The mamacitas of Flirt4Free used early May, 2024, to show fans that they are totally D.T.F. To clarify, that means Down To Fiesta! Live cam connections were forged and spicy shows were delivered in private as our girls showed you how to party for Cinco de Mayo. Their ultimate mission? Fulfill your fantasies while collecting hot new Pepper tips. Here’s how the fiesta shook out: 

Flirt4Free Live Cam Girl Eva Sin Wins streaming contest
Fiesta De Mayo Peppers Winner: Eva Sin

Few camgirls know how to turn up the heat over the digital airwaves like the incomparable Eva Sin. This raven-haired cam queen delivered, as she always does, an astounding performance. Her juicy body can barely contain the fires of her lust. You can see it when you stare into her deep, brown eyes, just before drinking in the rest of her. Her beautiful mind is brimming with desire. The end result? Sex cam domination! Eva Sin picked a peck of 15,100 spicy Pepper tips to take 1st place and continue her run of total control over the hearts (and Peppers) of live cam fans everywhere. If you don’t know Eva yet, better add her to your favorites and slide into her chat at the next possible moment! 

Flirt4free live cam girls Bea Sweets and more!
Most Peppers: Bea Sweets, Eve Devilish, Cher Xoxo, Olive Ray

Bea Sweets added some sugar to your spice during Fiesta de Mayo. The porcelain-skinned European beauty went neck-and-neck with fellow runner-up Eve Devilish in a standout Cinco performance. That’s not to detract from the incredible sensuality and charm of beautiful Eve Devilish, who had the saucy moves to finish in 3rd. A pair of American beauties, Cher Xoxo and fan favorite Olive Ray round out the Most-Peppers-Collected top 5. More on Olive Ray to follow!

Flirt4Free Live cam Girls Maye Daye and Gigi Belle in Cinco de Mayo contest
Most Peppers: Gabrielle Xo, Maye Daye, Adele Holter, Gabi Gonzales, Gigi Belle

Quintessential blonde bombshell Gabrielle Xo shook her booty to a 6th place finish. American sex cam star Maye Daye took 7th. Dark, steamy brunette MILF Adele Holter claimed 8th place. She was followed by up-and-coming Latina fox, Gabi Gonzales. Finally, insatiable girl next door Gigi Belle rounds out our list of top-10 total Pepper collectors. 

Most Peppers From Unique Fans: Olive Ray

Over her years camming for Flirt4Free, Olive Ray risen to the status of total fan favorite. From her brash, naughty sense of humor to her orgasmic, sex positive party shows, to her intimate, often fetish-forward private performances, this Texas gal knows how to please. For Fiesta de Mayo this year, she tempted our members in mass, luring them into her orbit with those striking blue eyes and lithe, constantly naked body. Her room became Cinco de Mayo party central from there, and she earned our engagement award by collecting spicy Pepper tips from the most unique site members. Want to know more about what makes Olive so engaging? Check out her exclusive interview on this very blog! And tune in for her live cam experience in  July to see if this American smokeshow has what it takes to repeat during the Big Bang. 

Most Unique Peppers: Maye Daye, Cher Xoxo, B Alice, Eva Sin

2nd place Maye Daye is always D.T.F. She cashed in both ends of the Peppers contest, showing how widespread the love is for her sexy cam skills. It was another strong showing for ultra-hottie Cher Xoxo. She picked enough peppers to claim 3rd place. Buxom brunette B Alice partied hard, her chatroom in eternal Fiesta-mode. She earned enough Peppers to finish 4th. And our queen of everything sinful, Eva Sin, paired her 1st place Most-Collected win by rounding out the sweet, supple bottom of our Most Unique top 5. 

Most Unique Peppers: Bambi Bi, Mary Harris, Rebeca Leigh, Lindsey Lu, Skye Rhodes

The sizzling Bambi Bi finished in 6th place, followed by our resident cake queen Mary Harris. Rebeca Leigh follows in 8th place, while rising star Lindsey Lu, and smoking hot sensual southern belle Skye Rhodes showed off her D.T.F. spirit by claiming the final spot for most engaging Pepper collector. 

We have a summer of huge contests coming up. Aside from our July 4 celebration, the Big Bang, our top models will compete to reach our exclusive exotic annual retreat: Flirt Summit. Those contests begin June 1st and July 1st respectively. Stay tuned for another steamy summer on Flirt4Free.