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Thomas Jhonsom

Customers rated Thomas Jhonsom 5.0 out of 5 based on 34 reviews
Colombian boy willing to fulfill your fantasies.
Apr 23rd @ 8:08am EDT
for you
Do not compare your life with that of others, there is no comparison between the sun and the moon, both shine when it is their moment.
Apr 23rd @ 8:07am EDT
love is love
Y aunque hacian el amor por primera vez, hacia mucho tiempo que venian haciendo amor. Amor con miradas, con sonrisas, con roces y besos escondidos, con cartas y poemas. Amor de tatuajes, de cicatrices, de esos que duelen en la piel. Amor de los que entran a tu casa un dia y se quedan a vivir contigo. Amor de los que se escriben en libros y se suenan. Amor de los que hay que vivir hasta morir. Si, amor asi.Amor de ellos, amor del bueno."
Apr 23rd @ 8:06am EDT
dream fulfilled
I can say, thanks to all my friends from Flir4free. I could know the ocean ... and it was something unforgettable, I will be grateful to all of you, who make my life better every day
Aug 2nd @ 11:16am EDT
hey you
you deserve all the love that you always try to give to others
Aug 2nd @ 11:15am EDT
I believe that life is a gift and should not be wasted. you never know what you are going to find. you learn to take life as it comes. make it worth every day
Aug 2nd @ 11:10am EDT
the night
I like to enjoy the dark nights, just contemplating the moonlight on the roof of my house, imagining as if nothing was worth and everything was perfect. forget at times what we want and can not have. love is something very uncertain
May 21st @ 2:36am EDT
I LOVE tightening the neck TO MY LOVER AND that the neck tightens. WHILE PENETRO OR I AM PENETRATED. I LIKE that they dominate me, IN THE BED and dominate too ... It is an ecstasy that I enjoy every moment, sex and seduction is one of the things that I enjoy the most.
May 3rd @ 2:53am EDT
Apr 7th @ 11:09am EDT
my goals
I dream of building the House of MSI parents. have a car to mobilize, have a bigger room for my shows, have a shower to do show, have a sex doll to give the best private shows of flir4free, better furnish my room and be able to please them in everything they ask me
Apr 3rd @ 10:35pm EDT
I hope to enjoy with each of you in my room and be able to give you a wonderful show, that we are connected and pass this hard test together, at home.
Mar 28th @ 12:53am EDT
my body
I like to take care of my body, exploring every part that excites me, to give my friends the best part of my intimacy. to connect with them and transmit them the intense pleasure that they cause me in the different show or during public chat, since I discovered that the pleasure that gives me my toy lovense vibrate is very intense to get to the point of eject precum sweet and thick
Mar 21st @ 2:47am EDT
gag fetishes and leather
I love when I'm subjected to using the ball gag while I fuck with the dildo intensely, and I whip my ass with the leather paddle, while I wear my antifas ... very submissive to my master
Mar 21st @ 2:43am EDT
I like to be handcuffed and to feel the desire for sex at the time of intercourse. that they tie me out of the chair with the handcuffs and make me feel alive
Mar 14th @ 3:12am EDT
locker room
I really like variety, I love to form different things with my body, like a box of surprises, to captivate the gazes of my fans inside my chat room. I love erotic garments, especially those that have characteristics of sexual masochism, I like to submit and they submit to me, I like to follow all the roles. Feeling that what we do remains rooted in the clothes I wear, as a feeling of desire and lust for what I do and do to me. in my shows. don't forget to give me new ideas.
Mar 12th @ 6:34am EDT
the show (fire)
I love working in my role as an actor in private and public shows, to the point of enjoying them to the fullest, I love to feel that I am performing sex, and that you are in my room, like an orgy ... each one, waiting to take me and enjoy something wild and unique together ... without neglecting mutual pleasure. actually I feel the advice as if it touched the deepest part of me when I get it.
Mar 10th @ 7:23pm EDT
lo que logré. what i achieved
I love being able to connect with my friends, every day I try to concentrate on giving them a new show, I like to buy different clothes to surprise them, I got in touch from my house and I made it. because I don't want to have connection schedules ... to be able to broadcast without thinking about the weather and concentrate on giving it a different show, and feel comfortable to play with my internautas. and be able to earn his love day by day. I wait for you in my room.Me encanta poder conectarme con mis amigos, todos los días trato de concentrarme en darles un nuevo espectáculo, me gusta comprar ropa diferente para sorprenderlos, me puse en contacto desde mi casa y lo logré. porque no quiero tener horarios de conexión ... para poder transmitir sin pensar en el tiempo y concentrarme en darle un espectáculo diferente, y sentirme cómodo para jugar con mis internautas y poder ganarse su amor día a día. Te espero en mi cuarto.
Mar 10th @ 7:08pm EDT
que pienso sobre el amor
I have come to think that it is a taboo, sometimes it scares me ... but some days, I wake up wanting to have ... finally, two hearts, of course, without neglecting that: holding a hand does not mean chaining souls, or that having the company of a person means security. That kisses are not contracts. And gifts are not promises. We like constant sex and more when we know we are doing something forbidden, so most do not understand. what it means to have a stable relationshipHe llegado a pensar que es un tabú, a veces me da miedo ... pero algunos dias, me despierto con ganas de tener ... finalmente, dos corazones, por supuesto, sin descuidar eso: sostener una mano no significa encadenar almas, o que tener la compañía de una persona significa seguridad. Que los besos no son contratos. Y los regalos no son promesas. Nos gusta el sexo constante y más cuando sabemos que estamos haciendo algo prohibido, por lo que la mayoría no lo comprende. lo que significa tener una relación estable
Jun 23rd @ 4:06am EDT
Hello, I like strong sex and morbid.I was excited that they look at me on the web, while I was touching my body so that you get turned on and you can fulfill your own fantasies imagining that you are in my room full of lust and burning desire
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Oct. 11
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