Sunshine Eve was one of our 2021 breakout camgirls, rising to stand among the top 20 Flirts in only her 2nd year delivering sexy cam shows to our fans. One look at this exquisite blonde beauty - frequently appearing on live cam in scintillating black lingerie that clings to her slender hips - and that exquisite image is branded into your memory. Sunshine burns bright. She is a woman who is naturally sexual, her slightest movement enough to spark a long, lascivious fantasy. Many a hapless chatroom surfer has been drawn by her warm smile, her seductive green eyes, suspecting she might be shy or timid, only to be consumed by mutual desire. It helps that Sunshine is so eager to shed light on the sexual secrets life has yet to reveal to her. We sat down with her to find out what was on her mind, and learned that this camgirl is full of her own fantasies. It seems that cam shows are the perfect place for her to explore them.


Charles Farley: What inspired you to fire up your webcam for the first time?
Sunshine Eve: I decided to model because I think it is one of the most incredible jobs. It gives you so many beautiful opportunities to discover new people and discover yourself. I’ve been at it for more than 2 years, and I’m still super excited for more amazing experiences with everyone I meet. We will make it memorable!

CF: Are you a different person now that you’re a sex cam star? 
SE: I will say it’s been a huge change, but in a good way. It's given me more confidence and changed the way I see life, because I get to know so many different types of people, from different cultures and with different opinions. It’s simply amazing! Every day before I get on, I think “it will be an awesome day spent with so many friends, making new friends, learning new things and hearing fascinating stories." 

CF: Flirt4Free fans really like to bask in your sunshine. What’s the first thing that draws them in? 
SE: Usually they notice my smile. Like, they come in the chatroom and say “I love your smile,” or “Your smile brightens up my day!” … and it makes me so happy knowing I can create such a positive effect.


CF: Okay, it is a great smile … but what trait do you usually notice first in someone you’re attracted to? 
SE: The Eyes. I think the eyes reveal so many things about a person. You can get a better read on a person looking at and in his eyes. 

CF: What about in a new fan ... when you can’t see their eyes? What trait sucks you in the most? 
SE: It turns me on when a fan knows what he wants and treats me like a gentleman … wants to know me and spends his time in exclusive private sex chats with me. Plus there’s always cam2cam! 

CF: How can a new visitor break the ice in you chatroom?
SE: (laughs) The best way would be an instant orgasm, and after that we can chat about us … 

CF: Instant orgasms? Okay then, spill it! What’s the best way to give you an on-cam climax?
SE: Definitely spanking my ass while I have my pussy vibed hard! You could also tie me up and spoil me with pleasure. Maybe lick my fingers … did I mention spanking? 


CF: How many times have you … reached the peak … in one cam show? 
SE: I think my record is five or six, but I wouldn’t say no to more!

CF: What about intimate roleplay? Have a favorite role you like to melt into? 
SE: I think my favorite is when I’m a student and I have a sexy teacher ready to teach me new things. 

CF: What is the craziest place you’ve had sex? 
SE: It was in a parking lot and was very spontaneous. I’ve always been a sexual person and open minded regarding this. I haven’t done it yet, but I think that it would be amazing having sex and getting an orgasm in a plane.  


CF: Really? Do you travel much?
SE: No. To be honest, I’ve only been to Mexico, thanks to Flirt Summit, but I would love to visit more exotic places. Maldives would be great but I also heard great things about Zanzibar. If I could have a superpower, it would be to teleport myself, wondering how many places I could visit in one day. 

CF: Tell us about your funniest, strangest, or most memorable moment on cam. 
SE: (laughs) I have some sex toys in fruit shapes. So one time a viewer took me to a private cam show and told me to imagine we were in a garden, having a “Sex Picnic.” … You can imagine what the fruit was for. 


If you’re ready to fly to close to the sun, look up sexy blonde beauty Sunshine Eve the next time she logs in to Flirt4Free. For more, follow this camgirl on Twitter so you know when she’s ready to see you live.