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Blogs » Nadya Doll by FrankenStrat

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Posted by Flirt 4 Free on February 4, 2012

Check out FrankenStrat's glowing review of Nadya Doll, a hard working performer with a glowing personality. FrankenStrat reveals some things everyone might not know, such as how personable Nadya is, how you might get to see a costume change while in her room, and how intelligent she is.

Over the course of many years there have been an incredible amount of "Feature Shows" on Flirt 4 Free, but none of them holds a candle to the show done by Feature Model, Nadya Doll. Seeing Nadya Doll perform is like being attending one of the hottest shows on The Las Vegas Strip. Cher, Celine Dion, and Elton John have nothing on Nadya Doll There are costume changes after costume changes. There is interaction with the audience that makes you feel like you are there and that Nadya is speaking directly to you. No one goes home disappointed after a show (or private) with Nadya Doll.

There are a lot of "Feature Shows" that are available to view on Flirt 4 Free, but, 99% of them feel like the model is just going through the motions. Nadya Doll draws you in with her personality and her ability to engage you and your senses. She captivates you with her charm and beauty in ways that are almost incomprehensible.

Again, while there are many, many models to choose from on this site I would have to say that hands down the most underrated and most talented model is Miss Nadya Doll. Nadya can speak Russian, Polish, and English. She can converse on any topic from current events to popular culture. She truly possesses both beauty and brains.

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