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Evelyn Lovers

Customers rated Evelyn Lovers 4.7 out of 5 based on 47 reviews
I am a Latin girl who wants to drive you crazy, with my charms I know that I will make you feel plea
Nov 13th @ 1:02am EST
I love nature
Persivir I love the smell of the field and feel the air rushing, listen to the birds and enjoy the scenery, and if you is much better ...
Sep 30th @ 6:08am EDT
Today September 30 I invite you to share my happy birthday, I wait to share my time kissing.I wait for you
Sep 19th @ 9:40pm EDT
My birthday
I invite this September 30 I want you to come with me to celebrate my birthday, I want to share with you one of my proudest moments as they fill up 20 years, want to help me make it unforgettable and that unforgettable what you do for me, so I hope many of you many hugs kiss ...
Sep 10th @ 9:27pm EDT
I desfiles romantic
Feel like a rose through my body makes me tranportar my mind and my desire to the estaxis of your touch and your love
May 27th @ 4:44am EDT
It's my heart
To all of my users that are going through a situation lasts in your country regarding the covid-19 I want you to know that I understand them because my it in my country and is affecting us, I just want you to know that I'm here for you all to not feel alone can find in my company, a good chat and a good time, kisses, hugs, and want this to happen as soon as possible.
May 22nd @ 3:02am EDT
Thank you for your daily companionship
For moi it is a pleasure that every day they enter my room and filled with pleasure and love and company, for all my clients today I send them a big hug and many kisses for them.Well and for those who have not visited me yet I invite you to my room to chat for a while and have a nice time, I hope kisses...
May 15th @ 2:21am EDT
When I sing
I love in my broadcasts to sing, laugh and make my life a little more joyful and my clients can see me as I am. and at the same time I end up pleasing my clients with my songs and my way of being
May 13th @ 8:02pm EDT
Let's have an interesting talk
I am a girl who enjoys reading books and having good conversations so I invite you to come into my room and enjoy a good talk, let me know a little about you and I will let you know a little about me, it is important to have a connection between two people to reach a mental and bodily satisfaction.
May 9th @ 4:47am EDT
Big dildos
I love big dildos even collect them and I love when they pay very well for them because I deserve it I think I give an excellent show and an excellent anal, I hope to see them soon in my room and be able to have so much fun, kisses.
Sep 21st @ 3:57am EDT
3 positions for a soft but intense anal
Receiving anal sex as a woman is very pleasant for physical and psychological reasons. Physical, because the anus has nerve endings that, if properly stimulated, can lead to an intense orgasm. Psychological because, on one hand, connotes submission marked and otherwise, as explained psychoanalysis, that is considered taboo excitation increases.Obviously it is also pleasing to man: physically, because the year is narrower and feel a strong stimulation to the penis; and psychologically, for the same connotations of submissiveness and social taboo.But on the other hand, if it is not properly practiced, Greek sex can cause traumatic pain that neither the battle of Thermopylae. It is imperative previously dilate the area with masturbation, a black kiss or a plug anal or better with all three at once (why settle for one thing you can have them all !?). And use lubricant liters of lubricant.If you are one of those people who love tantric sex or just like to fuck slowly, enjoying the moment, a proper sexual posture is essential. And what are the most elegant, glamorous, ideal for this, as the humble opinion of which I write, I, Brenda B. Lennox? For yoga postures derived.I have a friend yoga teacher, if I read, it will pull the beard hairs. "How dare you sully an ancient discipline whose essence is blablabla?". Forgive me, darling, see you practice it enough to want to do me a Greek middle class reason. Let's go there!Balasana variant postureThis is one of the simplest postures in Yoga and its benefits are ... wait, we're talking about fucking.sexual positionsThis variant is not only a very comfortable position for you, it's tremendously exciting for him, because it shows complete submission. To enjoy a good anal sex, kneel, sit on your calves and stretch slowly back and arms forward. Then, separate the knees. If you have difficulty sitting on the calves, separating your knees so that the abdomen is between the thighs and seal fat toes.Sasangasana variant or posture rabbitYes, I know, this position is crying anal bypassing square one ... But trust me, take a deep breath, take it easy and savor the moment while the watch placed in this position the way I explain below ...sexual positionsSit on your heels, relax your shoulders, slowly bend to bring the chin close to the chest and rests his hands on thighs should be vertical. Expires and raises the ass as you lean forward until your head rests on the floor. Turn it gently and supports the weight of your body on your left shoulder, right elbow and knees. This position also shows submission, but not so strong, because turning your head can look into his eyes while you buggers.Posture variant SpoonI know, this position does not come from yoga, but it is one of the most sensual and delicate for anal sex.sexual positionsIt allows shallow penetration, intimacy and total body relaxation and pats on the breasts, abdomen and vulva. Lie side with the extended legs in fetal position. Slowly merge torso and supports the body's weight on your left elbow. Keep the left leg propped on the bed while he stands behind you, hold and raise your right leg and penetrates tipsNeedless to tell you that with anal you can also contract sexually transmitted diseases, right? If it's not your steady partner, use a condom. Choose one indicated for anal penetration, are more resistant than conventional.Remember to apply a good dose of lubricant to facilitate penetration.No you penetrate the vagina after penetrating the anus. The vaginal flora is highly sensitive to infections.And last but not least: these positions require some elasticity and smoothness. Never, never, you force your body; adapt them until you are comfortable and relaxed; and never, never force yourself yours when you're penetrating. As I already said, they are for soft and delicate anal sex. If you're uncomfortable, stop. If you are uncomfortable, stop. Remember: healthy, consensual and safe sex. This is not Sparta!
Feb 12th @ 5:25pm EST
Im new, do u want to know me??
Im a very shy girl, im new in here but i´ll do my best to give you all of me. Join to my room and lets talk i like know new friends and share with. Dont forget send ur boost if u think im cute!! Kisses and see u in my room!! :*
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Oct. 11
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