger the better in my tight little ass. BUT look at this one! I would love to have this one in my very wet pussy, while you fingered my ass. Beth said in return.

We knew we had caught the attention of the only guy in the shop. As he moved through the store we could see him duck behind various racks to read just his growing cock in his jeans. He was listening to every detail, and we hoped we could lure him into our little game.

Beth, remember the time, I tied you to the bed, and licked your pussy for over an hour? I asked.

Yes, and I loved every minute, but when you took the vibrator and fucked my hot pussy, I thought I would explode. Beth said, now very much into the growing dialog.

You know we need to buy? We need to get our selves a big strap on, I informed Beth.

Our friend was now moving into our direction, and very much interested in what we had to say. I caught Stans eyes as he shook his head. Stan loved to watch our performances, and never minded as long as we didnt move towards actually harassing the customers. Not everyone coming to the porn shop was into our game.

I picked up the largest strap on I could find, and turned and held it up for the man to see. Do you think my friend here would be able to handle me pounding this into her? I asked him.

He turned and moved to the next aisle. A shy one I thought. This was going to be a challenge.

I moved to the rack of dildos and held a huge black one up for Beth to see, and asked her, Beth, Wouldnt you just love to feel a black cock in your puss?

Beth let out moan, and said, Id much rather see how much I could take down my throat.

I looked over and saw our friend massaging the bulge in his jeans. He was standing behind a rack, and must have thought he was totally out of our sights. I moved in his direction, and as I did, he again moved to another area of the store. He was getting more and more uncomfortable, but it was obvious he was enjoying our dialog.

I moved back to the dildos and took one off the rack, and secretly replaced it with one in my purse. Beth, look here hon, I said. As she turned towards me, and I also knew I had our friend looking my way too, I took the dildo and began rubbing in on my lips. Ohhhh, Beth, I want some cock badly.

Beth said to me, Put that away, and lets go watch some films.

Ill watch the films, but this cock is coming with us, just in case. I told her.

We got OK from Stan to use the employee lounge, and as he continued to shake his head, he whispered, You two are so bad. He threw us the key, and gave us a wink.

Knowing we still had our friends interest, we headed to the employee lounge. I could see down the hallway to the front counter and could see our friend buying tokens for the film stalls in the back. He was hot. Hopefully he wanted to play.

I ducked back in the lounge, and partially closed the curtain that closed the lounge off from the store. The lounge was a small room where the employees were able to kick back and watch their own videos. The room had the usual tables and chairs and two couches in horrid condition, but they would serve the purpose. We made ourselves comfortable on the couch and inserted the first video we saw. Looking back out to the hall, I knew our friend took the small film stall near the lounge, and was in direct earshot of our dialog and could see us. I was getting hot thinking of luring him in here for a good fuck. We started the film and again, in time, resumed our game.

Oh Beth, this film is making me so hot. I have got to do something about it.

Beth fixed on the film, mumbled for me to just do my thing. I bumped her arm, to signal it was time to play, and she returned her attention to our game.

Melanie, want me to touch you like last time?

Oh Beth, yes. Taking off our pants, so our friend would hear us disrobing, I then added, Beth, I am so wet.

Both Beth and I were now sitting on the couch with just our panties on, and continued our dialog to further keep our friends interest. It wasnt long before we heard him move to the hallway. He now had a small view of what we were doing.

I whispered to Beth that we now had an audience and we had to do something. Beth who had been so fixated on the movie was now touching herself, and I could see that she was getting to the point of climaxing. I thought Id better do something, so I began rubbing her crotch over her panties, and instinctively she removed her hand, and allowed me to take over. I moved my hand under her panties, and as I did, Beth moved into a more slouched position thus allowing more access to her wet slit. Beth looked away from the film, and said to me, Melanie, I want you to get me off.

I was suddenly very turned on. We had gotten off together, but having a stranger watching us, was such a turn on. With Beths assistance, we removed her panties, and I immediately went down on her. The whole event was so erotic. I loved the smell of her sexually aroused pussy, and the taste and feel of Beths juices as they were consumed by my tongue and mouth. While I continued to please Beth, I was not aware that our friend was now at the door of the lounge, and had a first hand view of me sucking on Beths pussy.

Ohhh Melanie, fuck me with your tongue. Beth cried out.

Yeah fuck her pussy with your tongue, our friend urged me.

Startled, I stopped what I was doing and saw him standing over us.

Dont stop, fuck her. He again said.

I was so aroused now finally having him in the room, I dove back into Beths pussy and licked and sucked at her aggressively. Beths legs came in on my head with force, and with her hips bucking into me, I knew she was going to cum, and cum hard. I pushed my tongue into her wet pussy, and as she came, I felt her juices roll out at me.

Ohhhh Melanie, that was sooo good.

Ok now you have to eat her out, our friend said looking at Beth.

I moved to Beths place on the couch, and slid off my panties. Beth followed all his instructions, and was soon licking and sucking my clit. At our friends urging, Beth now took out the dildo and was fucking me with it.

Slower, let her beg for it, he said. Shes fucking hot, and she wants to be fucked. Make her beg.

I could feel my pussy fill with juices, and wanted Beth to fuck me. I looked at our friend and saw he was now stroking his cock. It wasnt that long I noted, but it was unusually thick. I was more turned on watching him get him self off.

Want to taste my cock bitch? he asked me.

Without waiting for my answer, he moved to the end of the couch, and got on his knees. He moved his cock in my direction, and I took it in my mouth.

Thats right, lick me. I know you want to taste me. Take in it your mouth.

He was our director. We both did what he told us to do. The heat was rising, and the smell of sex surrounded us.

His cock moved in and out of me, and as it did, he grabbed my hair and held on. His cock was shorter than most, so I could take it all, with ease. Beth continued to lick my clit, and had the dildo moving in me at a good pace, fucking me. It didnt take me long to climax, and when I did, the spasm that rocked me was the most intense I had ever felt.

Beth moved away from me, and our friend, pulled me up, and told me to bend over the end of the couch. He told Beth to lie down, and open her legs. I was told to go down on her, while he pushed his cock in me. Beths juices were so sweet and salty and the blend of them and her sexual scent were so intoxicating. My friend began pumping at my pussy hard, and continually told me how he loved fucking my wet and wild cunt. I picked up the dildo and was going to start using it on Beths pussy, when he told me to push it her ass.

I moved my fingers to moisten her ass, and he smacked my ass and said, Not like that. Youll lick her ass to get her ready. Lick her ass bitch. I had never done this before, but did not fight it. As my tongue moved to her hole, I could feel Beth open her legs wide, and she swung one on the back of the couch.

Lick her. Push your tongue in her. He would repeat over and over while smacking my ass with stinging smacks. I could feel the occasional sting, and after the first few, I found I was enjoying them more and more. I even began backing off of Beths ass, to instigate his smacking me. My tongue continued to suck and lick her ass, and finally I was allowed to use the dildo on her. Pushing it in, I felt some initial resistance and could hear Beth whine in pain. I tried to go slower, but was told to Push it now! Fuck her ass. I heard you two out front. I know you both like it there.

I could feel him withdraw his cock, and as he did, I felt his finger push into my ass. He wasted no time, and soon penetrated my ass with one quick thrust, and began pumping hard into me.

Oh yeah, I love your tight little ass. He yelled out between his gasping. It wasnt long and I could feel him begin to spasm behind me, and he soon exploded deep in me. His hands grabbing my hips and pulling me hard into him right as he exploded.

Oh sweet Jesus, oh yeah. Was all I heard before he pulled out.

His explosion was soon followed by Beths convulsing movements as she too climaxed as I pumped her ass with the dildo. We both moved to a sitting position, and watched him as he began to dress.

You two are hot. Next time you want to be fucked, just ask. Dont waste time playing games.

He told us he would look for us again next time he passed through town. I thought to myself, that would be too easy, and would spoil our game playing. The best part of the sex was the lure and ultimate capture. Being direct would just spoil everything. No Thanks pal, I thought to myself.

He finally left, and Beth and I finished the video, and each other one more time. We then made plans for the next game. Maybe we could be sisters?


Jul 24th @ 1:03am EDT

It's the scent of leather. It's a scent you can't get enough of, although damned if you know why. Part of it is the sheer scent of it - it fills your head, a scent you can taste in the back of your mouth and the soft smoothness of it against your skin. Quite a lot of your skin, since you're lying flat on the couch, legs wide open, skirt hiked around your thighs and your shirt pushed up across your collarbone. You're biting into it to keep quiet, your face pressed into the cushions and your hand working between your legs, in your panties, no doubt stretching the fabric. The pad of your thumb is against your clit, circling over it, while your index and middle finger are inside of you, up to the knuckles, thrusting into you. Your feet are flat on the couch cushions as well, and you can feel the leather sticking against your skin, which makes sense considering how much you're sweating. You press your face into the back of the couch, surrounding yourself with the heady, smooth scent of leather. You're not close, nowhere near close, but you can feel how wet you are, and your heart is racing under your other hand, kneading and pressing against your breast, twisting the nipple in that way that always sends your nerves tingling and your hips twitching.

You shouldn't be doing this, and you know it - it isn't exactly your couch, and you're in the open in the middle of the day. You got some time off, he offered you his place to crash for a little bit, and you expected to do just that. Sprawl out on his couch, read, maybe watch a movie. But then you took in the scent of all that leather, smooth and sensual, filling your head and making you tingle between the legs, your panties getting slimy, your nipples pebbling. He's away, still busy, and he's not due back for a while yet, so what's wrong with having a bit of fun? It's not like he'll notice - you won't leave any mess (which is why your panties are still on), and you'll open the windows to air the place out, keep it from smelling too much like sex. You move your hand from your breast to your mouth, pressing down, keeping away any noises, even though you know nobody will actually hear you, not in the empty apartment. But it's a holdover from the days when you shared a room, and anyway, it makes it sexier, somehow - having to stay quiet, the naughtiness of it.

You throw your head back, your back arching, toes curling, one foot nearly falling off of the couch. You're bucking your hips wildly, breathing in deep, gasping pants, pressing down on your mouth, then giving up and going back to twisting your nipples, still stroking your clit, adding another finger and groaning at the lovely fullness of it. You wish you had one of your toys with you - something more satisfying to put inside of you, or something to press against your clit and let the vibrations hum through your bones. But you don't ordinarily carry those things with you, so you settle for your own thumb against your clit and your fingers curled against your G-spot, making you gasp and moan while the decadent smell of leather coats the inside of your mouth, and you press your face into the back of the sofa and inhale, letting the scent flow through you, making your skin tingle and your toes curl.

You're lost in it, and you know intellectually that that's probably not a good thing, you should be on the alert in case he comes back, but you can't, not when everything is throbbing, when you're so wet that you can feel it smearing across your thighs and slick against your palm, your muscles clenching so tightly around your fingers that it almost hurts, but it only makes you gasp and moan more, your hips working faster, your mouth wide open, and you're practically sobbing, it feels so good, you're almost there, and it will be amazing, and he'll come home and not know what you were doing on his couch, because you'll be all sweet and angelic, curled up on the couch, your fingers still musky and sweet with your own scent.

You almost fall off of the couch when the door slams, and you pull your hand out of your panties, but there's still an obvious wet spot, your fingers are still wet, and your skirt and shirt are still hiked up in a way that's anything but innocent. You know he sees you, from the way his eyebrows go up, but his expression is unreadable. You know you should start apologizing, you can feel the sobs building up in your throat, but you don't say anything, because he's looking at you with a look you're not entirely sure how to interpret, and you can't move. Instead, you stay put, transfixed, like a mouse in front of a snake. You're shaking a bit, and you're holding the fingers that were inside of you up. He walks towards you slowly, then crouches down in front of you, so that you're eye to eye. Very carefully, he takes your index finger into his mouth and sucks on it, his tongue flicking along the digit. You're shaking now, your arousal still coursing through you, and you whimper out loud.

He smiles at you around your fingers and takes the other two into his mouth, sucking on them wetly, his tongue flicking across the digits. When they're clean of every last bit of arousal, he carefully withdraws them and puts his hand on your shoulder, gently pushing you into a sitting position. He nudges your legs open and smirks up at you, nuzzling between your legs, his nose against the wet spot in your panties. You moan, arching your back, your bare toes curling in the carpeting, your hips rising up, and you press both hands against your mouth to keep quiet, a nervous gesture.

"Don't do that," he tells you, and slips his thumbs under your panties, beginning to slowly slide them down. "I want to hear you."

You lift your hips up to help him, watching with some amusement as he presses them to his face and takes a sniff, then puts them down on the floor next to him, nudging your legs further apart, and he begins to lick, holding you open with two fingers, his other hand kneading at your thigh. He has the most gorgeous hands you've ever seen, and you moan, grabbing the leather couch cushions, then your skirt, twisting it around in your hands. You move your hand to your breast, kneading it roughly, twisting your nipple again, harder this time, making your hips jerk. You'd be embarrassed at all of the noises you're making, except you're too caught up in the feeling of his tongue inside of you, his nose brushing against your clit and his hands kneading at your thighs, which are spreading wider and wider, trying to take more of his tongue into you.

You whimper when he pulls away from you, looking down at him and whining. "Why'd you stop?" You wish your voice wasn't quite so plaintive, but you're so close, almost at your orgasm, and you're so turned on you can feel it dribbling out of you, dripping along your thighs and over his fingers.

"I'll keep going, I promise. I just want to do something else." He smiles at you and pats your thigh. "Get on the couch. On all fours."

"Are you going to fuck me?" You certainly wouldn't mind, but you'd prefer knowing beforehand.

"I'm going to keep licking you," he says, and you nod, climbing onto the couch in the slightly awkward position, your arms folded on the arm and your face pressed into them, your ass in the air. You can't smell anything but leather now, leather and your own arousal, and it makes you moan. You moan louder when you feel his fingers stroking along your slit, feel his other big hand reach down to play with your nipple, then move back to your ass. "Here. Is it okay if I lick you here?"

"Yes!" You wriggle your hips and widen your knees as much as you can, without slipping off. You know you should be embarrassed - you're wide open for him, and he can see everything. You stop caring when you feel his tongue against you, sliding into your ass, while his fingers are slipping into you, curling to press you in just the right place, making your hips jerk forward. You sob into your arms, biting one of them and curling your toes, feeling the leather stick to your bare skin. You're so turned on, it feels so good, it's almost too much - his long fingers inside of you, his tongue doing things you've never felt before. Your knees are going weak, and you can feel them shaking as your orgasm sparks at the very edges of your nerves. Your fingers curl into fists, nails digging into your palms, and you're trembling from the anticipation alone, because you know this orgasm is going to be amazing, epic, mind blowing.

You gasp when it hits you, your legs shaking as the muscles deep inside of you clenching and spasming, leaving your knees shaking, sobbing, actual tears dripping out of your eyes (to mingle with the sweat dripping off of your face, between your breasts, down the backs of your knees, your back , your belly) as you feel more fluid drip down your leg and onto the couch, mingling with the scent of the leather. Heat flows from the base of your spine outwards as you feel your muscles grip his fingers. The heat spreading under your skin leaves you panting, your toes curling, every hair on the back of your neck standing on end, the pleasure through your whole body almost impossible to describe, except that it leaves you stunned. You stay frozen for a few moments, your knees shaking, then you sag forward, face forward into the arm rest, your face in your arms. You whimper when he withdraws his tongue and his fingers, already mourning their loss, and you lie there, acutely aware of the way the leather sticks to your skin, the fabric of your skirt brushes against your oversensitive nipples, his big body curling over yours, the stubble on your face rubbing against your neck and the denim of his jeans against your bare legs.

"I've got a leather jacket," he whispers into your ear, and you squirm, imaging being surrounded by the smooth, rich feel of the leather against your skin, the scent filling your mouth. You shiver, and he chuckles, his erection hard against your ass and his arms warm around your belly.


Jul 24th @ 1:02am EDT

"Are you there?"

His voice left a trail of excitement running down her spine and out between her legs.


"Well?" He was insistent.


"I'll know if you don't do what I say."

She drew a deep breath to help calm her hands. "I know." It never mattered how she tried to hide her failings, he always found out. The truth would burst forth from her lips without warning at some point during their time together. He was persistent in his demands.

"Alright then." His voice took on a more business like tone. "Shall we start?"

She reached over and looped the belt on her wrist just as he had told her. The buckle dug into her skin. The leather gave her a shiver of wetness seeping down between her ass cheeks as she spread her legs wide. "Yes."

"Do you have your list?" His voice was steady and sure, while she barely trusted herself to speak. When the words came out, they were low and faltering, sometimes jumbled together and hardly recognizable.

"Yes." She knew it by heart.

"Good girl." When he spoke to her like that, she couldn't help but feel flares of warmth blossoms. She wished she wouldn't, but her body reacted however it wanted to where he was concerned. "Do you have the belt around your wrist?"

"Yes." She could feel the holes in the end, where she held it in her hand, the metal of the buckle tight around her wrist and the leather as it cut into her.

"Do you have the vibrators ready?" His voice had deepened. Was there a hint of arousal? She loved making his cock hard. She loved seeing it jerk and buck. She liked it in front of her face where she could reach out with her tongue and stroke the smooth skin.

"Yes." The hand with the belt moved the vibrators closer to her groin. The large purple one with the second extension that fit up against her slit, running all the way to her clit and the small, slender black one.

"Good." There might be an edge there. It might be her imagination. She wanted that cock. Needed it. She saw it in her mind as it took on a strangled look, twitched upward and let a stream of pearly white jism fly at her red lips.

"Push the small one into your pussy. I want it all the way in."

She moaned as it slid inside.

"Are you wet?" His tone said he already knew the answer.

"Yes. Oh yes. It's so wet." And it was. Where she held her lips open, the juices were running in a steady stream over her anus and pooling underneath her on the bed.

"I like that." It was a simple statement and she knew he did. He liked it when he held her hips in the air and her little pussy dripped with need. He told her often how much he enjoyed her life that. His voice might have dropped a bit more. "Is the vibrator all the way in?"

"Y- yes." She was having trouble speaking. Her words came out more like a gasp than speech.

"Turn it on, then. Do not cum. Don't you dare let yourself go. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Yes." She sobbed now. It turned into a cry of anguish when she turned the end of the little toy.

"Now you';re going to take the end of the belt in your hand and spank your clit. I want you to just tap it, do you understand?"

"Yesss." He breath left her in a hiss with the last of her yes. She gathered the belt in her hand where it looped her wrist. She patted the leather down onto her swollen nub and groaned aloud.

"Do you remember me making you cum by spanking your clit?" He asked.

"Yes. Yes," she gasped as the tail of the belt smacked her stiff clit again. The waves of pleasure-pain were excruciating and she wondered if she could hold back the orgasm that threatened to shake her loose from her bones.

"I want you to do it slow and easy like that. Do you remember?" His voice took on a huskiness that told her he was remembering it too.

She remembered nothing more than thrashing and bucking as hard as she could. Fighting to break free of the restraints that had bound her arms and legs and screaming for mercy. She remembered begging to be fucked and to be allowed to cum. She didn't want to tell him that was the only thing she knew about that time, so she pushed a simple "Yes" from her lips.

"A nice, easy tempo. Your body needs to know what's coming and when, but need it so bad that you can't help but lift to the next stroke and try to hurry it." His voice was slowing down in the way she associated with his increased torment of her.

She tapped herself again, feeling the waves of agony spreading outward in ripples from her center. He was right. She wanted to hurry the next one. Her hips were raising by themselves, seeking the leather. She was moaning rhythmically and found herself unable to think of both the intensity of sensation each strike of the belt brings and the movement of her hand where the buckle bit into her wrist. The pace would quicken as she lost herself in the waves of feeling and she would be unable to ascertain whether the beat on her already throbbing clit was making her climax or not. Then, she also had the constant thrumming of the vibrator filling her insides and driving all thought from her.

She made unintelligible noises into the phone. "Put the phone on speaker and set it next to your pillow. Turn it up. I want to hear all of it." His voice had a strangled quality to it that brought an o new flood oof moisture from her middle.

She fumbled with the phone and finally managed to get it on speaker and set the volume higher. It was strangely exciting to know he was close to her ear, on her pillow, and more than that, that he was listening to her spank her clit. That he would hear her cum. The vibrations humming inside her went up a notch. A stunted cry blurted out her throat.

"Do you remember?" his voice was low and she could hear his breathing now. Was there a panting out on the edge? "Remember how I spanked your clit with that belt? I was shoving my cock in your mouth and just tapping at your mound? Remember how slow and easy it was, but how fast and hard you came? I remember. My cock is as hard now as it was that night."

She gasped and felt her whole body shift. His cock had been enormous that night. So incredibly hard. He'd shoved it down her throat as he held her by the hair, swiveled and spanked her aching nub. Each time the belt landed, her hips would thrust up in the air so hard that her muscles felt as though they would tear, then a shudder would run through her body and the pain/pleasure would send a wave through her muscles that would leave her shaking. He would wait for the shivering to pass before raising the belt and pulling her head forward onto his throbbing member. He would strike down again and start it all over. It seemed to have gone on forever and she remembered thinking that she would never cum like that when she felt an explosion that started in her smallest toes and ripped through her insides like a burst of flame.

He pumped his hard cock in and out of her mouth as she spasmed in a full body seizure. She was screaming around his thick pole and choking as she tried to swallow it all and somehow come to grips with the raging bursts of fireworks. She remembered how he'd fucked her after that. Every stroke s shower of electricity. She'd been so sensitive to any movement or friction that the pounding he'd given her had ampkified within her to outrageous levels. She begged him to stop, when he slowed, she begged him not to pull out of her. She pleaded for more and to hold still with his twitching member buried within her. Somewhere in that maelstrom, he'd untied her and she remembered holding onto his body as though it were a part of her that threatened to pull apart.

"Are you there?" His voice nearly made her cum when it reached into her ear.

"Yes," she gasped.

"You're close to coming and I don't want you to."

As soon as she heard this from him, she knew it to be true. She felt the building pressure and wondered that she hadn't already exploded.

"One more spank on that luscious little clit and then I need you to stop and turn off the vibrator."

She slapped the belt down hard on her poor nub, felt the fire pour into her groin like molten lead. It filled her and sent her into shivers as she turned off the vibrator and felt herself slowly come back to her bed.

"Good." He said. "That was harder than I hit you." His voice husked. "I like that." He sounded as though he ached to be with her, spanking her clit harder and harder.

"Now I want you to take the vibrator out of your sopping wet little pussy and shove it up in your ass. You'll need to turn it on and then position yourself with a pillow under you so it stays in."

She sighed. It was a loud sigh that hung in the air long after it spent itself from her lips. It was a consummate sigh that shook her inner organs. She struggled to comply, all the while listening to his deep even breaths. She marveled, as she had many times, at his control. She always felt so lost and helpless with him. She supposed that was one of the attractions. A soft cry escaped as she pushed the tool up through her anus.

"Tap your clit again. I want to hear it."

She gasped with the effort. The humming was palpable throughout her muscles. Raising the belt up into the air was harder than she imagined, bringing it back down easy onto her mons was even harder. The noise made her cry out, then the wave of sensation hit her like a physical force. Slammed her into a wall of pain that felt so intense, it left aftershocks of ecstasy lapping at the edges of her consciousness. She felt as though she may pass out if she hit that spot so dead on again. His voice brought her back.

"I want you to stuff your cunt with the big purple vibrator now. I would shove my hard pole up in there if I could, but you're going to have to make do."

His words made her pant for air. Her breaths were short and achingly sparing. There wasn't enough oxygen in the room to keep her alive and her mind was reeling so badly that she doubted she had the ability to hit herself again if he threatened to tie her spread eagled again and do it ten times harder for every time she refused him now.

She fumbled for the toy. She couldn't find it and couldn't lift her head to look for it. She started to panic when her finger chanced upon it. She moved her hand and grabbed at it, rolling it over before suddenly finding herself able to capture it between her fingers and palm.

Her breathing must have given her away. "Are you okay? Are you having trouble?" He was mocking her. Taunting her with his voice from far away. It felt as though he were right in the room. He was taunting her, keeping her from the things she needed, pushing her to desperation and depravity. Driving her need beyond her power to keep it in check.

"I I have it." She stuttered and slurred her words, unable to manage any kind of composure whatsoever. She screamed when she pushed it into her dripping hole. The competing sensations were overwhelming. The humming in her anus competing with the solid object filling her up and the throbbing from her clit were too much for her. She started writhing on the bed. The tail of the belt caught under her body, held there by the sticky wetness and yanked her wrist snappily to her side.

"Are you there?" He sometimes asked that if she was too far gone during one of there sessions. He would stop what he was doing and check in with her, make sure she could continue. Sometimes he would back the intensity down a little, sometimes he would keep on at the same level until she showed, once again, she couldn't handle it.

"Ye-es." She finally managed. She felt separated from her body when he made her focus on speaking to him. Sometimes he would do that while he was in the same room. It always had the same effect of splitting her in half. She started to shake and knew she was going to come, try as hard as she could to stop it. She tried to tell him. "Please. Plea. Please. Oh, God, stop."

"Come then. Come for me. I want to hear you come hard. I want you to hit your clit one more time as you come and I want to hear it. Now"

She managed to raise the belt somehow and let it fly down onto her, but it was too late already. She was where nothing could touch her and anything she did now would only prolong the moments she floated in that other world with the waves crashing around her, smashing on rocks and driving her into a frenzy beyond her self. His words kept on in her ear, kept her shaking from subsiding. Every time she might have been able to catch her breath, his voice triggered another round of explosions. Her limbs ached from the tremors. Her mind was losing its grip on her world. The bed felt far away somehow, as though she both floated above it and had some kind of contact with it. The firm surface keeping her tethered in some way she had only the vaguest idea of.

"Before you drift off to sleep, love, I want you to know that I enjoy you thoroughly. You are such a good one for me. When I get home tomorrow, I'm going to take you just like this. Except the ties on your wrist will be my bindings and the belt will be mine. The pole inside you will be my rock hard cock. Good night my good girl."

A smile flickered over her features, on and off like a neon sign before lighting up her face and staying for the night. She knew it would be there when she met him at the airport in the morning and would keep her all day.

Ben and Marina

Jul 24th @ 1:01am EDT

You get me worked up so easily! I've already made my bed, showered and am ready to leave for the day, but the sound of your voice compels me to quickly tear off my clothes, drop them on the floor, throw the pillows on the floor and pull the blankets and sheets to the foot of the bed. You are staring at me. I can see by looking at your face how badly you want me. That you want to spread my legs, kiss my thighs, stroke and tease my pussy, lick my clit... I know you want to stroke my breasts, bite my nipples, rub lotion on my massive white breasts and fuck my tits while the vibrator is in my warm, wet pussy, suctioning on for dear life. I know you want to cum on my tits, on my stomach, in my mouth, and in my ass... You can do it all, John. You can do it all, over and over and over again. I want you, in a way I haven't felt in a long, long time. When I'm with you, I see the big smile on my face and feel like a giddy high school year, who is anticipating being touched by a new boy for the first time. You make me do things I didn't think I would like, but with each new experience, I feel more connected to and appreciate the special relationship that we share.

And you are staring at me from the edge of my bed. You are moaning. It's the soft moan. I know you are naked and rubbing your hard, big, cock, but I can't see it. You are talking to me while I masturbate for you. "Cum for me, Marina. I want you to cum for me. Ahhhhh Marina! Cum for me!"

With each word, my right hand jams the green and white toy deeper into my wet pussy. You know that I never need lubrication and are amazed that I can jam it in as far, as fast and as deep as I do. You watch in amazement as I arch my back and grab my left breast with my left hand. You know that I wear a 36D bra, but think I am bigger, since my real, full breasts spill out of my sexy bras. You can't wait to put your hands on my breast, but right now, you know you have to wait.

The sound of your voice sends me over the edge and even though I have to close my eyes while jamming the toy in my pussy, my mouth is agape and I open my eyes so I can look at you, longingly. As I stare at your face, and listen to your sounds, I think about how I want you to mount me, to flip me over and fuck me in the ass, to take my legs and throw them over your shoulders, to pull me to the edge of the bed, and ram me with your big, hard cock... this will all have to wait.

"Harder, Marina! Cum for me now!"

"Mmm...mmm... mmm...ahhhhhhhhhhhh... close...mmm...mmm..." I'm trying to speak but can only manage to yelp as I call out your name. "Fuck me, Ben!!! Fuck me harder!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME, BEN!!!" I want to reach out for you. I want you to take my hand now. I want you to pull out the toy and quickly replace it with your hard cock. You want to as well. You know that my little yelps mean that I am close to climaxing. You suddenly slow down the pace at which you are rubbing your own cock. You don't want to cum yet. You want to wait, and you are able to slow down your quickly approaching climax...

"Cum, Marina! Cum for me. Cum for me now!! I want you to cum!"

Since you usually get what you want, I follow your instructions, with pleasure and anticipation. I reach for the metal headboard with my left hand. My right hand is still jamming the toy into my big, wet pussy. My pussy lips have suctioned onto the toy and are not about to release them. I spread my bent legs, as wide as possible. Still holding the headboard with my left hand, I bring my right hand up to my right breast. I caress it slowly and then squeeze it, as I imagine you would squeeze it. I move my ass up and down, off the bed, and stare at you, longingly, through my spread legs. You can see the toy as it moves with me. My back continues to arch and then retreat to the bed. My white breasts spread and heave. I call out for you. "BEN! I need you!! I need you to fuck me! Ben, FUCK ME HARDER!"

We look at each other and I can see that you are stroking your cock more quickly. I can hear your sighs, your moans, and I can see your face. Your eyes are closed, your mouth is agape, and your head is back, as you are about to experience your own orgasm. You are rubbing your cock with your right hand and you are pulling at your balls with your left. Seeing you in this state of pleasure sends me over the edge. I make those familiar sounds, the soft moans, the quick sighs and the multiple yelps. I have a hard time catching my breath, and you know that I am about to climax. "Cum for me now, Marina!"

"Now, Ben! Now!" And we climax together, again, like we have done dozens of time before - with you on the East Coast and me, here on the West Coast. I stare at your face, on the lap top. You adjust your laptop so the camera is now on your cock and the cum that just exploded out of it is on your hand, your cock, the bed, and your thighs. I ask you to taste if for me and you do. "Salty," you tell me. "Now lick the toy, Marina."

As with your other wishes, I comply, but before I do, I bring the toy close to the camera, so you can see my wetness sticking to the green toy. I slowly bring it to my mouth, and insert it for you. The toy is deep in my mouth, just as it had been deep in my pussy. I slowly pull it out, licking the toy, as if I were licking your hard cock. My eyes are locked on your eyes, and your eyes are locked on the toy and my mouth. Your cock jumps slightly as you imagine it in my mouth. You can wait for the first time that I take your cock in my mouth.

"What does it taste like, Marina? Describe it for me."

"It's earthy today. There's a taste of pepper and then it turns sweet."

"Mmmmmmmmm," you say.

"I want you," I say.

"Marina, I need to fuck you. I need to eat your pussy! I need it!"

"Soon, Ben. Soon."

To be continued...


Jul 23rd @ 4:04am EDT

They thought he was acting like a child or a real good looking teenager for that matter. He was standing there, ogling almost all of them. Looking at women, young and old alike and as he watched them hed find a way to get down on his knees, trying somehow to look up their skirts, if they had one on.

They were right of course. He was doing that but at the same time what they didnt know was he was also, somehow, getting engagements and dates in one way or another with many of them. Some were around his age but most appeared to be much older. Their thoughts were that regardless of his actions he was young and healthy, but he was the most handsome young man theyd seen in a long while. He was well built and his personality made up for it all most thought. Thats how it all began for them.

So youdo carpentry? one after another would ask him throughout the afternoon. Really But youre not working right now at all? Hed look them right in the eyes and smile. Hed say no in his soft toned expression. That did it for them. Well to be honest one went on to tell him I actually have a couple projects you could do at my place. She gazed back into his gentle eyes. I guessI could have you come over and and she found her heart fluttering as she said it and do some of them at my house. I mean Thats if youre interested of course.

It almost seemed as if they were standing in line for him as he left and came back. He brought out his book. He wrote down their name and their phone number as well. Hed speak with them and write down other notes. Hed stand there and even write down what they looked like. They didnt know it and it was fine with him. He loved the older women. He enjoyed their company a lot. He thought the older ones would appreciate him and his personality too.

Ill call you? hed say in the kind and almost alluring tone of voice.

Theyd smile as their eyes simultaneously checked him out. One would say Of course or Yes or Come over whenever. Another was telling him Great, well work something out soon, right?

The first onethe oldest onewas for himmagnificent. Medium shoulder length hair, she was as mature as any woman might be. Her smile and her eyes were killer features, he thought, and for this 25 year old out of work carpenter...he was ready. Many men felt the same way about her too. She wasnt the aggressor like he expected her to be but she was in fine, fine shape. With her big enough boobs and those mature womanly curves, she easily got him over to her home to work on it.

She smelled nice as heck as well as she was dressed to the nines that morning. In a casual top and skirt, her eyes glowed. Her lips impressed him too but the question on his mind waswhat was it she really wanted? Passion, sex, kissing.ohhh and down inside those thighs? Did she want me to undress her and take hold of her? Did she need me to kiss her thick and sexy lips too? She had to be well over 35, maybe even 40 he thought, but he wasnt sure. He tried to dispel what many men thought of her as he evaluated it all.

Well Mrs. Hamptonyou sure looknice today? he tried to say in a confident voice.

Jarrod she replied thats a nice thing to say.

She wore her smile so well he wanted to stop everything he was doing and turn and look her in the eyes. He wanted to stare her down telling her he'd do anything to be with her. He wanted to walk up to her and take her hand and lead her somewhere private. He wanted to gaze into her eyes as one hand slowly reached beneath her dress and felt those silky thighs of hers. He wanted to caress the insides of them when she least expected it too. He was ready. He was sure she was. Why else would she invite him over? Was he too close to her? No, he wasnt too close. Then it happened. He noticed it almost immediately. Her eyes seemed to float about him as she ogled his manly features as if to tell him Go on, do it. Feel the insides of my thighs. Feel me all over down there... Do it Jarrod. I need this badly honey.

So he did it. He reached down to her skirts bottom and lifted it up. She jumped back. JARRODWHATWHAT ARE YOU DOING? she abruptly said. She had no idea hed do that.

None whatsoever but he had and when she abruptly said what she had, he pulled away, quickly. He didnt want any misinterpretation but he caused it. She asked him why he did what he had. He didnt answer. She asked again but knew she wanted it to happen. She just didnt tell him. They looked at one another. She could still feel his hand inside her thighs.

Ohhh, do that again Jarrod she told herself. Do it again. It felt soso good. I want that to happen again. I so want it to happen, don't you? Do me like that again, honey. I just wasnt expecting it to happen like that. Ohhh and kiss me too...kiss me first. Then slip that hand of yours inside my thighs.Yes dear... Im in shape. My legs...they aretight and strong and firm. Yes, they should be silky and soft for you, she'd told herself... So do itjust do it... Kiss my lipsohhh god yes honeydo it...but kiss me on my lips first. Then do your thing. Thats all she was thinking as she looked him in his eyes.

Kiss my lips baby...kiss them hard.

He didnt. He was too inexperienced for that. Jarrod Stop she told him, passion filling her body all over Please stop, will you? She looked at him. He looked stupid standing in front of her wanting what he wanted. I want you. I do. I want you badly, but what I want, first and foremost, is a soft passion filled kiss on my lips. Every woman, every girl does. Once I have thatthen well seeokay sweetheart?

He understood, kind of, and with that he looked into the older attractive womans eyes and did it flawlessly. He took hold of her body, perfectly. He brought himself closer to her body and with his natural abilities he kissed her mightily on her lips. She was impressed as hell. HE COULD KISS. He could really kiss too. Wow, she thought. This manhe surely knew how to kiss a woman and he kissed her hard. He didnt let up. His tongue slowly found its way into her mouth and it waggled inside feverishly.

Her body weakened as it did. She wanted him more and more, but he continued to kiss her mouth, her lips. His tongue naturally went wild as she let him do his thing. His hands held her closely and intimately. Placed against her back, she felt one, then two of them pulling at her soft shapely ass as the front of her body instantly pushed against the front of his. His cock, buried beneath his jeans, was hard, and with that he knew he needed it all out of her. He pushed harder. She felt the need and with the way he was passionately kissing her lips, she pushed against his body hard too.

They stopped. She looked into his eyes. She smiled. Then she spoke. Nowthat is how you get a womaninterested in youif theres anything going to happen between them.

And with that she smiled some more as she looked into his eyes. Before he knew it her top rolled off the top of her head. Before he knew it, he was staring at her gorgeous and sexy bra. Before he knew it, her body seemed to be moving in his direction. Before he knew it, her hands took hold of his... And before he knew it, his hands were all over her boobs.

Nowfeel me. Touch thisand feel it she said as her eyes closed.

He looked into her face and saw her closed eyes. He felt her bra covered boobs. He rubbed and caressed and teased her upper body and especially her bosoms. He leaned in although she didnt expect it and he kissed her cleavage, but before she knew it he was removing the straps of her bra off her shoulders and sliding her bra off her shoulders. She wasnt stopping him so he went all the way. It lie beneath her boobs. They wereso full, he told himself. His cock raged on. He wanted his jeans undone and off his body. He wanted at least a hand on it and stroking it. He so wanted her warm and tender hand doing something to his body.

I want you he told her.

And well get therehoney she replied.

With that he leaned in and kissed her breasts. He kissed them and he kissed hard, all over. She loved how his lips felt on them and pushed herself into his mouth forcing him to kiss them endlessly it seemed. He heard her breathing more rapidly while kissing them all over. Finally, he took hold of her and gradually they lay down on the carpeted floor. He kissed not only her breasts but her lips again as well as around her neck and shoulders.

This guy is good, she thought. God is he ever, she told herself as he kissed her upper body. He looked at her as if trying to get a read on her telling him that he was doing it all correctly. It seemed he was seeing as she had a smile on her and wasnt moving. Her arms and hands were against his body pulling him towards hers.

Doyou knowhowhorny I am? he asked.

YesI can feel it she appeared to say warmly.

Do you want me to take off my pants then?

Not yetjust keep kissing me she replied.

So that was what he did. He kept kissing the woman, passionately, but he tired of it shortly after that. He wanted to get off. He wanted to be naked. He wanted to do it all. He wanted to finger her, eat her out, and eventually get his enraged cock inside her and fuck her until death did him over or something like that. As he kissed her he pushed himself against her body even harder as he tried letting her know how horny he really was. She knew but she loved how the young man kissed her so well.

Mmmmmooohh hed hear her mutter off and on as her body seemed to squiggle left and right into his. As he went back down on her boobs and kissed and sucked them too she uttered and made him feel as though there wasnt anything better in the world. Ohhh JarrodJarrodfeel mycrotch baby Oh feel me downbelow honey and as quickly as she said it his hand was inching its way inside her thighs. Ohoh god, yes baby yes.

Before she realized it, she was pushing her skirt down off her body. Whatever or however he was doing what he had done, she loved how it felt and his fingers were a melting pot of sorts. Inside her underwear and feeling the warm and wet layers of her pussy, she found she loved how he felt her cunt and clitoris.

Go down on meeat mefinger and eat me up baby she told him so he did.

He fingered her madly. He fingered her deeply. She pushed herself into his fingers as his face, and mouth, went at her pussy. Mmmmm, she tasted good he thought. He kept at it eating it, tasting it, and fingering it too as her pelvis pushed back at his mouth endlessly.

AREYOU READY I WANT ITI WANT YOU FUCK MEGO IN ME she screamed so he ripped off his jeans and went at her, quickly. OHFUCKYES FUCK she let out. FUCK ME MOREHARDEROHHHHHH DONT STOP she let out, but he did stop and he lay on top of her looking down at her.

Youre sexydid you know that? he said with a smile.

She looked at him. Thank youand so are you, Jarrod. Her body needed more. She stared at him hungrily. Finally she said it. Fuck me some more like you did Make me cum again. I soooo want another orgasm honey Pleaseoh please she pleaded.

She stroked it, lovingly, and made him hard, again. Once he was hard, he plied himself atop her and he banged her, hard. He loved banging her like that. Her legs, they went wild coursing around and then atop his shoulders. Her hold on his frame got tighter. She pawed at him as he assisted in squeezing out another orgasm All due to himall due to his love of sex with this woman and others as well. He came and she came too. He lay over her and smelled her beauty, looking her in the eyes as he breathed hard on each other. She pulled him closer and began kissing his lips softly again.

Wowwhat was I going to have you do today? she asked serendipitously.

UhhhI think I did itfor you, didnt I? Jarrod asked with a smile.

Oh, uh that wasmmmmm and she smiled part of it, but I did have some other things toobut they can wait, but thiswhat we didooohh now we have to do this again. Thats for sure sweetheart. Name a timeand place Ill be ready. Will you? she said.

He leaned in, nodded, and he kissed her on her lips. Whoayou bet your sexy body I will be he replied. Within 15 minutes afterward they were at it again

Punish Me

Jul 23rd @ 4:03am EDT

I knelt there waiting, in the mess of my own arousal. The hot wetness all over my legs still flowed slowly from between my thighs. I whimpered pitifully, neglected waiting for the next assault to my battered body. Out of the darkness he touched me, tugged hard at my nipples bruised and sore. I yelped and the heat of his palm across me face sent stars before my eyes and fireworks exploded across my pussy. 'Punish me' I thought. Every atom of my being buzzed with want for the pain he could inflict upon me.

"You are not to speak, to moan, to groan or scream." he growled at me, his voice almost a whisper.

I tried so hard to obey, tried hard to be the good little bitch to be used as he sought fit. I nodded quickly as he pressed his hard cock roughly against my mouth, I opened for him. My lips curled back like the petals of a flower. The head of him prodded the back of my throat thrust after thrust and I tried to swallow him, desperately tried to fit all of him down my throat. His hand, those big hands clutched at my hair finger intertwined there in ever curly lock as he pulled my face to meet his thrusts. I tried not to moan as rivers of my nectar poured from me.

Pain always made me so excited but we all like it a little rough. I could here him breathing steady and even but my breath was coming in short quick gasps, not from lack of air because deep throating is my gift, but from excitement. The sheer power of him I could almost feel him deep in my pussy. 'Punish me!' my mind screamed. My clit throbbed and my pussy pulsed I couldn't keep it in, the orgasm was slowly ripping through me, a scream was forming in my chest and rising up to my throat and on one of his thrusts as deep moan erupted from me as wave after wave of orgasm pushed through me, as I squirted down my thighs and my juices washed across my knees on the hard cold concrete floor.

"Bitch!" He yelled wrenching himself from my mouth, depriving me of the taste of him.

I groaned and leaned toward him desperately trying to wedge him back in my mouth but the only thing that filled my mouth then was the metallic taste of my blood as he slapped me so hard that I fell backwards. Another moan escaped me as I lay there quivering. A light came on above me and I could see in his hand the smooth bamboo cane that often left such delicious welts across my body in places that another man would never see.

"Kneel." His commands were like words from the Gods. He raised his arm gracefully and I felt the cane smash into my already bruised breasts, the next blow stung my thighs and I longed to feel it across my ass. I waited silently through 20 blows, my disobedience would scar my flesh for as long as the welts, cuts and bruised stayed.

"Stand" he whispered and I obeyed quietly bringing my broken body to my feet, "Turn" I could barely move my body hurt so bad.

"Why must you constantly disobey me?" He question rang in my head. A new weapon stung and dug into the flesh of my ass. I turned to see, as fear exploded in my head, as small whip with thin strips of leather pulling away from my flesh leaving deep scratches. Oh the pain was exquisite.

"Do you like the new toy?" he asked. I could taste the grin across his lips without having to see him. I knew him so well, my sweet Master.

"Well?" he expected and answer.

"Yes." I whispered as a small shudder moved through me.

My legs felt so weak and I almost could not stand. My mind reeled and I could see him in my head like a silent movie raising his arm and flicking his wrist landing blow after blow upon my flesh. Oh I needed this pain. My pussy throbbed again and I felt myself losing control and then the blows stopped. His lips were dangerously close to my ears his breathing was heavy and ragged, his voice was the deep growl of a wild animal. "Spread your legs." He growled calmly.

I could barely breath yet I obeyed. He pressed against me, his chest to my back, and he drew his fingernails across my skin, over the scar on my breast that was still so raw from the branding. I was his property. His slave to use as he saw fit. He caressed his way to my collar bone and closed his hand on my throat squeezing to hard that lights exploded across my eyes. Each inhale was more difficult and he squeezed tighter.

"Cum!" he yelled into my ear.

My body convulsed and I thrashed in his arms, cum flowed from me down my legs and pooled at my feet. He loosened his grip on my neck and I moaned over and over again, each time it became louder and louder almost a howl. "Punish me!" my brain screamed and my legs stopped working.

I collapsed in his arms, shuddering as the strength of my orgasms weakened. He let me go and I slumped to the floor in the cold wetness of my own excitement. He stepped away from me, I could hear his foot steps fading toward the door. I whimpered as he unlocked the door. And as he was closing it he grunted across his shoulder in a calm voice, "This floor better be clean by the time I come back down here."

"Yes, Daddy." I whispered trying to bring myself to my knees. Who knew when he'd come back down here, there was no mop to clean up the mess, no rags or clothes to sop up the remnants of my pain. The only thing that existed was me, his slave, his bitch to be used as he saw fit. Punished for his pleasure at his discretion, a human rag to clean the mess off of his cold concrete floor.


Jul 23rd @ 4:02am EDT

I watch him sleep, touch his lips with my fingertips
Lay over him my breasts just inches from his mouth. He sighs
A breath that tickles my nipples into life. I whisper into his open mouth-
"I love you"
I slide my body onto his and lay there, feeling his heat
that familiar heat that pulses like electricity between my legs
a wetness stirs inside of me as blood flows to that part of him that pushes me over the edge

He reaches out from his slumber, eyes still closed mouth still agape
still asleep i touch my tongue to his chin and trail it down his neck.
he pushes his hips up into me, I moan. low and deep.
I inch down his torso over his navel to his hips where i can smell his skin
it is calling to me, whispering aching for my touch
begging me-
I pull his boxers over his hips, slowly kissing through the expanse of dark hair

The breath of his loins is inhaled into me and I taste it with my lips
in short loving kisses. The tip of my tongue comes alive
trailing over his shaft, tickling veins that pump vitality through his groin
I want to take him deep into my mouth, deep into my aching dripping pussy.
I want to fuck him and make love to him simultaneously.
I suck him, long, languishing there in his lap.
My mouth opens around his thickened flesh

I suck him in again, faster and faster still, watching his sleeping face as he fucks my mouth
I know he is dreaming of sex. Dreaming of me, because he whispers my name.
Quiet and sure-
A yearning inside of me pushes me to his lips and I am hovering
High like a snowflake falling above him. I lower myself, feeling him stretch into me
Opening me, I haven't been with him in a while and it hurts to have him inside of me this way.
But I love the feeling of having him there, the feeling of his hard erection spreading me as my
pussy clamps around him almost sucking him in.

He touches me then, out of his sleep moaning
He is fucking me back, making love to me and I am there now
Orgasming with him in side of me, I am calling his name, He is my master, My Lover, My Soulmate
my friend. We are there in this dream world, in this fantasy of innate nymphs,
Dancing in this forest of lust. I slump into his arms and drift there between sleep and wake.
Between sanity and Love. Between his soul and mine. Where our bodies, the two... are one.

This is our lust, and this is our world. This love is ours to have. While he sleep, when he wakes.
In this world and the next, forever.


Jul 22nd @ 2:56am EDT

Some nice invited story for u guys :): My name is Kate, at the time this started I was thirty eight. I was married to Frank who is fifteen years older than me. I had been married twice before and my second husband turned out to be a wife beater. Frank and I had lived in the same village and had known each other slightly, he left the village when his first wife died. Then, quite by chance, several months later I met him in a shop, he asked me if I would go out with him one evening and I agreed. We met several times and I think both realised that we had feelings for each other. Then the next time we met I had a black eye and bruised face, Frank was horrified, he took me to a cafe and bought me a coffee. He asked me what had happened, by that time I was in quite a state and not having told anyone about my situation I simply broke down and told him everything. Frank took charge, I hadn't any idea how to get out of my situation but he told me what to do. I was to go to a photographer, take the photos to a solicitor and sue my husband for divorce, then go to the police and make a complaint about the constant beatings.

In the meantime he said, to avoid trouble I was to do a flit while my husband was at work and move in to his place. It all actually worked like a charm. Once living with Frank we found that we really did love each other and we got married after about a year. We had five children between us, I had two boys and Frank two boys and a girl, they were teenagers all around the same ages. After four years of being together the kids had all left home for one reason or another, so we were on our own. Frank was a Sales Rep while I ran a coffee shop. The town we lived in was only small and I soon got to know a lot of people.

I should say at this point that I had always enjoyed a great variety of sexual partners. I first had sex at the age of twelve with a man on three consecutive days, the man then disappeared and in the local paper a week or so later there was an item about him being arrested for having sex with a thirteen year old in the next village! That taught me a lesson and I didn't have sex again until I was fifteen. After that sex was a pretty regular thing for me. Now there was a man who came into my coffee shop three times a day who I was attracted to, we became quite friendly. Then one evening Frank said to me, 'What's with this man, Paul, you keep talking about? Fancy him do you? Got the hots for him maybe?' Well, I never could lie to Frank, I loved him too much and he had rescued me and given me a wonderful life. So I said, 'You know me too well, darling, yes, I do fancy him and I do have the hots for him, as you put it, I'm sorry.'

'No need to be sorry, you forget that I know your history, I know that you have always enjoyed variety in your love-life. I'll tell you that, at first, I was in two minds about getting involved with you, but then I realised that I loved you too much to lose you. I decided that, if I got thee years of you to myself, I wouldn't stand in your way if you fancied another lover. I'm a lot older than you sweetheart, I realise that sex isn't everything, I've been happier with you than I have ever been so what I suggest is this. First I vet this bloke, if I think he's okay you can go ahead and date him, with two conditions. One is that you never meet him in town, you go fifteen or twenty miles away to meet him and other is that you're back by half twelve. Oh, and by the way, when you come back I shall want chapter and verse of what you got up to!'

To be honest I was flabbergasted, in truth I had strong sexual feelings for Paul despite having a great sex-life with Frank. It was something I couldn't help. I heard myself agreeing, except for one thing, 'Just one thing, darling, half twelve is rather early isn't it? Can't we make it half one?' Frank thought for a moment then agreed. Well, obviously I made a date with Paul at the earliest opportunity.

That Friday I rushed home, had a shower and dressed in as little as possible. It was in fact late summer and very warm so I was able to get away with a button-through summer dress with just knickers and bra underneath. You have probably guessed that I had done this sort of thing before. Frank had stayed in the bedroom watching me with an amused smile on his face, 'I hope it turns out to be everything you want,' he said. Off I went, I had a little Mini and the place we had arranged was a country pub well away from where I hoped no-one from the town was likely to see me.

I sat in the pub car park for a few minutes then, to my relief, Paul arrived. We went in and over a couple of drinks got to know each other. I won't bore you with that. After the drinks we asked the landlord if I could leave my Mini in the car park for a while, he certainly guessed what we were up to and agreed with a smile. Paul drove us to somewhere very quiet, he had obviously been there before. He was kissing me almost as soon as we stopped, I felt really excited and more so when he said, 'Let's get in the back.'

We sat on the wide seat and I didn't prevent Paul caressing my breasts as we kissed. My nipples erected and I felt my fanny engorging. It's such a lovely feeling, that knowledge that shortly one is going to be fucked. Paul soon had my dress unbuttoned and was slipping my bra straps down to kiss and caress my breasts. I said, 'We know what's coming Paul, let me get out of this dress.' I quickly unbuttoned and threw off the dress, then took my bra off, I lay back in just my knickers. Frank, amongst others I'd had, I knew liked to see the shape of a woman's pudenda with close fitting cotton knickers and I'd taken the chance to wear a pair of new ones I had. I saw Paul looking, he said, 'I can see the shape of your cunt in those!' I kissed him and replied, 'That's why I wore them.'

As he sucked my nipples, something calculated to arouse me more than anything else, I felt myself becoming wet. He kissed his way down my body, pulling my knickers down as he got there then he kissed the lips of my cunt. I knew that the outer lips were already parting before I felt his tongue between them. I love oral and Paul knew just what he was doing as he tongue-fucked me then licked my clit. I came. I admit that I come very easily and this wasn't the strongest by any means but it did mean that I opened right up. I felt for Paul's cock, I undid his belt and the waistband of his trousers and pulled his trousers and underpants down. His cock sprang out, it was about the same length as Frank's but slightly thicker. I bent and kissed it, then took it in my mouth and sucked, I used my hand to wank him at the same time and straightaway had him gasping, 'No more, you'll make me come!'

I leant back over the seat, one leg up on the back cushion, the other with my foot on the floor. Paul stared between my wide open legs, 'What a beautiful cunt!' he gasped, 'Your husband's a lucky man.' I had told him earlier that Frank and I still had regular sex. After that Paul didn't waste any time, he moved over me and I felt the big head of his cock between my open lips. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it inside, he stroked it against my clit and I felt my juice flow. Then he placed it with his hand and penetrated me, he eased his lovely cock gently right up as far as it would go. I grabbed him, 'Fuck me, fuck me!' I pleaded.

He obliged, but didn't last very long, he apologised as he finished coming, 'Sorry, haven't had sex for ages,' he said nevertheless I loved the feeling. His cock slipped out and he slumped back in the seat. After a few minutes I bent over him and sucked the limp organ into my mouth, I began to suck. I loved the taste of his cum and my juice and cleaned his cock completely. It was only two or three minutes before I felt the first twitch, then I went to work and had him hard in a few moments. 'Come on then,' I said, 'you're bound to last longer this time!' Once again his hard shaft slid up inside my willing fuck-hole, I was streaming and there was still his spunk there. It squirted out as he closed with me, we kissed, 'Come on, you gorgeous fucker, ram it up my cunt!' I murmured in his ear. He complied very enthusiastically and gave me a great fuck that lasted over twenty minutes.

He groaned, 'Oh, I'm coming, I'm coming!', as I felt his cock jerk and pull back, he rammed it back in and, as he withdrew, he spurted deep inside me. I loved it, if he could have fucked me again I would have been over the moon. However, he couldn't, but I did clean him with my mouth, enjoying every bit I swallowed. He then took some tissues out of the glove-box and I wadded them between my legs and pulled my knickers on to keep them in place.

I got home at about one fifteen, Frank was in bed reading, 'Everything go alright?' he asked. 'You bet,' I replied as I took my dress, my bra and then my knickers off. 'Wow!' Frank gasped, 'I can see that you've been well fucked!' I slid into bed beside him, he was as hard as a rock, I wanked him very gently as I began to describe what Paul and I had done. After my description of our first fuck Frank, groaned and mounted me. He pushed his cock up me and everything inside squirted out as he began fucking, 'Go on, go on!' he gasped. I described what followed, including my sucking Paul's cock to get him hard.

Frank got very excited, but he was after all a very experienced man and was still fucking after I had finished my narrative. When he came after a very enjoyable half hour it was like a fire-hose going off inside me. Frank always spunked very fiercely but this was exceptional and it gave me the strongest come I'd had all evening. He lay on top of me as we cuddled, 'Did you enjoy that. darling?' I asked. 'Did I?' he replied, 'I have never experienced such a fuck in all my life. The feeling inside you was incredible, all that spunk and cunt juice and the way your cunt kept gripping me, I haven't got words to describe it!'

Well, as you can probably imagine, after that I went out with Paul and got well fucked every week, then returned home and had an even better fucking there!

All went well for several months, then I returned home one evening from work to find Frank in a terrible mood. 'What did I tell you?' he raged,' only two conditions and you couldn't even keep those!' 'What-ever's the matter?', I asked, I had never seen Frank in such a state. 'You may well ask,' he said, 'last week you were seen in another car by Tom.' Tom was a friend of ours who was a local policeman, my heart sank. Frank went on, 'I managed to convince him, I think, that he was mistaken. But whatever possessed you to be picked up in town?'

I apologised abjectly. 'It was Paul, he only had a short time, I didn't meet him till half past nine and we went straight up the bridle path and had it there, you'll remember I was home early that night.' 'Well, that was a damned stupid thing to do and directly against what we agreed. Of course you know what this means? You have to give this Paul the elbow.' I started crying. 'It's no good crying, that's your punishment, just be grateful that Tom didn't see you going up the bridle-path.'

That was when I found out that Frank was a man of his word, unhappy though it made me at the time, I saw that he was perfectly right doing what he did. However, as it turned out, I wasn't without a lover for long. One day we received a letter from the bank, there was a new manager and he wanted us to attend for a personal interview. Our hearts sank, we had taken out a loan some years before and a summons like that usually only meant one thing, the bank wanted the loan paid off. Well, we were right, we attended as requested and met the new manager. It was plain to see that he was immediately taken with me, I'm blonde and, at the time, had a good figure and I had the sort of personality that seemed to attract men.

To cut a long story short, although the bank was trying to cut down on the loans outstanding the manager, Gary was his name, asked for further meetings. Frank of course was experienced and an old fox, he said, 'Next time, you go on your own, I bet he makes a pass at you!' He did and we had several more meetings, each time Gary got more and more intimate. Frank and I talked about it, 'Do you find him attractive?' he asked. 'Well, sort of, I wouldn't kick him out of bed,' I replied. 'Okay then, he obviously wants to fuck you, just don't give in too easily, it'll be to our benefit.'

Gary had already kissed me one afternoon, I had protested but yielded in the end. The next time I let him kiss me and then caress my breasts through my clothes, I said, 'You're making me feel very naughty, Gary,' 'Good!' he said, 'You're so sexy Kate, I want you!' 'I know that, you naughty boy, I could feel how excited you are just now!' 'I hope you're excited too!' Well, I was getting wet. I let him unbutton my blouse and caress my bare breasts, feeling his cock hard against my belly. On the next visit he picked up his internal phone and said, 'Miss Jenkins I am only to be disturbed if Head Office ring,' he then locked the door.

The next moment he was kissing me passionately, he unbuttoned my blouse roughly and pulling my bra straps down over my shoulders kissed my breasts and sucked my nipples. Aroused I felt for his cock. He took it as the signal to go further, he put his hands up under my skirt and pulled my knickers down. 'Oh, you are making me feel so naughty, Gary, I'm all wet!' As he was feeling my cunt at the time he already knew that! I soon had his trousers and underpants down and his cock bared. It was a disappointment I had to admit, it was less than five inches long, nevertheless he soon had me bent over his desk and pushing it into me. I let him fuck me, even kissed him while he was doing it and I quite enjoyed myself for I love fucking, but it was still a disappointment for, when he came, it was just a dribble of spunk oozing into me.

We cleaned ourselves up with me telling him what a naughty boy he was, 'You didn't seem to mind,' he said. Well, I didn't, but not for the reasons he thought! Then he said, 'You will appreciate that doing this in the bank is a dangerous thing to do, anything could happen. As it happens I keep a flat in town here, perhaps you could visit me there?' I first asked him where it was then agreed. After that every Thursday evening was Gary's time to fuck me in his flat. Once we'd had it there a few times I tried sucking his cock after we'd fucked, hoping that I'd get something better out of him. It didn't work, I couldn't even get him hard, in the end I gave up. Gary though liked sex talk and I gave him story after story of my sexual adventures which I think he greatly enjoyed although having difficulty believing that it was all true, although I assured him that it was. Of course we never had any trouble with our loan and eventually paid it off whereupon he was able to point out to his superiors that his judgement had been sound!

Of course having a new lover meant that our incredible sexual bouts afterwards gave Frank and I great enjoyment. Frank was a far seeing man and my sex-life outside marriage did not end there, but that perhaps is a tale for another time.

Good Vibrations

Jul 22nd @ 2:54am EDT

Mike had asked me to go to a party with him and if I agreed, I had to dress according to the theme. He was an attractive man, tall, muscular and reasonably good looking and my landlord. I agreed to go with him but now I wasn't so sure after receiving the printed invite for women with just five words on it black, transparent, low, mini and free.

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"All the women wear black, low cut tops, short mini skirts and free means no underwear. Oh and the transparent thing means one item of clothing has to be partly see through." He grinned. "Do you still want to go?"

"Yes." I thought it would give me a chance to meet some people in the area.

A knock at my front door made me jump, my heart beat fast, the prospect of not wearing underwear and having very little ease on was both scary and exciting. Amazingly enough I did feel free dressed like this. I was wet with just the thought of being amongst other people where they would be able to see through my skimpy transparent top and know that I had no underwear on.

"Hi, Mi..." I gasped as Mike's hands found my tits and my nipples responded to his rubbing and tweaking of them. I felt my clit throb. "Nice tits." I smiled shyly.

"Shall we go then?" I tried to walk out of the house but he pushed me against a wall, "open your legs."

"What are you doing?" I felt a hard cock shape object being inserted into my pussy.

He lent close to me and whispered in my ear. "Now you leave that inside you until I remove it. Over and above the other games that will be played tonight, we are going to play a little game of our own."


"Meaning..." His hand slipped into his pocket and I was paralysed by the vibrations that radiated out from my cunt. I bucked my hips at a non-existent force that was making me deliriously horny. "Now listen carefully, there are four different vibrations on my little friend inside you." I nodded almost unable to concentrate on his words. "This vibration," he flicked the switch and I felt a continuous feeling deep inside me, is a command for you to offer any man in the room an option of playing with your tits." My breathe shortened. "This next vibration," he flicked the switch again, I now felt the vibrator give three hard vibrations and then go off for a few seconds and then repeat the pattern. "Means you are to offer any man a chance to finger, suck or lick you clit." He flicked the switch again, this time the vibration was so intense I cried out.

"Please fuck me? I'm gonna cum." I tried to catch my breath.

He smiled and lightly brushed my nipples through the material again. "All in good time. Remember this one well as you will strip off and will not put your clothes back on again. You will also go down on the nearest man to you in the room." I felt the wet flood of cum as my body jerked like a puppet on a string.

"And the fourth one I croaked," trying to stop my legs from shaking.

"Aaah yes, the fourth one," He flicked the switch and the vibration radiated to my clit. I let out a moan of blissful torture. "This one means you will approach me, I either need to speak to you or I want to fuck you." He snapped the switch and the vibrations stopped. "Now let's go."

We stopped to fill up with gas at an almost deserted gas station, when I felt the first vibration again. Initially surprised, as we weren't at the party yet, I was slow to react. I pulled my top up and displayed my well rounded tits with my erect nipples. "Would you like to play?

He smiled and shook his head. "Don't ask me - ask the man in the pay booth," He pointed at a over weight, middle aged man, with a double chin and three strand of hair on top of his head who was sweating profusely, in the glass booth. I shuddered at the thought of this man touching me but I also wondered if he would be able to excite me.

The vibration had stopped now and I exited the vehicle and went to the door of the glass booth. Smiling timidly, I raise my top, "would like to play with my tits?" He hesitated before reaching out and tentatively squeezed one of them. "Oh come on you can do better than that," I coaxed. "Here," I guided his mouth to my right nipple and while he sucked, I looked across at the 4x4 where Mike stood, staring at me, rubbing the bulge of his cock through his jeans. Another vibration started, sending a warmth through my body. I pushed my way into the booth and sat on the man's desk, spreading my legs so he could see my clean shaven pussy. "Want to give my clit a try?" More eager this time, he pounced, licked my clit like a cat licking a milk bowl. I played with my tits while he sucked and fingered my clit all the while looking up at my face for approval. "Oh, very good. Suck a little harder - ooh yes that's right." My nub was on fire, excitement was moving up my spine. My breath came in rapid gasps. The vibration stopped and I felt the fourth vibration and knew it was time to return to the car. Disentangling myself from the man, who now wanted to suck my tits again, I shakily walked back to the car. I had been good, maybe Mike would fuck me now.

"You could make the time a little longer. I was on my way to cumming again and now I'm frustrated!"

"Frustrated is good - it means you'll enjoy the party. Or did you fancy having his sweaty cock inside you?" I looked out the window as we drove along the dark farm roads and then I saw the blue lights flickering ahead. "Well it looks like a road block ahead, wind down your window. Kneel on the seat and chat to the policemen out of the window when we stop." I obeyed unsure of what to expect next.

I heard Mike greet the officer on his side of the car, then the vibration started and I pulled up my top as two of the policemen approached my side of the car. I was getting used to this and enjoyed it. The policemen made small talk but their eyes were focused on my tits hanging like ripe grapefruit out of the car window. I squeezed them in my hands and allowed my hard nipples to peek between my fingers. I gasped as Mike stroked my pussy from behind. The policemen saw me lick my lips in an attempt to gain some kind of control over my body. "Do you need to search me?" I panted moving my hands out of the way.

"Well funny you should say that ma'am." One of them squeezed and stroked my right tit while giving me a sly smile. "We just need to see that there are no illegal things hidden here. The other policeman took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. "Of course." the first officer continued, "he's just seeing that there are no illegal substances inside there. I am just going to check this one here." He put his mouth to my tit and rapidly flicked his tongue around the nipple. I felt my wetness trickle down my legs.

I let out a groan as I felt Mike working my nub, while continuing a casual conversation with the officer on his side of the car. I felt my skirt being pushed up onto my back and glanced over my shoulder while the policemen on my side of the car both played with my nipples. The other officer was admiring my pussy and trying to take a photo on his cell phone. I smiled. spread my leg a little further apart and felt exhilarated that I was being seen naked by so many men at one time. I desperately wanted them to take turns fucking me. I wanted to feel them shoot their hot load inside me and then feel it run down my legs afterwards but Mike prevented that happening. All too soon we were on our way again, the lights of the party flickered in the distance.

I looked forward now to what lay ahead, there were no more reservations. I was going to enjoy this evening.

The host was waiting at the farmhouse door to greet his guests. Mike shook his hand and then introduced me. Slipping a hand into his jacket pocket, I knew what he was going to do but which vibration would he choose? The vibration shook my love tunnel and I eagerly took the host's offered hand and guided it subtly to my throbbing clit. His old wrinkled face, wizened by years of experience, lit up. His nobly hands eagerly circled my button as he rapidly licked his lips and grinned when he saw my wetness dribbling down my legs.

"May I?" I whispered trying to be discreet and lowering my eyes to his bulging trousers. I felt my face flush as my excitement mounted, here I was about to give a stranger head in front of his arriving guests and I didn't care.

"Of course."

I fell to my knees, whipped out his hard cock and gasped at the size of his balls. "Francis, is known to squirt the most cum of all time" Mike explained. "Service him well." He then walked away and watched from a distance. I licked Francis' cock from the base up to just below its throbbing mushroom head, while I played with his huge balls. My tongue circled the slit at the point and I savoured the pre-cum, before plunging his tool into my mouth. Gradually I pulled back sucking hard and twirling my tongue around his pole until I reached the head. I plunged again, enjoying the gasp I got from him each time I did it. His one hand rested on my head, guiding me to go faster, slower, deeper, and shallower, while he continued to greet other guests as if I wasn't there. I felt his cock start to throb as he neared climax but he pulled my mouth away. "Quickly, take off your top." I glanced at Mike and he nodded his approval. I stripped naked to my waist my iron hard tits ready for whatever came next. Grabbing my hair, the host pulled my head back and rubbed his cock a few more time before he came around my neck. "There," he said breathlessly after continually squirting his pearly white cum around my neck and shoulders. "My gift to you tonight is a pearl necklace, wear it with pride." He patted me on the head before returning to his arriving guests.

I picked up my top. "Leave it!" Mike took in every inch of my bouncy boobs as I walked towards him. "Your shirt is off and that is how you will remain for the rest of the evening." I entered the entertainment area. There were twenty guests in all and some of them watched me as I walked in. My index fingers played with the recently acquired pearl necklace as some of it made its way down and between my tits. Looking at the men I wished I had a few more strings of pearls around my neck to play with.

"Right everyone." Francis' voice silenced the room. "I'm glad you're all here and no one chickened out. Let's play the ice breaker game shall we. You Al know it but Mike's little friend doesn't." He winked at me and then slowly ran his tongue along his upper lip. There are a number of cards in this hat I am holding. You will each throw the dice and the number you throw will be the number of cards you take. On these cards are dares to be done by the person who draws them, you CANNOT back out of the dare otherwise you risk punishment."

Each player threw the dice and everyone seemed to get low numbers. Then my turn came, I threw the dice hoping that as I did not know what these types of dare were, I'd get a low number too but two fives came up. Ten!!!" All the men cheered. "This is perfect," the host exclaimed. "Well dear, take your ten cards." Closing my eyes, inhaling deeply I grabbed a pile of cards. "Well what did you choose?"

I opened my eyes and quickly sorted them. "I have one 'tit', whatever that means. One 'eat out'. Three 'finger x 5 mins' and five '2 x photo.' You said that this is perfect why?"

The host beamed. "Well that means there is a dare for every man in the room."

"But Francis with you that makes eleven," I pointed out.

Francis smiled. "You are such a darling. Mike where did you find her?"

"I could see she was a whore-in-waiting. She just needed the right stimulus to realize that."

Francis turned his attention back to me. "Don't worry - you can relieve me later on." I heard the other women moan and grumble, I wasn't sure why.

Mike signaled for me to leave the table and follow him outside - pushing me up against the wall again he extracted the vibrator. It was glistening, wet. He smelt is and licked it. "You do me proud in there now. Do exactly as I say." We re-entered the room. "Get down on the floor," Mike instructed. "Give out your cards one to each man, he took one for himself." I saw some of the women playing with themselves but they all stared at me. "Choose who you want to come forward first. I pointed to a pudgy man. "What did you get Paul?" Mike asked.

Paul licked his lips greedily, "I got the eat out." The other men looked lustfully at me, some hauled out their cocks and stroked them.

" do you want her to be?" Mike asked.

"Doggie style!"

"Wait!" an excited voice shouted. "I've got the tit one." I can do her the other end if you don't mind sharing Paul."

"Hell no! Let's break her in together."

"Well if you're gonna have a team effort, three of us have the fingering ones, so let's do it together." I felt a tingle of excitement run up and down my spine. My nipples had already hardened partly because of what I could imagine was coming my way but also the cool night air snaked across my back. My cunt throbbed to be touched, I couldn't wait to feel hands exploring every part of my body. I wanted to be ravaged. Paul lay on his back on the floor and I straddled him. A thinner man lay down on his back in front of me and wriggled until he was under my hanging tits. I felt hands on my back and felt my cheeks being pulled open. Someone let out a whistle. "Man what a pussy and I get to finger fuck it. Mmm-mm." I opened my legs even wider. "Good girl. I hope I get to fuck you for real later."

"Ok team," our host held up the stop watch. "On my go your 5 minutes start - now!"

An explosion of sensation hit me at once. My pussy was penetrated by one finger rubbing the front wall and grinding my G spot. Then another one entered me but it stroked the back wall and then the third and longest one slid in between the other two forming a sandwich inside me. They finger fucked me furiously. My tits were being rubbed and sucked, squeezed and tugged. My clit was jiggled and sucked just as hard, everything about it was so sensitive. My excitement rose. I thrust back against the fingers, I wanted them deep in me but Paul stopped me, to stop him losing contact with my clit. He stretched open my swollen lips as far as he could with both hand. "My - what a prize cunt," he rasped before I shuddered with pleasure as he worked my clit with his bearded chin. My tits were on fire and then it all came together at once. It was that moment like being on a roller coaster as it is suspended for a few seconds before it plunges down the other side of the tracks.

"Fuck me... Please," I begged. My cum was dripping onto Paul's face and he did his best to eat me out. The sound of wetness from my cunt as the fingers moved in and out was the only sound in the room above the heavy breathing. "I'm cumming," I shouted. My love tunnel contracted with suction like squeezes on the fingers inside me.

"And stop!" The host shouted. All five men immediately withdrew.

"No wait!" I cried out. "Don't stop..." I remained there on all fours stunned at the sudden cessation of pleasuring and trying to catch my breath. I wanted more. I didn't know I could be this horny. Where was my shame? Where was the embarrassment for what I was doing? There wasn't any. I wanted to offer myself to anyone - man or woman who would make me cum again but I know this party game wasn't over yet. There was still the ‘2 x photo'.

"Now, are you ready?" The host asked, stroking the length of my back, his hand slipping into my crack and this finger into my ass. I nodded in a daze, aware more of my unsatisfied state than his question. "The other five men have a 2 x photo card, this means they can have two photos taken with you or they can share it and offer one of the other men a chance to have a photo with you as well. So gentlemen what will it be?" They agreed to share.

I was brought back to reality when I felt a thin, hard cock slide in me while I was still in doggy style. "No need for lube, she is so well greased." The men laughed and the women tittered. The cock teased me. Withdrawing to the mouth of my pussy and ever so slightly rubbing the area. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as the cock suddenly entered me hard and deep. "Yes, yes..." I gasped, my head thrown back. "Ok you can take the picture now." A flash went off and the cock slipped out of me. I felt cheated.

"Come straddle my lap facing away from me." Obediently I went to a strapping red haired man and slid onto his cock. He put his arm around my waist and gently rubbed my button, I groaned. "Be a good girl and lift yourself lightly so the picture shows my cock inside you. Remember to smile," he said. Flash, the camera clicked again. Again the cock slipped out of me.

The rest of the photos became a blur. Missionary, cowgirl, wheelbarrow, rodeo style... I was tired but unsatisfied. Slumped in a chair, I toyed with the two dice holders and threw the dice of each one onto the table. I found that the one set of dice had one and two dots on them and the other set only have five dots on all their surfaces. I smiled to myself - I was the only person to have thrown the one set of dice. I didn't mind, I was having so much fun, if only I could cum again.

Mike called to me, "take off your skirt and spread your legs." I obeyed, relieved to be rid of it and then saw that a number of the men were at the bar downing beers and watching my every move. My body tingled at the sensation of being watched while I was naked. Sitting back, I spread my legs wide and opened my pussy lips so they could see.

Francis walked passed and inserted three fingers in me but he had had his hand in ice just before doing so. My stomach contracted and my skin had goose flesh. This shocking sensation made me want to be fucked even more. I bucked against his fingers trying to get satisfaction but he immediately withdrew them and walked away. I whimpered quietly. This brought cheers from the bar.

"Francis," I called him back to me.

"Why did the women groan just now when you said I could be the one to relieve you later in the evening?"

"It is considered a privilege to relieve me at a party like this but that is another game for later..."

"Well" Francis' voice revered us after a short break in the party games. "Mike your little friend now has to take the stand. It's time to get to know her - you know how it goes." Mike nodded and indicated a glass chair in the middle of a circle of chairs on which sat the other guests. "Now dear, we want to get to know you, so it's a game of eleven questions. I warn you don't lie to us, we'll know if you do."

"But Francis when do I get to know everyone here?"

He circled behind me until he was able to cup my aching breasts in his hands and rub circles around my nipples. I closed my eyes and left out a sigh as warmth spread from my tits to my cunt. I thrust my chest out to get as much contact with his arthritic hands. "You will get to know us over time, we often throw these parties. But let this be your first question. Is what I am doing turning you on or is it the idea of cumming that makes you so horny?"

I didn't want to offend dear sweet Francis, "it's what you're doing."

Pain ripped through my nipples as he pinched them hard. "You just told a lie. People of the party, note one punishment is due. Who is next?"

Paul stepped forward, he had discarded his clothes and his magnificent cock swayed around in front of him. Oh hell, if only I could ride it and feel him cum in me. I was brought back to reality when he asked his question in a loud voice. "You don't know any of these games but you willingly play, does it excite you?"

Not wanting to appear a complete whore. "No."

He stormed over to where I sat and pulled me off the chair and pointed. "Glass chairs don't lie." The chair seat had a perfect smear of my pussy lips and clit on its glass surface courtesy of my cum. "Another punishment is due." He walked back to his seat. The thin, man who had sucked my tits so ravenously earlier, stepped forward. "Have you ever played the blind fold game and would you want to?"

I decided to tell the truth, no more punishments for me. "No, I haven't played it before but I'd like to."

"Good then - let's play." A blind fold was placed on my eyes and I was helped down onto the floor on my back. The tingling started again, it excited me that everyone could see my cunt, men and women - my breathing came in short heavy snorts. I wanted to be fucked.

"Now dear," Francis' soothing voice brought me back to the game. "Different things are going to stroke you pussy and maybe even invade it. Your job is to guess what it is. It won't stop or be removed until you guess right. You can't use your hands either. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I whispered. This wouldn't be such a bad game all it could do is make me hornier and more frustrated than I already am. My cum leaked from me. I gasped, as a slightly curved object plunged into my gaping cunt. What was it? What's curved like that? "A - a Banana?" I asked unsure of myself.

"Very good," Francis was kneeling somewhere near my head. "Only another three to go and the game is over." Something very thin and unfulfilling slid in me. My hands teased my tits while I thought about it. I moved my hips upwards as a new wave of excitement began to rise. I could imagine the people watching me, naked and blind folded on the floor with something poking out of my cunt. It thrilled me. I shuddered and brought my thighs together. "I recognised it," I cried. "It's a wooden spoon. The implement was yanked out of me.

"That," Francis angrily pointed out, "is cheating. That is an almost immediate punishment. You can't be trusted, get up on all fours and let's see you put your thighs together with the next one. The sensation was a light stroking but my love lips were becoming slippery and sticky from an external source as if oil was being used.

"A cock?" I asked hopefully. Ram it home big boy if it is.


"A paint brush covered in runny honey?"

"No!" Then I felt a fingernail scrape along the length of my pussy entrance, causing me to shudder.

"A finger!"

"Yes." Francis didn't seem to be angry anymore. "Turn onto your back again and hold your ankles. I eagerly rolled over and grasped my ankles. Instantly I was handcuffed - each ankle to a wrist. I lay there, unable to lower my legs - I couldn't wait to see what the fourth thing was. Maybe a big dildo and that was why they had restrained me - they thought I couldn't take it - but I'd accomodate it somehow. I jumped as a tongue licked my pussy, clit and ass. This was good, I wasn't going to answer quickly as I was ready to cream myself. The tongue kept moving off the right spots and very carelessly chose where to tease me next. I kept adjusting my hips chasing the tongue that wouldn't remain where I wanted it.

"Well?" Cameras and cell phones clicked.

"I - um." I couldn't concentrate as the first blissful wave of contractions from within me ripped through my being.

"What is it?" Francis sounded annoyed.

"A tongue!" I screamed as I came again. "Please don't stop." The blindfold was ripped off my eyes and I came face to face with Frqncis'n huge dog who was eating me out.

Francis squatted down next to me as he watched the dog walk away. "Meet Muff-Dive. He punishes people who cheat in games. The reason he like your cunt so much is because the finger was smearing his favourite gravy on it. The fourth things was supposed to be a giant cucumber from the fridge." Francis shrugged. "But you had to be punished." The dog was led away after a fierce tug-o-war between handler and the dog that wanted to stay and lick me more. After being uncuffed, I lay there shivering on the floor, shocked that I didn't feel embarrassed but completely satisfied.

"Come on dear," Francis had a lustful look in his eye, one that now devoured me as he helped me up. Was seeing a dog eat a woman out one of his fetishes or fantasies that had just come true? If it was, I was glad to oblige, there was something about this old man that was so... I don't know. As he led me back to the chair, he trailed his hand down my spine and skilfully inserted a butt plug in my ass. Seeing my surprise, he leant close to me and whispered in my ear. "You're going to need that tonight - trust me." My mouth dropped open. Were there no boundaries here? He stuck a finger in my mouth and I sucked it hard. I felt a vibration in my ass. He walked away, waving the remote over his shoulder.

The red haired man stepped forward, I remembered his trophy appendage from the photo shoot, it was that the camera had been the only thing doing the shooting. I believed his trophy could have fulfilled me. "Do you like sandwiches or hotdogs more?"

"I like hotdogs..." I didn't see where this was going. Was it the right answer or would they accuse me of lying again?

"Would you like to try a double hotdog?" He rubbed his dick that throbbed in front of him.

"Okay, I am hungry." The women tittered again.

"Oh, I can see that." He leered. Another man stepped forward, he was naked and his short, wide cock proudly pointed to the sky with his erection. "Lie down Harry." The man compiled and began putting on a condom. "Now slut you're hungry, let Harry fill your cunt - he can reach all the important places." My arousal gave me away again, cum slid down my legs. I willingly slid onto Harry's cock but he didn't move and he stopped me moving up and down.

"Hey Darren, she's a tight little skank." Harry exclaimed as he squeezed my boobs.

"Wait until she's been around the block a few times. Now bitch lean all the way forward but don't let Harry slip out of you or we might have to bring Muff-Dive back in. My heart beat fast as I felt the butt plug removed from my ass. Sweat broke out on my face and chest as Darren used his spit to make my hole slippery, then he manoeuvred, his big condom covered cock to my hole. I tensed. "Relax," Darren's voice was gentle and kind.

"I've never done this before." I felt tears in my eyes and my breath was ragged and I shook uncontrollably.

"I know but we are going to help you through it."

Ever so slightly the tip of his cock entered me. My pussy released more wetness, which Darren scooped up and smeared over his cock. A little bit more and I felt the stretch. "Breath," he encouraged. Harry worked my tits and drew my attention away from my ass but didn't thrust and remained absolutely still. "How's that?" Darren whispered in my ear minutes later.

"Fine." I gulped.

"Well I'm all the way in."

"What?" I asked disbelievingly.

"I'm in bitch and now Harry and I are going to ride you like the slut you are." With gentleness gone and raw sex in the air, it was intoxicating. They developed a rhythm as one withdrew the other one plunged in and every so often they'd time it to withdraw and enter again at the same time. "Is this what you want, I can always stop!"

"No! Don't stop!" I panted. "Yes, yes... this is what I've wanted," I groaned. "Fuck me senseless!" I couldn't move between the bodies or help in any way. I was their sex toy.

We all came together. I felt deprived of feeling cum hit my pussy and ass walls but to have two real pieces of meat in me was euphoric. All too soon they slipped out of me. Removing their condoms they emptied them into a glass and brought it back to me. "Are you thirsty?" Darren held the glass out to me.

"Yes," I quickly swallowed the slick, salty liquid and used my finger to get the remnants out of the bottom of the glass.

"Well, now that you are full up, who has the next question?" Francis looked around and Mike stepped forward.
"If you had to the answer the rest of the questions lined up for this game or could move onto spin the arrow what would you choose?"

Still wiping the sweat from between my heaving tits, I looked up him pleadingly. "Spin the arrow."

"A very good choice. Let's move on then." A board was dragged out from in a cupboard. It had a series of dials on it. Each dial was divided into sections with options in each one. "You are the guest so you get to spin them all."

"I don't know what they mean."

Don't worry about that, just spin them, we know what they mean." I spun the first one which was divided into two segments - it stopped on ‘women'. "Spin the next one," Francis pointed to the correct dial. It stopped on ‘hand job collection'. "Right ladies, you are all going to give the men hand jobs and remember to collect. Bertha take care of Mike as well as your husband." Francis looked at me. "Let's find out what the men are going to do for the women shall we. Spin that dial again." It stopped at ‘finger fuck'. "Gentlemen, you will be finger fucking your wives tonight." "Now-" Francis gave me a conspiratorial look. "What will the guest of honour be doing?" He pointed to the dial I had to spin. Ahhh! Very nice. It's stopped at ‘filled'. I couldn't believe my luck, my breath sped up and I felt Francis' bent fingers pry their way into my pussy. I pushed against his hand and arched my back so that he had better access. "Now," he said huskily, "spin the last dial." I held my breath and spun it and it landed on ‘all'.

"Ahhh YES! Your truly are a lady of honour you WILL be initiated tonight."

"Why? To what? What am I going to be initiated into?"

"You'll see. Ladies take her away and prepare her." I looked back over my shoulder and saw the men giving one another high fives. I was led to a marble bathroom where a stand alone bath filled with warm rose water awaited me. I slide down into it and started to relax closing my eyes. Some of the women massaged my legs, arms and shoulders. My eyes snapped open when I felt a finger with a long nail enter my pussy and start to stroke my walls. Both my ass and cunt were tender after the last session. "Oh yes..." I mumbled as horniness took over. I lifted my legs up onto the edge of the bath to give her better access. Two women lent over the edges of the bath and sucked my tits. The women's exploration of my body was gentler than the mens' but equally a turn on. They knew their bodies intimately and so knew where to touch me. It was so relaxing and teasing, I could lie here forever, I could get used to... "Ah - ah, ah -," another woman had turned on the portable shower head and had submerged it and directed the jet directly at my pussy lips, another pair of hands pulled my pussy lips apart so there was no way to getting away from the jet stream. But did I want to? No.

The water kept on pounding my nub, the woman teased me by moving it off the spot. I tried to keep up with her movements. "Oh look Vera, she's trying to keep up with you like she did the dog." The women laughed bitchily but I didn't care. I couldn't breathe - the pressure of the orgasm that was around the corner was so intense. My face contorted in a look of what seemed to be pain as I caught a reflection of me in the ceiling mirror but I was in pure ecstasy. "Argh fuck..." water spilled onto the floor as I jerked and thrust with my hips in the bath. "Please don't stop..." I begged. Immediately the water was turned off and the plug was taken out of the bath.

"Get out," Vera said in a not unkind way. "Go back to the entertainment room, we'll just clean up here and then we will join you.

"What about a towel?"

"A towel won't help you," she smiled and turned to supervise the cleanup of the water.

Shakily I returned to the entertainment room where the men waited for their wives to return. In the middle of the room an examination bed had been rolled in - the type that had stirrups. It was tilted at an angle so that a persons head would be lower than their feet inthe stirrups. A little step ladder was placed at the stirrup end. Near to it was a white marble statue of a male Greek God. The only strange thing about it was where his marble penis should have been it had been replaced with a huge flesh coloured dildo.

I stood there wondering what this new game would involve. I was relaxed now after a my bath but I was looking forward to some rough handling again.

The grandfather clock chimed midnight in a room nearby. All the women had returned from the bathroom and stood beside their men. Everyone was partnered off except Bertha who had her husband and Mike.
"Perfect timing!" Francis' rubbed his hands together. "It's time for your initiation. There are a few questions you have to answer first before you are admitted to the club. Tonight you have proved that you are a slut, a whore worthy of allowing into this club. I am proud of you."

Everyone including Francis with his parchment skin falling in folds over his body was naked. He stood on the small ladder at the end of the bed and faced everyone in the room. I watched in fascination, blinking my eyes a number of times to see if I was seeing correctly. Francis' cock was bigger - in length and girth - than when I gave him head earlier in the evening. It was hard, with visible blue veins stretching out over it. Pre-cum dripped from the pulsating mushroom head onto the floor. I licked my lips at the thought of being able to take it in my mouth. "Kneel before me."

I fell at his feet, my head on level with his amazing snake. I awaited the command to service him and bring him relief. My hands fidgeted in my lap wanting to reach up and squeeze it. My cunt dripped cum onto the floor that mingled with Francis'. I wanted to lap it up off the floor but remained where I was.

"You were bad twice tonight, you lied. Those punishments have not been forgotten. Would you like to stroke my dick?"

"Yes," I licked my lips again not taking my eyes of this rod of beauty.

"Would you like to suck me and milk me of my cum."

"Yes - yes, yes, yes."

"Well you can't," Francis looked down into my eyes.

"What?" I wailed.

"Let this be a lesson to you. In future be honest. Honesty is one of a woman's best virtues. We will however continue with your initiation. To be part of our group you have to be filled. The spinning of the dials showed us how favoured you are with Eros. Now rise up and climb on the bed."

I rose and climbed on the bed. The women turned to their husband and wanked them off, each bore a container, in the meantime Francis pushed me onto my back, after placing my feet in the stirrups, my legs were chained in place. He then raped my nipples - sucking, rubbing, flicking and biting them - I cried out in pain but also in excitement. I wanted to cradle his head while he abused my tits but he immediately tied my hands above my head. This was wonderful. I lifted my hips to indicate that I wanted servicing of my cunt but that was ignored and eventually I allowed my knees to fall outward revealing my slick, wet mound. He stood back to view his handy work, "I could dial a telephone with those." I looked down at my tits and they were as pointed as church steeples. Boy, I needed a fuck.
Looking at the couples around the room the women were in the final those of orgasm, gyrating hips and heaving bosoms - I was missing out on so much. I shuddered.

"Now that everyone has finished the first part of the initiation, bring forward your offerings. Each woman offered the container to Francis on bended knee who then disappeared behind the statue and poured it into a small tank. Then he came to my side. Do you still want to belong to this group?

"Yes - more than anything!" I exclaimed. "I want to be your sex toy!"

Turning to his other guests he raised his hands above his head. "We now initiate this dear child into our midst, the Gods favour her in that they wish all of us to deposit our seed in her and ensure that it remains there until the final joining."

My heart beat fast, I closed my eyes. I was going to receive cum that Francis had collected in the tank. I wanted cock, I needed cock. Give me a hard cock, any hard cock - if I couldn't have Francis' - invading my pussy, conquering me, riding me making me feel like a bad girl I'd settle for second best. "Aaah" - something big, pulsating and hard slide into me. I opened my eyes. It was Francis standing on the step ladder as the end of the bed between my legs. His member was half way in.

"Yes, yes..." I shouted impatiently. A gag was pressed over my mouth all I could do was squeak. Francis raised the bed a bit more so I had to use my tied hands to push myself away from the headboard to stop me sliding down the bed. He rocked back and forward, threw his head back and then ploughed into me with all his might. I let out a high pitched squeal from behind my gag. Pain seared through my love tunnel as it stretch in girth and in length. I had never been fucked by such a huge canon. I wanted to pull my knees up to my chest so he could have a better time of it but my legs were chained. I tried to lift my hips but the angle of the bed made it impossible. I felt myself getting sheet burn with every thrust - I didn't care, I was so close. Francis' eyes still shut found my nub and like a blind man reading brail started to read where it pleasured me most. He pulled the hood back on my clit, exposing my most sensitive point. His index finger flicked back and forth making little brush stroked until he found that tiny point that caused me to wriggle and make my breath come faster than it already was. The gag was ripped off my mouth.
"Ahhh, I'm so close. Arghhh. I'm almost there." Closing my eyes I concentrated on the point willing myself to go over the edge once more. A fire spread out from my dripping wet cunt, up my spine to my nipples before it reached my lungs - paralysing them for a few seconds. AAAARGH! Don't stop, please, not this time Francis, not now I have your cock in me."

His movements became faster, his breath ragged - I felt the throb and knew he was close. "I want to feel you come in me. I want to feel the warmth of your cum hit my walls. I'm your greedy whore and I want all of your sacred milk." Francis roared as his cock contracted inside me for the first time, I felt the force with which his cum squirted into me, followed by another and another. I was being filled, it felt dirty but good."

Francis flopped over me spent and panting. Quickly he fumbled with something and then inserted a butt plug into my pussy. Pushing himself off me he looked at me triumphantly. "None of it must escape from you and-" I felt a vibration and groaned with pleasure - I could feel myself climbing again to another mind blowing cum. "You must show your gratitude to the God's by cumming again. That way you will draw my seed further into you." With that he walked away and was replaced by Harry.

Harry took the still vibrating butt plug out of my pussy and replaced with his dick.

"Wait, I thought I was supposed to cum first." I said out of breath.

"Don't worry, you will." Producing another butt plug, he inserted it into my ass and then held a vibrator again my clit.
I stood no chance again the rising excitement. I tried to make the feeling last but my body betrayed me and my body jerked in ecstasy. Harry came at the same time so his seed was sucked deep into me. His shoved the butt plug back in my pussy.

Mike gave me a drink. "Please untie my hands? I promise I won't touch anyone." Mike smiled and graciously released my hands. I started to feel dizzy and light headed. I pushed myself up to sitting position but felt hands forcing me to lie down. Mike's face was the last thing I saw before blackness set in.


"Come dear," it was Francis' voice through a cloudy haze. "You must get up now and continue the final part of the initiation." Groggily I got to my feet and allowed myself to be guided to the table where two glasses of champagne stood next to one another. I was handed both glasses. The women had lined up in front of me in pairs with the men behind then. Francis stood behind me and lifted both my tits and dipped the nipples in the champagne. The first two women came forward and licked my nipples and then sucked them. Moans escaped my lips. Francis turned on the butt plug that was still in my cunt and I gasped. "Don't be rude dear - greet you fellow members." I nodded my head at the next two women - Francis dipped my nipples in the champagne again. The sucks and bites brought me back to consciousness quickly and I thrust my hip forward to enjoy the zing in my cunt. "Francis? Francis, I want to fuck again," I declared still unsteady on my feet.

"That's good my dear, all in good time."

The vibration stopped and I felt frustrated. Looking down I realised that I looked four months pregnant. "What happened?" I searched the faces of the men.

"Calm down dear, we all filled you. You were a good girl and managed to take all our cum without spilling a drop, you're a hard act to follow. You look beautiful and pregnant."


"You are our honoured guest you are pregnant with cum. That plug is stopping you losing the essence of our group."
I relaxed and smiled, I started to play with my bruised tits.

"Now for the final part of your initiation. Gentlemen if you will."

I was swooped up above the mens heads and carried to where the statue stood. The vibrating butt plug had fired my excitement again and the dildo on the statute looked so inviting. I shivered as we stopped next to it and I was lowered on my back underneath the huge monster of a statue. My legs were forced opened and I was placed on a slope so that none of the precious cum could escape my pussy's lips. Male hands held me down.

"What's happening?"

"You dear are now going to fuck this statue and receive the Gods' blessings, then you will be one of us and you will be able to walk around bearing the pride of you accomplishment as it trickles out of you."

"I can't fuck a statue! How do I do that?"

"Oh you can and you will, no one can resist this," Francis's voice was menacing. "I hoped it wouldn't come to this. You know what to do?" Hands grabbed me and impaled me on the rubber dildo. I gasped. Hands held my legs apart and my arms were pinned behind my head. I struggled again the forces holding me down until I felt a low vibration deep in my cunt. It grew in intensity. My struggles grew less and the pressure from the people holding me was lighter. I was breathless with the pleasurable feeling inside my used cunt growing. I opened my legs wider the men released them. "I told you she wouldn't resist."

"Let her arms go too, she's not going to fight anymore. Our God is powerful. She'll soon me fucking him of her own free will. Stand back and see what I mean." Everyone moved away from me.

Part of the dildo inside me spun around, rubbing up against my juicy G-spot. I let out a cry of delight and arched my back, being on a slope, my cum trickled back into me to mingle with the sacred essence of the men. Deeper within me the cock was slowly growing larger stopping ever so often allowing my pussy to stretch, it then started to vibrate. I grunted as I thrust my hips wanting movement, reaching down I found my clit and rubbed it urgently. Sweat dripped off my forehead and formed a pool between my tits. Throwing my legs around the statues waist, I slid the dildo in a few more inches and began pumping my legs to get a rasping feeling going, it felt good. I rubbed my clit harshly, it brought pain but also pleasure. I wanted to fuck this statute. The statue's cock continued to grow surpassing Francis weapon then it started to pulsate as a man's cock does and then it squirted load after load of cum deep into me. My stomach grew even more, this time I wasn't worried, I was proud of how much cum I could hold. It seemed to go to forever. Francis stepped forward and placed a vibrator again my clit to speed up my orgasm. I wrapped my arms around the statues neck as I came. Twitching as the contractions rippled through my body. I saw flashes and heard cameras click. I enjoyed the vulnerability. I flopped back spent, the butt plug was place into my pussy again and I was helped up. On closer inspection I saw the hollow tip of the statues cock and remembered the cum Francis had stored at the back of it. My pussy began to throb again.

"Freeze, police!" There was a mad scramble behind me and I turned to see the same three policemen who had been holding the road block earlier. I stood naked and alone in the room with these men, everyone else had fled.

"Well if it isn't that sweet lady we saw early, Tom."

"Well, I be damned."

"Now just what is going on here?" the sergeant asked, while taking a photo of me.

"A party," I said quietly.

"Some party - I'm going to have to arrest you," Tom said.

"Oh no please don't."

"What do you think Jed?" The other policeman was walking around me.

"I think an arrangement can be made. We need to search the place and see if there's anything illegal around here. Let's start with you little lady. Put your hands on your head." When I thought back to the beginning of this event I felt thrilled that I had met up with these men again. After all I had wanted them to fuck me earlier and I was sure that was what was going to happen now. I trembled with anticipation. Jed's hands came around from behind me and with a feather light touch brushed my tits. I gasped. "I can't find anything on her."

"Let's see if she's hiding anything," Tom stood in front of me and sucked each of my tits hard sending a violent tug to my cunt. Glancing over the top of his head, I saw the sergeant pointing one of Francis' cameras in our direction. My spine tingled. This was going to be fun. "Holy smoke! Look at her dripping cum, she must have milked those me for all that they have." Tom had removed the butt plug from my pussy. Cum gushed out, drowning his hand, running down my legs and pooling on the floor. "That's it," Tom stated. "I have to arrest you."

"Wait," I casually played with my tits and licked my lips. "I'm sure we could come to some -arrangement." I glance down at the sergeant's trousers that strained to keep his cock inside them. "I mean, I could satisfy all of you at once." Pushing Jed down on his back on the floor, I rescued his huge cock from his pants and slid it inside me. "Come sergeant, you need special attention." He stepped forward and I release his belt and trousers so they dropped around his ankles, his pre-cum glistened on the top of his dick, I licked it for him but more appeared. I pulled Tom behind me and leant forward, "fuck me hard in my ass, I've been naughty and need to feel the might of the law. And you," looking down at Jed, "delve deep, you might find stolen treasure." I took the sergeant in my mouth and pumped his hot cock. His cock was thin but long and I gagged the first couple of attempts I made to take his entire baton into my mouth but I got the hang of it and deep throated him. We got rhythm going as Tom banged me from behind, I surged forward and deeply consumed Sergeant's cock in my throat. Tom and Jed worked out a piston system so they pumped away at my ass and pussy. The feeling of the two cocks inside me rubbing up against one another through a thin membrane, spurred me on. I sucked hard on the cock in my mouth and played with the hairy balls. I felt Sergeant stiffen and his load spurted into my mouth, I eagerly drank his salty cum, I licked his dick and shoes clean so he could go back to his family, if he had any and no one would suspect what he had done. Jed came next spurting his load into my cunt, he then played with my clit, hard faster, I wanted to thrust into his hand but Tom was still ramming me from behind. I felt a warm sensation in my ass and felt Tom shudder and slip out of me. Jed sat up and left me in a state of frustration. I stood up dripping cum from every hole I had and found the entire party group watching.

"My dear, you out did yourself," Francis applauded me.

"You mean you knew this was going to happen?"

"My dear, they are part of our club."

I was stunned. Mike walked forward and grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me towards the front door. "You little whore bitch!"

"Mike, be gentle with her, we didn't get around to explaining the rules to her."

"Don't worry," he shouted over his shoulder. "I'll explain it on the way home."

Sitting in the car on the way home I was given the rules of the group that I now belonged to and desperately wanted to be accepted by. "Right, here are the rules, don't break then again but you are still going to be punished when we get back to the farm."

I felt myself shudder what did Mike have in mind for me. Francis' punishments had been mild but Mike came across as being pretty big disciplinarian.

"Rule 1: Women do not ever wear underwear. Rule 2: Women are always ready to please a man sexually - "
"But that's what I did - I could see they wanted it."

"LET - me finish. A women must be ready to please any man sexually chosen by her Dominus. In English her master. You broke that rule tonight and I am going to make sure you remember that in the future."

I looked down at my sticky pussy and legs covered with fourteen men's cum. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry doesn't cut it." We drove home in silence. On the way we came across some of his farm labourers, he offered them a lift and they didn't realise that both of us were naked in the front cab. We arrived at my cottage with it white picket fence just before the sun rose. He turned off the engine and I stepped naked out of the vehicle much to the surprise of the men in the back.

Mike stepped out of the vehicle naked and addressed his employees. "You four always do a good job in cleaning my car, I have something else for you to clean up. He pointed at me trying to cover myself from their stares. My whore bitch, take her to her kitchen and clean her, I'll be back in two hours time. Oh and - you can clean her anyway you want but just not in a bath o a shower." He smirked, climbed in his car and drove off.

The one labourer didn't waste any time guiding me to the kitchen. "Lie on the kitchen table." He whistled, you're covered in cum." The men discussed me in low voices before three of them approach the table while one disappeared out into the yard again. All at once they grabbed me one on my arms and one on each leg. My legs were forced apart.
"Why are you pinning me down?"

"You aren't going to like our quick way of cleaning off most of this mess."

"What could possibly be so awful that I'd run away?"

The other farm labourer returned, bent down and lifted the front paws of a Great Dane onto the table between my legs.

"No," I struggled. "Not again!"

"Again! You are one horny slut." The men laughed but it was lost on me.

The first rough tongue lick penetrated between my pussy lips and made me groan. I thought of the night before - Francis' dog and the orgasm I had experienced and all resistance crumbled. Sighing, I allowed my knees to fall open so that my gaping cunt was accessible and I rode the wave of pleasure that invaded my pussy. The hairy tongue caused fiery friction, I lifted my hips and started trying to anticipate where the dog would lick next. I then felt a tongue licking my neck and shoulders - it was one of the labourers. Another one sucked my nipples. With my lips agape - the inquisitive nose nuzzles my pussy before excitedly licking me. I stroked the back of the two mens' heads that were cleaning my tits. I was so close, at one point I wiggled and the hairy tongue slipped into my love tunnel. I convulsed as I came and the dog was pulled off me.

"No, look at this," the one man was pointing to cum leaking out of my cunt onto the table. We've just got rid of the other cum."

"I know," said another labourer and walked to the fridge. He pulled an assortment of vegetables. "Here try this." He threw a stick of celery with its green foliage still attached to one of the men who hadn't licked me. "Your turn to clean her up." The man approached me and I could see the bulge in his overalls. I smiled at him as he seemed timid and in a way a lot like Francis in that he was quite old. Casually sitting up I rolled over onto my stomach and came up on all fours. I felt a hand stroke my cunt. I arch my back so he would have more access. I felt the cold hard celery enter my cunt - its numerous ridges teased my g-spot of my pussy. It was a wonderful sensation. The man picked up a rhythm and soon the other three were making suggestion of what he should try next. The celery was driving me crazy.
My hands gripped the edge of the table. "You haven't forgotten you have to clean out my ass too?"
I felt a wide solid vegetable enter my ass. I felt the stretch but this time it wasn't sore at all. A tingling sensation started around the entrance of my hole and spread to my cunt. I leant back to take more of it and the men stood there mesmerised allowing me to fuck a cucumber and celery stick.

"What's going on?" Mike's angry voice mad everyone freeze.

"They're doing what you asked? Cleaning me up!" I argued back breathlessly. Mike dismissed the men and removed the vegetables.

"You spoil everything. I want to cum and you stop me every time you can."

Grabbing my arm he pulled me into the bedroom. "You want to cum? Huh? Fine, you're going to cum?" He found four belts and held me down as he tied me to my bed posts. Silently he attached two nipple caps to my nipples and pulled out a tiny remote and flicked the switch. The tingling sensation spread through my nipples and down to my cunt. He inserted a butt plug in my ass and a vibrator in the cunt and flicked the switches on those too. Then he placed the remotes just out of reach on the side table. I began to writhe as pleasure spread to every cell of my being. The tension made me scream out, "I am going to cum. My pussy is aching. Oooh. I'm close aha -" My body wriggled as the first wave of climax hit me.

Mike walked to the door. "W - wait, wh-where are you going? You can turn this off now."

"You wanted to cum now you can come until this afternoon," he left shutting the door behind him.
I closed my eyes wondering if I would be able to stand this blissful torture for a whole day. Not that I had any choice. I let the pleasures of the flesh engulf me and surrendered.

Impossible ;)

Jul 22nd @ 2:41am EDT

Sexy Story For U : If thats the only reason you came over here, you can leave. Put out that fucking joint and get out. Now. Chris looked at me with a doubtful expression on his face, eyebrows raised slightly, and yawned.
I tried again. Get OUT. He looked down at his fingers, picking at them carelessly. B, you intrigue me. Sarcasm fell heavily in his voice. God, I was so fed up. Cmon, Chris, I said, voice hard.
You know you wanna, he teased, smiling down at his hands. He tapped his joint out. Its not a matter of want. I just cant. Get it? I stood, looked at him until he met my gaze. He opened his mouth, as if to say something. Instead, he pivoted and walked to the door. I watched him fumble with the locks until I couldnt stand it any longer. Bye, Chris, I said, unlocking the door and ushering him out of my tiny apartment.
He shifted his weight. I dont want to leave like this. Why the hell not? I asked, eyes cold.
You know why, was all he could manage. He looked at me intently, his dark brows furrowing slightly. You had your chance, Chris. Now get the hell out of my apartment. He just stood there in the darkened corridor. What do you want, Chris? I asked finally. He leaned towards me, and my breath caught in my chest.
You. I tilted my chin up in disbelief, looking into his brilliant blue eyes. What do you want? he asked, softly, close to me. My hands rose from my sides and I closed the gap between us in a single step.
He looked at me again, and I knew. He bent towards me, and I met his mouth. His lips engulfed mine.
You sure? he said. I nodded, slowly, dreamlike, and dared to place my palm on his chest. He put both hands on my hips, carefully, as if not to spook me. Chris kissed me again, moving one hand beneath my shirt. It was icy against my skin, and I inhaled sharply.
Chris pulled away, worried. Just say no if you want me to stop, Bea. I moved my hands to his shoulders, pulling on them lightly as I kissed him. His hands floated up and down my spine, a caress so soft it sent shivers over my whole body. His tongue slid effortlessly, powerfully, into my mouth. I pulled him closer, deeper into my apartment, running my hands up his arms. They were hard beneath my palms. I moved my fingers down his chest, to where the hem of his shirt met his belt buckle. Chriss hands left the small of my back, returning to hi own body, to pull his shirt over his head. I fiercely undid his buckle, button, zipper, and the cloth hissed to the floor.

The heat inside of me was pulsing, deep in my belly like a shot of vodka. I breathed raggedly as Chris lifted my shirt, kissing my hip, navel, abdomen, and between the rise of my breasts, still encased in a simple bra. We made our way to my bedroom. Chris tripped on a pair of shoes, falling with me onto the mattress on the floor. His kisses continued, rougher, deeper, more passionate. His hand was behind me, unclasping the fabric, releasing my warm flesh into his waiting grasp. He kneaded me, and I kissed him harder than before, urging him to continue. His touch was torture. I tugged my skirt off, letting the feathery fabric pool next to me. He removed my final garment, and I quickly tugged off his boxers.

Only fair, I murmured. Chris smiled and played with my hair. His hands lingered, up, meeting my moist flesh. His fingers stroked just around, teasing me.
I pulled him closer, harder, spreading my legs apart. His fingers slid easily inside me, and I kissed him harder. I arched up to him, and he obliged, rocking gently on the bed. The fire burned hot, igniting my whole body. Chris kissed me again. His kisses descended rippling the skin of my neck, collarbones, breasts, stomach, and
Chris, I whispered. His tongue pressed and tunneled and scooped. The fire was now an inferno. I arched upwards to something I could not meet yet, yearning, pleading for more. Chris rose above me, kissing my mouth deeply. He entered me, and I gasped. I moved with him as he pushed deeper. He was above me; the fire burned and sparked and collapsed and shot flames.
Chris flipped underneath me. I dug my hands into his back, his chest. He said my name so loudly I was tempted to clamp my hand over his mouth. He exploded. I exploded, shattering into a million chandelier pieces, red hot. On fire. I lay on him, feeling his damp body beneath me. And exhaled.
Ready for round two? I asked. He grinned up at me, pulling me close.

Welcome to....

Jul 21st @ 3:12pm EDT

Dedicate this song to everyone, who is on holiday now :) Enjoy the summer ! :):)

Get fresh, gotta stay fly
Get the jet I gotta stay high
High up like a la la la
Aint nothin here that my money cant buy
Dolce, Gucci and Louis V
Yacht so big I could live out in the sea
You for real you cant see me
In these Euro frames the whole world change
Mad b*tches so much brought
Feel the life when I wanna f*ck them all
Get mad brain in my very fast car
Ferrari V12 Marilena on my arm
Ladies cant resist the charm
Haters, kiss the ring of the Don
And we do this all day, welcome to St. Tropez

Woah, party now
Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
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Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez

Welcome to St. Tropez
Oh yeah

We make money, money we spending
Get mad Henny, swimming and women
Imported linen, Egyptian cotton
The party just started, the party aint stopin
Keep shit poppin, poppin these bottles
Haters keep hatin, f*ckin these models
So much money like we own the lotto
Pull up to a club in a white Murcielago
He dont make dollars, he dont make cents
He dont make you rich, he dont mean shit, shit
We the shit. I mean how much better can it get
Harleys, Maserati, Gallardos, we make too much do
And we spend it all day, welcome to St. Tropez
Oh yeah

Woah, party now
Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, all the way from Moscow, Russia
Give a warm welcome for heavy weight rap champion B smooth.
So make some noise for the one and only, Mr. Black Star

Get it up, dont stop your body
Comon ladies, lets get naughty
Get it up, now everybody
Comon girls, here comes the daddy
Get it up, dont stop your body
Get it up, again your body
Get it up, now everybody
Get it up for music

Woah, party now
Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Too much money in the bank account
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez
Woah, party now
Spending money in a large amount
Hands in the air make you scream and shout
When were in St. Tropez

The Parking Lot

Jul 21st @ 5:51am EDT

Driving past the church parking lot always made me smile. Not because I had some great connection with the Lord. No, it made me smile because it was the best spot for phone sex that I had found thus far. Yes, you heard me, phone sex. My lover and I often took advantage of the heat of the moment while I was driving, and in order to give him my full attention, parking was necessary. I often parked in this secluded church parking lot. Now, driving past it, my pussy began to ache. Literally throb with just the mere suggestion if his voice. I had to pull in. I was compelled to pull in.

I sat there imagining the last time we had played. I reclined my seat and just imagined his sexy voice whispering the most delicious naughties into my ear. Suggesting that I do the most divine things with him. I felt the heat rise within me as I closed my eyes and began to snake my hands under my skirt.

Remembering his smooth voice saying, 'I want you to feel fantastic Little One, I want you to ache with need for me.'

Fuck. That always gets me. I started to slowly run a finger around the hem of my panties. First one side, then the other. The wetness was already evident. How DOES he do that? I am not even hearing his voice at the present, but I am so wet thinking about him. One finger makes its way inside my panties, running up and down my puffy pussy lips. I pull my panties to one side, kick off my shoes, and place my feet on the dashboard, spread slightly apart. The cool air hits my wetness and I shiver - just a bit.

I sink into the sound of his voice saying, 'spread your legs wide for me Mikayla.'

Fuck. I love it when he says that. I spread my legs wider, opening at the knees.

I unbutton my sweater, exposing my breasts to the cool, afternoon air. I don't usually do this, but today I feel really hot with desire to truly play here in 'our spot.' I pinch my right nipple between the fingers of my left hand. Mmmm, feels so good. My right hand still stroking my pussy just so.

Slowly, delicately. I slouch more in my seat and pull the panties up between my pussy lips. My clit is already engorged.

Remembering the last time we played, how he allowed me to suck on his magificient cock before he placed me on all fours and fucked me freely from behind with his strong fingers. The thoughts of those words and of doing those hot things was driving me crazy! His seductive whispers urging me on, visions of bucking back against his fingers, making them go deep inside my wetness. I found myself spreading my pussy open with my left hand and deftly and quickly rubbing circles around my clit with the other. Bucking up against my own hands as I imagined it was him - not me - giving me this pleasure.

"Sink onto my fingers Mikayla, make my fingers go deep," the words echoed in my mind as I lifted myself off the car seat, sinking onto my own fingers.

The pulsation of pre-orgasm hitting me like a ton of bricks. Moving my right leg into the middle of the dashboard I swore I heard, 'please, Mikayla, spread your legs wider for me' and like magic they spread.

I was completely entranced. Hearing my lover's voice and feeling his hands on me even though they were my own. Now completly wet and extremely aroused I wanted to cum. I needed to cum badly, here, in our spot in the Parking Lot. I continued to fuck my pussy with my fingers and wildly buck up my hips. I thought of the one thing that always sends me over the edge.

"I want you to fuck my face Little One. REALLY fuck my face. Grab my hair. NO, REALLY fucking grab my hair. Pull my face into your wet pussy. Fuck my face until you cum. I need to feel your wonderful juices all over my face!"

With this sexy inspiration I began to spasm in orgasm. My hips froze in an upward position, my tummy tightened, my nipples so hard they ached. My pussy convulsing on my fingers and the juices spilling from my pussy. My thighs were shaking and the sounds of my orgasm rang through the parking lot louder than the church bell on Sunday morning.

"Fuck...fuck......oh my fucking GOD.........I am cummmmminnng...........ahhhhhhhh"

Coming down from my orgasm, my ass finally hitting the seat again. My panties still between my pussy lips and my fingers drenched in my own cum. The entire car smelling of sweet sex. I look around and am relieved to see no one has seen me in my little self-induced tryst. I button up my sweater, pull my panties on, lower my skirt and sit upright in my seat.

All this wonderful activity dedicated to the man who makes my tummy do flip-flops and my pussy tingle with just a 'hello Little One' on the other end of the telephone. I doubt he even knows - or dares believe - the affect he has on me. It is the most wonderful of feelings and as long as I have my parking space.

Friends With Benefits Part Two

Jul 21st @ 5:50am EDT

This is part two of my first story Friends With Benefits. You wont get lost by just reading this one but please read the first one just to get the back ground and please leave comments so I can get some advice and basically how you feel about the stories. Thank you!

Ever since that day that Jane had such an amazing time with Stan in his room, she just cant help but think about it. She thinks about seeing him masturbate in front of her. Seeing Stans cock in pictures was something that always turned her on and always impressed her but she was even more impressed when she got to see it in the flesh. All six inches of it and with a very impressive girth to go with it, certainly made it look quite a powerful thing and very attractive for a 16 year old boy. The only thing she regrets is that she actually never got to touch it. She did not even give it a little stroke or wrap her soft feminine hand around it and feel how powerful and hard that dick was. Thats because she was busy rubbing her pussy and clit, masturbating for him as he had asked.

She was too caught up in the pleasure she was feeling from her wet, soft pussy and basically Stan just whipped his cock out of nowhere and started jacking off which somewhat caught her guard, but she loved what she was seeing in front of her. The image of Stan pumping his hard cock in his hand is still very fresh in her mind. She thinks about how fast he was jacking off and the moans he was making. He seemed to moan at almost every stroke and every time his hand would hit the base of his hard shaft. She thinks about the way his body was shaking when approaching his climax and when he finally shot his cum load on his bed. The look on Stans face when he came makes her pussy tingle a little bit.

She imagines how it would feel to Stans cock in her mouth, just licking and sucking on his hard cock and tasting his cum. She rubs her pussy through her panties, closes her eyes for moment and licks her soft sexy lips as she starts to get carried with her imagination. She thinks about how amazing it felt when he finger fucked her and she squirted on his bed. The feeling of his fingers sliding inside and out of her pussy was an amazing feeling, one she had never experienced before and she knows that shed love more of it and even better than the first time. But for now her pussy is wet form all that fantasizing and remising.

She has to do something about it and relieve herself. She has to respond to her lust and she cant wait any longer. She locks her bedroom door making sure she doesnt get disturbed by anyone in the house. She strips down and gets naked, laying on her bed. She wastes no time and goes straight for her clit as she softly rubs it in circles, not directly but just around it so she can tease herself and enjoy the feeling a bit longer. She wants to make sure that her pussy is all nice and wet. She licks her lips, closes her eyes, still fantasizing about Stan, and soon she increases the speed on her clit, rubbing a little faster and slightly harder.

She starts to moan as she feels her orgasm starting to build. She stops rubbing her clit, stopping herself from cuming. She smiles and giggles feeling the pleasure, feeling rather naughty for stopping her orgasm as it slowly fades away. She has other plans and decides to go for one of her trusted masturbation techniques. She starts off by gathering her pillows and puts them between her legs and squeezes her tits and softly pinches her nipples. Her pussy gets wet again and needs some more attention. She dry humps the pillows as she continues to fantasizing about him.

The fantasies in her head really make her horny. She continues humping and grinding her hips and pussy into the pillows for about ten minutes then stops again right before she cums. She decides to kick it up a notch and goes for the grand finale. She gets some ice cubes and shoves them in her tight pussy. The cold from the ice almost send her overboard right there and then, but she somehow manages to hold herself together. She takes one more ice cube, puts in her mouth, licks it and rubs it slowly on her nipples first and then down to her pussy lips and around her clit.

Shes moaning loudly now and seemingly cant it any more as her orgasm builds. She then takes her computer charger and puts it in her pussy adding to the ice cubes already inside her. The hot charger, along with the ice cubes gives her an instant orgasm. Oh fucks yes Stan! she moans as the massive orgasm crashes through her sexy body. Leaving her shaking and trembling with pleasure. She does this on a regular basis and she loves it!

Stan cant stop thinking about Jane as well. His door is locked, hes feeling horny and his cock is hardening by the second. With his T-shirt already off, hes wastes no time and swiftly pulls his underwear and shorts both at the same time. He sits on his bed naked and lets the wall support his back. The cold wall sends a few shivers down his spine and he likes it. He spreads is legs apart with only his left knee up so he that the right knee doesnt obstruct his right hand as he reaches for his cock.

He would usually watch porn at this point but he just wants to let his imagination run wild and why not after such an amazing time Jane, he can satisfy his lust with those fresh memories. He closes his eyes and thinks about the soft lips of Jane and the tits he touched but never got see in the flesh. Hes seen them before in photos but for now he realizes that it would have been awesome had he seen them, rather than just touching and squeezing them through her top. He would have loved to kiss, lick and suck on her nipples and taste her soft skin.

He strokes his cock slowly up and down for few minutes then wraps his hand around his hard cock, slowly jacking off and continues to fantasize about Jane. He thinks about how wet her panties were and the way she played with her pussy. He lets out a little moan as he sees visions of Jane pulling her panties to side and exposing her pussy wet to him. At this point he increases the speed as pumps his dick and his breathing gets a little heavy.

Then he remembered the most wonderful and most inviting words hed ever heard, Would you like to finger fuck me Stan?

Oh yeah baby! was the response and soon he had visions of Jane taking off her panties and throwing them on the bedroom floor.

With her skirt hiked further up her waste, so he could clearly see her trimmed wet pussy. He thinks about the feeling got when he touched her wet soft pussy for the first time. First just stroking it, then one finger entered her, then two and fucked her the best way he could and loved the reaction she was giving him. In and out, in and out, his fingers wet from her pussy juices.

At this point Stan starts to thrust his hips and his cock hard and fast in to his hand. Moaning Janes name and grinding his hips in a circular motion trying to make the nice feeling last longer. He imagines how it would feel to lick and taste her pussy and what it taste like. One thing he does know is that would really like it and enjoy it just as much as she would. He thinks about how tight her pussy was and how it got tighter around his fingers as they both moaned together, starring into each others eyes and as she reached her orgasm and subsequently came and squirted on his hand and his bed. Squirting three times as she trembled in pleasure.

Stan cant take it no more, his imagination has taken him over the edge. He continues to thrust his dick in his hand, moaning and groaning oh yes, oh yesss Jane, fuck yes, aaaah aahh yes Jane. He explodes with a big orgasm. He continues to thrust his hips slowly as his cum slowly seeps over his hand. What a feeling!

Hes still sitting there naked on his bed and instead of just cleaning himself up and going to sleep, he decides to pick the phone and call Jane.

Hello. Jane answers.

Hey girl, what are doing? He asks.

Nothing, just chilling, what about you? She asks.

Same her e. He replied

He pauses for a second and says, I was thinking about you.

I was thinking about you too she smiles and licks her lips.

I was thinking about the fun we had the other day in my room. I just couldnt help it. He says as he catches her attention.

Mmmhh yeah, I was thinking about the same thing too. She moans and giggles

He laughs and asks her what did you do about it?

I fantasized about you and had to attend to my urge. She giggles. So what did you do about it?

I just finished a hot session just fantasizing about you. He replies.

Yeah? she asks with quite an intrigue.

Yeah! he replied with confidence.

Youre such a horny bastard! she laughs.

He laughs and says hey listen, if youre free tomorrow we can meet at my place in the afternoon. Ill have the place to myself.

Sure, that sounds good. What time though? she asks.

You can come at three. He says.

Sure, I cant wait! She says teasing him.

See you babe! Bye. He laughs.

The following day, Jane went to Stans place and was right on time. She looked sexy but didnt wear anything fancy or special, just tight blue jeans and a green top that really appreciated the size of her breasts. Stan was blown away by her look. She was looking hot and he moved towards her and gave her hug, welcoming her into the house. She could tell he was feeling confident because he rarely hugged her. He was looking good too, nothing special but hed certainly freshened himself up, wore a white tank top that hugged his upper body and nice black baggy shorts. Straight to his room they went. As soon they closed the door he pinned her to the door and started kissing her with passion. This didnt catch her off guard because she responded with passionate kisses of her own. They took each others tops and still kissed at that the door for a few minutes. Soon her bra was off and he got see her beautiful breasts. He started to something he did not get to do last time. He touched, squeezed, kissed, licked and nibbled on her breasts and nipples. She was loving it, she grabs his already hard cock through his shorts and liked the feeling of it. She wasted no time and pulled down his shorts and let them fall to his ankles, leaving him in his briefs. He unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down her zipper. He pulled her tight jeans down to her ankles and continued to kiss with passion.

She pulled her jeans off from her ankles and Stan did the same with shorts and tossed to other side of the room. Still standing the door in nothing but their panties and briefs, they continued to kiss, she spread her legs slightly apart as he put his hand in her panties and felt her wet pussy. She in turn put her hand down his briefs and felt his hard cock and they both moaned simultaneously. He stuck a finger inside her, pulled it out and started rubbing her clit. She was stroking his dick and jacking him off, as they continued to kiss, this time with their tongues wrestling inside one anothers mouths. They pulled each others underwear down and tossed them right on top of the other clothes and proceeded to his bed. They both sat on his bed facing each other. She grabbed his cock and stroked it and leaned forward to kiss him. He squeezed her tits and rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. He reached down to rub her clit but didnt get there properly, so she guided him and put his finger right there on her hard clit. She let out a moan when he touch her and instead of leaning back and letting him pleasure her , she grabbed his cock again and started to jack him off. She loved the way his cock felt in her hand. So hard and strong, she looked into his eyes and soon saw him close his eyes and fall his head backwards in ecstasy. Thats when she knew she was in control and the sight of him enjoying this was turning her on even more. She felt his pre-cum seeping from his dick hole, she looked down and saw it slowly running over her hand. At first she thought he had cum but then realized it was just pre-cum. She looked at him again and noticed that he was moaning with his eyes still closed. She smiled, licked her lips, moved her head downwards and started suck his cock.

Oh shit! Stan responded as he was caught off guard by Jane.

She stopped, looked up and gave him a naughty smile and continued to suck his dick. He was loving it! Its something he had seen so many times in porno films and fantasized about but he did not see this coming. She licked his cock up and down his shaft over and over, then licked the head of his cock in circles, sucked on the head for few minutes and then swallowed his whole dick and continued with the up and down motion making slurping sounds. She sucked his dick like an expert. Stan couldnt take it anymore. She could feel his dick get harder and bigger as he was about to cum.

Aaaaah aaaah yes Jane! Just like that! Suck it baby! Suck it good! Oh yes baby! Aaaaaah aaaaah aaahhhh Im going to cum! Im going to cum! Ooooh aaaaah yes Im cuming. Im cumming! Im cuuummmmmmming! Ooooooh oooh oohh ohhhhhh!

He came in her mouth and she swallowed all his cum and did not let any of it drop. She laughed and gave him a naughty smile once again and invited him to eat her pussy. Stan had a little grin on his face, shook his head in disbelief, took a deep breath and moved forward to kiss her. She gave him a sloppy wet kiss and he tasted his own cum from mouth and tongue. Quite shocking for a 16 year old boy as moaned when he tasted it. He liked it though and proceeded to kiss her neck, chest and breasts as he made his way down to her pussy. He loved the scent of her pussy and didnt waste any time and dove in. Licking her pussy up and down and licking her clit. She was so wet and turned on, she came within a couple of minutes. She grab his head and basically smothered him on to her clit.

Yes suck it! Suck on that clit! Yes just like that baby! Oooooh yes Stan! Yeeessssssss! mmm yeah!

He was loving every response she was giving him and went on to stick both his index and middle fingers and finger banged her good. He just stuck his finger inside her, stopped for few seconds and licked her clit then he fucked her fast and quite aggressively. She was shocked in the first few moments as her eyes popped, she looked at him finger fucking her. She said nothing, but she gently grabbed his hand and guided his hand movement just the way she wanted it and she loved it. Without pausing Stan fucked and licked and softly rubbing her clit with his thumb, squeezing her left breast and rubbing her nipple with his thumb like and expert, as she on the on the other hand squeezed her right breast and rubbed her nipple, moaning with pleasure. She started to grind her hips, almost fucking his face. She closed her eyes, licked her lips and kept fucking his face as her moans got louder and louder.

Ooooh, oooooh, oooohhhhh, oh yessss, oh yeah! Fuck yessssss Stan! Eat that pussy Stan! Yesssssss aaaaah aaah mmm mmmm mmmmmmhhhhh yessss!

She begins to squeal as she shakes from a massive orgasm.

Oh shit! Oh sssshhhhiiiiit Stan, Im cummmmmmiiiiiiing! Ooooooooh oooooooh aaaaah ahhh aaah yesss. Hmmmmm. Hhhhmmmmm.

She explodes and squirts on his face and he tastes her juices and he loves it.

They cuddle in his bed for a short while kissing each other, soon Jane puts her clothes on and Stan walks her out of the house and kiss one last time.

Theyre wondering whether this is love or lust, or maybe both. Maybe theyre just fuck buddies. Theyre confused about this but they do know that they really enjoy one anothers company and love to have fun together.

Getting caught, twice!

Jul 20th @ 10:43am EDT

It was a warm summer day in mid-July just after my seventeenth birthday. My parents had gone away to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida for the twins' birthday, which was in four days time. They were to spend a week there, during which I had decided to stay at home because they were only going to Disneyland and not big theme parks which I enjoy, so I wouldn't have much fun going with them.

My parents and siblings departed for the airport and 4:15 that morning to get their plane which was in five hours time. I live in a small town with only around one hundred and fifty people in it. My next door neighbor was to be keeping an eye on me and the house while my parents were gone, but they lived across a large wheat field which surrounded my house.

As my parents departed it was already getting hot. It was 21 degrees already and getting hotter. A heat wave was in the town for the past two weeks and there was no sign of it going away. I decided not to try go back to sleep but instead to go out to the garden and work on getting rid of the tan lines that the tiny bikini I had been wearing for the past two weeks had made.

I went upstairs and grabbed a towel and sunglasses. I looked over at the O'Connors' house out the window and it looked like everyone was asleep so I wouldn't be interrupted by the annoying kids playing in the fields.

I walked downstairs and unlocked the patio doors and opened them wide. I turned on the fountain and laid the towel on the grass perfectly to my liking. I took off my Dad's t-shirt I had put on that morning and laid out naked on the towel. I was made but it on because my parents didn't approve of me walking around the house naked, and them thinking my brother might get ideas if he's seeing me naked all the time! I threw it in the flowerbed beneath the window in hope I'd forgot about it and not have to wear it again.

I must have lay there for at least an hour just listening to the birds chirping and day-dreaming before the memory of being fucked last month took place in my thoughts. I had been fucked for the first time a mere month ago by the guy I had been going out with. He had invited me to the cinema that day and I was going over to his house first because his mother was giving us a lift into the city. It didn't feel like the first time after all the dildo play I have done with the girls, but it was sure the sexiest moment in my life so far!

When I got over to his house it was only Sam home. He had told me his mam was gone to do the household shopping and would be back in an hour or so, so we decided to go up to his room and go on the laptop. We stayed on Facebook for a while looking at the pictures of the disco we went to in the city the week before last. Sam said he needed to use the bathroom and he excused himself. I decided to look around his laptop to see what he was hiding. I found a load of porn pictures of different models. Disgusted he was wanking over these I deleted them... although I felt bad that he now had no porn or anything to help him get off I stripped down but naked and waited for him to return.

He walked in the door and stopped upon seeing me. Shunika, what are you doing?"

I laughed at him so hard I nearly cried. "Your the only lad that would ever ask a girl standing naked in his room what she's doing! I'm standing here naked waiting on you! Oh and I deleted all your porn," I teased.

"Why did you delete it all?" he asked looking a bit sad.

"Why do you need porn when you have me? If you need to get off ask me and I'll help, but I don't like you looking at pictures of girls! If you want naked pictures to get off to, ask me and I'll give you some!"

"Can I have some then?" asked Sam, looking happy.

"Sure but first you have to strip," I teased him. He start taking off his clothes. His amazing six-pack was now in full view, it was so hot and his amazing arm muscles that I loved! He was my dream boy! His 6 inch cock was semi hard from just looking at me. "Oh getting hard are we?" I giggled. "Oh and I see you shaved like I told you to!" His cock was a lovely length I thought, and not a lot of veins going up it which I liked!

"Hard not to when you're standing there like that in front of me babe." He started walking towards me and start kissing me, rubbing my pussy at the same time. My nipples became erect and so did my clit. I have 34B tits, with small peaky nipples. I was getting wetter and wetter as the moments passed on. He moved down and start kissing my neck, my biggest turn on, I love it when a guy does it. He start inserting his index finger into the pussy, nice and gently, while playing with my clit with his thumb. I have a tight pink pussy with small pussy lips, and I love it! I'm waxed aswell, I can't stand hair "down their!"

I was beginning to moan with the pleasure. It was so nice. I managed to moan out, "Fuck me now" to him, and he pushed me back on the bed and start rubbing the tip of his cock against my clit, teasing me. He then inserted it into my pussy, and start trusting in and out slowly. He began to get faster, but I stopped him and told him to get on the bed. He got on it and I got on top of him. I start bouncing up and down getting faster and faster. He was sucking on my nipples now and he told me to stop bouncing.

He start driving his cock into my pussy as fast as he could while still sucking on my nipple. It was the most intense and pleasurable thing I have ever partaken in. I was screaming very loudly now.

"You want me to slow down?" he panted.


He started getting faster and faster; it was so intense. "I'm going to cum, I'M GONNA CUM" he shouted.

He then came right inside me, and filled me up. There was so much of it!

"Clean it now, lick it all out of my pussy," I moaned. He lifted me up off him and lay me down on the bed and started licking it all away while playing with my clit again. It was so nice and intense, and then I felt a shiver go through my body and I came right in his face. Loads of it, his face looked like he just came out of the shower it was soaked with my juices. Yet he continued licking me out, I was still moaning getting ready for another orgasm that I knew was coming.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SAM?!" a roar came from the door. We didn't hear his mother come home over my moans and now she was standing in the doorway looking right at him licking me out. To this day I had no idea how long she was watching us.

"Mam, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!" said Sam, getting up off his knees and looking for boxers. I was still dazed at what was happening.


"I'm sorry Mrs. Taylor!" I said, getting up.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!" she roared. I didn't think twice. I ran straight out of Sam's room and down the stairs and out the back door with Sam's Mam running after me shouting, "IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN YOU'LL BE SORRY!"

I had completely forgot about my clothes, and had left my favorite thong in Sam's bedroom, a tiny little blue silk one, along with my other clothes. I ran home through the wheat field and was looking the annoying little kids were not out playing it in. I ran in the back door of the house, lucky that no one was home. I grabbed a towel and went straight for the shower, with what just happened running through my head. I had the best masturbation session ever!

That memory was running over and over on a loop in my mind. I was rubbing my clit in the garden, getting wetter and wetter under the sun. The memory in my head of Sam inside me was taking over, and I was remembering the pleasure I had gotten that day. I continued rubbing my pussy, my clit was now erect. I start flicking, it's stimulates me so much. Slowly I released I was very wet, I slipped my index finger in my pussy slowly and started a slow in and out motion. I put my second finger in and start speeding up the motion while pinching my left nipple. I got faster and faster with my in and out motion, I could feel the orgasm coming. It was about to happen. Going the fastest I could possibly go in and out, the orgasm came gushing out of me, like a hose. The towel was now soaked and I was relieved of the intense pressure that was building up inside me.

"I bet that felt good, didn't it Shunika? You know it's better if you use a dildo or vibrator," said a voice from the fence at the wheat field.

"Mrs. O'Connor, I..."

Being Naughty Alone

Jul 20th @ 10:42am EDT

As I am driving home I start thinking about you, and begin to get excited. I am stuck in traffic so I get antsy, wanting to come home and pleasure myself. Too excited to wait, and fortunately wearing a skirt, I spread my feet slightly so my thighs part, and licking my index finger, reach up my skirt. Once my fingers reach my crotch, I pull my underwear to the side, revealing my pussy. I reach up into the soft folds and find my clit. Mmmmm. It makes me even more excited to think that no one knows how naughty I am being by myself in the car while I sit in traffic.

I rub my clit until I can hardly stand it anymore, then I probe down until I can slide my index finger into the hole. I push it in as far as I can and caress the soft walls of my pussy. Then I pull it out and back up to my clit so I can rub it some more. I can hardly stand the wait in traffic, but rubbing my pussy makes it all the easier to deal with. I can hardly wait to get home and fk myself. I want to come so badly, but again, decide it will have to wait until I get home and can really give it to myself good and hard.

Once home I am still so excited, so I undress quickly and get on the bed, spreading my legs apart. I reach down, and spread my pussy lips apart with one hand, using my thumb and my middle finger, sliding just the tip of my finger, so as to be gentle, in between and begin rubbing, ever so slightly across my clit just to tease myself before really going at it and rub from the bottom to top. I feel myself start to get wet yet again, so I move my fingers down towards my pussy hole.

I take my other hand and lick my fingers, then gently caress my nipples. My nipples start to harden, which makes me rub them faster to make them get even harder until they are like little pink peaks. I imagine that it is you instead, caressing my nipples and sucking on them like you do.

My pussy starts to get wetter and wetter. As I feel it heating up, wanting to explode with come, I probe my index and middle fingers deeper and deeper inside, moving them in and out faster and faster, each time letting out a groan of pleasure as I slowly undulate my hips as I fk myself with my fingers. It feels so good, and I can feel my body start to tense up, and, mmmm, its like I cant control my hips, and I keep moving my fingers faster and faster. I think about you being on top of me, giving it to me good.

I feel come start to ooze out of my pussy, making my inner thighs wet and creamy. I imagine that it is your big hard cock inside of me instead of my own fingers, which makes me get even more excited, I slip my fingers out of my pussy, and rub my clit fast and harder.

A shiver of excitement runs up my spine and I can feel my groin getting warmer and warmer, and the blood rushing to my pussy lips. My body is so tense--my hardened nipples and wet thighs, tight and legs and feet tense. I rub my clit fast and hard, first up and down, then in a circular motion over and over in that order. Mmm, it feels so good.

While I am rubbing and massaging my clit with one hand, I continue to take my other hand and rub my nipples between my thumb and index finger. I spread my legs wider, move my fingers from my clit and push them back up in my pussy this time as deep as I can get them in. Now I can find my spot which makes me really want to come and I rub it gently with my index finger. My feet are spread-eagled, up in the air. My pussy feels so good and hot I never want to stop.

When I think I am going to come, I press my fingers down hard on my clit. My inner thighs now creamy from my come, and I feel an explosion inside as I come hard on my fingers. My body pulsates, and the hot come oozes over my fingers, making them warm and slippery. Its like all the tension has been released from my body, and I am warm and tingling all over.

It feel so good to fk myself. My legs spread wide, feet with painted toenails out to the sides and my feet flexed in ecstasy. How I love to fk myself! And wishing it was you fing me instead

As if that wasnt enough, I then walk into the bathroom and start the water in the tub, my legs and fingers all wet and creamy with come. I crawl in the tub, still flushed with excitement and stretch my legs out while sitting down. Then it occurs to me that I can pleasure myself in the tub tooas the hot water rushes out of the faucet, I scoot down towards it, laying on my back with my legs spread and my feet up in the air, and place my pussy right under the faucet.

The pounding water feels so good on my pussy like a pulsating force that makes me get all excited againas if I could come once more. So I take out my waterproof toy, which has no batteries, but instead is a big dildo, and slowly push it into my pussy, while I am still in the tub but out from under the faucet. Mmmm, the water give me lube and it just slides, feeling so good to my already excited pussy. I move it in and out, hoping to come once more. Alas I dont, but instead I lie there until, exhausted, I relax all naked in the bath and then crawl into bed, dreaming of you.

Sing with me

Jul 18th @ 2:09pm EDT

Last night I had a dream. I was dreaming about my new very handsome neighbour. In my mind he was fucking me from the behind in doggy style , holding my hips with his strong arms. 'Your hips are amazing baby' he said... My dream finished when a doorbell rang.

Shakira - Hips don't lie

Ladies up in here tonight
No fighting, no fighting
We got the refugees up in here
No fighting, no fighting

Shakira, Shakira

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man wants to speak Spanish
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

And I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection

Hey Girl, I can see your body moving
And it's driving me crazy
And I didn't have the slightest idea
Until I saw you dancing

And when you walk up on the dance floor
Nobody cannot ignore the way you move your body, girl
And everything so unexpected - the way you right and left it
So you can keep on taking it

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man want to speak Spanish
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

And I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel you boy
Come on lets go, real slow
Don't you see baby asi es perfecto

Oh I know I am on tonight my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection
Shakira, Shakira

Oh boy, I can see your body moving
Half animal, half man
I don't, don't really know what I'm doing
But you seem to have a plan
My will and self restraint
Have come to fail now, fail now
See, I am doing what I can, but I can't so you know
That's a bit too hard to explain

Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de da

Baila en la calle de noche
Baila en la calle de da

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man want to speak Spanish
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that
You know you got me hypnotized
So be wise and keep on
Reading the signs of my body

Senorita, feel the conga, let me see you move like you come from Colombia

Mira en Barranquilla se baila as, say it!
Mira en Barranquilla se baila as

She's so sexy every man's fantasy a refugee like me back with the Fugees from a 3rd world country
I go back like when 'pac carried crates for Humpty Humpty
I need a whole club dizzy
Why the CIA wanna watch us?
Colombians and Haitians
I ain't guilty, it's a musical transaction
No more do we snatch ropes
Refugees run the seas 'cause we own our own boats

I'm on tonight, my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel you boy
Come on let's go, real slow
Baby, like this is perfecto

Oh, you know I am on tonight and my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel it's right
The attraction, the tension
Baby, like this is perfection

No fighting
No fighting

Bad Boys

Jul 18th @ 1:57pm EDT

There are many kinds of people in the world. Some o them are romantic, some are traditionalists ... But from all of them I like the most BAD BOYS, who are always horny, playful and likely to have a one night fun :)

Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys

(Bad Boys, Bad Boys)
Alexandra Girl I know what you like
(Bad Boys, Bad Boys)
Oh, oh (Bad Boys, Bad Boys)
Hey, yeah (Bad Boys, Bad Boys)

Some people call them players
But I'm far from terrified
Cos somehow I'm drawn to danger
And have been all of my life
It feels my heart divided
Half way between wrong and right
I know I'm playing with fire
But I don't know why

Yeah the bad boys are always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Even though I know they're no good for me
It's the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Oooooh, bad boys

Some think it's complicated
But they're straight up fun for me
I don't need no explanation
It's nothing more than what you see here
My heart still feels divided
Halfway between wrong and right
I know I'm playing with fire
But I don't know why

Yeah the Bad Boys are always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Even though I know they're no good for me
It's the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)

[Flo Rida]
I know you want me shawty cos I'm a (bad boy)
Hey s-shawty can't help it she so so addicted to them rougher fellas
With even the alphabet she only sings the crooked letters
Let mamma take all the risks
For that chemistry she like them tougher than leather
Not even the paws, it's more like a mama bee
Out lost that's on the regular
By any means necessary, girl
She likes them ruthless, that's my world
It's not the news it's what I heard
To get them more the merrier
It's not a big surprise
I know them bad boys catch your eyes
Look at her walk when I go in disguise
You'll have them shawty don't worry you fly

Yeah the Bad Boys are always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Even though I know they're no good for me
It's the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Yeah the Bad Boys are always spinning my mind
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
I said the Bad Boys are always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Bad boys, bad boys

Fucking myself in the shower

Jul 18th @ 4:55am EDT

Ill be out in a couple minutes. Just keep an eye on the baby, please! I tell my husband as I close the door to the bathroom. I lay my towel and purple silky underwear on the sink counter and I go turn the shower on to hot water. As the bathroom gets steamy from the hot shower I plug in my I pod and turn on some relaxing music. I slowly get undressed. I slide out of my tight blue jeans and kick them to the side. Then I push my plain white cotton panties down my creamy white thighs and down to the floor, I kick them aside as well. The small room is getting more steamy by the second.

I then start to peel my nice tan colored, tight sweater off of my body. I do the same with my black undershirt. I throw them on the floor with the rest of my dirty clothes. I reach behind my already sweaty back and unhook my chocolate colored, silky floral, bra. One of my hands brush against my big breasts, and right away my nipple hardens. It has been three days since my last big orgasm and I am feeling a bit horny. I look at my self in the mirror admiring my beautiful 42 DD tits.

Wanting to relax I adjust the water, its still hot but not too hot, just the way I like it. I walk into the heavenly water and soak myself. I get my medium length, blonde hair out of my face and get ready to shampoo it. After I scrub my hair I start with the rest of my body. I pour my coconut scented body wash on my shower puff and scrub my neck down to my breasts down to my feet. The last thing I clean on my body is my pussy.

My body is still turned on. I need release now. I rinse the soap off my body. After Ive done that I reach with both of my hands, for my tits. My fingers find my hard swollen nipples. I hear a knock at the door that startles me and I hear my husband yell something. Jesus Christ! Do I bug you when you're shower? I will be right out! I yell back a little annoyed.

I continue caressing my big nipples which are rock hard until I feel a slippery substance run down my leg with the water. I release one of my big tits and slowly slide my free hand to my wet pink pussy. I close my eyes and my mind wanders to another one of my online friends, one that I have a deep connection with. I think about his handsome face, sexy smile and most of all his beautiful cock. I smile as my hand makes it way to my shaved pussy.

I notice the water isnt so hot so I turn and adjust it. The shower once again gets steamy. I find my opening and stick my middle finger inside my pussy. I release my breast to lean up against the wall. I push and pull my wet finger inside my pussy for a few more seconds and decide to put one more in. When I push my fingers inside my opening I let out a moan, I close my eyes and think about my special friends cock some more and push in and out with my two wet fingers.

I put my back against the cold shower wall because Im trembling from the pleasure that Im giving myself. Taking both of my fingers out I find my very swollen clit. I can feel it throbbing. Not caring what time I get out of the shower I start to caress it. Mmmmmm fuck, I whisper as I feel myself get even more trembly. My free hand finds one of my wet breasts, wishing someone else was touching them. I pinch my hard nipple as the hot water runs down my thick body. I can feel my body getting hotter. Im going to cum soon.

I rub my clit a little bit harder and it just brings more pleasure. My friends picture comes into my mind again and I get a little closer to orgasm. My pink nipples get a little more harder the more I pinch and play with them Oh my god! I moan as my body tenses up. I try hard to keep myself against the wall because my body cant seem to stay put, its way too shaky. I caress my clit a little gentler, rubbing it in circles.

My entire body tenses up as I feel the electricity of my glorious orgasm. My pussy throbs more from the pleasure. I moan his name quietly over and over again as I pinch my nipples. As the orgasm wears off, my hand slides away from my huge sensitive clit. Still gripping my big breast I collapse on the shower floor noticing the water getting colder by the second. I dont care. I sit there with a smile on my face, wondering when I will get to chat with my friend again.

Reluctantly I pull myself up and turn the cold water off. I step out of the shower wet and naked. I walk to the mirror and take a look at myself. My cheeks are red and my nipples are poking out big time. I turn to grab a towel from the cupboard and start to dry off with it. My body is still very shaky from my amazing orgasm. I pull up my silky panties and wrap myself up in the robe. I take a look at my I pod, the clock says Ive been in the shower for 45 minutes, but it seemed a lot longer than that.
I turn off the stereo and open the bathroom door.

Have a nice shower? My husband asks as soon as he sees me. He gives me an annoyed look.

I look back at him and give him the biggest smile and say, Yes, I had an awesome shower! I walk away from him thinking about the fun I just had in the shower.

One Sleepless Night

Jul 18th @ 4:52am EDT

Friday night, I was looking through the online members on Lush. I came across one fine looking Hispanic guy. I took the chance on sending him a request.and I am so glad I did.

It was our second night talking, and we really hit it off. We made each other laugh, and had the ability to turn each other on. We tried our best to behave, but last night he said three words to me that sent me over the edge.

Sin, baby, sin.

After a seven hour Skype conversation, I told him that I needed to go to bed, for Mass the next morning. I crawled into bed, and pulled the sheet over my soft naked skin. I laid on my side thinking of him, and how bad I want to feel his lips on my body. I felt a familiar wetness in my pussy. I tried to ignore it, but soon it was running down my inner thighs.

Fuck, Papi, what are you doing to me? I whispered

I reached into my nightstand feeling for my 6 in rubber dildo. Finding it, I kicked off the covers and opened my legs. Rubbing the tip over my hot little clit sent chills through out my body. I teased my clit, smacking it with the tip of my toy, loving the feeling of my juices running down my legs. I placed two fingers into my cunt, collecting my juice and placing them into my mouth. Licking and sucking them clean, taisting the sweetness of myself turned me on even more.

I inserted the dildo slowly, watching my juices being pushed out by my toy. I started pushing it in faster, hit my cervix every time. As I fucked my cunt, I thought about that Mexican cock pounding my tight pussy hard. I felt myself building up to climaxing, but I didnt want to give in just yet.

I thought about him kissing and nibbling on my neck, with his sexy full lips. Hearing him say, Come for Papi,, in the back of my mind, pushed me to the point of no return.

I reached back into my nightstand and pulled out my 8 inch vibrating dildo. Turning it on the max speed, I pushed it deep into my wet tight cunt. At first I started fucking my pussy fast, but I wanted this feeling to last as if he was actually here. Being in his arms as he caressed and kissed my body, kissing and biting my lower lip.

Fuck, Papi, I moaned.

Taking my time, I fucked my pussy while thinking about his tongue playing and teasing my clit. Wondering what it would feel like having his lip ring touch my pussy while he licks my cunt. The more I thought of him, the wetter I became. Wanting his cock deep in my pussy fucking me hard, while his hands explore my small petite body.

My moans became louder, my hips started pushing up with every thrust of the vibrator. I wanted to cum so bad, I had to cum. I had to release all the pent up passion and lust I had for him these last two nights. I could not take it anymore, I needed to cum.

I soon started reliving what he said he wanted to do. Pushing me against the wall, picking me up and sliding my pussy down on his dick. The thought of that made me scream his name. I sat up and got on my knees, pushed my ass up and reinserted the vibrator. Fucking my pussy from behind.

Oh God yes!! I moaned

Fuck my cunt, Papi...

I fucked myself as fast and hard as I can. My body began to weaken, my muscles started tightening, I pushed the vibrator deep into my dripping pussy, and used my other hand to rub my clit hard while I pushed on it. I flicked it with my finger before rubbing it again.

Im cumming Papi. Whispering, I wished that he was here, feeling my pussy tighten around his cock.

My pussy muscles tightened around my vibrator as I came hard. I started squirting my juice onto my bed, as my body quivered. I felt like it was 4 orgasms in one, I couldnt quit cumming.

I pulled out my toy, and placed back into the nightstand. Rolled over grabbed my ipod, placed my earbuds in and turned on Heres Daddy by Usher.

Thank you, Papi Chulo, I said with a smile.

Short Story : Lynx seeks Eagle's help in sorting out her feelings after spanking her Elven student.

Jul 16th @ 3:31pm EDT

Standing upon a narrow ledge, Lynx nervously gazed up at the summit of Spirit Mountain, her soft feminine curves covered by nothing more than her fur. Her voice echoed to the peak above her, "Lord Eagle! I seek your guidance and wisdom!" A majestic eagle peered down from the lofty peak. Mighty wings spread wide, he soared down to the ledge. A bright glow engulfed his body. When it faded, he stood before her in his humanoid form. She knelt reverently and purred, "My liege." "Arise, Lynx," Eagle commanded. She stood to her feet, legs spread and paws clasped behind her back. Eagle looked her over, taking in her beauty, then crouched so he could look into her eyes, "I sense a mix of confusion and guilt within you, Keeper of Secrets." "You are correct, my liege," Lynx admitted, "I have engaged in behavior unbecoming of an Immortal." "Explain. Confession is good for more than just our mortal companions."

"It started a year ago by our reckoning. I used a traditional mortal technique to discipline one of my young bond-mates." "That was when you paddled that Elf lad for a full hour. Correct?" "Yes, my liege. I intended for the spanking I gave Frelic to be nothing more than punishment, a reminder to never neglect his training here in the Beastlands." "And it worked." "However, I found spanking his bottom to be a pleasurable experience," Lynx averted her eyes, trying to hide her shame. Eagle nodded his feathery head, "That is no cause for shame. Many people, mortals and Immortals alike find pleasure in administering pain upon the bottoms of those under their control." "But that is not all," Lynx confessed, "Ever since, I wanted more. To accomplish this, I have purposely guided Frelic into situations where his mortal mistress and her associates have had to spank him. I observe these sessions through my scrying mirror in my den, and pleasure myself to orgasm." "I see," Eagle replied, "And this is why you feel guilt, as well you should. You have manipulated your young mortal for your own pleasure and lust." Lynx bowed her head, "Aye. That I did." "And to absolve yourself of your guilt?" She sighed, "I wish to be spanked as I spanked my Elf." A wooden paddle, like she used on Frelic, appeared in her paw. "Then so shall it be," Eagle took the paddle and sat down on the ledge. He pulled Lynx over his lap, rubbing the paddle over her upturned bottom. She trembled at the feel of the hard wood caressing her soft, furry rump. He lifted the paddle high in the air, "Two minutes by mortal reckoning." "Aye, my liege." Without another word, Eagle brought the paddle down on Lynx's lovely butt. The impact echoed throughout the Beastlands below, as did her cry of anguish. The paddle danced all over her bottom with a fast but steady pace. An hour later, her ass felt like it was on fire. Yet her sex was tingling and moist with passion. "Well well," Eagle chuckled, "I see you found pleasure on the receiving end of the paddle, just as you found pleasure on the giving end." He ran his talons over her sore rump, and down to the dampness between her thighs. "I think we need to do something about this. On your feet." Lynx arose and smiled as she saw that Eagle was now sporting an impressive hard shaft between his powerful thighs, "Did you find my bottom a pleasure to spank?" "Indeed I did," Eagle admitted, "I said that this is normal for both mortals and Immortals." He stood and gazed down at Lynx, "I believe you know what to do." Lynx submissively got down on all fours, her aching ass thrust up in the air, revealing her tight sex, "My tail is for your pleasure," she purred. "Indeed it is," Eagle agreed, "Indeed it is." He knelt behind Lynx and mounted her. "Now, we give all of your bonded mortals a special little gift..."

Calypso, a young Furling Raccoon secretly witnesses her best friend getting spanked.

Jul 16th @ 3:29pm EDT

Calypso huffed indignantly, pacing up and down the dirt path which meandered through the schoolyard's colorful garden. The swishing of her bushy, ring-striped tail betrayed her impatience as she clasped her dainty paws behind her back and grumbled to herself.

"What's the holdup, Koney? We have a Kalah game to finish before lunch break ends."

She paused to gaze longingly at the game board sitting abandoned on the log table among the bright fragrant flowers. Only five minutes, Koney had assured her. Her daddy needed to talk to her about some little matter and then she would be back in no more than five minutes.

"Hah! Five minutes my ass," the young Furling growled, "Humans have a twisted sense of time. Been almost five minutes and forty seconds already. At this rate, I'll be nearly twelve by the time we finish our game!"

She stared again at the unfinished game as if planning what her next move. The little green, red, amber, and blue tokens lay in their shallow pits, glittering like little gemstones as the light of the midday sun touched them. Her bright green eyes narrowed with righteous indignation as she finally declared, "Two more minutes; that's all I'll give her, then I let Koney have it." Ten seconds later, the feisty Raccoon was stalking up the path, heading around to the front of the schoolhouse to find her overdue friend.

"And I was winning this time too," she grumped.

Calypso partially concealed herself behind a bush a few paces away from the headmaster's window and craned her neck so she could see inside. Sure enough, there was her friend standing in the middle of the room and the headmaster sitting behind his desk. Judging by Koney's stance; feet spread, hands clasped behind her back, and head bowed submissively, the Raccoon guessed that the headmaster must be doing most of the talking and Koney doing most of the listening, acknowledging with the occasional nod of her raven-hair veiled head.

"Oh," Calypso mused to herself, softly so as not to be overheard. She understood now why her girlfriend was running late, "Looks like Koney got herself into trouble again. I wonder what she did this time?"

She was unable to ascertain what the two of them were saying. They were speaking just a little too softly for her to hear more than a low murmur. With her curiosity getting the best of her, Calypso made to move in closer. As she was creeping out of her place of concealment, she was forced to pause and make sense of what she was now witnessing.

"What the hell?" she asked no one in particular, "Now what are they doing?" It looked like they were finished in there, but instead of dismissing Koney so she and Calypso could finish their Kalah game, the headmaster stood up and removed the riding paddle hanging on the wall behind him. He walked solemnly around to the front of the desk, sat down on its smooth hard surface, and patted his knee.

"This must be some sort of Human ritual," the entranced Raccoon deduced as her girlfriend nervously approached the desk and positioned herself face down across her daddy's lap, "Prolly some sort of religious rite." She continued her quiet observation, strangely fascinated by the proceedings unfolding before her eyes.

The headmaster waited a moment or two for his daughter to make a few minor adjustments for comfort, at least as much comfort as her present position would allow. He then he folded up the skirt portion of her tunic, and tucked the hem into her belt so her smooth, plush bottom was exposed. Calypso's eyes went unbelievably wide when he next placed his free hand firmly against the small of Koney's back and brought the riding paddle up high over his head. He held it there for a brief yet interminable moment. Then in one swift motion, the paddle traced a graceful arc down through the air, coming abruptly to rest on the girl's bare butt with a resounding smack, striking evenly across both cheeks.

As far as the stunned Furling could determine, Koney reacted with barely a flinch, "They must do this ritual on a regular basis," she thought. The paddle descended a second time, landing solidly on the right side of Koney's behind and followed by a matching blow on the opposite flank. Calypso rubbed her own furry rump in sympathy as she watched this bizarre, mysterious rear assault her best friend was submitting herself to.

"That's gotta really hurt. Koney must have alotta discipline to take that without squirming or screaming." She kept her gaze fixed on the action focused on her friend's south end. The headmaster's paddle struck again and again, assuming a slow and steady beat, with the resounding slap of bonsai wood against bare, furless flesh echoing throughout the calm midday air.

Wholly entranced, Calypso found herself counting the swats as they came down. The headmaster wielded the riding paddle like an artist with his brush and his daughter's soft ass his canvas. He tirelessly alternated left, right, and across the middle, letting the board rest for a brief moment on the point of impact before bringing it up for the next smack.

On the stroke of ten, Koney was finally starting to squirm on her daddy's lap, "Impressive," Calypso whispered, "Didn't think she would last that long before starting to struggle. Must take alotta endurance." The fifteenth and final swat, noticeably harder than the previous fourteen, at last elicited an audible whimper from the girl. "Whatever this ritual means, I bet Koney just racked up some really good khaea."

The ritual ended with the headmaster gently and affectionately patting Koney's sore bottom and then releasing the hem of her skirt from her belt. He helped her to her feet and gave her a strong fatherly hug, wiping tears from the girl's soft golden-tan face. After a minute or two, he walked Koney to the door and with one final swat of the riding paddle, sent her walking stiffly out to enjoy the remainder of the midday break. Calypso quickly returned to the forgotten Kalah board, her mind swimming with questions. However, she had a feeling that what she just witnessed was intended to be a private affair, and Koney would probably be highly embarrassed if she knew that her friend had secretly watched her get her butt beat.

"About bloody time you got back," Calypso scolded as her friend hobbled down the flower-lined path, "I was starting to think you were gonna blow the entire break yakkin' with yer dad."

Koney gave the uppity Raccoon a pained smile and brushed back a stray lock of hair from her face, "A score of apologies, Calypso-Chan," she offered, her voice soft and carrying an underlying natural gentleness enhanced by her Nasheenese accent, "I did not suspect that I would take so long. Daddy had some important issues he needed to address."

"Issues he needed ta address on yer butt, you mean?" Calypso translated, forgetting her decision moments before to not embarrass her friend. "What was that all about anyway?"

Koney was caught completely off guard by her young friend's rather personal question. She blinked then blushed as Calypso's words hit her, "Oh, blaze," she moaned, burying her face in her hands to conceal the reddening forming in her cheeks, "You saw me get spanked?"

Calypso nodded, "Spanked? Ya mean that thing yer dad did with the riding paddle?" she innocently combed her fingers through her hair as she confessed to watching the entire ordeal, "I always wunnered why he kept that thing on his wall behind the desk."

Koney uncovered her face and smiled sheepishly at her young furry friend, "Yes, Calypso; that is what it's for. Daddy always uses that particular riding paddle whenever he summons me for a spanking. It has actually been in our family and handed down to the first born for countless generations. I suppose you might call it a family heirloom," she added.

"Or in this case," Calypso corrected her, just barely managing to stifle a girlish giggle, "a family rearloom."

"Tush, Calypso. Tush," Koney laughed, countering pun with pun.

"But seriously," the Raccoon girl pressed on, eager to learn more about this phenomenon, "What is the story behind this...what did you call it...spanking? Is it a religious ritual of sorts?"

Koney laughed again amused at her young friend's naivety, "No no no, it's not a religious activity, although there are several orders where the members practice spanking in various forms, revering it as a blessed event."

"Then it's more of a family tradition," was Calypso's next guess, her confusion and curiosity still unsated.

Koney nodded thoughtfully, "Yes, I suppose it could be viewed in that light. However, daddy does not spank me merely for the sake of tradition."

The Raccoon, listening intently, gave Koney her full undivided attention as she began an impromptu lesson in familyology.

"When daddy paddles my bottom," she explained, "I am being disciplined because I misbehaved in some fashion. In this case, he spanked me because I was fifteen minutes late for school this morning."

"And is that why he struck yer butt fifteen times?" Calypso asked, "once for each minute you were late?"

"That is a very good guess," Koney replied, "You seem to be quick to pick up on obscure patterns."

Calypso was beaming; feeling quite pleased with her powers of logic and deduction, "Thankses. I thought it was obvious."

"As I was saying," Koney continued, "That was a very good guess. However, it was a very wrong guess as well. The fifteen had a deeper significance than just the number of minutes late."

"Uh-huh," Calypso nodded, still listening intently to her friend.

You see, normally when a student is late for class, she is bent over my daddy's desk and is given five swats, plus one for every three minutes she was late."

"Which means," Calypso added after doing some quick mental math, "had it been me instead of you, the paddle woulda hit ma butt ten times instead of fifteen."

"Not only are you quick with logic, Calypso-Chan," Koney laughed again, "I see you are quick with math as well. Anyway, when daddy spanks me, he always gives me a bare minimum of fifteen swats because of my age. This is a tradition which he initiated three years ago with my sisters, my brother, and myself, one swat for each year."

"Which means next year, the least you can expect is sixteen," Calypso concluded, stating the obvious only to help her keep all the information she was absorbing in order.

"Daddy believes that as we get older," Koney continued, "that we should take on more responsibility and maturity. So when our behavior is immature and irresponsible, then we can expect the consequences to increase in intensity."

Calypso had still more questions to be answered before her curiosity could be sated, "But why spanking?" she pressed on, "Why does your daddy whack your bare bottom instead of giving you more useful punishments like extra chores or more homework?"

"He does that too," Koney assured her, "But no matter what punishment he declares, the paddle is always included as part of the package."

"So you get punished twice each time?" Calypso shook her head, "That doesn't seem fair."

"It is all one punishment," Koney corrected her, "But it is administered in two parts. The spanking, which is painful yet harmless, gives us something physical that we would want to avoid; and that fear helps keep our behavior good. The other part of the punishment, the extra work or confinement helps to keep you busy so that you stay out of further trouble for a period of time. The second part may also include a loss of some privileges as well, which would be a lesson in responsibility."

"That part I understand," Calypso cut in, "That is how my daddy deals with me when I've been bad. The amount of freedoms I have depends on how responsible or irresponsible my behavior has been."

"Exactly. When you are younger, you are kept on a shorter leash so to speak. As you get older and take on more maturity and responsibility, the leash is lengthened and you get to do more of what you want to do. But when you are older and don't act it, the leash gets reeled in and you are treated at the same age level presented by your behavior."

"That makes perfect sense," Calypso agreed, "But I get the feeling that there is more to this spanking ritual that I do not yet unnerstan. Is there more that you can tell me?"

Koney nodded and thought about it for a moment, "I will try. First, and this may confuse you even more when I say this; when daddy spanks me, he spanks me because he loves me."

Calypso blinked twice and scratched her head, "You're right, Koney. You did confuse me more. How can pulling you over his lap, lifting your skirt and beating your bare bottom with a riding paddle be translated to mean I love you? You Humans sure have some strange customs." She shook her head in disbelief.

"'s not quite the way it sounds," Koney paused, searching for the most accurate explanation she could put together. "As an analogy, does your daddy ever give you a loving pat on the rump?"

Calypso nodded.

"How does that make you feel?"

After several moments thought, Calypso said, "Hmmm... I would hafta say that he makes me feel calm and safe when he does that. Like when mama dis'peared I was very sad and scared. Daddy had me talk it out at him, and then when I was done, he gave me a big hug and several patpats onna rump. At that moment, when I felt his strong paw tenderly caressing my bottom, I felt a overwhelming sense of peace, an I knew then that mama was going to be found safely an everything was going ta work out inna end."

"Yes," Koney said, "That is called a love pat. No one is absolutely certain why it works the way it does, but most believe that your bottom is one of the most intimate areas of your body. It's a territory that most people allow very few others to touch at will, normally limited to family, close friends, and lovers."

"Oh, that's sumthin I never thought about before," the Raccoon said, "Now that you mention it, the only people who ever pat or squeeze my butt are daddy, grammie, grampie, you and Breckke; the five people I'm closest to and trust the most."

Koney nodded agreement, as her friend began catching on to the direction this unplanned lesson was going, "Now spanking is a similar concept," she went on, "Just like the love pat, getting spanked is a highly personal and intimate experience."

"But your daddy spanks other kids in his chamber," Calypso pointed out, "yet I don't s'pose he gives them pats onna rump like he does with you?"

"Okay, so spanking isn't quite as personal an experience as a love pat," Koney shrugged, amending her previous statement, "But it is still moreso than other forms of disciplining. Also, there are differences between the way daddy spanks me, my brother and sisters, and our mother and the way he spanks other peoples' kids. And before you ask, yes; since daddy is the head of our household, mom is just as susceptible to the paddle as the rest of us."

"For some odd reason, that does not surprise me," Calypso said, "So then, would the amount of cover or lack of cover be one of the differences? I noticed that before he paddled you he first pulled up your skirt to expose your bare butt."

"Actually no," Koney replied, "whether or not your bottom is bared when you get paddled depends primarily on the reason you are getting it in the first place."

"Well," the inquisitive Raccoon pressed on, "what if your butt is normally bare anyway, like myself and many other Furlings who prefer to not wear clothing?" She innocently turned around, raised her tail, and bent over to show her girlfriend her furry, yet unclothed rear end for emphasis.

Koney giggled, giving Calypso's exposed behind a couple patpats and a squeeze, "Then that is how you would get spanked," she said matter-of-factly, "Daddy doesn't keep a tunic or skirt in his desk for kids to wear just so they can be paddled with a covering on."

It's a good thing then that us Furlings have fur there then to provide some padding," Calypso said, standing back up and turning to face her friend. "So then, what are the differences?"

"For one thing," Koney began, "daddy sometimes just uses his open hand to spank us, sort of similar to a love pat."

"Only harder," Calypso finished the thought for Koney, "And he always spanks other kids with the paddle only?"

"Oh, not at all," she corrected her, "The paddle is only one, and the mildest, of several spanking tools he might use. If you ever get sent to his chamber, you could find yourself on the receiving end of a leather strap, riding crop, bonsai wood switch, one of several different types of whips, or even a shock wand if you have done something really bad."

Calypso winced at the painful possibilities her friend just rattled off to her, "So then as part of the punishment, does he make you choose your means of doom?"

"He does sometimes," Koney replied, "but normally, what determines the tool is the same as what determines the number of swats you get and whether or not your bottom is bare or covered."

"In other words," the perceptive Raccoon concluded, "The tool he uses on your ass is largely determined by the reason you are being punished in the first place. And some of the tools hurt more than others, I would assume?"

"Uh-huh," Koney nodded,"gingerly rubbing her still sore behind, "Each different tool leaves its own distinguishing mark on your butt, and each one delivers a different caliber of pain; both upon the initial strike as well as afterward. Both the visible effects and the lingering soreness can sometimes last for hours, serving as a long term reminder of what you did to get punished."

"I see what you mean," Calypso remarked, whistling softly in wonder as she lifted her girlfriend's skirt and touched her fingers to Koney's reddened rump.

"Calypso!" a very surprised and embarrassed Koney gasped, "What are you?..."

"Wow! That's hot," Calypso said. She looked up at Koney, then back down at her rump, "and it matches the color of your face right now too."

Koney blushed even deeper, "Calypso, you shouldn't be doing that. That's rather rude, y'know."

"But Koney, just a coupa minutes ago you were saying that I could pat your butt any time," the once again confused Raccoon argued, paraphrasing the older girl's earlier words. "Close friends and all, y'know?"

"Uhm, yes," Koney conceded, "But out here in public where any passersby can look and see that I've been spanked," she looked around to make certain no one was around, "That is just far too embarrassing."

"So is embarrassment a part of the punishment as well?" Calypso asked. She released Koney's skirt, letting it drop back into place over her hot crimson bottom.

Koney nodded again, her face returning to its normal light tan shade now that her south end was no longer exposed for all to see.

"And does it still hurt?" the inquisitive Raccoon continued her interrogation.

"Oh yes," Koney replied, "It hurts a lot right now. In fact, sitting will probably be an uncomfortable task until well after toadys classes are finished. She rubbed her ass again then said, "We better get ready to go in soon, or we will both be paying a visit together to daddy's chamber."

The two girlfriends began packing up the unfinished and forgotten Kalah game, placing the gem-like stones in the draw stringed leather pouch hanging from Koney's belt. Calypso picked up and folded the game board, securing it under her arm, and then the two girls headed up the path, ready for their afternoon class session.

"Any other differences?" Calypso asked as they walked together. The little Raccoon's curiosity seemed incurable.

"Only one," Koney replied, "The position you assume when you get spanked. Other kids either brace themselves against daddy's desk or bend over in the middle of the room."

"But his own kids always go over his lap. Right?" Calypso concluded.

"Almost always," Koney corrected her.

"That personal contact thing again?"

"Yes, it is that personal contact thing again."

"And all of this, this entire ritual, all this pained attention focused on your bottom; it's all because your daddy loves you?"

"Exactly," Koney replied, as if it was plainly obvious. She put her arm around her furry little friend as they walked together down the hall to their classroom.

"It is all because daddy loves me."


This story, and in fact, the entire RedTails and ShadowRealms line, are copyright 2007 - G. Sutton (aka Scarletdown), some rights reserved. These works are released under the Creative Commons terms of Attribution / Share-Alike / Non-Commercial.

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This is a continuation of 'A STUDY OF NEW EXPERIENCES, IN OIL ON CANVAS'

Jul 15th @ 6:20pm EDT

The boy stood watching us, uninhibited, as Andrea and I attempted to re-arrange our dishevelled appearances. Only moments before, my friend's face had been buried deliciously between my thighs. Her lips were still damp and glistening from her foray. My shirt was open, my tits exposed, hard little nipples protruding eagerly. How embarrassing! I was aware of a deep, warm blush flooding my cheeks, this seemed to amuse him. His eyes played greedily over my body as I hurriedly repaired my shirt. A button was missing; it had come loose earlier under the pressure of my friend's eager hands. After a quick appraisal of myself, I realised that I was showing more cleavage than I probably should be.

The boy stayed where he was, obviously not planning to leave any time soon. He was supporting his weight on a stack of library shelves which shielded our alcove from the rest of the room. He was also blocking our only exit. I looked at Andrea. At a glance, she appeared to be surveying our intruder coolly but there was a hint of worry in her eyes. Her gaze dropped to the large bulge that protruded from the crotch of his washed-out jeans.

He moved gracefully; his long, lazy stride belied the 'jock-like' first impression which I had made. Leaning closer conspiratorially, he whispered "thing like this get' s spread around, couple of babes like you could be in big trouble."

He reached across the table with a muscular arm and cupped one of my friend's pert tits, squeezing it roughly. His bulge intensified in size and his eyes darted to my bare legs. I quickly pressed them shut beneath my cotton skirt, I remembered that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

My mind played wildly for a moment, assessing the situation and it's possible outcomes. Erotic images of the guy taking turns at us; his girth stretching my pussy wide as he pinned my wrists with one strong hand and relentlessly hammered my depth. The friction grazing my soft pink walls and his spunk warming my thighs shortly after. Then me, watching in amazement as his huge cock ravaged Andra's delicate little arse. Heat and arousal flooded between my legs and I chased the thoughts away, ashamed of myself.

"What's it to you anyway?" Andrea pulled away and batted at his outstretched arm, challenging him boldly. I had never known her to be meek, and now her brow quickly knotted in annoyance. "What's your problem, coming in here and acting like that? Jerk like you could get in big trouble for that! It's our word against your's mate."

The jerk held his palms out in supplication. "Hey," he reasoned amicably. "Keep your knickers on!" He laughed at his own joke. "Maybe I'll keep my mouth shut... Maybe."

Nobody spoke. The guy shrugged his shoulders, reached out across the table and flipped my notebook open. He slid it towards himself and scrawled what looked to be an address; upside down on the first page, above a brief bio I had been outlining on Edgar Degas.

"Tomorrow night, 9 o'clock," he grinned. "Party. Come, have a laugh and we'll forget about today."

I looked at Andrea inquiringly. She was still frowning but her face looked a little softer, more relaxed.

"It'll be fun," he promised.

"Okay," I agreed, on a whim. Tomorrow was Friday and I didn't have plans yet. I love house parties, and the guy was really cute when he smiled.

Andrea nodded, "alright, we'll come to your party. But you don't breathe a word to anyone about what you just saw. And..." she added, "you keep your hands to yourself until you get permission. If you get permission." She flashed him one of her amazing smiles and the tension was broken.

"Tomorrow, 9 o'clock," he repeated, grinning. "See you there." With that he backed off and disappeared from view behind the partition.

The mood was suddenly elevated once more. I was really looking forward to this party and I could see that Andrea was too. On the way home, we chatted about what clothes we might each wear. Even though Andrea was half a foot taller than me, we wore roughly the same skirt size so we agreed to get ready together and maybe swap a few outfits. This excited me even more; we would be dressing, and more importantly undressing, in front of each other. This would be sure to result in more of our earlier antics.

The next morning, I awoke with a huge grin on my face. I was looking forward to spending the whole day with sexy Andrea, and afterwards a very promising evening lay ahead.

I allowed the dirty thoughts to flood my head as I fingered myself lazily beneath the covers. With my nightie hiked up, I spread my legs wide and pictured Andrea, head down, sucking at my dripping pussy. The image changed and the guy from the library appeared, with his cock bulging eagerly against the strain of his jeans. I grabbed blindly for my vibrator, which I kept hidden in a box under my bed. I turned it on and held it at my clit for a moment. The guy's jeans miraculously disappeared and a huge, thick cock sprung forth; rock hard and wet at the tip.

I inserted the toy between my soaking lips and it slid inside me with ease. I realised that I didn't know the guy's name but that didn't really matter. All that mattered was that his cock stayed hard and continued to pummel my insides until I climaxed. I came hard, naturally lubricating the rubber device and I immediately pressed it between the cheeks of my arse.

Mr Grant, my college art teacher had awoken something in me the previous day and I was eager to find out what it felt like to be fucked in my arse. As if by magic, the guy disappeared as quickly as he had came and Mr Grant's voice spoke from behind me. 'Now it's time for your next lesson,' he said inside my head as I imagined the sound of his zip being released. But no matter how much I pressed and pushed, I couldn't manage to get the thing to sink deeper than an inch. I gave up after a few minutes and decided that I would need to find someone to do it for me. Perhaps Andrea would oblige, I smiled to myself. I showered and dressed hurriedly, then threw some dresses in to my rucksack to try on with her later.

The hours crept by, I spent the morning stealing subtle glances at my friend. She kept teasing me by bending over to adjust her shoe straps and occasionally licking the wooden tip of her paintbrush. I noticed that her actions hadn't been lost on our teacher when he asked Andrea to stay behind at lunch time for a chat.

"It's okay," she said to me, with a little grin on her face. "I'll meet you in the cafeteria later." She dropped her voice to a whisper. "I could be a while." She winked conspiratorially at me before disappearing in to his office.

I wanted desperately to hang around and maybe get a look at what they were doing in there, but Mr Grant dismissed me with a nod and closed the door. There was nothing I could do, the door was a plain wood affair with no window. I couldn't very well burst in at a crucial moment either, I wasn't that brave. After a few minutes, I gave it up and headed for the cafeteria; annoyed and frustrated.

After a quick lunch, I went for a walk around the campus. It was a warm day and I didn't feel like being cooped up indoors. If Andrea arrived and couldn't find me, she could send a text message. I wandered away from the main buildings and crossed a manicured lawn towards the outskirts of the land which the college occupied. I found a bench under a knot of trees and took a seat, enjoying the summer air.

"Hello again," a voice greeted me. I turned abruptly and looked up in to a face which I recognised. The guy from the library.

"Hi," I acknowledged him with a smile and a little wave.

He looked embarrassed for a moment, but recovered quickly and took a seat beside me. "I'm looking forward to seeing you and your... um, friend tonight." He said. "I hope you're still up for it."

"Sure," I nodded. "It'll be fun."

Nothing was said for a while and I felt a bit awkward as he adjusted position to look at me. His eyes drank me in, head to toe. "I know I'm not supposed to mention it, but the other day, in the library... what you two were up to really got me going. I can't stop thinking about it."

I offered a shy smile and thought about what his cock had done, both real and imagined.

"So do you only fuck girls?" He asked suddenly. "Or..."

I cut him off, "no I like guys too." I pictured his cock, swelling and pressing in to my mouth. Definitely guys too, I thought.

Without hesitation, his mouth covered mine in a hot, delicious kiss. His tongue probed my mouth and I responded by pressing my own in to his. He sucked on my tongue and my lips, as his heavy hands groped under my top. My own hand strayed to his groin and I massaged his swelling bulge with a vigour I didn't know I possessed. I was then lifted bodily like I weighed nothing at all, I gasped and struggled for a moment, not sure what was about to happen. He lay me unceremoniously on the grass behind the bench, the trees loomed above with bright shards of sunlight dancing through. It made me think of the Wilmshurst painting I had seen at an exhibition; if that piece could come alive, this is just how it would look, I mused.

His hands were everywhere; tearing at my top and forcing it up, then under my skirt and between my legs. He wedged a knee between them and forced my thighs apart. A warm tongue teased my nipples before he sucked on them and nibbled the sensitive skin. I felt the lace of my knickers tear as he fumbled inside them and two long fingers entered me.

"Wait," I said, "I don't think we should..."

But his mouth covered mine and drowned my words as his jeans were opened and a thick, wet helmet pressed urgently against the entrance to my pussy. I was so turned on at that moment, but I felt uncomfortable and exposed; about to be roughly taken outdoors by a guy I barely knew. I got the palms of my hands flat against his hard chest, trying to push him off of me. His weight pinned me against the ground and I felt my tight muscles release as the enormous cock slowly entered me. I stopped fighting at that point and succumbed to the delicious sensations that enveloped me as his shaft travelled deeper, inch by inch. My hole simultaneously stretched invitingly and clenched in protest and I suddenly realised; I still don't know his name. My own voice inside my head came back to me 'That doesn't matter. All that matters is that his cock stays hard and continues to pummel my insides until I climax.'

The guy was really building up a rhythm now, his bottom flexed and clenched as he pounded his pelvis against me, my legs and arms splayed out on the soft ground. I realised that I was panting and moaning, savouring the sensations that his cock was creating inside me. He grabbed at my thighs for purchase and his motions became rougher and more pronounced. His cock ventured deeper with the new movement and I could feel it hammering against the very depths of me, both pleasuring and punishing my inexperienced hole. I was in heaven, just moments away from climax with this sexy muscle bound guy grinding my arse harder in to the ground with each thrust.

"Oh fuck, fuck," I exclaimed as I writhed beneath him and bathed his entire penis with my cum, whilst my cunt clenched around him uncontrollably. I felt my stomach and arse tighten and spasm with the intensity of my orgasm. "Want to feel your hot spunk in me," I begged him. He let out two short moans in quick succession and his momentum suddenly changed; he pulled out fast and a stream of warm, white cum hit my face. His hand moved towards my lips as he collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. His fingers parted my lips and guided pools of salty spunk on to my tongue.

"Tonight will be even better," he promised, kneeling up and tucking himself back in to his jeans.

I just nodded. I lay inert on the grass, my legs like jelly and my skirt hitched up to my waist. He buttoned his fly and a moment later his hot mouth covered my ravaged pussy. He sucked at my clit for a few moments, making me jerk and writhe. I felt rivulets of warm juice flow out from my stretched hole and dribble on to my arsehole. His eyes followed it's course and his hands roughly parted my cheeks. He stared at it for a minute before he spoke.

"That thing looks so tight." It was a statement, not a question, so I didn't reply, just lay back and tried to get my breathing back to normal. "Tonight," he reiterated, before standing up abruptly. I sorted my skirt out and fixed my top before I sat up and looked around. There was a faint bleeping sound coming from the bench in front of me and it took me a minute to realise that my mobile was ringing, inside my bag.

"Where the fuck are you?" Andra's voice implored. "I've been looking all over, I need to tell you something."

"I was taking a walk, I'm behind the South building. Just heading back now," I said, "got stuff to tell you too, but you first," I offered, as I gathered my things and made my way back towards the group of buildings.

"I don't know where to start..." her tinny voice mumbled excitedly over the cell network. "And it's completely up to you, if you don't want to I'll understand."

"What the hell are you on about?"

"I don't know where to start," she said again. Her breath was coming fast, as if she was jogging.

"The beginning is probably the best place," I reasoned.

I approached the South building and Andrea came hurtling around the corner towards me. I cut the connection and stared at her.

"Mr..." she breathed hard and caught my hands in hers. She looked at me imploringly, "I'm sorry, but I told Mr Grant about our... Well about our secret."

I frowned.

"I'm sorry, but he brought it up. He said he knew anyway. He wants us to do a special project."

"A project? Like for the class?"

"No, not like for the class... For him."

"For him?" I asked stupidly.

"Will you do it with me? We have to go now."

We went.

"It's this art movement he said he's been privately working on... He called it life in motion," she explained as we headed for the staff parking lot.

Andrea and I sat in the back of Mr Grant's car as he drove away from the college. "You'll like this," he assured us.

At that time of day, it didn't take long for Mr Grant to reach the motorway and soon we were cruising along at a modest 60 miles per hour. We had cut our afternoon class to go to our teacher's house. I was both excited and worried about it and what this new project had in store.

Mr Grant's house wasn't exactly what I had expected. For some reason I had pictured him living in a sprawling old country cottage, with a gorgeous mature garden and painted shutters at the windows. There would be art everywhere, some of it his own, some of it a collection of his favourite works. He lived in a newly built semi with a red brick driveway and Ikea blinds at the windows.

Andrea and I followed him inside. He led us straight through the lounge to a white tiled conservatory where more Ikea adorned the mock French windows. The room was sparsely furnished with wicker bits and pieces, a large cream rug on the floor and an easel, which occupied one corner. "This is where I paint," he confirmed.

"You have a lovely house," Andrea told him.

"Silly girl, you're not here to see my house. Now both of you, undress and I'll tell you about this project." It was said with such assurance that I didn't question it. We did as we were asked. I stepped out of my skirt and knickers, then pulled my top over my head. I scooped up my bundle of clothes and deposited it on one of the wicker chairs. I looked at Andra's naked form and admired her as our teacher fussed over a box of art equipment. "Make yourselves comfortable," he offered.

Andrea looked at my first sketch as Mr Grant set up for the next scene. The sketch showed Andrea kneeling in front of our teacher. One side of her face could be seen, hair covering her eyes and her lips were parted wide. Her hands roamed her own naked flesh as Mr Grant's cock sank in to her open mouth. There was urgency and lust in the curve of his bottom although I knew he had held back from his orgasm. "You made me look really good," she complimented.

Mr Grant disappeared through the door to the kitchen, but came back a moment later with a carrier bag in his hand. "Props," he gestured. He asked me to lie down on the rug and spread my legs, which I promptly did. I was nervous but excited and intrigued over what was to come next. He looked around and smiled at a vase brimming with mixed flowers, reached over and shook them out. He began to arrange them around my body. When he finished, it appeared as if I were laying in the midst of a flowerbed growing oddly from the middle of his conservatory floor.

"The pleasure of still life," he named the drawing he was about to attempt. From the grocery bag, he extracted several items. From my position on the floor I saw a large green cucumber; a bottle of wine, a small plastic bottle of something I didn't recognise and a cellophane wrapped pack of something yellow. He popped the cork on the wine and sipped straight from the bottle before passing it around. "Be creative, Andrea," he instructed. "Use the props with imagination please."

I couldn't see what she was doing, but it felt so nice. Something smooth and cool was stroking over the damp entrance of my pussy. I could tell that it was firm and long. The cucumber, I decided. I wondered what that thing was going to feel like inside me, and it wasn't long before I found out. It was cold at first; as it slid neatly between my lips and I gasped a little. Andra's free hand came up to stroke my stomach and tits, and I relaxed and allowed her to insert the fruit in to me. It was so big and hard, I hadn't felt anything quite like this before. I dripped my juices on to it as it slid in and out.

Mr Grant watched and drew, his erection apparent and a smile on his face. "Good, now try the corn," he advised."

So that was what the yellow things were. I didn't normally like corn on the cob but I definitely liked this one. It was shorter than the cucumber, but it was a little bit thicker and it had little ridges which caused amazing sensations inside me as Andrea fucked me with it. Her thumb massaged my clit and she picked up her rhythm. I arched my back and made some appreciative sounds. She handed me the cucumber which was now warm and damp from being inside me. "Take it," she said, "suck it."

I took it in my hand and raised it to my lips, it tasted like my pussy. I took it in to my mouth and sucked it as if it were a cock and it muffled my moans as Andrea brought me to climax with her fingers and the corn.

The oil felt lovely as Mr Grant poured it over my body. He rubbed it over my tits with gentle strokes, and when his body pressed against mine, it felt slippery between us. Andrea sketched happily as she watched Mr Grant pin my arms above my head with one strong hand and my body beneath his own. I moaned softly as I felt the tip of his cock enter me for the first time.

The pencil scratched away busily as he sank in to me slowly. His cock wasn't quite as large as the one I had felt earlier that day but Mr Grant had obviously had a lot of experience. He moved inside me expertly and it wasn't long before he was pounding away at the right spot. My whole body tensed as I came on him and he quickly lifted my legs to rest them on his shoulders. I felt some oil being dribbled over my cunt and it ran down between my cheeks. Then I felt the tip of his dripping cock move lower and press in to my arse.

I was scared that it was going to hurt but I was also desperate to experience this for the first time. I felt my hole stretch wide and I cried out at his sudden thrust. Andrea was sketching with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. I wanted to help her cum while my arse was being ravaged. I whimpered as Mr Grant fucked me, fast and hard. I felt as if I was being torn in two, but as soon as his finger started rubbing my clit I felt my orgasm build sweetly, and I came harder that I have ever done before. He gripped my thighs and ejaculated soon after. His cock pulsed inside my arse as he filled it with his hot spunk.

Andrea and I obediently got in to position as our teacher instructed us. We knelt on all fours facing away from each other. As I struggled to work out what could possibly happen in this position, Mr Grant leant down and placed the cucumber between us. One end entered me and my dripping cunt accepted it. The other end must have been inserted in to Andrea because the next thing I felt was the lips of her pussy meet my own, as he guided us together. It took a moment to get the correct rhythm, but when we did, it felt amazing. Her arse and pussy smacked against mine as the cucumber pressed in to each of us. This sketch will look great, I thought as Andrea cried out and her cum merged with my own.

"You were like a fresh canvas," he explained, "new and fresh, just waiting to be made in to a work of art." The charcoal in his hand stroked and shaded the paper. He paused to consider his work as he poured oil over Andrea and I. We were tipsy from the wine we had drank and the empty bottle stood on the floor next to the rug. With sudden inspiration, I reached for it. I pressed the neck of the bottle between Andra's swollen lips and she groaned with pleasure as I pushed it inside her. As the bottle reached it's wider point I watched as her pussy stretched to accommodate it. Her lips opened up and her clit glistened wet and hard. I leant down and took it between my teeth as I held the bottle in her pussy. I sucked her clit in to my mouth and she writhed and moaned beneath me as she came. The oil was slick on our bodies and made our skin slide deliciously against each other.

Mr Grant emptied the last of the oil over us. "Oil on canvas," he smiled to himself as Andrea and I lay spent, our hair everywhere and our legs entwined.

Just some fun..

Jul 15th @ 6:18pm EDT

I melt all over again as soon as you smile at me and those sparky eyes of yours tell me that tonight Im going to enjoy you in ways I havent thought of yet.
You grab my hand and pull me close to you, we dont kiss but I lose my face in the warmth of your neck as you breathe in the scent if my perfume.
Instantly I want to be naked with you, want the rest of the world to disappear for a few hours so we can take an exciting journey together.
You lead me by the hand to my bedroom and I feel nothing but pure excitement, my pussy feels it too and it moistens beneath the skirt Im wearing,
The door closed behind us and your eyes are on me, were speaking to each other without words and were discussing trust. Satisfied that we agree, we begin to undress ourselves, all the while our eyes are fixed, mesmerised.
I dont know who knelt first, but were on the floor now, the carpet soft beneath our knees. Our chests are drawn close as if magnets are bringing us together.
It feels good, incredible actually to have your bare skin against mine, and you feel my nipples grow hard like bullets as I rise and fall slowly stimulating us both.
I want you
I whisper as I look at you and tempt you with my best fuck me eyes.
I swear you mock me slightly, though not maliciously because youve never known anyone as sexually needy as me and it amuses you to tease me, youre as rude and twisted as me though and Ive really met my match with you.
Your fingers are on my mouth they trace the outline of my full lips, which quiver slightly in anticipation.
It just takes the simple act of you forcing my mouth open and thrusting two fingers inside for the mood to change to a wild one where the metaphorical door closes behind us and for a split second I am reminded of a supermarket, no exit until youve been round every aisle.
Already I am gasping and youre only playing with my mouth, its the simple things I think to myself as you add more fingers before rubbing my own saliva over my face.
You move your attention to my breasts, my nipples in particular and when without build up you tug at my nipples I accidentally let out this sound, which tells you too much, tells you its fine to do whatever you want with me. You already knew that though and thats why youre here with me because you want a plaything and I want to be played with. Oh boy, do I.
I am yours now, my eyes close and I am abandoning myself to you my bald pussy is swollen and aching for you, only you.
Oh my god
You say to me as your fingers meet my sopping cunt and are drawn towards my swollen clit. I lie back on the floor and spread my legs for you as you take in the sight and the texture of me.
Youre pleased that youve driven my pussy this wild and now youre going to play with it a while, see what you can get it to do, this new toy of yours.
Its sending me totally insane to watch you examining my pussy, twisting, probing, pinching, the look of concentration on your face as your fingers and my pussy make slick sounds as you bring me close to an explosion. Its too much for me to bare and I have to close my eyes but in my head I can still see the expression on your face and its that more than anything else thats about to make a river of juices soak your fingers.
My breathing becomes erratic, my face contorts and my stomach rises up as my orgasm sweeps over me, takes over me, and causes me to cry out the wildest most incoherent noise youve ever heard, you watch as juices erupt from me and trickle down towards my ass.
I feel hornier than ever now and even though its super sensitive I feel renewed arousal as you immediately go to work on me with your tongue, you hungrily lap up the juices you created ignoring the shaking of my legs as you nibble on my spent clit.
Your fingers delve inside me and I welcome them, I need them.
Fuck yes, give them to me
I cant help it dont you see that, dont you see what youre doing to me.
You do see and you give them to me, all of them. You count as you add fingers,
One, two, mm three is getting tight you say in a voice that is starting to show your own needs.
four, oh yes, You want five? you ask, and what can I say?
Yes damn it, give me everything
Holy fuck I would think if I could think about anything, if this violation wasnt overwhelming me so much that I could do anything other than embrace it, take it.
Im fisting your cute shaven pussy now
You say as we both watch your efforts.
The sight of your fist in my pussy transfixes me, you arent satisfied though and you try to work a finger into my tight ass, its a tough task because youre taking up all the space in my needy body but you just about manage it and youre thrusting both of my holes now, making me cry out in submission.
My clit is taut as you stretch me but I rub it hard and fast until I am screaming with a mixture of overwhelming pleasure and pain.
The physical pleasure subsides leaving me mentally aroused and sore, you clamber up my body with a smile and you introduce your dripping cock to my face, you rub it over my cheeks, then my eyes before settling rather predictably on my mouth, I dont mind though because it looks delicious and it tastes delicious too, I want it in my mouth and youre giving it to me now, giving me all of it in my small mouth.
I suck hard and show the same enthusiasm that you showed my pussy. All the while I watch your face, watch your pleasure as you fuck my throat relentlessly.
Your pace quickens and you slap my face before grabbing my hair and shaking me as you thrust and lose yourself and your seed to my aching throat.
My legs are shaky as I nip to the bathroom to compose myself. I check my face in the mirror, my skin is flushed my hair matted, I look a state and my eyes look wild because its how I feel.
I tidy myself up a bit and dry my wet pussy before returning to the bedroom.
Youre on my bed now and youre smiling a knowing sort of smile which makes me wonder what youre thinking, I dont ask though because Im certain to find out soon enough.
I climb on the bed and lay down beside you, you run your hands down the length of my back, taking in the smoothness before working your way back up. You touch my neck and it sends a shiver (a good one) down my spine that makes you smile.
Down you go again, this time you go further and your fingers torment my ass, which is apparently yours for the taking.
Your fingers work their magic on me gently, and you probe delicately preparing me for whats to come.
On your knees
You order me, and it excites me to obey you.
Youre behind me now and you begin pushing something cold into my ass. Whatever it is, its small and smooth, it doesnt take long for me to realise as I glance around me, that the dish of marbles from the dresser is missing. Suddenly Im panicking slightly, can you panic only slightly? At the thought of this marble lost inside me, but when you use your finger to push it deep inside me and add another, the thrill of it takes over.
You continue to fill my tight ass with marbles, counting them as you go, which makes me smile with relief and amusement.
When youve exhausted your supply, you push your cock into my grateful pussy, and you fuck me senseless, no begging needed, you slam yourself, pound me, use me until youre giving my fertile pussy a generous helping of your hot delicious cum.
My marble enhanced orgasm my third an odd number I think with a hopeful smile, leaves my body satisfied but my mind crying out for more.
Only when we have all the marbles accounted for do I lay down next to you and allow my eyes to wander the room for anything else that looks like it might be orgasm enhancing.

my ideal dream

Jul 15th @ 6:13pm EDT

I love to fantasise when i make love ,my partner always goes on about threesomes and i was never sure if he really wanted too or if there was another reason for it , he used to be a very jealous type , did'nt like me talkin to other guys let alone shag them ,since his turnaround i had thoughts that he did'nt love me anymore ,silly things creep into my head , but i do know for certain he does love me as much now as he always has, he just says it's excitement for both of us he wants , that we are getting on a bit in life and have never experienced sex to our fullfilment, my husband usually spends 1 hour or so with foreplay and love making , only trouble is thats when i get going , luckily for me he loves me to fantasise and use sex toys , both of us have chatted about introducing a third party , i get so wet with the thought of it , i'm really quite prudish when it comes to sex , well maybe i should say a little afraid of the outcome with my partner the next day, more about that later. One night as we were messing around with this 8" dildo ( after love making ) my partner was saying he had arranged for a guy to come in and give me a good shagging as he watched , this really turns both of us on , i started to thrust my 8' partner deeper inside me imagining it was this guy , my husband started to lick my pussy as i was banging away , my juices were flowing like a river , i told him i wantedto fuck them at the same time , one in my pussy and the other in my ass, as we preceeded i grabbed hold of another dildo to orally fuck as they were both doing me .... i was so excited , i needed as much cock as i could get , my orgasms were flowing , harder , harder i was shouting , my husband was thrusting like mad , his cock in my pussy and 8'dildo ramming my ass , then just at that moment there was a knock at the door , my partner said ," that will be him , what do you want me to do" . I was so high i said " to shit with it , if your okay with it bring him in ", i was so horny i could'nt wait , my fanny had pulses with the thought of the real thing two men , the door got knocked again , are you sure my hubby replied , " yeah , go bring him in " , he got up , put his boxers on and left the room , my heart started racing with excitement , i never had done this before , but what the shit , i started to finger my ass and gently slide the dildo in and out with the thought two cocks soon to be fuckin me , i heard the door close , i shouted to my partner don't put the light on ,just come straight in , i was nervous , excited , but most of all very horny , the door opened and i closed my eyes expecting four hands to start roaming my body , fingering me out , lips all over my breasts and pussy , but it all went quiet , i opened my eyes to see my husband stand there grinning , i said where is he , he replied " i was only teasing , it was only coincidence that the someone knocked the door at that certain time ", i was really disappointed that it wasn't true, my husband did say " i always asked you if you would give it a go but you never really committed yourself to it ..did you" ... i had to see the funny side of it ..we do talk a lot about it and i always say " i'd love to but you know i'm a little shy , and what would you think of me the next day " " I'd love you all the more he replied " ... we were so both up for it i'm sorry we never carried it thru.

My biggest fear with carrying out our fantasies is having to face each other next morning lol , but i've been told by a friend ( they do it regulary on holiday ) that they cant keep their hands of one another... Iused to think my husband was putting me to test , to see if i would let another guy fuck me ...but i know different now ...since then we had a long weekend in amsterdam, and one night in a club both of us had been drinking , "we were'nt drunk , just a little merry " my husband had started chatting to this other young guy , he was about late twenty's , we are in our late forties... he joined us for a few drinks ,after a while he went to the bar to buy us a drink and my husband said " i think he would fuck you quick," i laughed but my hubby said again , " honestly , if he could he would shag your brains out , "i replied " i'm not going there ," we started to laugh , but my husband said " listen , are you game just give him a kiss and let him touch you ", i gave a little thought back to that evening when i thought the other guy was coming in and said "why not , lets have a little bit of fun... but only touching " i said... my husband was going to make the excuse that he had to return to the hotel across the street for something and when he was gone i was going outside to the back of the club with this young guy for a few moments , my husband was going to hide at the back as well just to watch me for my first time kiss and get fondled by this guy ... my partner had only left and already this guy had come on to me , i said " can we go outside for a few moments i need some air , both of us got up went outside and he said , do you want to come back to my room , my husband will be back in a few minutes i told him , lets stand round hear i said .... i could see my husband slithered down behind a big bin so i felt a little better we stood against the wall he leaned over and kissed me , it did feel good i must admit , his hand went slowly on to my breast tweeking my nipple , oh shit im thinkin this is good lol, he then put his hand under my dress , pulled my pants to one side and started to finger me , hmmm it was so horny and exciting , i was soaking wet , my pussy was like a gusher ,i noticed my husband had started to play with his cock , this had me extremely horny, the young guy tried to take my pants down but i said no , we had'nt enough time , i opened his trousre and took his cock in my hand "nice i said" it must have been 7" and firm , i was gagging for it, but i didnt want it this way, i started wanking him as he put three fingers in me ,he slowly had me at orgasm within a few mins...after he had cum i said "we better go back in.... later on that night i fucked my hubbys brains out thinkin what could have been , but at least i'm a step nearer to the real thing now...... we have arranged a threesome with another female , well you cant really call it a threesome , i'm a little curious about sex with another female and he is going to watch ... this is a big fantasy of his , he said he would rather watch and then give me a good shagging later on lol .


Jul 13th @ 7:14am EDT

Walking out of my office, I noticed the cold air hit my face as I crossed the road to get into my car. I was feeling really happy and in a playful mood as I put my laptop and bag onto the passenger seat and so turned on. I knew my partner would still be at work, so I was looking forward to going home and having some time to myself.

As I was driving home, I really felt like pulling my car over and reaching one hand up my skirt, feeling the tops of my black stockings and feeling my black knickers, stroking my warm pussy. I imagined being touched by a total stranger and he was in the car with me, undressing me slowly and kissing my soft skin whilst doing it. I imagined him stroking my stockings and teasing my inner thighs with his fingers, looking at me as he moved two fingers towards the damp area over my pussy.

I let myself imagine that the man touching me in such an intimate way was in full US Navy uniform and had a fantastic smile and friendly eyes. It turned me on just looking at him, let alone feeling his touch. I really like men in uniform, but the one uniform which turns me on more than any other is the US Navy one as well as the flight gear worn in one of my most favourite films Top Gun. The uniform just drives me wild!

As I turned into the road where I lived, I was feeling so excited at the thought of having the whole house to myself and not being disturbed by anyone. Upon reaching my house, I parked the car on the drive, walked towards the front door and let myself in. The house was still and quiet, and no one for company other than my two cats. After greeting them, I left them to do their own thing whilst I walked upstairs towards the bathroom to take a shower.

Wearing a black pinstripe skirt suit, I slowly started to undress myself. After taking off my jacket, I moved my hands towards the zip on my skirt and allowed it to fall slowly to the floor, before stepping over it. Next, I unbuttoned the white blouse I was wearing, slowly undoing one button at a time to reveal a soft, black lace detail bra, hiding my full breasts inside. Sitting myself down on a chair, I gently rolled each stocking from my legs before standing up and finally removing the black underwear I was wearing. I looked at myself in the mirror, stroking my breasts with both hands and feeling. I looked back at the person in the mirror with long dark hair and blue eyes and felt so sexy and attractive.

Stepping into the shower, my nipples became so erect as I moved under the warm splashing water, tiny droplets of water running down my face, neck, breasts and downwards towards my legs. Lathering my body in shower gel, I started to stroke every inch of my body as my skin was covered in soap. It felt so good as my hands began to slide down my stomach and across my hips, down my thighs and around my smooth pussy. I dropped the sponge I was holding and whilst water poured down on me, I slowly let my hand move down towards my pussy, moving my fingers over the outside, teasing myself with my fingers.

With my other hand, I start to caress both of my large, firm breasts, feeling my hard nipples between my fingers. It felt so good feeling the droplets of warm water hit each breast as I touched them. Holding my head back, I moaned as I slowly inserted one finger into my warm, wet pussy. It felt so slippery and creamy inside as I playfully touched my clit, moving my finger over it at a steady pace. Cupping one breast, I imagined I was being slowly fingered by the same man I thought about in the car. I closed my eyes and moaned with pleasure as I pictured him sharing the warm shower with me, holding me close to his naked body as his finger went further into me, stroking me harder and harder until I finally had to let myself go as I felt my body tremble.

After having showered, I wrapped a towel around my body and walked towards the bedroom. I was still feeling so horny and what happened in the shower was not enough for me, so I laid down upon the bed, allowed the towel to fall away from my wet body and slowly parted my legs. Moving my hands towards my breasts, I circled my nipples before squeezing them hard and moving one hand down towards my thighs. Teasing my inner thighs, I started to stroke myself and play with my smooth pussy. I was still very wet inside and as I opened my legs wider, I stroked my hard clit, flicking my two fingers over it, moaning and moving my head from side to side as I added more pressure to the movement.

Squeezing one of my breasts with my other hand, I felt so turned on and imagined what it would be like if someone caught me playing with myself on my bed. I guessed the person would be shocked at first and wanted it to be a man. I imagined him catching a glimpse of my naked body through a gap in the door and becoming hard from what he was observing. I thought about his hard cock, being handled by one of his hands as he quickly wanked himself whilst I fingered my clit. Holding his cock with a firm grip.

As I became more aroused, I moved my hips and arched my back upwards, pressing my bum into the bed as I fingered myself at a faster pace. I had to taste myself, so I removed my finger and licked all the cream off it before replacing it inside my warm pussy. I wanted to see myself come and watched myself, with my legs open in the long mirror opposite me. I could see my finger flicking wildly inside me as looked at myself. I opened as wide as i could to see as much as I could before fingering myself harder to the point of orgasm.

After having just given myself a great time, I allowed my body to relax and stroked my hands over my stomach, breasts and hips. It was so nice to enjoy my body and feel so playful.


Jul 13th @ 7:13am EDT

I had arrived at my office early and since nobody was around, I decided to take advantage of the situation as I was certain I would not be disturbed. The only people in at this time were security, and they never came into my office, so I could totally relax.

I walked past security, feeling so good in what I was wearing. Dressed in a black skirt suit, black stockings and heels, I walked past the security guard and could sense he was watching me walk towards the lift. I turned and caught his glance as I waited for the lift to my office. Looking at my watch, I knew I had plenty of time to have some time to myself and this very thought was turning me on so much.

The lift came, I stepped in and felt excited at what was to come. The office was quiet and the blinds closed. I walked over to my desk and placed my bag on the floor. A desk was situated opposite mine and I imagined in detail what my colleague would say if he was to walk in on me whilst I was fingering myself and enjoying every moment. It turned me on knowing I risked this happening but also a total stranger walking in and finding me on my desk with my legs apart.

Moving various items aside on my desk, I perched myself on top and kicked off my heels, running one hand against my stockings, feeling how silky the material felt against my skin, and moved my fingers towards the delicate lace at the top of the stocking. I felt so sexy wearing the outfit and the stockings made me feel extra special.

I felt so naughty and yet so turned on. I knew I should not be doing this at work. Using my other hand, I slowly unbuttoned my white blouse and fingered the lace around the top of my bra before forcing my hand further inside, to feel my soft, swollen breasts under the material. I moved two fingers across my nipple and started to feel excited at how erect they felt. It felt so good to touch between my fingers and slowly massage. I started to push my head back and let my long brown hair fall towards the desk as I moved my hand over both breasts and play with my hard nipples.

With one hand resting on the desk, I moved the other away from my breasts and downwards over my stomach and then pulled my skirt up slightly to feel the top of my stockings and stroked my inner thighs. I imagined it was a man who was touching me and as I eased one finger over the black knickers I was wearing, I could feel the dampness of the material surrounding my pussy. It felt so good, as I built an image in my head that a man was teasing me with his finger and asking me if I liked it.

I could wait no longer, as I was already very aroused. Using a finger to move the material aside, I pushed my finger further and felt how wet and silky my pussy was. I moaned and let my head roll back further as I slowly fingered myself, sliding one finger over my hard, silky clit. I moved my head forwards and noticed how erect my nipples were through the material of my bra. They were so well defined and evidence to how much I was enjoying the moment. Feeling more excited, I fingered myself at a faster pace than before and rolled my head back as I became more wet with excitement and then decided to slow down my movements so I could really enjoy touching myself. I had made myself so wet and creamy and my clit was becoming harder as I playfully stroked across it.

On removing my finger for a couple of seconds, I moved it towards my mouth to taste myself and licked my finger before moving it back to my warm, wet pussy. It turned me on more not feeling any hair over my most intimate part since I had recently had it all waxed off. It felt so smooth and soft and fingering myself had felt more intense. Moving my finger further in, I moaned with pleasure as I started to feel how silky I had become. I was feeling desperate to just keep moving my finger over my clit until I made myself climax, but I felt this was too quick. I wanted to make myself be patient and enjoy being stroked.

As I fingered myself slowly, I imagined a man was standing in front of me and looking at me as I pleasured myself, before kneeling down before me and parting my legs wider to use his warm tongue on me. I imagined his tongue flicking over my clit from side to side and his finger held firmly inside me. I rubbed my clit harder and quicker as I imagined him licking me. As I fingered harder, I felt myself become more turned on and the need to let go and bring myself to orgasm was so intense. I opened my legs wider, and eased my body across the desk as I continued fingering my self faster. Breathing heavily and moaning in between, I could feel I was close to making myself come. I arched my back with every stroke and pushed myself towards the desk as the pace got faster and faster. It felt so good. I turned my head towards the direction of the door leading to my office and saw a figure standing there, watching me. I recognised who it was. It was someone working in another department.

I was too excited to stop and carried on what I was doing. The figure continued to stand at the doorway as I worked my way towards climaxing. It turned me on so much knowing I was being watched by someone I had only ever said "Hello" to. I looked at him as I fingered myself and let him see my body in such an aroused state. I noticed him touch himself as he looked at me. As I started to feel myself come, I maintained eye contact with him and rubbed myself harder as I enjoyed my touch. The orgasm I had was amazing and my finger was covered in smooth, silky come. I removed my finger and felt I had to taste it. It tasted so good and I craved for the figure standing at the door to come over and lick my creamy pussy, but instead, he left me to recover from such intense orgasm and get on with some work, before my colleague walked into the office.

A Voyeur's Stimulation

Jul 12th @ 4:52am EDT

I waited here before same time, same place, and same day. She always arrives first. Today she was dressed in a short red teddy that barely stopped mid-thigh. She turned when she heard him come in. A big smile on her face they exchanged words. I could never hear what they said but, whatever it was it didnt matter I wasnt there to listen to them but to watch. She glided to him and grabbed his cock through his boxers. He smiled as he watched her drop down to her knees.

She glided her hand up and down his cock looking up at him and saying something. He chuckled and rubbed the back of her head and watched as she licked her lips and began kissing along the top of his boxers. She peppered his abs with wet kisses making sure to coat each pack with at least one kiss. Using her tongue she circled his belly button and drew a line from his belly button to the top of his boxers and began pulling his boxers down and running kisses along his thighs.

With a twist of his hips he smacked her face with his cock. My mouth watered as I watched her lean back. He smiled and grabbed her checks with one hand and his cock with the other. Forcing her mouth opened he rammed his cock in her mouth. Moving both hands to the back of her head he began pumping in and out of her mouth.

I couldnt help but stick two fingers in my mouth and begin to suck them. Wishing it was his thick cock. As his thrust became more frenzied my head bobbed on my fingers faster. I watched as she used one hand to steady herself and the other hand moved to her breast and she began to squeeze and pull her nipple. Suddenly, his movements stopped and he pulled his thick member out of her mouth and grabbed her arms to pull her up. My wet finger came out of my mouth and moved to my breast.

Turning her so that her back was pressed against the door, he dropped his head to her breast and pulled one nipple into his mouth and pinched the other one with his other hand. She didnt want that though she placed her hands on his shoulders and began to push him down. Understanding, he grabbed the straps of her teddy and began pulling them down her arms, kissing every inch of her skin that was revealed as he moved down her body. When he was on his knees in front of her he dipped his tongue in her belly button and the same way he had fucked her mouth he began fucking her bellybutton. Taking his two fingers he began to run them along her pussy lips before forcibly shoving them inside.

As he pumped his fingers in the same rhythm as his tongue I moved my hands down to my dripping cunt. It had been so long for me that even the breeze against my clit had me pumping my hips. Watching them as he finally moved his tongue to her pussy I began to finger fuck myself as he fucked her with his tongue.

Standing up he tossed her on her stomach at the edge of the bed he walked up behind her and rubbed his cock along the seam of her ass, she grinded back into him. Pulling away from her he rammed his cock into her pussy pushing her forward. Grabbing both of her breasts for leverage and began to pull her back and push her forward.

By now I was so far gone that I began to grind my throbbing cunt against the closes pole. So caught up was I in the image before me and my own pleasure that I didnt hear anyone walking up behind me. It wasnt till I felt the hand cover my mouth and the arm wrap around my waist that I was aware I was no longer alone..

My boy friends roommate

Jul 12th @ 4:49am EDT

Some nice hot story for u Guys ;) :
"You should put on a condom," I whispered.

"No," Mike said firmly. "I want to feel you."

I didn't say anything as Mike slid inside me easily in one quick stroke. I was wet and ready and wanted it just as bad as he did. Mike and I had been dating for almost a year and up until a couple months before I had been on the pill. Due to some bad side effects of the pill my doctor had told me to stop taking it, which meant using a condom. This was our only form of birth control. I had to admit it felt more intimate having him inside me without a condom. I had just finished my period, so I wasn't too worried about getting pregnant.

"Oh God," Mike breathed looking down at my naked body and he pumped his manhood in and out of me. "You're so fucking hot." I was just happy to lie there while Mike did all the work. I was happily drunk and enjoying the sensations as my hands ran all over Mike's beautifully muscled body while he continued to fuck me silly.

My boyfriend Mike, his roommate Jim, and I had stumbled back to their place after spending most of the night drinking heavily at a local bar. Once inside, Mike and I headed straight to the bedroom and closed the door. We were both drunk and horny, and it didn't take long before we had our clothes off. I had been wet as a river and so we skipped the foreplay.

"Oh God! I'm so turned on right now," Mike moaned as he continued pounding away at me. "I'm thinking such nasty thoughts right now."

"Tell me," I moaned. "I want to hear your nasty thoughts."

"I don't know," he grunted, still pushing himself in and out of me.

"Please, tell me," I said. "I want to hear your fantasies."

"I want to see you with someone else," he said.

"A woman?"

"That would be hot," Mike breathed. "But I was thinking a guy."

"You want to see me with another man?" I said unable to hide my surprise.

"That would be so fucking hot...Oh Godit feels so good to be inside you like this" he breathed. "I would love to watch you get fucked by some guy."

"You would really want to see me with another guy?" I still couldn't believe what he was asking.

"Yeah, if I got to watch. I would love to fuck you after another guy filled you with his cum."

"You'd like that," I said still surprised but starting playing along. I figured Mike was drunk, so he was getting a little wild.

"Oh yeah," he breathed. "Would you do it?"

"Maybe," I whispered.

"You would," he said sounding surprised. "That would be so fucking hot. I'm so turned on right now."

Seeing him turned on so much got me going too. Mike really started going at me and I was feeling the beginning of an orgasm coming on.

"Would you really fuck another guy for me?" he asked suddenly stopping but keeping himself buried deep inside me.

"It depends on which guy," I answered.

"How about Jim?"

"Jim? But Jim's your roommate."

"That's okay," Mike said. "You could fuck him right now."


"Yeah," Mike said sounding excited. "Just go into his room. I know he would be into it."

"No," I said. "He's your roommate."

"Come on," Mike said. "All you have to do it go into his room. I would love to see you fuck Jim."

"I don't know," I said feeling uncomfortable. "We know him."

"Come on, please" Mike begged moving himself slowly in and out of me. "I would love it. Please do it for me."

"You want me to fuck Jim for you?" I asked. "What about tomorrow morning?"

"Jim's a good guy," Mike said. "He'd be cool about everything. God, it would be so fucking hot if you walked into his room right now and fucked him."

"You really want this?" I asked. I had never really been that attracted to Jim. He was nice but he had a adolescent sense of humor and always seemed a little immature to me. Moreover, he was a big tall overweight guy and not really my type.

"Oh yeah," Mike said excitedly. "Will you do it?"

"What if he doesn't want me?"

"Right!" Mike said. "First of all you're totally hot and he hasn't been laid in like a year. All you would have to do is stroke him a little and he'd be into it."

"I don't know," I said scaring myself that I was actually thinking about it.

"Come on, please," Mike begged again. "I would do anything to see you fuck Jim and have him cum inside you."


"I'll totally owe you, if you do this," Mike said. I found the whole idea very strange and I had no idea Mike harbored such sexual fantasies like seeing me with another guy. "Will you do it?"

"Alright," I said with my own words sounding surreal to me.

"You will," Mike said sounding surprised, but excited. "I'm going to love this."

Mike pulled himself out of me and sat up. Then we both stood up next to the bed. I was a little wobbly, still feeling pretty buzzed from the all the drinking I had done earlier. Even though I was fairly drunk, not to mention very horny, my heart was racing when I thought about what I was about to do.

Mike opened the door to the bedroom and kissed as I went by. I slowly walked down the hall naked towards Jim's room. I couldn't walk very well and the hall seemed to be spinning. I didn't know if it was from being drunk or nervous. The door to Jim's room was slightly ajar and I stood in front of it trying to gather my courage. I looked back toward Mike and he motioned me forward.

I slowly pushed the door open as quietly as I could. I stood there for a moment to see if he had woken up. I knew it was ridiculous but I was hoping he would stay asleep throughout the whole thing. I took a step forward and stood there again unsure of what to do. I felt my hands begin to shake and the room wouldn't stop spinning.

"Just get into bed with him," I heard Mike whisper.

I took another step forward having to concentrate really hard on staying upright. Keeping an eye on Jim's sleeping figure I pulled up on his comforter and crawled under the covers next to him. Amazingly enough he hadn't woken up. I just lay there unable to make myself move.

"Start stroking him," Mike whispered.

With my shaking hand I reached for James' crotch. I felt his flaccid cock underneath his boxers and started massaging him through the cotton material. It didn't take too long for him to get hard. Then I yelped when Jim suddenly woke up.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I want you to make-love to me," I whispered as I pressed my body up against him. I felt him try to move away from me but he couldn't since he was pinned up against the wall.

"What about Mike?" he said.

"It okay," I whispered reaching underneath the material of his boxers and stroking the skin of his cock with my fingers.

Then I kissed him while pressing my breasts up against his chest and grinding my pubic mound against his erection. I felt myself getting wet when he started kissing me back. I have to admit that being naked in bed with another guy right in front of Mike excited me.

As we continued to explore each other's mouths with our tongues, my hands ventured across his hips and torso. I also felt his hands on my back moving down to cup my ass and caress my thighs. I pulled at his boxers and he helped pushed them down. Now he was fully naked.

I kissed my way down his chest as I stroked his engorged cock up and down. Then I took the head of his manhood into my mouth. I couldn't believe what I was doing. The situation made it so arousing. Jim was a quite a bit larger than Mike and I stated to imagine what he would feel like inside me.

Giving him head was really turning me on and making me really wet. I lost myself in the wantonness of actually sucking another guy's cock while Mike watched. I could barely tell that he was there standing in the doorway staring at Jim and I on the bed but I knew he was..

I continued moving my mouth up and down Jim's shaft as I caressed his balls with the tips of my fingers. I knew I had pushed him too far when he grabbed the sheets and starting moaning loudly. A moment later I felt his hot cum explode into my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but it was too much and some of it dripped off my chin onto James' public area. I liked him clean disappointed that he had shot off early but hopeful that I could get him going again. I really wanted to fuck him not only for Mike but I wanted his monster cock inside me as well.

I glanced over to the doorway and saw Mike stroking him himself. This only made me try harder to get Jim hard again. I was determined to move on to what I had intended to start with -- to fuck Jim while Mike watched from the door


Jul 12th @ 4:40am EDT

He knew she was going to be at her window, which is exactly what happened every day. His window faced hers and he could see clearly inside the bedroom. He stood in the dark behind his half drawn curtains and looked into her brightly lit bedroom. He didnt know if she knew he was there but he suspected she did, her routine never varied.

She walked into her room. Her white skin glowed in the soft light of the lamps, her body was covered by nothing but a soft white towel, her dark brown hair wet and glistening. He was already aroused, his cock hard. She was so beautiful; he craved to touch her, to feel her soft creamy skin.

She went to her bed and dropped her towel, as always his breath caught in his throat--he never failed to be surprised at her naked body, the sight of it haunted his dreams. His cock responded to the sight of her naked body and he felt the throbbing.

She went over to her dressing table, which was directly opposite the window, and started slowly combing her hair. He loved watching her do that, it was so slow and erotic the way she dragged the comb through her dark hair, she looked like an ethereal nymph. His hand moved slowly to grip his cock, he felt how hard and full it was and squeezed it slightly.

She was now applying cream to her lovely soft face and her long slender neck, running her delicate fingers slowly over her skin. For him it was like foreplay, he took his time teasing his cock as he watched her, waiting for what was to come.

When he saw he reaching for the bottle of body lotion, the soft sweet smell of which he knew so well, his pace quickened and precum started oozing from his cock. She poured some lotion into her palm and started spreading it slowly over her shoulders and arms in circular motions. Her hands rubbed the lotion into her skin in a sensual half caress. He was breathing heavily and stroking his cock as he watched her bare breasts sway gently with the motion of her arms.

After she had finished with her shoulders she took some more lotion and her hands moved to her breasts. She rubbed the lotion in circular motions from the outside in, her eyes half closed in pleasure. When he saw her nipples harden from her touch he couldnt suppress a moan and his hips jerked forward. Her hands lingered on her nipples- more from the pleasure than from necessity. He was rubbing his cock vigorously now, his other hand cupping and kneading his balls. Her hands moved lower, over her soft tummy, then twisted back and rubbed her back as well. Her skin glowed pink now from the flow of blood to her skin.

She took more lotion and lifting one of her legs onto the table started rubbing it from the foot upward. This revealed to him a glimpse of tender pink skin that made his mouth water, she looked so delicious. He was thrusting to meet the movements of his hand as he watched her hands slowly moving up her leg. When she reached the top of her thigh she took more lotion and started on the other leg in the same way. He could feel he was close now; the pressure in his balls was mounting.

When she finished with both legs she turned around and started rubbing the lotion into her ample round ass cheeks. All he wanted to do as he watched her was to bury his nose and mouth between her cheeks. His mind wandered to visions of her straddling his face, her full ample breasts swaying as she rocked on top of him.

Then came his favorite part, her hands moved to her silky bare pussy and she gently rubbed lotion into her pubic area. When he saw her hand dip between her thighs and over her pink slit for a second he moaned loudly and with a final thrust shot load after load of hot cum over his hand and onto the floor.

As he caught his breath he watched her pulling on her sexy pink panties and slipping on a white silk nighty before disappearing out of the door.

Welcome Home

Jul 11th @ 4:28pm EDT

Lovelly story : Its late at night when he got back home. All the lights were closed, the interior of the house dark. He sighed in frustration and leaned against his car. Apparently, she didnt wait for him to get home before going to sleep. Not that he blamed her with all the late nights he had been working. Come to think of it, he had been barely able to kiss her goodbye this morning.

He gathered his bag and other documents and fumbled for his keys. He opened the door and reached out for the switch and blinked when the lights flickered.

And blinked again.

Petals were strewn on the flower. The deep red of roses, the gentle pink of carnation, and the pure whiteness of lily is mixed with each other creating a field of colors and an explosion of scents all over. He dumped his things on the sofa and looked around. Except for the light he had turned on, its still dark everywhere else. He loosened his tie and looked around. He went inside their room, nothing. He looked in the den, in the dining room, in the guestroom; he even went inside the laundry room, all nothing. A bit worried now, he entered his home office, flicked the lights open and smiled.

A vase filled with red roses sat on the middle of his table and in his big leather office chair, her.

She was curled in his chair, wearing a bathrobe, sleeping. He walked over her and touched her face and kissed her lightly. She moved and blinked her eyes open, smiled and sleepily said, Welcome home honey.

He touched his nose with hers and kissed her on her lips gently. You shouldnt have slept here. He said, then gathered her in his arms and carried her before sitting down on his chair settling her in his lap. She nuzzled his neck and breathed deeply.

Ive missed you so I planned to surprise you but I fell asleep.

He kissed her full on the mouth, tasting her sweet lips, his tongue playing with hers, his arm supporting her back, the other caressing her cheek. He couldnt stop the arousal he was feeling with her butt against it; can you really say its his fault?

Her arms went around his neck, kneading his muscles, kissing him back with passion and love and lust. His hand caressing her cheek traveled down and went inside her robe to feel her softness. She untied her robe and let it gape open to him. Shes covered in see-through blue lace. The kind that would make a man tear it away from her body and feast on her softness. He unclasped her bra and kissed her nipples, sucking on it, teasing it.

He stood up with her on his arms and laid her in his desk, took the vase placed it down and plucked a fully bloomed rose from it. He kissed the red blossom and lightly traced her face with it. From the bridge of her nose, to her rosy cheeks, to her luscious lips, down to her neck, her breathing going in and out slowly, her lips slightly open. He traced patterns over her chest, a silly heart, a smile, a heart. A petal freed itself from the rest and landed on her puckered nipple, he blew on it sending it down to her soft stomach.

Her muscles tense and shivers, a soft sigh escaping from her lips, he kissed her long and deep, their tongues playing and dancing. He started kissing her down, following the path the rose took, making her shiver and moan in suspense and pleasure.

He licked her navel, and went down and breathed against her lace covered mound. He grasped her panties with his teeth, guiding it down her thighs, kissing every uncovered piece of flesh. He breathed in her musky scent, arousing himself more.

She was breathing hard, biting her lips and moaning. He looked up and stared at her and grinned. A surprise is it honey? What were you planning? A finger went inside her folds, teased and flicked her clit.

She squirmed and let out a breathy moan. I was supposed to tease you.

He smiled and stretched up and kissed her deeply. Tease me? Drive me crazy? Did I get it right?

Yes. She whispered.

He kissed her again and kissed and nibbled his way down her. Your plan backfired honey. Ill be the one driving you crazy. His finger stopped playing with her clit and went inside her wet tunnel, all the while sucking her nipples in rhythm with his fingers. Her hand reached out for her and twined with one of his, the other went to caress his neck and play with his hair. She was moaning and moving her hips against his fingers. He continued to kiss and lick his way down until he found her clit. He blew on it and started to tease her.

A lick from his tongue, a push of his finger deeper inside her. Her juices spilled from inside her, coating his fingers, dripping its way down her thighs and buttocks, he drank her sweet juices, cleaning her up and he added another finger inside her. He could feel her muscles stretching and contracting, he could hear her moan and call his name over and over. Her legs tensed and he knew that shes coming. His fingers moved faster inside her and his tongue played with her clit, pressing it hard, gently biting it bringing her over the edge of pleasure. She gave out a loud moan and came hard.

He stood and removed his belt; his pants and briefs fell in one swoop and mounted her even before her muscles stopped quivering. Both of them groaned with the sensation, he encased in her tight warm body, she stretched and filled around his length. She wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at his eyes, her eyes shining with love and lust. He bent down and their lips touch each other, she could taste herself on her lovers lips, her own juices mixing with his own unique taste. He entered her fast and hard, at times almost completely pulling out before he drove deep inside her. She met every single thrust with her body with her legs around his hips. He tensed and came hard inside her, a moan escaping from him as he kissed her yet again. His release triggered hers and she milked her inside her.

He collapsed on her and hugged her tightly. She nuzzled her neck and sighed and said, Welcome home honey.

Lovers who love pleasing each other.

Jul 11th @ 4:25pm EDT

Nice story : Kay sat on the sofa in her apartment, waiting for her boyfriend Zack to get home from work. She sat there naked, with her legs spread wide. Her right hand draped across her body, caressing her left breast. Her left hand slowly stroked her wet pussy.

She and Zack had be living together for a few months. There relationship was very sexually charged from the start. She loved Zack sensitivity. They loved talking about ways to please each other. They spoke openly about their sexual likes and dislikes and were very open about their sexual fantasies. Recently, Zack had told her that he had a fantasy about them masturbating in front of each other. Tonight, she intended to make that fantasy come true.

She used her fingers to massage her soft wet lips slowly. She rubbed her swollen clit, hoping Zack would come home soon. She had been on the edge for far too long. She needed release. As she slid two fingers deep inside of her, Zack came through the door.

He froze in his tracks when he saw his naughty Kay fingering herself on the couch. He started to speak, but she brought her forefinger to her lips to shush him. She pointed to the chair across the room and directed him to sit down.

"Take off your clothes and stroke it for me, baby," she whispered in a breathy voice.

He did as he was told. He never took his eyes off of her fingers as they pushed in and out of her wet pussy. Her breathing grew ragged and he could tell that she would cum at any moment. He stroked his long cock. He was trying to control himself. He wanted to cum with her. He just hoped that she would get there soon. He grabbed his cock firmly to prevent his ejaculation, but he knew it was a losing battle. She was just too hot.

She saw this and knew that he was close. She let herself go and squirted forcefully. He followed soon after and a pearly rope of cum jetted out onto the floor in front of him. They continued stroking themselves, while maintaining constant eye contact. The intensity in the room was palpable. Zack could feel his heart pounding as he tried to regain his breath. Suddenly, he remembered that he had urgent news to share.

"Baby, you aren't going to believe this, but I wanted tonight to be your fantasy night," he said.

She stared at him smiling, but in disbelief. "What are you talking about, baby?"

Zack laughed, "You know, the one where you fuck me and another guy at the same time?"

"Who the fuck is the other guy," she said chuckling excitedly but nervously.

Zack looked up at the clock on the wall. "Erik will be here in about 15 minutes.

Kay knew that Zack meant her ex-boyfriend Erik Linders. Erik had been Zack's best friend until Zack had won Kay's heart. Neither Zack or Kay had intended to fall in love with each other. It just happened. There had been many hard feelings, but the three of them had found a way to get passed it. Erik ultimately realized that while he loved fucking Kay that they never would be more than lovers. Once he realized that, the pain of the break-up dissipated. He did miss the sex, however, Kay was truly a great fuck, so when Zack proposed this little get together, he agreed quickly.

Kay had always loved Erik's strength and masculinity. He spent a great deal of time in the weight room and always kept himself in great shape. As much as she loved Erik's ruggedness and chiseled features, she loved Zack's warmth and sensitivity more. She knew that Erik was more about pleasing himself while Zack made sure he made it his business to please her.

She couldn't deny that the thought of having both of them at the same time was making her pussy melt. Together, they were the perfect man. Forceful and dominating on one hand and sweet and considerate on the other.

She thought about taking a quick shower, but there was no time. She moved across the room and got down on her knees in front of Zack. She took his still semi-hard cock into her mouth. She could still taste the cum on it. The taste on her lips and the thought of the threesome to come was making her pussy boil.

As Zack became fully erect, he began pumping his hips at her. She took as much of his long cock as she could. On a particularly deep stroke, she heard the apartment door open and turned her head slightly. She watched Erik come in and saw him removing his clothes without a single word. He quickly moved behind her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her into position to take his thick cock. He wasted little time. He thrust forward, taking her deep with one fast, powerful stroke. As Erik fucked her pussy fast, she came hard. She moaned loudly, but the sound was muffled by Zack's throbbing cock deep in her throat.

Erik sensed that she came, but did not wait for her to catch her breath. He continued to slam into her wet pussy. Kay steadied herself and felt another orgasm begin to build. She felt Erik slide one finger into her asshole. She hoped that a finger was all that he intended. She knew Erik loved having his cock in her ass, but his girth made it a little painful. Still, she offered no protest when Erik pulled out of her pussy and forcefully pushed his way into her ass.

There was not as much discomfort as she anticipated as Erik rammed deep into her ass. She loved how full she felt as she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. So many sexual sensations were ripping through her body. She felt like she was on fire.

Zack neared his second orgasm. Kay sensed this and prepared to take his load down her throat. Suddenly, he pulled away from her mouth. She started to express her disappointment until she realized that he was carefully working his way underneath her so that he could sink his cock into her soaking pussy.

Soon, she had both cocks inside her. It was Kay's first threesome and she was relishing the bliss that these two men were bringing her. She felt Erik's pace quicken and sensed that he was about to cum in her ass. He started smacking her right ass cheek and he moaned loudly. Her stinging red ass only intensified the orgasm building inside her. Kay sensed that this orgasm would be the strongest yet.

Zack started grunting and moaning loudly. He worked to find a rhythm with Erik's thrusts. When he set this whole thing up, he worried that this threesome would turn into a competition to see which one of them could fuck Kay best. Instead, it was exactly what he had hoped; the three of them sharing a wonderfully intense sexual experience. In fact, the experience was exceeding all of his previous expectations.

Kay began to tire, and although she never wanted all these sensations to stop, her body hoped that they would all come soon. She desperately needed some rest. Then, Zack groaned and erupted deeply inside her. Erik followed close behind. With the cum of both men filling her, Kay came for the third time. The orgasm was like none that she had ever experienced before. She felt ripples and waves rolling through her body. She collapsed on top of Zack, and held him tightly. Erik eased his cock from her ass and collapsed backward on the floor.

Kay dozed off for a moment in Zack's arms. When she opened her eyes, Zack told her Erik was in the shower and suggested that they join him for more fun.

"Not just yet, mister," she said as she kissed him deeply and smiled. She reached between and found his cock and guided back to her pussy. As they fucked, Kay wondered just how far this wonderful fantasy would go.

Meeting You

Jul 11th @ 4:24pm EDT

Some story : This is it. Hes coming here. She bites her lips as she reads the flight details he sent via email. Theyve been chatting and exchanging emails for over a year now, talking about everything and anything under the sun. The connection was there from the very start, the light teasing and easy flirting, the random topics and jokes, and the companionship. It was a bit hard with the time difference, him being busy with his work, and her being a post-grad student, but shed smile and feel good whenever theyd chat.

He had said that hed come and meet her but she did take him seriously until he actually made concrete plans for it. She grabbed the pillow beside her, hugged it hard and buried her face in it to prevent herself from screaming and waking everyone up. She felt so happy; giddy, excited, wonderful and yes, a tad bit horny, too. She rushed to her closet and rummaged to find what she would wear when she met him at the airport. A dress? Or would jeans and shirt be more casual? Dress to seduce? Or dress to be the girl next door? Choices, choices

He was drinking his10 th cup of coffee for the day, tired, worn-out, fatigued and through it all, happy. The stress filled week of tying-up loose ends in the company is about to end. He actually has been able to get a two-week leave. Well, almost two weeks, since it was only ten days but he gets to spend it with her. Someone who always makes him smile through a hard day with a message and helped him open up to people. Thinking about her now cut through all the stress that has built up and got him smiling, and yes, made a tent in his pants. With a sigh, he got back to work. Just a few more days and hes going to meet her.

She was standing on her toes at the airport terminal, craning her neck for the sight of him. Damn all these tall people. Why do I have to be short? she grumbled. Then she saw him through the crowd and she smiled and walked fast, almost running and stopped in front of him and simply said, Hi.

He gazed at her, her small frame covered in a pretty red button-up cotton sundress, he dropped his bags and smiled and hugged her, I thought you said youd give me hug?

I believe it was supposed to be a handshake and then a hug, she whispered to his ear while hugging him back. She breathed deeply and smiled. Lets go. Its crowded here.

He grabbed his bags in one hand and took hers in the other. They walked hand in hand outside the airport, both of them giddy as children with silly smiles plastered on their faces. He kept on playing with her hands as they walked and got in a cab. Their smiles growing by the minute, she was biting her lips in giddiness. He kissed her hand, gave a tiny bite, looked at her and said, Youre beautiful.

She blushed. Thank you.

Both of them grinned, paused and said together, Thanks wont do. She smiled and gave him a big hug and cuddled into him. The cab stopped in front of his hotel and out they went. They went in, still hand in hand and smiling like crazy before checking into a room with a breath taking view of the bay. He dropped his bag the moment they entered the room and hugged her tightly.

Ive wanted to do that since forever. You do feel soft and cuddly.

She laughed a little and hugged him back, I know, silly. And I can feel you.. you know. She added grinning evilly, I think someone needs attention.

He hugged her tighter and kissed her. Would you like me to freshen up a little first?

Mmmmm No, I like the way you smell, all manly and rumpled.

Then Im all yours honey. He traced her face with a finger, looked at her and smiled. You are too cute, he whispered to her before kissing her deep. A kiss that went on and on until both of them are breathless. His hand caressed her neck, the other around the small of her back holding her close against him. Her hands wrapped around his neck, and she looked at him and smiled. They walked to the bed, kissing their way to it; he laid her down and looked at her smiled back and went to kiss her neck, giving little nibbles along the way.

He started unbuttoning her dress, one by one, paying attention to every flesh uncovered, giving it kisses, and bites and licks. Unhooked her bra and lavishly sucked at her breast, kissing and sucking alternately. He traced her lips with a finger, teasing her with his feathery touch.

She smiled and placed her hands inside his shirt, tugging it to be removed. Off the shirt went, his hand went to reach for her lace covered mound, teasing her clit and bent down to kiss her full on the lips. She kissed him and wrapped her arms around him and rolled, her long hair raining down on him. She started kissing her way down, teasing him much like how he teased her. She removed his belt and pushed his pants down, breathed warm air to his boxers, feeling him get even harder. She smiled and took him out, holding him lightly, and giving little licks everywhere. A moan escaped his lips and he held the sheets tightly.

She bathed his tip with her tongue, all the while looking at him and gently squeezing his whole length. Her tongue gave him a long slow lick from the base to the tip before opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around his cock. She slides her head down taking him deep inside her mouth, his hips start to move in rhythm with her head and moans could be heard from him which just excites her more. She alternated sucking and licking him, keeping him at the point of cumming but not really all the while stealing sexy, lusty glances at him.

His breathing was faster and deeper and she knew he was close to cumming. She started moving her head faster, taking him deeper each time, sucking him harder. His muscles tensed and he came hard inside her mouth. She swallowed his seed, liking the sweet taste of him inside her.

He panted and pulled her up against him. Catching his breath, he said, That was wonderful honey.

He rolled over her and grinned. And now its your turn. He pinned her hands over her head, and licked her up like candy, starting at the top, giving her long deep kisses, nibbling her neck and shoulders, sucking her nipples to hardness. He uncovered every nook and cranny of her body, learned what her made her moan and sigh. Would it be a touch here, a kiss there or a gentle bite? He worked his way down to her mound, slid a finger inside her panties and pushed it down her hips and ankles.

A breathe of warm air over her pussy sent shivers along her spine. He breathed her scent in and parted her folds and saw her sparkling juices spilling from her, drank her juices fast, not letting a drop of it go to waste and caused her to moan deeply. His tongue danced inside her, going inside, out and everywhere. A finger joined in and went inside her warm sheath, prodding and searching for her sensitive spot. A gasp from her confirmed that he found it. Pushing his finger in and out, he made sure he hit the spot every time. His tongue never left her clit with her body writhing in pleasure, moans and heavy breathing escaping from her lips. An orgasm rolled upon her. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her body.

Teasing and making her come made him hard again, harder than he could ever believe he ever would be. He raised himself and kissed her still trembling mouth, their juices mixing with each other in their lips. She opened her legs wide and he positioned his cock to enter her. A single push sent him to the hilt, their moans mixing with each other. She wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting to feel him deeper inside her tunnel. Their hips moved in sync with each other, and they looked into each others eyes.

Emotions swirled, love, lust, desire, friendship. He kissed her once more, knowing that theyre both close to the end; her muscles contracted around him and started to milk him sending him to his own release. He hugged her close and rolled, not wanting to crush her beneath him and stroked her hair. She snuggled into him, took a deep breath and just relished the feeling of being in her lovers arms.

First Snow - First Saturday

Jul 10th @ 2:38am EDT

The rest of the week was normal. I went to classes, did my homework, worked at the sub shop; but something kept me nervous. I dont know what it was, I just have a really bad feeling that I agreed to Rob too quickly. And anything? What does anything mean?

Saturday came along all too quickly. I set my alarm for 7 on weekends, so I dont get my days and nights mixed up. When the alarm went off I started my morning routine, its an automatic thing these days. I got up, went to the bathroom, and got in the shower. Then it hit me. Today is the first Saturday Im paying for Robs silence about my tattoo. Oh my gosh, what is he going to do with me today? He cant want much; its only a little black music note. What does he want me to do, clean his room? Do his chores? Or maybe he just wants a friend. That makes sense; he told me he didnt really have any friends at school. There was only one way to find out.

The rest of the morning went by in a blur. I blow dried my hair, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and was deciding what to wear before 7:30. What does one wear to a blackmailing event? Well, if Im doing chores, Im going over in sweats. If hes just playing and wants to spend time with me, Im wearing tight jeans and a nice top. I guess I can live with wearing sweats. Its not like Im going to try to look good for him anyway. I make my way down stairs and get a bowl of cereal. He never really told me a time to get there. I could wait all day and do less over there. Or I could go over now and possibly wake him up. I like the latter. No point in him having any fun today.

I walk next door and knock on the door. To my surprise, Connie opens the door right away. She is carrying a bag and her car keys.

Hi Ms Connie, how are you this morning? Rob said I should come today and help him with something. He said to wake him, even if he was asleep.

Oh hes not asleep dear; he got Amber up for me today. Amber and I are taking a mother-daughter swim class. AND WE ARE GOING TO MISS THE CLASS IF AMBER IS NOT DOWN HERE IN TWO MINUTES! She yelled up the stairs.

Amber came running down the stairs carrying two beach towels and wearing sunglasses. Rob followed after her in nothing but a pair of shorts. My, my, my, Rob may have stopped playing sports, but his muscles were still huge.

Miranda! Were going swimming! Amber said to me as she did a little dance.

Thats great, Im sure youre going to have lots of fun! Remember to dry your hair before you leave, or it will turn into ice sickles! I joke with her. Amber laughed and followed her mother out the door.

They are going swimming? I ask.

Every Saturday until March. Rob said as he winked at me.

We stood in silence for a few moments. I finally turned to him and asked, So whats on MY agenda for today?

Nothing, you just have to help me today.

And what does that entail? I asked him, I was getting an attitude now.

Well.. He says as he inspects my appearance, I think we need to change your clothes.

Excuse me?

Hold on Rob said as he began running up to his room. The back view is almost as good as the front. Wait, am I attracted to him? NO. No I cant be. Im just here so he wont tell my parents about my tattoo, nothing more.

Rob comes down and hands me a clothing box. I open it to find a black cupless corset and a black g-string with rings on the side. I just stared at it for a moment. There was no way in hell I was wearing this. I threw the box at him.

What the fuck is this Rob?

Do you want me to tell your parents about you stripping? Or how about that tattoo? Rob started to get angry, I flinched away. Then he calmed slightly, and said Now go put it on.

But, I helplessly plead to him But then you will see everything, I cant do that.

Yes you can, and you will. You have 5 minutes to put is on and be back in this room. Go.

I quickly pick up the box and run to the bathroom. When I get inside and lock the door, I look closely at what he just gave me. It was pretty really. The black corset was embroidered with black vines and flowers; it clasped all down the front. If only it covered my breasts. The g-string was a bit scarier. I had worn thongs before but this one had almost no material at all. And the rings on the side were cute, but I dont think they really go with the corset. I put everything on and looked at myself in the mirror. What was I doing? Was I really about to walk out there in front of Rob, nipples exposed and wearing a g-string? My heart was pounding out of my chest. I guess I should just get this over with.

I walked down the stairs covering my breasts until I stood in front of Rob. He gave me a wolf whistle and looked me over. Put your hair down. I moved my hands so one arm was covering my breasts, and the other was pulling out my ponytail. Good girl Rob approved. Then he picked up a smaller box and gave it to me. This one held a pair of 4 black patent leather heels.

How did you know my size?

Ive been planning this since the summer he replied. That made me blush. I put the shoes on. Then Rob came behind me, moved my hair to one side, and put his arms around my waist. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and his lips barely touching my skin. It gave me shivers when he said, Take your hands down. You are beautiful. I dont know what came over me, but I did as he told me.

Good girl, youre mine now arent you? He kissed my neck. All I could muster was a whimper. Rob was driving me crazy. Why did he have this effect on me? Are you a virgin Miranda?


Given head?


I knew you were a naughty girl. Im going to have to go slow with you for now

What did that mean? Was Rob talking about fucking me? Oh no, no, no, that cant happen. But for some reason, I didnt want him to stop. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. My nipples were already hard when Rob brought his hands from my waist and started pinching my nipples. Oh my god, did that feel good.

Do you like this baby girl? Do you like when I touch you like this?

Oh my god, yes Rob. I love it.

I dont want you to call me Rob during our time together. You will call me sir or master. Understand?

Okay. I replied. Rob smacked my breasts. I screamed out.

Okay? When I ask you a question you will respond with a yes or a no. He said with another smack. He was leaving red hand prints on my breasts.

Ahhhhh YES! I scream.

Another smack. No my little slut; you will say master or sir when you address me, are we clear? He smacked me again.

Ohhhh Yes, Yes Sir!

Thats my good little slut. He says to me as he massages my tits. Turn for me now, let me see you. Rob said as he unwound himself from my body. What was I supposed to do? Oh turn, right, turn. As I turned around Rob took out his cock and started stroking it. Wow. I would guess he was 7 inches and THICK. I dont even think I could fist his cock. Rob noticed me looking.

Want to touch me slut?He asked me. My mouth went dry; but somehow a voice came from my mouth. The voice said, Yes master.

Rob came close to me, took my hand, and put it on his dick. It was so hard. I was losing my mind! I was standing here holding Robs erect cock.and I liked it.

Mmmmmm good girl; now let me see how my slut sucks cock. He didnt have to tell me twice. I got down on my knees and was face to face with my neighbors swollen head.

Suck it. Rob guided my head toward his cock. I opened my mouth to receive him. He kept pushing his big fat cock into mouth until he hit the back of my throat. His head rolled back and he groaned when I closed my pretty red lips around him. He kept his hands on the back of my head the whole time. I rubbed my tongue on the bottom of his dick. Then I pulled back so just the head of his cock was in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his head, then took the rest of him back down my throat.

Oh thats my girl! I always knew you couldnt be as innocent as everyone says! I began to bob my head up and down on his prick. No I wasnt innocent! And right now, I didnt think I was going to keep my innocence much longer. My g-string was soaked from that thought. I tasted his pre cum in my mouth, he was delicious. I was moving my tongue all around his dick to get a better taste. Then without warning, he pulled his dick from my mouth. I looked up at him, Im sure he could see my disappointment on my face. He was still stroking his cock when I realized what he was doing. Rob starting shooting his cum all over my face. The first shot hit my cheek right under my left eye. The next three hit my hair, the bottom of my chin, and my chest. The last one hit the top inside my left breast. I just sat there while hi finished. I didnt know what to do. No guy had even cum on my face! It was so.naughty.

Rob walked over to me, scooped up the cum on my breast with his finger, and held it to my mouth. I sucked his finger without hesitation. Mmmmm, he tasted good. I moved to get the rest of the cum off my face. He stopped me.

No, leave it. He said.

What? Rob stood me upright and squeezed my arms.

Do NOT EVER question me. Understand? He looked mad.

Yes.I mean, Yes sir

Good girl, youre learning. He loosened his grip on my arms. I told you I was going easy on you today, so I want you to go get dressed. Leave my cum on your face and leave on everything youre wearing. Put the underwear you were wearing earlier, and the heels, in my room. Come back down and I will see if you have done what I asked.

I went upstairs and put my sweats over the corset and g-string. Keeping the cum on my face while I put on my sweatshirt was a challenge, but I did it. I put my underwear and the heels he gave me in his room. When I came downstairs I found him standing by the door looking outside.

Lift your shirt. I did, he looked pleased. Good. Now, you are going to walk back to your house with my cum all over you.


He rushed over to me. In one swift motion, he had my pants around my ankles, bent over one of his arms, and was slapping my ass.

WHAT IS MY NAME MIRANDA? He yelled after a particularly hard smack.


Harder smacks hit my now pink ass.

Please stop Rob!


Sir, please sir! Please dont spank me anymore!

Rob ceased right away. Good. Its about time you get that through your head. Never question me again. Now go!

I pulled my pants up and ran out the door. My tits bounced with every step. Rob yelled out the door, WALK MIRANDA! I slowed my pace. I cant believe Im walking around outside with cum all over my face! A few cars passed, I hope they didnt see. I made it to my front door, I was so relieved. I walked in slow so Rob would see, then ran past my parents bedroom into the bathroom. I was good. I washed my face and got ready to face the rest of my day. How was I going to stop thinking about Rob for the rest of the day? What would next Saturday bring?

Home Alone -- Finally!

Jul 10th @ 2:34am EDT

To be honest, I never really got any time to myself, even at college. When I got home for winter break, things were always the same. People wandered in and out. This made it hard to find time alone, luckily though I finally found some time this morning.

My cravings had been growing stronger and stronger after two weeks without a single finger in my pussy. Also as a college student, with a roommate, I found myself toy-less, which kind of sucked for an eighteen-year old virgin. But hey, without time to myself why would I even bother getting one? It would have been a waste of money.

Waking up, I reveled in the feeling of having silence (apart of course from my pets).

As I do every morning I quietly slid out of bed, adjusted my little female boxers and tank top -pulling it back down over my flat stomach as it had ridden up over night- and wandered for the bathroom.

As the steam from the shower fogged up the mirror I quietly stripped myself of my clothes, black and gold, silk and lace panties and slid into the shower. The hot water felt amazing on my frigid skin, making my nipples go hard. The stream of water hitting them continuously made my pussy throb just a bit, enough to make me recognize my urges.

Lathering up my hair I rinsed and admired as the soap slid down my body, over my 32D breasts, flat stomach, and decently shaped ass. My fingers daringly slid down to rub some of the suds into my skin. Massaging gently over my breasts, pinching the nipples and moaning just slightly. My clit gave a slow throb at the stimulation and I slid out after washing the rest of my body, wrapping a towel around my thin body and walking with a dash into my bedroom.

The cold air was not exactly welcomed but when I lay back on my bed, after shutting my door and spreading my legs, it felt amazing on my hot cunt.

The towel fell open and my eyes turned down to my own body. Nibbling on my lower lip I slid one hand flat down my front and parted my slick pussy lips, shifting my damp body so my knees were bent, giving me good leverage to slide my hand over the sensitive area.

Fingers finding my clit and slowly working it in circles, made my needy body tense. Oh it felt so good! Rubbing that soft finger over the hardening clit, and my body started to grind against it, pushing to fingers in to my quiet waiting virgin cunt.

Oh my god.

I'd been waiting for this for two whole weeks now. My fingers slid in and rubbed against my g-spot, tapping them enough to keep the stimulation. Soon though, this wasn't enough. I found myself needing more.

Standing up and making a fast dash back to the bathroom, I grab my electric razor, sliding off the razor head I walked back to my room and turned it on, watching it buzz across my bed. I'd never tried something like this. Never even shoved anything other than my fingers into my waiting pussy.

Taking a little bit of baby oil and smoothing it over the soft vibrating tip I pushed it against my clit just to start, feeling it buzz on the already sensitive nub. I moaned out, probably a bit too loud, and I found myself thanking the lord that no one was home.

In circles I rubbed it, faster and faster, bringing myself dangerously close to that orgasm I so desperately needed. My pussy was so wet and throbbing, begging for more! It was about two minutes of nothing before I shoved just the tip of the razor handle into my pussy, feeling it vibrate. Oh god, it felt so good.

It's a while of me shoving just in and out slowly, before I shoved it all the way in, crying out in pleasure. Gripping my sheets my hips started to buck, feeling the vibrating shaver hit my g-spot.

This brought me to a shaking orgasm, my body writhing around as my cum slid out onto my towel and around the razor. I pulled it out slowly, causing one more loud moan as it finally exited my tight pussy.

Laying back on the bed, I smirked to myself, rubbing my wet legs together and biting my lip. I smiled, getting back up and making my way to the shower to wash off, coming back and getting dressed right as my mother walks in the front door.

Masturbating in front of taxi driver

Jul 10th @ 2:32am EDT

I've been out partying and my inhibitions are lowered. All night I've been out wearing a dress which is too tight to wear any underwear. Its also quite short and being almost exposed like that is really arousing.

I get into a taxicab, its at least a 20 minute ride home. I catch a look at the driver in the rear view mirror, he's watching a couple of girls go by, I can figure he's kind of sleazy. I start imagining how he'd react if I flashed my pussy or my tits and I get instantly wet and turned on.

I look out of the window and pretend not to pay attention to him, just watching the world go by. He's checking me out from time to time in the review mirror. I absent-mindedly let my hand fall over my right breast and moan slightly to get his interest on me. He's definitely looking now. I let my legs part just enough that he can almost see me, shaved and very, very wet.

He asks if I always go out without any panties on, this shocks me a bit, I lose my nerve and I cross my legs and try to look demure still staring out of the window. He carries on driving and it hits me that I just showed a total stranger my naked pussy, it gets me so turned on I feel like I could just cum right there and then. I ease down the straps of my dress over my shoulders and get my tits out, tweaking the nipples until they're hard. I hitch my skirt up and spread my legs so I am totally exposed, my clit is begging to be played with, I can hardly breathe.

Finally, he looks at me in the mirror, and takes in the sight of me - everything on display, this time I hold his gaze, and tell him that yes I do often go out with no panties on, because I'm a slut who likes an audience when I play with myself. He pulls the car over and turns the indoor lights on, this is even hotter because I know anyone passing by can see me too. 'Oh God, watch me, watch me' I groan as I finally move my hand to my soaking wet pussy.

The first stroke of my clit and it throbs with pleasure, I moan and flick my nipples as I gently tweak my clit, going slowly or else I'll cum immediately. I can tell by the noises he's making that he's beating off over me and it absolutely thrills me, I feel like a dirty slut and its the greatest turn on I ever experienced. I writhe, and the leather from the seats puts more pressure of my clit. I can feel orgasm approaching, I try and hold off because I'm loving it too much to stop too soon, I gently tap my clit and moan with anticipation.

All the while he is saying filthy things to me, about how girls like me are begging for it and ought to be taught a lesson. I start wonder if he's going to do something to me but instead of being frightened it heightens my state of arousal, I slip to fingers deep inside myself and hump against the seat until the friction on my clit brings me to earth shattering orgasm, I scream with delight as the waves of pleasure spread across my pussy.

He starts driving again and we don't say another word, but the whole way home, I can't stop playing with myself and I cum again and again as he watches. he lets me off paying the cab fare!

Right Now

Jul 9th @ 4:32am EDT

My calloused right hand is otherwise ocupied, burrowing deep in my jeans and rubbing delicious concentric circles over and around my throbbing clitoris. There is very little in this world that could persuade me to remove this hand from my sopping self before my work here is done; my roommate is napping in the room next door. Were she to get up and come into the living room, perhaps to get a glass of water or some Cheezits, she would see me shaking on the couch, panting slightly in my bathrobe, my jeans bulging violently with the outline of my furious hand.

We have roomed together for four years, and not once has she caught me masturbating. This is only remarkable because I masturbate, on average, seven or eight times a day. In fact - no one has ever caught me masturbating. Sometimes I think that it is only a matter of time; other times I think I will elude detection for as long as I live, and no one will ever think of me as anything but innocent, awkward Leona, a pretty enough girl who is quiet and keeps well enough to herself. Who is rather clever and likes to write poetry, who does not raise her hand in English classes but certainly can answer a question when called upon. Who has a very long torso that is made elegant by a large ribcage and large breasts, and broad hips, a veritable hourglass in motion. Clumsy, but beautiful when unmoving. Ungainly, but alluring for it.

I wonder if I am beautiful while I masturbate. I don't feel beautiful. I feel fuckin' filthy, and yet I won't stop, can't stop...won't stop, can't stop.

I wish, dear reader, that your fingers could feel the texture of the folds of my sticky nethers. I wish that you were rubbing me, as you are surely rubbing yourself, and that my panting breaths were heard by ears apart from my own. If you could see my erect nipples, surely you, man or woman, would feel a stiffening or a rush of blood to the space between your legs. Oh, if you could smell my virility. Oh, if your tongues could lap this nectar.
It might be enough if you merely touch yourself, and imagine it is me, and then through space and time we will be fucking one another, one another whenever you read this. Chances are, given how often I finger myself to oblivion, when you read this, somewhere I too will be coming, coming in time with you.

I am...about to come...I cannot...sustain..not now that I am thinking of you, fair stranger, and of your various organs. I don't care how large your penis is. I don't care if you have no penis, if you are stuffing my ass and my pussy with cucumbers or yourself or even your goddamn toe. I don't give a shit what gets you off, because it is getting me off too.

If you are coming, you are coming with me, and you are fucking me so good. So good.

Don't ever stop, you fuckin' bastard/bitch/lover/anythingyouwanttobe, dear reader.
Fuck me hard.

Fuck...yes. YES.

And now my hand is soaked, and even pruny with my juices. And now we have reached something of a problem, because I want to type with both hands now...but my fingers are soaked, and they will stain my laptop with my DNA.

I will type without washing my hands. I will coat this keyboard in sex. If anyone ever casts a blacklight over it, I will simply say that I rubbed my crotch against it because the speakers vibrate ever so softly, and because cybernetics are warm and arousing.

I suppose I am an orgasm addict. I don't think of myself as depraved, or even lonely. I desire no company but my own.

Shall I tell you all the places I have masturbated publicly? In high school, I jerked off during American Literature. We were watching a movie in the dark. This is the truth. I was wearing a long hippy skirt with blue beads on it. Nobody saw me shuddering while The Crucible played, saw me squirming in my seat.. I have masturbated on planes, and not even in the bathroom - in my own seat, with those tiny blankets they give you for the cold, even as my sister was sleeping next to me.

I have rubbed up against couches, and shoes, and against other people - but not as often as you might think.

In my German 301 class, I fucked myself with the corner of my textbook and you could see
a wet spot on my black pants but no one noticed it happening. If someone had, I may have smiled at them.The spot that bled through my pants was small, probably difficult to see.

Your face should have been close enough. I was thinking of you, dear reader.

No one hears me. I come so silently.
If I ever spoke, I only whispered your name, dear reader.

Nobody's right hand can make me moan like my own does. I am so sopping right now that I fear my fluids will seep right through my thong and my thick jeans and ruin the upholstery, or, at the very least, leave it stinking of my womanhood for weeks to come. Surely then my roommate would notice.

Perhaps then she would confront me:

" have a hygiene problem."

And then I would smile and put my hands in my pants right in front of her.

And if I'm very lucky, the light will catch her eyes, and she will bite her bottom lip, and she will step forward and take firm grasp of my breasts, and hold them to herself, and she can try to claim me as her own. But even if my fluids stain her fingers and mine stain hers, it will be nothing like your hand through mine, dear reader, as you read this.

I am orgasming for you, for this typing hand, for you.

I just came so hard, reader, for you. You should see me. My abs are clenching...I am possessed by a force that leaves me convulsing like an epileptic on this ugly apartment couch, leaves me twitching for so long that I think I am dying dear reader. If juices stain the upholstery they are yours as well as mine, and my keyboard is rubbed off with your rough fingers, your groping hands.

Your juices have stained my possessions.

And you will never have to clean them. But I will smell you. And you have satiated me. Your fingers are inside me, or your tongue. Or your dick. Thrusting in and out, and I am clenching my nether-muscles around you, dear, and calling your name because you are mine, and I am always yours.

If you are exploding within me, I feel you filling me, I feel the heat of it slip-sliding down my -

- and I am coming again, as I type. Shit. Shit.

This typing hand, this jerking hand. It is yours.

home alone

Jul 9th @ 4:23am EDT

She can be me ... u wanna check ... hmm or u wanna try me in another way :P
Her white sheets are draped slightly over her thigh, contrasting with her light brown skin, covering her womanhood. Her tanned skin, trembling slightly, is covered in sweat as her delicate hand moves something down her firm body. She gets small goose-bumps as the object traces the curves of her body, sometimes barely touching the bare skin. She eventually slips it below the sheets and between her thighs, pausing slightly while relishing the feeling of it brushing her skin before moving between her legs. She slips it into her body, pushing it in slowly as her head rolls back at the moment of penetration and a small gasp, barely audible, escapes her lips. She closes her eyes to the sensation emanating from her groin as the object is pushed deeper.

She withdraws the extremely hard object, before thrusting it back in with slightly more vigour, sighing and relaxing slightly with the movement. It starts to pump away within her as her breathing becomes ragged and soft, her body tightening as the intruder continues its work. It moves within her, in and out of her body and each thrust encouraging small whimpers to escape from her lips as the waves of pleasure each thrust brings begins to swell in size. She enjoys this for some time, her eyes closed and her head pulled back as the hard object continues to move in and out, in and out of her young body, between her legs.

After a while, she starts to moan, softly at first but beginning to grow louder as the object between her legs penetrating her womanhood starts to increase its pace. Her moans grow louder, she enjoys the pleasure and she has not a care in the world.

Her firm, curvy, gorgeous figure contorts with her face as she feels the sensations of penetration causing her whole body to shiver, interspersed with gasps, growing louder and louder. She begins to forget where she is, but she doesn't care. She is in a world of her own, and with this, she starts to cry out. Small cries at first but growing louder in volume as the hard penetrating object continues to increase its pace, building the tension within as it penetrates her.

Her cries begin to fill the room, her motions jerking on her bed, her skin covered in sweat from the exertion as she feels the pleasure building within. As her pleasure continues to build, she begins to grasp at nearby objects, her sheets, the bedside, anything on her bedside table as she feels the pleasure increasing and she needs relief, is desperate for relief as her cries of pleasure continue to grow louder and louder, escaping her open door and into the house, filling the house with the sounds of her pleasure. This continues for a while, as she gets closer and closer to the edge, her cries getting louder, her movements becoming desperate, her eyes screwed tight, shut from the outside world and any world, the sensations of the hard object penetrating her, moving within her. She gets to the edge, and the object stops. She relaxes slightly but wants the movement to continue. She starts to move her hips, she rocks up against the object, wishing for the sensations to continue unabated, and they do, from her own doing, as she grinds herself against the solid penetrator. After a while, the object starts to move within her again, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. She moans and cries without restraint and doesn't care -- she could be anywhere, she could be within a stadium full of people and she would not care. She bucks her hips against the object, allowing it within her, her legs splayed wide, accepting the intruder within her body. It delves deeper within her in reply. Her cries reach a peak and then, silence.

She freezes, her body still, but her eyes and mouth open, as if in shock. Then, her head rocks right back, her eyes shut tight again, her face is covered with a grimace. Her back arches and she shakes. Her fingers thrust the object as deep within her as her young body will allow and holds it there, her stomach muscles twitching and convulsing, her whole body shuddering as the pleasure that had been building within her explodes within, her body moving of its own accord, wracked with spasms as she rides the object for all its worth. Her muscles in her stomach, tighten around the object, drawing it still deeper within her.

The object then starts moving again. This time encouraging a bigger response, her body shakes, she cannot take too much more. Her muscles convulse once more, her toes curl as the waves of pleasure reach her extremities. She cries out in a low, guttural groan that fills the house. Her stomach muscles pull the object in once more, where it pauses for a second, before moving again.

She is hit by a third wave of intense energy that courses through her body. She shudders, her fingers trembling, her muscles tightening under the strain. It draws to a close, her entire body goes limp as her blue eyes open, her face serene and peaceful.

Her hand between her legs relaxes as she recovers from the intense ride. She purrs slightly as she recounts the events of her wild journey. She dreams. She pulls the object out of herself and places the tip of it on her lips. Her tongue darts out, meeting the object and tastes, before she pushes it between her quivering lips, giving in to a temptation. She sucks on it, licking it with her tongue, licking it clean of her pleasure. She then places the object next to herself on her bedside. It has served its purpose, it has served her well.

She lies back again, deeply content and only then does she realise that you have been watching her the entire time. Your own hands, drawn irresistibly by a deep desire, move between your legs as you approach your own breaking point. She watches, spellbound, as the waves of pleasure that have just coursed their way through her body, make their way through yours. She grunts, as she is hit by another intense wave simply by watching your convulsions. As you struggle to constrain yourself, you resist the urge to call out, to cry out as she leaves her legs spread wide, all the time, watching you come down from your high place. She smiles at you, and you blush before returning the smile and walking away

Old fantasies at work

Jul 9th @ 4:11am EDT

Some nice story to make u horny i hop u like ...
It was one of those days where I really hadn't thought about it you know. I had school and work, then I had my period. After that was over it was back to the grind come Monday, so I really hadn't thought about getting myself off in a while. Neither had I seen the boyfriend in a week so I didn't have sex either. I was at work and I was thinking about my bills and hanging some things back on hangers by the changing room When I saw her, My old English teacher Mrs. Smith.

Mrs Smith was a new teacher my senior year, just out of school. She looked to be about 27 or 28. She had long blond hair, and blue eyes. She was thick, well over 150 lbs but she wore it well, I mean really well. She wasn't fat anywhere, she was just thick. She had wide hips that came down to a slim waist then out again with her dd cups. She was always well dressed in school, wearing pants and skirt suits or dresses. Sometime she would even sit on the front desk in her skirt then cross her legs. I couldn't see anything but her legs were just that sexy that I didn't have to. Especially if she was wearing pantyhose because it seemed to show the definition in her legs better.

It had been a bout 5 years since I had last seen her and time had been good to her. She had on a low cut blouse, black stretch pants and knee high boots. Her long blond hair was down, and she was looking intently at some bras and didn't notice me. She had her glasses on also which I would always imagine that she left one while we were messing around. She turned around a rack and I got a good look at her plump ass. It was as thick and tight as I remembered it. I though for a second about eating her out from behind, and let my legs come tight together and I started getting horny.

I tried to keep her in sight without looking like I was doing so, hanging up shirts and dividing them into sizes. She worked slowly towards the changing room where I was with a arm load of clothes. When she got up close to me she still hadnt noticed me. The thought of her going into the changing room right near where I was and getting naked was a huge turn on. I pictured her taking of her bra and what her breasts looked like.

Hi, Mrs S. said as she came up to the counter I was working on snapping me out of my old fantasy of her. She still hadn't looked up and was counting the items she had for me. I've got seven.

Hi Mrs. Smith, I said to her. She finally looked up at me and thought for a second.

Hi Allison! Her bright eyes sparked to life. How are you, how are you doing?

We chatted for a few few minutes about what we had been doing for the few years. I told her about work and school and my boyfriend and she told me how she got married, and had a kid and was thinking about a second one. I told her that she looked great for having a kid, and hopped that I would look just as good when I had a kid. Then after a few minutes of chatting I gave her a number and told her to pick anyone she wanted and went back to hanging up clothes. Of course I got a peek at her big butt again as she walked down the hallway to the dressing room.

When I was in school I used to pretend that Mrs. S. picked up on the fact that I was obviously curious about experimenting with girls. I would imagine her asking me to stay after class so she could talk to me. When the bell rang and the class left she would close the door, and come and sit next to me on one of the desks.

Allison, you know its okay to be curious about girls right. She would start out the conversation.

I know, I just don't want anyone here to know Mrs. Smith.

First off, call me Kelly, and second I know what you mean. I didn't do anything till I went to college.

You are a....? I would think about asking her surprised.

No, lets just say I was a lot like you, interested in both sides.

I would then imagine with out going into to much detail that we would talk and we would almost kiss. From there, even though it was silly, I imagine that she took me out to coffee shop, and we sat in her car and smoked cigarettes and talked. I finally told her that I never really had a friend like her that I could talk to. Then she told me about the woman who had been there for her when she was that age. I imagined Kelly telling me about her friend when she was my age, and how she had told her that she might someone herself in her position one day.

When we finally go back to my car I made a move and kiss her. I imagined her getting sucked into the kiss then backing off.

Why did you do that? She would ask me.

Because we both wanted to and I knew you wouldn't do it.

From down the hallway in the dressing room area I could see her shadow a little as she raised her arms to take off her blouse and try on the bras she had selected. I looked down and my nipples we poking though my shirt, I could feel a little wet. Down the hall just a few feet away was a woman that I had fantasized about in almost every position I could think of. Some times at school, sometimes at a game in the mat room, sometimes in her car, getting naked. I started shaking a little at the thought of her coming out and talking to me afterward.

When she came out she had selected two of the three bras, and one of the four blouses she had taken in the dressing room.

Good bye Allie, good luck with finals.

Bye Mrs. Smith, I said politely as she walked away. It was sure nice seeing you.

The rest of the day I was dying. I couldn't help but think about the rest of the fantasy that I used to have about Mrs. Smith. I would call my friend Alyssa to cover for me and then tell my mother that I was staying at Alyssas house. Then I would leave and drive to Mrs. Smiths house. Once there we would throw on a movie, something with a sex scene in it that would turn us both onto what we both wanted anyway. I imagined us sitting next to each other on her couch. We would be drinking wine and talking and not really paying attention to the movie.

When the passionate sex scene finally came on we both got really quiet. I started to get nervous and excited, biting my lip and hopping that Mrs. Smith would turn and kiss me. When she finally turned to me I was looking at her breasts again, hoping that I would get to feel them and she looked at me. Then she looked down at her breasts and back into my eyes. She almost said something and stopped. I looked at her lips and she at mine and we kissed. I imagined us kissing for like ten minutes, soaking in the tension of wanting to just kiss her. After a while I would just assume that she was waiting for me to make the next move. So I would take my hand and start cupping her right breast.Mmmm, She would stop me. I don't know if we should do this.

I imagined us stopping and talking for a while and talking about it. Mrs. Smith would tell me about how she could lose her job, and go to jail. I could tell that she wanted to do it even though she was saying no so I would keep trying to talk her into it. Telling her that I wouldn't tell anyone, and that my parents think I'm at a friend's house. Then I imagined that she would tell me I should probably go. I would tell her that if someone found out about us anyway she would lose her job, and go to jail so she might as well have fun with it.

I imagined that Mrs.Smith would me into her bedroom. There we would lay down and start kissing again. Mrs. Smith would take off my shirt, and then me take off hers. We took turns sucking, and rubbing each others big breasts. I imagined licking around her cute nipples and then nibbling on it causing her to gasp a little, and moan softly. Our legs wrapped and unwrapped themselves as we started to dry hump each other.

While I was imagining all of this I still had to work, and as I got more into the fantasy I was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. People would ask me to look for something in the back for them and I would start thinking about Mrs.Smith reaching into my pants for the first time and I would forget what I was looking for. Or I would walk all the way to the register to get the tape, the whole time thinking about fucking Mrs.S from behind with a dildo. Then I would stand there trying to remember what I went to the register for.

About halfway through the day I finally realized something, it was my night to close the store, and that meant that I could play my game. I had been thinking about it for a few months ago, ever since Megan, my boss, told me that there was no cameras in the store. It had come up by chance when she was trying to fire another girl who was stealing. I had asked Megan why she didn't check the tapes and that was when she told me there were no cameras. The two other times that I had thought about it, I chickened out at the last minute. I mean come on its my job, and I could possibly get arrested for it. I don't always go through on games but this time I was in the mood so I knew I was really going to do it.

I planned out what I was going to do while I was still working. When Julia finally left the store at 5 I started going though my close up process early so I had more time to play. I could be out no later than 6:30 without the security company calling Megan and telling her I was still there. So I knew that I had to be quick.At 5:52 I locked the door, and ran over to the register and filled out the last of my paper work, and counted down my drawer. I went and shut the main lights down and put all my stuff by the door I was going to leave out of. Then I checked my watch. It was 5:59, way more time than I needed.

As I walked out of the back room I unbuttoned my blouse, finally getting it all the way open when I got by the changing rooms. Its a small store that I work in and you can see well into the parking lot from almost anywhere in the store except the changing rooms. I leaned out and looked, people were going into the grocery store that was still open but didn't seem to notice me. I leaned back into the changing room area and took off my blouse then my bra. Working fast I unzipped my skirt in the back and dropped it to the floor. I was nervous, my heart was beating and my hands were shaking. There is nothing like it to be nearly naked where your not supposed to be. It always feels like there is someone watching you, yearning to get off just like you are. I'm sure that Mrs.Smith does these things at home, maybe not while thinking about me or a girl, but about men. The thought of watching her do this was really turning me on..

I walked over to the comer of the desk, where I hang close to put them back up and began to grind my clit on the corner of it. I moaned out loud in pleasure at finally getting the release I wanted all day. I tied my hair up then began cupping my left breast, holding the desk and getting into a rhythm. Continued the fantasy in my head from where I kept leaving off. I thought of Mrs.Smith putting her hand over my panties and rubbing my clit. I imagined reaching down and touching her clit and feeling how soft and wet it was. From there I imagined us taking off each others pants, and really start going at it with the fingering.

I got up onto the desk and leaned against the wall, bringing my knees up and putting my heels next to my ass. I fingered and rubbed my clit with one hand, and pulled my nipples with the other. I imagined Mrs.Smith sitting up a telling me to stay laying down. I imagined her straddling one of my legs, and pressing our clits together and getting into the same rhythm I was with my hand. Ten seconds of quick rubbing then slow grinds. I imagined Mrs. S holding my leg up and moaning with pleasure. I started imagining there that she wasn't just doing this for me, she was really enjoying what she was doing and it was making me want to come really bad.

I got up from the desk and bent over and started grinding my clit bent over and from behind this time. I imagined Mrs. S bending me over her coffee table in her living room. I imagined her rubbing my clit with my panties down just past my ass. Pulling and sucking it with her mouth and tongue. I imagined returning the favor but her laying on her bed. Face down, legs spread, panties pulled to the side. I imagined me rubbing her swollen wet clit and directing her humping by working her tight thick ass while I did it.

I was really getting into it when I heard the phone in the back ringing. I had gotten so lost in what I was doing all day that I had forgotten that Megan usually called me while I was counting down my drawer or closing something else. I had no time to think so I sprang up and walked into the backroom in just my panties, and heels. My heart was pounding and I was still shaking in the knees and wanting to come. I hoped to god she wasn't on her way here or something.

"Hey Meg." I said answering the phone.

"How did you know it was me?" Meg said back.

"You always call me when I close alone," I said and pulled out my wedgie.

"I know, I hope you don't mind I just want to know that my girls are safe when closing up alone."

"I know meg no worries." I reached down and gave my clit a little rub again feeling the trill of the moment. Megan was a good looking mom her self, I had thought about her a few times also.

"Okay well don't forget to leave that key out or Jill wont be able to get the drawer open in the morning if you do."


"Have a good night Allie."

"You to Megan, goodnight."

I walked back out to the dressing room and picked up my clothes. and straitened them a little and set them so I could put them on quick. I only had a like 16 minutes left before I had to be out. so I knew it was time. I went and grabbed the cushion off off the couch in the break room and brought it out with me. I folded it in half and got down on my knees on the floor of the changing room. I folded the cushion until it was firm against my clit.

AHH, I moaned loudly. God this feels good, ahh, mmmmmm. I pulled the cushion up and worked my hips harder into it. I imagined that Mrs.Smith was laying naked on her bed now..legs open, left hand reaching down, her middle finger on her wet clit.

"Here," I imagined her saying as she handed me a vibrator..I want to watch you, and you to watch me. She pulled me up and I straddled her right leg..

I imagined putting my toy on her leg and humping it as she rubbed her shaved clit. Her eyes were wide and on me in awe of me pleasuring myself, I watched as they moved from my big breasts, to my wet clit that was sliding up and down her vibrator on high. I imagined grabbing her other vibrator and putting it inside of her as she began frantically rubbing her clit.

Oh Fuck yes! I imagined her screaming as she sat up, and kissed me. Yes Allie fuck me like that. Come with me Allie. I started working the toy hard in side of her hard, she was working her hips and her tits were bouncing in rhythm.

Ahh, fuck yes Kelly, watch me come Kel, yess, watch me come and come with me, I moaned as I fucked the cushion on the floor of the changing room. I lied face down putting my weight on my right arm, and inserting two fingers with my left. "Fuck me Kel, just like that yes, yes, yes, yes."

My body went stiff as I came, having the final and kind of dirty though of getting up and squatting on Mrs.S pretty face, and cumming as she worked her tongue over my yearning clit exploding in her mouth. The whole time I was calling out her name really humping and sweating and going to town on the cushion in the changing room.

I had no time to think about anything because I knew that I had to jump up and leave. I was weak in the knees, and my panties were soaked through. I took them off, wiped my puss and threw them in my purse. I slipped on my blouse forgoing the bra as I carried the cushion I just came all over and put it back. I came back and slipped my skirt back on and slipped my bra in my purse. I looked over all my paper work again, and checked to make sure I didn't leave my panties or bra and made for the front door.

One minute to spare, I said and punched in the code. I walked out and locked the door.

As I walked out there was a carriage boy from the grocery store staring at me. I'm sure I was glowing and kind of sweaty from my game and the thought had even hit me that he might have heard me. I tried to walk slow in the heels so my boobs wouldn't bounce so much, flipping out my to to act as if I was reading a text. I even stopped and leaned against a pole and waited for him to walk away before finished my slow walk of shame to the car. I finally made it to my car and lit a cigarette.

Ahh," I said out loud. "Now that was fun.


Jul 8th @ 6:53am EDT

I had been away for a few days and my flat mate, Victoria, wasn't expecting me back yet. I let myself in to the flat, and went to my room to unpack, feeling tired I lay myself down on my bed and fell asleep.

I was woken to the sound of a running bath. I rub my tired eyes and raised myself off my bed, and left my room to say hello to Victoria. By now the noise of the running water had stopped.

I walked down the hall, towards the bathroom to shout through the door, to tell Victoria I was home. I reached the door and was about to shout when I noticed that she hadn't closed the door, I couldn't help myself, I peered through the crack in the door into the bathroom. Victoria was lying in the bath, with her back to me. I stood transfixed, as I watched her rubbing soap into her pert breasts. I should have left, but I couldn't help but watch.

I watched as she continued to rub the soap into her breasts, and then she moved her hands down applying the soap to her stomach and then her hands continued down to rub between her legs.

As I watched I noticed that she had started to rub a bit harder at her pussy than I would expect when washing, I could just make out her wispy pubic hair, trimmed into a neat strip. As I continued to watch I could feel myself becoming aroused.

Victoria was still rubbing at her mound; she was definitely masturbating; her fingers of her right hand rubbing up and down her slit, while her left hand moved back up to her breasts.

Without thinking my hand had drifted between my legs, I gently rubbed myself through the material of my short skirt. I could feel myself getting wet.

Victoria was now rubbing her pussy with a bit more urgency now; I could see her fingers parting her lips, running up and down her slit, every couple of strokes, pausing to tease her clit.

I slowly lifted my skirt up, and slid the fingers of right hand into the waistband of my panties; my other hand had started to undo the buttons of my blouse.

Victoria had now got both hands between her legs, and was rubbing her self harder, her fingers a blur as she frantically rubbed her clit, I watched as she inserted a finger into her hole, and then followed it with another. She stared to pump her fingers in and out of her hot pussy.

My fingers were scratching up and down my wet slit, I was afraid to finger myself too hard as I didn't want to make a noise for fear of being caught.

Victoria, now moved herself forward, I could see her maneuver herself, she had one leg draped over the side of the bath, I struggled to see what she was doing, shifting slightly I could just make out that she was holding her lips open with one hand, and then she turned on the taps, adjusted them and then she positioned herself under the jet of water. She now used her free hand to frig her hard clit.

I could feel my juice running along my slit, I was still being careful not to make a noise. I stayed clear of my clit as I knew that I would soon cum noisily if I did.

Victoria was clearly close to cumming, her head was thrust back, her hips rising and falling, I could hear her moaning and then she started to cum noisily, oblivious to the fact that she wasn't alone.

I wanted to rush in and push my head between her spread thighs, to taste her sweet cum, to lick and suck on her delicate lips, nibble on her clit.

As I watched her climax finally die down I left and quietly entered my bedroom, and silently closed the door. I lay face down on my bed, my face buried into my pillow to stifle the noise that I knew I would make. I had both hands under me, my fingers in my panties, stroking along my dripping slit. I started to pinch and pull at my sensitive clit, my juice flowing from me, the fingers of my other hand scratching along my wet lips; I push three fingers into my hot, tight juicy hole.

My orgasm swept over me at that moment, I cried out into my pillow, I bucked my hips, grinding my clit onto my fingers, forcing my fingers deep into my soaking hole, my juice pouring from my pussy, coating my fingers with my cum.

Eventually my climax subsides, I withdraw my cum soaked fingers from my dripping hole and bring them up to my mouth, licking my fingers clean, I savour the sweet taste of my juice.

I hear Victoria leave the bathroom, had she seen me, heard me? Is she going to come and confront me? I listened intently, but no she wasn't coming my way, in fact as she left the bathroom I could hear her singing, her sweet voice audible through my door. She couldn't know I was there, I was so relieved, I would wait a while and then I would go downstairs and pretend to come in noisily.

As I waited I could hear that Victoria was now in her bedroom, I heard her TV come on, I couldn't make out what she was watching; only that she had it on.

As quietly as I could I rearranged my clothes, my panties were soaked so I discarded them. I opened my bedroom door and silently crept along the corridor, Victoria hadn't closed her door, why would she, she thought she was alone.

I managed to sneak a look into her room as I passed. She was lying on her bed, her back to the door; she was wrapped in a towel, her hair and skin still wet from her bath. I glanced to see what she was watching on TV, some credits were rolling across the screen, and then the action started.

On the screen I could see a woman enter a bedroom, she was dressed in a sexy black dress, wore high heels, extenuating the length of her tanned legs. As she walked into the room she slowly pulled the straps of the dress over her shoulders, and peeled the dress down over her breasts, exposing her very skimpy and lacy bra.

I couldn't believe it, was Victoria watching a porn film? I stood rooted to the spot anxious to find out. I had watched a couple of porn films before, but I it was always one that a boyfriend had, I couldn't believe that Victoria would have one.

On the screen the woman tugged her dress over her hips and wiggled herself free, kicking it into the corner of the room. She was wearing a very sexy skimpy pair of lace panties, and a pair of stockings and suspenders.

I looked at Victoria laid on her bed, her towel was still wrapped around her, but one hand had snaked under it and I could just make out movement around her breasts.

The woman on the screen sat on her bed and reaching behind her, released the clasp on her bra and slowly peeled the bra from her pert breasts, throwing it onto the floor with her dress. Her hands moved up to her breasts and delicately rubbed her nipples.

My gaze moved back to Victoria, her towel was gaping slightly, her hand moved with a bit more urgency under the towel. I managed to restrain myself, for the time being, from touching myself, my legs were firmly clamped together and I tried to slowly stimulate myself by rubbing my thighs together.

On the screen, the woman ran a hand down between her legs and gently rubbed her mound through the material of her panties. Her hands then moved down and massaged her thighs, just above her stocking tops.

I heard Victoria moan quietly, I watched her hand move under her towel, moving towards her pussy, as I rubbed my thighs together I could feel how wet I was, my lips sliding together.

On the screen the woman now moved a hand into the waistband of her panties, I could just make out her hand through the lacy material, and she rubbed all her fingers along her mound.

Victoria rolled on the bed, her towel falling away from her, allowing me to gaze yet again on her beautiful form, she reached towards her bedside cabinet and opened a drawer, reaching in, I watched as she rummaged about for a few seconds, she withdrew her hand and she was clutching a big black dildo, she put it on the bed beside her and her hand reached back into the draw. This time she withdrew a smaller, pink vibrator.

The woman on the screen continued to rub herself, her other hand now pulled the material of her panties to one side allowing a view of her completely shaven pussy.

Victoria picked up the black dildo, and brought it to her mouth, her tongue licked along its length, I wondered if she could taste herself from a previous session with it, and then she took it in her mouth pushing it in as if she was sucking a man off. After she had lubricated it with her saliva, I watched her bring it down to her pussy, I stared intently as she rested the head against her slit, and slowly, oh so slowly, she started to push, I watched her wet, swollen lips part easily, the head disappearing into her tight hole. Her body arched as she continued to push it in, until she had taken it all.

I couldn't help myself now, I started to scratch at my pussy over my skirt, not wanting to go to fast to soon.

I glanced at the TV and watched the woman on the screen she had pulled her panties tight, the gusset, bunched together, her pussy lips spread, the material forced into her gaping slit.

Victoria was slowly fucking herself with the dildo, as she withdrew it after each stroke, I could see her sticky juice coating the plastic toy. She then brought it up to her mouth and again sucked it deep into her mouth before inserting it back in her pussy. She now found her vibrator and turned it on, I could hear the buzzing as it sprang into life; she started to run it around over her stiff nipples, first one then the other. All the while she continued to fuck her tight hole with her dildo.

I reached under my skirt; I covered my sex with one hand, pressing the heel of my hand into my mound, one finger resting between my wet lips. My other hand gently massaged my breasts through the material of my blouse. I started to undo the buttons on my blouse, allowing me to touch my hard nipples.

I continued to watch Victoria, her pace had quickened, the black dildo moving in and out of her pussy, I could hear the slurping of her juice every time she pulled it out of her hole, befor forcing it back into her delicate hole. She brought her buzzing vibrator down and pressed it along her slit, the vibrations obviously stimulating her clit, her back arched as she now brought the tip of the vibrator to her hard clit. She let out a low moan as she ran the tip around and around her hard clit.

The woman on the screen had discarded her panties and was furiously fucking herself with the fingers of one hand, with her other hand she frantically rubbed her stiff clit.

I, now had curled the finger resting between my lips and inserted it into my wet hole, I then followed it by pushing another finger in with it. I started to slowly fuck myself as I watched Victoria continue to fuck herself.

I sensed Victoria was close to cumming, she was gasping with every thrust of her dildo, the vibrator pushed hard against her swollen clit, her hips bucking, and then she screamed with pleasure as her orgasm swept through her.

I wanted to cum, I moved my other hand under my skirt and started to rub my hard clit, I could feel my climax fast approaching, my pussy started to spasm on my fingers, I pushed the two fingers deep inside me and curled the tips of my fingers up, trying to stimulate my sensitive spot, deep in my pussy.

Victoria cried out, her hips raised off the bed as she came, the dildo remained buried deep inside her pussy, her vibrator pushed hard against her clit.

I came with her, my legs almost giving way beneath me, I leaned against the door frame, my fingers buried deep inside me, I continued to rub furiously at my hard clit, my juice pouring from my cunt.

Eventually, my orgasm subsided; I removed my hands from beneath my skirt, bringing them up to my mouth, allowing me to yet again taste myself.

I watched as Victoria turned off the vibrator and set it aside, she then slowly removed her dildo from her pussy, the shaft glistening with her cum, as the tip emerged from her sweet hole, I watched as her cum ran from her hole and oozed down between her legs.

I quickly gathered myself together and left, returning to my bedroom before I was caught. I was already conjuring up a plan that would allow me to put a show on for Victoria

Bathtub Fantasy

Jul 8th @ 6:51am EDT

It had been a very long first day in my training seminar. I was ready for a long relaxing evening in the jacuzzi tub in my hotel room. I even upgraded the room at my cost so I could enjoy an evening away from the family to the fullest extent.

I had stopped the previous evening and bought a nice bottle of wine, some bubble bath, and scented candles so I wouldn't have to tonight. I walked into the room and immediately went over and turned on the water, playing with the temperature until it was just right, poured in a capful of bubbles, and lit the candles. The room filled up with the smell of vanilla, I breathed in deeply, enjoying the scent.

Walking back towards the bed I kicked off my heels, unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it on the bed, and reaching behind unzipped my skirt. I skimmed it down my hips and it joined the blouse on the bed. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, standing there in just my silky purple bra and panties, I ran my hands up my hips, over my stomach and up to cup my own breasts. I played with my nipples for a moment feeling them get erect. Then I ran my hands up into my hair and removed the clip that was holding my blonde curls on top of my head. I shook out my hair and sighed deeply at how much better that felt as I rubbed my scalp with my fingers.

Noticing the tub was getting close to full, I sauntered over and turned the handles to off. I ran my fingers through the water and bubbles checking to make sure I wasn't going to scald myself when I got in, it was perfect. I started to reach behind to undo my bra and then remembered I was going to need my bottle of wine before I jumped in. I opened the nice bottle of red I had picked out and poured myself a glass and set them on the wide tub edge where I could reach easily. I quickly unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor and slid off my panties to join it.

I stepped over the edge and slowly eased my foot into the water and I moaned, "Oooohhhhh." It felt so good, warm and silky from the bubbles, so I hurried and slid completely in to the tub. I had filled it to the perfect level, the water and bubbles came just to the top of my full breasts. I reached over and grabbed a washcloth and got it wet and started running it over my body. I lifted up first one leg and then the other, slowly scrubbing away the stress of the day. Then I concentrated on my arms and shoulders enjoying how the roughness felt against my smooth skin. I then ran the cloth down over my breasts, moving the cloth in circles around their fullness, ending with the nipples which were hard as rocks by this time. I eased the washcloth down my stomach, running over it slowly, then down to my pussy. The feel of the cloth against me under the water was incredibly sensuous. I let my legs fall apart and gently ran the cloth against my clit, up and down my lips, I couldn't hold in the moan that crossed my lips. I dropped the cloth back on the side of the tub and reached for my wine and took a small sip, enjoying the flavor of the wine. I took a few more drinks and refilled the glass. Smiling to myself, I thought I had better not drink too much since we have another day of training tomorrow.

I had set my iPod next to the tub earlier and now put the earbuds in and pushed play. I had made a playlist just for this evening, some soft, smooth jazz, perfect for relaxing while soaking away my cares in a big tub, even by myself.

I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. It started going over the information from the seminar but then focused in on the very handsome man who had been seated in the row in front of me and over a couple of seats. I had enjoyed letting my eyes wander over to him all day. He was about six foot tall, dark hair, and beautiful brown eyes. He had caught me looking at him a couple of times and had smiled as he held my gaze, so I knew he had one of those beautiful, sensual mouths made just for kissing. I had enjoyed how his suit fit his toned body when he stood and stretched the kinks out at each break. When he would lift his arms over his head and stretched with one of those full body shivers it caused a shiver to run through me.

Now just thinking of him and his smile I could feel my body warm up, imagine how it would feel to be pressed up against him fully, to kiss him deeply. The kiss would start out slowly, just a soft meeting of the lips, brushing against each other as we learned the shape and feel. Slowly reaching out with the tips of our tongues to trace the outlines of the others lips, dipping into the seam and touching them together gently, then sliding them in deeper. The tongues are then wrapping around each other, learning the taste, the texture, our lips locked together in pure pleasure from the kiss. As I imagine this amazing kiss I feel my breasts become firmer and there is a softening deep in my pussy as my desire takes hold.

I let my fantasy kiss go further as I bring my hands to my breasts, gently squeezing them, running the tip of my fingers over the nipples. I quickly nip on his full bottom lip and then kiss it softly to say sorry, he groans deep in his throat as his hands leave the sides of my face and smooth down my shoulders and arms. They are large hands, smooth, and strong as he slides them onto my waist, then slides them up my ribcage to the undersides of my breasts. As he cups my large breasts in each hand he pulls back from our kiss to look down at them, he lifts them both up, and reaches down with his beautiful mouth to suck gently on each nipple. I roll my nipples between my fingers to simulate how that would feel and moan out loud at the sensation. I reached up and put my hands in his hair, holding his head to my breasts, urging him to suck harder. He sucks harder and I feel my pussy drench itself with my juices. My hips grind against him as my desire for more reaches a frenzied pitch.

I let my imagination run wild, as I am slowly unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his toned chest and stomach to my view, I leisurely run my hands over him enjoying the feel of his skin that is lightly covered with hair. I lean over to him and run my tongue around one of his nipples, then suck on it lightly until it is hard, then I switch over to the other and give it the same treatment. He groans again as I let my hands slip lower to the button of his pants, I can see his cock is straining against the front of his slacks. I look up at him and grin, "I think he needs to be set free."

He laughs softly and responds, "You think?"

I open his pants and watch in wonder as his beautiful cock springs free of its confines. I wrap my hand around him and slowly move it up and down his length, feeling how smooth and hard he is. In my mind, I see myself dropping to my knees in front of him, looking up into his beautiful eyes as I slowly swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock, tasting him, running my tongue through the slit, enjoying how that brings just a drop of precum out of him. I then run my tongue up and down his cock, making him wet with my saliva, so I can wrap my lips around the tip and slide him slowly into my mouth. I take him into my mouth but realize that he is bigger, longer than I expected, so I move my lips up and down his cock, moving deeper with each stroke, taking him deeper into my throat. I hear him groan as his hands tangle in my hair, I look up as I deep throat his cock and watch him throw his head back, enjoying the pleasure my tongue and mouth are giving him.

My pussy is aching from imagining his beautiful body and cock so I let go of my breasts and slide my hands down my stomach to touch myself. I gently rub my clit with my first finger on my right hand, my hips automatically lift as it sends a wave of pleasure through my body. I push one finger from my left hand into my pussy and it is very slick with my juices, so I slide in another finger. I move them slowly in and out of me, I can feel my orgasm build as I move my fingers in and out faster, rubbing on my clit harder with each stroke. But I decide I don't want to cum yet so I slide my hands back up to my nipples, rubbing them, pinching them lightly while I continue my fantasy fuck.

I feel his cock swell as I suck on him, his balls tightening up as he gets closer to cumming. I moved my mouth faster, sucking harder and then hear him yell out, "Fuck yeah!" as his cum shoots down the back of my throat. I swallow all I can as stream after stream of cum erupts from his cock, but some does drip out of the corner of my mouth and so as I slowly pull back from him I lick my lips to get every stray drop. He smiles at me. "That was fucking amazing, baby, so now what would you like in return?"

I respond while lifting one eyebrow, "In return? Mmm...I would love your tongue and mouth on my pussy."

After a deep, sexy laugh, he responds: "My pleasure."

He slowly backs me up until I reach the bed and I fall back onto it. I crawl backwards until I reach the pillows, watching him stalk me with this beautiful, sexy smile on his face. He slowly crawls across the bed and pushes my legs apart so he can see my wet, dripping pussy. He lowers his head to touch my clit with his tongue, he flicks it slowly, then wraps his tongue around it and sucks gently. I cry out from the pleasure of his tongue and bury my hands in his hair. He runs his tongue up and down my lips, dipping his tongue into my pussy over and over again, then returns to my clit as he slides two fingers into my hole. He lashes at my clit faster and faster with his tongue as his fingers slide in and out, curling them up to hit my sensitive g-spot. I am breathing so hard as I feel my body tighten up to orgasm even though I am not even touching myself this time. I once again decide I need to slow myself down, that I am not quite ready to cum. I reach over and grab another drink of my wine, calming myself as I breathe deeply.

Slowly I let my eyes close again as I picture his handsome face and body, I reach down and draw him up my body. He is laying full length on me, our bodies touching everywhere, allowing our hands to gently run over each other. Me feeling his firm, warm, skin over taut muscles. Him feeling my soft, supple skin, skimming his hands over all of my curves. He kisses me deeply once again, our tongues swirling deep into each others mouth. I taste my pussy juices on his tongue as I suck on it, the taste mixes with his own special flavor and drives me wild. I spread my legs wide so he is laying in between them, I feel the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He slides it in just a little, barely inside of me, just teasing me. I try to lift my hips up to pull him in deeper but he pulls away enough so that I can't.

I beg him, "Please...I need to feel you deep in me baby!"

He chuckles, "Uou will darling...very soon you will." He continues his teasing, moving a little further into me with each thrust, until he is buried in my pussy completely. Then he begins long, steady strokes, almost completely pulling out of me and then thrusting back into me as hard and deep as he can. As I imagine this I put my hands back on my pussy again, burying two fingers deep in myself, I slide them in and out, just like it was him. I curl them just a bit and as I thrust them back in I hit my g-spot. I can't stop my orgasm this time as I feel my pussy walls tighten around my fingers, imagining it was his cock.

I scream at him, "I am cuuummmminng!" as I feel him explode inside of me, feel his cum filling up my pussy. I feel these waves of pleasure radiate through my body as I push my fingers back in my pussy again and again.

As my orgasm slowly subsides I realize that the bath water had become quite chilly. I laugh at myself as I realize that I had killed most of my evening with a fantasy man whose name I didn't even know, and that the second day of training was going to be pure hell as I sat there trying not to relive my fantasy when I look at him.

Alicia Keys - No one :)

Jul 7th @ 2:54pm EDT

I want to dedicate this beautiful song to my future holiday lover :D hehehehehehe :D:D Maybe you could be him ?? :) Hm? :) Enjoy !:)

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I dont worry coz
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everythings gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what Im feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain

You and me together
Through the days and nights

I dont worry cause
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everythings gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what Im feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So till the end of time
Im telling you that

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what Im feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
oh oh oh

All Summer Long

Jul 7th @ 2:50pm EDT

That is the song which would obviously match to my holiday mood :):):) Enjoy it !

It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man
She was seventeen and she was far from in-between
It was summertime in Northern Michigan
Ahh Ahh Ahh
Ahh Ahh Ahh

Splashing through the sand bar
Talking by the campfire
It's the simple things in life, like when and where
We didn't have no internet
But man I never will forget
The way the moonlight shined upon her hair

And we were trying different things
We were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long

Catching Walleye from the dock
Watching the waves roll off the rocks
She'll forever hold a spot inside my soul
We'd blister in the sun
We couldn't wait for night to come
To hit that sand and play some rock and roll

While we were trying different things
And we were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long

Now nothing seems as strange as when the leaves began to change
Or how we thought those days would never end
Sometimes I'll hear that song and I'll start to sing along
And think man I'd love to see that girl again

And we were trying different things
We were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long

And we were trying different things
We were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long

Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long


Jul 7th @ 2:45pm EDT

Hello :)
It's July. In Poland it is hot and sunny :) And for the majority of people the holidays has just started :):) What is your favourite way of spending your free time ?:)

Everyone dreams of spending some free days away. Me too.
I like spending my spare time with my friends. Nobody likes to be alone :) Im rather talkative and sociable person. I also like meeting new people and making new friends.
I like spending holidays at the seaside, no matter in Poland or abroad. I love lying on a sunny beach, feel the sand under my feet and take a swim into warm water :) I love sunbathing all day long. And I love admiring the sunsets:)
I could spend all my time near the sea, drinking colourful drinks with a small umbrella inside an then, when the sun is out I often spend night at the parties on the beach or somewhere in a club. with my friends , of course :)
When it rains ... I feel a bit upset but I also don't like siting at home so I go to the cinema or cafe to relax a bit and wait for sun :)
When I don't have a possibility to go to the seaside I just take a gruop of friends for a picnic near my city. Or we go to the open swimming pool to catch some sun :):)
Eh ... now Im at work but soon I will be able to make my holiday dreams come true :) And maybe .. during a trip I would meet my prince and have a passionate holiday romance ? Who knows... :):)
Warm .. oh no... BOILING HOT kisses for you :)
I wish you wonderful Holidays !!!!!:)

Nice song

Jul 6th @ 3:22pm EDT

I like listening to radio. I think I couldn't exist without music :):) I discovered a very nice song :) Here it is - do you know it ?;) U like that kind of music ? :) Kisses :)

Britney Spears - Till the world ends

This kicked in got your tongue tied in knots, I see
Spit it out cause Im dying for company
I notice that you got it
You notice that I want it
You know that I can take it to the next level baby
If you want this good st
Sicker than the remix
Baby let me blow your mind tonight

I cant take it take it take no more
Never felt like felt like this before
Come on get me get me on the floor
DJ what you what you waiting for?

Oh, oh, oh, oh......

Watch me move when I lose, when I lose it hard
Get you off with a touch, dancing in the dark
You notice what Im wearing
Im noticing you staring
You know that I can take it to the next level baby
Hotter than the A-list
Next one on my hit list
Baby let me blow your mind tonight

I cant take it take it take no more
Never felt like felt like this before
Come on get me get me on the floor
DJ what you what you waiting for?

Oh, oh, oh, oh......

See the sunlight, we aint stopping
Keep on dancing til the world ends
If you feel it, let it happen
Keep on dancing till the world ends
Keep on dancing till the world ends
Keep on dancing till the world ends

Oh, oh, oh, oh......

See the sunlight, we aint stopping
Keep on dancing til the world ends
If you feel it, let it happen
Keep on dancing till the world ends


Jul 6th @ 3:14pm EDT

Hello everyone :)
How are you ?:) I hope that you are ok ... in good and naughty mood as usual :P

Last weekend I went with my best friend to a TOPIC PARTY (kind of party where everyone has to be dressed up in some funny costumes). The topic was MEMORIES.

So I decided to dress up in my favourite school girl costume - white collar with a pink tie, tight short white top without bra under and extremely short pink skirt :)
The weather was cold, but I felt very very hot that day. I had a feeling that that party would be epic ! And it was !!!!! :)

On a party, which was organised in my friend's house we drunk some drinks and shots. I was feeling better and better.. My mood was playful as hell and I decided to tease a guy who was smoking a cigarette alone on a balcony.
At first we were just talking . He had wonderful sense of humour and charming smile. But after a short talk and a few drinks more I started to feel horny. And so did he . We entered a free room. He closed the door, pulled my tie and said 'Come here my school girl. I think we have a very importane exam ahead'. We started to kiss and he put off my panties. He took me up in the air, pulled into the wall and started to fuck. That was really fantastic. I couldnt catch my breathe. I was moaning very loudly, but no one heard because the party was still on.
Suddenly... the door opened and the second very handsome guy came. We asked if we wanna play with him. Of couse - we wanted :)
We were three now. One of the guys was licking my pussy, second my neck. and suddenly .. they came inside. One was fucking my pussy and another was fucking my ass from the behind. I was in 7th HEAVEN. I lost control for a while.
After that they smiled to me and one of them said 'U passed your exam sweetie. ' And they both came home. I don't even know their names but ... nevermind :) That day was excellent :) The greatest party ever. I will remember it for a very very long time.

And u ? have u ever been on such nice party ? hehe :) Kiss :)

Feeling Good

Jul 4th @ 4:01pm EDT

Hello babies :) I'm here again :P I had a day off for myself and it was really great cause I charged my batteries and now I'm feeling totally relaxed :):):) I had a wonderful time ... finally had time for a long, warm bath with a glass of red wine.... delicious dinner and I got sleep enough :):):) Now I'm back at work ... more patient, lively .. talkative and playfull :)

Recently I've heard a very very nice song ... have u ever heard it ? It makes me absolutely playfull every time I listen to it ;)

Here are the lyrics of this song ... I DEDICATE IT tp my today's first guest in a private room... To a special men ... With unbelievably warm character :):) Baby, It's for U :)

Michael Buble - Feeling Good

Birds flying high
You know how I feel
Sun in the sky
You know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Fish in the sea
You know how I feel
River running free
You know how I feel
Blossom on a tree
You know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don't you know
Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done
That's what I mean
And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine
You know how I feel
Scent of the pine
You know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel
It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me

And I'm feeling good

sweet dreams

Jul 3rd @ 2:58am EDT

Hello everyone . I haven been here for ages ! But today I decided to write ... cause something wonderful happened to me :) I was very very tired after work so I felt asleep very fast, just after come back home.

I closed my eyes and it appeared. Wonderful dream ... I was somewhere in a dark corner .. alone. It was raining but it was a warm, summer rain. I saw a strange shape. At first I was scared but then I was a very very very handome guy about 30. He was smiling to me... He came closer and held me tight . I lost my words. We started to kiss so passionately . My clothes were extremely wet and I had no bra so he could see and feel my hars nipples .
After a long kiss we went to his house, where we drunk red wine... a lot of red wine. He put my wet clothes off me and poured red wine onto my skin. The he started to lick me ... All my body .... It was so hot . We started to fuck. Fisrt gently, but then harder and harder...... I was moaning and screaming. It was soooooo good !
I woke up in the morning hot and wet. That was so wondef=rful and so close ro reality :)

And u ?? Have u got such dreams sometimes ? :):)

'Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something....'

Wonderful Dream

Jul 3rd @ 2:57am EDT

Hello everyone . I haven been here for ages ! But today I decided to write ... cause something wonderful happened to me :) I was very very tired after work so I felt asleep very fast, just after come back home.

I closed my eyes and it appeared. Wonderful dream ... I was somewhere in a dark corner .. alone. It was raining but it was a warm, summer rain. I saw a strange shape. At first I was scared but then I was a very very very handome guy about 30. He was smiling to me... He came closer and held me tight . I lost my words. We started to kiss so passionately . My clothes were extremely wet and I had no bra so he could see and feel my hars nipples .
After a long kiss we went to his house, where we drunk red wine... a lot of red wine. He put my wet clothes off me and poured red wine onto my skin. The he started to lick me ... All my body .... It was so hot . We started to fuck. Fisrt gently, but then harder and harder...... I was moaning and screaming. It was soooooo good !
I woke up in the morning hot and wet. That was so wondef=rful and so close ro reality :)

And u ?? Have u got such dreams sometimes ? :):)

'Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something....'

Get it ...

Jun 28th @ 10:33am EDT

I waited for a while (probably only an hour actually, but that seemed like an eternity in hell without relief), when I finally realised that you were gone. So I went straight to the bedroom and lay on my stomach, my peachy ass poised in the air and shoved both my hands wantonly under my skirt. I hiked it up, imagining you kneeling behind me, your cock rock hard, pulsing and ready. I started to rub myself vigorously, but it was no good... my own hands just couldn't match what I KNOW your body would feel like slamming up against my backside.

I needed some inspiration. So I raced back to the computer and printed off a full page color photo of your face and one of your cock glistening with pre cum (my favorite!), and carried it back to the bedroom, ready for some real deliverance. I placed your pictures on my pillow and ripped my skirt off, in a serious frenzy now to get some satisfaction out of you. I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out some oil and my vibrator - it wasn't you, and I concede that I very much missed the opportunity of speaking to you whilst feeling this fucking horny, or better still, being able to smell and feel you in person. But it would have to do, for now...

I massaged some oil into my swollen pussy, gliding it sensuously over my mound, thighs and ass, and squatted above my dildo. Hesitating only to gaze at your face, I plunged the entire length into my juicy hole, crying out your name so loudly that the entire neighbourhood now knows who I lust after. One hand firmly on the shaft of your... i mean MY dildo, the other rhythmically stroking from mound down to the shaft, I began rising and falling on that cock (which my mind was gratefully allowing me to believe was yours). I pumped constantly until the entire the entire 10" were covered with my cream; cream that has been building up (thanks to you), for months now. My senses were entirely encapsulated in the reverie, my body lurching forward and my face landing on yours, on the pillow. I could see the look on your face up close now, and I wanted to stick my tongue in your mouth and consume you.

I raised my ass back up in the air - intoxicating visions of you on your knees behind me, totally naked and grabbing my ass with both hands - fuelling my incredible greed for your cock. I am growling like a drunken lunatic, begging for you to FUCK ME good and proper, like I know you want to. My nipples are stiff, feeling like they are burning holes in my shirt, so I grind them on the bed, almost bursting the buttons. My tits are desperate to get out of their prison and into the action. I picture you roughly holding my hips, lifting and tugging me backwards, hard into your groin. Your dick disappears into my hot, luscious pussy over and over again, your balls slapping madly under my ass, eliciting a torrent of electric waves coursing through my whole being. My fingers are flicking my clit madly, but in my dream-like state, they are YOUR fingers - your masterful fingers pinching and pulling at my excited, slippery rosebud. An almighty thrust from your delicious cock enters me so deeply that we both shout out in pleasurable pain, our mutual climax causing me to squeeze your dick so hard you feel like you're being strangled (in the nicest possible manner of course!). You hold your breath, the blood rushing to the tip of your head and out of your cock, flooding my pussy with your cum. My muscles are still gently pulsing, sucking every last sweet drop out of you. I stare at your face on the pillow, panting and satisfied..... almost.

Hmmm :)

Jun 28th @ 10:30am EDT

I was starting to like Peter more and more. I came on this ski trip fully intending to hook up with a boy and Peter was a nice choice. He was, like me, a virgin and as interested in exploring my body as I was in his. We had made out last night, spent the day together, and showered together before dinner. I smiled remembering how quickly he "spurted" when I took his penis into my mouth in the shower. I warmed remembering how his naked body looked and how pleasantly different it was than mine. His smooth chest and torso going down to narrow hips. His seemingly always erect penis, the softness of his balls. His muscular legs. Kissing and feeling him was wonderful. Peter had taken me to orgasm twice with his hand on and in my pussy. It had felt wonderful to be held in his arms as I reached orgasm. I was trying to decide if I should "go all the way" with Peter. Should he be the one I let enter me for the first time?

I had kissed him goodnight after dinner and quickly retired to my room. I'm sure he was a bit disappointed but he had hugged me and said goodnight. Alone in my room I had quickly stripped down to my bra and panties and ran to the bathroom. I had to piss badly.

I pulled my panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I spread my labia with two fingers and began to pee. I relaxed as my bladder emptied and started thinking of him. What would his penis feel like inside me? Would his penis or his energetic thrusts hurt? How would it feel when he spurted inside me? Would all his cum fit? My groin tingled as I finished, patted, and pulled up my panties.

I stood in my room in my bra and panties. I patted my abdomen absently while I considered the warmth in my groin. Was I going to masturbate so soon after making out with Peter? Yes, I thought as I laid down on the bed. I felt my bra with one hand and the crotch of my panties with the other. I smiled, I hadn't masturbated too frequently in high school, but I had figured out what worked for me. At first my pussy was very sensitive and I preferred to stroke my labia gently with my panties still on. Then as I came closer to orgasm, I could take off the panties or reach under them and stroke my labia directly with my fingers and begin to rub my clitoral hood more and more roughly until I reached orgasm. I had explored the inside of my vagina, but having my finger inside didn't really add to my pleasure.

I smiled, here I was with a boy to make out with this weekend, but I was going to masturbate alone in my in bed. I would be leaving out this detail when I told my girlfriends about my erotic adventures with Peter. I spread my legs wider as I rubbed my covered pussy and felt the moisture seep through the cotton. When I had stroked Peter's penis last night, I had started gently, assuming that he needed a build up to a rougher rub like I did. I was wrong, it seemed that guys needed a firm rough grip right out of the gate. Apparently, squeezing hard and stroking fast was the best way to pleasure for a guy. Odd that it was so different from what I longed for. I thought about his erect penis as I rubbed my labia and started to move my other hand over more of my body. I started by caressing my stomach, my breasts, my other arm, and my face and neck. Through the thick material of my bra I felt the harness of my nipples interrupt the softness of my breasts. My whole body felt wonderful and the warmth in my groin continued to grow.

I thought about Peter's orgasm last night, how his cum had shot through the air. Not just once but several times. How dramatic a boy's orgasm could be. I reached under my panties and began to rub my clitoral hood with urgency. I thought about the feeling of his penis pulsing again and again in my mouth as his cum shot out of it and slid down my throat. I reached under the material of my bra and pinched my nipple as hard as I could. It was like my nipple was wired to my pussy and pleasure began to explode in my groin. I closed my eyes as I reached orgasm. My legs squeezed together around my hand and I continued to pinch my nipple as waves of pleasure washed over my body. Tension drained out of my body and I laid for several minutes basking in the pleasure of my body. Soon, I fixed my underwear and covered up to go to sleep.

I went to sleep satiated and thoughts of Peter running through my head.

Blue Toy

Jun 28th @ 10:12am EDT

I have been thinking about you all day. Working myself up, with thoughts of you inside me. Behind me. Touching me. With your hands on my body, in my ass and my pussy. I have sat at this desk and worked myself into a frenzy with these thoughts. My panites are soaked, and I cannot wait until five oclock, when I can leave this place and come home to you. The conversations that we have had today, on the phone, its been hard to control myself. Keep from reaching under my desk and just finger fucking the hell out of myself. Until I cum. I want to cum so hard, and loud that everyone in this office will know what I've done. But I can't. I have squeezed my legs as close together as they will go, tryin to put pressure on the sensitive area. It only makes things worse. Knowing that I need that release. The clock seems to drag, and my thoughts of fucking you rage on. It seems that it will never come, but finally, I grab my purse lock my office door, and straight for the car and home. On my way, you call and tell me you are going to be late. I pout with you. Saddened, knowing that I have to wait that much longer. I can't take it. You tell me that you are going to be about an hour held up at work. I sigh, and tell you that I will see you when you get home.

The drive home is a little bit more sad. Little bit more depressing. But then again, is it. I could go home and really get one off, before you even come home. I slide my hand up my skit, and pull my panties to the side. I slide my finger inside of me. Oh yes, I am so wet. Its slick and warm. My pussy has been like this all day. Waiting, wanting. I don't want to be made love to, I want to be fucked. Rough and hard. Call me a whore, grab my hair, type of sex. Just fuck me till I cum.

Driving has become increasingly difficult as I am nearing that edge, that point of no return. And even though I do want that quick release, I want it to be worth it. I want the orgasm to be worth it. Not just a quick self finger fuck and I'm done. I remove my fingers. No, my plans are to get the big blue rubber dildo you bought for me out. It has a suction cup on it. I want to stick in on the mirrors of our headboard and fuck myself.

I pull in the drive, and practically run into the house. I am stripping clothes as I'm walking up the stairs to our bedroom. I draw the blinds, and slip out of my bra and panties. I climb onto the bed. I reach into the night stand. I pull out the dildo. Its size is nothing compared to you, but it does the job when you're not around. And right now your not around and I need this. I lick its length. I close my eyes, and picture you before me. It is your cock in my mouth. I suck on it, as though I would pleasure you. Wet, and deep. With one hand I reach down, and begin slow circles with my fingers over my clit. The wetness is amazing, and make its so easy for my fingers to glide around my pussy. I push a finger inside myself. A gasp escapes me. I am teasing myself, and I don't have to. I get on my knees facing the headboard. I look at myself, while running my hands over my breasts, down my legs, and between the delicate folds of my pussy. I smile. I like my body. I like turning you on. I lick the bottom of the dildo, and stick in to the mirror. I watch myself.

I get close to the dildo. I lick its length. Watching in the mirrors, my mouth works over the long blue shaft. I open my mouth and take its length. I have never gotten to view my oral pleasure from this angle. It is hot, and I can see why you like watching me.

I slowly turn around, on my knees, I reach between my legs, and guide that cock into my soaked pussy. I push back as far as I can, until my ass meets the mirror. I turn my head and look behind me. Watching in the mirror as that blue rod dissapears into my pussy. I love watching it enter that wet naked hole. So tight. I move my hips a little faster. I can't look away. I love watching it go deep inside me. I reach one had up and squeeze my breast. Pinch my nipples. I can feel my orgasm building inside of me. Feel my walls tighten on the blue shaft. Faster. I buck my hips, as the orgasm rips through me. Its hard to stay in this position, as my body convulses. I bend over, my head on the matress now, exhausted. I slowly grind my hips one final time on the fallus. I slide forward, as it comes out of me, and hangs there, still hard and wanting more of me. I lay on my stomach, and smile. I breath a long breath out, and gigle..

"Well, that was one hell of a performance. Got me rock hard." You say, and startle me.

I jump up and look at you. You have never caught me masturbating. Not like this. We have played, with each other, in this way, but not like this. Not how animalistic I was fucking myself. I am embarrassed. I can feel my face flush as I look at you. Shame.

"I-I" I cannot find words.

You pull your shirt over your head. You undo your belt, and let your jeans fall. You cock at full attention. You did like watching me. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You walk over to be quickly. You grab my shoulders and pull me up to you. You crush your mouth to mine. You reach down and take my hips and cause me to fall back on the bed. You pull me to the edge of the bed, which is tall, and sits perfectly for you to penetrate me while standing. You ram into me. No playing. No teasing. You drive your fat cock deep into my pussy in one thrust. I scream out. I grab the comforter on the bed in both hands. I want to tear it beneath me.

"This what you want" You grunt.

"Yesssssss," I moan.

Your pumping is hard and deliberate. Fast and evasive. You are an animal. Your fucking me so hard. I cum for you imediately. I gush all over your cock. I can't stand anymore. Your hands roughly squeezing my breasts. I feel your rigid depth inside me. I know that you are about to cum.

"I want it in my mouth baby," I say to you. Feeling dirty. That is all you need. Your animalistic face shows me everything your feeling. You pull out of me, and lean forward grabbing my neck in your hand. You shove your cock in my mouth just as your cock expells the first wonderful pump of spunk. Oh how I love the taste of you. I swallow you down, deep as your cock continues to jump in my mouth. Giving me all that you have. When you have finished, I look up at you.

"That was one of the hottest things I have ever fucking seen. It made me so hot." You say a little breathlessly.

"I was horny."

"I'm glad I got off early. If I would have missed that show, man, I don't know what I would have done"

"I was so embarrassed." I say shyly.

"Don't be. I'll want that show again."

You lead me to the shower, where we soap each other, and I see that you are ready again. You must have really liked watching me with my big blue toy.

My Hot Fucking Fantasy...Is it yours?

Jun 27th @ 3:18pm EDT

My pussy and ass holes are very, very tight. Never bearing childrenno big thick cocks pounding my ass to oblivion and back on a nightly schedule. But when I bought my first vibrator a super thick & long, robotic rubber penis getting off had an entirely different meaning!

The first time this huge, erotic, pulsating, vibrating, battery operated tool touched my clit cum started oozing out my pussy, soaking the bed, my asshole, and my thighs. :60 later, I SHOT a load of cum out my pussy. Keeping the robotic penis on my clit made me insane. One tickling - painful - gratifying explosion! WOW!

I love to squirt. But nothing feels better than a good real fuck with someone that can bring you to squirt!! And with the right man (men) I will completely soak my panties in that first 60 seconds we look eye to eye. In the meantime..

I fantasize playing sex slave to men with huge cocks while women with big tits hold my sexually charged body down assisting my large round milky white ass, pink shaven swelling pussy.

On all fours , I begin masturbating on the rug at the feet of my soon to be oral, anal tormentors of my fuck fantasies. My pussy gets wetter and wetter watching each cock get sucked and jerked by these whores of pleasure. Im oozing now and in position. One by one I am invaded by the cocks of my dreams. n a nightly schedule. But I would masturbate with a huge vibrating cum machine and let my imagination go wild dripping with anticipation, opened up to suck the giant swollen head of the thickest, longest intruder my tight little puss had ever believed possible. Showing no mercy I am quickly feeling my body quiver and shake. Dripping down my thighs, and out my ass starts my flow of that juicy sweet liquid they have come for.

This cock is pounding my ass so good I cant hold back. Im squirting out 2-3 foot streams of pussy cum with every body convulsion . Shes sucking on my pussy lips, stretching and pulling and massaging my stiff clit. That hot, wet, mouth will soon be full of my hot cum. Oh god, Im squirting so hard all over her face as she desperately laps up all the sticky goodness thats still drains from my fucked out hole.

My sweet pink pussy & her plump lips is the cherry on top of my fantasy fuck squirting bonanza!. Each nipple now getting full attention as my two hot cocks suck, twist, and manhandle my milky white plump DDDs, each cock lover attempting to out do the other. Im going to shoot again. Theres fingers up my ass and more in my pussy.

Suddenly, I remember my husband is here watching my body squirt over and over- screaming in ecstasy each orgasm stronger than the last!

I notice there are spectators watching me get off. These are my friends and they are grabbing my legs, lifting me off the ground and spreading them far apart completely exposing and opening both fuck holes!

My stiff clit and pink wet pussy are stretched far out. My clean, sweet, tight little asshole has been beaten and aggressively pounded by a 9 hard rod jammer and now stays open with a 2 hole you can stick your fist into! My husband and friends holding and spreading my legs, those nasty nymphs begin spanking my free hanging tits - each getting a super hard suck off, finger fucking in my ass and cum dripping puss. Spread my legs fartheryes ..I cant hold back now oh my god..FUCK ME Im screaming and squirting the hottest orgasm ever..oh YES.Merciless, my 2 ass fucking cock bots pull out of the asses belonging to those cock sucking whores revealing their swollen heads and still rock hard cocks, bruising beasts.

The girls have been taking my cocks up their asses keeping them straight, stiff, and ready for the most merciless of pussy and anal fuck fests still to cum. Hes jamming his rock hard hammer in my oversexed pussy.and theres another pounding my ass. Im getting fucked harder and harder, faster and faster I scream out in bleeding ecstasy Im fucking cumming!

They pull their cocks out from inside me and the 3 of us release on each other. So intense was my cumming that my clit twitched and dripped loads of juicy cream for hours after my super satisfying, hands down hardest, animal fucking frenzy that just thinking about it makes me instantly wet. As I finished my fuck fantasy with squirt after squirt - cumming over and over in conjunction with each body convulsion I jerked each cock off letting them unloaded their massive thick white sticky creamy cum juice all over my tits and face!

Im cumming right now just from writing this story. Heres a picture of my cum dripping pussy taken right now!!! Who wants my cum squirting pussy next?

Only 3 men have been able to pleasure me to a squirting orgasm.Theres nothing like squirting juicy cum out your soakin wet pussy when his cock is still fucking the shit out of you - pounding your sweet cum filled tight little pussy harder and harder forcing cum to spray and leak out everywhere1 Im so hot for a big cock right now!!

A Day At Your Office...

Jun 27th @ 3:04pm EDT

After you ravish my sweetness and explode deep inside of me, I slide down under your desk to try to catch my breath. Curled up, using my crossed arms and resting my head on your feet, you smile at me since you wore me out! You get your pants right and sit there for a few minutes trying to get your mind back to business.

You hear my soft breathing and decide to let me get a few winks. It is a slow day for you and you don't really expect anyone in your office before the end of the day. Since we had such a late lunch and with it being Friday, you are fairly certain it will be okay for me to stay.

You begin working, stopping every once in a while to look down and smile at the picture I make, curled up at your feet with a sexy smile on my sweet lips, I must be dreaming of what we just shared. You hear the door open and OMG, your partner walks in and you freeze. You must have jerked your feet because you feel me stirring and you are trying not to panic, thinking I will say something and he might hear me.

I feel you going tense, so I figure it out and remain very, very quite and still. Your partner must have a lot to say because he sits in the chair on the other side of your desk and starts talking to you. Deciding it is about someone important; I just can't help but to tease you a little. You are talking so seriously that I get naughty and reach up to caress your cock gently. I hear your voice stutter and stop, and then you clear your throat and push my hand away.

Your partner asks you if you are okay and you just say you have a tickle in your throat. You glance down at me and I smile and wink at you and you frown and glare down at me. Accidentally knocking over some papers, you bend down and growl at me to "stop it"! This of course only makes me want to torture you more...

You start to stand up and your partner tells you to sit down, he wants to go over something and it will take some time so just relax. I sit up under your desk quietly and take off my blouse and then my sexy red lace bra, letting my big soft breasts spill out. I push your chair a little farther back from your desk and you act natural and cross your legs with your ankle on your knee. Your visitor is busy looking at some papers in front of him so you keep stealing quick glances at me as I start to caress my breasts for you.

Closing my eyes and pinching my nipples and then squeezing them together, knowing you are watching me sometimes is getting me excited. Being the naughty woman I am, I start to lower one hand across my tummy and I see your eyes widen. You cannot believe what I am going to do as I slowly spread my legs and prop my feet up on the feet of your chair. I hear you swallow loudly and your partner asks again if you are okay. Your answer comes out kind of squeaky and you cough and answer him more firmly that you are fine.

You see me smiling and then your partner gets a telephone call and while he sits sideways, looking away from you and out the window, your eyes latch onto what I am doing under your desk. You see my fingers running through my curls and then spreading my pussy lips so you can see them glistening, I am sooooo hot and wet for you baby. You stare as I first slide one finger in deeply and then you watch it as it comes out all wet and shiny. I bring it up to my mouth and lick it off and then suck on it making your cock start to harden in your pants.

I reach back down and while spreading my pussy lips with one hand, the fingers on my right hand start to make small circles on my hard little clit and you see me lifting my ass and rotating it against my fingers. My eyes are closed and you are hoping that I remain quite but you are wondering if I can, knowing me and how hard I will explode. Your partner is yelling at someone on the phone and you hear me whimper, glancing at him, he appears not to hear me and with all the noise he is making, I am getting more and more excited.

You see me biting my lip hard and watch my hand flying faster and faster, first pressing and moving quickly over my sensitive little clit, then plunging into my pussy. You can actually see my pussy clenching around the two fingers that are being shoved inside of me and how I am starting to tremble. Your cock is throbbing and you reverently wish that your partner would stay on the phone for a while so you can be sure to see what happens next.

I open my eyes and you see the ecstasy there as I gaze deeply into your eyes as my orgasm rips through me, making me shudder and you look down just in time to see my pussy open up and my sweet, hot juices start to gush and squirt out of me over and over and over again. Seeing my hand moving faster and faster and my juices pooling under me, your shaking hand reaches down to feel my nipple bead at the same time I am exploding all over.

I shudder and go still, opening my glazed eyes and smile at you very sensually. You shake your head at me and with a big hard achy cock you look up to see that your partner is about done with his call. You try to slow down your heartbeat and hope your voice comes out steady as you feel me pulling your chair under the desk farther.

You partner gives you his attention and tells you that you look flushed, is the A/C broken? You say that you are okay and he resumes talking to you. You think that I will be a good girl now that I have tortured you, but you are not that lucky. You almost jump out of your chair when you feel my hand on your cock, but then act like your leg had a cramp and laugh nervously and settle back down. I grin up at you and then spreading your legs, against your will as you try to keep them together, almost making you laugh out loud.

Finally getting my way, as usual, your legs are spread and you are leaning forward with your arms crossed on top of your desk. You feel my hot little hand caressing your hardness and running my fingers up and down the length, and then tickling your balls lightly. You squirm and your partner tells you to pay attention. Sitting at the edge of your chair, I have full access. Not giving you any mercy, I get on my knees and the next thing you feel is my hot breath and even hotter mouth opened and pressed against your throbbing cock.

I cannot resist and my hot, wet tongue starts to lick and you push me away gently but I am bound and determined to make you cum while you are talking with your partner. I hear a couple more people walk into your office and under the cover of the noise they are making, I quickly unzip your pants and your cock springs free. Hard and throbbing, just like I like it. You have realized that I will continue so you are trying to keep your breathing level and your eyes open, trying to enjoy, but not too much. A hard feat since my mouth has just sucked your cock inside of its wet heat and you are feeling my tongue swirl round and round it. I feel your legs twitching and shaking and I start to suck faster and harder, taking your cock deeper in my mouth.

All of a sudden, your partner gets another call and stands up and says he must leave immediately and the other two leave with him. I know you are about there and since they are gone now, I start to hum loudly and the vibrations along with you finally being able to close your eyes and let loose are your undoing. You grab my head and hold me still as you start to erupt violently. Swallowing again and again, milking your cock while you are shooting load after load of your hot creamy cum down my throat, you moan loudly over and over again.

After licking up every drop and kissing your cock gently, I put him back into your pants and you are breathing hard so I let you try to catch your breath. Knowing that you will probably spank me for what I did to you while your partner was there. I wiggle into my panties and crawl out and cuddle up on your lap, kissing your sweet lips and telling you that you had me soooooo hot I could not help it and you should not be mad at me.

You grab my face between your hands and kiss my lips, smiling at me and telling me that you can never be mad at me because I always leave you so weak and sated and it drives you crazy but you love it! I smile, grab your hand and we leave for the weekend, wondering what we are going to do for the next two days...

Masturbation -a personal journey

Jun 27th @ 3:01pm EDT

I have had a life long love affair with romance novels starting with "Sweet savage love" by Rosemary Rogers. I had taken a long time to read that and had to look up a lot of words . I will never forget the illicit heat that pooled in between my thighs as I read the sex scenes which were like nothing I'd ever imagined or ever seen. I mean she wrote sex scenes without tenderness. It took me two weeks to read that book. I remember touching myself furiously at night trying to quieten the passions that it had aroused. So began my love affair with reading. After that I read euphemism strewed love stories of mills and boon books. I remember laughing at the words they used instead of genital parts of males and females. I realised I liked novels with more explicit sex scenes. Another pivotal dirty scene was from Judith Krantz book Daisy. It had a lesbian love scene within it. I was shocked but extremely turned on. I remember feeling a sharp heat in my pussy area and I felt funny and hot and bothered. I had an urge to run my hands all over my body. I felt a bit dirty though ashamed. Why had I found that sexy? Was I a freak and pervert? I guess thats why I had such a strong sexual response to it. It was wrong and forbidden and I liked it.

When I was younger I used to have a bath and go to bed. I would then spend about two hours touching myself. Id be fantasising about being touched by my true love. I would slowly run my fingers down over my budding breasts and Id slowly touch my nipples and feel them in wonderment. My touches would make them harden and Id start to breath heavier. My breasts have always been sensitive and when I touched them they made my pussy ache. It was like little bolts of sexual excitement would go right through my body. My breath would slip in and out of my lungs rapidly.

It was my ritual .I would slowly move my hand down over my flat teenage stomach. I would be breathing heavily and Id push my hand into my pyjama pants and down slowly into my cotton panties over my pubis. Id stop and just lightly touch the pussy through my panties. Id skim my index finger slowly up and down the cotton never pushing in and building up the anticipation until the cotton was soaking wet. I would then push down both my panties and pyjama pants. The next part was to run my fingers just around the lips of the slit slowly and building up that feeling. After a while my fingers would move in closer until I slipped my fingers into my wet pussy.

By that time I was so aroused that all finesse had gone out of the window so it was with furious jabs of my index and middle finger sliding in and out of my slit. Then to speed up the process Id rub my clitoris furiously as well. Id be burying my head in my pillow to quieten my moans but the excitement of being caught by my parents made the pleasure intensify throughout my body. Slowly the pressure built up and up until my young body was overwhelmed by my orgasm. Id be so sensitive that I would have to remove my fingers straight away and not move around too much. Id lie there overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through my body.Then I'd bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them slightly.

Sometimes I wish I had more time these days to explore my body but nothing beat those exploratory nights of my formative years and I have moved on to darker things.

The Party

Jun 26th @ 3:18pm EDT

It was a pretty small party. Twenty or so people. It was Jane's birthday and she'd just invited a few friends round for some drinks. We were all around 17 but Jane's parents were out for the weekend and we had some stoner buy us a load of spirits. As we all lounged around her house drinking I noticed Alex had decided to come along. Alex has bleached blonde hair, green-grey eyes and a tightly muscled body. He was wearing a pair of jeans that didn't quite fit and they kept slipping down, showing off his trunks clinging to his perfect bum. I have had a crush on Alex since the first day I saw him in the common room but I'd never had the courage to ask him out. I'm a brunette and he's well known for being a sucker for blondes. All of his girlfriends have been tall, gorgeous types and all five foot four inches of me was petrified of being rejected.
As we all lounged around in Jane's living room, steadily reaching a state of alcohol fueled inebriation, Alex swaggered over to me, holding up his jeans as he did. "Hey" he said, infuriatingly self assured, "Alice, isn't it?" I felt so small, only just able to reply, telling him he was right. He wasn't nearly as drunk as most of the others so I offered him the bottle of scotch I had been sipping away at. He took a deep drink and smiled his cheeky smile. There were far more attractive girls at the party than me, why was he paying me so much attention? We made small talk for a while, joking about tutors and friends. He put his arm around me pulled me into his chest. "You are far more beautiful than you think." he whispered in my ear. I turned towards him ready to fall into his lips when Jane crashed over us, running for the door.
She rushed outside just in time to throw up in a plant pot, we followed her knowing that we were the least drunk there and probably the only ones who'd noticed her. I held back her hair, secretly hating her for ruining what had been an almost perfect moment with Alex. He stood a little way off. I apologised to him and told him to rejoin the party, but he declined, taking my hand in his. Jane suddenly stood and rushed back inside screaming something unintelligible, leaving me with the guy of my dreams. I mustered the courage to suggest a walk and he led me into the fields surrounding Jane's house. The walk only lasted a minute, as soon as we were out of sight of the house, he pulled me into him, pressing his soft lips against mine. I pushed into him, feeling his gentle kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair and his hands followed my body down to my waist. We kissed with renewed passion, his tongue dancing with mine.
We fell to the floor gently and he held me, our forms surrounded by tall grass, our lips still connected, moving in harmony. I was on top of him my thighs escaping my skirt. He ran a had up my leg until he met my bum. His hand moved over my bum and up my back, lifting my top. I pulled it off, our kiss broken for just a moment. He undid my bra and slid it off. As we kissed, his fingers surrounded my breasts, circling my nipples. He rolled me over and I closed my legs around his waist. He pulled off his shirt, revealing his chiseled torso. I ran my hands over his chest, down his toned abs to his belt, unfastening it in one fluid movement. I undid the top button of his jeans and he pulled away, kissing my neck and then my breasts. His tongue flicked over my nipples, making me writhe in pleasure. He kissed down my stomach to my skirt. He pulled it down and moved his head down to my panties. He kissed my pussy through the fabric, hinting at what was to come. I pushed down my pants, willing him to take me there.
He ran his tongue over my pussy, circling my clit. It drove me crazy, My hands on the back of his head pushing him into me. His hands on my hips, holding me down. He pushed his tongue inside me and then returned to my clit, no longer swirling around it but flicking it, sucking it, licking it. My hips bucked in his strong hands as my orgasm rushed through me. I lay on the grass, out of breath. Alex kissed back up my body until our lips met once again in passionate embrace. I could taste my pussy on his lips and it made me want him inside me. I rolled on top of him and pulled off his jeans, pausing for a moment to admire the bulge in his boxers before pulling them down. He was around seven, maybe eight inches and it was rock hard. I ran my tongue from the base to the tip of his penis, kissing the round head and taking it into my mouth. A tiny bit of his pre-come emerged and I licked it off, savoring the saltiness, knowing I was pleasing him.
He pulled me up into another kiss and rolled me onto my back. He slid his length into my pussy and I let out a moan of pleasure. He felt so good, so big, inside me. He started gently, caressing my breasts and kissing my neck as he thrust his length into me. He got faster, pushed into me deeper, held me in his strong arms as I came, my juices covering his member. I kissed him, running my tongue over his teeth. I rolled him over. It was his turn to come. I lifted off him and dropped back on, forcing him deeper than he'd been before, feeling my tight pussy grip his massive cock. I bit him gently on the neck and whispered to him "Spank me". His palm struck my cheek, firm but not painful and I threw my head back, screaming in delight. He took my nipple into his mouth and sucked it, nibbling it slightly, driving me on. I rode him, his hips meeting my downward thrusts. A look of longing crossed his face and he gritted his teeth, he was about to come. I lowered myself over him and whispered "I'm on the pill, I want you to come inside me. Please come inside me." He thrust upwards once, twice and came, filling me with his semen. I came on his quivering cock, my hands on his chest, my face a portrait of intense pleasure. I lifted off him, a string of come, both mine and his, stretching across his stomach and up my leg. My thighs were coated with our juices. I placed my head on his chest and we lay, gazing up at the stars, feeling as close as two people have ever felt.

The first time I hooked up with my best friends brother.

Jun 26th @ 3:15pm EDT

I am over a friends house visiting. Her family is having a small get together for her brother. He just returned from a tour in Iraq. I use to have a big crush on him, but he was 5 years older than me and never showed any interest in me. When I first lay eyes on him again, I am like oh-my-god. His time in the Army has treated him well. Hes a lot more muscular then the last I seen him. He has a tattoo of an eagle on his right arm. I am not a fan of the military haircut, but he made it look good. Needless to say my crush was still there. I knew just looking at him; I wanted to have him deep inside of me.

Now comes the question if he would be attracted to me. I am 19, I have long wavy blond hair, blue eyes. I stand 53, and weigh about 115 lbs. I have a very perky set of 34B tits, to go along with a nice set of hips and ass.

I was standing there with my friend Julie talking to her, hoping her brother Brian would notice me soon. I dressed up for his return. I had on a nice white and blue checkered skirt, and a blue tank top. I wasnt wearing a bra, but had on a pair of white lace thong panties. I knew what I was wearing was simple, nothing fancy, but I knew it really showed off my body. It made me look hot.

It didnt take long before I noticed Brian was staring at me. I gave him a big smile.

He must of took it as an invitation, because he walked right over and said Kellie, is that you, you sure look amazing.

I smiled and said What a pleasant surprise, you have never noticed me before.

He just bent down and gave me a big hug. We flirted a little bit, Julie gave me a look, like you slut, you want my brother. Anyways she walked off and left us alone.

Brian asked If I wanted to step outside and get some fresh air. We walked threw the kitchen heading to the back yard. He grabbed a 6 pack out of the fridge on the way. We went out into the back yard and sat down at the picnic table as he opened a couple beers. We sat there and made small talk, flirting through that beer and half way threw the next before he leaned down and kissed me.

I about melted as his lips pressed against mine, I parted my lips as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. It was a nice long kiss. His lips were so soft, I was getting weak kneed just from the kiss. From the bulge in his pants I knew he wanted me. Where we were at we could be seen if anyone looked out the kitchen window, so we moved over behind the garage.

As we get there he pushes me up against the wall and starts kissing me deep. His hands are roaming up and down my body. They stop at the bottom of my tank top and lift it over my head. I can see him looking down appreciatively at my breasts. My nipples are hard in the cool night air. He leans down and starts licking and sucking on them. I ran my fingers over his head. I liked the feeling of his short hair. His attention on my breasts was making my panties soaked.

I push him back, and drop to my knees in front of him. I looked up at him as I started to unbutton his jeans. As I get them open, I trace the line of his cock with my finger, lightly running it up and down the length. I pull his pants down along with his boxers. I smile as I see his nice big cock sticking straight up in the air. It was a lovely 7 inches long and very thick. I grab it in my hand and bend it down towards my mouth. I lick a slow circle around the head. I can hear him moan in pleasure as I open my mouth wide and lower myself down on his cock as far as I can go. I wrap my lips around his shaft, and suck slowly towards the top. As the tip is the only thing left in my mouth I start lowering my head again. I work my head up and down slowly, his huge cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I have one hand wrapped around his shaft, jerking him off in unison with my mouth; the other hand is playing with his balls. His fingers are running threw my hair as I blow him. My lips are gliding up and down his shaft. I roll his balls in the palm of my hand.

He pulls me to my feet and gives me a big kiss. Im grateful when he pulls a condom out of his wallet. I am really craving to have his big cock deep inside of my pussy. As he puts the condom on, I take my panties off.

Looking around there is nothing for us to have sex on, just the grass. So I get down on my hands and knees. He kneels behind me lifting my skirt out of the way. I can feel him rubbing the head of his hard cock up and down my slit. He finally starts to push it in slowly. He has to stop and pull back a few times. Then start over. Im too tight for his thickness. After three or four attempts, hes all the way inside of me. He holds himself there deep, letting me adjust to his size. He pulls back till just the tip is left in then thrusts back in. He has a nice easy rhythm going. Not too fast, not too hard. It feels like heaven as his cock slides in and out of my pussy. He reaches under me and starts massaging my breasts as he pumps his thick cock in and out of my tight pussy.

I start pushing myself back on him as he thrusts into me. He gets the hint and starts ramming his cock into me harder. He moves his hands to my hips and pulls me back as he thrusts his cock up into my hot, wet pussy.

As I start moaning, breathing harder he starts going faster, harder. Hes really giving it to me as I feel my body spasm in orgasm around his cock. He continues for a few more minutes and grunts. He slows down keeping himself inside of me. We stay there catching our breath, his cock deep inside of me until it goes soft.

We stand up and kiss for a minute. I pull on my tank top. He takes the condom off and throws it into the bushes. There is cum all over his cock so I squat down and lick him clean. When Im done he finishes getting dressed. We make plans on going out the next night as we walk back into the party.

Once back in the house, Julie spots off first off, she gives me that knowing look, I can tell she knew what we went and did. I wonder if she will be mad at me, but then think to myself, if she is, it was worth it, her big brother was a great fuck.

Brother's Best Friend

Jun 26th @ 3:13pm EDT

It was mid summer when my parents decided to go away for a weekend, leaving the house to my brother and I. We decided it was the perfect opportunity to throw a pool party.

I was 17 years old, long light brown hair, dark brown eyes and a body I was proud of. I decided to wear my favourite bikini for the occasion; a white strapless top piece with a matching and very skimpy bottom piece.

I knew that if I looked good enough, I could get some attention from my 21 year old brother, Matt's hot friends. My 32B breasts filled my bikini top perfectly and my round ass would definitely get attention.

We started getting the yard ready for everyone, making sure our mini fridge was filled with drinks when some of Matt's friends walked in.

Alexander was my brother's best friend. He was 6'2, had dark brown tousled hair, green eyes and an amazing six pack. Just seeing him in his swim shorts got me wet.

"What's up man," he said to my brother. He had the most amazing smile on his face with the cutest dimples but when he saw me, he froze.

"Wow," was all he said at first.

"Hey Alex, don't check out Matty's little sister, he'll kill you!" said one of the other guys with a laugh, and with that we both blushed.

"How have you been Jamie?" he said to me, recovering from what had just happened.

"Pretty good," I said in the highest, shakiest voice I'd ever produced, feeling so nervous.

He smiled and went to get a drink.

Soon more people showed up; my yard was the most crowded its ever been. My best friend Amy finally showed up and I ran to greet her.

After telling her what had happened with Alex she replied:

"Damnn girl, he's totally checking you out right now!"

My eyes widened, he was standing way behind me and I told Amy to stop staring. I casually turned and looked around the yard, and sure enough he was staring. I blushed and turned back to Amy.

"What do I do? Do I make a move? Do I wait for him to make a move?" I said panicking.

"Well don't just stand here!" she said, and with that she left me, and started walking towards the chairs where Alex was sitting.

"Amy!" I said in nerves and shyness.

She ignored me and sat right at the edge of the pool in front of where Alex was and called me to join her. I went ahead and sat next to her.

"What are we doing?" I asked in a whisper.

"You'll see," she said, and with that she dropped her bracelet into the pool.

"Oh no, my bracelet!" she shouted, and turned to Alex, "I don't know how to swim, would you mind going in?" she asked him. He only smiled and jumped in.

While he was under water, Amy pushed me off the edge of the pool, making me fall right over Alex. Miraculously, I found myself in his arms under water. He held on to me for quite a while and I felt his hand squeeze my ass.

We finally were above water, me still in his arms, and he carried me out of the pool.

"Are you okay?" he asked me with a cute smile.

'I'm fine, I guess I just fell in," I said blushing. And with that I ran into the house.

I knew he was following me but I didn't care; I went straight to my bedroom and hid under my covers.

I heard him knock on my door. "Jamie," he said, "can I come in?"

I straightened myself out and made sure I didn't have tears in my eyes before I said "Alright."

He came in, looking like an angel and sat at the end of my bed.

"Jamie, I really think you're awesome," he said to my surprise, moving closer to me.

"You're pretty, smart, fun, and I don't really care that your my best friend's sister," he said, and with that he put his hand on my leg, moving it up and down the length of my thigh.

At that instant I decided to be brave and took a chance by throwing myself on him, giving him the most intense kiss I had ever experienced. He returned the kiss just as strong and moved his hand closer to my wet bikini bottom.

I got onto his lap and began feeling his growing cock through his bathing shorts while we made out. I could tell he had a huge package, and it wasn't even fully erect.

He pulled me by the hair to pull away from the kiss and threw me backwards on the bed; I lay down in pure bliss when I felt him roughly pull my legs apart. He pulled down my bikini to expose my wet, shaven pussy and gave a little smile.

He started rubbing me just on the around my pussy, but being careful not to go too close to my clit; he wanted to tease me. I thrusted myself upward towards him, showing him I was getting impatient and he started to lightly rub my clit.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned, "more baby."

He slid one finger into me, making me shriek in delight, then slid another one in and slowly started to finger fuck me.

He placed his thumb over my clit and began to rub me harder and harder as his fingers fucked faster and faster. I was panting and moaning, feeling my orgasm ready to explode.

"Alexxxxxxx" I screamed, "you're gonna make me cum!" And with that, I felt myself tense up as the orgasm overcame me. I felt myself squirt all over his fingers, and when he took them out of me, he held them to my mouth to clean the mess I made.

I licked greedily, making sure there was none of my cum left on his fingers before I got up to change position.

"My turn," he said with a grin, and with that he lay down while I got between his legs.

I decided that I would do the teasing this time, and began kiss his huge cock through his shorts, making him moan in delight.

"More." he said. And with that I pulled his shorts down, unleashing his big rock hard dick. I had never seen a dick that big and it got me really wet.

I starting lightly licking only the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue and did this for a couple of seconds before he got impatient and pushed my mouth onto his cock. I took his whole length, gagging on in but he seemed to like that a lot and pushed me down even further.

He fucked my face good, and I reached down to play with my swelling clit while his cock was down my throat.

"Mmmmm" we both moaned together, and I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, using my free hand to play with his balls.

He seemed to like that so much. "Fuck yes baby, play with those balls good." he said panting.

"Suck that cock baby, make me cum all over your pretty little face," he said, making me even more wet. I felt my second orgasm coming along just as I felt his cock contract.

"Mmmmmm, I'm cumming" he said and with that, he shot his huge load all over my face, mostly in my mouth. I swallowed it all and licked my face clean.

I continued to play with my clit and finger myself til I squirted for the second time, screaming his name. I had never had two orgasms in a row that were this intense. We decided to cuddle in my bed for a while but that didn't last too long when I noticed his cock growing once again.

"I want you to fuck me," I said with such force and want that he immediately grabbed me by the legs and rammed his full length into my pussy.

"FUCK YES" was all I could repeat as he pounded my pussy hard, making me feel yet another orgasm on its way.

"Don't - stop, - don't - stop" I said in short breaths, I was having the best experience of my life.

"You're so tight," he said, upping the pace and making me scream.

We were both moaning and out of breath when we simultaneously came, a feeling of ecstasy I had never experienced.

Unable to move, we just laid. I was holding on to his side, feeling the happiest I've ever felt, when I suddenly felt panicked and afraid when my brother barged in the room... a furious look on his face.

Hot and Horny In the Shower

Jun 24th @ 8:19am EDT

Laying on the motel bed, I was feeling exhausted, but surprisingly horny. Travelling a lot with work, I often found myself in this situation. Sure, I could go out to a club, and hook up with some random guy. With my long slender legs, large round breasts and above average looks, I never had any problems finding guys who wanted to fuck me. Not tonight though. It seemed like too much effort. Heading to the shower, I start stripping off. Stepping into the shower, the water feels so good sliding down over my body. I am mesmerised how the beads of water roll down over my breast and drops off the end of my nipple. I dont know if I am hornier than usual, but it is kind of erotic, and surprisingly arousing. As I lather my tits, my nipples become very hard. Its then that I notice the large mirror through the shower screen door. It is directly opposite the shower, and I can see myself sensually rubbing my hand over my breast, and I can feel a stirring within.. my hand slides further down my body and between my legs.. I spread them just a little wider, and slide my fingers up and down the inside of my pussy lips, circling my clit. Omg, this feels so good. The more my fingers slide around my pussy, the hornier I get. Watching myself in the mirror is amazing. I am imagining myself as being another female. Yes, a bit of lesbian fantasy is just what I need. I slide my fingers deep into my tunnel. That feels so good, but I need deeper penetration. What can I use? I scan the bathroom. I try my hairbrush handle, but its not deep enough. Oh god, what I would give for a good pounding with a hard cock right now. Spotting my plastic mousse bottle, it looks perfect. Nice and thick, and long. It takes a bit of pushing and shoving, as it stretches open my pussy, but it feels fantastic. My breathing gets faster as I fuck myself with the bottle, while rubbing my clit with my other hand. As I feel my excitement grow, I lean back on the tiles, and arch my back, making my body stiffen, preparing for the explosion of feelings, as I reach orgasm. I am lost in my bisexual fantasy, as my arousal reaches the ultimate peak. As my body jerks with pleasure, I feel the stresses of the day flow away along with my ecstasy.

Cream turns me on.

Jun 24th @ 8:12am EDT

Luscious, smooth, thick, thick cream. Dollops of it. Bowlfuls of it, oozing, running, flowing. A lusty indulgence, a sinful luxury in a non-fat, low-carb, asparatame-flavored world, a plethora of tasty sensuality poured out and consumed hungrily.

Even the word cream is lustrous. It lives quietly in the mouth, a breathy utterance that ends in a smile. It evokes the texture and taste and the gentle, velvety richness.

You know how much I love cream, how I want to be creamed up, over and on. You indulge me in this. You love it too.

You seduced me with poetry on cream-textured paper, enticed me with your cream-coloured tie. At dinner you fed me chocolate pudding, but it was just an excuse to pour thick, yellowish, Jersey cream all over the dark, sticky sweetness. I licked the spoon and laughed.

Today you are making love to me in a cream-coloured room.

Your kisses are full, open and urgent. We both taste of dessert and desire. You undress me quickly yet carefully, my nipples jutting out with lust, my pussy throbbing with need.

You push me gently back on the bed, urging my legs open and running light fingertips across my creamy white thighs. I rest against cream-coloured cotton sheets, soft with use and welcoming against my skin. I imagine that the bed is a bowl of cream and I am floating in it, surrounded by soft, silky lushness.

You have placed a silver jug of pure cream by the bed. Now you hold it above my prone body with a mischievous smile, one corner of your mouth turned up with glee. You tilt the jug but don't allow the contents to spill just yet. This is a moment of power, a moment where you know I'm trembling, waiting for you.

At last the slow, fluid cascade begins, and cool cream hits my warm belly, sliding leisurely down my sides and leaving goosebumps in its wake. Soon your hot tongue is against my flesh, licking me clean, erasing the creamy chaos and creating a new, fresh canvas, ready for more.

We pause while you pour cream into my waiting, open mouth. It coats my tongue, rests pleasantly against my teeth, and flows down my throat effortlessly.

You produce a can of sweetened whipped cream and decorate my breasts with a flourish. Suddenly I'm a naked cupcake, a fleshly dessert topped with white spirals of succulence, ready to be devoured, Your tongue once again makes light work of me, and I shiver.
I imagine that the bed is a bowl of cream and I am floating in it...

The ice-cream surprises me. It's the expensive kind, the pure vanilla sort made with real cream. The sudden chill against my clitoris jolts me into stiffness, but I melt as your hot mouth covers my cunt and sucks it clean, your tongue swirling against my throbbing bud, finding the cherry amid the sundae.

Soon you are covering my pussy with more cream from the silver jug and licking me like a cat devouring a bowlful of milk. I'm writhing, panting, exuberant with pleasure, the creamy taste lingering in my mouth mixed with the flavour of passion.

I come in your mouth, my body engulfed in a wave of white, smooth ecstasy. The spasms have barely died before you're fucking me, furiously, desperately, your cock driving hard into my cunt and igniting further explosions of pleasure.

You come, your own cream spurting into me, filling me like a perverted clair, adding the final touch to the wanton creamy creation lying prone on the bed.

We lay together on the messy, stained, cream-coloured sheets, languid and sated, our bellies full and our hearts happy. Sleep beckons.

The jug of leftover cream sits abandoned on the bedside table, but it doesn't matter.

There's plenty more in the fridge.

My and my cousin friend ;)

Jun 21st @ 6:05am EDT

On that particular morning, I woke up quite early when my cousin friend. My cousin, was still fast asleep. I hadn't had sex
for more than a week, so I was feeling quite horny, and talking to him
made me even more so. So by time he hung up the phone, I had already
taken off my pygamas and was masturbating myself. In just a few
minutes, I had reached orgasm but still I wasn't satisfied, so I kept
going, while fantasizing about my boyfriend's eight inch cock. Suddenly I
heard someone at the door. I quickly covered myself, knowing that the
door wasn't locked. I lay sideways on the bed with my back towards the
door. What I didn't realize was that my ass was uncovered, along with
some part of my thighs.

By the time I realized it, it was too late. A waiter had walked in. I
decided to pretend to be sleeping, and started snoring lightly. It was
really difficult to pretend knowing that he could see my ass and my
glistening pussy juices dripping from my pussy hole. But I kept my
nerves. I could feel him walk up to me. For a moment, nothing happened.
Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass. Damn it felt electric! God knows how
I kept myself still. But that was only physical. Mentally, I had
submitted. I knew if he did that one more time, I wouldn't be able to
resist. After a few seconds, when he was sure that I hadn't reacted, he
touched me again, this time with a finger between my pussy lips. I
reached orgasm! Up until then, the tension hadn't made me realize how
much I was enjoying the situation, but his finger had the magic effect
that was required. I gave a slight moan.

That was the green signal for him, I guess. The next thing I knew, he
was rubbing my pussy, slowly at first, then quite frantically. Suddenly
I felt him get up and go towards the door. I thought, with relief (and
disappointment), that that was the end of it. But no! I heard him close
the door! He came back towards me, sat at the edge of the bed, and
tried touching my face, but I quickly covered it with the sheets. This
probably made him understand that I didn't want either of us to see
each other's face.

He quickly got back to my pussy. He rubbed it gently at first, and then
inserted a finger in it. God I was enjoying it so much. I started
moaning slightly. UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM. He placed his hand on my ass
cheeks, turned me over and raised me a little so that my ass was in the
air. The he spread my thighs a little and started giving me the best
licking I had had in a long long time. During the next few minutes, I
don't know how many time I came. I had to keep biting the pillow to
stop myself from screaming and waking up Susan. Finally, he stopped.

I heard him open his zip, and next, I felt him rub his cock between my
pussy lips. I could feel my pussy beating, and my hips shaking like
crazy from anticipation. But he was probably enjoying teasing me. He
slowly wet his cock from my pussy juices, and slid the whole of his
cock inside my cunt. I was in heaven. He cupped me from my ass cheeks,
and started pulling me to and fro, slowly at first, and then he
quickened his pace. Faster, FASTER! I started squeezing my breasts as
hard as I could. At the same time, I could feel his climax building.
Suddenly, he was pounding me so hard that I could feel my tits jumping
like crazy. And then, all of a sudden, he took out his cock and came
all over my ass. It seemed never ending. Wave after wave of lave hot
sperm hit my ass again and again. Finally, when it was over, I gave my
ass a little rest by laying down completely. He gave a light slap on my
ass, and bent over to give a gentle kiss to my pussy, where, by now,
his own sperm had slightly mixed with mine. Next, I heard him zip up
his pants, and exit the room as quietly as he had come, and it was

That was the first time someone aside from my boyfriend fucked me.
Although I had fantasized about it lots of time, but I never thought I
would have the guts if it ever came to it. That day, I discovered
another part of myself. On that trip alone, I had much more fun. And
after that, life took an exciting new turn. Please give me feedback so
that I may feel encouraged to share some more encounters.

Neighbour's wife

Jun 21st @ 6:00am EDT

Sarah was my friend's wife. She was in her early 30s, fair, buxom, full of fun. My friend was a boring man who viewed life very seriously and was regularly traveling. I have no idea how they were in bed together but watching her I think she would be the more active partner.

My friend's travels drew me closer to Sarah. There were weekends together and even a few weekdays. I could not put my finger on it but I thought she had the hots for me. Our friendship was platonic and we had many good times together. But strictly platonic! I never took that extra step forward as she was my friend's wife.

One evening I got a call from her and while chatting on my cell phone, I walked into my dark kitchen from where I could look into her bedroom. She was alone and I presumed her husband was out. She was talking to me. But what caught my attention was that she had slipped her hand into her skirt and was touching herself. All the while she was talking to me and I could slowly decipher a change in the tone of her voice. She was a bit breath less.

I now was convinced that she was hot for me. I told her that instead of talking on phone it would be better to meet and talk. She hurriedly asked me to give her 5 minutes. She got up from the bed, adjusted her skirt and in those precious seconds I saw her shaven pussy and red thong lying on the bed. She was nude beneath her skirt. I saw her rush to her cupboard, open her top, remove her pink bra and wear a see through lace type black top which combined very well with her figure hugging skirt. My regret was that she was turned away from me and so her breasts were not visible.

I left my house and in a few seconds was outside her house ringing her bell. She opened it in seconds and gave me a hug, mashing her 36D tits on my hard chest. I felt her hard nipples boring into my chest and I guessed her nipples were erect and at least 2 inches long. This was the first time she had hugged me bra less.

I followed her in. Her ass had an extra sway today. She had a Jlo type of ass which came straight down from the back and suddenly projected out at the ass. This makes the ass look bigger and you get a hard just walking behind one. As she was not wearing underwear there were no panty lines.

She asked me for a drink and when I said yes she swayed over to the bar. We both decided for a stiff scotch. The scotch was at the bottom of the bar below the counter top and she told me to come behind the bar to select my brand. We both could hardly fit in. I selected a Single Malt and she decided on a JW Black. She bent down to extract the bottle. Here was a woman with all her temptations on display right in front of me. I moved forward and she moved back. My cock which was fully erect was now lodged in the crack of her ass.

We both stood still and the clock stopped ticking. She had straightened up. Her mouth was open. Her eyes almost closed. I was breathless. I reached in front and rested my hands on her tits. Her nipples poked out between my 1st and 2nd fingers through her thin blouse. I kneaded her tits through her blouse. She turned her face searching for my mouth. She found mine and we kissed. Hungrily. Passionately. Her tongue pushed in and so did mine. Both tongues teased each other. Her ass started grinding on my cock. It was caught in the crack of her ass and she did not allow it to move.

I tuned her around, lifted her and put her on the bar counter. I ripped her top off. Sarah pulled off my T-Shirt and in another movement pulled my tracks down.She lifted her skirt to waist high. she pushed her tits at me. She said, "Mama wants to feed you, Matt."

I took her long nipples in my mouth, sucked, bit and teased them. She reached down and stroked my cock. "Mama wants your sausage Matt... put it inside me." I thrust forward. She was tight, very tight. But very wet. I realised her pussy was not being pounded regularly by her husband. I slowly pushed all the way in. She was crying. She was sobbing. Spit was coming out of the corner of her mouth as she was in ecstasy. I was finally all the way in. I had her nipple between my teeth. In one of those animal moments I had bitten but for her there was no pain. I started pounding her. She matched me stroke for stroke. We both were coated in sweat. We were still at it hard. She then screamed my name and said, "Matt I am coming!" Her pussy walls were clenching my cock and then releasing. The feeling was out of this world. She was so wet.

I started coming. I flooded her. She fell back and both of us were out of breath. I was stll joined to her. I carried her on my hips and took her into the bathroom. I put on the hot shower....

My memory ...

Jun 19th @ 6:42pm EDT

Your fingers sliding over my shoulders; it always started the same. Your heat, reassuring at my back as I reclined against you. My eyes slipping from the television to the ceiling as I let your touch wash over me. I always knew when your touch had intent.

My breasts, rising to meet your touch. Your palms always light, always teasing over the lace-covered nipples. You would pause there for a time, knowing what even the most delicate touch would do to me. More, knowing that the most delicate touch you could give was the very same that would send me writhing against you.

Soft gasps from my lips and a growing hardness against the small of my back. At some point someone would grab the remote and silence the television, letting its flickering light be a backdrop to the rising tension and warmth between us.

My nipples a growing ache, making my thighs restless. You would reach in between and grab the two front bits of my bra through my shirt and release me to ache even more. You knew I loved touching through clothes most of all. Something about the not-quite-full touching, the friction and rasping. You knew what just five minutes of attention on my cloth-covered nipples would bring: me, wild and stripped clean of the reserve I sometimes held about me like a shroud.

The tips of your fingers just brushing me lightly as soft gasps turn to small sounds in the base of my throat. I am aching, pushing my head helplessly against your shoulder. Arching my back to bring you closer and rub against the hardness I find beneath me.

You would lift me up slightly to drag at last the cloth from my upper body and settle me once again to lie against your chest while your fingers played melodies at once familiar and arousing against my skin.

Finally, finally, when my legs moved restlessly, ceaselessly against the end of the couch you let your fingers explore lower. They slid lightly down my belly and beneath the waistband of the shorts you so charmingly called "Daisy Dukes". I would smile when I heard it (and do today, as I think of it).

Already an ache and a pulse between my thighs, even before your first touch. You would loosen the zipper and give yourself room to stroke the soft skin, teasing against me and denying me your touch where I wanted it most.

Breath held and endlessly waiting. I couldn't make a sound, so afraid you would withhold that touch from me to make my wanting even bigger. Between the wet crease a single finger would slip, run small circles at the entrance and slide just inside. There would be moans. They were always mine. Your breath, hot against my ear, told me how much you enjoyed this too.

The softest touch in the world. Slipping higher, my hips rising to meet it, waitingwaitingwaiting. Your fingers were here and beside that and inside for another moment and then suddenly they would slide higher and they were there.

Another moan this time, usually broken because it was such a sweet ache and such a blessed relief and it only increased my wanting all the more.

Barely touching me, like butterfly kisses. Circling and tapping ever so slightly, listening to my breathing and my moaning and feeling against you the tension as my body stretched and tensed and waited for the next touch. Rising higher.

GodIamsoclose. You can feel it and hear it and smell it. You chuckle dark humour in my ear as you pull your fingers away, just a small fraction. I can still feel your warmth but not your touch and my belly is cramping and this orgasm is something my entire body wants and needs and cannot turn away from now, even a slight breeze could take me over the edge but you hold me there dangling on a precipice of pleasure and I am begging you now like I have never begged before or since and I can feel the pulse in my thighs move up to my buttocks and in between and moving higher and I need your touch I am laughing and crying and begging you to please

Touch me one more time. You would, and I splinter apart, an earthshaking rumble that starts in one spot and moves outward down my trembling thighs and up through my belly that aches from the wanting and there is a cry and it is mine but I don't even know as I ride the wave.

I would be trembling in the aftermath but wild to feel you and I turned in your arms and slid those same Daisy Dukes down my thighs and straddled you, ripping your shirt from your body and rubbing against you and telling you with my lips and my tongue against yours what my heart could not say, that you knew my body as no other ever has.

She get me off ..

Jun 19th @ 6:40pm EDT

We took the highway early in the morning to our weekend's destination. My slave girl and I in a nice rental car. Our costumes were in the trunk, the fresh coffee was aromatic in the car, and we shared a muffin while Mina drove. My private property...

She was wearing white lacy garters under her pants. I passed my hands along her smooth neck and through hair every once in a while and she would turn around to give me a pleasant smile of deep contentment within...

After passing through the U.S. border which was guiding us along our way to New York -- the city of opportunities, I ordered her to stop at a gas station, I took her to the restroom, unbuttoned her pants, lowered them, and then inserted a butt plug -- gliding it against her clit -- nice and smooth while I cleaned up the excess of Jelly... Then kissed her bum and gave her a slim sexy skirt which exposed her beautiful legs. As we left the restroom a couple of men waiting for their own woman to come out commented on her legs. They wished they could enjoy her for at least the evening. I felt proud. Mina's beautiful cheeks turned pink as she blushed. She passionately kissed me on the lips as I felt the juices beginning to flow between my legs.

Our journey continued... and we eventually reached destination. As the doorman at the Penta greeted us, and took our bags I couldn't help but notice him staring at Mina's exposed bum. I felt jealous as well as proud. It was a funny feeling. I am a woman after all...

The day was turning into late afternoon -- Friday night in New York City. I ordered Mina to prepare our bath. She did as requested. When I reached the marbled floor of the bathroom, she was kneeling down in the sumptuously decorated room.

She kissed my bare feet for a while, massaged my lower legs. We caressed one another's naked bodies, touched our hardened nipples, and tasted them ... When I then removed her butt plug I was greeted by her relaxed orifice primed for my dildo. We entered the bathtub, and I put my fingers into her open hole. She was in heaven. She proceeded to massage my body completely with her sensuous mouth, her tongue gliding over all my sensitive areas.

When I had had enough I took her out of the tub, took her to the bed and proceeded to manacle her with my furry cuffs, her bum exposed. I couldn't resist awarding her at least twenty strokes with my bare hands. Then caressed the heat coming out of ass cheeks with my tongue. I took a drink out of the mini-bar, and while drinking I rubbed some on her bare breasts and then tasted the alcohol. A little more spanking, and she was even hotter.

It was time for me to tease her some more. Taking out my dildo I slid the soft rubber against her clit. She began to moan with my movements, her heavy breathing served only to arouse me even more. She achieved her orgasm with her entire body was quivering, and then she released a golden shower.

I presented my clit to her mouth. Now it was my time to have more fun. I ordered her to put three fingers into my pussy as she lapped my juices away. I was in Heaven... I called her sweet names. She was my "Candy Teddy, my Sex Kitten, my Slut", whatever she was, she was heaven to me. My orgasm was tremendous. She drank my juices, and I kissed her wet face -- tasting myself.

We caressed each other for a while. A caress which meant "thank-you" to my slave. I took her out shopping for a while. We bought her a beautiful Victorian corset for some waist reduction. It suited her so much. She thanked me and then expressed that her existence was only for me. That was a great satisfaction for a Mistress.

After eating in Tempo, an expensive Italian restaurant, where many men had admired us, we went on to have a drink at the Hilton and listen to the pianist playing the forgotten tunes of yesterdays.

The next morning we woke up with light caressing our nude and tangled bodies. It was time to go and join the convention members. We met and exchanged ideas with many others there from around the world who were also shared our interest in S&M.

That night as were dressing for the Ball, we assisted one other with our royal outfits. I was wore a black velvet gold trimmed dress, suited for a Princess, and Mina had worn a beautiful pink dress, reminding me a young girl going to her Ball Debutante.

When we made the royal entrance to the big ballroom, practically everyone turned to catch a glance of us. Most had worn latex, rubber or leather. However, no one was like us. We made our Royal Statement.

The whole night we danced, met more people into the scene, and exchanged addresses. Than we went to Vaults, a very bizarre S&M club in New York, unique it's own way. Many commented about my beautiful slave girl. Besides Mina, I had trained a few others there.

Early Saturday morning we returned to our hotel, made passionate love and then fell asleep in each other's arms until the check out time. I woke up earlier than her to watch her sleep in the morning light. God, she was beautiful...

hey Lovers.

Jun 16th @ 5:36pm EDT

WAZZZZ UP ?!?!?! everybody :) :* :* :* :* how u doing guys ? ? ? i already back on the site :P i wearning some nice underware for u ... hmmm i think i look really hot in this ... but i prefer some guy will come and take it all offf from me ... because is here really hot ... ohh guyss ss really believe me is here really hot ... so i need help with dress me off i bet that gonna make me feel more confortable ... is there any H E R O who wanna help me ? ... i would like start from take of my bra and ler feel my breat free .... a bit of massage them and care of my niples then go down with my hands and take of my panties lie on the bed and open for u my sexy long legs for let u into me .... hmmm who wanna make it with me ? who wanna come my room and let me make your dream come true ??? hmm guys come on as i always repeat it im here for u to give u full of pleasure :) :)

I wanna make it with You ....

Jun 15th @ 11:18pm EDT

I'm not ashamed no more I wanna do the thing that your Lover Never did before. Baby, let me be your Candy Licker, bb I just wanna be I'm not ashamed I wanna be Your Candy Licker, baby Let me lick you up, let me lick you down, turn around baby, let me lick you all around Oh let me lick you, sweety like your lover should I wanna lick you, ohh man I wanna make you feel good, like your lover should. I wanna lick, i wanna suck you till you cum. I'm not lying, baby. I just wanna be, 8 days a week, your Candy Licker, hun. You see, I'm here, baby. And there is one thing I can say about Me, I really knows how to make a man feel good. I will lick you up, woo! I will lick you down, turn around baby, let me suck you lick you all around i wanna play like that until i make u cum all over me, i wanna your load all over me ... where u like it mostly Baby tell me it ?? I wanna give u all the best ... all what make you feel good. If u let me, I wanna suck you i wanna lick you i wanna fuck you in the morning. Uh huh. And if that's all right with you baby- You know what? I wanna do the same with you in the evening And if you really like the way I will make it again with you late at night. Give me a chance All I'm trying to do is prove my role is give u a full of PLEASURE and make u CUM

Welcome Back ,,,

Jun 15th @ 5:09pm EDT

Hello E V E R Y B O D Y :) hmmm i know i know ... u was missed me a lot :P heh ever if u dont i like believe in u was :P ha ha ha :) so ever if u was miss me or dont :P im back already after few days off ;P
Hmmm i spend really great days off ... here was so nice warm and amaizing weather :) i was just lie and get tan, drinked some cold juice and get rest :) hmmm it was just amaizing i really get good rest and relax :D:) i was really lucky i had so good weather in my days off :) :)
And how u going ? hmmm ??? i wasnt here a few days and im curious how u doing i like to know if everything is ok and how is your mood ? :D because i like care of it, im glad when i know u in good mood ... and i feel ever better when i know i make your day better :D So if u arent very busy, and have a while :) i will be happy see u in my room, ever if u like come just for say " Hello " i just like know u dont forget about me yet and im hope im still in your hearts and memory hehehe ;) and in your wet dreams :P ... if no come here and i gonna remind u he he he
so i waiting for u me Lovers :P as always with big and sweet smille on the face :) :D :D :D because everything for you ! ! !

Hello Lovers :)

Jun 11th @ 9:10am EDT

Hello my L O V E R S :) How u doing ? :D i hope :) u are ok because in few mins i will be online :) he he he :) and to be honest :) i hope u will come to my room to get some nice action with me :) what u thinking about ? ? ? hmmm i feel today very playfull and horny .... i got so hot dreams this night and they turn me on a lot :) so u can just imaginate how horny im :) i wish u will come and we will get some good action for get me off ... So what i gonna write here more ? ! i bet u know what i mean and i bet u know what i wanna :D and i hope full hahaha u know how to give it to me :P so im login now and i waiting for u my lovers :) so move yourself and come to me :) lets get some nice time together :D :) :* :* :*

Lose control, of body and soul.
Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow.
Don't get ahead, just jump into it.
Ya'll here a body, two peices to it.
Get stutted, get stupid.
You'll want me body people will walk you through it.
Step by step, like you're into new kid.
Inch by inch with the new solution.
Trench men hits, with no delusion.
The feeling's irresistible and that's how we movin'.

hello U :P

Jun 9th @ 2:12pm EDT

Hey hey guys :) You lovelly sexy Tola is already online :P if u like come visit me :) i will be glad to see u in my room :) Full of energy waiting for some nice hot action :P yesterday u dont make me tired very much so i hope u come make it today :P heheheh i hope u dont wanna let me go home disapointed :P
And as always here some nice song for today hehehe ;) i hope u will like it

You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You're on the front line
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isn't over

The pressure's on, you feel it
But you've got it all, believe it

When you fall get up, oh oh...
And if you fall get up, eh eh...
Tsamina mina zangalewa
'Cause this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Listen to your God
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Don't wait in line
Y vamos por todo

People are raising
Their expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today's your day, I feel it
You paved the way, believe it

If you get down, get up, oh oh...
When you get down, get up eh eh...
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa ah ah

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa
Awela majoni biggie biggie mama one "A" to "Zet"
Athi sithi la majoni biggie biggie mama from East to West
Bathi... waka waka ma, eh, eh
Waka waka ma, eh, eh
Zonke zizwe mazi buye
'Cause this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa ah ah

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Django eh eh
Django eh eh
Tzamina mina zangalewa
Anawa ah ah

Django eh eh
Django eh eh
Tzamina mina zangalewa
Anawa ah ah

This time for Africa
This time for Africa

We're all Africa
We're all Africa

hello everyone

Jun 8th @ 7:13am EDT

Hi everybody again. It' s me again, your Tola. Over the last few days I was not online, but tonight this will change. If you miss for me, and I hope that is truth, I'll be online that night and I'd be happy to see you all in my room. Relaxed, full of energy, positive attitude, ready to some nice and hot action back to you. I hope after so long break here u gonna give me a lot of some fun and enjoyment. Already I can' t wait to log on. So like I said I'm waiting for you tonight, come visit me and make me tried i bet u know how :P
And as always some nice song for u :D i hope u will join it :
J-LO! ya tu sabe no es mas nada

Its a new generation

Mrs worldwide

of party people

Darling get on the floor
Darling get on the floor

Let me introduce you
to my party people
in the club...


Im loose, loose
And everybody knows I get off the train
Baby its the truth, it's the truth
Im like inception I play with your brain
So I dont sleep I snooze, snooze
I dont play no games so d-d-d-dont
get it confused no
cuz you will lose yeah
Now pump it up
And back it up like a
Tonka truck

[Jennifer Lopez]

If you go hard you gotta get on the floor
If youre a party freak then step on the floor
If your an animal then tear up the floor
Break a sweat on the floor
Yeah we work on the floor
Dont stop keep it moving
Put your drinks up
Pick your body up and drop it on the floor
Let the rhythm change your world on the floor
You know were running shit tonight on the floor
Brazil Morocco
London to Ibiza
Straight to LA, New York
Vegas to Africa


Dance the night away
Live your life, and stay young on the floor
Dance the night away
Grab somebody drink a little more

Tonight we gon' be it on the floor
Tonight we gon' be hit on the floor

[Jennifer Lopez - Verse 2]

I know you got it clap your hands on the floor
And keep on rock, rock it up on the floor
If youre a criminal kill it on the floor
Steal it quick on the floor, on the floor
Dont stop keep it moving
Put your drinks up
Its getting ill its getting sick on the floor
We never quit, we never rest on the floor
If I aint rolling I may die on the flor
Brazil Morocco
London to Ibiza
Straight to LA, New York
Vegas to Africa


Dance the night away
Live your life, and stay young on the floor
Dance the night away
Grab somebody drink a little more
Tonight we gon' be it on the floor
Tonight we gon' be it on the floor

[Pitbull - Verse 2]

That badonka donk is like a trunk full of bass on an old school Chevy seven trail donka truck
All I need is some vodka and some chunka coke
And watch a chick get donkey konged
Baby if you're ready for things to get heavy
I get on the floor and act a fool if you let me dale
Don't believe me just vet me
My name ain't Heath but I see why you Sweat me
L.A. Miami New York
Say no more get on the floor

Tonight we gon' be it on the floor
Tonight we gon' be hit on the floor
Tonight we gon' be it on the floor


Jun 6th @ 5:17pm EDT

hey hey guysss ... i had weekend off and tomorrow i gonna day off also but dont worry soon i gonna back to u ... and u will able to come and visit me for some fun if u just like .... for now i join my time off ;) i got beautyfull weather :d so i join it :D i hope talk to u soob my lovers and as always some nice song for u ....
I used to run base like Juan Pierre
Now I run the bass hi hat and the snare
I used to bag girls like Birkin Bags
Now I bag Bee ([Beyonce:] Boy you hurtin' that)
Brooklyn Bay where they birthed me at
Now I be everywhere, the nerve of rap
The audacity to have me whippin curtains back
Me and B, she about to sting
Stand back

[Verse 1]
Baby seems like everywhere I go
I see you, from your eyes, your smile
It's like I breathe you, helplessy I reminisce
Don't want to compare nobody to you

Boy, I try to catch myself
But I'm out of control
Your sexiness is so appealing
I can't let it go

Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu
Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu

[Verse 2]
Seeing things that I know can't be
Am I dreaming? When I saw you walking past me
Almost called your name
Got a better glimpse and then I looked away
It's like I'm losing it

Boy, I try to catch myself
But I'm out of control
Your sexiness is so appealing
I can't let it go, oh

Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu
Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja vu

[Jay-Z Rap 2]
Yes! Hova's flow so unusual
Baby, girl you should already know
It's H-O, light up the strobe
'Cause you gon' need help tryna study my bounce, blow, blow
What's the difference?
One, you take in vein while the other you sniffin'
It's still dough, po-po try to convict him
That's a no-go
My dough keep the scales tippin like 4-4's
Like I'm from the H-O-U-S-T-O-N
Blow, wind so Chicago of him
Is he the best ever, that's the argu-a-ment
I don't make the list, don't be mad at me
I just make the hits, like a factory
I'm just one-to-one, nothin' after me
No Deja Vu, just me and my, Oh

Baby I can't go anywhere
Without thinking that you're there
Seems like you're everywhere, it's true
Gotta be having Deja Vu
'Cause in my mind I want you here
Get on the next plane, I don't care
Is it because I'm missing you
That I'm having Deja Vu

Boy, I try to catch myself
But I'm out of control
Your sexiness is so appealing
I can't let it go

Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu
Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu

Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu
Know that I can't get over you
'Cause everything I see is you
And I don't want no substitute
Baby I swear it's Deja Vu

:) hi hi hi

Jun 2nd @ 9:51am EDT

And It IS ME A G A I N hi hi hi :) yes yes i know u miss me so much ... :P i can't resist and i come to u :) so if u like to come see me and talk with me im already online :) ready for nice talk and not only ;) today im in better mood then yesterday :P so u know im open for more hot idea :D if u just like :D and if u knoe what i talking about :p hi hi hi :)

And again as always some nire song for today for make yours and my day better :)
Losing control, come on now
Fuckin' crazy ready baby
You make me wanna freakin'
Let's go

I like to see when you dance
It's amazing for show
I like to feel when your legs
Make me losing control
And everybody in the place
Cannot explain what it seems
About a million f*ckin ass
More never build like it's bimp

You got me beatin (hot)
Get me hide, get me low
I like to lick it (hot)
Take me down, take me slow
Why don't you blow me (hot)
Go get down, come and go
You're freakin' for me baby
'Til I'm losing control

Come on now
Fuckin' crazy ready baby
You make me wanna freakin'
Let's go

Come on now, y-y-y-y-y-you got me losing control
Come on now, s-sex-s-sexy lady losing control
Come on now, y-y-y-y-y-you got me losing control
Come on now, let me lose control

Come on now, come on now
Yeah come on baby
It's so freaky
Like to touch ya
Come on, I'm gonna make you fly
So high

I like to see when you dance
It's amazing for show I like to feel when your legs
Make me losing control
And everybody in the place
Cannot explain what it seems
About a million f*ckin ass
More never build like it's bimp

You got me beatin (hot)
Get me hide, get me low
I like to lick it (hot)
Take me down, take me slow
Why don't you blow me (hot)
Go get down, come and go
You're freakin' for me baby
'Til I'm losing control

I like to see when you dance
It's amazing for show
I like to feel when your legs
Make me losing control
And everybody in the place
Cannot explain what it seems
About a million f*ckin ass
More never build like it's bimp

You got me beatin (hot)
Get me hide, get me low
I like to lick it (hot)
Take me down, take me slow
Why don't you blow me (hot)
Go get down, come and go
You're freakin' for me baby
'Til I'm losing control

Come on now, y-y-y-y-y-you got me losing control
Come on now, s-sex-s-sexy lady losing control
Come on now, y-y-y-y-y-you got me losing control
Come on now, let me lose control

Come on now

Hello Guys

Jun 1st @ 2:39pm EDT

HEy hey my friends, lovers and guys :) today i had long hard day ... and i dont have very well mood ... so i come online to find some HERO who change it :) and make my happy :) maybe U gonna be this hero ?! what u thinking about ? :D hmmm ... dont waste to much time ... just come visit me :) i need some company and some man who make me smile and happy :) i bet u know how make it ... dont u ? :D

And as always some nice song for today :) come and listen it tugether :)

If I were a boy
Even just for a day
Id roll outta bed in the morning
And throw on what I wanted then go
Drink beer with the guys
And chase after girls
Id kick it with who I wated
And Id never get confronted for it.
Cause theyd stick up for me.

If I were a boy
I think I could understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear Id be a better man.
Id listen to her
Cause I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cause hes taken you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

If I were a boy
I could turn off my phone
Tell evveryone its broken
So theyd think that I was sleepin alone
Id put myself first
And make the rules as I go
Cause I know that shed be faithful
Waitin for me to come home (to come home)

Its a little too late for you to come back
Say its just a mistake
Think Id forgive you like that
If you thought I would wait for you
You thought wrong

But youre just a boy
You dont understand
Yeah you dont understand
How it feels to love a girl someday
You wish you were a better man
You dont listen to her
You dont care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause youve taken her for granted
And everything you have got destroyed
But youre just a boy


May 31st @ 6:37am EDT

Maybe U dont know that , but i am a lil romantic person and really some songs make me feeling so uncredibly and aprecciate with sth or someone from my past or maybe it can repeat in the future . Times will show:))I dedicate it for all of You guys))))

I feel so unsure,
As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor.
As the music dies...
Something in your eyes,
Calls to mind a silver screen,
And all its sad goodbyes.

I'm never gonna dance again,
Guilty feet have got no rhythm.
Though it's easy to pretend,
I know you're not a fool.
I should have known better than to cheat a friend,
And waste a chance that I'd been given.
So I'm never gonna dance again,

The way I danced with you.

Time can never mend,
The careless whisper of a good friend.
To the heart and mind,
Ignorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth,
Pain is the all you'll find.

I'm never gonna dance again,
Guilty feet have got no rhythm.
Though it's easy to pretend,
I know you're not a fool.
I should have known better than to cheat a friend,
And waste a chance that I'd been given.
So I'm never gonna dance again,
The way I danced with you.

Tonight the music seems so loud,
I wish that we could lose this crowd.
Maybe it's better this way,
We'd hurt each other with the things we want to say.

We could have been so good together,
We could have lived this dance forever...
But now, who's gonna dance with me?
Please stay.
And now it's never gonna be
That way...

Now that you're gone...
Now that you're gone...
Now that you're gone...
Was what I did so wrong?
So wrong that you had to leave me alone?

Hi after weekend:)))

May 31st @ 6:27am EDT

hELLO Guys:))))

HOW HAVE You been????? I hope U rested a lil fro me hehe :)). I had Monday off so i did a lot of pleasant Things: I went shopping for sure but nothing special was for me. Met my friend and had really good time and even went for pizza heheeheh. My stomach is so big now wow. I am not sure U can handle heheheheh. I also wanna sorry for sunday shift. it was so slowly and i really hadnt good day so thats why maybe i behave such a lil different way heehhehe, i just got crazy hehhhehehhe. i hope next shift this week will be better and all will be ok . After pizza i went for ice cream and had some long walk outside city...I really had great fun i didnt expect that one day especially morning can bring so much fun and pleasure . maybe its just a lil bit of work lately who knows. anyway now i think will be much better heheheh and have pleasure U and have some pleasure for myself. I missesd you much and hope todays evevning will be very interesting and incredible. Of course i was thinknking of you much > For now i send You many many kisses and big hugssss. I cant wait the evening . MUaaaahhhhhh
This week i have a lil changed schedule but i hope we will be able to find each other . See You soon .

For My Angel:))))))

May 27th @ 2:32pm EDT

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me then you'll search no more

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Look into your heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice

Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way

(Look into your heart babe)

Oh - you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - ya I'd die for you

You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Faith can make miracles:)

May 27th @ 2:15pm EDT

Hello, hello :)
I dont know a woman who wouldnt like to hear once in her life such words:) I really would like and maybe i will. Like i used to say never say never:) I dedicate it to all women and guys who are looking for something special in their lives). Dreams can come treu really:)

I swear
By the moon and the stars in the sky
And I swear
Like the shadow that's by your side

I see the questions in your eyes
I know what's weighing on your mind
You can be sure I know my heart

Cuz I'll, stand beside you through the years
You'll only cry those happy tears
And though I make mistakes
I'll never break your heart

And I swear
By the moon and the stars in the sky
I'll be there
I swear
Like a shadow that's by your side
I'll be there

For better or worse, till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear

I'll give you everything I can
I'll build your dreams with these two hands
We'll hang some memories on the walls

And when, just the two of us are there
You won't have to ask if I still care
Cuz as the time turns the page, my love won't age at all

And I swear
By the moon and the stars in the sky
I'll be there
I swear
Like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there

For better or worse, till death do us part
I'll love you with every beat of my heart
And I swear

I swear
By the moon and stars in the sky
I'll be there
I swear
Like the shadow that's by your side
I'll be there

For better or worse, till death do us part
I'll love you with every single beat of my heart
I swear (I swear)
Oh... i... swear...

Waiting for such weekend:)

May 27th @ 2:04pm EDT

Hello Guys :)))
I have not written a few days. I hope U missa lil my blog and my feelings and thoughts hehehhehe. I am a lil busy last days. Some work, personal lifes problems, family etc... But who doesnt know that its life and we must handle as possible as we can. But i wanted to write about something more, more pleasant. i would like to write about my i hope future weekend which i would like spend with someone close to my heart . With great , hot, kind man who needs me and i need him too. Just twho short days which can change so much and bring something new to daily routine :). so as i mentioned the right guy is the best and most important to feel such weekend. There doesnt have to big expectation about the guy. Like i heard in one of the song lately `give me just a little bit`, Whats more.... Proper place. I dont dream about Hawaii or Canries. Just normal, a lil bit quiet place even near the place i live. Just maybe some lake or a lil forest its all i think of ....Scenery is important of course but this weekend i would like to have fun and enjoy what i have not have too high expectations or pland which can fail. I love long walks in forests, i love a lot of green , nature its something what makes me feel incredible and so so special. The fresh air of nature, smell and breath with it its something unforgetable. Afternoon maybe some grill with small beer and nice conversation with a man who gonna be with me. about all and nothing as we used to say here in Poland. Nothing exact just talking , laughting and nature. After some nice time maybe a small house somewhere outside middle of the city and nice , quiet evening with some romantic moments. Like bath wit bubbles, candles, champagine, some music and then long passionate sex to relax to make our desires true and feel like never before. next day of course whole in bed.... hmmmmmm i have a lil body shaking just thinking of that...... Breakfast to bed with a special man, and then more and more wilder and more crazy making love once by once till we both will be able to explode and discover our secrets and mysterious spots for us. JUST A WEEKENT OF PLEASURE AND SEX. Sounds normal, nothing special and so much pleasure and unique moments can bring which will stay in our minds, hearts and we will remember and save it like one of the most secret kinky memory for both of us .... Who wouldnt like such weekend?????I am even thinking of some guy who can be interested in such trip with me and i hope he knows who i am thinking about :)) For now have a nice time and a lot of such weekends to all of You and me soon:) see you in my room . Many hot kisses guys :))))))I invite to my room :P

Day and night ....

May 27th @ 1:14pm EDT

Day and night (what, what)
I toss and turn, I keep stressing my mind, mind (what, what)
I look for peace but see I don't attain (what, what)
What I need for keeps this silly game we play, play
Now look at this (what, what)
Madness to magnet keeps attracting me, me (what, what)
I try to run but see I'm not that fast (what, what)
I think I'm first but surely finish last, last

Cuz day and night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone through the day and night
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)
Day and night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone, some things will never change (never change)
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)

[Kid Cudi:]
Hold the phone (what, what)
The lonely stoner, mr. solo doe low (what, what)
He's on the move can't seem to shake the shade (what, what)
Within his dreams he see's the life he made, made
The pain is deep (what, what)
A silent sleeper you won't hear a peep, peep (what, what)
The girl he wants don't seem to want him too(what, what)
It seems the feelings that she had are through, through

Cuz day and night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone through the day and night
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)
Day and night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone, some things will never change (yeah) (never change)
The lonely loner seems to free his(yeah) mind at night (at, at, at night)

[Kid Cudi:]
Slow moe, (what, what)
When the temple slows up and creates that new, new (what, what)
He seems alive though he is feeling blue (what, what)
The sun is shining man he's super cool, cool
The lonely nights (what, what)
They fade away he slips into his white nikes (what, what)
He smokes a clip and then he's on the way (what, what)
To free his mind in search of,
To free his mind in search of,
To free his mind in search of,

Cuz day and night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone through the day and night
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)
Day and night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone, some things will never change (never change)
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)

At, at, at night

Beyonce Knowles - Green Light

May 25th @ 3:34pm EDT

Give it to mama!
Give it, give it,
Give it to mama (mama) (oh)
Give it, give it,
Give it to mama (mama) (oh)

Verse 1:
For some strange reason,
You done pleasin' me like it's okay.
Like a perm that's been left too,
Long it;s starts to burn,
The result is that it just won't take.

I can see how it's comin' so clear to me now.
I can see you misinterpreted all my naivness.

Guess what you're thinkin' if I had no you then I can't do,
My stock just went up pver 2 milion.

So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light.

Give it to mama!
Go, Go, Go,
Go, Go, Go,
Go, Go, Go,
Go, Go ....

Red Light ... Green Light!

Verse 2:
Some see me say I should be trophied,
Cause it gets no stronger.
Ladies yall know -
Yeah girl yall know.
This pimp shit gets no older.
Is that a thread?
What's another thread?
That's another thread.
I'm immunume you can get no colder.
You got the green light,
You that King right?
You're holdin' up traffic green means go!

Go, Go, Go,
Go, Go, Go,
Go, Go, Go,
Go, Go ....
I said, you're holdin' up traffic,
Green means go!

Chorus 2:
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light.

Give it to mama!

Ain't no problem,
You can go,
I'll find somebody else,
It's alright I'll move along, you got the green light
So you can ...
Red light ... green light!

I gave all I could give,
My love, my heart.
Now you're facin' the end,
From what you did, from the start,
My love ...

You're holdin' up traffic green means go!
Chorus 2:
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light,
So if you want to, you got the green light.

Ain't no problem,
You can go,
I'll find somebody else,
It's alright I'll move along, you got the green light
So you can ...
Red light ... green light!

it is me again :P

May 25th @ 3:31pm EDT

hello Guys it is ME again, your Tola is online now if u like come talk, play and get some fun im ready ;) dont waste the time i Waiting ;)

[Verse 1]
I keep on fallin
In and a love
With you
Sometimes I love ya
Sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used
Lovin you darlin
Makes me so confused

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
Way that I love you

[Verse 2]
Oh, oh, I never felt this way
How do you give me so much pleasure
Cause me so much pain
Just when think
Taken more than would a fool
I start fallin back in love with you

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
Way that I love you

Oh baby
I, I, I, I'm fallin
I, I, I, I'm fallin

I keep on
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
Way that I love you

I'm fallin
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
Way that I love you

I'm fallin
In and out of love with you
I never loved someone
Way that I love you.

Lucky weekend I hope:P

May 23rd @ 10:57am EDT

Weekend? too short or too long ?
How are You guys after weekend ? I hope all are weel and all had great time with great company and a lot of fun ...:) Some of You were with me in my room so i wanna thank all of these guys i was so lucky that i had a chance to spend some time in my room . :))) So this is other begining of the week. I hope better than last and with more and more surprises also for me and for us.:)When i think of a weekend from my dreams i am confused, cos from one hand i would like to spend it with you in great company of yours, and sometimes i would like to be a lil selfish and have whole weekend for myself. is it bad . its hard for me to explain that and i dont want you guys to understand me wromg . I enjoy being with you and i like all things with and about us , but from time to time I have such feeling and wish to spend weekend of my dreams. nowadays i am thinking about how such weekend would like me to look like and i will be thinking of it and i hope u dont mind if i share with it with you soon :)))). Today i will be at work so hope to meet you in my room :) many hot kisses for now and big hugs too each of you... Just will share with you in other blog about weekend i wish to have once. take care and see you :)))

Come on ...

May 22nd @ 1:47pm EDT

come mr. dj song pon de replay
come mr. dj won't you turn the music up
all the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what
come mr. dj won't you turn the music up
it goes 1 by 1 even 2 by 2
everybody on the floor let me show you how we do
lets go dip it low then you bring it up slow
wine it up 1 time wine it back once more

run, run, run, run
everybody move run
let me see you move and
rock it til the grooves done
shake it til the moon becomes the sun (sun)
everybody in the club give me a run (run)
if you ready to move say it (yeah yeah)
one time for your mind say it (yeah yeah)
well i'm ready for ya
come let me show ya
you want to groove im'a show you how to move
come come
come mr. dj song pon de replay
come mr. dj won't you turn the music up
all the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what
come mr. dj won't you turn the music up
hey mister
please mister dj
tell me if you hear me
turn the music up
it goes 1 by 1 even 2 by 2
everybody in the club gon be rockin when i'm through
let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers
move both ya feet and run to the beat
run, run, run, run
everybody move run
let me see you move and
rock it til the grooves done
shake it til the moon becomes the sun (sun)
everybody in the club give me a run (run)
if you ready to move say it (yeah yeah)
one time for your mind say it (yeah yeah)
well i'm ready for ya
come let me show ya
you want to groove im'a show you how to move
come come
come mr. dj song pon de replay
come mr. dj won't you turn the music up
all the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what
come mr. dj won't you turn the music up
hey mister
please mister dj
tell me if you hear me
turn the music up

hey mister
please mister dj
tell me if you hear me
turn the music up

Ok, everybody get down if you hear me
Come and put your hands up to the ceiling


May 22nd @ 11:03am EDT

i wanna put here something special for special man ... i bet after read that u will know i thinking about u and i miss u always ;) I may not always love you
But long as there are stars above you
You never need to doubt it
I'll make you so sure about it
God only knows what I'd be without you ... If you should ever leave me Life would tsill go on, believe me The world could show nothing to me So what good would living do me? And God only knows what I'd be without you And God only knows what I'd be without you If you should ever leave me Life would still go on, believe me The world could show nothing to me So what good would living do me? God only knows what I'd be without you God only knows what I'd be without you

I hope we never lost this relation, because u give me the power u make me this smile and give me super mood for a day :) thank u for that ...


May 18th @ 6:38am EDT

Hello guys:))))

Sorry that i didnt write so long here but i have slow and busy days lately and days appeared too short for me hehheeh. I am joking of course. BUT FOR SOMETIME I FEEL DIFFERENT AND UNUSUAL.I wanna share about it wit you. Its great feeling i have first time and its completely new for me. I have been working here for a long time but day after day i find so many new experiences and surprises. I MEET MANY NICE, CUTE GUYS HERE and would like to thank all of You that you are with me You are my friends, u help me and u are in my good and bAd days. It really means a lot to me and i want You to know that.
But some time ago I met here someone who really impressed me and make me feel special and important. This guy is incredible, always can bring smile on my face, funny, sometimes kinky sometimes real gentleman. ITS really hard to express how many values he has and how great personality he day by day discovers to me. i am really lucky girl i met him here. Being with him make me feel safe, free, so normal without acting and pretending someones else. I feel like i have known him for ages. HE is so friendly , gives me so many compliments and even though i am not easy person to get my trust day by day i do feel its one of such person who i can trust and count in my life.He knows me a lot and i know him too. we have similar thoughts, ideas and desires. He is perfect lover:))) I know it maybe sounds a lil crazy but this guy brought a new life in me. Now i start to see a girl who is stronger, have my own rights and have someone who caress about me. I LIKE HIS KISSES ESPECIALLY EARS AND NECK-SO GENTLE AND DELICATE.I like taking with him, having fun with him and make passionate sex and unforgetable moments. Time with this guy i will never forget and hope we realy can build relation based on worth values also for me and him. So by this blog I just wanna thank this guy and tell him he is the best what i got from life and i really like him and all about him. SO IT DOESNT MEAN THAT I DONT CARE ABOUT OTHER GUYS WHO VISIT ME. Of course i do and send u many kisses and hugss:)))))) I AM REALLY HAPPY I AM HERE WITH YOU.
Thank U my sweet Angel :)

:) hi

May 8th @ 1:00am EDT

:) Hello guys again ... las few days i so much join time with u i can' t resist to not come here at this beautyfull sunday morning :) I hope You find a while for me and come visit me at my room ever just only for say " Hi " ....
Hmmm this night i had really nasty dreams of you ... and when i wake up i was very horny so bifore i come to work i was playing with myselfe under shower ... hmm that was really very excite and hot ... but :( i cant play during i cum because i will be late to u my friends .... so to be honest with u i make myselfe so fucking horny bifor i come here on the site i really need a lot of fun to get off i hope u dont let me go back home disapointed ... what i can say i believe in you and i believe u wanna for me just best things :) and you gonna make me it what i need meny time ...
I' m allready O N L I N E so if u like to come ... i will be happy to see u there

Hey hi hello

May 7th @ 1:52am EDT

hmmmm what i can say ... it is how i was thinking ... that was G R E A T idea to come here in the morning because YOU really know how to make my day B E T T E R :) Hmmm i still online if u like come and visit M E :) and my mood is better with every second ... i L O V E I T :) heh You know how to remind me why i L I K E spend time with Y O U my friend' s ... So How i write already I' m W A I T I N G for Y O U in my room and i thinking i dont need to say what u need to do for find me and keep me in this mood :) i left it for your imagination :)

come to me, I can be, what you need oh baby
Im standin , been waitin , I m yearnin im burnin Come to know me
Wanna come, come get to know me
Come to show meShow me you wanna know me. I'm here, when will you make your move I see you, I am and i waiting for YOU

Hello :)

May 7th @ 1:00am EDT

H E L L O _ E V E R Y O N E :) AND it is M Y again hi hi hi :) im already online :) i come on the site spend with Y O U my friends some nice saturday on the morning so come to my room lets get some nice time and make my day better :) I sleep well during the night so i charge my battery for u :) im full of energy today , just dont waste the time and lets make some Hot fun :) What u thinking about ? I B E T T u are ready for some great show as always my L O V E R S :) u never let me go home d i s a p o i n t e d and i hope so today u dont forget about me and u come visit my room.

So guys i waiting for you :) And i hope see u soon in my hot room :) but for this guys who cant come and visit me today i wanna wish you great day and wonderfull weeken wet kisses for u and big hugs :* :* :*

we gonna never forget it ...

May 6th @ 12:03pm EDT

I love the way you look tonight
with your hair hangin down on your shoulders
n i love the way ya dance you slow sweet tango
the way ya wanna do everything but talk
and how ya stare at me with those undress me eyes
you breath m on my body makes me warm inside
lets make out - lets do something amazing
lets do something like the way i touch your body
noe i never want to let your body go...

lets make a night - to remember
from january - to december
lets make love - to excite us
a memory - to ignite us
lets make honey baby - soft and tender
lets make sugar darlin - sweet surrender
lets make a night - to remember - all life long

i love the way ya move tonight
beads of sweat drippin down your skin
me lyin here - n you lyin there
our shadows on the wall and our hands everywhere
lets make out - lets do something amazing
lets do something thats all the way
cuz ive never touched somebody like the way i touch you body
now i never want to let your body go...

lets make a night - to remember
from january - to december
lets make love - to excite us
a memory - to ignite us
lets make honey baby - soft and tender
lets make sugar darlin - sweet surrender
lets make a night - to remember - all life long


May 6th @ 11:43am EDT

G U Y S ... C O M E O N T O M E :) Join me ... and my pussy :) my body need some care of ... i will love get some kisses hugs and feel u next to me :) dont u ? i will love make some passionate sex ..... begining from some wet french kisses ... soft touching licking sucking :P hmmm 69 is best for it to make u hard and ready for my kitty ... what u thinking about it sweety ? i hope u agre with me and u have this same naughty mind in your head .... i have some nice lotion oil for use .... i have my naughty toys for use i will love to use one for myselfe to give u and myselfe some great hot and nasty pleasure ... oral sex pussy sex .... doggy ride missionary or stending i love make a love in any ways so i bet i will be handle to make u cum too :) If u like i can use my audio and let u hear my sexy moans and let u hear also how i whisper your name during the sex ... u like it ?

Lets dance

May 6th @ 11:24am EDT

The night we met I knew I needed you so
And if I had the chance I'd never let you go
So won't you say you love me
I'll make you so proud of me
We'll make 'em turn their heads
Every place we go
So won't you please
Be my be my baby Be my little baby
I want it only say Say you'll be my darling
Be my be my baby Be my baby now
I want it only say Ooh
I'll make you happy, baby
Just wait and see
For every kiss you give me
I'll give you three
Oh, since the day I saw you
I have been waiting for you
You know I will adore you
Till eternity
So won't you please
Be my be my baby Be my little baby
I want it only say Say you'll be my darling
Be my be my baby Be my baby now
I want it only say Ooh, ohh, ohh, ohh,
So come on and please
be my be my baby Be my little baby
I want it only say Say you'll be my darling
Be my be my baby) Be my baby now
I want it only say Ooh, ohh, ohh, oh

I wanna be yours ....

May 6th @ 11:08am EDT

A smoky room, a
small caf
they come to hear you play
and drink and dance the night away
I sit out in the crowd
and close my eyes
dream youre mine
but you dont know
you dont even know that I am there

I wish that i was in your arms
like that Spanish guitar
and you would play me
through the night
till the dawn
I wish youd hold me in your arms
like that Spanish guitar
all night long, all night long
Id be your song, Id be your song

Steal my heart with every note
you play
I pray youll look my way
and hold me to your heart someday
I long to be the one that you caress
with tenderness
And you dont know,
you dont even know that I exist

Te sientas entre la gente
cierras tus ojos
y suenas que soy tuyo
pero yo no se mi siquiera
que estas ahi
Me gustaria tenerte mis brazos amor

I sit out in the crowd
and close my eyes
dream youre mine
and you dont know
you dont even know that I exist

Hmmm who let me feel this way come here bb i wanna be yours Spanish guitar

We can do IT ...

May 6th @ 11:02am EDT

what i can say WB ha ha ha ha :) SO guys what is going today with u :P? im in great amaizing and super well mood ;) he he he ... My N A S T Y dreams ... beautyfull whather outside make my happy :) so G U Y S :

Baby we can do it, we can do it all night,
Put you're body right in to it and we doing alright,
People singing, people dance until is sunlight,
And we gonna do it all night.

And we gonna do it all night.

My head is spinning, going round and round,
The way your body moving way in on down,
So I'm running baby, running to you,
Come show me what you do.

ha ha ha as u see im in really good moood i already start sing the song for U :P ha ha ha i think u really should come and dont lost this chance because honestly im not often in so good mood as today

Baby we can do it, we can do it all night,
Put you're body right in to it and we doing alright,
People singing, people dance until is sunlight,
And we gonna do it all night.


May 6th @ 10:49am EDT

yeah guys as i write already i waiting for some hardy one for some hiro who come and get me O F F and make my day better .... i just cant resist of this dreams and i really need some good fucking .... im so fucking horny as ever bifore i feel how my pussy is wet and with this wetnes i make my panties wet also. I wish to take off this sexy thong off lie back open my legs for u and let u come inside me so u gonna feel how wet im for u. My Kitty is really need only some hard cock for get off ... some cock to stick inside me and fuck me deep and hard as ever bifore i sure u wanna this same what me so my lovers dont be shy and come visit me ...Guys who ever visit me and had with me some pvt they know me and they know im super well with give the pleasure ... ok that is all what i have to write here im online now so come visit me there me , my body and my T O Y S we are waiting ... for YOU

Hi :)

May 6th @ 10:31am EDT

H E L L O M Y L O V E R S :) It is Me again :) i was miss you so much i need come back on the site ... so if you l i k e to see me im online again already, :) and as you know my rooom is always open for you :) I sleep a while and i wake up s horny i cant handle it so i come here and i hope some nice and horny guy come visit me and gonna share with me amaizing and hot time. So guys C O M E O N dont waste your time because yours T O L A is W A I T I N G . Today i was dreams about some nice hot passionate sex with you , i still remember how hard u was ... u come inside me so slow but very deep i was feel any inch of your cock inside my wet tight pussy ... hmmm i cant stop thinking about it , this dreams still keep me in horny and kinnky mood ... so guys dont let me waiting for you please come to me and make my dreams come true


May 5th @ 3:30pm EDT

Hello everyone :) hey hey my friends and my Lovers :) it is me again :) I had few days off but already yesterday im back on the site :) and i come back from some short holidays really full of energy so guys dont waste the time and come visit me :D I waiting in my new room :P for some nice hot naughty and hot fun and not only me because my naughty "toys friends" waiting for some fun also :P :) hmm so my Lovers i hope u dont let me waiting to long for see u in my room ... im fucking horny and ready i just need someone who come here and care of my sexy body ... any inch of me need some care, need feel your soft warm hands running around me ... i wanna dance for u strip and give u the pleasure and make your day better .... Remember my friends im here for You, for make your wishes request and give 100 % of the pleasure dont forget abtout me .... come with me 1 on 1 and i gonna proov it all :) so im already online just come visit me IM WAITING

Hello everybody :)

May 5th @ 3:11pm EDT

Guys come on visit my room :) me and my nasty Toys waiting for use :D:) dont be shy and come lets make some naughty hot fun :) Im already online so come on im READY for u ....

Wazz up Everyone

May 5th @ 2:22pm EDT

Hello guys its me :D your hot lover come to me :) i waiting for get off .... are u ready for me ? because Im READY for YOU

hello :)

May 4th @ 2:29pm EDT

hello guyss im BACK come on to my room join me :D

Hello Everyone:)

Apr 30th @ 5:45pm EDT

Guys come to me today is my last online day bifore long holidays :P so come to my room join me :)

Feeling lonely

Mar 22nd @ 9:36pm EDT

Hey guys, whats up with you? Who will take care about me? Me and my Kitty feeling so lonely...

Im back

Aug 5th @ 1:18pm EDT

Hello Guys,
Im sorry i wasnt online altely but something happend what caused i had take days off and i wish it was holidays boo.. whatever.. Im back and hope U been missed me asmuch as i was miss to U :))))

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