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Welcome to my room where your dreams come true, until you never want to go out. #Lushon
Sep 28th @ 7:45pm EDT
whisper - Fan Club
Welcome to my Fan Club! This is my place to connect and share with all my favorite fans. Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color
Sep 9th @ 9:14pm EDT
Story of my Happy Avocado💪🥑
You will wonder every time you enter my living room, why I have an avocado tattoed on my arm, Okay today will be the day where you will know...Since I was very little I have liked to eat vegetables and try to eat the best possible, always thinking about the benefits that food can have on me, but avocado was something that I always liked but at that time there was no possibility of eating it all days, so when we could eat it at home it was like tasting paradise, there was a time when I stopped eating it for many years, but whenever I saw someone selling avocados or in a supermarket, my mouth immediately watered. After 3 years I started eating it again and from that moment on I try to eat it often and I am happy when I get a healthy avocado, since most of them sometimes appear bruised or ripen very quickly. Once I was with a friend fromthat time who is a tatto artist and between jokes and gossip I challenged myself to get a tattoo of something I liked and jokingly I told her an avocado, there we both let out a laugh, then I told her no and from that moment on the challenge, The good thing was that I beat him because I did get it tattoed and now I see that it has been a very curious tatto for the people who see it on my arm and even come to like it since I am always happy, That's why they call it... The happy avocado!
Aug 17th @ 1:45pm EDT
My first time MASTURBATING in a Gym 🏋‍♀🥴🥵
I was 10:00pm on Saturday, I decided to go train a bit to relax, I had never trained on a Saturday at that time, but especially at that time never. At that time the Gym was somewhat lonely since there were not many people, that day I was training a bit of my Arm(Biceps ans Triceps)And clearly I decided to connect here to the page, to share that moment with you and for you to see Something different,at that moment a User decided to make the moment more fun and took me to play with him, in the Gym bathroom; I had never masturbated in a bathroom shower, let alone in a gym. I was very afraid that someone would come in a see me naked, with my fingers in my pussy and moaning with pleasure, it was a fantastic and hot experience, my body felt the adrenaline 100% it was and experience that I will not forget since every time I enter the dressing room and look at that place, I remember what I lived, felt and explored there and especially with whom I enjoyed it, that is when I was about to have my orgasm and do squirt just because my cell phone discharges... That left me very aware that I must always carry my cell phone with a full charge to enjoy it as it should
Aug 1st @ 5:00pm EDT
Hey guys today I have some black clothes that I would like you to enjoy today
Feb 25th @ 12:30pm EST
My new fetish 🔥💣💦
I recently discovered by watching the Lives they do on TikTok that I like ASMR, I never imagined that I could feel so fascinated when hearing such soft sounds and the murmurs when they speak, they generate a strange sensation that starts from my head that runs through my entire body transporting me to a state of relaxation and excitement, each sound is so different that I can experience millions of different sensations in a single moment. Initially I started listening at night as I have always rested with calming music at a low volume, but since discovering ASMR I listen to them every night. And if I also have my favorite transmitters: Which are Four(4): One is from Brazil, another from France, another from Chile, and the last one is Colombian. The strangest thing is that last night while Morpheus received me in his arms I began to experience the sensation of excitement and pleasure... Maybe at some point I can also experience it here with you
Jan 23rd @ 8:39am EST
My travel plan 🌍🛫💫
On many occasions several of you ask me if traveling is among my plans, and of course it is, of course I also have that purpose in my life, in general I want to know the whole world to everyone We always have a start in everything so here is my my Top 5 in Latin america, of the first trips that I hope to do this 2023...-Peru - Venezuela (In itself its Islands) - Panama -Brasil (Initially for this carnival) and Argentina. I want to start first in Latin america and from there climb through central america and continue climbing until I reach Alaska.. In the next blog I will be commenting on my next Top 5 in travel!
Jan 10th @ 9:53am EST
wind instrument
I don't play any instrument, but I love wind instruments, the saxophone, the recorder and the clarinet... although I also like the violin, a violin well played is a delight...
Jan 10th @ 9:46am EST
music full of magic
I'm young, but I have classical tastes, I like classical music, one of my favorite artists David Garret, Linsey Starling, Ludwig van Beethoven...
Jan 10th @ 9:22am EST
love fruits
I love fruits, in Colombia we have the privilege of having an optimal climate to harvest many kinds of them, one of my favorites is the banana and I also love the juice of them, my favorite is the lulo...
Jan 10th @ 9:11am EST
I love watching movies
One of my favorite hobbies is watching movies, I love horror movies, romantic movies, movies with comedy and reflection, movies with a message....
Jan 10th @ 9:05am EST
I love food
My favorite food is ajiaco, a hot soup that fills you with a lot of energy...
Nov 14th @ 1:53pm EST
Game thursday🎮🎲🎯
I want to take our fun to another level...And that's why he invented "Game Thursdays" where we can interact in a more fun and hot way where our fantasies that day will bring to start*Hot balloon games: Where each balloon will have an action that I must do for a specific value, the person who sends the value to that person will do what the balloon says ans the bogger the balloon value is like this It will be the same action that I should do.*The game of roulette: In this game , roullette will have some actions that I must do for the person who sends the tip that gives them the opportunity to launch and participate and whatever comes out I will do, I hope to be able to count on every Thursday participation of each one of you, Kisses, I hope ???????
Nov 4th @ 7:48pm EDT
Favorite Colors🧡💚💙🖤🤍
Perhaps in your head at some point you are curious to know what my favorite color is or if perhaps I have more than one, and if I have several. but the interesting thing is that they are favorites but for various aspects of my life. Red is the main favorite and it shows because of the color of my hair and maybe when I adorn my beautiful lips with this color as I feel that it is a color of strength and passion. I also like to use it on my clothes but especially indoors. I like to use black in the day to day because I feel that it is a color that goes well with my entire wardrobe, it is full of black clothes haha because of how practical it is, it also looks very elegant. I like the color royal blue to use on things around my house like decorations, clotheslines, dish towels, and towels. I use it very rarely in underwear and everyday clothes, but i love this color green for my eyes ans I feel that it is a color that represents life, serenity and represent it in my house with pots that I have to decorate my house, I am a fan of nature and every time I have the opportunity I usually enjoy it, since it recharges me and connects me with the cosmos and nature, it gives my soul peace of mind . For me the color gold represents power, command and leadership, that?s why I always like to use it in my jewelry, but I use that color very suntly, and finally white, I like it because it gives peace, tranquility and looks like a color to me... very neutral and angelic so I usually use it more than anything on shirts and shoes.
Nov 3rd @ 7:33pm EDT
A little more of me 🧡🦉
Today I want to let you know a little more about me, my hobbies and pastimes... I am a very cheerful and fun person. In my free time I like to go to the gym to de-stress from perhaps a long and stressful day and also to be able to have quite optimal health for my old age, I like dogs and cats so every time I see them in danger I help them. I do it in fact this way was how I managed to have my cat. I also like from time to time to do social work with the inhabitants of the street giving them a snack or something similar. I also really like reading, I like more romantic poetr, history and terror.I really like egyptian mithology and I find a lot of fascination in everything that has to do with the 1st and 2nd world war. I like cinema in general but I perfet art cinema, science fiction,animated, comedy, classic and Snuff. apart from that I really like the theme of anime although I have not dared to cosplays. I like music in general from Classical music to hard Rock and Metal, so I really enjoy all music in particular. I really like to attend the theater, storytelling and painting exhibitions. I like to enjoy from time to time a glass of cabernet sauvignon preferably , I usually eat everything, I love gastronomy and more if it is from other countries, but food is among my favorites at the moment Italian,Mexican, Orienta. Since I was little I have really liked the subject of art and crafts, although I have also taken love to write my thoughts at home, as if it were my diary, but they are thoughts of reflection in the face of the changes that humanity has taken with the pass. of the years... I hope this helps you to know a little more about my kisses. Until a next block
Oct 26th @ 11:41am EDT
A very special greeting
I hope you have a super special day... Let's have a little fun, let's have a beautiful evening... today my red clothes are looking for some pleasure.
Oct 21st @ 2:23pm EDT
Perspectives of my weekend trip🛫
Close to the city of Cali, there is a small city (town) called Popayan, which is three hours away, it is known for its festivities and processions during Holy Week; It is also a city that is characterized by keeping alive that colonial image in its infraestructure, in fact the name it receives before the country is "The white city of Colombia". It is quiet and peaceful place, also full of nature, exotic landscapes and magical sinsets that fortunately, other cities in the country do not have. Tonight I will travel to this place to visit my father, wom I have not seen since the beginning of the year approximately, I will share this whole weekend with him and I will return on sunday night. I will visit places like the clock tower. This is very popular place for mountain bikers and people who like nature and walks. In it you will find four different scenarios with a variety of landscapes in the area, you can also go to the river if you wish. In the afternoon I will visit a couple of friends who I have there, I will walk through the city center, enjoying the street art of the place. For sunday before returning to Cali, I will go to El Morro, to see the sunset since this city is also known for offering the best sunsets in the country and that is an excellent, if not the best, place to enjoy it. and why not return with recharged energies to resume next week with all the positive attitude.See you monday ... Kisses
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Oct. 11
Siamese Cat: hello
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