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Aurora Santini

Customers rated Aurora Santini 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 reviews
Talkative and sweet, but can leave scars if need ❤
Dec 3rd @ 5:50am EST
guys! I need to tell u that so soon i will up my pvt prices, so if u wanna have pvt on 20cpm u can join my funclub))) I do that because i grow in my knowlege and i think it's time to grow prices as well!
Nov 25th @ 2:44am EST
Can i switch?
I had a lot of that type of questions and the answer is -NO. It's not depends on the mood or the day, i'm just do not feel comfortable being a sub. I tried a lot (with some of u as well) and....i do not like it at all( So, if u wanna find a sub- then it's definitally not me. But, if u wanna have an aristocratic and gentle mistress- then welcome to my room!!!!
Nov 22nd @ 10:51pm EST
My bestie
Today i decided to tell u a story how i got my cat) She lives with me less than a year, but she is 6 yo or so (i don't really know). I take her from the clinic because she was sick and her owners can't pay for her...So i taked her and i heal her with love and care ? Her name is Jessica (previous name i don't know as well)
Nov 11th @ 11:16pm EST
Spiritual side
Hi guys, I have very interesting topic today. Some of you who was very very curious, already know it)So the thing is - im very spiritual person, I'm believing in Tarot cards, astrology and numerology! It's my hobbies! Using those cards i can make a prediction for the week, make some communicated situation clear for me) And astrology and neurology can't tell me a lot of things about the person that I wanna know better. It's not about magic at all it's just things that works in our world and I really love it!
Nov 2nd @ 3:26am EDT
Gaus i need to say that i will have a lil week of vacation starts from 3rd of Nov to 10) Then i will be back and i will be so happy to make some naughty kinky things with u)))
Oct 26th @ 12:37am EDT
i did it!
Guys i piersed my left year and my belly botton! Lol i was dreaming about it for a very long time- about 6 years! And couple days ago i decided that it's time! I'm so happy- u can't even imagine!!!
Oct 21st @ 1:04am EDT
Aestetic girl
i think u already noticed that i romanticise my stream) Well i can say more! My room decor in inspired by films about queens and i really love "old money aestetic". Even when i'm study i can't do my homework without classic music and some candles around me hihi) Life feels more better when u put yourself in some kind of athmosphere, i guess.
Oct 14th @ 12:01am EDT
Weird hobby
Hey guys! I was thinking for a long time about should i tell u about it or not buuut hehe here we are! So, let's start from here- i'm a huge fan of medical tv shows so i have watched almoust them all and ones i was asking my friend for a christmass present- it was a medical thing where u can train how to make stitches lolSo yeah....i know how to do some kinds of stitches ehhehe idk why i need it but it's a fact! When i'm bored i take this thing and start practicing)))
Oct 8th @ 6:36am EDT
what u like to do when it's the weekend?
Ok let's be honest...i'm 19yo i like to be at the party with my friends and if there is any chance to be "more happy" i will choose it heheI love the taste of coctails- "Paloma", "Margarita" and the "Blue lagoon". Also if u would ask me on a date i would prefer some champaine as well hihihSo long night, loud music, feeling euphoric and end it with the good sex- that's what i like sometimes to chill my brain!
Oct 3rd @ 11:55pm EDT
would u try it?
some guys ask me if i had sex wmw or mwm, sooooo i can say that- i had sex with 2 ppl at the same time BUT with 2 girld ahhahah U can imagine how that was ( HOT AF)It happened after a very big party in my college and we all was feeling like we need to kiss and then....then- it goes a little further haha
Sep 25th @ 2:49am EDT
What a dream!
U know sometimes u have that kind of dreams when u woke up and feel like u just being teased for an hour! And u just sooo horny! So i had that too hahaI even had a dream with one of u hihi can't say who exacly but i had a pvt like a really hot one and on that night after i saw a dream where that guy was fucking me gentle and so was so real like omg! For now i just hope u had dreams with me hehehe
Sep 17th @ 11:58pm EDT
Mtarlingsdate! I started to go on a strip dance) U know i'm studying on the choreography course and i decided to join a strip class! Hope u r happy because it means so soon u will be able to see my dance classes videos that i will post in the Funclub!!! I'm so exited for u to see it!)
Sep 13th @ 12:17am EDT
Nude in public?
Well i can say that i never did stuff like masturbating on public or even nude beach hehe guess i'm not brave enough for that yet) But i can say for sure that i was all naked while photoshoot haha and u can find this photos in my profile ( the black dress ones)!I would really like to try nude beach actually so i think someday i will take all of my streight and do it!
Sep 9th @ 12:40am EDT
Fun facts)
1) i have an oral hyperfixation that's why i always vape lol i just need to keep something in my mouth2) i have a small and tringle tits hehe3) i haven't cut my hair for 6 years streight4) i don't know which color of eyes i have because they contein grey, brown, green and blue at the same time5) i have a crease under my right booty)
Sep 4th @ 12:01am EDT
What i like about pleasing a guy?
Well as i said before- i love this web because i can please and tease guys here sooo... My favorite type of pleasing- it's a blowjob because i really love to suck guys cock while he's loudly moaning of pleasure hehe and also i like to be a cowgirl when i can see the guy's face while i go up and down on him taht's makes me go wild! And also the sensetive french kiss while sex is the best too)
Aug 30th @ 1:22am EDT
gym rat
Ok so to everyone who ask me how i got this shape of body- i go to the gym like 3 times a week(well at leats trying lol)! But to be honest guys mostly my shape depends of my food, i'm a vegetarian and trying eat low carb food) So that's all i do for my body hehe
Aug 26th @ 2:15am EDT
my fantasy world
you know that everyone has their own sex fantasies so am i hehe. I never had a sex on the beach but it's one of the good things that i would really like to try one day) Just try to wounder how cool it is when u r alone with me on the empty beach in the midnight...the sound of the ocean and the warm breathe...just amazing! We could go to swim all naked? kissing in the water and then go to the beach and star slowly our sex moment) So good...
Aug 21st @ 6:40am EDT
And what about me?
Hi guys (and girls)! Hope u r fine) Today i wanna share with u some answers on the most popular questions about me!1) How tall r u? I'm 174 cm or 5"72) Do u have a boyfriend? Well nope haha i still haven't find a man who can handle my sex drive3) What's ur hobbies? I like a looot of things haha? I\'m going to the gym twice a week, love to read before go to bed, dance (it's also my college degree) and sing! Singing is my passion!!!4) Do u like here? Haha i love this question! Of course i do! Guys i love all of u? like to tease and please u)))5) Where should be ur perfect date? Mmmm i would love to go on a beach or had some forest walk! What can be better than a picnic in the middle of the nature!
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Oct. 11
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