Exotic and sensual and whip-smart, the glamorous Hollywood Alicee has only just arrived on Flirt4Free. In little more than a month on cam, she has found the ultimate outlet to explore her dynamic sexuality, which contains an explosive lust she never before knew existed. “I absolutely love the experience so far! It’s unleashed a part of me I’ve never tapped into, but now that I have, I’m addicted,” she said of her first few weeks on the site. “Performing has taught me a lot about myself. Mainly that I am enough, I’m beautiful just the way I am and, most of all, that I am desired!”


Her passion has bred results! She rocketed from Freshest Face of the Week on May 4th to 9th place in May’s Flirt of the Month standings. In that time this star-in-the-making has twice nabbed Flirt of the Day honors and so far in June she is right on the cusp of winning her way to Flirt Summit Cancun. 

The Flirt fans she’s made thus far have responded, not just to her striking look, lascivious curves, and other-worldly booty, but to the warm and joyous atmosphere of her chatroom, and her ability to make each private show a special, sexy, unique experience.

“In her room, Alicee is personable and easy to talk to. But in private, she’ll make you feel like you’re the only man for her!” One fan raved after multiple private show experience with Alicee of Hollywood.

“Seriously beautiful woman,” another member concurred. “She is super sweet, and if you treat her right, she’ll show you all she has to offer. Treat her right!”

“I’m a sensual woman who really loves to make an intimate connection before just ripping it all off for them in private,” Alicee said of her lusty one-on-one performances. “I like to get the vibe going between us, discover his (or her) deepest fantasies as I seek to make him explode. I want to know what’s between his ears first, then his cums will be all mine. I want him feening for me night and day as I feen for him as well!”


Something unique to Hollywood Alicee is that her foray into live cam came because of the current turmoil of the outside world. A true and natural people person, her love for the art of the live stream was kindled by her desire to connect during the coronavirus quarantine. “In my past career, I was in sales and marketing, where I’m surrounded by people. So I began to get depressed when I couldn’t get out and meet new people. When I found Flirt4Free, I found a new way to interact. So camming during the pandemic has definitely saved me from myself and kept me from going into a deep depression. At first I was thinking it would only be temporary, until the market reopens … but now I think I may have discovered my true self!”


One thing both Hollywood Alicee and her fans seem to stress is her “true self on cam” is the genuine article. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and that heart is warm and kind; qualities that can often feel rare at this particular point in history. When she’s away from her cam, the proud and beautiful MILF loves to spend time with her son, take in all the thrills of Southern California life, and enjoy the simple things. “I love to hit the beach, watch drag racing, sip my Moscato, go shopping, and most of all, I love to barbecue and cook my soul food! Cornbread, collard greens, ribs, mac and cheese, baked beans, potato salad and my sweet tea, baby!”

Want to see how sweet Hollywood Alice’s tea can be? Visit her in chat, and drink in every inch of this exquisite ebony beauty. But if you’re ready for Alicee to fire up her grill and dish out a feast for your soul, mark your calendars and take part in her upcoming Big Bang BBQ. The scheduled show will begin at 7AM EST on Flirt4Free. You can also follow Hollywood Alice on Twitter or Instagram so you know exactly when she’ll be online.