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Conversation W/ 8
Anwar D | Directed by: bestguy1 on January 8, 2011
Anwar D strokes his 8" dick, while stroking that hairy chest, then stands to show a sexy ass.
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March 20, 2011
"I've written enough about Anwar D. Check him out for yourself. You won't be disappointed. He's a man!!!!! mmmmmmm Yummmmmmmyyy!!!!"
March 7, 2011
"This beautiful man moves my heart and my flesh more than any man in my life. his lips set me ablaze and his chest drives me crazy. What a man....."
February 8, 2011
"This is the sexiest man alive...OMG you hear me sexiest man alive. Those lips OMG!!! that cock, that chest hair, this absoultely beautifully handsome, sexy, sensual man. OMG!!! he can do me anytime, anyplace, anywhere and I will be happy. OH Anwar D. DAMN you are fucking gorgeous. What a MAN!!!"
January 28, 2011
"There are some absolutely beautifully handsome models on this site. Some more than others. These men appeal to a varity of different taste. Anwar D. is without a doubt the hands down clear winner for appeal, sexiness, senuality, hairiness, big dick, great ass, wonderful smile and pure MANLINESS. Some of the models give you pure sex from their physical appearance. Anwar D. give pure sex, raw sex when you look him in the eyes. When he talks to you, he looks you in the eye. He looks directly into that camera and knows how to look at you directly. His gaze is honest, playfull, manly, sincere, but above all a gaze of pure animal/man sex. I can cum just gazing into his eyes and nothing else. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well I behold ANWAR D. Wonderful, handsome beauty, outside and in. YUMMMMMMMMMY Anwar D."
January 24, 2011
"I so love this man with his sweet personality and big heart. He is warm and sensative and gives a great show. He has a body that makes most men would die for. He has a warm and open face and smile that is so disarming and real. You cum just looking at him. Just having conversation with him without anything sexual, you cum because of his sensuality and sexuality. He oozes it without knowing it OMG...HOT MAN!! Anwar D you RULE!!!"
January 20, 2011
"I love how he does this swollow thing, How he licks his lips, how he moves his mouth...I just want to kiss those delicious lips while holding him close to my body while that cock grows, thickens and gets so juicy. I would love to then reach around and put my finger deep into that ass and make hime moan and then have him cum all over me. That chest WOW!! that cock mmmmmmm. OMG!!! For him to make me cum again and again and again...mmmmmmmm"
January 15, 2011
"Ok...So I was mistaken. I am writing another review of this amazing, glorous, handsome piece of manhood. I can't help myself. I cannot get enough of ANWAR D.. GOd this HUNK is something spectacular. Just look at him. You cum all over yourself just by looking at him. OMG that body is something else. Could you imagine coming home to him. OMG I would just die. He is my ultimate fantasy. This is not a joke. Read my bio and you will see that he fits perfectly. No one man should make someone feel the things that I feel when I watch him. He would make my wet dreams have wet dreams. Oh Anwar D. why couldn't you be here. I will continue taking shows fron you when I can catch you, and you can make me cum like crazy. OOOOOOH!!! Got to go now so I can watch again and cum. OMG....."
January 13, 2011
"This will probably be my last review of this video, although not my last time watching. Oh no. Everyone should know that this is an extreamly intellegent man. Intellengence has nothing to do with book knowledge, but everything to do with experience, wisdom and the ability to converse and communicate. The exchange of ideas. Anwar has this and more. Sexy with or without clothing this man can talk about anything and do it well. As you can tell he is very comfortable talking without clothing, which is great for me. I get conversation and a hard-on all at the same time. He's so expressive and giving that he make you cum because og his sincerity. I know I did. Many, many times. He's just a little shy as you can pick up in his eyes. He's husband material. I find it difficult sometimes to keep myself in check when seeing and/or talking with Anwar because he is so easy to actually fall in love with. I mean it. Knowing him only by internet/on-line is not the same as knowing him in person. But His conversation is so honest and pure, as he really is inside (don't let the job fool you), is so disarming and genuine you have to keep yourself in check or else lose your mind and heart to him. Trust me, that is not a bad thing however, if you are mature and can handle it. I know I can handle it, but like I said; sometimes it is difficult. He just oozes sex appel and sex. MAN SEX!!!! WOW!!!! God broke the mould with this one. There is only one () Anwar D and the real one can only be found on your site. THANK GOD!!! There was an old commercial that used to say "I feel like chicken tonight". Well I say "I feel like Anwar for LIFE". HA! HA! Seriously I will always feel like Anwar. Don't get me wrong, there are other great models on the site. Really, really good models. Even some that I take time to go private with. BUT, given the choice, I would do Anwar D every minute of every day. I mean DO HIM and have him do me. OMG!!! Love that sexy MAN. YOU WILL TOO!!!"
January 12, 2011
"Anwar can make me fall in love with him so easily. This is such a manly man, such a gorgeous man, and such a wonderfully sweet and compassionate man. His body is so hot...I just am at a loss for what to say. There are no words to discribe how magnificant Anwar's physical presence is. He has such sensitive eyes, so expressive and warm. He is husband, lover and friend material. I would move to his location if I really knew I stood a chance to be with him. How hot is this man people. Anyone seeing him knows how I feel. He's the MAN of your site. Please don't ever lose him. OMG...The thought of him makes me want to cum. Looking at him will make you cum. Absolutely Gorgeousssssss..."
January 10, 2011
"SEXY,SEXY,SEXY!!! I love this man and this VOD. I'm so glad Anwar has the beard back. He's gorgeous either way with or without beard, but the beard with his smile adds this boyish charm to his face. Love Anwar's sex appeal. He oozes it. GO Anwar...Hot and sexy, what more can I say. Got to go now and watch this again and cum again. Drain me again Anwar!!!!"
January 8, 2011
"I've said this before about Anwar D. and I don't mind saying it again...WOW! This is one hell of a hot man. You do not have one man on this site (seriously) that can compare to him. His sensuality and sexuality are undeniable. He's the real deal. From his sexy hairy gorgeous body, to his sensual lips, to his penatrating eyes that hold you and captivate you, to those beautiful full large manly hands, to his big (I want to be fucked by him) cock, to that beautiful ass and his perfectly proportioned body, Anwar D. is a real man and will set you on fire. He can make you cum like nobody else can (I mean this),CUM like nobody can. His smile is radiant and his personality is the best I've encountered in years. He's genuine and playful without being cocky. He draws you as the customer into his show full force. You pop your load so hard and good it will take your breath away. Even if he doesn't cum, you are so fully satisfied and drained that all you want to do is rest in his mat of lucious chest hairs and sleep. He makes you want to pull him into your chest and lay holding him against yourself and cuddle all the while knowing that his sexy body is so hot and feels so good that you cum again, in buckets. He's charming and so easy on the eyes and so easy to talk to. He has an adult conversation and an adult man's way to hold you, making you feel safe in his presence. This is a lot for one man, but Anwar D. carries this with charm and confidence and a sexy and part wild allure. If you ever want to be with a Man, if you want to be fully satisfied and spent, and if you want to feel special, Than Anwar D. is THE MAN you should see. I will visit his site as long as they keep him. If they are crazy enough to lose him, they lose me. Anwar...OMG you taste good, feel good, look good and I appreciate you for you. Visit him if you are a real man, horny and smart. You will not regret it,I promise. MMMMMMM!!, YUMMMMMY!!! LOL"
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