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Black Jacksonn

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The body is the mirror of the soul and a temple of pleasure and lust!
Feb 6th @ 10:53am EST
a relaxing moment
I got home after training and my best friend came home to visit me, while she was on the couch I went to take a shower, I turned on the shower and refreshing water ran through every throbbing muscle, I enjoyed every stream of water running through my body, I left the room. shower I just grabbed a towel and went to the couch I sat on the towel and she is there with me, I just laid my head on the head of the couch and tried to relax but my friend had other plans she knelt in front of me and opened my towel and let me my exposed cock began to touch it with her hand and make it hard halfway to an erection she took it to her mouth she began to suck and play with her warm, wet tongue she sucked the top of my cock and ran her tongue from my balls to the tip she tried to take it all in her deep throat but it was too much for her she continued sucking and enjoying every minute of having my cock just for her, she just wanted to suck it I didn't want to ride it she just wanted my hot semen in her mouth and she was working to get it, She choked a little on her saliva while sucking. She augustly put my cock as far as she could into her mouth while the throbbing explosion of my load came out towards her throat. She swallowed every drop and continued sucking until not a single drop was left. She licked every part of my cock and covered it again with the towel, she got up, ran her tongue over her lips, kissed me and said goodbye, she was going to see her boyfriend but she wanted my cock first, she closed the door behind her and slowly I listened to her footsteps. They moved away, I stayed lying down while I still felt how my cock was throbbing even after such a delicious blowjob.
Jan 8th @ 5:08pm EST
Today I went with my best friend to the gym we had an appointment to train together. He is tall, 1.90, he beats me in muscle mass and he is also blonde like the sun with eyes blue like the sea. Literally girls and boys fall before him like flies. I nicknamed him Apollo because She shares many characteristics with this god, even fucking him. We decided to train in a new gym in the city. When a beautiful, thin girl with a nice bubble butt arrived, she welcomed us, approximately. She was approximately 1.55 cm tall and was tiny next to us. She was immediately enchanted. with Apollo and he gave him a smile, we continued towards the machines and he told me we already have a new prey for tonight (sometimes we had threesomes together) I told him don't be so arrogant haha although I did know that that was one of his skills, we trained completely the upper body challenging us in lifting weights, the girls and boys undoubtedly looked at us with more than admiration, I couldn't judge them, two attractive and muscular men training attract a lot of attention, we turned a couple of times towards the girl at the reception who She kept giving us fleeting glances, we finished training and headed to the showers, we noticed that someone was coming behind us, it was she the receptionist, without hesitation we entered the same shower together, she stopped at the door and I told her, are you going to Stay there or are you going to keep us company? She was paralyzed for a second and responded, I can't believe it. This is a fantasy that someone will wake me up if I'm dreaming. Come and let's see if you wake up. She entered the shower with us and we began to undress her together like two dogs. With his prey we began to snatch Apollo's clothes, he took his blouse and I quickly got rid of his pants, I was naked, my cock was already out, ready to enter her, one of 19cm and Apollo's was also ready, 20cm ready for her, This girl was surprised, she didn't know what to do with two monstrous cocks. I put her back to me and tilted her so that she could hold Apollo's cock while I penetrated her wet pussy. She couldn't swallow all of Apollo's cock while I completely deepened mine. In it she bucked and moaned a lot while we took her, both Apollo and I shared French kisses with passion, Apolko took his cock out of the girl's mouth and I bolted it in my direction, while I carried her to stick her to my body while she entered completely into "She, hold on now," Apollo whispered to her as he shoved his entire cock into this girl's ass, who covered her mouth so that the scream that escaped when she felt all that cock enter her ass would not escape. I felt like she was cumming while I continued. We mutually penetrated her, we fucked her rhythmically while our bodies rubbed each other, he came again and again, I was ready to come inside her when I felt that Apollo pressed his body more against hers, he was also ready as if we were synchronized, semen ran inside of her at the same time in her ass and her pussy a very strong moan escaped from her while we were cumming and her body couldn't stop shuddering she was in the stasis of orgasm I took out my cock and tried to lower it but she couldn't stand her feet Her legs were still shaking, she sat on the shower floor with our cocks in her face. We ordered her to suck and clean both and she did it like a good girl. She obeyed without problems. While letting out moans, she continuously sucked both cocks. Once again, I was ready to come and I did. In her mouth she happily swallowed all my load. I had not yet finished when Apollo also came in her mouth and also swallowing everything with desire to clean every drop of semen. The three of us finished showering together, although she could hardly stand up after such a thing. fucked, before getting out of the shower we said goodbye to her with a delicious kiss and we were ready to continue our day
Dec 5th @ 6:33pm EST
my favorite coffee
Hoy desperte y al mirar mi reloj me di cuenta que eran las 4:00am y el sueno me habia abandonado por completo, continue en mi cama por un par de horas mas contemplando el techo de mi habitacion, decidi levantarme y salir a trotar, ya que empezaria a prepararme para la competencia de calistenia que se realizara a finales de enero.Ya con mis tenis, mi short blanco y mi camisilla baje las escaleras ya que no uso el ascensor para poder tener un pequeno calentamiento, al llegar afuera del edificio pude notar que hacia demasiado frio y normalmente comienzo a trotar a las 9:00am, bueno ya estaba aqui y no iba a regresar a mi habitacion a contemplar el techo un par de horas mas, me puse en marcha ya que la meta era trotar durante 2 horas seguidas, tome la ruta que uso a menudo y baje hasta el parque y en el camino me tope con otro chico trotando en mi misma ruta (Lo alcance con facilidad o se dejo alcanzar?).Me retire mis audifonos ya que el tambien lo hizo,Hola, mi nombre es Ivan - Me dijo aquel chicoUn placer, soy Erick - le respondi.Disminuimos un poco el ritmo del trote para evitar la fatiga por ir charlando mientras trotabamos, me comento que me habia visto trotar normalmente a las 8:00 am o 9:00am.Woooow, me estas espiando - Le respondi y sonrio a lo que me contestaNo, solo que sueles pasar por el frente de mi balcon y pareces una montana trotando asi que es dificil no verte, y ? por que hoy has salido tan temprano? - Me responde IvanSimplemente no queria estar mas en mi cama asi que lo hice mas temprano - Le respondi.Continuamos charlando sobre un par de cosas mas y le comente que mi rutina suele terminar en mi cafeteria favorita, que si completaba mi ruta le invitaria al mejor cafe de la ciudad.Finalmente llegamos a la meta y la cafeteria estaba apenas abriendo, aun estaban colocando las primeras mesas y la chicas al verme me sonrio ya que soy su cliente habitual y la conozco muy bien, realmente muy bien (Lo dejo a su imaginacion),Muy buenos dias senorito Erick, hoy a traido compania y se ve muy buena compania - Me dice la chica de la cafeteria.Definitivamente el chico habia llamado su atencion, era solo un poco mas bajo que yo, su piel era blanca, de ojos color miel y cabello negro con un perfil griego tallado por los dioses, ?Lo mismo de siempre? - Me pregunta la chica con un brillo en sus ojos y una sonrisa picaraPor supuesto, doble esta vez - Le dije y ella sonrio aun masComo me gusta a mi - Me responde la chica.Entro a la cafeteria a preparar mi orden, el chico me miro todo despistado, no sabia lo que acababa de ocurrir sin saber que estaba literalmente involucrado en un trio en un par de minutos...
Dec 1st @ 5:56pm EST
A simple day in my life...
5am in the morning and my alarm rings to tell me that my day has already begun, I get out of bed and go directly to the shower. I don't need to take off my pajamas since I go to bed completely naked, I turn on the shower and I feel like the cold water runs over my body, I grab the soap and begin to rub it on my chest, going down to my abdomen and rubbing very well, then I soap my legs and go up again to my abdomen and my chest, then my arms and culminate with my face, under the shower I take all the soap off my body and look for my towel to dry my body and get ready to leave the bathroom.I put on my training clothes and leave my apartment straight to the GYM ready to train for 3 hours as usual before going to work. When I arrive at the GYM I greet the girl at the reception and she is always so friendly and smiling. I get ready to do my training routine, work my chest and biceps, at the end of my routine I end up soaked in sweat and with my body really hot due to the intense training, I immediately head to the showers to cool off my body, while I am under the water of In the shower I thought about whether I really felt like going to work today (I didn't feel like it at all).I finish showering and put on my clothes that I had already prepared the day before to go to work, I leave the GYM and head to work but it's still very early so I first stop by for a coffee. While I was having my coffee, I thought about whether I really wanted to go to work today (No, I really didn't feel like doing anything), I decided to go to a park that was a little away from the noise of people and the city, on the way to the park. I called my boss to inform her that I would not show up for work today. Surprised, she asked me if something was happening. It is very strange that I am missing work (I have never missed work since I am very responsible with my things). I said I couldn't attend today, I wasn't feeling very well at this time (Christmas), the month of December began, it's not my favorite and she knew it very well, in addition to being my boss, she was my lover and knew me very well, without Hesitantly accepted my fault and told me that he would call me at night, I cut off the call and prepared to relax alone in nature simply listening to the sound of the trees and the wind in total tranquility, it was just what I wanted and needed.Today I wanted to be alone with myself, really alone, as I spent the first hour being there I began to notice that I had made a mistake, I was there far from everything and I had not brought a single piece of bread for a snack (Clumsy for my brain) I I decided to be there for a couple more hours calmly without worries, my cell phone has not rung in all this time, I checked to see if it had a signal, strange that no one wrote to me. Had no one noticed my absence? I didn't give it any importance, it was a day for me and there I was calmly just thinking about how beautiful the day was, hunger touched my stomach and it was time to return to the city, I needed something to eat.I went to a restaurant, ordered some takeout and headed to my apartment. When I arrived I got ready to eat. After that I went to the balcony to contemplate the view. It wasn't the best in the city but it was certainly very beautiful. , I grabbed a couple of cigarettes and smoked while watching the sunset, without a doubt a very calm day without worries just for me. When I finished, I headed back inside my apartment, I took off my clothes and went to the shower, this time with slightly warm water to soften my muscles and skin a little, I finished showering and headed to bed, my day was over. finished, while I'm in bed I grab my current book (The Dungeons of Langeais) and then a couple of pages before getting ready to go to bed.Happy night, I hope you enjoyed joining me in this story of a simple day in my life.
Nov 29th @ 7:29pm EST
The new neighbors.
After a couple of months of being empty, the apartment across the street from mine was finally occupied by a couple, a very cute but very short boy of approximately average height 1.70 cm with pale skin compared to my height of 1.85 cm and 95 kilos. In weight, the difference in sizes was very noticeable, although the difference was more noticeable with the girl who was approximately 1.55 cm tall and slim in appearance, very pretty with blue eyes and pink lips.The day they moved I ran into them by chance while I was going down the stairs of the building to go to the GYM, they were carrying some things for their new apartment, I greeted them with a simple "Good morning" and continued on my way, that night I left to my balcony which is right next to those of my new neighbors, as usual I went out to smoke a cigarette and what a surprise my new neighbor was smoking, I greeted again and my neighbor returned the greeting and immediately entered his room, It didn't take even 3 minutes when my neighbor appeared almost semi naked, only covered by a thin silk robe, (my brain immediately sent an electric current through my pants until it reached my penis)."Very nice outfit," I said to the neighbor while she smiled (That damn smile that expressed that that girl was naughty).Maybe she didn't notice it or maybe I imagined it, but her eyes ran very quickly over my torso since I was shirtless, since I was used to being there alone, "Very nice outfit," my neighbor repeated, my smile couldn't do it either. be more naughty by being present,"My pleasure, I'm Erick," I told my neighbor.- The pleasure is mine, I'm Andre - my neighbor responded, flashing that smile again.We could only talk about that since the boy called her and entered the bedroom.A couple of days later I met Andrea at the GYM, to my surprise and disappointment she didn't have that silk robe, when she saw me she immediately addressed me.Hello Erick, what a coincidence - my neighbor tells me.Yes, what a coincidence - I told him even though I had already been going to the GYM for 3 years.Your sports clothes are very nice - Andrea tells me.Thank you, I can say the same although I liked the robe from the other day better - My mischief making itself present.It would be a problem with the Gym's policies to train in a bathrobe, although later you could see her-she answered me while she laughed flirtatiously, the truth is I didn't expect that response from my neighbor.I would be delighted, would it be in your room or mine? -I responded with a mischievous joke, since I knew he had a partner.You decide, I have been alone since yesterday, my husband is traveling and she always leaves me alone for days - My neighbor respondedIt would definitely be in my room, I couldn't risk being found fucking the new neighbor, although it was a big surprise and I couldn't miss the opportunity to fuck Andre, I love dominating this type of short women.Night came and my door rang, it was Andrea, I told her to come in and she crossed the living room towards my bedroom door, when I opened it, what a surprise, Andrea was in that silk robe with nothing else on, I ran my eyes over that beautiful naked body, her pink nipples and her narrow vagina (immediately my penis became erect) I immediately kissed her on her small mouth, it was a sweet and soft delicacy, the difference in size was highlighted, my body was rock hard against her body He collided with her and I thought he would break her, a great moan of pleasure escaped his lips (this is what excites him, a dominant man). I picked her up easily and placed her on the living room table, I quickly lowered my lips to her sweet and tight vagina (it was wonderful) I quickly turned to look at the door and I forgot to close it, OMG the damn husband was there in my door, for a second I froze.When I stood up straight I could notice this man's expression better, it wasn't anger that he was expressing, it was lust, a high level of lust (I thought), I turned to look at Andrea at the table and his look was not one of surprise or concern, It was complete satisfaction, (The hunter has been hunted I thought at that moment). That boy smiled and just said:Don't worry, we can share - said Andrea's husband.I just smiled and of course dinner is already served and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to fuck Andrea. Simply excited, Andrea shows her best smile, she is perfect for me at the height of the table to penetrate her, but her husband remained very low while I penetrated her, he got on the table and began to perform a 69 on her, enjoying this delight. My excitement was increasing more and more, I had never imagined something like this that night, to my surprise the husband took my penis from Andrea's vagina and began to suck it, Andrea took advantage of the moment to slide off the table and place herself on the sofa while the husband goes down and goes behind her and begins to penetrate her vagina and tells me:"Her ass is yours," Andrea's husband tells me.I head towards the furniture where Andrea and her husband are and I start to penetrate her ass, that tight ass I feel how it expands as my cock gets thick inside her, I clearly hear how she screams and squeezes her hands (She loved the pain) I do it hard and deep and I feel how her vagina begins to drain, her excitement is at maximum ecstasy.If you want to know how this story ends, write to me and I'll tell you...
Oct 18th @ 8:32pm EDT
The gym boy
Today, like any other, I was ready to train. I had my shorts ready, my tank top which was sleeveless so that my arms could be shown. I like to wear it like that since when I train my veins fill up and look very rough. I arrived at the gym at 8am like any day, between saying hello to the receptionist and a boy whom I had never seen before at the gym, I only said hello out of politeness, I headed towards the training machines. wasready to start my routine when I feel that someone is watching me while I'm getting ready I turn around and realize that it was this new guy watching me I didn't care and I started my routine, today I would train my pectorals. With each series my muscles inflated and looked bigger. I looked in the mirror to see my muscles as if they had grown when I noticed through the reflection of the mirror that the new boy was watching me from a distance, not looking away from me. I continued my training routine at the end of the chest section, I was about to start with the biceps when this new boy without shyness asked me if he could train with me, he wanted me to help him since I have more experience, so we started training together As we trained, I began to sweat due to the high demands of the exercises and I began to notice the lust and desire in this boy's eyes. I didn't give it any importance and continued training with him. We got into conversation between each exercise and I asked him if he had come with someone and told me that yes, he came with his girlfriend, surprise filled my mind, this supposedly straight boy was looking at me with a lot of desire or maybe it was my mind that thought he was looking at me that way, a curious doubt came to me now I had to find out if Was it lust with which this boy was looking at me or was it my mind playing tricks on me so I had to find out, we continued training and I was even more sweaty so I decided to take off my shirt when I did this boy let out a little moan (I couldn't really imagine that). listen) more curiosity came to me, we finished the routine. I'm not used to showering at the gym but I had to get rid of the doubt so I subtly said goodbye to him but not before telling him that I would shower there since I wanted to get rid of the sweat from training (the bait was thrown) now I would find out what would happen, I headed I went into the shower, I took off my clothes without locking the door (anyone could enter) I listened as my attentive ear passed by, the shower sounded while the water fell and if the bait worked, my shower door opened, it was the new boy panting. Full of lust in my mind I thought I knew if he felt desire for me I couldn't imagine what I felt was coming from him. He watches me completely naked. His gaze runs over my entire wet body, my muscles strengthened by training and cooled by the shower water look like carved marble. haha more details write to me find out what happened next
Nov 18th @ 5:21pm EST
My first blog
I like to have my life in order, I have a routine to exercise every day in my gym, eating healthy is the best to take my routine I finish, have my body fit and feel praised.My whole training approach and philosophy centres around the idea that you probably get 90 to 95 per cent of your progress simply from focusing on the absolute fundamentals and ensuring that you're doing those well and consistently," he explains. "For most people, who just want to be in good shape and want to carry on with the rest of their lives, it's best to just focus on those aspects where you get the best return on investment on the time and effort you put in." With that in mind, let's get stuck in.
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Oct. 11
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