From March 13th through the 17th, the live cam lasses of Flirt4Free donned their sexiest green lingerie to help fans get lucky for Saint Patrick’s Day. Were you one of the top Clover lovers? If so, your lascivious Clover tips may have helped one of these hot girls to a pot o’ gold. Here’s how the contest results shook out: 

Flirt4Free Cam Girl Eva Sin is the St. Patricks Day Contest winner!
Most Clovers Collected - Eva Sin

When one claps eyes upon the beautiful Eva Sin, it is natural to wonder: “how could I be so lucky, to earn the attention of a woman like that.” Well, during our annual Clover Contest, it was not as difficult as you might think. This champion camgirl seduced her way to an obscene number of virtual Clovers, sham-Rocking her closest competitors by harvesting 16,251 in total. That’s more virtual gifts than the top 3 runners up combined. The most dominant camgirl on the web will be back for our next cam contest - the Easter Egg Hunt. Will her reign of love continue? Stay tuned for more. 

Flirt4Free's Saint Patrick's Day Live Sex Cams contest, 2nd to 5th place winners!
Most Clover Winners - Eve Devilish, Ella Claire, Bea Sweets, Olive Ray

With her luscious lips and sexy hips, Eve Devilish worked her scandalous magic to follow Eva and finish in 2nd place. Gorgeous Ella Claire kissed more than the blarney stone to find herself in 3rd place. Bea Sweets and her perfect, freckled Irish skin stood out on cam and helped her carve out a 4th place finish. Model of the Week and longtime Flirt favorite Olive Ray helped her adoring fans get on top o’ the morning. Olive claims 5th place. 

Flirt4Free's Saint Patrick's Day Live Sex Cams contest, 6th to 10th place winners!

Most Clover Winners - Nicky Cherry Blossom, Gabrielle Xo, Roxy Rogerz, Adele Holter, Gigi Belle

MILFy lass Nicky Cherry Blossom finished in 6th place, while the incredible Gabrielle Xo claimed 7th. Naughty American babe Roxy Rogerz took 8th place, while hottie Adele Holter claimed 9th. Finally, gorgeous girl next door Gigi Belle rounds out the perfect bottom of our top Clover collectors. 

Most Clovers From Unique Users - Stasy

When you’re as engaging as Stasy, you make your own luck. Back again after her big Be My Valentine win, our resident blonde bombshell showed the world wide web what it means to loved. She topped the list of models who earned Clovers from the highest number of unique users. This contest is a measure of worldwide appeal, and Stasy has proved time and time again that she appeals to most of the world. Want to see why? Add her to your favorites and be sure to meet her in chat while she hunts your sweet, sexy Easter Eggs at the end of the month. 

Most Unique Winners - Olive Ray, Mharia Angel J, Maye Daye, Robin Gallagher

It was a huge week for top American girl, Olive Ray. Not only did she place 5th in the Most Clovers Collected contest, she also gave Stasy a run for her money when it came to collecting Clovers from unique site members. Her combined performance earned her Model of the Week honors – yet another trophy on the shelf for one of our hottest Flirts. She was followed by another favorite of the Flirt4Free faithful, Mharia Angel J. American Dreamgirl Maye Daye bounced and bubbled her way to a 4th place finish, while ultra-MILFy Robin Gallagher closed out the Most Unique top 5

Most Unique Winners - Roxy Rogerz, Mary Harris, Eva Sin, Lindsey Lu, Gigi Belle

Rogy Rogerz earned enough Clovers to claim prizes in both legs of this contest. She was followed by peachy Mary Harris, who enticed a myriad of fans to fling their Clovers and finished 7th. The incomparable Eva in finished 8th. Rising Star Lindsey Lu finished 9th. Finally, once again, Gigi Belle’s solid, sexy performances throughout the 5-day affair landed her in 10th. 

Don’t forget! The girls of Flirt will be back for our annual Easter Egg Hunt later this month. Are you ready to fill their baskets?